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Full text of "Woods' Baltimore city directory (1870)"

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JOHN G. A LLMftMD. General Insurance Agents and Jjro Ke rs, j. savage wiluams . 1 


^) Warerooms, 350 W. Baltimore-st. 

And Nos. 1, 3, 5, 7 N. EUTAW STREET. 

9 \ 




01 """"^'^ 




oi Life Assurance Society of New York. 

gi EMORY & TAYLOR, General Agents, 

►^1 i\'. C. VAN BIBBER, ?^r. D. - Mocliea l Examiner. 

2? [ Lille Assessor Internal Rev. Baltimore, Md. Late of Int. Rev. Bureau, Washington, D. C 

%] Attorneys and Solicitors 


<1 nrPTPP^ • I ^^ ^^^^ ^^^® Avenue, Baltimore, Md. 

UUlbhb . I ^^3 g.^^j^ g^^gg^^ Washington, D. C. 




^-H?eizxn-oK toi- FlfcATJP px-oiiiptly atteiiclod to. "6^ 





^Jm©« 58 Exchange Place. ^ 

p ji — 

i^ i HARTFORD FIRE INSURANCE CO. - - - Assets, $ 2,247,209 72. 

B| NORTH BRITISH AND MERCANTILE INS. CO, Assets, $14,000,000, Gold. 


..iVuAiSD UUi^l 

^ tt^ 



a. G. PROUD £ SONS, 

General Insurance Agency^ 


INCORPORATED " ' '^ J^ ^^^'^^'-' 

1819. ' i'.'^iK^L&^^J^ $3,000,000. 

PERPETUAL. '^y^''^^S55j??E3|ffl^' $26,000,000. 

Assets, January 1. 1870. 

«';..V in ».rtn.l iiii.l in IJuik -'iS2.582 0« 

l; 2'>.i,'i\9r \^ 

y ,d.. '.nu,\2»0JL 

l;,.„^ .. , „ 1,426J45 90] 

I'niu-d Suies, Slute, jind City Stot-k, uud ofbtT Public fcJtcurilics, 2,2l!0.033 .7? 

Tola! :?,-., 54[t, 504 97] 

' .^ J. G-. PROUD & SONS, Agents. 

Ballimore Retort and Fire Brick Works. 

Office. No. 3 S. Holliday Street, 



Clay Retorts for Gas Works, 


Tiles of .-ill Shapes rVnd' Siy^e.s, 


Firo Moi-tar, Ground Fire Cla;* 


Aim! Mfiiiul*it<*(iii-(M-M <>!' <Jlsi.v in {j-eiMM-al. 







Aaapted for the Store, the Ware- 
house, The Residence, the Hospital, 
the Hotel, and any and every place 
where a simple and reliable means 
of transferring Merchandise, Bag- 
gage, Invalids, &c., to the different 
stories of buildings is requii-ed. V- j of^ 
There are some hundreds in use, for 
which see Circular for names. 






cieuliflc Principles, 


JAMES BATES, Iron Founder, 

Cor. Pratt and Presidcnt'Sts. ^ Baltunore. 

^' ^^c<^.. 



N. il. lillLSllBEUc;. 




Impoi'ters and Dealers in 

Paints, Oils^ VarnlslieSi 



... \i 


-s. /;. (()L\ PRATT ^^J\ nA.\ovj:n-STs. 


i;. W . i;("l!lNS(i.\'. G. A. CUXXIXGIIAM. 





Mouldings, Brackets and Building Materials| 

Snsh Wci-hts and all Kinds of Buildi 'astings, 




( • A y T o y . J/ A n yl a y /> . 

U^VL^riMOItK, Ml>. 




Dumb Waiter 



No. 9 

Harrison Street, 

Near Baltimore-st, ^ 

Where can be found 

"Qnmh Waiter 



Of every description, both Steam and Hand 
Power, of il-i Latest Patents and , 
Improvements; also, 




Both Cast and Wrought.' 

Formerly East Falls Avenue, Pratt-st Bridge, 






I isr s TJ le IB s ! 

Warehonses aiid Coiiteuts, Dwelliis aiij Furniture. Vessels ani Cargoes, j 

Factories and Machinery, Mills, Lumber, Merchandise, \ 

Anil all kinds of Goods subject to Loss or Damage by FIRE, in Imth Tuwn and Country, ■ 

on the most Favorable Terms. I 

» 'i;;'i>tin J AllK-it. Meiules I. Collin, Jolin (J. Rtaney, (Iiorgc Kranck, 

n .,!.•■• !• Slinnluir. iJi-orKc S. tiibsDii. James AlcConky, John A. Shriver, 

t ; .1. ri.W Aclit-y. James M. Antlersoii, Austin JenkiD:a. James Lucas, 

I 'in:i'. W l.i-\>riM(;, Sum uel Mart, (iarrett Brown, Herman J. Keitz, 

!.■ I.. J. Aii|">lil, K. W. Biiinett, John M. Gait, Wni. Strobel, 

J -! ; I Urydt-n. \\»y.\\ Holinn, Henry R. Loudermaii, \Vm. Simms, 

J..l,ii L'uahinK. Jos. Jas. Taylur, Caleb Parks, W'xa. \l. Stran. 
Ucorge W. Klack, 

HENRY P. DUHURST, President. 


RIDilM & mil, 



Ijiyliens Valley^ 

OO J^Xj, 

Also, Oak, Hickory 6i Pine yiTood^ 

office; J^1<T1D Y^JBID: 

IIOWA Ii It-SI .. hrtiricn lih Innomi ami Cdtheilrul, 




Plating and Sales Rooms, No. 12 Bank Lane, 

Factory, 46 Holliday Street. BALTIJIORE, MD. 



Tin, Sheet Iron and Japanned Ware, 



And all kinds of JOB WORK done at the Lowest Prices, 


Between Greeke and Pine-Sts., 


5trapfScEi The Great Pertilixer ! 

STAt^a^RD guara^tee^ 
ZOO Its, I 




It is !i Great Crop Producer ! It is a Great Land Improver ! 

It is Rich in Soluble Bone Phosphate ! It is Rich in Ammonia ! 
It is Rich in Potash and Soda ! 
io DEPOTS- ^ '■ Every Fanner who desires large crops, and his land jiermanently 
^/>^'■^Ro^TST.^Nl^■*^^^■ improved, should certainlv try it. J^^Cash price in Hi.liimore of 
^^^^''Zl^"x^-''A^lno?;^^ in strong Bags, containing 200 pounds each. Ten bags to the ton. 

E. G. EDWARDS, Geaeral Agent. 
Warehouse and Office, No. 57 3. Calvert Street, uear Pratt Street, Baltimore, Md. 


Weigh, Look, 
R. R. Truck, Depot, 

Hay, Coal, 
Dormant, Warehouse, 

Counter, Union, 

Family, Butchers', 

Druggists', Jewelers', 

and Bank 






Great Paris Exposition 

F linii AXKS tC- CO.. 246 BaUimore-st. 


Pllfltrtf Iif« K«5 




Room Nip. ^ Rational Bui 


U'hrr.- \'AT\\<-r inuj.oHiiig lu clloct insurance are invited to call, and reliable 
information will be L-iven cono.-rning the Company and its plans of In- 

surance, by 

C. R. GALLAG-HER, Genl Agt. 



Bpldermic Eegeneratopp 

For Cleansing; and Removing; all Diseases of the 

Skin, as Clear as "Water, and can be 

used with. Perfect Safety. 

In offering this Preparation to the pul;lic, the Proprietor does so with 
the full assurance of its success when used and applied according to direc- 
tions. It is no ephemeral thing, having its birth one day and meeting its 
death the next, but has for four years, without any laudation through the 
Press, or any desire on the part of the Proprietor to make it a pecuniary 
Bmolument, stood the test, under the experience of many of the most 
respectable citizens of our City and State. The Proprietor having dis- 
:ributed it gratuitously for the last four years among many Charitable 
Institutions, and to Individuals, has at the earnest solicitation of many who 
bave been benefited by it, consented to place it before the public. 


For Cleansing and Removing all Diseases of the Skin, 

It is the most wonderful Medicine known for the Eradication of all the various Diseases 
jf the Skin. It not only removes all imperfections, but gives that smooth clearness and 
beauty to the complexion so much to be desired. 


Pimples or Blotches on the Skin, Black Head AVorms, Tetter. Itch, Nettle Rash, Salt 
Rheum, Eruptions of all kinds, Sore Throat, Neuralgia, Burns, Bruises, 
Cuts, Scalds, Running Sores, Sprains, Frosted Feet, 
Poisoned Skin, Scrofula, &c., &c. 

Bathe the affected parts morning and night. Keep the Bottle in a Warm and Dark Place. 





^-^v^^'^.^^'y^' y^^ 

Sold hy Druggists, Apothecaries and Dealers in Patent Medicines Everywhere. 
Principal Depot, Corner of Baltimore and High Streets, 


HeedMiuiini ^ n#i*i»i 









Hi t,, s,J:„.i-, ■ ■ : 

^: ■^'^: ■ fLlilii 

Store, No. I2 North Charles Street. 


Mf A¥If II IlBf mi ■ 


A Select Academy for Young Gentlemen, 

NKAit i.afay1':tte sqxjahp: 
At the Intersection of Fremont and Chatsworth Streets. 

Prof. J. J. KENNEDY, A. M., Principal, 

Assisted by a Full Coi\ps of Experienced Teachep^;" 

The Academic Year, which commences on the First Wednesday in September, and ends 
on the Last Wednesday in June, is divided into two Sessions.. First — from Ist Wednesday 
in September to February 1st. Second — from 1st February to last Wednesday in June. 

Daily Session from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M., the last hour of which is employed, with the aid 
of Teachers, in the preparation of the most difficult lessons, for the following day, in order 
to prevent Parents from being troubled at home by repeated and necessary questions on the 
part of their sons; the Principal being fully aware that children are sent to school to be 
taught, and not merely to be heard recite. 

The course of instruction is thorough and complete. Particular attention is given to the 
French and German Languages, the practical knowledge of which latter is now almost in- 
dispensable with the thorough business man. 

Terms moderate, and strictly payable in advance. Books, Stationery, &c., free. 

Tlie number of Students is limited, and only six Boarders admitted, with home comforts. 

Rev. George W. Samjison, A. J. Gosman, Esq. 

Preset of Columbia CoUcye, D. C. II. F. Stickney, Esq. 
Rev. B. .\. Maguire, \ . J. Brown, Esq. 

I'res't of (ieorfjetoivn Colkije, D.C. A. C. Pracht, Esq. 
Gen. Columbus U'Donnell, U. F. Bresee, Esq. 

K. Pvufus Ward, .M. D. Alex. Yearley & Son, 

E. F. Milholland, M. 1). 
Lewis Maver, Esq. 
Thos. T. Hutchins, Esq. 

Geo. N. .Mackenzie, Ji]sq. 

John Kermode, Esq. 

M. Connolly, PJsq. 

U. Sullivan, Esq. 

Capt. H. II. Lewis, 

Walt. B. Brooks, Esq. 
John H. O'Donovan, M. D. G. Harlan \\'illiams, Esq. 
Felix Jenkins, M. D. Wm. Bayne, Esq. 

Jas. A. Steuart, M. D. 






Atf Al'B HOP 

MALT HOUSE, Foot of Eutaw Street, 


iano planufecturing ^ompany 

o:f the city o:p b^^ltiivioi^e, i^id. 


^^^^ ,«, « ^.^ ,,«^.- MS®^^. 


Factory on Eutaw between Fayette and Marion Streets. 

This Company having been organized and chartered in April, 1854, in conjunction with the well know-u 
firm of GAEHLE ft CO.. as a Joint .Stock Company, composed exclusively of practical piano makers, wno 
have held prominent positions for many years, in some of the best Piano Forte Establishments in this Country 
and Europe, and having now one of the largest and most successful manufactories in operation, are aDie to 
furnish an instrument which, for durability and elegance of workmanship, volume and sweetness ot tone, 
can find no superior. 

In cons 
factory in the < 


-The public is respectfully invited to give us a call before purchasing elsewhere. 

:m:j^:e^yl^-nid 'V\^i:e?.e "VNro:E^:K:s 

uperior. ., 

sequence of their organization, the Company is enabled to sell at lower prices than any other 
e country, giving at the same time a guarantee for five years and the usual prinlege of e.\c.iange. 




And Landscape Uiinds. Plain and Ornamental Wire Work, of every description. A large stock of 
Woven Wire constantly on hand. Prof. .Smith's Anterior .Splints always on hand 




The Subscriber has just erected at his Farm, near the City, the most im- 
proved machinery for 

:ind is now ready to till or»h'rs for any quantity, which will be delivered at 
the shortest notice. 

The BONE DUST will be finer than any heretofore made by him, (no 
chemical process resorted to,) enabling the Farmer or Planter to 


Mr. SAMUEL SANDS, well known to the Farmers and Planters of the 
United States as the former Editor of the American Farmer and Rural 
Register, will have charge of his office. No. 63 SOUTH GAY STREET, 
near Pratt, an<l will be happy to receive the visits or orders of his old 


Farmers and others ar(^ invitetl to visil my works. I have nothing to 

My men have nothing nice to perform, therefore I have no "wo??- 
. kfhmdcmce" signs on my premises. Persons are free to examine my factory, 
and the modus operandi of Dust making. 

I cannot afford to pay 5, 10 or 20 per cent, to commission merchants, as 
my profits do not exceed 10 per cent. 

liONE DUST, as manufactured by me, is A SIMPLE, and its quality 
cannot l)e made to conform to the price. 



Or, at Ids old stand, 



i<r (D ^7- :e Xj Tit w o le k: s 







Manufacturers of FLOUR, GRIST AN'D GUAxVO MILLS, both Portable and Stationary. Al.^n CIRCULAR 
SINGLE and GANG SAW MILLS. All other Machinery and Models to order. ' 

Nos. 40, 42, and 44 York-st. near Light, BALTIMORE, MD. 

B^-BLACKSMITHING in all its branches. REPAIRIXG promptly attended to. 


At CENTRAL II ALL, roi\ Bait im ore and Cnarl^s-sts. 


With increased facilities of affording to Young Ladies, Misses, Masters and Gentlemen, 
a thorough and practical knowledge of the above elegant accomplishment, his course of in- 
- fraction is thorough!}- systematic, and embraces all the new and fashionable Dances. 

TiEE-nvcs 2sd:oID:E]I^.A-T:H]. 





A 1> V E R T I S E M E N T S 



Hosiery, f loTes, ItllomSt 


Saap., Iferfiuvunn}, 



Poor, Sit 5 1) iX\\i> ^liuifvr 













Pork Packers, Ham Cisrers^ 


1^ R C> A^ T S T O IST S , 

jPjtA.XiMuJS X»tA>«t\*JD^ Jur.A.tCviH/ OXXjj, <§:C»j 
Nos. 407 & 409 West Baltimore-St. 


















m ^ 






# ^ 






A X I > 

Stove, Range, Furnace and Tin Ware 

M A K U £• ^ C X U R Jbi R . 




oliate; IB I^ -A. ist c h cooic. 

Through Fast Passenger & Freight Line- 

THE ^^ XIX . V ri.v._^ X „■ -^ 


STEAMERS r"— - ■"■" ' "^ 


Leave Pier No. 8 LIGHT ST. WHARF, foot of Barre-St. 



Freight Received Daily for Richmond and for all Points on the Danville and 
Chesapeake and Ohio R. R., and the James River and Kanawha Canal. 



Ojfice 144 TJ(fht Street MlHiyf, 

R. FOSTER, Agent. 

N. HOTCHKISS, Tra^^cling Agent. 




OK AM, lilNHS or 



Gas Fixtures French Bronzed, and Rebronzed Regilded; also Fire- 
Gildinvr and Electro-Plating in tlie best manner. 



Chas. H. Daigek, 
Jas. V. Daiger, 

Chas. H. Bramble, 
Edwd. Daiger. 

Daiger & lramlbl©t 



S^^ Consignments solicited. All orders promptly attended to. 




p iptr 1 







Constantly on hand the best qualities of Pure Curled Horse and Cattle Hair; Mixkd 
and Hog Hair. 

All orders received through the Post Office or Agent will be promptly attended lo. 
The highest prices [laid for Cattle and Horse Tails and Hog Hair. 



Cotton and Wool Machine Cards, 




Orders for Cotton and Wool Machinery Promptly filled- 




IiilaniJ Roiili- via Iielawim- ami lUritan. and Chesapeake and Delaware Canals. Comprising eij.'Iitefn 
Steamers and Harges of average eapacity of 1:)0 tons each. For the conveyance of Merchandise, Produce, 
I'ackagtt, Horses, Cattle, Carriayes, Furnilure and (louds of all sorts, at very low rates. 


FOR ]SrH:\\r YORK, 

A SteamlKiat leaves Baltimore D.tiLT, except Sundays, from N'o. 3 LIGHT STRKET WII.ARr, at 4 I'. M. 


A Steamboat leaves in like manner for Uallimore, Daily, except Sundays, from NORTH RIVER, Tier 
7,atr) V U. 

J^^tJoods destined for places beyond naltimore or Xew York, forwarded immediately with care— Free 
of aricharges for commi.ssion. 

The safety, regularity and dispatch of this line, together with the moderate rates charged, commend it 
to the public as a desirable medium for conveying every description of Freight. 

WESTKR.V KREKJHTS from the Baltimore and Ohio R. R. Co. received at the LOCUST POIXT DEPOT, 
handled carefully and forwarded with tlie utmost dispatch immediately on arrival. Through receipts can be 
obtained over this route fmui any of the Agents, of the B. & 0. R. R. Co. for goods deliverable in .V. V. 

J. A. SHRIVER, Agent, No. 3 Light-st. Whf., Bait. 
W. DALZELL, Agent. Pier 7 North River, N. Y. 

umm m nmmn sniMBO&i co. 








• -.tint of the Company's Steamboats leaves .\o. 3 LIGHT STREET WHARF, Evrry Aptkknoon at 3 
o'clock. Arriving in Philadelphia at ."> o'clock the ne.xt morning, in ample time for the New York trains. 


Leave* Oailt. nt .To'clook from No 10 SOUTH WHARVES Goods forwardeil immediately with Cait— 
Frro of nil charge for Commission. 

J. A. SHRIVER, Agent, No. 3 Light-st. Whf. Bait. 

A. GROVES, Jr., Agent. No. 34 South Wharves. Phila. ' 




Y^tmii^ Eosiery, OeEts' Farniihin^ i 



Between Fayette and Lexington, Lovejoy's Old Stand, 



Umbrellas, Neck Ties, Collars, Suspenders, Ilaudkerchiefs, Worsteds, Canvass, Embroidered 

Silk, Chenille, Patterns, Machine Silk, Spool Cotton, Threads, Needles, Pins, Wool 

Jackets, Gum Cloth, Fancy Soaps, Corsets, Notions, &c., &c. 



iiifuii liiii 

JVertr L€xin(fton, Baltiniove, 



Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 








NOAH WAIillK & it. 



wmmmm akd iis fitter. 

No. 42 N. HOWARD ST., between Fayette and Lexington, 
Gas Fixtures, Chandeliers, Hail Lights, Brackets, &c., 


Hydraulic Rams, Water Wheels, Double and Single Action Force PumiDs, 
Bath Tubs, Water Closets, Wash Hand-Basins, Hydrants, Lead and Iron i 
Pipe, Terra Cotta Glazed Pipes, Cooking Ranges, &c., &c. 

Plumbing and Gas Fitting executed in all their various branches. /Satis- 
faction guaranteed. Orders from the Country solicited and promptly at- 
tended to. 

]sr. ^V. SJL^DE & CO. 

No. 172 W. Pratt Street. 



Improved Double and Triple Screen Grain Fans, 

Farm Mills for Grinding all kinds of Grain, 
Horse Powers, Thrashers & Separators, for Wheat & Rice. 

Tke Sonthern Giant Older llill. 

The Best Horse Rake in the Market, 

Superior Corn Shellers with Separators, 
Improved Straw Cutters, 

Plows, Harrows, Cultivators, &,c. 



efeit Books* Port© Monnaies 






!S* S lyc 5^ Xi 3S CQ3l?!1^E^S 

This Institution, incoipoiiiteil in lf<4D, and libenilly endowed by the 
State of Maryland, in 1860, affords boarders and day jiupils every advantage 
for a thorough and accoraidished education. It is situated on St. Paul 
Street, in a retired and pleasant neiKhborhood. and lias costforits buildings, 
a])]iaratus, furniture, and appointments, S.')0,000. It has a good Library, 
Chemical and I'hilosophical Apparatus, and valuable cabinets of Minerals, 
Gems, Coins and Medals. Besides pupils from the different counties of 
Maryland, and from the District of Columbia, it has pupils from New Hamp- 
shire, Illinois. Delaware, Virt;inia, Xorth Carolina, South Carolina, (ieorgia, 
Alabama, Mississijipi, Louisiana an<l Texas. Of 197 graduates of the Col. 
lege, 72 have become teachers, and are in lucrative positions in female col- 
leges, high schools and academies. 


\. C. Hhooks. I.L. I>., Prof. Ancient Languages. 
TiiMS. 1 i-cv. A. .M. I'rof. Math, and Nat. Science. 
Louis (i.^NiiiK. A. M., Professor of French. 
Mr. Liwis Lauer. Professor of (ierman. 
M». E. Van Rbutii, I'rof. Painting and Drawinf- 

.Miss .M. S. Covingto.n, ISilUs Lettres, kc. 
Mrs. K. K.moky Lucy, Physiology and History. 
K. A. PoLSTKR, Piano and Guitar. 

•' Juliet Workman. Vocal Music. 

'• Florence V. Bvr.v, Piano. 

Board and Tuition from $'2'2b to $500 per annum. For Catalogues or any information, address, 

German and Englisli InslltBl© 

I^Ios. 241, 243 & 245 LKfl-ST.^ 


N. C. BROOKS, LL. D., President, i 

rfla^^^^ical and |ommi;rcial m'liool for |)ounc| J|nt, i 

Liirge and beautiful Hall, New Funiituif, (Vutial Location. Especial attention given to ; 
Practical Eductition. ^ 

TES-IMIS— S50 T-O S80 :P3±!I^ YE^Io. 

J. D. WARFIELD, A. M., Mathematics. ' 

LUCIAN R. PEET, Prof, of German. 

EDWARD VAN REUTH, . Prof of Frenoh. Drawing- and Painting- ' 





looring, Planing & Saw 1111^ 


' Sir :— Your attention is invited to the difiPerent styles of ROPE or SPIRAL MOULDINGS 
annexed, which can be used to great advantage for ornamenting Houses, Stores, Ships' Cabins, 
Cabinet-work, Picture Frames, Stair Balusters, Cars, &c. 

These MOULDINGS are manufactured by New Machinery', and are very superior to Hand- 
work, and can be furnished for about one-half the price for hand-labor. 

Sizes varying from 5-8 inch to 4 inches, of different styles, always on hand or worked to 


Chesapeake Moulding and Turning Works, 


All kinds of Straight or Irregular Mouldings, Sawed and Carved Mouldings, Scroll Sawi 
Turning and Hand Rails, Newels and Balusters, Plain, Octagon, Carved and Fluted. 


^ Sawed Banisters and Barges, and all kinds of Ornamented and .Moulded Door-Framcs : 
rimmings. Plain and Ornamented Window Caps and Mantles, at the shortest notice and 
" t\e most reasonable Terms. .^~A11 Work Delivered. 





Maryland Collar and Saddle Company, 


But will HEAL HORSES already GALLED under Work. 
VKT. D. MAGY, Agent, 

No. *>."> Oermsin Sti'oet, neiii* Eiita>v, Baltimoi-e. 

<6^H^mf X^muuxmi iipu^ 



General Insurance Agent k Broker, 




^ 1 





Connecticut Fire Insurance Company 




Baltimore Charcoal Forge, and Car Wheel 

Lazaretto Furnace, Clinton Street.— CANTON, 

Coal Shippers & Dealers in Scotch & American Pig Iron, 

Office No. 42 Second Street, near South. 



From Baltimore lo New Orleans, 





To Alexandria, Harrisonburg, Staunton, AVliite Sulphur Springs, 
Lynchbueg, Bristol, Knoxville, Cha'^tanooga, Nashville, 
Humboldt, Memphis, Vicksburg, New Orleans, Mobile, 
Pensacola, Chattahoochee, St. Marks, Cedar Keys, 

Jacksonville, Fernandina, Brunswick, Savannah, 

Charleston, Wilmington, Morehead City, 
Suffolk, Petersburg, Richmond, 

And all Intermediate Stations and Connecting Points, 

Some of the principal to which Through Tickets are sold, are 

Atlanta, Ga. Danville, Va. Hot Springs, Va. Raleigh, N. C. 

Augusta, Ga. Dalton, Ga. Huntsville, Ala. Rockbridge, A. S., Va. 

Canton, Miss. Decatur, Ala. Jackson, Miss. Rome, Ga. 

Charlottesville, Va. Front Royal, Va. Lexington, Va. Selma, Ala. 

Charlotte, N. C. Goldsboro', N. C. Manassas, Va. Straushurg, Va. 

Columbus, Miss. Greensboro', N. C. Sleridian, Miss. Sweet Springs, Va. 

Columbus, Ga. Grenada, Miss. Montgomery, Ala. Warm Springs, Va. 

Columbia, S. C. Grand Junction, Miss. Macon, Ga. Warrenton, Va. 

Corinth, Miss. Gordonsville, Va. Mount Jackson, Va. Weldon, S. C. 

Covington, W. Va. Healing Springs, Va. Oxford, Miss. Woodstock, Va. 

Culpeper, Va. Holly Springs, Miss. 

B^^Trains for this All-Rail Route, leave Baltimore from Camden Station, 
Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road, double daily. Tickets sold at the Ticket 
Office, Camden Station, B. & 0. R. R., or at the Ticket Office, 149 West 
Baltimore Street, corner of Calvert. At this Office orders can be left for 
Baggage, which will be called for and checked from residence. 

WM. E. GASKINS, Agent, 

Office 147 West Baltimore Street. 

All Rail, Southern Fast Freight Line. 


Freight received daily at Camden Station. Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road, and, WITHOUT CHANGE OF 
CARS, via the ORAyOE, ALEA'AXDRIA AXD MANASSAS KAIL ROAD, transported in 21 hours 
toGORDONSVILLK, connecting with the CHESAPEAKE AND OHIO RAIL ROAD, for Charlottes- 
ville, Staunton, Covington, White Sulphur, RICHMOND, and all stations on the Chesapeake and Ohio Rail 
Road, and to LYNCHBURG in 31 hours, connecting with the VIRGINIA AND TENNESSEE RAIL 
ROAD, w^hich forwards promptly for Bristol, Knoxville, Dalton, Cliattancoga, Atlanta, Rome, Selma, Meri- 
dian, Stevenson, Nashville, Decatur, Corinth, Grand .Junction, Memphis and intermediate stations. 

Freight also received and promptly forwarded to Warrenton, Harrisonburg, and all stations on the Or- 
ange, Alexandria and Manassas Rail Road and Branches. 

h'or RATES and further information, inquire at the OflSce of the General Freight Agent, Baltimore and 
Ohio Rail Road, the Freight Oflice of 

J, T. ENGLAND Agent, 

C.^MDE.N Station, 

Or. for both Freight and Travel, at the Office of the Great Southern Mail Route and Fast Freight Line, 
147 WEST BALTLMORE STREET, Near Cvi.vert. 

■WM. E. GASKINS, Agent, 
0. A. & M. R. R. CO., Office 147 WEST BALTIMORE ST., BALTIMORE. 


Rev. THOMAS E. BUND, M. I).. President. 

G. C. M. ROBERTS, M. D., LL. D., Emeritus Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of 

Women and Cliildren. 
Cir.VRLES \V. CIIAXCELT.OR. -M. D., Professor of Descriptive and Surgical Anatomy. 
.KtllX R. I'AGE, M. D., Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine. 
IIARVKV L. P.YRD, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics. 

MARTI.V P.SCOTT, -M. D., Professor of the Diseases of Women and Children. 
EDWARD WARREN, M. D., Professor of the Principles and Practice of Surgery. 
JOHN 1'. MONMONIER, M. D., Professor of Physiology and General Pathology. 
J. J. MOOR.M.VN, M. D., Professor of Medical Jurisprudence and Hygiene. 
JOSEPH E. CLAGETT. M. D. Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. 
J. E. LINDSAY. M. D. Professor of .Medical Chemistry and Pharmacy. 
.M.IKHD II. i'OWEEL, M. D., Demonstrator of Anatomy. 

The next Regular Session of the Wa.shington University will begin on THURSDAY. 
FEBRUARY, 1870. 

One Benejiciar;/ Stinknt from each Congressional District of the late slaveholding States 
is annually received, precedence being given to wounded and disabled soldiers. 

Each Senatorial District of the State of Maryland is also entitled to one Beneficiary 
Student in Washington University. Applications should be made at once through the State 

The r/i«i>aZ advantages of this Institution are unsurpassed. In addition to a daily 
clinic of tiie most satisfactsr}' character, Washington University has attached to it a hospital 
of its oirn, in which every possible facility is afforded for acquiring upractical knowledge of 
Medicine and Surger3'. 

The Seauuns Hospital of the Port of Baltimore is also under the exclusive control of 
the Faculty of this School. Anatomical Material is abundant. A prize of ONE HUNDRED 
DOLF.,ARS (§100) will bo given for the best Thesis presented by a candidate for Graduation. 





DIPLOMA, .... 


For each Session. 

For adilitional information address the subscriber, care of Bo.\ U^G" 
apply at the (iin.e of I'UOFESSOJi WARi{EN, 94 Saratoga Street. 

$ 5 00 









-, Ba 

llimore. or 








Pier Glasses, Curtains, Doorways, &c. 

128 West Fayette Street. 

( Late Thomas Mackenzie & Sons,) 



Established in 1825. BAI. TI3I O It E. 

Felloes, Saddle Trees, Hubs, 

Spokes, Sheep Skins, Springs, 

Shoe Thread, Hog Skins, Canvass. 


enameled leather, 
harness leather, 
carriage bolts, 






&c., kc. 

Also, all other articles appertaining to the business. 



A I) \' E R T I S E M E N T S 



Asbiiry Life Insuranc© 


Iff E W YORK. 

LEMUEL BANGS, President. GEO. ELLIOTT, Vice-Pres't and Sec'y. 



.loiix iir 
1 n' . w . I » 

1)11. JKSS 

i;(h;t \v 

ntendent of Agencies for Maryland and the District of Columbia, 
()/pr('—44 POST OFbK^E AVMNVE, 


r;ST. I'lvs t Nat. Kxr. Hank. GEORGE SANDERS, of G. Sanders k Sons. 

HAKKI.EV. (if DraUi-lev & IVnton. ROBERT TURNER, of R. Turner & Son. 
!•: L. WARFIELD, (Vipitalist. JNO. THOS. SMITH, Cash'r Nat. R. of Bait. 

11. W.M. 1. SIRLEY, Capitalist, Wash'n, D. C. 

. DliVDEN, (^■ (JEO. \V. RIGGS, of Riggs cj- Co., Bankers, 

,ANI» Dl'GAN. uf C. Dupm .j- Co. Washington, D. C. 

GERARD E. MORGAN, M. D., Medical Examiner. 






s. C^ 







0.l|rill1|W HM I ,0 



104 South Cliax-les Street 



Execute in the Most Beautiful Style, 





And are Publishers of the Views of 


In different sizes and prices. Also, of tlie 


In Colors and Plain. . 

Letter Heads with the View of Baltimore City, 

Small Views of Public Buildings and places in Virginia, Washington, and 


They are also Publishers of the GRAND VIEW OF BALTIMORE CITY, 
in twelve sections, forming, when mounted, one large View, twelve feet in 
length, and five feet seven inches in height, showing every house and street. 
Price $15. 


A U V i: R T I S E iM E N T S . 




titf f r 







■J . .J 


CoLLECTioxs made on all accessible jioints, and remitted for on day of 
payment, at current rate of exchange. 

Deposits received and Interest allowed, subject to check at sight. 



Na. 80 'Wi-M' Fayette Street, 

BOOK IluiLilS^mAflOlS, 



Society Seals. Labels in Colors. Stamps, 
Tobacco Brands. &c. 

Established 1H37. 

Murphy's ueneral 1 riutiiig and 1 ublisliiiig House, 
Book, Paper and Stationery Store, 

Marble Building, 182 Baltimore Street, (Up-stairs.) Baltimore 

Medals awarded by the Maryland Institute, for Printing, B r o k-b indinq and Bank CiecAs. 
By the Metropolitan I nst i tu te, Washington, a Diploma, for superior Blank Books. 


MhiWm, Pnlilislers, Printers aii4 Stationers, ^ 

Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

School Books, Blank Books^ 




Letlg-er, Cap, Letter and ISTote Papei's^ 

Envelopes, Gold and Steel Pens, Copying Books, Presses, lnl<s, &c. 

BLANK BOOKS, of every Descriptioa, made to Order, in superior styles, 

BLANK BOOKS, with Printed Headings, &c. 

Miide to order to any style, or pattern of Ruling, in a superior manner, at the shortest notice. Long 
experience, and unsurpassed facilities, in having this class of worli Printed, Ruled, Paged and 
Boun d, enable us to execute all orders in this line, in a very superior style, at revmrkahly low rates. 


Printed in Various Colors, New and Beautiful Styles, in Books of 100 and upwards, on ail the Basks 

of the City, kept constantly on Sale and Printed to Order, at short notice. 
.e®=-These Checks are considered equal to, and are sold at about one-half the price of Engraved CkecKS. 

Print to Order I 
at short notice : 

Blank Deah 
I Cashiers' Ulank 


Deeds, MonTOAGEs, Leases, .tc,, Bills of Lading, Notes, Drafts, &c., 
kept constantly on hand, or Printed to Order, at Short Notice. 

Plain ani Ornamental Boot ana Joii Prlntint 


Of every description, executed in the very best manner, at lowest rates. 

Having united with their Bookstore, an extensive Frinting 
Office and Sookbinderif, well supplied with the most approved 
materials and experienced workmen, enable them to offer supe- 
rior advantages and inducements for the prompt, careful and cor- 
rect EXECuriox of every description of Hook and Job J'riutinf/, 
Jiook-binditif/ and Halinr/, well worthy tlie attention of all who 
may require anytliing in this line. 

.fiS^Particular attention paid to Fine Work, for Banking] and 
other InsititutioRs, Jnsioymcc, Pailrnad, Sicainhoat, Tran.'-poria- 
tion, and Kllifv Juint Stock Companies, Pnhhc Offices, dr. 

Keep constautly 

in hand and make 

to order: 

Lcdqer i 


Dai/ Books 

Cash Books 

Check Books 

Copiiinfi Books 

Bill Books 

Iiccei)>t Books 

Pass Books 

Pocket Lciigtrs 

hotel lienistcrs 

Copy Books 

Dockets, d-e. 

I For upwards of 2.5 years Pan Poad and Commrrcial Printing have coustitiUed an importaiu branch of 
our business. Our experience, conihined with extensive facilities, consisting of the uiv^i approted 
'< MiCHixERY, large fonts of Twe, of tlie latest and most approved styles; Borders, Ehgravin-gs, Orxa- 
' MEMS. Ac, e.specia'ly .adapted for Rail Road and Commercial Work; also, large fonts of Figures, of all 
I sizes, suitable for Freight and Passexger Tariffs, Tabular \Vork, Ac. Ac, and keeping coiistanily on 
I hanrl a large stook of Card Boards and Papers, of all classes, enal)lo us to otfer nnsurpas-ed lacilities 
I for tfie PRO.MPT, Cheap and Correct execution of every description of Kvil Koad .in i ( ommerolm I'rim- 
i is(j, Jtc. Careful and prompt atte)' *ion to all o-diTs. Estimates and specuncns luiuir^lii'd (ti uppucalioo. 
\ m^Ordc-s rrspecffnili, s,.lwitcd. '^ JOKCIST IwIXJPlPKC-^r <Sc CO. 


I'ul.lisheil l)y M L K C II V & 0., Italtiiiiore. | 

J.i^t J\i'''i-,h"l. Ill 1 (■<'., ^(;.. Lau- Shei'f), prki: ^J.— ^"(.Ll•ML t?9. ^ 

Muriflantl Keuorf^, CoiiUiuiiis Cases Aretued and Determined in the Court ^^ 

of \ppciiU \piil an. I i i,-tolnr 'IVrms. ISf.x. By ,1. Shaaff Stockett, State Reporter. ^ 

JCecentttf I'lihllithed, uniform with tht- above, tot. S7. Containityi Case^i in .-Ipril and h^ q 
Oeto'j-r term'!, ISOT. Vol. ?.V. Contniniwi Casc.^ i;i October Term. ISiiT, nnt April Tciin, 1868. *• J* 

4a-Suc/i OS may daire to recnve the future Vulumes as soon as Puljti.ih"!, u-ill have the lundnass 
to forwird thtii orders dincl to the Pubtiahcrs. »»- Either \c,luiii<' can be had unbound, 
at $4.50. 9^ In I'reas, I'rcpuriiiu for early PulWieation, vol.-. SO and 31. 
ruUlIsllea l>y A.utl»oi-lty. 

The MAIiYLASn CODE, Contain hif/ all the rnblic General 
and rubliv Local Laws now in Force in Maryland, compiled by 

Otho Scott and Hiram Mc('ui.Locon. Commissioners: adopted by the Lp<ii-'!>t"i'e o' Mary- 
land, Januarv .Session, ISCO, the Aets of that Session beinj? therewith incorporated; with 
an Index to inch Artii le and Section. By H. C. Mackali. Jd ed. 2 vols., 8o., law sheep. ..^i< 
Thl« Great Work, tho preparation of which has cost the State upwards of S.'iO.WlO, is universally conceded to 
b« a oompleca nnd nurfet-t OnnpenJiiimof our Stiite Law, from the 1'roviin.ial the close of t lie January 
Session of ISCO, made accessible by an elatmrate and well ilinested Index, shoulil U: secured by every member 
of the Legal TrofesJion, every La* OlUcer, .Mercliaut, .Manufacturer, Farmer, .Mechanic, and every Citizen. 

Hecontly I'libllwUeU, I'nlforiii 'witU tUe Code. 

A Complete Supplement to the Marylmid Code, in which are codified 

all the Acts of the "ieneral Assembly passed since the adoption ofthc Code in ISfiO,— by tin- 
Legislatures of \H>n. IsiW-OJ, 18(>4, 1805, 18"!i) and 18t)7, now in force in tliis State, arranged 
in .Articles and Sections, to correspond with the Code, with Head and Marginal Indices 
and Foot Not^-s to Judicial Interpretations of those Acts and other cognate matters. Ry 

Lewis .Mayek, of the Baltimore Bar. Uniform with the Code, in 1 vol., 8o., law sheep .$S 

This volume emiMdies all the Statutes enacted since the adoption of the Code. It is arrnniL;ed as the Code 
now is, in Articles and Sections, with this improvement; namely, that each Article has a complete Index of its 
Contents, while each Section has its separate .Marginal Index; and also, a Marginal Kefereuce to the Act of 
ALieinbly, of which it is composiMl, and, at the foot there are Notes to the Judicial Decisions on the acts and to 
other relevant mutters of interest to the protessioii. At the end of the volume \vill he found a copious General 
Index of It* contents. It is hoped, that this mode of arrangement will merit the approval of the Bar of this State. 

y'uu) Heady, uniform with the Code, and complete Supplement, in 1 vol., So., law sheep, $4, 

A Supplement to the Maryland Code, Containing all the Acts of the 

General .\.ssembly, passed by the Legislatuio of IfHiS, arraiifred in .Articles and Sections, 
\ to correspond with the Code, and complete .SuppltiniMit, with Head. .Marginal and General 

Indices and .Marginal References to the .Acts ol As.sfmb|y. By Ll^WlS MAYEK. ^ a 

Tlie Code and Supplements^ containing All the Laws now in Forck ^• ;^ 

in .Makvi.\m>, (;o.mpli;te m -1 vols., 8o., law .-'heep S'^O ^ ^ 

JC*u.l>ll*»l\ocl \ty Ortlor ot* the Coiivoiitltm. ** .^ 

The CONSTITUTIOX OF MARYLAXD, Adopted by the Con von- ? § 

tion, whit'h assembled at the City ot Aniiupolis, on the 8tli of .May, and adjourned on 17th a ??• 

of August, IKi;;. y{i\.\\ Marginal Xotes.Mvi lief erencci to .-Vets of the Gc«erai; /lsscm6(i/. since g e-. 

185 1, and Deeision« of the Court of AppeaU,'»'\aee IT7i>, with an Appendix, showing the **• 2 

Principal, Changes made by the Constitutions of 1851-0 4 and '6 7, and a List of the Members S. Ci 

ami Oilictrs of the Convention, with the (Governor's Proclamation. Bv Edwaru Otis Hi.nklky, >• X 

of the Baltimore Bar. I vol., 8o., paper, $1,- embo.ssed cloth." ^l.JO ; law sheep, $2. ■^ Sg 

In issuing this Kdition of the Declaration of RiKhts and Constitution of Maryland, prepared in pursuance of N <^ 

an order of the Convention, the Editor and Publishers have spared neither pain's nor expense to inako it as per- ^ SI 

feet as possible, and to produce it in a style of accuracy and neatness, which they believe will compare favora- C, S;- 

biy with any similar work issued in this country. 5 

^~Every Laic Officer, and every citizen .should secure ft copy of the Constitution far reference. ^ c? 

31 AVER'S DIGEST.— A Digest of the Decisions, Construing ^ f 

the Statutes of Maryland, of which the Code of Public General Laws is t>5 ~ 

Compos.-d; withSpecilicationsof the Acts of Assembly. Bv Lewis MAVEn, of the Baltimore ^ ^£ 

Bar. I nitorm with the .Maryland Code, in 1 vol., So.,"law sheep $8 o ,!!i^ 

ThK Work comprises a Uigost of all the Decisions of the Courts of fllaryland, contained in the volumes of C a" 

ll«IK.rts. from Mar. is A .Mellcnry to 20th .Maryland, and of the Decisions of the Supreme Court of the Vnited '^ j;: 

states, iroin Dallas to Wallace, oonstruinfc or explaining the Acts of Assembly, which compose the .Marvland & C' 

toj. of 1 iiblic General Laws. ^S" This Work has been received with great favor by the Profession, as ine of 2 " 










































the very b«at, and most practically useful Law Books ever puldished in the State 

'^'^J''^.".''l'' "" f/*f ^*'>'Uftind rieading, in Courts of Law. By Samukl ^ " 

5S ^ 

$10 a, 

Tylkk. i-:-ti., of the Maryland Bar, 1 vol., 8.. ...$3 

Laws of M.u.,la,id, l,si;« §.,,. /,a,.^ „, Maryland. 1KU7 $5. Laws of Marylaml, l«i,l U 

The Debates of the Maryland Constitutional Convention o/1864 

In I vol. of about 2,000 pages, double column, 8o., law sheep $li 

«*-Evory Uwyor, Statesman. Politician and Citizen, should secure a copy o7 this Work" _ 

Laws of thp United States relating to the Navy and Marine ©> 

. ,7'"', ""'.""*"."" '^''''"-' <'"verniiient to 1850; to which are pre- 

' ^- '"■!''' an Inde.x thereto.) and a Synopsis of the Legi.sln- _ ~ 

• al Alhiirs during the R.-vohiiionarv War; and an Appendix, • S 
•II of the U.S. to the end of the 38th Congress. lStJ4-.i. Com- »;oM,ii,i;;y'La^;:'f ;;;;:; ;,oa;':,;!;^p):;;.^;;^;;;;;«^ 

The Appendix, containing the Naval Legislation of tho U. S. to tho end of 

the a8th (.ongre.Hst, 1801-.. may bo hud sHpitrule. 8«.., paper $a 

«#-Any of the above Wo. k». will be by Mail, prcpal.l, on lecHpr'o'rth.V \7ic^^^^ 

r.ncy or Po.ui Order.. MURPHY & CO., Publishers, 

KJ l'l"'..nOrc S'.l-,:t li'lltinl.jre. 

^ 5 





Ti | v..iii'ifil| !| l iiiiiiiiiiii.iiii"iiiiiiiiiiiiiinLuiiiiiii[iliiLiMliiii.iiiiiL.liiiii.TTiiiii'J I (i (!jljj[l| <j L 


The Greatest Bargain 

0"CJB. 0"W1T MAKE. 

Parlor Suits in Green Kep, 
Parlor Suits in ITair Cloth, 
Parlor Suits in Crimson, 
Walnut Lounges in Rep, 
Sofa Bedsteads in Rep, 
Folding Trundle Bedsteads, 
Folding Bed Lounges, 



Into. 49 njk.nsro'T-EK/ s-: 

Extensive Ftoiiure Warerooms. 

MURPHY & CO., Publishers, 

IV-' l< i"t,norc stitil, Ddttiiiiuire. 

^ ry/. 






Engraved Map of the City, 

A Street Directory, 

^nd an f^^ppnitli^ of muclr |}seful |nfonnaiioii. 

1870. ( 


No. 12 S (J U T H S V R I-: K T. 

Over Farmers and Planters Bank. 

"ye ' A ' ' 



Archer W. H. lianker, 23 South 

Biiltimore Christian Advocate, Rev. Thos. E. 
I5.)iid, >L I), and Robert A. Holland editors 
and prop'rs, 8j St. Paul 

U.iniljerjjer & Eilau, (A. Bamberger, A.Eilau, ) 
niillinerv poods, 247 w Baltimore 

Beck, Deetjen & Hayen, (G. H. Beck, T.Deet- 
jen, E. Hajen,) imp's and com. merchants, 
(iO s Gay 

Bledsoe A. T., editor and projj'r Southern Re- 
view, 5 South, Sun buildini^ 

Bond Rev. Thomas E., editor and prop'r Bal- 
timore Christian Advocate, 8^ St. Paul, dvv 
82 Read 

Brooks Geo. W. & Co. (G. W. Brooks,) lum- 
ber, cor East Falls and Eastern avs 

Brooks, Rogers & Co. (C. Brooks, D.G.Rogers, 
\V. F. Clautice, A.Phelps,) boots, shoes and 
hats, 316 \v Baltimore 

Brooks ifc Thrasher, (C. Brooks, Thrasher, ) 
clothing, over 346 \v Baltimore 

Brown, Graves & Co. (N.Judson Brown, Wm. 
I!. Graves,) com. merchts. 24 Commerce 

Brown Dr. Septimus, ."ioS w Baltimore, dw n e 
cor Liuden av and Townsend 

Brvan J. llnrrv, 31 St. Paul 

BVRI). DB. HARVEY L. prof, obstetrics in 
Washincton University, 366 n Fremont 

BucJvman l!ros.& Co., (secy. 30 Advertisements) 

Carroll Harry D. G. jr. 107 w .Monument 

I liandler Geo. A., attorney, 41 Le.Kiiigton,d\v 
Eulaw house 

(^inrk G. K. jr., sup't.I.M. Bradstreet& Son's 
niercautilu agency, 30 South, dw .Mt. Vernon 

Clarke Jos. A. P. (C.& Martin, )645 w Fayette 

Clarke k Martin, (J. A. P. Clarke, J.D.Martin,) 

grocers, 647 w Fayette 
Clautice & Mitchell, (E. Clautice, J. C.Mitchell,) 

12^ Light 
Co.\ Richard W. & Co. bankers and brokers, 

n w cor Baltimore and Charles 
Craftsmen's Life Assurance Co., Needles & 

Walter general agents. 10 Postoflice av 
Darrell Chas. & Co. (C. Darrell, J. \V. Boyle,) 

imp'rs liquors, i E.xchange ))1 
Deetjen T. (Beck.D. <j- Hayen, )6G s Broadway 

agent, 98 s Howard 
Fulton Dr. Robert, 53 s Sharp 
Gump Samuel B. printer, 10 n Caroline 
Haven E. (Beck, Deetjen & H.) Baltimore co 
Hooper Geo. G. 31 St. Paul 
Hunt John G., fancy soaps, 17 s Gay, dw 

Charles st av ext 

Office av 
Hurst, Roberts <fe Co. (J. A. Hurst, G. S. Rob- 
erts, J. E. Hurst,) boots, shoes andhats,243 

\v Baltimore 
Kefauver & Co. flour and prod. com. merchts. 

s w cor Howard iiiid Franklin 
Martin John D. (Clarke k M.)647 w Fayette 
Mayer Lewis, attorney, 20 St. Paul, dw n e 

cor Saratoga and St. I'aul 
Miller, Rogers & Co. (M. A. Miller, J. A.Rogers, 

Wm. A. .Miller, ) dry poods, 345 w Baltimore 
Montoto Francisco, confectioner, 51 n Charles 
Needles Chas. E. (N. & Walter, )45 Lexington 
Needles k Walter, (C.E Needles, J.N.Walter,) 

general agents Craftsmen's Life Assurance 

Co. 10 Post Office av 


The Publisher of the Baltimore City Directory herewith presents to the 
citizens of Baltimore his New Edition for 1870. The increase of names they 
will find has been large ; there being 83,500 in the work, or 10,500 more than 
in the edition of 1869. Increase of Whites llj per cent., of Colored 25 per 
cent. ; of AVhites and Colored, 14 per cent. Taking the ratio of 25 per cent, 
of the population as being thus embraced, the estimate is arrived at of 334,000 
for the entire residents of our city. 

The addition to the business of our city is fully commensurate with the 
increase of our numbers, and the opening of additional railroads, the establish- 
ment of lines of steamers, and other enterprizes, conducive to our commercial 
prosperity, have wrought, are vrorking, and will continue to eflect changes so 
great as to be astounding, and so beneficial as to afibrd ground for congratula- 
tion. The marked improvement in the style and architecture of our buildings, 
public and private, elicits the attention of all beholders — of the resident citi- 
zen as well as of the temporarily sojourning stranger. 

But, we are yet behind some of our sister cities in our modes of designat- 
ing places of abode and of bushiess: the opening of new, and the extension and 
widening of old streets, aggravate the neces.sity, heretofore existing, for a more 
methodical, uniform and accurate method of numbering our houses. The pro- 
cess of preparing a Directory exhibits, glaringly, the defect alluded to ; and, 
inasmuch as the work of renumbering must ])e resorted to, inevitably, the occa- 
sion is presented fairly for considering the most efficient mode of doing that 
work ; experience establishes the superiority of the Decimal system above any 
other hitherto tried ; and every consideration of expediency and convenience 
dictates an early resort to that system. The Consecutive plan involves ever 
recurring changes, which serves but to derange and confuse ; and as time rollfj 
on, and improve.ments multiply, that confusion becomes more obvious, more per- 
plexing, and needlessly adds to the labors of the municipal authorities, as well 
as to the difficulty found by private individuals in exjiloring our streets. All 
our streets, Baltimore street not excepted, exhibit duplicate and triplicate num- 
bers, and wanting numbers. 

To the advantages of Advertising, our citizens, even at this day, are not 
fully iilive ; perhaps no one proof of this assertion can be adduced, more per- 
ceptible, than that afforded by a comparison of Directories of different cities of 
our land ; the Directory of San Francisco of 1870 comprises 250 pp. of adver- 
tisements ; that of Boston 350 pp. —inserted by people who cannot be su-spected 
of a l;i,ck of shrewdness, or want of perception, as to the things that serve as 


aids to their business success. The Baltimore Directory dwindles down to 32 
pp. and this with a population exceeding that of Boston, and probably doubling 
that of San Francisco, although indefatigable effort^ by the canvassers have been 
made, even in .some degree to annoyance, to place our Directory, in this feature, 
in a less unfavorable point of comparison. 

To every class of our c'tizens is due our cordial thanks for their prompt and 
courteous responses to the inquiries of our canvassers, and tendering to our 
patrons a grateful acknowledgment of their favors and our congratulations at 
the bright prospects of the future, 

I am, resp'y, the public's obed't serv't. 

January, 1870. 

ge:n'er^l contents. 

Corrections, Additions and Alterations, 
back of title. 
Adjutant General S'aie Militia 
Advertisements, Index to . 
Aged Men's Home, . . •. 
Aged ^Vomen's Home, 
Almshouse Trustees, 
Appendix, . . . from 881 

American Improved Gas Light Co. 
Athen.x'um, .... 

Baltimore Association for the improve 

ment of the Condition of the Poor, 
Baltimore Gymnasium, 
Baltimore Orphan Asylum, . ; 
Banks, . . . . . 

Bells — Fire Department, 
Board of Trade, .... 
Board of Public "Works, 
Boy's Home Association of Baltimore, 
Boundaries of the Wards, 
Business Directory, . . from 761 
Cadets of Temperance, 
Catonsville and Ellicott City Railway, 
Cemeteries, .... 

1" hildren's Aid Society, 
Churches, ..... 
City Government, . . - . 
City Coniinissiouer, 
City Council, ..... 
City Passenger Railway, 
City Police and Fire Alarm Telegraph, 
Colored Persons, . . . 673 to 
Commissioners of Public Schools, \ 
Commissioners for Opening Streets, 
Concordia Club, .... 
Consuls and Vice-Consuls, 
Corn and Flour E.Kchange, , 
Coroners, . . . ■ . 

Courts, ..... 

Custom House, . . , ■ . 
Dispensaries, .... 

Express Companies, .... 
Fire Department, .... 
Gas Light Co. of Baltimore, 
German Society of Maryland, 
German Orphan Asylum, 
Germania Club, .... 
Government of the United States, 
Government of the State of Maryland, 
Health Department, 
Hibernian Society of Baltimore, 
Home of the Friendless, 
Home for Disabled Soldiers of .Maryland, 
House of Refuge, .... 
Infirmaries, Hospitals, &c.. . 
Inspector of Gas Meters, 
Internal Revenue, 

to 908 

to 852 
88 L 


Judges of .\ppeal Tax Court, . . 882 

Knights of Pythias, .... 899 

Legislative Districts, . . . 908 
List of names of residents, from 17 to 760 

Magistrates, 883 

Managers of the Poor, ... 886 
Map of the City of Baltimore, corrected 

to date, in front of . . . 17 

Markets, 880 

Maryland College of Pharmacy, . 902 

Maryland Club, . . . ' . . 900 

Maryland Gas Works, . . . 902 

Maryland Hospital for the Insane, . 902 

Maryland Institute, .... 901 

Masons, 808 

Merchants Exchange and \ev.s Rooms, 901 

Notaries Public, 894 

Odd Fellows, (I. 0. 0. F.) . . 898 

Park Commissioners, .... 882 

Peabody Institute, . . . . 901 

People's Gas Company. . . . 902 

Police Ortranizatimi, . . . 8-<l 

Portable Gas Light Co., . . . 902 

Port Warden, 882 

Post Office, 886 

Preface, ...... 3 

Public Schools, Locations and Teachers, 883 

Railroads, 895 

Red Men, (Improved Ordrr) . . 899 

Red Men, (Independent (Jrder,) . . 899 

Registers in Bankruptcy, . . . 902 

Resident Commissioners, . . . 902 

Safe Deposit Company, . . . 894 

Schuetzen Park Association, . . 900 

Societies, ..... 898 

Sons of Temperance, .... 900 

St. Andrew's Society, . . . 900 

St. George's Society, . ■. . . 900 

St. Peter's (Epis.) Orphan Asylum, . 902 

St. Vincent's Infant Asylum, . . 902 

Stages, 89" 

Stamp Duties, 888 

State .N'ormal School. . . • 881 
State Deiiartment of Labor and Agricul- 
ture, »^\ 

Steamers and Steamboats, . . 895 

Street Directory, 857 

Tax Department, .... 8-i2 

Telcgra|)hs, 8^'^ 

Union Club, 901 

United Ancient Order of Druids, . . 899 

United Brothers, (I. 0.) ... 890 

Union Orphan Asylum, . . . 902 

Vaccine Physicians, . . . • 883 

Water Department, .... 882 
York Road Railway, 



Agricultural Implements. 

N. W. Shule & Co. 

Bone Dust Manufacturers. 

Joshua Horner. 


Buckman Bros. & Co. 

Boiler Makers. 

Murray, Clark & Co. 
Geo. Page & Co. 

Bristle Dealers. 

Wm. Wilkens cj- Co. 

Britannia Ware. 

M'illiaui Holmes. 

Brokers— Stock and Bill. 
Buckman Bros. & Co. 

Building Materials. 

"W. W. Mnuphlin & Sons. back 
Robinson <fc Cunningham, 
W.H. Wingate, 

Carriage Materials. 

Mackenzie Bros. 


Murray, Clark & Co. 

Cement, Plaster, &c. 

J. Henry Giese, top card on pages. 


Noah Walker & Co. 
Coal Dealers. 

Ridgcly & Brice, 

Coal Tar Products. 

Baltimore Coal Tar .Manuf 'g Co., 
lines front cover and p. 

Commission Merchants. 

Daijrer A Hramlilf, 

J. Henry Giese, top card on pages. 








Curled Hair Manufactory. 

Wm. Wilkens & Co. 17 

Dancing and Waltzing Academy. 

Charles L. Spies, 


Dumb Waiters. 

James Biites, 


Franklin L. Bates, 


Engravers— Wood . 

Marx M. Hart, 


J. H. Parks, 


Engineers and Machinists. 

Murray, Clark & Co. 


George Page & Co. 


Epidermic Regenerator. 

Henry F. Keruer, 7 

Fancy Goods. 

Lawrence D. Dietz ^- Co. .card top pages. 
Jacob Knipp, jr. 18 


E. G. Edwards, 

Joshua Horner, 


R. J.Hulliday 

Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

J. Henry Giese, 

top card on pages. 

Furniture, &c. 

Hiss k Bro., 
Kauffmau & Mead, 
Klippcr, Webster <^ Co., 

Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods. 

Lawrence D. Dietz & Co., 

top card on pages. 
Jacob Knipp, jr.. 

Hardware and Cutlery. 

Mackenzie Bros., 
Wolf & Curtis, 









Heating Apparatus. 


Manufacturers Supplies. 


John W. Bechtel, 


J. H. Haskell, 


Wm. E. Wood & Co. 

back inside cover. 


Henry F. Kerner, 



Hoisting Machines. 

Notions, Hosiery, &e. 

James Bates, 


Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Franklin L. Bates, 


cards top pages. 

Hosiery, Yarns, Gloves, &c. 

Jacobb Knipp, jr., 
C. Reckitt, jr.. 


Linvrence D. Dietz & Co. 

cards top pag-es. 
Jacob Knipp. jr., 


Nurserymen and Florists. 
R. J. Ha!lid".v, 


C. Reckitt, jr. 


Oils, Paints, &c. 



Allnjand &. Williams, 

top lines front cov'er. 
Asliurv Life Insnrance Company, 
Geo. B. Coale. (see front cover.) 
Emory <k Taylor, (see front cover.) 
Firemans' Insnrance Company of 

Maryland Life Insurance Company 

of Baltimore, ■ 

bottom lines front cover. 
Xe'.v Jerse}' llutual Li.*"e Insurance 

Company of Newark, N. J. 
Powhatan B. Starke 
J. G. Proud <|- Sons, 

inside front cover 
Piedmont and Arlington Life Ins. Co. 

of Mrgini*'., (lines front cover.) 
M. D. Savin. 

Internal Revenue Attoi neys. 
Ross ^ Weaver, (see front cover.) 

Iron Works. 

Murray, Clark & Co. 
Stickney & Co. 

Leather Belting and Hose. 
J. H. Hasltell, 

E. Sachse & Co. 

Machine Cards. 

J. H. Haskell, 
Machinist, &g. 

Murray, Clark k Co. 
Malt and Hops. 

John Boyd, 










Oyster and Fruit Packers and 

Daiger & Bramble, 

Paints and Colors. 

N. H.Hirshberg 4" Co, 

Paper "Warehouses. 

Wheelwright, .Mudge & Co. 


Gaehle'B Manufacturing Co. 

Win. Knabe & Co. (see front cover.) 


John W. Bechtel, 
Lotz & Sutkoski, 
John McCa-rt, 
Knipp George, 

Pocket Books, Port Monnaies. 
Albert Moritz, 

Produce, &c. 

Daiger & Bramble, 
Provision Dealers and Packers. 

G. Cassard k Son, 
Retorts and Fire Brick. 

Geo. C. Hicks A Co. 

inside front cover. 

Saddlery Hardware. 

Mackenzie Bro3^ 

V/. D. Macy, 

Sash Factories. 

Robinson & Cunningiiam, 
W. W. Maughlin & Sons, 

back cover, 
\Vm. H. Wingate, 











Saw Mills, Stationary and Portable. 

llarringtun Bros., 23 

W. W. Miiughlin & Sons, back cover. 
George Page & Co., 10 


Fairbanks & Co., C 

Schools and Colleges, 

Balliiiiore Female College.N. C. Brooks, 2i 
Central Institute, J. D. Warfield, 22 

C. C. Heiuizemann, 22 

Lafayette Institute, J. J. Kennedy, 

Silver Plated Wave. 

William Holmes, ^ 

Steam and Water Fixtures. 

William E. Wood & Co., 
back inside cover. 

St ove Dealers. 

John \\. Beclitel, 
William E. Wood & Co., 

back inside cover. 
"Wolf k Curtis, 




Tailors, (Merchant.J 

Noah Walker cj- Co., 

Transportation Lines. 

Baltimore and Philadelphia Steamboat 
Company, 19 

Richmond and York River R. R. Line, 16 

New York and Baltimore Transporta- 
tion Line, 18 

Great Southern Mail Boute, 25 


Jacob Weaver, 


Washington University, 

Wire Works and Goods. 

Slidman, Meisc & Co,, 

Yarn, Gloves, &e. 

Jacob Knipp, jr., 
Lawrence D. Dietz & Co., 
card top pages. 







Adjusters of Averages, . . . 761 
Agencies — Comnicrcialand Mercantile, 761 
Agencies — ■Immigrant, . . . 761 
Agents — Advertising, . . . 761 
Agents — Book and Subscription, . 761 
Agents — Claim and Pension, . . 761 
Agents — 'General, .... 762 
Agents and Managers — Insurance, . 761 
Agents — Projierty and Collectors. . 762 
Agents — Real Estate, . . . 762 
Agents — Steamers, Rail Road and Pas- 
senger, 763 

Agricultural Implements, . . 764 

Antiquarian Books, &c., . . 764 

Apothecaries, Druggists and Chemists, 764 

Aquariums and Bird Stutters, . . 764 

Architects and Civil Engineers, . 765 

Artists 765 

Artists' .Materials, .... 766 

Artificial Flowers, .... 766 

Artificial Limbs, Trusses, <|"c., . 766 

Attorneys at Law, .... 766 

Auction and Commission Merchants, 769 

Bacon Dealers, ..... 769 

Bag Manufacturers and Brokers . 769 
Bakers, .... .769 

Bankers, ..... 769 

Banks, 769 

Banks— Xational, .... 769 

Banks — Savings, .... 770 

Basket Makers, .... 770 

Bell Founders, ..... 770 

Bell Hangers, .... 770 

Bellows .Manufacturers, . . . 770 

Bill Posting and Distributing, . 770 

Bi Hard Saloon, .... 770 

Blacking .Manufacturers, . , 770 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights, . 770 

Bleachers and Piessers, . . . 771 

Block and Pump Makers, . . . 771 

Boarding Houses, .... 771 

lioat Builders, ...... 772 

Boiler .Makers, .... 772 

bolting Cloths, .... 773 

ionnet Frame Manufacturers, . 773 
ionnets. Ribbons, Silk and Straw 

goods, . . . . . . 773 

Jook Binders, .... 773 

>ooksellers, Stationers and Publishers, 773 
Joot and Shoe Dealers and Manufac- 
turers — Retail, . . . . 773 

toots and Shoes — Ladies, . . 775 
Joot and Shoe Dealers and Manufac- 
turers — Wholesale, . . . 775 
Joot and Shoe Upper Maaufactui-ers, 775 
{(ittlers, . .... 775 

fox .Mukera, 775 

Brass and Bell Founders, 

Brewers, ..... 

Brick Manufacturers, 

Bridge and Wharf Builders, . ' . 

Brit innia Ware Manufacturers, 

Brokers— Exchange, Bill and Stock, 

Brokers— Insurance, 

Brokers— Merchandise and Shipping, 

Brokers — Real Estate, 

Brooms, Baskets and Wooden Ware, 

Brush Manufacturers and Dealers, 

Building Materials, 

Burr Mill Stone Manufacturers, 

Butter Dealers, .... 

Cabinet Makers, .... 

Cards — Machine, .... 

Carpenters and Builders, . 

Carpets, Oil Cloth, &c., 

Carpet Weavers, .... 

Carriage and Coachmakers, 

Carriage Goods, Hardware, &c., 

Carvers and Gilders, 

Cattle Dealers, 

Cement and Plaster, 

Chair Makers, ..... 

Chemists and Dealers in Chemicals, 

China, Glass and Queensware, 


Chronometers & Nautical Instruments, 

Cloaks, Shawls and Mantillas, 


Clothiers — 'Children, 

Clothiers — Retail, .... 

Clothiers — Wholesale, 

Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, ij'c. 

Coal and Wood Dealers, 

Coal Oil, 

Coffee Roasters and Spice Grinders, 
Collar Makers, .... 

Commercial Colleges, 
Commission Merchants, 
Commissioners of Deeds, 
Companies — Miscallaneous, 
Confectioners and Fruiterers, 
Confectioners and Fruiterers — whole- 
sale, . . . . .' 

Consuls and Vice-Consuls, 
Conveyancers, ..... 

Coopers, ...... 

Coppersmiths and Works, . 
Cork Cutters and Dealers, 

Corset .Makers, 

Cotton Brokers, .... 
Cotton Dealers and Factors, 
Cotton Duck Manufacturers, 
Cotton Yarn, <fec., .... 
Cotton and Woolen Goods, 





Cuppers nud Lcecliers, 

Curled Iliiir Miiiiufiiciurei*, 

CurriiT:-, LeHiLer jind Findings, 

Cutlers und dealers in eullerv, . 

Dairies, ...••• 

1 'anting Ae-tdeniies, . 

l.entisls. ..... 

l.'ental Ik'pols and C<.iiet;es, 
l)ie ^Siirkero and Knt;raveis, 
lyistillers. . . . • • 

Dispensaries, ..... 

DressuiaUers, . . . ■ 
Driitr{;i»l3' sundries, 
Drngj;isis — Wholesale, 
Dry Coods — Retail, 
Dry Goods — Wholesale and Comuiis 
sion, ...... 

Dyers and Scourc'is, . . ' . 

Dye Woods and D_\e .Slulfs, . 
Hdjie Tools, .... 

J']inljroideries and Laces, 
Kii-ineers — Civil i.iid .Me' liaiiical. 
Entwines and Boili rs, 
En^; ravers, .... 

{•Express forwarders, 
Fancy Goods ami ■■"'oliMns — Uelail, 
Fancy Goods and .Sitimis — Wliolesal 
Fertilizers, .... 

File and Hasp .M,uiiii'!i:turer5, 
Fish Dealers, .... 

Fisliinj; Taclile, Twiries, ic. . 

Flau .Muniifacuirers, . 

Florists and .N '.user. liien, 

Flour ami Feed Dt-.ilers and Milleri, 

Forwarding;, ..... 

Fresco Painters, .... 

Fruit Dealeis, .... 

Furniture Dealers .uid .Mauufauuirers 
Furriers and Fur Dealers, 
Gas Fiiteis and FiMiire.s, 


Gas .Meter .Makers, 
Gangers, ..... 
Gehlle;nen's Furuishinji Goods, Uetail, 
(ientleineii's Furnisliiim Goods, Whole- 

Gla.-isand Glasswa e Dealers, . 

(ilass .Manut'.ictureis, . 

Gla>s ?)tainers, . ^. . . 

Glovts, liosieiy, \'.'orsleds, VaMi.-, icc 

Gold Beat.|>, ' . . . . 

(iiild and Sil»ersiiiiihs. 

(iold Pen .MaiiiUiu'iiiieis, 

Grain and Flour De.ilers, . 

Grinders and I'lilishers, 

CJrocers — iU-tail, 

(.Irocers — Wholesale and Coniuiission 

(iuano i)ealers, .... 

Gun .Manufacturers and Dealer.-.. 

Hair Dressers, .... 

Hardware-^ — Retail, 

Hardware — Whuies.ilr, 

iiat and C.i[> .Manuf.vcia;ers. . 

Hats, G'ujis, Furs, ami .St. aw (ioudi — 

Hats, Cap,s, Furs. iVe. — Wliules.iie. 

Hay and .-llrau De.iler.-*, 

Herinelieally Se.iled Fr-.iils. ij,-. . 

Hide and lA-aliier De.ileis, ' 

H(jrse I)ealers, .... 

Hose XftiuufaeiureiS, 








7 '.Mi 

70 7 
8. /I 
,11 i2 





8 >1 



_ I 

Hosiery, Yarns, Worsteds, kc, 

Hotels,' .... 


Horse Shoers, 

House F'urnisliing (ioods, 

he Cream, 

Jce Dealers, 


India Rubber Goods, . 

Instrument Makers, 

Insurance Companies, 

lntellii;ence OLlices, 

Iron Fence Railiii'^', 

Iron Steel, ami .Metal De.ilers, 

Iron Founders, . 

Iron Furnaces, 

Ja[i:innerd and OriKiiui'iiters, 

Jeivi'lers, .... 

Jlill.< l'e;ll(!S. 

Lamps and ' 111, 
Last .Makers, 
Laundries, . 
Leather l5eltiii;.i, 
LeAllier and Oil Dealers, 

i-i'..a', ; . . . . 

Linen Goods. 

Liquor and Wine De.Ufis — iii-i.i 

Liquors and VVines — Wliolesa.le 


Livery, Hack and .Sale .Stables, 

Liukiinilhs and l{ellhan;4ers, 

Looung-glass and Picture I-'raiue M 

ufacturers, .... 
Lumber D.-alers, 
.Maiisiers. . 

Manufacturers and.Machinists' Sup.p 
.Mariile ami .Stone Workers, . 
.Mattress .Manufacturers, 
.Meichanl Tailors, . 
.Millers — .Merchant, 
Millinery Goods, 
.Millwrighis, . . 
.\iiueral Water, . 
.Morocco .Maiuifrtciurers and Dresse 
.Music and Musical Instruments, 
.Music Te.icheis, 
A' aval Stores, 
N'ovaand Periodicals, 
Notaries Public, 
.\'otionj — \Vhole.'5a!t5. 
Nurses and .Midwi\es, 
Oil Companies, 
Oil Dealers, 
Or.ran Builder.-;, 
Ouster and Fiiiit lie.ilersaud Pack 
PacKiiij; Houses, . 
P..IIHC1S — lloiise and Sign 
I'.iikHs, Oils, i^-., . 
I'aper lJ,i;;s. 

Pa,ier Ijo.x M.iniil'.iCtuiers, 
Paper Haa^iu^s, 
l':iper .Slock, . 
Pajier Warehouses, 
l'...-se Partciuis, 
I'ateiil .VrticleSy 



Patent Medicines, . . • • 
Pattern Mnkers, . . • • 
Pavers, Graders and Contractors, 
Pawnbrokers, • • • • 

Fholopraphers, • • • • 

Photofrraphers' Stock. 
Physicians, ' , • ^ " 
Pitino Dealers and Manufacturers, . 
Pirklinp; and Preserving, 
Picture'Frsime Manufacturers, 
Plane Makers, - • • • 

Plaster Mills, • • • • 

Plumbers, • • ;, if ' 

Pocket Book and Jewelry Case Manu- 

tnrers, • ■ • • ■ 


Primers— Book and Job, 

Prin ters— Copperplate, 

Produce Dealers, . . • • 

Provision Dealers, • • , ; 

Provision Merchants— ^\ holesale, . 

Puiiip and Block Makers, 

Pyrotechnists, . . • ■ 

Railways, (Marine,) 

r.,anfres and Furnaces, 

Regalia Makers, . . . • 

Restaurants, . . • • 

Registers in Bankruptcy, 

Riggers, . . • • • 

Rolling Mills, . . . • 


Rope Makers and Dealers, 
Saddle and Harness Makers, 
Saddterv and Coach Hardware, 
Safes— Fire Proof, 

Sail Makers, 

Salt Dealers, 

Sand Dealers, . . . . 

Sash, Door and Blind Manufacturers, 
Saw Manufacturers, 

Saw and Planing Mills, . 

Scales, . . • • • 

Sculptors, . • , \ „ ■ 

Schools, Academies ana Colleges, 


Sewing Machines, 

Ship Builders and Marine Railway, . 

Ship Chandlers, . . . • 

Ship Joiners, 

Ship Smiths, .... 

Shipping Masters, . . . . 

Shipping Merchants, 

Shirt Manufacturers, 



8:^.1 I 


. 841 

Shoe Findings, 
Show Case Manufacturers, . 
Show Cards, .... 
Silk Weavcis, Manufacts. and Dea 
Silver Platers atid Plated Ware, 
Silversmiths, . . . ■ 


Smokers' Articles, 
Snuff Manufacturers, 
Soap and Candle Manufacturers, 
Spices. . . . • • 
Statuping, Pinking and- Fluting, 
Stationery, Blank Books, &c.. 
Steamship and Steamboat Lines, 
Steam and Water Heating, . 
Stencil Cutters, . . • • 
Storage, . . . - 

Stove Dealers 

Sugar Refi aeries, . 

Surveyors, . . . • • 

Tailors and Clothiers' Trimmings, 

Tanners and Curriers, 

Tea Dealers, . . - • • 

Telegraphs, . . • • 

Tin Plate and Metals, . 

Tin Ware, Can and Sheet Iron Manu 

facturers and Workers, _ . 
Tobacco and Cigars — Retail, 
Tobacco Dealers and Manufacturers- 
Toilet Articles, Perfumery. &c. 
Trimmincrs, Laces, &c., 
Trunks, Valises, Carpet Bags, &c.. 
Turners, . ■ • • • 

Type Founders 

Umbrella and Parasol Manufacturers 



Vaiiety, . . • • • 
Veterinary Surgeons, 

Vinegar Makers. 

AVrttches and Jewelry, . 

Watch Case Makers, . 

Weighers, . . • • • 

Whips ;ind Canes, 

Wig Makers 

Wire Workers, . • • ' • 

Wood Dealers 

Wood— Sawed and Split, . 

W^oodeu and Willow W are, . 

Woo! Dealers, . ■ • • 

Yeast Makers 

Miscellaneous, . . . • 




















84 5 







S4 5 

■ 851 





n. north ; s. south; e. cast ; w. Avcst; 5i. street ; c<. court; ay. avenue; al. alley: la 
lane ; dw. dwelling ; cor. corner ; ext. extended ; rd. road ; nr. near ; L. P. Locust Point. 
Xote : The names appearing in CAPITAL LETTEPvS are Subscriijcrs. 



Aaron Augustus, carpenter, lOG Battery av 
Aaron Betsey, rag dealer, 44 Columbia 
Aaron Cha3. F. pat'n maker, 21G Montgomery 
Aaron Mrs. Derothea R. 21G .Montgomery 
Aaron Geo. clerk, 106 Battery av 
Aaron (jeo. W. lieut. police, 147 Bank 
Aaron Lewis M. sec. band goods, 44 Columbia 
Aaron .Marcellus, carpenter LjG Battery av 
Aaron Marcellus, marioer, 21G Montgomery 
Aaron Samuel, ship carpenter, 202 s Charles 
Abbes Francis U. collector, 177 e Pratt 
Abbett Misses, 25 Hollins 
Abbot Charles, 273 n Eutaw 
Abbott Alexander, 3C7 eBaltiaore 
Abbott Cornelius F. 210 Conway 
Abbott Daniel E. R. carpenter, 119 Jefferson 
Abbott rtarius VV. clerk,' 167 Chesnut 
Abbott Edson A. 320 n Caroline 
Abbott Edwin A. 113 s High 
^.bbott Mrs. Elizabeth J. 143 Battery av 
Abbott Geo. T. puddler. rear 138 Hudsoa 
Abbott Hannah, 35 McElderry 
Abbott Henrv J. engineer, 313 e Eager 
ABBOTT H."& SON,(H. A., John S. Gilman) 

8 3 Gay 
Abbott Horace, president Abbott Iron Co., 

Baltimore county 
Abbott Horace, (H. A. & Son) Baltimore co 
ABBOTT IRON COMPANY, H. Abbott, pres- 
ident, C. II. Ashburner, vice prest., J. A. 
L. Morreli, treas. cor Burke and Hudson, 
Abbott James A. boilermbker, 102 Henrietta 
Abbott James F. (Henry, McAllister A; Co.) 

172 Orleans 
Abbott James L. carpenter, 10 Gould ct 
Abbott James W. mariner, 143 Battery av 
Abbott John, mariner, 114 Mullikin 
ATibott John E. laborer, 114 York 

Abljott John F. mariner, 143 Battery av 
Abbott John N. carpenter, 203 e Favette 
Abbott J. Walter, clerk, 143 Battery av 
Abbott Mrs. Julia, GO s Sharp 
Abbott y\r3. Margaret, 138 Battery av 
Al)bott Samuel, laborer, 13 Armistead la 
Abbott Thos. 0. mariner, 143 Battery av 
Abbott Wm. tobacconist, 238 s Broadway 
Abbott Wm. H. brickmoulder, 1G3 Hamburg 
Abbott Wm. H. II. clerk, 238 s Broadway 
Abbott Wm. W. mariner, 279 Hanover 
Abel Conrad, huckster, 400 e Fayette 
Abel Dorothea, 355 e Lombard 
Atjel John, tailor, 357 e Lombard 
Abel Joseph, cooper, 357 e Lombard 
Abel Wm. gilder, 257 Mulberry 
Abell A. S. (A. S. A. & Co.) 83 Saratoga 
ABELL A. S. & CO. (A. S. Abell) proprie- 
tors and publishers of the Sun, Sun Iron 
Building, s e cor Baltimore and South 
Abell Casper, shoemaker, 139 Henrietta 
Abell Chas. S. law student, 83 Saratoga 
Abell Chas. T. printer, 58 Preston 
Abell David T. printer, 41 Pearl 
Abell Edward M, butcher, 48 Centre and 32 

Lexington markets, dw 177 Penna. av 
Abell Mrs. Eleanor, tailorers, 10 Rock 
Abell Eveline, dressmaker, 40 Holland 
Abell Franklin. M. butcher, 24 Richmond mar- 
ket, dw 1G4 Penna. av 
Abell G(?o. W. editor, 83 Saratoga 
Abell Ignatius, police, 20G Barre 
Abell John, laborer, 418 Canton av 
Abell John, laborer, 35 Brown 
Abell John, baker, 127 Conwaj' 
Abell Walter R. clerk, 83 Sara'toga 
Abell Wm. B. tailor, 182 s Paca 
Abf-ndscboen Clement, carpet weaver, 232 3 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Dealers in 


White Goods, Embroideries, Laces, 



AbendsLhoen Geo. tailor, 200 Montgomery 
AbenJschon Louis, shoemaker, 104 Cider nl 
Abendsciieia Andrew, barber, 1G3 s Bond 
Abcndscliein Henry, 78 s Eutaw 
Abeudscliein John, provisions, 438 Canfonav 
Abtnd.-chtin Mrs. Mary, fancy store,78 8 Eutaw 
Abeasc-lioem Adolph, slioenilcr, 234 s Charles 
Abercrombie Mrti. Christian, 81 Chew 
AbcrcrombieDavid,(II.Taylor& Co.) TS'Chew 
Abercrombie John, (II. Taylor & Co.) Bait, co 
Abercrombie Wm. 11. confectionery, 551 w 

Aberle Anthony, boilcrmaker, T91 w Balti- 
Aberle Mrs. E. G. millinery, 704 w Baltimore 
Abcrly Mrs. Mary, IGl.} s Regester 
Abesnieyer Frit/,, laborer, 32 s Gist 
Abey Alex, clerk, 105 s Ann 
Abev George T. hatter, IG n Ana 
Abey John S. clerk, 313 Light 
Abey Joseph C. (J. U. Freberger & Co.) 326 

Abey Michael H. caulker, 104 Battery av 
Abey Mrs. Sarah, seamstress, Burrough near 

Fort av 
.r'bey Mrs. Sophia, trimmings, 105 s Ann 
Abey AVm. H. grocery, 369 Litjht 
Abey Wm. tea. 313 LV'ht, dw 309 
Abhan Chas. H. carpenter, 90 s Howard 
Abigail John N. carpenter, 837 w Pratt 
Abraham Mrs. Caroline, 113 s Wolfe 
Abraham Charles, mariner, 113 s Wolfe 
Abraham Geo. F. plasterer, C8 Milliman 
Abrahams Carrie, saleslady, 302 e Monument 
Abrahams Bariiett, cigarmaker, 45^ e Balti- 
Abrahams Mrs. Eliza, 302 e Monument 
Abrahams Fanny, dressmaker, 302 e Monu- 
Abrahams John J. & Son, (J. J. and Wm. H. 
Abrahams) ship builders and screw dock, 
Tiiames, foot of Caroline, office 58 Philpot 
Abrahams John J. (John J.A.k Son,) Cecil co 
Abral'.iims Josejih, 286 e Baltimore 
Abrphanis .Mary Ann, llo s Carolina 
Abrahams Wra. H. (J. J. A. & Son) 28G c 

Abnihanis Woodward, (Cochran & Co.) 22 s 

Abrahams Woodward, jr. (Taylor t A.) Port 

Abrams Alex. J. raatblccutler, Grecnmount 

av op]) cemetery 
Abrams .'us. K. P. carpenter, 277 Canton av 
Abrams John T. carpenter, 277 Cauton av 
Abrams .M. 340 Madison av 
AbraiLS Nathan, cigarmaker, 203 s Charles 
Jvbrams Washington, carpenter, 277 Canton av 
Abranz Simon, lager beer, 250 e Eager 

Abt Mrs. Christina, boarding, 178 s Wash- 
Abt Henry, brushmaker, 178 s Washington 
Abt Jno. moulder, 178 s Washington 
Abt Michael, stevedore, Gl President 
Aburu Chas. II. clerk, 241.V Canton av 
Aburn John, grocery, cor Thames and Philpot 
Aburn Mrs. Mary, confectionery, 241^ Canton 

Aburn T. Harry, clerk, 130 Jefferson 
Aburn Wm. R. sparmakcr, Gl Block 
Accinelli B. Joseph, clerk, 22 n Exeter 
Achenback Henry, butcher, Belair, Centre, and 

Hanover markets, dw 145 Grecnraount av 
Acheubflck John II. plasterer, 4 Walsh 
Achev Chas.F.(F. Achey & Son) 132 German 
Achey Frederick & Son, (F. & C. F. Achey) 

curriers. 22 s Liberty 
Achey Frederick, (Frederick Achey & Son) 

129 German 
Achey Thos. S. currier, 194 Walsh 
Achsingcr Fred, laborer, 4 Winderling row 
Acht John, laborer, 42S Canton av 
Acker Peter, watchman, 282 Aisquith 
Acker Theodore, provisions, 540 w Fayette 
Ackerman Andrew, moulder, 122 s Wolfe 
Ackerman Andreas, tailor, 27 Shakspear 
Ackerman Catheiine, tailoress, 11 Bevan 
Ackoimtin Chris. II. (llehl & Co.) lo Park 
Ackerman Geo. sec. hand store, G3 Ilariisoa 
Ackerman Geo. sawyer, 152 8 Castle i 

Ackerman Henry, laborer, 88 Albemarle I 

Ackerman J. (A. & McDowell) u w cor I 

Eutaw and Camden 
Ackerman John, pumpmaker, 56 Walnut al 
Ackerman Mrs. Mary, confect'y, 107 s Wolfe 
Ackerman Mrs. Mary, groctry, 235 Aliceanna 
Ackerman & McDowell, (J. AckerniMn, R. R. 
McDowell) restaurant, cor Eutaw and Cam- 
Ackerman Nicholas, clothing cutter, 1G7 8 i 

Acklcr Jacob B. bootmnker, 321 Saratoga 
Ackler \Vm. F. confectionery, 140 Ai:'quith 
Acton Elijiih, blacksmith, 92 Bovd, 
sier, president, over n e corner Baltimore 
and ('liarlcs 
Adair Harry II. clerk, 49 Mt. Vernon place 
Adair John, machinist, 5 Park av 
Adalniau Michael, laborer, 18 Burke, Canton 
Adam Aug. cooper, IGO s Register 
Adam Catherine 772 w Baltimore 
Adam William, laborer, 150 s Caioline 
Adams Adam, laborer, G Buren 
Adams Adelaide L. boarding, C4 n Charles 
Adams Albert, shoemaker, 99 Druid Hill av 
Ad. ms Amelia, teacher, St. Paul's Orphan 

Adams Ann E. seamstress, over 3 Barre 
Adams Ann M. tailoress, 2 Green's ct 
AdaiViS Benjamin F. hatter, 90 Warner 
ADAMS, liOWEN & CO. (J. B. Adams, P. 
A. r>owen, E.T.Jackion,) wholesale liquors 
and grocers, 57 w Pratt 
Adams k Buck, (Wm.H. A., Irving A. Buck,) 
china, glass, &c., 337 w Baltimore and 52 
Adams Capt. Cadmus, mariner, 421 e Fayette 
Adams Charles E clerk, 22G Ilollins 
Adams Charles H. A. boilcrmaker, 135 Bat 
tery av 




Adams Charles T. salesman, 110 n High 
Adams Chi-istopher, laborer, 9 Cotton row 
I Adams Clara, 05 William 
'> ADAMS EDWARD & SON, (E. and John W. 

Adams,) grocers and produce, n e cor IIol- 

lins & Republican 
Adams Edwd. (E.Adams &; Son,) 22G Hollins 
Adams Edward F. machinist, 3'jl e Ualtimore 
Adams Eliza J. tailoress, 2 Green's ct 
Adams Mrs. Elizabeth, 191 e Pratt 
Adams Elizabeth, seamstress, 214 n Eutaw 
Adams Ellen, seamstress, 214 n Eataw 
Adams Eraelius, coal yard, s w cor Caroline 

and Dock, and n w cor Central av and 

Gouch, dw 408 e Baltimore 
AD.\MS' EXPRESS CO. 104 w Baltimore, 

and depot 227 and 229 s Howard, John Q. 

A. Herring, supt 
Adams Frank G. telegraphist, 106 Lee 
Adams George, mariner, 297 s Charhs 
Adams Geo. gardener, sw cor Gist and Gough 
Adann George C. driver, 533 w Baltimore 
■ Adams George 0. baker, 94 Albemarle 
Adams George C. silversmith, 14S n Pine 
Adams George F. bookkeeper, 184 Chesnut 
Adams George W. boatman, 104 Hamburg 
Adams George A\'. engineer, 203 e Pratt 
Adams George 'W . bricklayer, 351 s Sharp 
Adams H. A. book agent, 38 n Eden 
Adams Mrs. Hannah, seamstress, 533 w Eal- 

Adams Henrietta C. teacher, 494 w Fayette 
Adams Henry, piano maker, 194 \v Fayette 
Adams Henry, jr. moulder, 186 George 
Adams Henry, shoemaker, 186 George 
Adams Jacob, peddler, 221 s Bond 
Adams Jacob G. 192 Columbia 
Adams James, 214 n Eutaw 
Adams James, clerk, 204 George 
Adams James B. maiiner, 251 e Lombard 
Adams Jas. C. (Newbold & Son) 256 Chats- 
Adams James L. bricklayer, 251 e Lombard 
Adams James N. bricklaver, 90 Vv'arner 
Adams Mrs. Jane, 20 w Lombard 
Adams John, caulker, 262 Aliceanna 
Adams John, mariner, 118 Eastern av 
Adams John, fruit packer, 411 e Fayette 
Adams John, caulker, 203 Aliceanna 
Adams John A. 196 Druid Hill av 
Adams John A. processer, 411 e Fayette 
Adams John B., Barnum's Hotel 
Adams John B. (Adams, Bowen & Co.) Chase 

nr Charles 
Adams John C. paper hanger, 19 n Eden 
Adams John D. watchman, 225 e Madison 
Adams Capt. John E. mariner, 421 e Fayette 
Adams John F. (S. H. & J. F. Adams) 36 

Adams John G. plasterer, 7 Wyeth 
Adams John H. sailmaker, s e cor Block and 

West Falls av, dw 65 William 
Adams John II. jr. sailmaker, 65 William 
Adams John Q. (Carroll, A. & Neer) 127 n 

Adams Jno.W. (E. A. & Son) 20 n Republican 
Adams Joseph, clerk, 98 s Castle 
Adams Jose[ih, plasterer, 93 Warner 
Adams Joseph, plasterer, 145 Conway 
Adams Joseph, jr. plasterer, 93 Warner 
Adams Joseph, jr. plasterer, 145 Conway 
Adams Joseph W. mariner, 20 w Lombard 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, cScc. 



Clove)', Timothy Seed, cCc. 

Rosendale Cement & Plaster. 

Adams Joshua A. gas inspector, 254 n Eden 
Adams Martha, 2 Green's ct 
Adams -Mrs. .Mary, 150 Druid Hill nv 
Adams Mrs. .Mary, lager beer, 411 e Fayette 
Adams Mrs. Mary, 612 w Lombard 
Adams Mrs. .Mary C. laundress, 3 Liberty al 
Adams Mrs. .Mary J. 210 w Biddlc 
Adams .Mathins. mariner, 307 Aliceanna 
Adams Capt. McH. manner, 421 e Fayette 
Adams Michael, laborer, 108 Eastern av 
Adams Mrs. .Miena, dyer and scourer, 194 w 

ADAMS & MOULTOX, (Wm. Adams, J. D. 
and J. F. .Moulton, jr.,) wholes, hosiery, 
gloves and fancy goo Is, 3 Hatiover 
Adams M. W. clerk, Pratt nr Exeter 
Adams Richard, laborer, 21^ Vine 
Adams Robert A. mariner, 32 n Bond 
Adams Roger A. clerk, 56 n Liberty 
Adams Samuel, teacher, 118 Druid Hill av 
Adams Samuel, watchmaker, 20 c Pratt 
Adams S. H. & J. F. carpeniers and builders, 

Barnct nr Charles 
Adr^ms Samuel II. (3. H. k3. F.Adams,) 

223 n Calvert 
Adams Samuel T. 80 n Carey 
Adams Sidney, clerk, 194 e Fayette 
Adams Stephen S. 71 Hillen 
Adams Susanna, 184 Chesnut 
Adams Thomas, drayman, 117 L. Greene 
Adams Thomas, salesman, 196 Gongh 
Adams Thomas, wa'chmaker, 20 e Pratt 
Adams Thomas E. M. clerk, 494 w Fayette 
Adams Thomas H. clerk, 196 Gough 
Adams Mrs. T. W. manuf. shirts, over 184 w 

Baltimore, dw 42 St. Paul 
Adams Wm. cabinet maker, 21 Somerset 
Adams Wm. watchman, 258 e Monument 
Adams Wm. (A. & .Aloulton,) 309 Lexingtoa 
Adams Wm. E. mariner, 203 e Pratt 
Adams Wm. II. (Adams & Buck,) 110 n Re- 
Adams Wm. H, pilot, 137 Gongh 
Adams Wm. T. (Smith & A.) 106 Lee 
Adams Wm. W. mariner, 96 Battery av 
Addiiigton Joseph C. bookkeeper, 6 Commerce 
Addison A. Merrill, attorney, 120 Cathedral 
Addison Mrs. Catherine A. 26 s Carey 
Addison Dennis, drayman, 150 n Dallas 
Addison Edw'd, carp. Lemon al nr Schroeder 
Addison Emeline, teacher, 7 Warren 
Addison George C. clerk, 612 w Fayette 
Adrtison G. C. shoeculter, McMechin nr John 
Addison (Jeorge M. clerk, 612 w Fayette 
Addison John A. bookkeeper, 75 William 
Addison John W. clerk, 7 Warren 
Addison John W. machinist, 23 Scott 
Addison Joseph T. shoecutter, 190 Green- 
mount av 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Impoittrs nnd Dtnlcrs In 


White Goods, Embroideries, Laces, 



Addison Lewis P. clerk, 2G s Carey 

Addison Mrs. Srtlly D. 7 Wurren 

Addison .Samuel S. shoe Store, 230 w Pratt, 

dw 1 McMecliin nr John 
Addison Taylor, bookkeeper, To William 
Addison Theodore, engineer, r)4 9 Poppleton 
Addison Virginia E. teacher, 7 Warren 
Addison Wm. carpenter, L. Church nr Wil- 

lirtin, Jw 75 William 
Addison Wm. E. clerk, 162 Biirre 
Addison Wm. Meade, attorney, 20 Lexington, 

dw 120 CathtMrrul 
Addison Wm. W. shoecutter, 194 n Fremont 
Adelman Jacob Jos. coufei-tioner, 31 Janiea' la 
Adelnim Michael, shoemaker, UC, Portland 
Adelmann Chas. grocery, 117 1! uik 
AdelS'lorf Isaac, clerk, 51 German 
Adelstern Jacob, tailor, 90 Park 
Adjutant General's Ollice, (Md. N. G.) over 

(or IJaliimore and Post Uffice nv. 
Adkisson Dr. \V . II. II. books and stationery, 

27(J w iJ.iltimore, dw 210 Franklin 
Adiir Aaion, <attle broker, 210 n Eden 
Ad er Aaron, (Louis A. & Dro.) 252 e Balti- 
Adler Adolph S. 9G e Baltimore 
Adler Dr. Alexander, denii-st, K! Lloyd 
Adler Alexander, clerk, AC, S. Eiitaw 
Adler Charles E. clerk, 132 s Broadway 
Adler Chas. (II. Frank k Co.) 242 Lexington 
Adler Miss C. F. SS Camden 
Adler .Mrs. £. millinery, 132 s Broadway 
Adler Henry M. foreman fire department, 329 

e Pr^tt 
Adler Herman, clerk 242 Lpxinj:;ton 
Adler John, laborer, 2'i'O Canton av 
Adl-'r Josei)h, property njjent, Gl s Eden 
Adler Julius, 252 e Baltimore 
Adler Levi, bookkee[)er, IGG w Lombard 
Adler Louis, cattle dealer, IGG s Iletrister 
Adler Loui.'^ & Bro. (L. & A. Adler) dry 

t'oods, 210 s Broadway 
Adlf-r Louis, (Louis A.'& Bro ) 252 e Balti- 
Ailitr Louig, snlcstnan, 210 s Broadway 
Adler .Mannes, liJ Columbia 
Adler Mnrcus, dry poods, 132 s Broadway 
Adler Pliilij), 40 s Eutiiw 
Adler Simon, clerk, 217 w Pratt 
Adler Wm. dry Koods, 202 n Iloi^'arJ 
Adoljdi ('atherinc, 18 Fountain 
Adolpii George, laboier, 152 s Charles 
Adolph Ilfiiry, l)oat builder, 273 Canton av 
Adolph John, laborer, 244 Aliceanna 
Adolph Wm. pud Her 137 s Chapel 
Adreon C. C. 292 .Saratov* 
Atlrcon Col Harrison, U. S. Pension agent, 
Hiid attorney, U. H. Courthouse, dw Balti- 
more CO 

Adreon Mrs. Ilenrv C. 110 Hanover 
Aiireon Lafav(lte,'dentist, 28 n Liberty 
Adreon Stephen A. clerk, 28 n Liberty 
ADUKO.V, TIIDMAS & CO. (W. Adreon E. 
L. Thomas, Wm. T. Adreon,) auctioneers 
and commission merchants, 18 s Charles 
Adreon Wm. T. (A., Thomas & Co.) 620 

Adreou Wm. (A., Thomas & Co.) 110 Han- 
Adreon Mrs. Winifred, 28 n Liberty 
Adrey Wm. maiiaer, 355 Canton av 
Adiian Elizabeth, seamstress, 54 Curtis al 
Adriance James A. blacksmith, 11 Wyeth 
Adt John B. (Frank & A ) 3 s Ann 
Ady Francis M. huckster, 302 Harford av 
AdV James, variety store, 159 s Sharp 
AegerJohn, tailor, 138 Cross 
Aerhardt Benj. stevedore, rear 18 Granby 
yEtna Fire Insurance Co. of Hartford, Conn., 

87 w Second 
uVAnA Life Insurance Co. of Hartford, Curley 
& Robertson, managers, 3 Post Office av, J, 
G. Proud & Sons, nsst. agents, 87 Second 
Affelder Max, secy. Permanent Land Co. of 

Baltimore, 310 W. Lombard 
Aflayroux Epaulete, carpenter, 311 e Biddle 
Affiyroux Francis P. blacksmith, 190 East 
Attayroux John, carpenter, 190 East 
Altung John, shoemaker, 223 Hanover 
Agan Martin, laborer, n w cor Valley and 

Agan Wm. laborer, Watson al nr Watson 
Agan Wm. laborer, 9 Bevan 
Aged Men's Home, cor Ca'houn & Lexington 
Aged Women's Home, Lexington nr Calhoun 
Ager James, blacksmith, 7G n Durham 
Aglor Joseph, can maker. 2G8 Canton av 
Asrner Franz, laborer, 11 n Chapel 
Agnew Charlotte, 160 n Bond 
Agnew James C. currier, ICO n Bond 
Agnew John D. bookkeeper, 143 n Paca 
Agnew Mrs. Mary .M., 143 n Paca 
Agnew Thos. J. clerk, l43 n Pac\ 
AGiN'EW THOMAS A. grocer, 297 w Pratt, 

dw 64 Barre 
Agnus Mis. Annette, 246Hollins 
Agnus Felix, asst. assessor, cor Kirby la and 

Lihertv rd 
Ahearn John, dealer patent goods, 5 Post 

Office av, dw 223 n Calvert 
Ahern Daniel, feed, 138 s Chester 
Ahoru Frauds, clerk, 253 n Eutaw 
Ahern Jeremiah, laborer, 356 a Caroline 
Ahern J )hn, brick manufacturer, yards Can- 
ton, 253 n Eutaw 
Ahern John T. laborer, 356 S Caroline 
A hi Andrew, tailor, 11 BariiCS 
Ahl Henry, shi[i carp. Hunter al ur John 
Ahl Bomro, i)aiDter, 19 Mott 
Ahl Wm. watchman, 7 Young 
Ahlborn (Jeorge, engineer, G4 n Gay 
Ahll)orn Julius, dollar store, 15G Lexington 
Ah'cr Wm. II. clerk, 6 Lemmon 
A hies Geo. F. cigar maker, 6 n Durham 
Allies John, cigar maker, G u Durham 
Ahles John, laborer, 85 s Chapel 
Ahlsleger Wm. (W. D.Shurtz & Co.) Fayettt| 
nr Fulton j 

Ahlswede Chas. clerk, cor L. McElderry and 

Ahnfunk John, laborer, 310 Canton av 




Alirens Adolph, (Stirling ■& A.) Eutaw place 

ur Towasend 
Abrens George Ad. (Stirling & Ahrens) 12 3 

■V7 Madison 
Ahrens Joim, Plowman nr Albemarle 
Ahrens John C. cabinetmaker, 220 Bank 
Ahrens Juliu3, confec'rand baker, 239 w Pratt 
Ahrens Wm. shoemaker, 1 Westal 
Ahrens Wm. mariner, 265 Aliceanna 
Ahrens AVm. clerk, 225 e Baltimore 
Ahring Ernst H. 114 n Central ar 
Abrling H. Htnrj-, tavern, T2 Buchanan's wlif 
Aichle Jacob, coal jard, 265 s Sharp, dw 264 

Aichle John, laborer, 244 Hanover 
Aichler Wra. blacksmith, 81 Orleans 
Aicklen August, tanner, 12'^ Columbia 
Aidt Lewis, shoemaker, 60 Druid Hill av 
Aiken Jlatthew K. cashier Calvert Iron and 

Nail Works Co., dw 614 Lexingfon 
Aikin Dr. Wm. E. A. prof, chemistry, Uni- 
versity of ild., dw 25 Hamilton 
Aires Andrew J. shipjoiner, 245 Gough 
Aireu Elizabeth, 255 Preston 
Airey Charles, cigarmaker, 25 O.xford 
Airey Charles C. conductor, 109 Bank 
Airey Edward H. carter, 209 Eusor 
Airey Hiram, shoemaker, 154 Preston 
Airey James, butter 185 Druid Hill av 
Airey Jerome, shoemaker, 931 Lexiagton 
Airey Joseph, laborer 127 Division 
Airey Mary, dressmaker, 34 n Front 
Airey Philip, driver, 83 Oxford 
Airey AVm. F. clerk, 109 s Eden 
Airey Wm. F. jr. machinist, I09 s Eden 
Aisquith Mrs. Charlotte, 494 w Fayette 
Aiiquith Charlotte E. teacher, 494 w Fnyette 
Aisquith George G. clerk, 494 W Fayette 
Aisquith Mrs. Mary H. 494 w Fayette 
Aisquith Street Presbyterian Church, corner 

Aif(|uilh and Edward 
AITCH.ESOX JA.ME.S, brass founder, 74 

North, dw 228 w Hoffman 
Aitken Andrew, (A. Aitken &Co.)139 n Gay 
Aitken A. & Co., (A. Aitken, George R. Car- 
ter) agents for patent medicines, &c., 1392^ 
u Gay 
Akeburst John, engineer, 20 s Schroeder 
Akermann Francis R. grocerv, 100 n Dallas 
Akermann John B. tailor, 100 n Dallas 
Akers Christopher, well digger, 151 n Eden 
Akers Daniel, boilermaker, 648 Light 

AKERS EDWARD, Watchmaker, 
126 s Hanover. 

Akers Edwin, dry goods, 133 Lexington and 

99 s Bond 
Akers Gabriel C. watchmaker, 126 Hanover 
Akers George W. engineer, 179 Hutrhes 
Akers Phebe B, boarding, nw cor Eutaw and 

Akers Rasin L boilermaker, 182 William 
Akers Sarah R. saleswoman, 584 Penna av 
Akers Wm. H. boilermaker, 35 Bevan 
Albacher George, blacksmith, 4 China 
Albacher John V. blacksmith, 16 Lee 
Alband & CuUison, (C. Alband, Jesse M. Cul- 

lison,) flour and feed, 4 Penn av 
Alband Chas. (A. & Cullison,) 160 n Pine 
Albars Wm. grocery, 130 Gough 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


co:;sT.\xTLV for .sale 

Clover f Timothy Seed, &c» 
Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Albaugh Edward W. produce, 170 Barre 
Albaugh Mrs. Elizabeth, 246 s Charles 
Albaugh George, laborer, 19 Liberty al 
Albaugh George, painter, 59 Drnid Hill av 
AHaugh Grafton, shoemaker, 59 Druid Hiil av 
All)augh Grafton, shoemaker, 177 n Eutaw 
Albaugh Henry C. carpenter, 355 Penn av 
AUiaugh Hiram, boilermaker, 232 William 
Albaugh Maurice, shoeir.aker, 150 s Paca 
Albaugh Thomas, painter, 57 .McElderry 
Albaush Wm. A. brush manufacturer, n e 

cor Sharp and Pratt, dw 168 Barre 
Albaugh AVm. E. clerk, 57 McElderry 
AlbergerMrs. Mary, n e cor Fayette and Castle 
Albers Anton, clerk, 95 s Sharp 
Albers Charles F. cashier, 600 Lexington 
Alliers Frederick, brickmaker, 178 s Wolfe 
Albers Dr. Honry, 95 s Sharp 
Albers Henrj-, jr. clerk, 95 s Sharp 
Albers Henry, brickmaker, 178 s AA'olfe 
Albers .Airs. .Alary, 178 s Wolfe 
Albert Adelbert, paver. 100 Somerset 
Albert Anr.a AI. grocery, 72 Mulberry 
Albert A. k H. J. paper hangings, &c , 18 n 

ALBERT AUGUSTUS, Sheriff Balto. City, ' 

basement Courthouse, dw 18 n Eutaw 
Albert Augustus, laborer, 68 s Central av 
AUert Augustus, (A. k H. J. A.) 18 n Eutaw 
Albert Augustus J. (Albert & Bro.) Govans- 

lown, Baltimore co. 
Albert Augustus J., jr. (.\ugustu3 J. A., jr. 

& Co.) Mt Vernon hotel 
Albert & Bro. (August. J. Albert and Wm. 

J. Albert,) nfliee 6 s Charles 
ALBERT AUG. J., JR. & CO. (Aug. J. A. jr., 
. J.T.Albert,) imps. Sheffield cutlery, 6 s 

Alljert Casper, laborer, 4 s Gist 
Albert Charles, confectioner, 319 .Mulberry 
Albert Daniel, boot crimper, 92 Low 
Albert Daniel, harnessmaker, 7 Constitution 
Albert Francis, (Pennimau &Bro.) 249 Druid 

Hill av 
Albert Frank, tailor, 10 n Durham 
Albert Fred, fancy goods, 453 w Baltimore 
Albert George, tailor, 164 s Bond 
Albert George, laborer, 295 s Durham 
All>ert Henrv, shoemaker, 113 Henrietta 
ALBERT HENRY C, furnishing goods, 151 

n Eataw, dw 309 Saratoga 
Albert Henry J. (A. & H.J. A.) 107 w Fayette 
Albert Jacob B. clerk, 309 Saratoga 
Albert Jacob, laborer, 314 .Montgomery 
Albert .Jarncs, hardware, Mt A'ernon hotel 
Albert John, laborer, Stockholm nr Eutaw 
Albert John, butcher, 93 Lexington, 15 Hol- 

lins and 50 Hanover markets, dw Garrison 

la near Western Cemetery 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers nnil Ucnltrs lit 

notions and Fancy Goods, 


Hosiery. Gloves, Small Wares, &c. 


Albert John, jr., bootfitter, 57 Bank 
Albert Jubn, weuver. 57 Penn av 
All-ert J(jiin, sr., booifittcr, 57 Dank 
Albert Joseph, turner, 290 e Lombiird 
Albert Joseph S. carpenter, 309 S iratoi^a 
Albert J. Taylor, (Aug. J. A. jr. & Co.) Mt 

Vernou Hotel 
All'eri Mrs. Maria E. 07 Hanover 
AH'Crt M.arlin, bookkeeper, 17 8 Liberty 
Albert ."^Irs. Mary, triniininjrs, 29u e Lombard 
Albert Michnel, butcher, 31 Lexington ar.d 21 
Rithinond markets, dw Peun av n of North- 
ern av 
Albert I'eter, confectioner, 177 e Lombtird 
Albert Teresa, tailoress, Clicse nr Ilaiford av 
Albert Thos. biborer, 4 Truxion 
Albert "\Vm. conductor, 18G McHenry 
Altert AVni. J. (Albert & Bro.) oJ Cathedral 
ALUHIITI, PRIUU & CO. (C. Alberti, E. A. 
Prior, S. IJoltc, ) importers fancy goods, 
348 w Baltimore 
Al<<erti Chas, (A., Prior A: Co.) 190 w Lombard 
Alberti 11. F. (A. Brink k Co.) Bremen 
Albeitson Isaac, proprietor Mansion house, 

n w cor Fayette and Ht Paul 
Albrecht, August, clerk, IS') e Monument 
Albretht Charles, cooper, 920 w Pmtt 
Albrecht Christian, carver, 3G3 3 Eiitaw 
Aibrecht Christian, carpenter, 3i3.'5 s Eutaw 
Albrecht Edmund, barber, 147 w Madison 
Aibrecht Frederick, carpenter, 303 3 Eutaw 
Albieeht Frederick, barkeeper, 79 Leadenhall 
Albrecht Frederick, laborer, 20 Bank 
Albrecht Fred. W. b.irb»r, 147 w Maoison 
ALItUECHT GEO. P. furniture, 99 Harrison 
Albrecht George, laborer, 286 n Central av 
Albrecht IleiiuiLh, shoemaker, j2 n Futaw 
Albrecht Henry, labc>rer, 8 e Lombard 
Albrf cht Jacob, sr. cooper, 923 w Pratt 
Albrtcht Jacob F., cooper, 923 w Pratt 
Albieeht P. August, bookkeeper, 185 e Mon- 
Albrecht Timothcus, booifittcr, 22 u Eden 
Albr«cht Wm. laborer, G3 Aliceanna 
Albrecht Win. cabinet maker, 363 s Eutaw 
AlbredU Mrs. Wilhelmina, beer, 3G3 s Eutaw 
Albrecht Warner C. barber, 147 w Madison 
AUrecht Wm. laborer, 20 President 
Albright August, laborer, 291 n Central av 
Albright Aug. G. boilcrmkr, 30 s Schroeder 
Albright August, dr«yman, 120 Henrietta 
A'briilit Frederick L. br.nss finisher, 100 

Ali'iighi Hy. G. copjiersmitli, 30 s Pchroeder 
Albright Jos. blaeksniiih, f.(j8 w Baltimore 
Albright Jesse P. bricklayer, 142 Columbia 
Alburn Chas. clerk, IGO n Pine 
AlecKk Wm. H. I), bookkeeper, 293 w Biddle 
Alcock Wm. E. (Spiller k A.) 267 n Eutaw 

Alday Wm. blacksmith, 416 Saratoga 
Alden Mary Aim, 219 e Baltimore 
Aldendick "Bernard, shoemaker, 58 s Eutaw 
Alderdice Mrs. Sarah, confectionery, 234 

Alderson Geo". D. clerk, 4G Barre 
Aldrich Susie, 1 Gclston ct 
Aldridge Andrew, sr. 124 n Charles 
ALDRIDGE Jc BREWER, (George Brewer) 

dry goods com. merchants, 5 German 
Alf^ridge Edwin, 124 n Charles 
A Id ridge Frederick, laborer, 79 Leadenhall 
Aldridgc Geo. W. carpenter, 78 Warner 
Aldridge Dr. John H. 124 n Charles 
Aldridge John, brakesmau, 235 Columbia 
A'dridi^e Mrs. Surah, 228 Aisquith 
Aldriss Henry, driver, Beluir av nr Schuet- 

zen pk 
Aler Mrs. Anna J. 31 s Poppletoa 
Aler Mrs. Anna J. 79 Ilollins 
Aler Christian, cigarmaker, 8G s Central ar 
Aler Emanuel, shoemaker, 55G w Lombard 
Aler Georgianna, seamstress, 31 s Poppleton 
Aler Mrs. Elizabeth, 79 lloUins 
Aler John, machinist, 9 s Oregon 
Aler Jeremiah, finisher, 55G w Lombard 
A!cr John T. pumpmaker, 103 Mulberry 
Aler John W. clerk B. & 0. R. R. 82 n Eutaw 
Aler Reuben J. clerk, 119 w Biddle 
Aler "Washington Z. clerk, 103 Mulberry 
Aler Wm. H. sr. laborer, G Lemmcn 
Aler Wm. il. sr. moulder, 423 Lexington 
Alers Catherine, cor f>auk and Durham 
Alexander Andrew, clerk, 208 w Biddle 
Alexander Mis. Ann, 119 Camden 
Alexander Benjamin, tailor, 131 Montgomery 
Alexander Mrs. Caroline, 229 n Caroline 
Alexander (^barles, weigher, 192 Hanover 
Alexander Elijah, fisherman, 1G3 William 
Alexander F. \V'. ass't assessor, over P 
Alexander Herman, peddler, 77 Harrison 
Alexander James, (Mettee & A.) 17.5 w Lom- 
Alexander James R. butcher. Point la nr Ais- 
ALEXANDER JULIAN I. attorney, n e cor 

Charles and Lexington, dw 272 Lexington 
Alexander Julia, 131 Montgcmery 
Alexander Mrs. John H. 272 Lexington 
Alexander Lathen, laborer, 15 s Oregon 
Alexander Mrs. Margaret H. dressmaker, s e 

cor Charles and Pleasant 
Alexander Myer, tobacconist, 213 w Pratt 
Alexander Tliomas, salesman, 18 s Chister 
Alexander Richard, wood insp'r, 77 s Sh-»rp 
Alixander Wm. Georges Creek Coal 

and Iron Co. 19 South, dw Gilmor House 
Alexander Wm. attorney and solicitor in 

riiuity, 63 w Fayette, dw 117 e Baltimore 
Alford Chas. II. sec'y Md. Steamboat Co. 18 

Allord George 0. clerk, 132 s High 
ALFORD JAMES E. insurance agent, 26^ 

Second, dw 132 s High 
Alford James II. elerk, 132 s High 
Alford Samuel .M. carpenter, 132 s High 
Alcie Jiines, paper lilockmkcr, 8G n Caroline 
AUuit Frederick, thocnirtkcr, 149 e Fa>ette 
All Chas. lab. Greenmonnt av opp Jtukins la 
Allaire Joseph B. (James Sullivan k Co.) 189 

w LomVard 
Allard Albert A. tinner, 244 e Monument 




AHard Edward C. carpenter, cor Bond and 

AUard E.hvard C. carpenter, 335 n Ga}' 
AUard Mary C. conftctiontry, 466 w Balti- 
more, d'.v 4 Iliborg 
Allard Joseph, carjicnter, 300 Aisquith 
AUard .Mary L. miilinery, 15G s Paca 
Allard Tdomas B. icspettor C. H. 156 s Paca 
Allard Wm. carpenter, 34G n Gay 
AUard AVm. II. stone cul'er, 201 e Eager 
AUeinand Cha3. clerk, 46 \v Biddle 
Allen Alexander, 204 Aisquitli 
AUt-n Alexinder, engraver, 137 s Paca 
Allen Belle, lol n High 
AMtn Henj. laborer, rear 84 Centre Mkt sp 
Allen Mrs. Catherine, 158 German 
AU'n C'Tas. H. printer, 13 s Caroline 
Allen Chas. .M. cl-rk, 2TG w Faveite 
Alien Chas. P. conductor, 155 Cross 
Allen ilrs. Elizabeth, 97 s Bond 
Allen Mr3. Elizabeth, 135 n Charles 
Allen Mrs. Elizabeth, G07 w Fayette 
Allen Edward A., U. S. N. n e cor Eutaw pi 

and McMechin 
Allen Fannie R. GG n Broadway 
AUt-n France.a, 6 Josephine 
Allen Frederick, shoemaker, 134 Camdea 
Allen Geo. W . fireman, 505 Saratoga 
Allen Geo. W. baker, 67 n iSpring 
A'len (ieo. W. painter, 58 Division 
Allf-n G-ralbus S. driver, 107 Walsh 
ALLEX & GPJSWOLD, (W. A. A., E. Gris- 
wold) Managers Union Mut. Life In. Co. of 
Maine, 12 South 
Allen Henry, (Timson & A.) 159 e Baltimore 
Allen Henry, carpenter, 1 n Ann 
Allen benry A. prof, of music, n e cor Eutaw 

pi and McMe:hin 
Allen Isaac, jr. caulker, 52 Cross 
Allen Isaac, lerryman, 5G Cross 
Allen James, blacksmith. 24 Tyson 
Allen James, clerk 184 Conway 
Allen James, paper carrier, Gl Holland 
Allen Jimes E. coach jiainter, 35 n Greene 
Allen James I. machinist, 204 Aisquith 
Allen James W. cooper, 33:3 w Lombard 
Allen John, Uborer, 154 West 
Allen John, cooper, 133 Little Greene 
Allen John R. machinist, 1G3 n Fremont 
Allen John T. puddier, 3 U'Donnell 
Allen John 'W. blacksmith, 57 Perry 
Allen Jos. H. (Xevin k A.) 2C5 e Baltimore 
AlKn Mv3. Laura, 93 Ai.^quith 
Al'en Lawrence \V. S. 339 w Lombard 
Allen Lewis F. carpenter, 264 Franklin 
Allen Lewis J., U. S. X. n e cor Eutaw pi and 

Allen Luther W. P. clerk, 14 Pearl 
Allen Mary, 171 n Spring 
Allen Mrs. Mary, confectionery, 37 Hillen 
Allen Richel, 73'Druid Hill av 
Allt-n Rhodes G. sign painter, C8 s Carey 
Allen Robert J. bricklayer, 117 n Schroeder 
Alien Russell W. painter, 45 w Fayette, dw 

C3 s Carey 
Allen Sida, saleswom^in, 239 e Baltimore 
Allen Sarah, paper box maker, 59 n Eden 
Allen Sarah, 171 n Spring 
Allen Sarah, second hand clothing, 270 s Bond 
Allen Solomon, carpenter, 98 Lee 
Allen Thomas, machinist, 187 s Paca 
Allen Thomas F. shoemaker, 125 Leadenball 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 
Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

ALLEN & UPTON, (B. Upton, Wm. Coath, 
J. T. Uptoa) steam furniture works, 13 and 
15 Granby. lumber yard 56 Wen Falls av 
Allen Wm. morocco dre:'ser, 63 n Exeter 
Alien Wm. carpenter, 187 s Paca 
Allen Wm. carpenter, 505 Saratoga 
Allen Wm. H. aichitect and builder, cor Lex- 
ington and North, dw 265 e Baltimore 
Alle" WilTum H. shoemaker, 339 s Sharp 
Allen William, vinegar, Chesnut al near Ugs- 

ton, dw 237 Franklin 
Allen Wm. laborer, 259 Forrest 
Allen 'Wm. B. gunsmith. 225 n E'^ei 
Allen Wm. H. laborer, 40 s Caroline 
Allen William, 139 Pierce 
Allen Wm. ship carpenter, Burrough near 

Fort av 
Allen Wm. M. jr. bookkeeper, 24 s Strieker 
ALLEN Wil. A. (A. k, Griswold) agent 
Union Mutual Life Insurance Co. of Maine, 
over 12 South, dw 1 n Carey 
Allen Wrn. M. brick manufr, Washington av 

dw 24 s Strieker 
Allenbaugh John C. 182 n Eden, dw 49 Mil- 

Allenbaugh John, clerk, 49 Milliman 
Allenbaugh Charles T. plumber, 1S4 Pearl, 

dw 145 Penna av 
Aibnbaueh Geo. W. plasterer, 52 Boyd 
Allenbaugh Wm. H. shoemaker, 499 Saratosa 
AUender Mrs. Alphonza, tailoress, 538 Sara- 
.A Render Geo. H. carpenter, 538 Saratoga 
Allers Mrs. Catherine, 146 s Ann 
Allers Uiedrich H. grocery and feed 140 s 

Allers Harman E. drover, 404 s Charles 



Hoale's Point, near Ferry Road, 


Residence. 532 VV. Fayette St 


Allers Mrs. Virginia, 532 w Fayette 

AIIps Conrad, cigarmaker, 334 s Bond 

Alies FreL laborer, 16 n Castle 

Alles Philip, (A. H. Frick & Co.) Harper'a 

AllewAt John Q. com. mer. 03 c Eager 
AUewer Frank, laborer, Eastern av near Chop* 





Lawrence D. Dietz & Go. 

Importers and Dealers lu 

notions and Fancy Goods, 


Hosiery, Gloves, Small "Wares, &c. 


Allgener John, tailor, 33 McElderry 
AllisoQ Mrs. Ann, 65 s Eden 
AlUson Ctiarlcs W. printer. Starr iiotel 
Allisoa James S. weigher, C. U. Starr Iiotel 
Allison James S. clerk, over Custom House 
Allison John, conductor, 349 Cathedr-al 
Allison Plrlip S. bookkeeper, 209 e Pratt 
Allison Richard T. clerk Supreme Bench, dw 

Baltimore co 
A'lison H)bert H. grocery, 321 e Baltimore 
Al ison Thomas, feed, n w cor Lombard and 

Poppleton, dw Carroll co 
Allison Win. J. carpenter, 5*id n Fremont 
AUmack Gi^orge W. blacksmith, 317 Mulberry 
AUman John, blacksmith, rear 407 n Gay 
AUman John, 347 s Charles 
All man Wm. carpenter, rear 407 n Gay 
AUmand John U'G. (Allmand & Williams) 

84 Cathedral. 

J. S. AVilliams) general insurance agents, 

79 Second 
Allmendenger Chris, cabinetmaker, 89 e Lom- 
Allniendenger Heinrich, tailor, T7 s Chapel 
ALLNUTT E. S. & CO., (Edmund S. A., 

M. B Johnson) boots and shoes, wholesale, 

over 258 w Baltimore 
Allnutt Christiana V. spinster, 100 Lee 
Allnutt Edmund S. (E. S. A. & Co.,) 198 w 

Allnutt G. R. W. c'erk, 121 McCulloh 
Allnutt Henry, clerk, 100 Lee 
Allnutt Mrs. Margaret S. 198 w Biddle 
Allnutt Thomas A. clerk, 100 Lee 
Almond Mrs. Ann, grocery, 153 Vine 
Almonl John F. butcher, 158 Vine 
Almond John, porter, 158 Vine 
Almond Mary, hoop ekirt maker, G6 Division 
Almony John W. telegraph t,Mt.Ver!jon hotel 
A'.mony J.W . telegraphist, St. Nicholas hoiel 
Allomonk Cliristopher, laborer, 95 Lancaster 
Alloway Goo. N. clerk P. 0. 55 Lexington 
ALL«TON JOSEPH BLYTH, attorney, 8 

Spurrier's ct, dw 35 w Biddle 
Alls Jno. P. D. shoemaker, 29 Stiles 
Alh William, shoemaker, 14 n Scbroeder 
AUtcur Thomas, tailor, 33 L McEiderry 
Alluisi Philip, figure maker, 202 Chesnut. 
Alluisi Salvator, figure and model maker, 202 

Allwell Eliza, 23 Hill 

Alhvell Stephen D. ropemaker, 94 Mullikia 
Allwell Stephen ,S. tinner, 219 Orleans 
Allwell Wm. J bricklayer, 393 e Baltimore 
Allwell Wm. W. mariner, 104 s Ann 
Allyn Deborah A. te.icher 231 e Pratt 
Aim Adam, laborer, 1G8 s Bethel 
A.lmandiDger Jacq,b, weaver, 4 Tessier 

Alnutt Mrs. J. A. 177 Saratoga 
ALNUTT JAMKS W. prest. Bink of Com- 
merce, 177 Saratoga 
Alvas Jose[ih, tailor, 23 Liberty al 
Al|)sieg Jacob, cooper, 153 s Spring 
Alricks F. W. CI Courtland 
Alt ('asper, shoemaker, 53G w Baltimore 
Alt Casper, brooramiker, 87 M-;Elderry 
Alt Conrad, watchman, 175 s Regester 
Alt John, shoemaker, 39 s Oregon 
Alt John, shoemaker, 1(3G Pier'^e 
Alt & Foy, (Peter Alt, Geo. W. Foy) oyster 

packers 5 Mercer 
AU Mrs. Margaret, tailoress, 183 s Regester 
Alt Peter, 557 n Gay 
Altevogt Wm. laborer, 543 Canton av 
Altevogt Catherine, 543 Canton av 
Altevogt Frederick, beer, cor Third av and 

Trappe road 
Altherr Mrs. Sarah, tailoress, 109 Front n of 

Altpeter George, lager beer, s e cor Howard 

and Il'chmond 
Altman«B. dry poods, 224 Aliceanni 
Alton Lewi?, carpenter, 232 Orleans 
Altrielh Christian grocery, 259 Hanover 
Altrieth Wm. coafeciioner, 259 Hanover 
Altvater Charles, clerk, 100 Somerset 
Altvater Charles, clerk 83 Pt-arl 
Altvater Conrad, tailor, cor Burke and Alice- 
Altvater lUrriet, 67 n E.XftT 
Altvater Henry, potter, 77 Cambridge 
Altvater Mrs. John, liquors, 112 Eisteri av 
Alva'er Jacob, clothing cutter, Sarah Ana nr 

Alvater John, bricklayer, 4G n Edea 
Alvater Lewis, shoemaker, 331 n Gay 
Alvater Wm. carpeUer, 46 n Eden 
Alvater Wm. F. carpenter, 185 n Caroline 
Altvather Conrad 11. tailor, cor Burke and 

Altvather Conrad H. jr. bill poster, 2 Pleas- 
ant al 
Altvather John C. bill poster, cor Burke and 

Alvey, Coale & Co. (J. F. A., S. R. Coale) 
importers and jobbers dry goods, 17 s Sharp 
Alvey John F. (A., Coale k Co.) Entiuv house 
Alvey Samuel, stevedore, 17 s Broadway 
Aman Adam, butchec, 223i Light 
Amin Michael, laborer, U»5 s Chapel 
Amandt Jacob, tinner, 11 L Gough 
Ambacli David, (B. Burgunder k Co.,) 148 w 

Ambach Gertrude, saleswoman, lG3n Gay 
Anibach Simon, jiorter, 1C3 n Gay 
Ambrose James, lal)orer, 242 e Madison 
Ambrose .Mrs. Annie, teacher, 66 William 
Ambrose W. R., painter, 2 and 4 a Greene, 

dw 166 Scott 
Amelang August, mer. tailor, 2 n Caroline 
Amelung Aukru^t, baker, 26G s Eutaw 
Amelnng Frederick, tobacconist, 7 e Monu- 
Amen John, baker, 55 s Durham 
Amend Christopher, laliorer, G32 Light 
Am'-'nd J.>lin, laborer, 83 Johnson 
Amend John, drayman, 16 Baker 
Amend Louis, blacksmith, 97 s Wolfe 
Amend Mrs. Mary, midwife, 139 s Wolfe 
Amendt Joseph, junk, 152 s Eden 



Ameng Adolph, C34 w Favette 
Ament Matthew, blacksmith, 172 n Central av 
Ament Mattice, stock dealer, Penna av ext 
Ament Valentine, shoemaker, 12 Spruce al 
Amer Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 114 Wfst 
Anier Martin, iHborer, 114 West 
timore, 6 South, Jamea L. Armstrong, 
American Fire Insurance Co. of Philadelphia, 

ac:enr>v, 9 and 11 North. 
AMERICAN FARMER, Worthington & Lewis, 

publishers, over 4 South 
American Improved Gas Light Co., 5 Post 

Office av 
American Star Council, 0. U. A. M., over 422 

w Baltimore 
American Tea Co., JI. Bamberger, prop., 153 

CO.. salesroom 28 South, E. B Tyler, agt 
Amersbach Leonard, tailor, 22 Anthony 
Ames Rev. A. H., 253 Harford av 
Ames Brothers, (Daniel R., Frank A. & Wra. 
Ames,) fancy goods, 98 Lexington and 20 a 
Ames Daniel R. (Ames Bros.) 705 Lexington 
Ames Edward, tailor, 5G Tyson 
Ames Elijah M. clerk, 162 s Charles 
Ames Frank A. (Ames Bros.) ICO Saratoga 
Ames George T. (Tucker, Smith & Co.) 40 

Ames Wra. (Ames Bros.) 50 n Greene 
Amey George, moulder, 103 Ramsay 
Amey .Mrs. Mary A. 45 s Exeter 
Amey Wm. bricklayer, 108 Ramsay 
Amey Wm. fisherman, 144 Battery av 
Amey AVra. farmer, 260 wBiddle 
Amey "\Vm. E. fisherman, 144 Battery av 
Amich Charles, ropemaker, 325 Harford av 
Amich Henry, driver, 325 Harford av 
Amich James H. watroner, 103 Ramsay 
Amich Mrs. Wm. 325 Harford av 
Amick Geirgie, dressmaker, 224 Barre 
Amlirig Georfie lager beer, 2G5 e Lombard 
Ammel Philip, boot crimper, over 43 Harrison 
Ammer George, currier, 2 L Broadway 
Ammer Jacob, tanner, Gl Buren 
Aminett Joseph R. glassblower. 335 s Sharp 
AMMIDON & CO. (J. P. Ammidon) kero- 
sene oil, lamps and glassware, CO German 
and 347't w Baltimore 
AmmidonJohn P. (A. <s Co.) 2G3 Linden av 
Amos .Mrs. AnnM. 234 Orleans 
Amos Benjamin F. tobacconist, 17G^ e Balti- 
Amos Benjamin B. 40 e Baltimore 
Amos Mrs. Cecelia, 284 Druid Hill av 
Amos Charles L. clerk, 270 Druid Hill av 
Amos Frederick A. bricklayer, 270 Druid 

Hill av 
Amos James E. deputy sheriff, 324 e Chase 
Amos James H. huckster, 305 n Eutaw 
Amos James T. wagoner, 402 Harford av 
Amos Rev. John E 249 n Caroline 
Amos .Mrs. Joseph L 249 Preston 
Amos Lydia, 305 n Eutaw 
Amos .Mrs. Rebecca, 187 n High 
AMOSS ALFRED P. k SON, (A. P. sr. and 
A. P. Amos, jr.) real estate, 103 w Fayette 
Amoss Alfred P. judge Orphan's Ct. Elllcott 
City, dw 249 n Carolice 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Tiinothu Seed, &€» 

Rosendale Cement (Si Plaster. 

Amoss Alfred P. sr. (A. P. A. & Son) 249 a 

Amoss Alfred P. jr. (A. P. A. & Son) 83 e 

Amoss Charles E. laborer, 241 n Caroline 
Amoss Charles F. clerk, 49 Hanover 
Amoss Wm. Y. watchman C. H. 21 Mott 
Amoss Wra. carpenter, 49 Hanover 
Amp-eister Jacob, brakesman, 42 s Schroeder 
Amrein Andrew, laborer, 5 Smith's al 
Amrhein George, junk, 198 Harford av 
Amrhein Henry, shoemaker, 38 s Regester 
Amrhein Jacob, shoemaker, 198 Harford av 
Amrhein Casper, cabinetmaker, 225 s Durham 
Amrhein Christoff, baker, 4 sGist 
Amrhein Joseph, cabinetmaker, 9 n Wolfe 
Amrhein Mrs. Louisa, 283 Franklin 
AmrheimGeo. furniture wagoner, 127 Stirling 
Ararheim Philip, cooper, 221 s Wolfe 

Jersey, 8 Post Office av. Frank Markoe, jr. 

Anchor Line of Steamers, Hall & Loney, agt3 

26i- Second 
Ande"rfuhren Ab'bm, wood turner, GSRaborg 
Anderfuhren Christ' r, carpenter, rear of 82 a 

Anderfuhren Edward G. shoemaker, 54 Park 
Anders Mrs. Elizabeth, 431 Canton av 
Anderson Ann, 45 Bolton 
Anderson Agnes, teacher, 385 n Gay 
Anderson Andrew, sup't through line B & 

R R. 82 Camden 
Anderson Mrs. Ann. buckstress, 137 Ensor 

importers hardware, n w cor Light and 

Anderson Benjamin F. cigarmaker, 130 8 

Anderson Charles E. baker, 51 8 Burke 
Anderson Cbaney, carpenter, 40 Cbatsworth 
Anderson Charles, blacksmith, 1 n Strieker, 

dw 2 
Anderson Clifford C. (A. & Parkhurst) 35 w 

Anderson David, horse sheer, 102 German, dw 

94 nPine 
Anderson Edward, carpenter, 15 Carlton 
Anderson Rev. Eldred R. salesman, 1 Hanover 
Anderson Mrs. Elizabeth, 172 Mulberry 
Anderson Elizabeth, produce, IIG York 
Anderson .Mrs. Elizabeth, 144 William 
Anderson Mrs. Elizabeth, 150 Lanvale 
Anderson Ephraim F., U. S. appraiser, 530 

Anderson Frank, musician, 05 n High 
Anderson Fred'k C. barber, 2C Centre Market 

Anderson George H. laborer, 96 Ramsay 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Iinpoi-tei'S and Dealers in 

ITotions and Fancy Goods, 

Hosiery, Gloves, Small Wares, &c. 


Andprsoa George P. (Seevers & Anderson,) 

640 Lexington 
Anderson Mrs. — sliucker, rear 27 n Greene 
Anderson Geo. W. niachiaist. 301 s Paca 
Anderson Henry, mariner, 314 Canton av 
Anderson Herbert W. clerk, 183 n Calvert 
Anderson Hugh, painter, over 115 JlcElderrj 

Anderson Capt. Isaac J. 196 n Broadway 
Anderson Mrs. Isabella, laundress, 73 Eislein 
Anderson James, laborer, 116 York 

(James M. Anderson, W. S. 
Anderson,) Engravers, Plate 
Printers and Stationers, and 
Dealers in Fancy Goods, 148 W. 

Anderson J. D. furniture, 10 and 12 Second, 

dw 210 Linden av 
ANDERSON JAMES M. (J. M. Anderson & 

Son,) 183 n Calvert 
Anderson James, cooper, 347 s Sharp 
Anderson James, en>rineer, 110 Battery ar 
ANDERSON JAMES G-, teas and coffee, 71 

Anderson Jas. N. (Wheat & A.) 23 n Liberty 
Anderson James, stables, 22 Garden 
Anderson James, 224 e Pratt 
Anderson Mrs. Jane B. 210 Linden av 
Anderson Jas. K. horse dealer, 209 Mulberry 
Anderson Jeanetta, nurse, G5 Forrest 
Anderson Jesse N. plasterer, 220 Saratoga 
Anderson John, blacksmith, 141 w Madison 
Anderson John, laborer, Calhoun nr Ramsay 
Anderson John W. blacksmith, 29 s Repub- 
Anderson John jr. coachsmith, 141 w Madison 
Anderson John W. (R. L. Seth k Co.) 160 

Anderson John, tinner, 90 s High 
Anderson John, hackman, 141 \v Madison 
Anderson John, messenger, 64 Ilampsiead 
Anderson John, tavern, 25 Thames 
Anderson John, shoemaker, 134 Camden 
Anderson John, tailor, 22 Jasper 
Anderson John H. painter, 362 w Lombard 
Anderson John II. 104 s Sharp 
Anderson J. W. grocer, s w cor Gay and For- 
rest, dw 197 Aisquith 
Anderson Joshua, carpenter, 47 George 
Anderson Julius II. clerk, 142 n Charles 
Anderson Kate, milliner, 94 n Pine 
Anderson L. T. proprietor billiard saloon, 

Franklin building, dw 41 Lee 
Anderson Maggie, 51 Josephine 

Anderson Mrs. Margaret, 54 n Front 
Anderson Mrs. Mary A. 85 s Caroline 
Anderson Mrs. Margaret, shoes, 82 Camdea 
Anderson Mrs. Mary R. 23 n Chapel 
Anderson Mrs. Mary, 117 Hanover 
Anderson Mary, 90 Raborg 
Anderson Mrs. Mary, millinery, 160 Hanover 
Anderson Mrs. Mury J. grocery, G4 llampstead 
Anderson Mrj. M. J. 41 Lee 
Anderson Morris, cari)enter, 36 St. Mary's 
Anderson Oliver, riniier, 288 Alice.inna 
Anderson Oliver, police, 254 s Ann 
Anderson & Parkhurst, (G. C. A., A. TX. 

Parkhurst,) mdse. brokers, 1 Commerce 
Anderson Piillip, actor, 21 Harford av 
Anderson Richard, l-iborer, 92 Hamlnirg 
Anderson Richard, blacksmith, 200 Bank 
Anderson Robert S. clerk, 29 Pleasant 
Anderson S. E. clerk, Three Tuns hotel 
Anderson Samuel, machinist, 203 n Dallas 
Anderson Samuel P. G. bookkeeper, 210 Lin- 
den av 
Anderson Stephen, currier, Three Tuns hotel 
Anderson Mrs. Theresa, 280 s Bond 
Anderson Thos. jr. carpenter, 168 e Lombard 
Anilerson Thomas, laborer, Sarah Ann near 

Anderson Thomas D. (Anderson Bros.) 21G 

Druid Hill av 
Anderson Thomas, canmaker, 41 Henrietta 
Anr^erson Thomas J. engineer, 164 William 
Anderson W. S. (J.M.A. &Son) 183 n Calvert 
Anderson VVm. carpenter, 168 e Lombard 
Anderson Wni. wagoner, 58 Davis 
Anderson "Wm. piinter, 180 Chesnut 
Anderson Wni. II. painter, 3 n Sharp, dw 358 

Anderson Wm. F. clerk, 85 n E.xetcr 
Anderson Wm. H. II. aitorney, s e cor Court- 
land and Lexington 
Anderson Wrn.T. cigar maker, 367 Canton av 
Anderton Waller E. oyster packer, s fcido ba- 
sin, dw 60 n Holliday 
Andes Henry, baker, 259 e Lombard 
Andorfcr Aaron, laborer, 378 s Sharp 
Geo. Andre,) painters and dealers in paints, 
glass, &c., 308 Liirht 
Andre Christopher, (C. A. & Son,) 308 Light 
Andre George, (C. A. & Sou,) 176 Cross 
Aiulre Henry, shoemaker, 206 a Bethel 
ANDRK DR. J. RIDGWAY, 121 e Baltimore 
Andre Peter C. Madison av, termiuus City 

Passenger Railroad 
Andrea Gotleib F. grocer}-, 36 Bank 
Andrea Wm. provisions, 202 s Eiitaw 
Andreae Theod. brass finisher, 292 s Charles 
Andreas Maximilian, scissors grinder, 146 3 

Andres August, 86 n Central av 
Andrew Charles, public weigher, 5 Spear's 

wharf, dw 54 Spring row 
Andrew Col. George, 33 Hamilton 
Andrew Robert F. mariner, 54 Spring row 
Andrew Robert C. milk, 479 Penna av 
Andrews Ann, tailore-s, 6 Covington 
Andrews Ann, 146 n Eden 
Andrews Alonzo M. mariner, 23 Holland 
Andrews Benj. barkeeper, 90 s Washingioa 
Andrews Mrs. Amanda, 23 Holland 
Andrews B. F. sign painter, 2G6 w Pratt, dw 
20 Garden 




ANDREWS & CO. (J. W. Andrews, I. P. 
Burgess,) ship brokers and gen], com. mer- 
chants, and agts. Balto. and Wilmington, 
K. C, steamers, V3 Smith's wharf 
Audrews Chas. H. gunsmith, 337 Eastern av 
Andrews David S. laborer, 144 McHenry 
Andrews Edward, laborer, 103 Bank 
Andrews Elizabeth, dressmaker, 52 n Greene 
Andrews Elizabeth, laundress, 1 s Calvert 
Andrews Geo. W. boiler maker, 254 n Eden 
Andrews Geo. W. (A. & Thompson,) 237 n 

Andrews Hanson C, Washington av ext 
Andrews Hercules R. W. G6 Barre 
ANDREWS JAS. B. agt. Bait, and Savannah 

Steamship Co., 231 n Fremont 
Andrews James, blacksmith, 240 Holling 
Andrews Joseph W. (Andrews & Co.) 231 n 

Andrews John W. sailraaker, 23 Holland 
Andrews John H. machinist, 55 s High 
Andrews John, shoemaker, 400 Eastern av 
A.r.drews John, shoemaker, 200 n Exeter 
Andrews Josephine il. 57 Orleans 
Andrews Kate, 109 s Caroline 
Andrews Jlichael, brakesman, 83 Aisquith 
Andrews Ringgold, miller, 249 e Lombard 
Andrews R. Snowden, architect and real estate 

agent, 184 n Calvert 
Andrews Samuel, huckster, 99 William 
Andrews Samuel, huckster, 15 Conway 
A.ndrews Sam'l K. brass moulder, 200 n Exeter 
Andrews S. K , Custom House, 43 Park 
Andrews Thomas B. gunsmith, 249 e Lombard 
Andrews Thomas H. carpenter, n w cor Eutaw 

and Biddle 
Andrews Dr. T. P., Barnum's hotel 
drews W. S. Thompson,) druggists and 
chemists, 5 w Baltimore 
Andrews Wm. laborer, 31 Elizabeth la 
Andrews W. E. clerk Post Ofnce, 1 n Paca 
j^ Audrews Wm. A. painter, 3 Brune 
Anfenger Chas. barkeeper, 39 s High 
Angebrant Henrietta, tavern, 180 Canton av 
Angel George, carter, 213 n Bond 
Angel John T. stonecutter, 8 Harford av 
Anger John, laborer, 70 Eislein 
Anger Valentine J. barkeeper, 118 n Gav 
Angerman Henry, coachtrimmer, 564 Saratoga 
Angerman Wm. cook, 207 Lee 
Angerman Wm. H. clerk, 564 Saratoga 
Angermeyer John, lithographer, s w cor llo- 

sher and Fremont 
Anglemayer Jlrs. Catherine, 537 Saratoga 
Anglim James, (Joseph Neal & Co.) 84 w 

Anker Francis, paver, 257 Aisquith 
Anker John, tailor, 206 e Chase 
Anker Jospph, sweepmaster, 102 Somerset 
Annan Roberdeau, clerk, 144 Townsend 
Annandale Wm. J. lobac'ist, 220 s Broadway 
Annen John, paver, 491 n Gav 
Anuer Henry, huckster, 59 n Spring 
Annwander Rev. Thos. cor Eager and Somerset 
Aunsley Mrs. Amanda, bat finisher, 11 Humes 
Annus James, tinner, 129 Franklin 
Anschuiz Henry, upholsterer, Greenmount av 

1 r Monument 
Anschutz Valentine, laborer, 228 s Ann 
^^ Anshutz Albert, upholsterer, 189 Forrest 
V Aiuhutz Charles, locksmith, 217 Canton av 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, dc, 

Rosendale Cement & Plaster. 

Anshutz Henry, upholsterer, 189 Forrtst 
Anshutz John F. engineer, 4 Swan 
Anthony Edwin, fisherman, 183 William 
Anthony Francis, matiner, 188 William 
Anthony G. W. edge tool grinder, 21 n Eden 
Anthony Henry A. (John D. Hammond & Co.) 

1C8 Penna. av 
Anthony James H. carpenter, 81 n Central av 
Anthony John, 157 Barre 
Anthony Caspar D. mariner, 188 William 
Anthony Preceptor, carpenter, 183 William 
Anthony Wm. carpenter, 18 Somerset 
Anthony Wm. B. fisherman, 188 William 
Anton Adam, lager beer, 255 s Ann 
Anton George, cutter, 216 e Eager 
Anton Henry, cooper, 33G e Lombard 
Anton Henrv, tailor, 216 e Eager 
AXTONI JOHN, tobacconist, 219 Light_ 
Antony Michael, shoemaker, 149 Franklin 
Antrim Dr. W. W- 57 n f'aca 
Anzmann Joseph A. A. police, 173 German 
Anzmann Joseph, bootmaker, 173 Gera an 
Anzmann Anthony, notions, 227 Lexington 
Apel Adolph, tailor, 159 e Pratt 
Apert Frederick, grocerv, 30 Cross 
APPEAL TAX COURT, City Hull, n w cor 

Fayette and Calvert • 
Appe Jacob, laborer, 260 w Biddle 
Appel Chas. shoemaker, 270 Eastern av 
Appel Christian, cabinetmaker, 30 Pearl 
Appel Conrad, tailor, 291 Eastern av 
Appel Edward, tailor, 29 n Dallas 
Appel Freder'ck, laborer, 319 Canton av 
Appel Frederick, laborer, 223 3 Castle 
Appel Frederick W. books, 16 e Lombard 
Appel Fredericka, 24 Shakesptar 
Appel George, butcher, 33 Hanover market, 

dw Frederick road 
Appel George, laborer, 270 Eastern av 
Appel Henry, tinner, 271 Franklin 
Appel Henry, 147 Camden 
Appel John, tailor, 83 Boston 
Appel John, shoemaker, 152 Raborg 
Appel John, mariner, 307 Aliceanna 
Appel Leonard, laborer, rear 4 Kaufman al 
Appel Martin, tailor, 66 Mullikia 
Appell John, tailor, 83 s Regester 
Appell John H. tailor, 83 s Regester 
Appell Mrs. Louisa, Phila. road nr Er.stav 
Appell Nicholas, tailor, 83 s Regester 
Appey Geo. W. drayman, 231 Preston 
Apple Frederick, laborer, 180 Canton av 
Apple Mrs. Margaret, confectionery, 30 Pearl 
Appleby Andrew J. gatekeeper Greenmount 

Appleby Mrs. Ann, 417 n Gay 
Appleby El ward H. pattern maker, 303 n 

Appleby Geo. R. printer, 31 e Lombard 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Dealers in 

Uotions and Fancy Goods, 

Hosiery, Gloves, Small Wares, &c. 


Appleby Samuel, elk, n e cor Baltimore and 

Applegarth Alexander, commission merchant, 

1 Bowly's wliarf, d\v 153 Saratoga 
Applegarth Chiis. L. packer, 261 s Charles 
Applegarth Mrs. Comfort, 48 Fawn 
Applegarth Elizabeth M. 102 Hill 

Frame) attorney's, 40 St. Paul 
Applegarth Henry C. clerk, 170 s Howard 
Applegarth John A. grocer, ship chandler and 

com. merchant, 109 Smith's whf, dw 191 

Town send 

yard and marine railwaj', foot of Cross, dw 

28 Fawn 
Aj)plegarth Lawson J. & Co. (L. J. A , Thos. 

R. Cook, Henry Hubbard) paints and oil, 

foot of Cross 
Applegarth Nathaniel J. ship broker, over 4 

Bowly's whf, dw 153 Saratoga 
Applegarth Nathaniel, (Wm. A. & Sons) 48 

Applf garth Robert H. sr., cigarmaker, 2G8 

Ap[)logarth Robert H. jr., cigarmaker, 2G8 

Applegarth Rufus W. (A. & Frame) 153 

Applegarth Thos. J. stevedore, Choptank nr 

Applegarth Thos. M. (Wm. A. & Sons) 12 s 

Applegarth Wm. mariner, 1'('2 Gough 

Applegarth, Nathaniel & T. M. Applegarth) 

ship brokers and com. merchants, 37 w 

Pratt, cor Buchanan's whf 
Applegarth Capt. Wm. (Wm. Applegarth & 

Sons) 12 s High 
Applegarth Wm. J. clerk, 48 Fawn 
Appleget Alfred, glass tender, 315 s Sharp 
Appleman P. clerk, GI Lexington 
Appier Chas. wheelwright, 235 Forrest 
Ai)pler Orlando M. paper hanger, G s Popple- 
Appier Thos. clerk, 256 Lanva'e 
Applewaite Henry B. clerk, 2-15 w Hoffman 
Appold Andrew, bark mills, s e cor Caroline 

and McElderry, dw Baltimore co 

Sam'l Appold,) hide and leather dealers, 8 

and 10 Water, tannery North nr Madison 
Appold Geo. A. clerk, Northern av between 

Belair and Harford avs 
Appold Geo. J. (Geo. A. & Sons and Moore, 

Larrabee & Co.) 2G2 n Charles 
Appold Sam'l, (Geo. A. & Sons and Moore, 

Larrabee &; Co.) 214 n Calvert 

Appold Samuel, engineer, 93 McElderry 
Appold Theo. R. com. nicht, 174 n Eutaw 
Appold Wm. H. 21t n Calvert 

and Lombard 
Arbel Gustav, laborer, 16 Sterrett 
.\rbin Henry J. butcher, 19 Hanover and 25 

Belair markets, dw Jenkins lane 
Arbiter Hall and Workingmen's Union, 5 s 

Arch Conrad, laborer, 62 Stiles 
Arch Wm. laborer, 17G Burgundy al 
Archbold Thos. laborer, 1 Wood's ct 
Archer Cornelius, laborer, 7 Abbot 
ARCHER WM. H. banker & broker, 10 3 Hol- 

liday,dw 47 St. Paul 
Arcila Miguel, novelist, 26 Pearl 
Arck Catherine, notions, 236 s Bond 
Arck Frank, laborer, 236 s Bond 
Ardin D. ladies shoemaker, 61 Lexington, dw 

314 n Eutaw 
Arena Henry (Von Kapff & Arens) 113 Park 
Aring James W. driver, 333 w Hoffman 
Aring James W. driver, 10 w Hoffman 
Aring Jesse, furniture wagoner, 17 Druid 

Hill av 
Aring Samuel, furn. wagon, 333 w HoGfman 
Arkley Jacob, canmaker, 234 s Sharp 
Armacoast Jas. M. bricklayer. 210 n Caroline 
Armacost George, wagoner, 64 n Central av 
Armacost Jas. stonemason, Bull's Head hotel 
Armacost Calvin A. carpenter, 221 Cathedral 
Aimacost Malcolm, 1G2 Penna av 
Armacost Margaret, 23 Lewis 
Armacost Priscilla, 71 n Central av 
Armacost Wra. H barkeeper, 130 n Front 
Armager Jesse, 186 Hanover 
Armager Jesse, brickmaker, Clement near 

Armandt Mary, 139 s Wolfe 
Armandt Paul, mariner, 137 s Wolfe 
Armar Geo. F. (A. & Mitchell) 143 n Eutaw 
Armar & Mitchell, (G. F. Armar, Jas. Mitch- 
ell) oil, lamps, china nndglass, 164 Franklin 
Armas 15ernabe, 2 n Carey 
Armas Manuel, 1 n Carey 
Armat Sarah, 38 Mulberry 
Arn;ibrust John, painter, 276 s Sharp 
Armbruster George, fileraaker, 187 Raborg 
Armbruster John, blacksmith, 187 Raborg 
Armbruster Leopold, uph'ilsl'r, 129 Franklin 
Armeger John L. hatter, 332 Aisquilh 
Armeling Geo. clerk, 122 Bank 
Armeling Geo. jr. clerk, 122 Bank 
Armeling Henry J. lager lieer, 205 s Ann 
Armeling John, blacksmith, 122 Bank 
Arniendt John E. gunsmith, 2G1 s Broadway 
Ariueyer Frederick, laborer, 9 Henry 
Armiger Allen, 377 e Fayette 
Arraiger Benj. F. cooper, 59 Holland 
Armiger Eli, printer, 101 e Fayette 
Armiger George, bootfilter, 80 Mulberry 
Armiger Mrs. Isabella, 377 e Fayette 
Armiger James R. (Canfield Bro. & Co.) 

Thompson nr Republican 
Armiger Joseph, combmaker, 188 n Caroline 
Armiger Joseph II. carpenter, 38 n Frederick, 

dw 426 e Monument 
Armiger Joshua E. carpenter, 296 n Eden 
Armiger Richard, house furnishing store, 135 

n Gay, dw 321 e Eager 
Armiger Robt. B. carpenter, 51 s Eden 




Arrnisrer Thos. carver, 38 n Frederick, dw 377 

e Fayette 
Armistead Anderson H. 223 n Charles 
Armistead C. Hughes, 103 w Monument 
Armistead Geo. clerk, 103 w Monument 
Armistead J. J. clerk, 223 n Charles 
Armistead J. Ryan, collection clerk, F. and 

M. Nat. Bank, dw 103 w Monument 
Armistead James R. clerk, 103 w Monument 
Armitage Geo T. painter, 172 Druid Hill av 
Armitage Dr. James, 14 n Paca 
Armitage James, machinist, 617 w Pratt 
Armitage Jos. mariner, 204 Montgomery 
Armitage Mrs. Kate, 238 av Fayette 
Armitage Mrs. Rebecca, C17 w Pratt 
Armor Chas., Custom House, 54 s Bond 
Armor Geo. F. 143 n Eutaw 
Armor Jos. G. painter, 8G n Greene 
Armor Leonidas, tobacconist, 63 n Calvert, 

dw 86 n (Jreene 
Armor .Martin, paver, 201 Montgomery 
Armory Fifth Nat. Guard, over 161 n Howard 
Armory Snowden Battalion, s w cor Calvert 

and Franklin 
Armory First Nat. Guard, n w cor Saratoga 

and Davis 
Armory Col. John McNulty's Bat'n, 37 North 
Armstrong Andrew J. carpenter, 86 s Chapel 
Armstrong And'w S. machinist, 177 e Fayette 
Armstrong Benj. H. machinist, 152 n Bond 
Armstrong & Berry, (Geo. H. Berry) pub- 
lishers anil booksellers, 156 w Baltimore 
Armstrong Mis. Catherit.e E. grocery, 141 3 

tor, B. F Cator, J. F. Bealmt-ar, W. J. H. 
Walters, W. H. Pagon) silk and millinery 
goods, 237 and 239 w Baltimore 
Armstrong & Co. (Jhs. A. and Wm. E. Poul- 

ton) carpenters, 454 w Baltimore 
Armstrong, Cunningham & Co. (James A., 
George A. C, E. W. Robinson) iron foun- 
ders, cor Burke and Cambridge 
Armstrong & Denny, (W. A., John Denny) 
furn. manufac, cor Light and Montgomery 
Armstrong E., Mansion bouse • 

Armstrong Edward A. plumber, cor Canton 

and O'Donnell 
Armstrong Mrs. Eliza, 329 w Fayette 
Armstrong Emma F. teacher, 250 e Monument 
Armstrong Francis, laborer, 5 Grace ct 

D. Armstrong, J. S. Hopkins) Pro- 
vision Commission Merchants, 4 
Commerce and 6 Patterson. 

Armstrong James, (A. & Poulton) 198 Walsh 

Webb & Thos. Armsti'ong,) Soap 
and Candle Manufacturers, keep 
constantly on hand a large assort- 
ment of Soap and Candles of the 
best quality, manufactured at 
their Factory, Concord street, 
between Lombard and Pratt 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



ClovcVf Timothy Seeil, &c, 
Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Armstrong James, (A., Cunningham & Co.) 

257 Bank 
Armstrong James F. agent, 29G e Chase 
Armstrong James J. clerk, 166 McCulloh 
Armstrong James L. pres't Amcr'n Fire Ins. 

Co. of Balto, 6 South, dw 52 n Greene 
Armstrong Mrs. James D. 1C6 McCullo'h 
Armstrong James W. painter, 189 Battery av 
Armstrong John, 237 n Howard 
Armstrong John, 134 s Sharp 
Armstrong John, wireworkcr, 107 Stirling 
Armstrong John A. 19 Cathedral 
Armstrong John H. bookkeeper, 46 e Ba'timorc 
Armstrong John M. teacher, 187 Battery av 
Armstrong Josephine L. school, 228 e Pratt 
Armstrong Mrs. L. grocery, 229 Light 
Armstrong Mrs. Margaret, tavern, 330 s Bond 
Armstrong .Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 131 Pierce 
Armstrong Mrs. Matilda, Belair av nr Balti- 
more Cemetery 
Armstrong R. Dorsey, (Armstrong & Hop- 
kins,) s w cor Mndison and Mosher 
ARMSTROxXG ROBERT W. millinery, 123 

Armstrong Rowland J. wire worker, 107 Stir- 
Armstrong Saml. S. printer, 104 Chew 
Armstrong Mrs. Susan, 250 e .Monument 
Armstrong Mrs. Tbos. 73 n Paca 
Armstrong Thomas G. clerk, 134 3 Sharp 
Armstrong Thomas, boiler maker, 229 Light 
Armstrong Thos. (J. Armstrong & Co.) 236 

n Calvert 
Armstrong Victor C. (Tomlinson & A ) 519 

w Fayette 
Armstrong Wm. J. (Hoffman, Staley & Co.) 

Entaw house 
Arras'rong AVm. (Armstroi^ & Denny,) 187 

Battery av 
Armstrong Wm. F. wagoner, 169 Orleans 
Armstrong Wm.. Assist. Sec'y American Fire 

Ins. Co. 52 n Greene 
Armsworthy Benj. blacksmith, 32 Conway, 

dw 93 Lee 
Army Building, 51 s Sharp, Brantz .Mayer, 

Arnbrandt Geo. laborer, 297 Eastern av 
Arnd Francis, vinegar, 261 e Lombard 
Arnd Richard, tobacconist, s w cor Lombard 

and Regester 
Arnet Wm. huckster, 56 Penna. av 
Aruett Henry, mariner, 133 Hudson 
Arnett Levi, shoemaker, 357 n Gay, dw 359 
Arnett Wm. H. clerk, 5 McEIderry 
Arnold Dr. Abraham B. 7 s High 
Arnold Adam, machinist, 195 Conway 
Arnold Ciiarles, carpenter, 114 Ensor 
Arnold Charles A. confectioner, 239 a Gay, 
dw a w cor Baltimore and Bond 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

IniI>orter8 aud Dealers In 

notions and Fancy Goods, 

Hosiery, Gloves, Small Wares, &c. 


Arnold Courad, blacksmith, 9G0 w Baltimore 
Arnold Mrs. Elizabelh, milk, 304 Johosoa 
Arnold Francis, surgical instrument maker, 

15 s Sharp, dw 343 w Lombard 
Arnold Frank, (A. & James) 327 n Broadway 
Arnold Geo. laborer, 87 e Lombard 
Arnold Geo. boxmaker, 153 8 Sprins: 
Arnold Geo. "\V. baktrj, 239 n Gay, dw 327 

n Broadway 
Arnold Henry, bricklayer, 130 L. Greene 
Arnold Henry, confectioner, 9G0 w Baliimore 
Arnold Isaac, 3G Holland 
Arnold James R. bricklayer, 25 McHcnry 
Arnold & James, (F. A., Jno. B. James) 

bakers aud confectioners, 238 e Baltimore 
Arnold John, tailor, 312 s Bond 
Arnold John, 960 w Baltimore 
Arnold John W. clerk, 343 \v Lombard 
Arnold John J. 327 n Broadway 
Arnold Joseph, 2 s Poppleton 
Arnold Marks, 36 Holland 
Arnold John W. clerk, 343 w Lombard 
Arnold Michl. tanner, 21 Front, n of Foundry 
Arnold Nicholas, tailor 71 Bank 
Arnold Oscar, carpenter, 104 s Strieker 
Arnold Peter, boiler maker, 45 e Eager 
Arnold Richard H. cabinet maker, 125 Mul- 
Arnold Samuel, clerk, 327 n Broadway 
Arnold Mrs. Sarah, 2 Sterrett 
Arnold Wm. laborer, 215 Battery av 
Arnold Wm. H. clerk, 6 s Central av 
Arnold Wm. H. clerk, 25 McHenry 
Arnold Wm. laborer, 374 Eastern av 
Arnold Wm. bricklayer, 2 Slerrelt 
Arnold Wm. H. brickmaker, 2 China 
Arnold Wm. J. shifgoiner, 204 e Madison 
Arnold AVm. b.^ker, 239 n Gay, dw 327 n 

Arnold Dr. Wm. T. dentist, ofEce 65 n Paca, 

dw 343 w Lombard 
Arnreich John, shoemaker, 3 Smith's ct 
Arnt Henry, carter, 34 Georgre 
Aro John H. grocery, 508 w Pratt 
Aro Joseph, gardener, 313 Harford av 
Aro Lewis, butcher, 470 Liolit 
Arold (Jeorge, laborer, Wilson nr Penca av 
Arold John, cooper, 107 s Dallas 
Arold Mrs. Mary, second Land goods, 658 w 

Arold John, shoemaker, 12 Dewberry al 
Arpcrley Mrs. Catherine, laundress, rear 31 

Arpin Henry, butcher, 25 Belair and Hanover 

mkts. dw Jenkins la 
Arscott Mrs. Ann, 183 Hughes 
Arscott, Elizabeth, seamstress, 183 Hughes 
Arrcdondo Fernando, 1 u Carey 

Arscott Samuel G. M. sheet iron work, 183 

Arringdale Mary A. boarding, 276 w Fayette 
Artenstine Gabriel, (A. Schmidt & Co.) Kansas 
Arthur Anthony, clerk, 134 s Howard 
Arthur Bridget, 81 Booth 
Arthur Chas. bill poster N. C. R., 45 Valley 
Arthur David, hatter, 479 n Fremont 
Arthur David, butter, 171 e Madison 
Arthur Henry, jr., 53 n Eutaw 
ARTHUR IlENRr, baker, 53 n Eutaw and 

32 Camden, dw 53 n Eutaw 
Arthur James D. 0. carpenter, 479 n Fremont 
Arthur James, trunks and harness, 369 Sara- 
Arthur James, carpenter, 479 n Fremont 
Arthur James, fireman, 131 Scott 
Arthur James, clerk, 719 Lexington 
Arthur John, hatter, 479 n Fremont 
Arthur J. Fleming, teacher, 719 Lexington 
Arthur John, blacksmith, 13 Bank 
Arthur John, laborer, e Baltimore ext 
Arthur JIary A. seamstress, 211 e Monument 
Arthur Patrick, hod carrier, 167 s Chapel 
ARTHUR DR. ROBERT, dentist, 117 n 

Arthur S. A. McN. coal, s e cor Pratt and 
Greene, and grocery, n w cor Eden and 
Chew, dw n w cor Eden and Chew 
Arthur Thomas, coach painter, 13 Valley 
Arthur Wm. W. hat manuf. and dealer in 

ladies' furs, 1 w Baltimore 
Arthur Wm. C. insp. C. H. 119 Lexington 
Arthurs Mrs. Ann C. 267 St. Paul 
Arthurs Edward, shoemaker, 181 s Caroline 
Arvey Napoleon, ship carp. 22 s Gist 
Arzt Henry, shoemaker, 100 Lancaster 
Asbeck Louis, restaurant, 13 s Eutaw 

T. A. Rainsford, agent, 44 Post Office av 
Asen John, laborer, 42 Abbot 
Asendorff Albert, carpenter, 146 Pearl 
A sendorff George, box maker, 164 Mulberry 
Asendorff Henry, carpenter, 166 Mulberry 
Ash George, machinist, 60 Fawu 
Asfi George T. ship chandlery and junk store, 

104 Dugan's wharf, dw 372 c Baltimore 
Ash Israel, clothing, &c., 104 Light st wharf, 

dw 176 Hanover 
Ash James, laborer, 14 e Monument 
Ash Louis, (M. Gutnian k Co ) 162 s Sharp 
Ash Michael J. bookkeeper, 176 Hanover 
Ash Samuel, laborer, 18 Sterrett 
Ash Mrs. Susan, millinery 176 Hanover 
Ash Thomas P. gas fitter, 250 s Eutaw 
Ashburn Benjamin S tobacconist, 280 w Bal- 
timore, dw 33 n Pine 
Ashburn Mrs. Louisa, 115 Conway 
Ashburner Charles H. vice-pres. Abbott Iron 

Co. 331 e Pratt 
Ashbury & Hair, (J. M. A., B. M. Hair) gro- 
cers, 306 Light 
Ashbury Josejjh M. (A. & Hair) 342 Light 
Ashby John, conductor, 106 Hollins 
Ashby Wm. A. salesman, 312 w Baltimore 
Ashcom George W. mariner, 95 Gough 
Ashcom John L. pilot, ',15 Gough 
Ashcom Nathaniel, 211 Hanover 
Ashcroft Robert, shipbuilder, u c cor Thames 

and Wolfe, dw 54 s Broadway 
Asbcroft Robert J. clerk, 54 s Broadway 




Ashcroft Wellp, ship joiner, 154 Gough 
Ashe Charles W. clerk, 189 Chesnut 
Ashe Henry B. huckster, 189 Chesnut 
Asherich Charles, blacksmith, 251 Hamb'jrg 
Ashland Chapel (M. E. Ch. South) Fayette 

nr Caroline 
Ashland Square, intersec. Monument and Gay 
Ashler Barney, canmaker, 12 Comet 
Ashley Cuailes C. carpenter, 195 Hanover 
Ashley Wm. H. boxmaker, 338 w Pratt, dw 

195 Hanover 
Ashman Mrs. Mary A. 214 Madison ar 
Ashman Mrs. Susanna, seamstress, 20 Ryan 
Ashman Wm.H. huckster, 102 s Poppleton 
Ashmore Wm. H. clerk, 39 Pearl 
Ashton Clinton J. printer, 15 n Strieker 
Ashton Mrs. Eliza, dressmaker, n e cor Ensor 

and Enger 
Ashton Geo. C. scourer and dyer, 83 Mulberry 
Ashton John H., U. S. storekeeper, 324 w 

Ashton John M. coach painter, 2-18 e Lombard 
Ashton Marrow, 222 Saratoga 
Abhton Mary, 141 Raborg 
Ashton Thomas, messenger, 15 n Strieker 
Ash way Catherine, 63 Albemarle 
Askew Albert C. upho'sterer, 222 Mulberry 
Askew Charles L. carpenter, 222 Mulberry 
Askew Mrs. E. A. dressmaker, 124 s Paca 
Askew Jehu B. asst. postmaster, 45 s Exeter 
Askev/ John, engineer, 171 s Washington 
Askew John, fireman, 117 s Vv'ashingiou 
Askew Mrs. T. B. dressmaker, 124 s Paca 
Askew Mrs. Susan, 142 n Pine 
Askew AVm. Henry, mail agent X. C. R., 142 

n Pine 
A=key James R. k Co. (J. R. Askey, A. J. 
Shaw) plumbers and gas fitters, 23 e Bal- 
Askey James R. ( J. R. A A: Co.) 215 e Fayette 
Askey James, salesman, 215 e Fayette 
Askey Joseph, carter, 83 Granby 
Askey Wra. cooper, 5G Siiies 
Asman Conrad, junk, 141 s Central av,dwl44 
Asmus Datiiel, carpenter, 200 L Hughes 
Asmus John, wheelwright, 482 Penn av 
As[>elmeyer Fred'k, liquors, 251 Eastern av 
AspinairBenj. 234 w Biddle 
Aspril David S. stevedore, 131 s Eden 
Aspnl James L. clerk, 277 n Eden 
THIRD DISTRICT, office over post office, 
R. M. Proud, assessor, 
Asiman Geo. baker, 48 Raborg 
A>smen Jacob, cooper, 344 s Charles 

CO. 4Souih, Thos. J. Flack, president 
Associated Press, Room 9, over s w cor Balti- 
more and South 
Associate Reformed Church, Rev. John Ley- 
burn, pastor, Favette nr Liberty 
Asterlein Henry, laborer, 110 s Chapel 
Atack Sylvester, machinist, 6 Bevan 
Atacks D. shipcarpenter, 230 s Broadway 
Atkins Josepii W. sale.>man, 272 w Baltimore 
Atkinson & Brothers, (J. II. Atkinson, W. C. 
Atkinson) grocers aud liquor dealers, 186 
s Broadway 
Atkinson Dudley, clerk, n e cor Fayette and 

Atkinson Edward T. clerk, 67 Centre 
Atkiniou Elizabeth J. 212 Linden av 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 
Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Atkinson Geo. sr. butcher, 27 Centre, 14 
Lexington and 32 Hanover markets, dw 431 
Penna. av 
Atkinson Mrs. Hannah, Fulton nr Dover 
Atkiu=on Dr. I. E. 326 n Eutaw 
Atkinson Israel S. conveyancer, 7 Vratson 
Atkinson Jas. barber, 407 n Gay, dw 54 Chew 
Aikinson John S. driver, 248 n Caroline 
Atkinson John P. clerk, 79 Ensor 
Atkinson John W. dry goods, 290 h Gay 
Atkinson Jos. cibinetmnker, 553 Saratoga 
Atkinson Joshua H. (Atkinson k Bros.) 235 

e Lombard 
Atkinson »Mrs. Margaret, dressmkr, 74 s Ann 
Atkinson M. T. school, 54 Chew 
Atkinson Mrs. Mary, dressmkr, ISO n Eutaw 
Atkinson Mrs. Mary E. 248 n Caroline 
Atkinson Mrs. Mary J. 79 Ensor 
Atkinson Matthew S. (Lochtr & A.) 326 n 

Atkinson Rachel A. teacher, Q McElderry 
Atkinson Robt. M., Potomac nr Hudson 
Atkinson Dr. Robert, teacher, 84 w Monument 
A'kinson Samuel E. grocery, 277 e Lombard 
Atkinson Mrs. Susan, taiioress, Calhoun nr 

Mc Henry 
Atkinson Mrs. Dr. Thos. C. school, 67 w 

Atkinson Thos. F. carpenter, 180 n Eutaw 
Atkinson Thos. W. (Hull, Atkinson k Co.) 

Penna. av near toll pate 
Atkinson Wm. B. wireworker, 47 Booth 
Aikinson AVm. George, clerk, 9 M' Elderry 
Atkinson Wm. C. (Atkinson k Bros.) 27 s 

Atkisson Allen, quarryman, Lexington ext 
Atkisson James, quarryman, Lexington ext 
Atlantic Fire and Marine Ins. Co. 8 South, 

Isa^c S. George, president 
Atlantic and Georges Creek Coal Company, 

German nr Calvert 
Atlantic Mut. Life Ins. Co. of N. Y. 20 Post 

Office av 
Atlns Mut. Life Ins. Co. of St. Louis, 5 Post 

Office av 
Atlee Isaac, clerk, 276 w Fayette 
Ailee James, agent Grover k Baker's Sewing 

Machines, 17 n Charles, dw Baliimore co 
Atler Geo. W. ccachsmith, 94 n Poppleton 
Atler Francis, bricklayer, 230 Lee 
Atler Wm. A. clerk, 94 n Poppleton 
Attmore Geo. S. medical student, 49 St. Paul 
Attrili Henry Y. vice pres. Peoples' Gaa Co., 

40 n Calhoun 
Atwell Benjamin F. mariner, 187 n Eieter 
Atwell Mrs. Charlotte, 187 n E.Keter 
Atwell Daniel, carpenter, 219 Gough 
Atwell George M. ship carpenter, 250 s Ann 
Atwell JohaB. canmaker, 280 Aisquilh 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers mid Dealers In 


White Goods, Embroideries, Laces, 



Atwell James R. ship carpenter, 256 9 Aua 
Atwell Joseph, boat builder, 29G s Ann 
Atwell Joseph W. blacksmith, 159 Chesapeake 
Atwdl Richard H. 23 Courtland 
Atwell Thomas E. laborer, 115 e Eager 
Atwell Thomas E. carpenter, 115 e E^ger 
Atwdi Wm.F., U. S. storekeeper, 118 Han- 
Atwell Wm. W. carpenter, 187 n Exeter 
Atwell Wm. police, 134 William 
Atwood Arthur, puddler, 1G9 Hudson 
Atwood Mis. Marj'. 548 w Baltimore 
Atwood Lallan, heater, 1G9 Hudson 
Atzell Frederick, shoemaker, 100 n Eden 
Aiibach Joseph, blacksmith, "iG Reason 
Aubrey Wra. 62 Saratoga 
Aubry Louis, French teacher, 88 Franklin 
Aubry Mad. L., French fluting, 88 Franklin 
Aubei Adam, jiaroess maker, 233 Aliceanna 
Aubel Christian, 233 xVliceanna 
Audibert Mrs. Anna E. fancy goods, 206 n 

En taw 
Audouin Susette, 51 n Front 
Audoun & Hruscup, (J. II. A., T. Rruscup) 
real estate brokers, 10 Law buildings, St. 
Audoun Joseph A. pattern maker, 107 Rank 
Audoun Joseph H. (A. & Bruscup) attorney, 

107 Bank 
Audoun Oliver, (Binj'on & A.,) 132 Bank 
Audoun Oliver, jr. carpenter, 132 Bank 
Audoun Wm. F. carpenter, 187 Eastern av 
Auel Adam, shoemaker, 342 Hanover 
Auel Adam, shoemaker, 5 May 
Auer Henrietta, 69 Park 
Auer Jacob, grocery, 2 Lexington 
Auer John, blacksmith, 69 Henrietta 
Auerbach Mrs. Elizabeth, 20 Hamburg 
Auerbacii Lewis, dollar store, 70 Lexington 

and 193 n Gay 
Autrbach Joseph, jeweler, 91 Pearl 
Auerbach Samuel L. jewelry, 70 Lexington 
Auerback Christian, drayman, 158 Henrietta 
Auerman Jacob, japanner, 157 Welcome al 
Auill-rt (Jtorge, car driver, IGO s Washington 
Auger Ileitman, clerk, 219 Gough 
AUGER JACOB P. (J. P. A. & Co ) G6 Bos- 
Auger J. P. & Co., (J P. Auger, R. Wilson) 

oyster packers, GG Boston 
August Carl A. shoemaker, 33 s Wolfe 
August Joseph, boot fitter, 252 n Howard 
Augustine Adam, laborer, 21 Goush 
Aughinbaugh l}ernard, cond'r Gilmor house 
Auinbauh John, importer wines and liquors, 

107 Franklin, dw 13G Pearl 
Auinbauh John F. clerk, 13G Pearl 
Aukamp Antonio, cicn.r maker, 22 Douglass 
Aul Henry, sugar boiler, 54 s Central av 

Aul John, lager beer, n e cor Chase and Cen- 
tral av 
Aul Michael, shoemaker, 316 n Gav 
Aulbach John A. butcher, 11 i.nd 26 Fell's 
Puint market, dw Belair read nr city limits 
Aulabaugh John H. grocer, cor Paca and 

Lexington dw 17 e Eager 
Aulabaugh Zephaniah N. teacher, 100 Chew 
Aulc'im Andrew, cigar maker, 22 Douslass 
Auld Benjamin F. serg t iiolice, 255 Gough 
Auld Edwin, clerk, 52G w Pratt 
Auld Capt. Edward II. mariner, 383 e Balti- 
Auld Haddaway, clerk, 526 w Pratt 
Auld Mrs. Maria, 271 e Pratt 
Auld Philip, ship carpenter, 177 Hughes 
Auld Samuel, ship carpenter, 271 e Pratt 
Auld Mrs. Sarah, tailoress, 227 e Fayette 
Auld Mrs Sophia, 383 e Baltimore 
Auld Wilson, fngineer, 338 e Lombard 
Aull Henry, fireman, 54 s Central av 
Aull Louis, clerk, 56 President 
Aull Mrs. Elizabeth, 52 President 
Aull Mary, dressmaker, 52 President 
Aull Cas[)er, broom maker, 247 n Eden 
Ault John, shoemaker, 166 Pierce 
AULT & McAVOV, (S. Ault, H. L. McAvoy) 

gas fixtures, 32 n Calvert 
Ault Joseph, clerk, 32 n Calvert 
Ault Samuel, (A. & McAvoy) Baltimoie co 
Ault Wm. machinist, 88 s Poppleton 
Aulthouse Geo. W. (Mrs. Mary A. H. & Co.) 

187 w Pratt 
Aulthouse Mrs. Mary A. & Co. (G.W.Alt 

house) vegetabl'S and fish, 270 w Pratt 
Aultbouse Mis. Mary, boarding, 87 s Paca 
Aummearman John, brewery, 324 s Bund, 

dw 326 
Aunspaugh James A. salesman. Three Tuns 

Aurick Frederick, weaver, 925 w Pratt 
Austen Dr. Philip II. 8 Cathedral 
Austermuhle Henry, tobacconist, 141 Jeffer- 
son, dw s w cor Jeflerson and Broadway 
Austermuhle Henry, shoemkr, 319 w Pratt 
Austin Alex. R. bookkpr Citizens' National 

Bank, Decker ex tended 
Austin Mrs. Anna B. 426 Light 
Austin Geo. C. carpenter, 45 Elizabeth la 
Austin James, wagoner, 95 n Caroline 
Austin Jolin, stove mounier, 77 s Chester 
Aus in John, stove mounter, 242 Bank 
Austin Samuel J. ship plumber, 213 Bank 
Austin Sophia, seamstress, 33 s CHroliiie 
Austin Theodore D. chairmakcr, 363 s Sharp 
Austin Theodore G. teller People's Bank, 50 

n Poppleton 
Austin Wm. shipsmith, 213 Bank 
Austin Wm. F. carpenter, 381 s Eutaw 
Austrian Betsy, capmaker, 211 s Broadway 
Austrian Robt. (R.A. & Co.) 211 s Broadway 
Austrian Robert k Co. (R. A., B. Levy) hat 

anct cap manufacturers, 7 s Liberty 
Auih John, laborer, 122 Johnson 
Auth Nicholas tailor, 122 Johnson 
Averill, Edward S. clerk, 23 n Calvert 
Avesser Andrew, riveter, 242 s Dallas 
A vet Louis, liquors, 113 n Howard 
Await Ferdinand, shoemaker, G4 Mulberry 
Await George, shc^maker, 64 ]\Iull)erry 
Awbrey Andrew J. cigariaaker, 306 e Monn- 




Awbrey John S. plasterer, 233 e Madisoa 
Awbrey Priestly, shoemaker, 233 e Madison 
Awbrey Thomas P. paioter, 308 e Monument 
Awls Wm. shoemaker, 16 n Schroedcr 
Ax Christian, (G. W. Gail & Ax) 59 Barre 
Axt Martin, cigarmaker, 107 Columbia 
Ay Fritz, laborer, 29 s Burke 
Ay George, laborer, 40 Aliceanna, Canton 
Ayd Francis, carpenter, 24G e Eager 
Ayd John, carpenter, 259 Aisquith 
Ayd Joseph, carpenter, 259 Aisquith 
Ayd Joseph, pianomaker, 246 e Eager 
Ayd Mrs. Josephine, coufection'y, 246 e Eager 
Aydelott Mary F. diessmaker, 180 Mont- 
Ayde'ott Margaret if. 180 Montgomery 
Aydelott Wm. porter, 132 Pearl 
Ayers Mrs. Ann, rear 179 s Ann 
Ayers Andrew J. stevedore^ 327 s Bond 
Ayers George W. mariner, 251 e Lombard 
Ayers George W. 198 s Broadway 
Ayers James, laborer, 67 s Washington 
Ayers Mrs ilartha, 58 Greenmount av 
Ayers Capt. Samuel, 214 s Ann 
Ayers Samuel, jr. waterer, 214 8 Ann 
Aj'ers AVesley, laborer, 12 Hammond al 
Ayler Elizabeth, 160 n Eden 
Avler John W. clerk, 160 n Eden 
AYLSWORTfl BOWEN McG. carpenter, 25 

n Poppleton 
Aymold Lewis, painter, 335 9 Charles 
Ay mold Mrs. Maria, 385 s Cbailes 
Ayres .Mrs. E. II. boarding, 185 w Fayette 
Ayres Helen M. T. teacher, 127 St. Paul 
Ayres Isaac, mariner, 212 s Bond 


Baacke Tobias, cooper, 143 Hamburg 
Babb .Mrs. J. D. jr. cake baker, 68 s Charles 
Babbestella George, shoemaker, 114 s Durham 
Babendrier Louis, pianomaker, 9 n Pine 
Babendrier Mrs. Sophia, notions, 9 n Pine 
Baber Mrs. Julia, 44 s High 
Babrick Joseph, drayman, 409 Light 
Babst John, ship carpenter, 16 Burke 
Baby Henry A. baker, 501 w Pratt 
Baccigalupo Louis, cigarmaker, 17 w Fayette 
Baccigalupo Nicolai, fruit, 63 President 
Baccigalupo Mrs. Vincent, confectionery, 17 

w Fayette 
BACH ADAM, groceries, flour and feed, 329 

Bach Balthazar, carpenter, 17 Arch 
Bach .Mrs. Catherine, confectionery, "Wolfe nr 

Bach .Mrs. Catherine, 47 Chatsworth 
Bach Henry, (Hartman, Bach & Co.) 6 n Ann 
Bach Henry W. clerk, 6 n Ann 
Bach John, laborer, Wolfe nr Fayette 
Bach John C. carpenter, 415 s Charles 
Bach Peter, shoemaker, 146 n Caroline 
Bacbarach Abraham, dry goods, 77 Ensor 
Bacharach David, furniture, Ac, 186 Pearl 
Bacharach David, jr. photographer, cor Lex- 
ington and Eutaw, dw 186 Pearl 
Bacharach Edward, 108 Hanover 
Bacharach Moses, clerk, 1S6 Pearl 
Bacharach Nathan, 9 s Caroline 
Bacharach Nathan E. printer, 9 s Caroline 
Bacharach Simon, salesman, 77 Ensor 
Bacharach Solomon, salesman, 77 Ensor 




Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover f Timothy Seed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Bacheldcr James W. timber, 244 Bank 
Bachelor Wm. II. police, 18 L Gough 
Bachler Jacob F. confectioner, 75 Druid Hill av 
Bachman Adam, oysters, 141 s Exeter 
Bachraan Adam, whitewasher, 187 s Wash- 
Bachman Andreas, 19 Barnes 
Bachman Andrew, lager beer, 62 Mulberry 
Bachman August, shoemaker, 7 Montgomery 
Bachman Frederick, 215 3 Eutaw 
Bachman Frederick, shoemaker, 96 s High 
Bachman George, clerk, 331 s Charles 
Bachman George, pianomaker, 133 Henrietta 
Bachman Henry, stc. hand goods, 214 s Car- 
Bachman Henry, tailor, 92 n Durham 
Bachman John, tailor, 244 n Gay 
Bachman John, shoemaker, 33 Albemarle 
Bachtnan John M. cigar manufacturer, 153 v? 

Pratt, dw 60 Albemarle 
Bachman Ludwig, tailor, 133 Vine 
Bachmanu Chas. W. tinner, 422 Hanover 
Bachmann Rev. Marcus. 78 s Broadway 
Bacholor John, fisherman, 292 Johnson 
Bacholor Joseph, 307 Aisquith 
Bachrach Aaron, 164 e Lombard 
Bachrach Augusta, 164 e Lombard 
Bachrach Mrs. Henrietti, 238 Canton av 
Bachrach Joseph, cltrk, 233 Canton av 
Bacht Henry, baker, 5 Baker's ct 
Bacigalupo Antonio, confectionery, 100 Light 

St. wharf, dw Lee nr Light 
Bacigalupo James, confectionery, 140 Light 

St. wharf 
Bacigalupo Nicolo, fruiterer, 68 Pre.'ident 
Back G. Adam, furniture wagons, Wilmer al 

nr Hoffman 
Backer Peier, laborer, 50 Pennsylvania av 
Backert Andreas, fhoemaker, 156 s Chapel 
Backes Peter, shoemaker, 255 e Pratt 
Backinhus Henry R. laborer, 22 Eastern av 
Backinhus Henry, mariner, 22 Eastern av 
Backman August, shoemaker, 670 w Balto. 
Backman Frederick, wagoner, 118 Johnson 
Backman Francis, black.smith, 122 West 
Backman Geo. A. pattern maker, 57 McHenry 
Backman Jas. E. pattern maker, 57 McHenry 
Backu3 Charles C. 126 w Madison 
Backus Rev, Dr. John C. 120 w Madison 
Bacon k Co. (F. X. Lipp, James Lipp) coffee 

manufacturers, 476 w Baltimore 
Bicon Edward, conductor, G46 w Baltimore 
Bacon Capt. James, 121 s Broadway 
Ba^on Mrs. Jane, confectionery, 89 Holllus 
Biicon John, engineer, 476 w Baltimore 
Badders Henry H. carpenter. Bank la near 

McClellan, dw 68 Park av 
Badders Jackson, customhous". Farmer's hotel 
Bidders Nicholas, carpenter, Farmers' hotel 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Dealers In 

notions and Fancy Goods, 


Hosiery, Gloves, Small Wares, &c. 


B.\dea Mrs. Frances, 50 n Charles 

Eadea John R. clerk tobacco warehouse, 17 

Badenfield Geo. mariner, 273 Canton av 
b'adenfield Henry, ship carp'r, 273 Canton aT 
Badenfield Henry, jr., mariner, 273 Canton av 
Bader Mrs. Agatha, 20 Mott 
Bader Henry, barber, 191 Lexington 
Bader Jacob, grocery, 268 s Sharp 
Badger Charles, stonecutter, 106 Ramsay 
Badger David E. carpenter, 23 Hill 
Badger James, carpenter, 171 Hanover 
Badger Thos. P. sew. mach. oper'r, 75 Hillen 
Badrum Lewis, butcher. Monument ext 
Badscher Lorenz, laborer, rear 117 Albemarle 
Baeckel Henry, wheelwright, 172 Peirce 
Baer August, laborer, 229 s Wolfe 
BAER ARTHUR P. & CO. (A. P. Baer, C. E. 
Savage, special) hides and leather, 2 Water 
Baer Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 105 Ensor 
Baer Arthur P. (A. P. Baer & Co.) 132 w 

Baer Banckard, gardener. Gist nr Eastern av 
,BAER & BRO. (George H. and C. W. Baer) 

gen'l com. merchants, 22 Spear's wharf 
Baer Casper, laborer, 225 s Durham 
liaer Ch.^s. W. ( aaer & Bro.) 48 .McCulIoh 
Baer Christopher, laborer, 114.,Orlean3 
Baer Christopher, laborer, 153 s Regester 
Eier Dr.. Edw. R., Paca nr Fayette, dw 270 w 

Baer Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 124 n Dallas 
Baer Geo. II. (Baer & Bro.) 175 n Howard 
B-icr Henry, cabinet maker, 124 n Dallas 
Baer Isaac", (Lewis Baer & Bro.) 166 Hanover 
Baer Jacob, blacksmith, 32 s Bond 
Baer Mrs. Julia, millinery, 209 n Gay, dw 69 

Baer John, carpenter, 166 Raborg 
Baer John, cooper, 41 Goodman al 
Baer -Mrs. John H. grocery, 614 Light 
Baer John H. blacksmith, 521 Lii-ht, dw 614 
BAER & McGLONK, (T.S. B., J.T. McGlone) 

attorneys, 15 St Paul 
Baer Lewi^, (L. Baer & Bro.) 11 Camden 
BAER LEWIS & BRO, (Lewis and Isaac 

Baer) furs, rags, &c., 11 Camden 
Baer Mrs. M. S. 132 w Biddle 
B;icr Michael, shoemaker, 134 Camden 
Baer Nathan, barber, 116 Low 
Baer Mrs. Rebecca. IIOJjOW 
Baer Sally A. 36 Pleasant 
Baer Thomas S. attorney, (B. & McGlone) 48 

Baer Wra. II. storekeeper Int. Rev., n e cor 

Liberty road and Gilmor 
Baernstein Solomon, dry goods, 109 Camden 
Baetjer Henry, keeper drays, 93 s Cnroline 
B.»etjer J. Ge'orge, (CoUou & B.) 382 Franklin 

Baetjer Wm. clerk, 93 s Caroline 

Bagby Mrs. Emeline, fancy store, 63 Columbia 

Bagby Henry B. clerk, 344 w Lombard 

Bagert George, 328 s Bond 

Bagger Christina, stores, &c., 65 Penna. av 

Baggott Thos. wire worker, 192 Madison av 

Baggs John, gardener, 236 s Paca 

Bigle Henry, wheelwright, 172 Peirce 

Basley Dr. Joseph H. apothecary, n e cor 

Baltimore and Ann 
Bagnall Dr. — 16 n Eutaw 
Bagwell Thos. P. clerk, 25 Hanover 
Bahl Christian, laborer, 37 s Wolfe 
Bahlka Frederick, tailor, 3T9 w Pratt 
Bahlmann Henry, laborer, 454 Light 
Bahlmann Henry, jr. brickmaker, 451 Light 
Bahlmann John L. clerk, 454 Light 
Baha Frederick, bricklayer, 176 e Pratt 
Bahr Mrs. Caroline, 201 Light 
Bahrs John, 179 s Eden 
Baler Andrew, beer, Monument e of Md. hos- 
BAIER MRS. ANN M. lager beer brewery, 392 

Canton av 
Baier Fred, brewer, Belair av est and Trappe 

Baier Paul, brewery, Trappe road 
Bailer Joseph, ghoemaker, 208 s Caroline 
Bailey B. W. civil engineer, 42 St. Paul 
Bailey Mrs. Catherine, 171 Preston 
Bailey Charlc-J, ship carpenter. 178 Gough 
Bailey Chas. W. engineer, 142 William 
Bailey Daniel K. police, 6 s Caroline 
Bailey David, brass finisher, 265 n Dal'as 
Bailey Edward, carpenter, 164 Gough 
Bailey Edward A. painter, 110 Pre.- ton 
Bailey Edwin, (Coleman & B. ) 16 s Broadway 
Pailey Ellen, 61 Ensor* 
Bailey George, 73 w Centre 
Bailey George W. hatter, 363 Cathedral 
Bii'py Henry, pilot, 178 Gough 
Bailev James, ship carpenter, 178 Gough 
BMr-'y James W. P. machinist, 302 e Pratt 
Bailey John, barkeeper, 533 Saratoga 
Bailey John, laborer, 135 Ches.ipeake 
Ba'ley John, carpenter, 227 Dolphin 
Bailey John, laborer, 76 s Payson 
Bailey John R. pumpmaker, 47 s Ann 
Bailey Lewis E. (Cushings & B.) 237 w Lom- 
Bailey Lilly, 12 Buren 

B\iley M'S. Lucy S. confectionery, 61 Ensor 
Baiby Maria, huckstress, 61 Ensor 
Biiley .Mrs. .Matilda A., Covington nr Cross 
Bailey Marion^E teacher, 462 Lexington 
Bailey Martha A. teacher, 462 Lexington 
Bailey Mary II. teacher, 462 Lexington 
Bailey Parks D. oysters, 131 Cruss, dw 100 

Battery av 
Bailey Mrs. Susanna, 47 s Ann 
Biiley Thomas, laborer, 16 Durst al 
Biiley Thos. jr. laborer. 16 Durst al 
iUiley Wm. t. clerk, 112 e Fay tte 
Biiley Thos. mariner, 48 Hampetead 
Bailey Wm. II. mariner, 112 e Fayette 
Bailey Wm. L. tailor, 286 Eastern av 
Bailey Wm. C. joiner, 76 Henrietta 
Bailev Wm. boots and shoes, 103 Lexington, 

dw 462 
Bailey Wm. grocery, 367 Cathedral 
Bailie Mrs. Mary B. 120 s Broadway 
Bailman Geo . brewer, foot of Cross 




Bailone & Heuisler, (Pascal B., Cha3. Heuis- 
ler) carpenters and builders, Centre nr Front 
Bailone Pascal, (B. & Heuisler) 38 Jackson 
BAILY, CALDWELL s CO. (Geo. Bailj, 
Wm. ^L Cdldwfcll) cutlerj and hardware, 
22 s Charles 
Baily Geo. (B., Caldwell & Co.) 73 w Centre 
Eailj Geo. jr. clerk, 73 w Centre 
Bailj James, chemist and druggist, 70 s Cal- 
vert, dw 36 s Greene 
Baillie John, carpet weaver, 234 n Caroline 
Bailly Mrs. Annie, dressmaker, 91 Pearl 
Bain Francis M. blacksmith, 53 n PoppletOQ 
Bain George W. builder, 404 Mulberry 
Bain John W. cooper, 123 Mcilenry 
Baine Joseph, laborer, 104 Cider al 
Baird Alexander S. clerk, 125 n Charles 
Baird Geo W. (ngineer, U. S. X. 69 Pearl 
Baird James, blacksmith, 35 Milliman 
Baird Mrs. 0. 69 Pearl 

Baird Robt. detective, Hampstead e of Wash- 
Baird Thomas D. principal Baltimore City 

College, Gilmor house 
Bairlipp John, lager beer, 132 JefFerson 
Baitz H. ^y. cabinet maker, 32 Bank 
Baitzsl Charles H. clerk, 155 n Fremont 
Baitzel Jacob G. carpenter, 155 n Fremont 
Baitz-rl Jjhn, bricklayer, Clinton s of Boston 
Biitzel Wm. E. bookkeeper, 155 a Fremont 
Baives Jno. driver, 7 Pleasant 
Baker Asbury, clerk, 5 n Ann 
Baker August, cigarmaker, 38 s Schroeder 
Baker Arthur, shipcarpenter, 13 Williamson al 
Baker Mrs. Annette, 24 s High 
Baker Albert (W. B. Baker k Co.) Maltby 

Baker Benjamin F. cooper, Concord nr Pratt 

J. Baker, Wm. Baker, jr., Chas 
E. Baker,) Manufacturers Balti- 
more Window Glass; Importers 
Druggists' Glassware and Bottles, 
Bicarb Soda Sal-Soda, and other 
Chemicals, Paints, Colors, Oils, 
Glue, &c. 32 and 34 s Charles 

BAKER, BRUFF & CO. (J. W. B., J. E. 

Bruff, A. B. Faulkner) wholesale dry goods, 

245 w Baltimore 
Biker Arthur, laborer, 80 Henrietta 
Baker Mrs. Catherine J. dressmaker, 16 n 

Baker Capt. Caleb H. 131 Dolphin 
Baker Chas. shoemaker, 54 Portland 
Baker Charles, clerk, 40 Camden 
Baker Charles, laborer, 278 s Ann 
Baker Charles A. (Wm. B. & Bro.j 233 Barre 
Baker Cnarles J. (Baker Bros. & Co.) pres. 

Franklin Bank, dw Athol, Frederick road 
Baker Charles E. (Baker Bros. & Co.) 247 

Linden av 
Bake* Charles H. police, 32 s Schroeder 
Baker Charles H. 822 w Baltimore 
Biker Charles H. brushmaker, 403 n Gay 
Baker Cbarles L clerk, 15 Pearl 
Baker Charles T. butcher, 542 Penna. av 
Baker Christian, stoves, 210 Canton av 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, <£-c. 

Rosendale Cement &, Plaster, 

Baker Christian, cabinetmaker, 194 Aliceanna 
Baker Christian S. (W. B. Baker & Co.) 26 i 

Baker David, bricklayer, 203 n Dallas 
Baker Davis, mariner, 69 Harford av 
Baker Edward E. boilermaker, 83 Mt-Henry 
Baker Edward J. (Dickey, Baker t Co.) Bal- 
timore CO 
Baker Edwd. J. jr., meter maker, 53 North 
Bdker Edwd. M. cleik, 26 s Caroline 
Baker Mrs. Eliza, milk, 529 n Gay 
Baker Mrs. Eliza A. 455 w Fayette 
Baker Mrs. Elizabeth, laundress, 51 Diamond 
Baker Franklin, cooper, 23 Concord 
Baker Fred, tailor, 53 s Ann 
Baker Francis, iron roller, 17 Port 
Baker Francis, laborer, Piamsay nr Pratt 
Baker Frank, laborer, 08 s Central av 
Baker Fredk. H. boilermaker, 83 McHenry 
Baker Fredk. H. boilermaker, Mt Royal hill 
Baker Frederick, baker, rear 486 Penna av 
Biker Frederick, cooper, 77 Somerset 
Baker Frederick, jr., cooper, 198 Bank 
Baker Frederick T. 369 n Gay 
Baker Frederick W. coachmaker, 403 n Gay 
Baker Frederick, shoemaker, 198 Bank 
Baker Geo. varnisher, 340 Mulberry 
Baker Geo. confec'y, 91 Hanover market, dw 

32 Perry 
Baker George, fish, Belair av nr Ana 
Baker George, butcher, Lancaster nr Clinton 
Baker George, cabinetmaker, 132 s Charies 
Baker George A. (B. & Riley) 58 n Fremont 
Baker Geo. B. clerk, 32 and 34 s Charles 
Baker Geo. machinist, 1S5 Lee 
Baker Geo. W. farmer, 30 Jackson 
Baker Geo. W. varnisher, 176 Aisquith 
Baker Geo. W. dry goods, 64 6 Ann 
Baker Mrs. Greenbury, milk, 213 n Eden 
Baker Gideon, nightman, Fayette nr Ana 
Baker Mrs. H. A. dressmaker, 77 Pearl 
Baker Haman, ship carpenter, 67 Block 
Baker Capt. Henry, 65 n Caroline 
Baker Henry W . coach painter, 403 n Gay 
B.iker Henry, tailor, 75 s Bond 
Baker Henry, baker, 92 n P.'.ca 
Baker Henry, undertaker, 33 Holland 
Baker Henry F. broom maker, 208 e Chase 
Baker Jacob, bricklayer, 199 Hamburg 
Baker Jacob, cooper, 213 Henrieiu 
Baker Jacob, police, 37 Orleans 
Baker Jacob, butcher, 100 Centre, 50 Lexing- 
ton and 55 Hanover mkts, dw 540 Penna av 
Baker James, laborer, 198 e Lombard 
Baker James R. furn. wagon, 76 n Ann 
Baker James C. ship carpenter. 175 Bank 
Baker James M. (J. H, Mahone & Co.) 224 n 

Baker James, machinist, 81 n Amity 




'Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Dealers in 

notions and Fancy Goods, 


Hosiery, Gloves, Small Wares, &c. 


Baker John, shoemaker, 198 Bank 

Baker John, laborer, 72 Towson 

Baker John, ship carpenter, 135 Tbamea 

Baker John, police, 338 Mulberry 

Baker John, brickmaker, 340 Hanover 

Baker John, helper, 185 s Chester 

Baker John W. 15 Ilollins 

Baker John G. canmaker, 3 Orleans 

Brtker John J. clerk, 16 n Poppleton 

Baker John, shoemaker, 50 s Resrester 

Baker John, laborer, 'j s SchroeLlcr 

Baker John, cigar maker, 61 Druid Hill av 

Baker John T. police, 263 n Dallas 

Baker John, rajra, 169 Sarah Ann 

Baker J. \V. officer Md. Penitentiary, 117 n 

Baker John H. huckster, 23 McIIenry 
Baker John L. ship joiner, Fayette ur Ann 
Bilker John, cooper, 88 Peach al 
]i iker John C. boilermaker, 76 n Fremont 
Bak'-r John T. baker, 440 Lexington 
Baker John 'SI. sho" maker, 32 Milliman 
B:iker John T. shoemaker, 263 n Dallas 
15aker Jose[)h, 194 Saratoga 
Baker Joseph 0. blacksmith, 97 s Poppleton 
I5!»ker J. Victor, police, 3C9 n Ga}' 
Baker Lawrence W. bookbinder, 31 n Fremont 
Baker Lewis W. tobacconist, 219 w Pratt 
Baker Mrs Lydia, 133 Montgomery 
Baker & McCracken, (N. Baker, j. McCrack- 

en,) paper and rags, 120 w Lombard 
Baker Marcus Y. clerk, 278 Ilollins 
Baker Mrs. Mary A. patterns, 820 w Baltimore 
Baker Mary E. seamstress, 23 McIIenry 
Baker Mrs" Mary 47 President 
Baker Mrs. j\Iary E. dressmaker, 37 Orleans 
Baker Mrs. Mary E. 278 Ilollins 
Baker Mrs. Mary E. confectionery, 171 Hughes 
Baker Nelson, (B. & McCracken) 133 Mont- 
Baker Nicholas, cabinet maker, 165 s Edea 
Baker Philip, clerk, 58 s Ann 
Baker Mrs. Rachel, 23 Mcllenry 
Baker Reuben, farmer, 15 s Republican 

BAKER E. J. & CO. (R. J. B., R. 

J. Hollingsworth) manuf'rs Dye 
Wood, Dealers in Dye Stuffs, 
Chemicals and Oil of Vitriol, 3G 
and 38 s Charles 

Baker k liiley, (Geo. A. B., E. S. Riley, jr.) 
stationery and printing materials, 276 Vf 
Baker Richard J. (R. J. B. & Co.) Liberty rd 
Baker Robert, laborer, 107 Peach al 
Baker Robert B. jr. cabinetmaker, 77 Pearl 

Baker Robert B. cabinetmaker, 31 n Fremont 

Baker Robert J. canmaker, 121 s Chester 

Baker Rosanna, seamstress, 15 Bevan 

Baker S irauel, waiter, 2 Humes 

Baker Samuel J. clerk, 278 Ilollins 

Baker Mrs. Sophia, grocery, 50 s Regester 

Baker Uts. Sophia, grocery, 75 s Bond 

Baker Mrs. Sophia, 50 s Ann 

Baker Mrs. S*Cath'ine, seamstress, 208 e Chase 

Baker Mrs. Susannah, 6 Gough 

Baker Mrs. Sarah, dressmaker, 127 s Regester 

B-iker Theodore H. cabinet maker, Belair av 

nr Baltimore Cemetery 
Faker Thomas, laborer, 6 East 
Baker Thomas, pattern maker, 362 w Lombard 
Baker T. Otis, editor, 24 Barnet 
Baker Valentine, baker, 896 w Pratt 
Baker Walter, clerk, 6 Gough 
Baker Wesley, 117 s Broadway 
Baker W. B.'& Co. (Wm. B., Christian S. and 
Albert Baker) grocers and commis. merchs, 
26 s Howard 
Baker Wm. H. Iiuckster, 106 Henrietta 
Brtker Wm. blacksmith, 171 Columbia 
Baker Wm. jr. (Baker Bros & Co.) Bait CO 
Baker Wm. piano maker, 239 s Charles 
Baker Wm. W. cooper, 269 n Dallas 
Baker Wm. J. hardware, 479 w Baltimore 
Baker Wm. M. clerk, 35 n Greene 
Baker Wm. H. K. clerk, 15 Pearl 
Baker AVm. A. shipcarpenter, 13 Williamson al 
Bilker Wm. A. clerk, 281 n Edea 
Baker Wm. B. (W. B. Baker & Co.) Win- 

che.'ter, Va 
Baker Wm. (Wm. B. & Bro.) 289 w Pratt 
Baker Wm. & Bro. (Wm. & Chas. A. B.) 

confectioners, &c. 5 s Sharp 
Baker Wm. junk dealer, 92 Thames 
Baker Wm. ropemaker, 236 Harford av 
Balbirnie Mrs. Ann L. teacher, 39i St. Paul 
Bald Wra. shoemaker, 512 Light " 
Balderson Stephen, restaurant. 115 Pre=ton 
Baldcrston Dr. A. Holmes, 105 St. Paul 
Balderston Geo. iron worker, 87 s Caroline 
Balderston Holmes, law student, 105 St. Paul 
Balderston Hugh & Son, (J. Balderston) wire 

workers, 12 s Calvert 
Balderston Jacob, (Hugh Balderston & Son) 

515 w Fayette 
Balderston John C. (B., Ward & Co.) 48 w 

Balderston Dr. Tsa-ah, dentist and Judge Or- 
phans' Ct. 105 St. Paul 
Balderston John P. clerk, Fayette nr Paca 
Balderston Marcellus, iron worker, 13 Jack- 
son ct 
Balderston Mrs. Margaret, 515 w Fayette 
Balderston Thomas. 515 w Fayette 
derston, J. H. Ward) boot and shoe con- 
mission merchants, over 273 vr Baltimore 
Balderston Wilson, 48 w Monument 
Ba'dner Sinah, 255 FrpnkHn 
Baldus Mrs. Catherine, 153 Stirling 
Baldus Wm. T. (Clarke & B.) 255 e Chase 
Baldwin Caleb C. cigarmaker, 117 s Anil 
Baldwin Chas. E. 526 w Lombard 
Baldwin (Jbristopher C. (Woodward, Bald* 

win & C ).) New York 
Baldwin & Cugle, (T. P. B., C. Cuglo) com. 
merchants, and wholesale cotton yarn, over 
20 Germau 




Baldwia David, treas. Savings Hank of Balti- 
more, n w cor McCulloh and Dolphin 
Baldwia Dr. Edwiu C. 124 n Exeler, d\v Starr 

Baldwin E. Francis, (B. & Pries) 57 w Biddle 
Baldwin II. T. oyster packer, 112 s Wash- 
Baldwin Jas. T. clothing: cutter, 201 Mulberry 
Baldwin .John F. moulder, 152 Conway 
Baldwia John T. laborer, G Pleasant al 
Baldwin John II. carpenter, 3u4 Canton av 
Baldwia John H. carpenter, 120 n Eden 
Bildwin John, varnisher, 122 n Spring 
Baldwin John F. moulder, 152 Conway 
Baldwin John, engiueer, 97 9 Fremont 
Baldwin Be Roy K. c'erk, 214 w Lombard 
B ildwin Mary S. boarding, St. Peter nr Daw- 
son al 
BaLDWIX & PRICE, (E. F. B., Bruce Price) 

architects, s w cor Lexington and Chirles 
Baldwin Robert, carpenter, 304 Canton av 
Baldvyiu Robert, jr. 335 Ahidison av 
lialdwin Robert, laborer, St. Peter nr Dawson 
Baldwia Robert T. pres. .Mechanics Nat. Bank, 

dw 335 Madison av nr Townsend 
Baldwin R. W. (B & Trippe) Anne Arun- 
del CO 
Baldwin Summerfisld, (Norris & Baldwin) 18 

BALDWIV DR. SILAS, 249 n Fremont 
Baldwin .Mrs. Sophia, n w ccr McCuUoh and 

Bildwin Theodore, packer, 219 Gougli 
Baldwin Thomas, laborer, 17 s Republican 
Ba dwia Thomas P. (B. & Cugle) Anne Arun- 
del CO 
Baldwin Thomas, tobacco warehouse, 31 e 


Tr ppe) attorneys, 42 St. Paul 
Baldwin Wm. II. jr. (Woodwa-d, Baldwin k 

Co.) 115 Park 
Baldwia Wm. H. blacksmith, 526 w Lombard 
Balermsn Anton, tailor, 22 Sarah Ann 
Balks Adolph, carpenter, 4o .Marion 
Balke Frederick, carpenter, 33 Clay, dvv 40 

Ball Mr?. Ann, 34 Pearl 
Ball C. C. teacher, 336 u Fremont 
Ball Charles U. assist, engineer, U. S- N. 347 

w Lombard 
Ball David, brick manufacturer, n w cor Put- 
nam and Washington road, dw 627 w Fay- 
Bill David C. clerk, 233 e Fayette 
Ball D. E'liory, clerk, 627 w 'Favetle 
BALL & DQLANY (M. D. B., II. K. Dulany) 

attorneys, 36 St. Paul 
Ball .Mrs. Eliza 385 w Lombard 
Ball George II. confectioner, 144 s Eutaw 
Ball George W. police, 29 Thames 
Ball Henry S. bricklayer, 79 Pearl 
Ball Mrs. Jessie, 23 Warren 
Ball John, clerk, 212 Eastern av 
Bill John T. tinner, 88 e Pratt 
Ball John L. shoemaker, 193 Kast 
Ball John II. bricklayer, 71 Pearl 
Ball John L. bricklayer, 155 s Chester 
Ball John D. carpenter, 335 a Howard, dw 40 

w Biddle 
Ball Joseph M. tinner, 34 Pearl 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, Se. 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Ball Louisa, dressmaker, 34 Pearl 

liall .Mrs. Margaret G. millinerv, 79 Pearl 

Ball M. Dulany ^IJ. k Dulany) 228 Lanvale 

Ball ()?car V. clerk, U;2 German 

Ball Philip A. (Uotniian, B. .\; Co.) 103 

Ball Samuel, tinner, 63 Battery av 
Ball .Mrs. Sarah, shirtmaker, 8S e Pratt 
Ball T. Seweil, bookkteper, 1<;3 .Madison av 
Ball T. \\ . salesman, .■;59 w Fayette 
Ball vValter, jr., clerk, S9 Pearl 
Ball Walter, treas. IJalto. Steam Packet Co. 
cor Post Ullice av aud Second, dw cor Bol- 
ton and Townsend 
Ball Wm. A. bricklayer, 83 e Pratt 
Ball Wm. D. 79 Pearl 
Ball Will. S. cooper, 57 Granby 
Balla Charles T. constable, 53 Camden, dw 

638 Light 
Ballar John, machinist, 364 n Gay 
Ballard Byron II. clerk, 42 Franklin 
Ballard .Mrs. B. 63 Columbia 
Ballard C L. (C. L. B. & Co.) 257 Holfman 
Ballard C. L k Co. (C. L. 15. k G. H. 13.) 
cigars >t tobacco, s w cor Eutaw and Biddle 
Ballard Cyrus, conf'ccl'y 176 n Caroline 
Ballard Mrs. Edward J. "266 Walsh 
Ballard Mrs. Eliza A. 260 Walsh 
Ballard Frederick, coachmaker, Vork rd 
Ballard George E. clerk, 133 Division 
Ballard (Jeorge E. (C. L. B. .t ("o.) 5 u Front 
Ballard James T. coachsmiih, 3 L. Constitu- 
Ballard Joseph E. clerk. 266 Walsh 
Ballard Levin E. ll'J w Fayette 
Ballard Nathan 11. salesman, 214 w Baltimore 
Ballard Samuel H. clerk, 257 w Ilcfl'mau 
Ballard Thos. painter, 41 e Eager 
Ballauf Augustus, feed and produce, C7'.j 

Harrison, dw 69 
Ballauf Augustus, (IJallauf k Son) 69 Harri- 
Ballauf k Son, (A and C. E. Ballauf) ;an- 

iiers and curriers, &j Harrison 
Ballauf Charles E. (Itallauf it Son) 53 e Fay- 
Ballantine Alex, ship carpenter, 102 s Ana 
Rallet Jos. blacksmith, 216 Canton av 
UallieJer Conrad II. tailor, 195 Orleans 
IJallman Fiancis, painter, 5 West ul 
Balloch Rev. James, 403 Lexington 
Balster Chas. cigar maker, cor p]ssex and Can- 
ton av. 
BaUter Henry, tailor, 202 s Bond 
Ralster John C. police, 297 Canton av 
Balster Mrs. .Mary E. grocery, cor Esse.^ and 

Canton av 
Bait Wm. shoemaker, 512 Light 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Dealers In 

Notions and Fancy Goods, 

Hosiery, Gloves, Small "Wares, &c. 


Baltimore Athena?nm, cor St. Pan] and Sara- 
toga, occupied bj Baltimore Library Co., 
Mfrcantile Library Association and Md. 
Historical Society 

CL^L ADVERTISER, C. C. Fulton k Son, 
proprietors, 123 w Baltimore 

Baltimore Academy of the Visitation, cor Park 
and Centre 

OF COLORED PEOPLE, n w cor Sarato^-a 
and Courtland ° 

w Favette 


Baltimore Business College and Telegraphic 
Institute, 8 n Charles 

Baltimore and Bremen Steamship Line, L. P. 
A. Schumacher, agent, 9 s Charles ' 

Baltimore Butchers' Hide and Tallow Associ- 
ation, No. 1 s w cor Buren and Fall 

ERATING CAR CO. cors Charles and Ham- 
ilton, Pratt and Durham, and Caroline and 

Jones' Falls 

135 North, T. JI. Dukehart, nrop'r 

Gay and Lombard 

Buildings, Second nrar Gay 

Baltimore Clearing House at National Union 
Biink, Fayette near Charles 

"W AY CO., office s e cor Baltimore and Cal- 
vert, Henry Tyson, president 

Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, n ecor 
Lombard and Hanover, F. J. S. Gorgas, 
M. D. dean 

AND STEAMSHIP CO. foot Union deck, 
Mordecai & Co. agents 

Court House la 

Canton and Clinton sts. Canton, ofiGce over 
30 South, Henry Martin, pres't 

COTT CITY RAILWAY, office Baltimore 
n»ar Mount 

Baltimore City College, n e cor Holliday and 

Baltimore City Fertilizing Co. n e cor Lan- 
caster and Central av. J. M. Jacobs, sup't 

Thomas Wilson, pres't, L. R. Colbert, sec'y 
and treas.. Cemetery Belair av extended 

Baltimore County Almshouse, Calverton road 

Baltimore City Bay View Asylum, Eastern av 
w of East av 

Baltimore Christadelphian Ecclesiffi, 3d floor, 
2 and 4 n Greene 

office n w cor Charles and Lexington, Jesse 
T,\son, pres't 

Baltimore Copper Company Works, Clinton, 
Canton, office over 30 South, Henry Mar- 
tin, president 

TION, 222 n Eutaw, Dr. John T. Coun- 
cilman, president 

timore, Glenn & Co., proprietors 

w Baltimore 

insuring bouses from loss by fire, office 19 
South, Francis A. Crook, treasurer 

Baltimore Episcopal Methx)dist, 49 Lexington 

Paul, N. C. Brooks, principal. [See Adver- 
vertisement, p. 22.] 

cor South and Water, Dr. Joshua I. Cohen, 

Baltimore Fire Department. [Si?e Appendix.'] 

LINE OF STEAMERS, Mason L. Weems, 
agent, 118 Spear's whf 

Baltimore f>ee School and Colvin Institute 
for Girls, 39 J St. Paul 

Baltimore General Dispensary, n c cor Liberty 
and Fayette 

Baltimore Glass Works, e end of Hughes 

Baltimore Gymnasium, Carroll Hall, s e cor 
Calvert and Baltimore, John Carson, pres't 

Baltimore, Havana and New Orleans Steam- 
ship Co., Mordecai <fe Co., agents, 45 s Gav 


19 n Eutaw 
Baltimore Infirmary, s vr cor Lombard and 

Baltimore and Liverpool Line of Steamers, 
whartL. P., John King, jr., agent, Cam- 
den Station 
Baltimore Life Insurance Co., 18 Second 
Baltimore Marine Observatory, e end of Mont- 
gomery, Miircus L. Dudley, i)roiirieior 

John E. W. Dunbar, A. M., M. D., prin- 
cipal, 151 w Lombard 




Baltimore Museum of Anatomv, Drs. Jordan 

& Beck, propiietorij 74 w B:ilumore 
Baltimore Museum, n w cor Baliimora and 

C. M. Dougherty, president, C. J. Ros- 
t^nH, sup't, 1 Cross 
Baltimore Opera House, Kernan & Bro., pro- 
prietors, Baltimore-3t bridjie 
Baltimore Orphan Asylum, Strieker nr Lex- 
Baltimore and Ohio R. R. Co.'s European 
Freight and Emigrant Wharf, L. P., L. 
F. Beeler, agent 

office Camden Station, Camden st 
TICKET OFFICE, s e cor Baltimore and 
Calvert, E Pagels, agent 

North and Belvidere 
chant's Exchange Reading Rooms, George 
U. Porter, publisher 
BOAT CO., office 3 Light street wharf, 
J. Alexander Shriver, agent. {_Seep. 18 

CO., Oden Bowie, pres't, TO n Calvert 
s e cor Pratt and East Falls avenue, Wm. 
GilmorofAVm., proprietor 

James H. Wood, publisher 
bHIP CO , Flannigan's wharf, James B. 
Andrews, agent 
Baltimore Scow Co. 8 s Gay 
Baltimore Sheep Butchers' Wool Association 

No. 1, 505 Penna av 
Bahimore Special Dispensary, 59 North 
Baltimore Steam Boiler Works, 25 s Front, C. 

W. Beotley, president 
Baltimore Steam Laundry, baspment 1 e 
Baltimore, next to bridge, Chr. Search, pro- 
Baltimore Stock Board, 45 w Fayette 
BALTIMORE SUN, s e cor Baltimore and 

South, A. S. Abell & Co., proprietors 
ping office Union Dock, R. L. Poor, presi- 
deut and treas., office n e cor Post Office av 
and Second 
Baltimore and Susquehanna Steam Co. Joseph 
James Taylor, agt. office 212 West Falls av 
Baltimore Underwriter, C. C. Bombaugh, ed., 

57 Second 
Baltimore Union Musical Association, ever 2 

s Frederick United Butchers' Association, n e 

cor Neighbor and McKim 
Baltimore Warehouse Co., 120 and 122 s Eu- 
tiw, cor. O'Donnell's wharf and Wall, and 
63 Conway 
BALTIMORE WECKER, daily and weekly 
German iiewspiper, 83.} w Baltimore, Wm. 
Sohnauffer and Wm. R'app, proprietors. _ 
Baltimore Workingmen's Union, Arbeiter 

Hall, 5 s Fiederick 
Baltz Adolph, currier, 145 William 
Baltz Anton, paper cirrier, 233 s Dallas 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement & Plaster. 

B Itz Edward, butcher, 599 Penna av 

Baltz Henry, butcher, 558 Penna av 

Bal z Wm. butcher, 35 Belair and 34 Hanover 

market."?, dw Jenkins' lane nr York road 
Baltzell Alexander, clerk, 220 Franklin 
Baltzell Charles C. paper hangings, window 

shades, &?., 10 Ensor 
Bal'zell Cbas. R. (Rollins & B.) 10 n Calhoua 
B>iltzell Frederick, laborer, 329 s Bond 
Baltzell Frank C. 175 Si. Paul 
Baltzell James, clerk, 220 Franklin 
Baltzell Mrs. Catherine E. 10 n Calhoua 
Baltzell Mrs K. D. 10 Calhoun 
BALTZELL DR. WM. H., 175 St. Paul 
Baltzer Valentine, carter, 183 s Wolfe 
Bal';ff Wm. farmer, Belair av nr Hoffman 
Balz Rhinehard, provisions, 331 w Fayette 
Balzer George, laborer, 20G 9 Wolfo 
Balzer Henry, tailor, C2 Aliceanna 
Ba'zer John, laborer, 408 Penna av 
Balzer John, shoemaker, 278 Light 
B?lzer Nicholas, porter, 16 s Caapel 
Bamb.ach Mrs. Amelia, grocery, 74 n Exeter 
Bambach Joseph, boilermaker, 74 n Exeter 
Bamberger Abraham, 60 n Spring 
Bamberger Ansel, (E. Bamberger & Co.) 107 

s Sharp 
Bamberger David, auction goods, hosiery, &c. 

69 n Howard 
Bamberger E. & Co. (E. and A. Bamberger) 
millinery and fancy gooda, 247 w Baltimore 
Bamberger E. (E. B. & Co.) 170 w Lombard 
Bamberger Isaac, 153 Lexington 
Bamberger Joseph C. bricklayer, 312 Green- 
mount av 
Bamberger Julius, clerk, 170 w Lombard 
Bamberger Moses, tea, 153 Lexington, dw 235 

Bamberger Moses, fancy goods and notion?, 
57 n Howard and 143 Lexington, dw 235 
Bamberger Wm. H. grocery, 243 e Madison 
Bamberger Wm. W. letter carrier, 149 Conway 
Bamhauer Edward, canmaker, 9 Baker's ct 
Bamler John H. cigarmaker, 225 s Durham 
Banard Rudolph, bricklayer, 141 n Fremont 
Bancroft Charles F. clerk, 22 e Fayette 
Bancroft Capt. Eugene A . qnartermiister, U. 

S. A. Fort McHenry, office 51 s Sharp 
Bincroft John, bricklayer, 22 e Fayette 
Bancroft John D. bricklayer, 22 e Fayette 
Bancroft Mrs. Mildred, boarding, 19 Mullikin 
Band Bariley, laborer, 31 Front n of Foundry 
Bandel Andrew J. sec. Atlantic Fire and Ma- 
rine Ins. Co. 62 e Baltimore 
Ban.lel Andrew J. jr. bookkeeper, 02 e Balti- 
Bandel Mrs. Ann Maria, 135 n Eden 
BandelMrs.Catheriae, lager beer, 153 3 Charles 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers mill Dealers in 


White Goods, Embroideries, Laces, 



Bandel Decatur A. clerk, 365 e Pratt 
Bandel Edward, carpenter, 185 n Elea 
Bandel Grafton, cabinetmkr, 202 e Lombard 
Baniiel Henry M. shoecaaker, 185 n Eden 
Bandel I. Cook, tinware, 62 e Baltimore 
Bandel James L. shoemaker, 185 n Eden 
Bandel John, wagoner, 06 s Exeter 
Bandel John M. & Sons, (J. M. sr., J. W. jr.. 
i • Martin L. B.) shipping and com. mercUts. 

119 Smith's wharf 
Bandel John M. sr. (John M. Bandel & Sons) 

365 e Pratt 
Bandel John W. jr. (John M. Bandel & Sons) 

365 e P/att 
Bandel Leonard, 153 s Charles 
Bandel Leonard J. mariner, 96 s Exeter 
Bandti Martin L. (John M. Bandel & Sons) 

365 e Pratt 
Bandel Philip, shipping mercht. 202 e Fayette 
Bandel Philip II. clerk, 202 e Fayette _ 
Bandel Samuel G. boxmaker, 62 e Baltimore 
Bandell George W. carver, 532 n Gay 
Bandtll George W. dyer, 187 e Baltimore 
Bandell Capt. Michael H. mariner, 7 s Gist 
Bandell Simuel L. clerk, 9 Jackson 
Bandell Mrs. Sarah, doctress, 112 s Caroline 
Bandell \Vm. bacon, 70 n Bond 
Bandell Wm. T. clerk, 112 s Caroline 
Bando Frederick, barber, 267 n Bond 
B-iugert Chas. L. plasterer, 116 McElderry 
Bingert Henry, carpenter, 59 n Dallas 
Bangert John II. ship joiner, 255 s Durham 
Bangert Joseph, Eastern av nr Gist 
Bangert Philip, coal oil and lamps, s w cor 

Central av and Chew 
Bangert Rudolph, hatter, 116 McElderry 
Bangs Mrs. Adeline, 203 Columbia 
Bangs Chas. clerk, 218 Druid Hill av 
Bangs Edward, (Carey & Bangs) 248 w Madi- 
Bangs Frank, clerk, 232 Barre 
Bangs George F. tailor, 6 Laurel 
Bangs Laura, teacher, 232 Barre 
Bangs Mrs. Mary A. contectionerj', 113 s Bond 
Banys Mrs. Melvina, 232 Barre 
BANK OF COMMERCE, 26 South, Jas. W 

Aluult, president 
Bankard Chas. carpenter, 649'Penna. av 
BANKARD & CO. (H.N, Bankard) real es- 
tate agents, 5 St. Paul 
Bankard David, carpenter, 273 Preston 
Bankard Henry N. (B. k Co.) cor Gilmorand 

Bankard Jacob J. provisions, 74 and 76 Light 

St whf, dw n 6 cor Baltimore and Chester 
Bankard Jacob J. butcher, 67 Jackson sq av 
Bankard Jacob J. jr. (Turner & Co.) n e cor 

Brtltimore and Cbester 
iBankard James M. butcher, 67 Jackson sq av 

Bankard John, shoemkr. Castle nr Lombard 
Bankard John L. butcher, 22 Fell's Point 

market, dw 433 e Baltimore 
Bankard Margaret, grocery, 438 e Baltimore 
Bankard Nicholas D. carp, 545 n Fremont 
Bankard Valentine, shoemaker, Phila. rd nr 

city limi'3 
Bankard Wm. FI. salesman, 25 s Rcpublicaa 
Baukart John B. cooper, 126 8 Spring 
Bankart Martin A. tailor, 126 s Spiing 
Bankerd Dennis, (B.Bros.) 226 Franklin 
Bankerd Josiab, (Bankerd Bros. ) 363 Franklin 
Bankerd Wm. butter dealer, 213 w Biddle 
Bankerd Bros., (J. and D. Bankerd) produce 

com. merchs., 146 Franklin 
Bankers. Brokers and Commercial Telegraph, 

147 w Baltimore 
Banken Henry, clerk, 126 Thames 
Bankhead Charles P. painter, 27 n Fremont 
Bankhead Ilobt. L. plasterer, 27 n Fremont 
Bankhead Robert, clerk, 27 n Fremont 
Banks Abraham, laborer, 52 s Scluoeder 
Banks Benj. F. furn. wagon, 132 Orleans 
Banks Mrs. Cath'ne, butter, 54 Greenniountav 
Banks Daniel B. pres. Union Manf. Co., office 
cor Howard and German, dw 194 Franklin 
Banks David, furniture, 59 South, dw 380 e 

Banks Frank W. clerk, 127 n Broadway 
Banks George C. tax department, cor Calvert 

and Fayette 
Banks James E. huckster, 54 Greenmount av 
Banks John, machinist, 7 s Schroeder 
Banks John M. machinist, 7 s Schrceder 
Banks John W. clerk, 52 n Dallas 
Banks Joshua, 692 w Baltimore 
Banks Joshua E, tinner, 2 Druid Hill av,dw 152 
Banks Lewis, machinist, 11 Elting 
Banks Mrs. Mary V. dressmaker, 24 n Schroe- 
Banks Morton D. clerk, 354 e Pratt 
Banks Dr. R. G. 9 n Gilmor 
BANKS ROBERT T. Mayor of Baltimore city, 

dw n e cor Calvert and Madison 
Banks Robert T. china and glassware, 53 

South, dw n e cor Calvert and Maditon 
Banks Robert T. jr. clerk, n e cor Calvert and 

Banks Samuel, machinist, 243 Dolphin 
Banks Samuel, driver, 52 n Dal 'as 
Banks Samuel, machinist, 31 e E^ger 
Banks Smund<'r, seamstress, 7 s Schrceder 
Banks Wm. cliairpainter, 107 Jackson Sq. av 
Banks \V'ui. II. tinner, 24 Schroeder 
Banks Wm. 11. tinner, 38 Warner 
Banks W. H. S. painter, 107 Hampstead 
Banks W. E. (Swain k Banks) 199 n Calvert 
Banks Wm. J. huckster, 54 Greenniountav 
Bankstalil John, shoemaker, 8 Spring st ct 
Bankiwz Ricard, laborer, 224 Frederick av 
Bannan Charles, shoemaker, 5 Webb 
Bannan Hugh, stonecutter, 35 Prestoa 
Bannan John, police, 211 Dolphin 
Bannan John, 135 Harford av 
Bannan John A. engineer, 105 n Poppleton 
Bannan Lawrence, machinist, 79 YorK 
Bannan Margaret, 79 York 
Bannard James M. tinner, 93 Lee 
Baniibart Chas. A. clerk, 437 Walsh 
Bannenberg Fred'k, shoemaker, 375 w Lom- 
Banning Alexander, 285 Ilollins 




Banning Catberine, 280 Lexington 
Banning Emma, 354 w Lombard 
Banning Henry, insurance, 354 w Lombard 
.Banning Maria, 280 Lexington 
Banning M. E. 280 Lexington 
Bannon Michael, attorney, 32 St Paul, dw 

Anne Arundel co 
Bannon Patrick, drayman, 120 Scott 
Bannister Mrs. Maria T. 55 McHenry 
Bansemer G. A. (W. G. B. &. Co.) 202 w 

BANSEMER W. G. & Co. (W. G. and G. A. 
Bansemer,) wholesale grocers and commis- 
sion merchants, 45 German 
Bausemer AVm. G. (W. G. B. & Co.) 20G w 

Bantbem Charles, butcher, 6 n Wolfe 
BantbemCoas. W. coachmaker, 59 Henrietta 
Banthem George, coachsmith, 59 Henrietta 
Banthem James, coachmaker, 59 Henrietta 
Bantbem James M. painter, 286 Cross 
Bantz Dr. Edward, ins. agent, 30 South, dw 

22 Columbia 
Bantz Eugene H. 100 Saratoga 
Bantz Gideon, 22 Columbia 
Bantz Henry H. salesman, 312 w Baltimore 
Bantz Jobn, barkeeper, 392 Canton av 
Bantz Theodore S. 338 w Baltimore, dw 305 

Baniz Joseph, shoemaker, 47 Henrietta 
Bantz Wm. 100 Saratoga 
Banville Lawrence, contractor, 38 Penna. av 
Banzer Frederick, liquor, 239 s Bond 
Bapp Lawrence, oyster shucker, 22S s Caroline 
BAQUOL & Co. (J. Baquol) French confec- 
tionery, 242 w Pratt 
Baquol Jules, (B. & Co.) 242 w Pratt 
Bar Levi, tailor, ,12 n Charles, dw 39 Ais- 

Barbara John, machinist, 8G s Caroline 
Barbara Pilchard, liquors, 551 w Lombard 
Barlaria Ricard, saloon, s e cor Republican 

and Lombard 
Barbario John, machinist, 86 s Caroline 
Barbee Geo. B. 140 w Fayetie 
Barber Isabella, 598 Lexington 
Birber J. G. & Co. (John G. B.) flour and 

feed, 61 s Eutaw 
Barber John T. police, 352 s Caroline 
Barber John G. (J. G. B. & Co.) comm., 

grain and feed, 27 n Poppleton 
Barter Michael, rigger, 352 s Caroline 
Barber Philip J. police, Gay opp. Point la 
Barber Sarah, dressmaker, 214 Madison av 
Barber Mrs. Susan, 177 s Paca 
Barber Walter, butcher, cor Penna. av. and 

Barber Wm. fireman, 177 s Paca 
Barber Walter T. clerk, 552 w Fayette 
Barbine Jacob F. bricklayer, 155 Batiery av 
Baibine Joseph, police, 24 Bevan 
Barbine Wm.E. ahipcarpenter, 157 Battery av 
Barbour Daniel N. huckster, 67 McElderry 
Barbour David M. clerk, 357 HoUins 
Barbour Edward, laborer, 5 Binney 
Barcher Christopher, police, 2G1 e Pratt 
B^rcher Mrs. Susan, huckstress, 150 s Ana 
Bare' ay Mrs. Hannah, 61 s Ann 
Barclay Isaac, mariner, 166 Canton av 
Bard Thomas P. 278 Lexington 
Bardenbacier Geo. P. rags, 909 w Pratt 
Barder Mrs. Helena, 146 Ensor 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c, 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Barder John, cooper, 300 s Caroline 
Bardley Eliza, 26 George 
Bardon Michael, laborer, 382 Aisquith 
Bardroff Joseph, plasterer, 20 Rock 

Wood Dealer, 45 Boston Btx'eet, 
6.W 120 s Chester 

Bardroff Peter, piano maker, 20 Bock 
Bardwell Geo. S. clerk, 161 w IIuHman 
Bard well Geo. S. clerk, 222 Madison av 
Baresmith George, laborer, 8 3 Payson 
Bar3 Hill Mining Co. of Baltimore, 4 s Ilolli- 

Barentrop Frederick, laborer, 221 Henrietta 
Bargar Deetcr, bricklayer, 65 Franklin 
Bargar Geo. W. bricklayer, 86 Druid Hill av 
Bargar Joseph H. moulder, 84 Henrietta 
Bargar Henry, bricklayer, 172 Mulberry 
Bargar Miss S. M. teacber, 239 Franklin 
Barget George, musician, 78 s Central av 
Barhgan .Margaret, 198 Eastern av 
Barickman Marietta A. teacher, 169 n Paca 
Barke ChrisUan, shoemaker, 332 s Charles 
Barke John, bookkeeper, 332 s Charles 
Barker Agnes R. dressmaker, 89 Front, u of 

Barker Albert E. clerk, 134 n Gay 
Barker Alfred, pattern maker, 89 n Front, n 

of Foundry 
Barker Alired, jr. clerk, 89 Front, n of Foundry 
Barker Beniamin, 189 w Lombard 
Barker & Chandlce, (W. K. B., H. P. Chand- 

lee) wholesale tobac. and cigars, 26 s Calvert 
Barker Edward, 369 Canton av 
Barker Edward W. (B. & Fisher) Balto. co 
Barker Evan S. 168 Cathedral 
BARKER k FISHER, (Ed. W. B., C. D. 

Fisher) flour, grain and gen'l com. merch. 

71 South 
Barker George, pilot, 30 Stiles 
Barker Geo. E. music teacher, 157 Harford av 
Barker Graham, salesman, 236 w Fayette 
Barker James T. mariner, 9 Hill 
Barker John, stevedore, 1 Meyer ct 
BARKER JOHN A. property agent, 42 St 

Paul, dw 15 McCulloh 
Barker Joseph, laborer, 160 s Eutaw 
Barker Joseph H. (Woods, Weeks & Co.) 90 

Barker Lewis R. pattera maker, 89 Front, n 

of Foundry 
Barker Mrs. Mary, 369 Canton av 
Barker Mrs. Mary E. confectionery, 160 3 

Barker Patrick, 369 Canton av 
Barker Robert, ship carpenter, 136 s Chester 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers antl Dealers in 


White Goods, Embroideries, Laces, 



Barker Thomas M. (Goldsborough & Co.) 142 

n Charles 
Burker Wesley, of tobacco warehouse, Union 

Barker Wm. ship carpenter, 83 s Ann 
Barker Wrn. machinist, Franklin Inn 
Barker Wm. police, 64 McMechin 
Barker Wra. C. ass't Light House keeper, 36 

Barker Wm. F. blacksmith, 29 s Strieker 
BMrker Wm. H. clerk, Oregon nr Mosher 
Barker Wra. K. (B. & Chandlee) 172 n Oregon 
Barklage Mrs. Gertrude, 95 Pearl 
Barklage & Henneman, (H. A. Barklage, John 

Henneman) packing box makers, 15 Cowpen 

Barklage Henry A. (B. & Henneman) 95 Pearl 
Barkley Albert, tailor, 43 Eastern av 
Barkley Marcus C. engineer, 61 s Ann 
Barkley George L. provisions, 267 e Lombard 
Barkley Capt. Richard, mariner, 73 3 Ann 
Barkley Robt. tailor, 43 Eastern av 
Barkman George, mariner, 119 Columbia 
Barkman Jacob, 119 Columbia 
Barkman Jas. S. runner, First National Bank, 

38 e Fayette 
Barkman John M. bricklayer, 76 Peirce 
Barkman Joseph, jr., bricklayer, 76 Peirce 
Barkman Joseph, sr., cigarmaker, 76 Peirce 
Barkman Mrs. Louisa, 38 e Fayette 
Barkman Wm. H. cigarmaker, 76 Peirce 
BARKMEYER FRED. W. grocery, 61 s 

Barlarge Frank, grocery, 260 Montgomery 
Barley George, engineer, 503 w Lombard 
Barlinee Nicholas, 4 Albemarle 
Barling Ann, 231 George 
Barling Edward, carpenter, 152 n Bethel 
Barlow Charles E. bookbinder, 59 n Front, n 

of Foundry 
Barlow James I. paperhanger, s w cor Ais- 

quith and Lanvale 
Barlow James AV. clerk, 161 w Lombard 
Barlow John II. painter, 1 n Sharp, dw 59 

Front n of Foundry 
Barlow Mrs. Kate, confectionery, 21 Pennaav 
Barlow Thos. carp'r, 59 n Front, n of Foundry 
Barlow Jos. M. upholsterer, 21 Penna av 
BARNARD CHARLES P. Sherwood bouse, 

s e cor Harrison and Fayette 
Barnard George W. 193 e Baltimore 
Barnard John J. salesman, 49 St. Paul 
Barnard Notley, paints, 193 e Baltimore 

HOUSE, on the European 
plan, cor Fayette and Harrison 
Streets, opp, Maryland Institute. 

Barnard Jlrs. Susan J. 193 e Baltimore 
Barneclo Risdon, engineer, 64 s Caroline 
Barnes Adelaide, seamstress, 71G w Pratt 
Barnes Alexander M. lumber inspect. 192 8 

Barnes Ann B. vestmaker, 66 Raborg 
Barnes Benj. clerk, 153 Barre 
Barnes Benj. F. ]>ainter, 321 Franklin 
Barnes Bennett W. bricklayer, 262 e Fayette 
Barnes Hernhard, seaman, 322 Canton av 
Barnes Mrs. Brice II. 204 Lexington 
Barnes Catherine A. dairy, 716 w Pratt 
Barnes C. Fletcher, bookkeeper, 30 s Calvert 
Barnes & Davis, (R. M. B., S.B. Davis) public 

weighers, over 59 s Gay 
Barnes Daniel J. blacksmith, 91 s Chester 
Barnes Mrs. Deborah, 2 Gould's ct 
Barnes D. Wilton, clerk, 349 n Broadway 
Barnes Mrs. Eliza, seamstress, 327 Saratoga 
Barnes Mrs. Eliza, 306 Light 

Barnes Mrs. , 2G2 Aisquith 

Barnes Francis, laborer, 716 w Pratt 
Barnes Frederick, cigarmaker, 319 s Bond 
Barnes & Gardner (Wesley B., James G.) va- 
riety show, 15 n Frederick 
Barnes Geo. 2W9 Bank 
Barnes Geo. D. bricklayer, 293 w Pratt 
BARNES HANSON P. oysters and produce, 

over 150 w Pratt, dw 106 n Broadway 
Barnes Harry, clerk, 716 w Pratt 
Barnes Henry E. oyster packer, 100 Johnson 
Barnes Jacob S. salesman, 106 n Broadway 
Barnes James E. lumberman, 327 Canton av 
Barnes James S. brass moulder, 142 McCulloh 
Barnes James F. lumberman, 21 Fountain 
Barnes John R. clerk, 349 n Broadw.ay 
Barnes John H. city register, 364 e Baltimore 
Barnes John, tailor, 78 s \Yol(e 
Barnes John A. grocery and provision, 364 e 

Barnes John M. blacksmith, 43 e Fayette 
Barnes John R. clerk, 286 n Eden 
Barnes John W. millwright, 46 n Schroeder 
Barnes Joseph, carpenter, 173 s Central av 
Barnes Joshua, carpenter, 105 w Fayette 
Barnes J. T. M-ison, dep'y city collector, cor 

Decker and Oliver 
Barnes Leakin. mariner, 90 B Gilmor 
BARNES MRS. MARY A. 20 Peirce 
Barnes Mary E. teacher, 33 Gough 
Barnes Mrs. Margaret St. Clair C. cor Decker 

and Oliver 
Barnes Richard, screwman, 425 e Fayette 
Barnes Richard M. (B. & Davis) cor Decker 

and Oliver 
Barnes Robert C. sr. 26 Bowly's wharf, dw 

Baltimore co 
Barnes Sallie E. teacher, 164 s Charles 
Barnes Saml. F. moulder, 14 Ramsay 
Barnes Saml. carpenter, 48 Barre 
Barnes Sarah A. tailoress, 2 Gould's ct 
Barnes Theodore, carter, 43 s Regestcr 
Barnes Thos. B. tobacconist, 280 e Monument 
Barnes Capt. Thos. H. 14 Williamson al 
Barnes Thos. II. clerk, 146 e Madison 
Barnes Wesley (B.& Gardner) 15 n Frederick 
Barnes Rev. Wm. M. 319 n Eutaw 
Barnes Wm. R. clerk, 106 n Broadway 
ISarnes Wra. huckster, 9 s Ann 
Barnes Wm. 171 w Fayette 
Barnes Wm. J. bookkeeper, 113 Jaoksou 
Square av 




Barnes Wm. M. carpenter, H19 n Eutaw 
Barnet John H. cigar maker, 596 w Lombard 
Barnet Dr. Joaquin, 2 n Carey 
Barnett Alex, brickmaker, 158 William 
Barnett Mrs. A. D. 243 w Fayette 
Barnett Amelia E. millinery, 67 n Charles 
Barnett Danl. notions, over Ti}.^ Harrison 
Barnett Mrs. E'iza, Federal nr Hudson al 
Barnett Geo. W. salesman, Miller's Hotel 
Barnett James, caulker, 144 Battery av 
Barnett James H. miller, Tl Mound 
Barnett John, -wheelwright, 434 Saratoga, dw 

125 Rollins 
Barnett Rosanna, tailoress, 125 Battery av 
Barnett Thomas, painter, Choptank nr Pratt 
Barnett Wm. bricklayer, 3 Hope al 
Barnett AVm. grocery and provisions, 703 w 

Barnew Robert, butcher, 490 Saratoga 
Barney Ann B. 76 n Charles 
Barney Caroline L. 76 n Charles 
Barney Elizabeth R. 76 n Charles 
Barney Geo. S. oyeter packer, 210 s Wolf 
BARNEY JAMES H. city collector, 76 n 

Barnbart Alfred W. paper hangings, 123 n 

Barnhart John, machinist, 47 s Poppleton 
Barnhiil Andrew H. salesman, 364 e Eager 
Barnibam Wm. stonemason, 32 n Amity 
Barnickel Johann F. tailor, 115 McElderry 
Barnitz Augustus M. law student, 29 George 
Barnitz Covington D. attorney, 71 w Fayette, 

dw Catonsville 
Barnitz Michael, 29 George 
BARNUM'S CITY HOTEL, fronting Calvert, 
St. Paul and Fayette, Barnum & Co. pro- 
BARNUM & CO. proprietors Barnum's City 

Hotel, cor Calvert and Fayette 
Barnum Edward T. clerk. 282 Walsh 
Barnwell Thomas, fireman, 79 Block 
Baron George, shoemaker, 222 s Paca 
Baroux Edwin G. painter, 539 w Lombard 
Barr Backard, shoemaker, Castle nr Baltimore 
Barr James L. clerk, 101 n Poppleton 
Earr Letilia, 101 n Poppleton 
Barranger Andrew, gardener, 292 Harford av 
Barranger C. C. (G. W.& C. C. Barranger) 

288 Saratoga 
Barranger Charles, laborer, 223 Henrietta 
Barranger George W. (G. W, & C. C. Bar- 
ranger) 288 Saratoga 
Barranger Henry C. butcher, Lexington ext 
Barranger John F. provisions, s w cor McEl- 
derry and Spring 
Barranger James L. butcher, McElderry, e of 

Maryland Hospital 
Bajfanger John, butcher, Lexington ext 
Barranger John L. police, 326 e Madison 
Barranger G. W. & C. C. butchers, 34 Centre, 

71 Lexington and 63 Hanover markets 
Barranger Lewis L. sr.. Liberty rd nr tollgafe 
Barranger Lewis L. jr., butcher, 62 Centre, 44 
K Lexington and 65 Hanover markets, dw 169 
^ Penna av 

Barranger Lewis, wagoner, 109 McElderry 
Barranger Wm. hostler, 63 McElderry 
Barranger Zachary, stone polisher, McElderry 

e of Maryland Hospital 
Barrett A. J. & Co. (A. J. Barrett, Mary 
Bevan) pawnbrokers, 50 e Baltimore 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, (Sec. 



Clover, Thnothy Seed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Barrett Andrew J. (A. J. Barrett & Co.) 164 

Barrett Annie E. hair dresser, 89 n Howard, 

dw 115 e Monument 
Barrett Augustus S. butcher, 129 n Regester 
Barrett C. millinery, 546 w Fayette 
Barrett David, watchman C. H. 107 Peirce 
Barrett Edward, drayman, 1 Hagan's ct 
Barrett Eliza, millinery, 90 Richmond 
Barrett Francis 0. (J Post & Co.) 124 Parkav 
Barrett George, silver plater, 470 Lexington 
Barrett George B. musician, 182 n Eutaw 
Barrett George E. cutter, 18 s Fremont 
Barrett George W. teamster, 24 Hamburg 
Barrett Gregory, sr. 115 n Fremont 
Barrett & Higgins, (W, D. Barrett, J. T. 
Higgins) wholesale hats and caps, 272 w 
Barrett Henry, carpenter, 57 s Monroe 
Barrett James, laborer, Paca nr Fremont 
Barrett James, 226 s Paca 
Barrett James H. clerk, 310 n Howard 
Barrett James J., Fulton nr Franklin 
Barrett James J. (Jessing & B.) prof, of music, 

17 McElderry 
Barrett Mrs. Jane F. 40 Henrietta 
Barrett John, driver, 226 s Paca 
J^arrett John, laborer, Cooksie nr Nicholson 
Barrett John, grocery, 289 e Pratt 
Barrett John L. china and glass, 36 e Balti- 
more, dw 78 s Eden 
BARRETT JOHN M. looking glafs and pic- 
ture frames manufacturer, s e cor Howard 
and Saratoga 
Barrett L. Z. clerk, 93 Druid Hill av 
Barrett Maurice U. clerk, 93 Druid Hill av 
Barrett M. looking glass and picture frames, 

82 n Howard 
Barrett Mrs. Mary, 39 Pearl 
Barrett Margaret E. 18 s Fremont 
Barrett Nathan, (B., Nephews &"Co.) Staten 

Island, N. Y. 
Barrett, Nephews & Co. (Nathan B., Nathan, 
Edward, and Joseph Heal, A. C. Wood) 
Staten Island Dyeing Co. 110 w Baltimore 
Barrett Patrick, mariner, 152 s Chester 
Barrett Samuel, letter carrier, 115 n Fremont 
Barrett Thos. maltster. North nr Baltimore 
Barrett Thos. II. engineer, 184 George 
Barrett Wm. clerk, 116 Light st. whf 
Barrett Wm. D. (B. & Higgins) 226 w Hofif- 

Barrett Wm. G. clerk, Potomac nr Hudson 
Barrett Wm. II. rags, 24 William, dw 235 

Barrett Wm. T. clerk, 82 n Howard 
Barrick E. C. salesman, 90 Mulberry 
Barrick k Snyder, (W. E. B., M. Snyder) 
carpenters, 5 Hollingsworth 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Oealers in 


White Goods, Embroideries, Laces, 



Barrick Wm. E. (B. & Snyder) 190 Hanover 
Barrickman Jacob, cedar cooper, 200 e Balli- 

Barrickman Marietta, teacher, 169 n Paca 
Barrickman Sarah E. 56 n Eden 
Barriere Geo. F. dry goods, 137 n Gay 
Barrieve Isadore, cook, 129 s Exeler 
Barrinston Edward P. bookkeeper, 063 w 

Barrington Frank T. music teacher, York rd 

nr toligate 
Barrington J. T, clerk, 143 s Broadway 
Barroll Benj. C. attorney, 23 Lexfagton, dw 

5G n Carey 
Barroll Benj. C. jr. clerk, 56 n Carey 
Barroll James W. 2S6 Madison av 
Barroll Julian S. clerk, 56 n Carey 
BarroU Richard, clerk, 89 s Sharp 
Barron Daniel, machinist, 417 w Pratt 
Barron D. Thomas, 169 w Lombard 
Barron Mrs. Elizabeth, cor Fremont and Ger- 
Barron James, asst. engineer, 137 e Lombard 
Barron John, carpenter, 89 Walsh 
Barron John, produce, 95 and 96 Hanover 

market, dw 79 s Paca 
Barron John M. inspector, 160 Barre 
Barron Richard, expressman. Park nr L.- 

Barron Roger, clerk, 79 s Paca 
Barron Thomas, veterinarian, 97 Walsh 
Barron Thomas, police, 146 George 
Barron Thos. dress trimmings, 83 n Howard 
Barron AV'm. D. salesman, 169 w Lombard 
Barrow Denwood H. 567 w Fayette 
Barrow Frank, wagoner, cor Biddie and 

Barrow H. T. bookkeeper, 517 w Fayette 
Barrow 0. W. clerk, 47 Light 
Barrow Thos. H. salesman, 517 w Fayette 
Barrow Rev. Thomas, 227 e Baltimore 
Barrows Mrs. Elizabeth, 33 Phiipot 
Barrus Geo. W. cooper, 116 n Central av 
Barry Mrs. Arietta, 503 w Fayette 
Barry Mt-s. Bridget, 17 Bank 
Barry Mrs. Catherine, 9 w Chase 
E. Hoogewerif) merchandise brokers, 4 
Grocers' Exchange, Commerce 

BARRY & COOK, (Wm. R. Barry, 
Samuel G. B. Cook) Hardware 
Commission Merchants, 19 South 

Barry & Claby, (P. T. Barry, L. F. Claby) 

plumbers and gas fitters, 229 w Pratt 
Barry Dennis, 17 Harford av 

Barry Edward, laborer, 7 O'Donnell 

Barry Elijah W. (Wm. H. B. & Co.) 393 w 

Barry Mrs. Frances, 093 w Fayette 
Barry Mrs. Hester, John nr Wilson 
Barry Harry A. coal, over 44 Second, dw 262 

BARRY HALL, Ewell & Kelly, proprietors, 

12 St. Paul 
Barry James, painter, 98 s Strieker 
Barry James, jr. plumber, 17 Harford av 
Barry James, tarter, 17 Harford av 
Barry James C. jr. (Barry & Hoogewerff ) 11 

Barry James J. engineer U. S. N. 9 w Chase 
Barry John, carpenter, 3 Watson 
Birry John, clerk, 47 German 
Barry John, 69 Vine 

Barry Capt. Jno. J. bookkeeper, 503 w Fayetfo 
Birry John S. k Co. (J. S. Barry, W. H. V. 
Smith) dry goods tommis'n merchants, 20 
Barry John S. (J. S. Barry & Co.) Balto co 
Barry Joseph W. ( Wm. li. B. & Co.) 83 Hill 
Barry Joshua, clerk, 12 n Bond 
Barry John W. clerk, 5u3 w Fayette 
Barry <fc King, (R. C. B., J. C. King) attor- 
neys, 48 Lexington 
Barry John W. huckster and fruit stand, cor 

Light and Pratt, dw 63 L Montgomery- 
Barry John M. (W. II. B. &Co.) 393 w Pratt 
Barry Mrs. Mary, 118 Stirling 
Barry Michael, fireman, 548 w Pratt 
Barry Patrick T. (B.irry & Claby) 17 Har- 
ford av 
Barry Patrick, laborer, 21 n Amity 
Barry Robert C. (B. & King) Baltimore co 
Barry Richard, driver, 248 e Fayette 
B-iiry Samuel H. mariner, 175 Ensor 
Barry Samuel, barkeeper, 298 w Pratt 
Barry Samuel M. 61 n Liberty 
Barry Standish, currier, 98 L Montgomery 
Barry Thomas, stone mason, 133 Division 
Barry Wm. H. ( Wm. II. B. & Co.) 393 w Pratt 
Barry Wm. millwright, 118 York 
Barry Wm. laborer, 57 Front 
Barry Wm. E. clerk, John nr McMechia 
Barry Wm. F. engineer, 9 w Chase 
Barry Wm. laborer, 57 Front, n of Foundry 

BARRY, W. H. & CO., Wholesale 
and Retail Dealers in Game, 
Terrapin and Venison, n w cor 
Charles and Baltimore sts. 

Barry Wm. porter, 09 Vine 

Barry Wm. R. (B. & Cook) 206 Walsh • 

Barry Wm. jr. collar maker, 69 Vine 

Barry Wm. laborer, 172 Ramsay 

Bart Frederick, butcher, 616 Light 

BartpR Albert, shoemaker, 137 s Exeter 

BARTELL caRlSTOPHEK, cabinet maker, 

283 w Pratt 
Bartells Henry, carpenter, 24 Callendar al 
Bartells John, locksmith, 70 Hanover 
Barth Chris, boots and shoes, 182 LexingtOQ 
Barth Christian E. 182 Lexington 
Barth Daniel, harness maker, 8 St. Mary 
Barth John, marble cutter, Belair av nr Balti- 
more cemetery 




Earth Lewis, blacksmith, 2 Fountain 
EARTH SAMCEL, com. merchant and im- 
porter of liquors, wines, cigars, &c. s w cor 
Pratt and Light 
Earth Samuel J. C. carpenter, 233 n Eden 
Earth Wm. Y. clerk, 859 w Baltimore 
Bartholeraee August, tailor, 57 Gough 
Bartholoraee August, tailor, 34 Bank 
Eartholomee Jno. J. cigar packer, 592 Saratoga 
Earthoiomee Mrs. Julia A 180 Franklin 
Bartholoraee T.M. & Co.(T.iLB.,R. C.ilaclel- 

lan) produce, 51 Light 
Earthoiomee Theodore M. (T. M. E. & Co.) 

187 Druid Hill av 
Eartholmeir Geo. cabinet maker, 147 s Spring 
Eartholomaei Christ. G. cabinet maker, 15 w 

Chase, dw 13 
Eartholomaei Geo. clerk, 13 w Chase 
Eartholomaei Geo. clerk, 11 Clay 
Bartholomay Ferdinand, laborer, 88 n Amity 
Bartholomew Geo. E. brakesman, 188 East 
Bartholomew Geo. cab't maker, 147 s Spring 
Bartholomew Henry, salesman, 182 Dover 
Bartholomew Leon'd. cab't maker, 249 George 
Bartholow Andrew J. carpenter, 50 n Pine 
Bartholow B. F. (G. P. Thomas & Co.) 304 

Bartholow Hester, o8 George 
Eartholow John, butcher, 459 Lexington 
Bartho'ow J. M. C (Chase, Stewart & Co.) 

New York 
Bartholow Samuel, carpenter, 344 Franklin 
Bartholow Mrs. Thomas, 344 Franklin 
Bartlein John, cooper, 11 Clinton 
Bartler Henry, cigarmaker, 150 s Durham 
Eartleson Alonzo D. c!erk, 254 Mulberry 
Bartleson Mrs, Mary A. 254 Mulberry 
Bartlett Abner T. laborer, 228 Bank 
Bartlett Mrs. Aley, 47 Marion 
Bartlett Charles W. boat builder, 11 William- 
son al 
Bartlett David L. (B., Robbins & Co., and 

pres. Md. Marble co.) 57 Hollins 
Bartlett Edward L. clerk, 161 Dolphin 
Bartlett George, 65 n Liberty 
BARTLETT GEORGE W. B. hardware, 8 n 

Howard, dw 65 n Liberty 
Bartlett Harry, laborer, 73 3 Spring 
Bartlett James, boat builder, 175 s \Volfe 
Bartlett James, jr. boat builder, 175 s Wolfe 
Bartlett James, boat builder, foot Montgom- 

erv, dw 215 Bank 
lett, H. W. Robbins) late Hayward, Bart- 
lett & Co. wholesale stove warehouse, 24 
Light, foundry cor Pratt and Scott 
Bartlett Thomas, blacksmith, Chester nr Bait 
Bartlett Wm. S. boat builder, 217 Bank 
Bartman Augustus, laborer, 222 Hughes 
Bartman Catherine, 143 s Regester 
Bartman Christ, brass finisher, 143 s Eegester 
Bartol k Bockmiller, (Henry B. B., William 
Bockrniller) carriage raauufs. 94 n Calvert 
Bartol Henry B. (B. & Bockmiller,) 219 Ais- 

Bartol James L. chief judge Court of Appeals, 

n e cor Chase and Eden 
Bartol Mrs. Sophia, 219 Aisquith 
Bartol Sophia A. 82 Mulberry 
Bartol John, tailor, 151 Dover 
Barton Andrew C. sailmaker, 102 Granby 
Barton Beal R. (Shipley & B ) 1 Peaa 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster, 

Barton Beal R. (Shipley & E.) 258 e Madison 
Barton Daniel, laborer, rear Calvert iron w'ks, 

Fort av 
Barton Esau, miller, 118 n Gay 
Barton Frank, laborer, 355 s Bond 
Barton Greenljury, 102 Granby 
Barton Ignatius D. printer, 28 n Caroline 
Barton James I. (B. & Key worth) 198 e Eal- 

Barton James, ship joiner, 251 e Lombard 
Barton Jennings, ship joiner, 142 s Chester 
Barton John T. collector wafer department, 

62 s Washington 
Barton Joseph, wagoner, 253 e Madisoa 
Birton Joshua N. finisher, 283 William 
Barton Joshua, finisher, 291 William 
Barton Julius, tailor, 16 Stirling 
Barton Julius, tailor, 144 e Lombard 
BARTON & KEYWORTH, (James I. B., C. 

B. Key worth, merchant tailors, 2 Light 
Barton Lazarus, finisher, 283 William 
Barton Martin, laborer, 307 Canton av 
Barton Mary J. drefsmaker, 162 e Fayette 
Barton Phifip A. (P. A. Barton & Co.) 21 a 

BARTON PHILIP A. & CO. (P. A. Barton, 

Vv'. A. Stay lor) tanners, curriers and leather, 

7 and 9 Cheapside 
Barton Mrs. Rebecca, 258 e Madison 
Barton Samufl, police, 8 s Chester 
Barton Samuel S. saiimiker, 162 e Fayette 
Barton Samuel S. carpenter, 225 n Eden 
Barton Samuel J. carpenter, 265 Central av 
Barton Secilia, lumber inspector, 256 s Ann 
Barton Thad. J. theatrical agent, 174 e Pratt 
Barton Thomas L. finisher, 87 Boyd 
Barton Willard G. engineer, 159 w Hofifmaa 
Barton Wm. laborer, 138 s Durham 
Barton Wm. mariner, 22 Fell 
Barton Wm. J. 62 e Lombard 
Barton Wm. L. printer, 19 n Ilolliday 
Bartram Wm. potter, 260 e Monument 
Bartsch Frederick, passe partouts and show 

cards, 1 s Sharp, dw 181 n Central av 
Bartscher Christopher M. police, 261 e Pratt 
Bartscher Geo. upholsterer, 248 w Baltimore 
Bartscher Jno. upholsterer, 101 Jackson gq av 
Birtz Daniel, lestaurant, Madison av terminus 

C. P. R. R. 

Bartz Ludwig, tailor, 16 Abbot 

Baruch Anton, laborer, 22 Barnes 

Baruch Chas. carpenter, 13 Abbot 

Barwick Mrs. Alice, 248 Hollins 

Parwick John W. laborer, 141 Hudson 

Bascora .Maria, 265 St. Paul 

Base Frederick, baker, 267 Mulberry 

Bash Alexander McC. (SaLds, Small & Bash) 

192 n Calvert 
Bash Edward H. clerk, 82 w Monument 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importerg and Dealers in 

notions and Fancy Goods, 

Hosiery, Gloves, Small Wares, &c. 


Bash Henry M. 82 w Monument 
Bash Jno. H. (Patterson & B.) 244 Linden av 
Bash Saml. laborer, Pratt nr Central av 
Eashford Mrs. Angeline, 63 s Scuroeder 
Bashford Jas. A. steam fitter, G3 s Scbroeder 
Easier Frederick, cigarmaker, Frederick road 

near Calvertou road 
Bass Sigmund, peddler, 16-1 s Broadway 
Bassett Mrs. Caroline, 3 Williamson al 
Bassett Freem. boilerraaker, 223 Montgomery 
Bassett Mrs. Henrietta, 15 Arraistead la 
Bassett Richard, agent, 259 s Wolfe 
Bassett Wm. laborer, 15 Armistead la 
B.issett Wesley, U. S. Int. Rev. Dept. 
Bassford Mrs. Albert E. school for young la- 
die?, 600 w Fayette 
Bassford Mrs. Maria 0. 118 Park av 
Basshor Lewis, sugar refiner, 51 L McElderry 
shor, W. Stebbins) engineers and heating 
apparatus manuf. 26 Light 
Basshor Thomas C. (T. C. Basshor & Co.) 269 

Linden av 
Bast Dorothea, grocery, 98 e Lombard 
Bast John, bakery, 98 e Lombard 
Bast Mrs. Louisa L. boarding, 121 Hollins 
Bastable A. N. k Co. (A. N. & G. M. Basta- 

ble) cattle, Eutaw house 
Bastable Alvin N. (A. N. B. & Co.) Eutaw 

Bastable Gilbert M. (A.N. B. & Co.) Eutaw 

Bastable James G. clerk, Eutaw house 
Basteh L. baker, 3 s Front 
Bastert August, laborer, 19 Cannon 
Bastian Henry, cigar maker, 28 L Hampstead 
Bastien Emile, book keeper, T5 n Charles 
Bf.stien Mad. E. ladies' hair dresser, 75 n 

Baswitz Moritz, millinery, 187 n Gay 
Batcheller John C. carpenter, 181 Aisquith 
Batchelor Andrew J. ship carpenter, 5 n Wolfe 
Batchelor Mrs Annie, 34 Gitiings 
Batchelor Benjamin E. sailmaker, 70 Bank 
Batchelor Charles, clerk, 39 Holland 
Batchelor Christopher, carpenter, 50 Aisquith 
Batchelor David, shoemaker, 39 Holland 
Batchelor Mrs. E. J., Wolfe near Fayette 
Batchelor Ezra, shoemaker, 176 w Lombard 
Batchelor Louis F. carrier Adams' Express, 

295 Penna. av 
Batchelor Mrs. Mary, trimmings, 167 Hanover 
Batchelor Mrs. Mary, confectionery, 50 Ais- 
Batchelor Samuel K. 82 n Ann 
Batchelor Thomas, painters, 39 Holland 
Batchelor Wm. ship carpenter, 5 n Wolfe 
Batchelor Walter, porter, 34 Constitution 
Batchelor Wm. H. police, 18 L Gough 

Batchelor Wm. H. moulder, 5 n Wolfe 
Batchen Conrad, bookkeeper, 179 e Madison 
Batching John, laborer, 124 St. Peter 
Bateman Benj. M. G. tinner, 270 Light 
Bateman Mrs. Catherine, 68 s High 
Bateman Jarces J. bookkeeper, 239 Penna. av 
Bateman James S. tobacconist and coal oil, 

Bateman John, grocery, 235 Columbia 
Bateman John L. boiler maker, 18 s Carey 
Bateman Oliver, puddler, 144 s Caroline 
Bateman Mrs. Phoebe A. confectionery, 89 s 

Bateman Samuel D. printer, 44 w Fayette, dw 

210 Harford av 
Bateman Samuel, moulder, 224 Light 
Bateman Samuel H. salesman, 361 Lexington 
Bateman Thomas E. clerk, 80 Aisquith 
Bateman Dr. Wm. L. 89 s Fremont 
Bateman Wm. 33 Valley 
Bateman Wm. L. sugar refiner, 405 n Gay 
Bates Alexander B., U. S. N., 676 w Fayette 
Bates Benjamin, tonic beer and water proof 

soles, 188 Lexington 
Bates Charles W. machinist, 42 n Bond 
Bates Charles A. clerk, 676 w Fayette 
BATES FRANKLIN L. manufacturer hoisting 
wheels and trucks for warehouses, 6 Harri- 
son, dw 394 e Baltimore. [See p. 3 Adver- 
Bates Henry, drayman, 66 Sarah Ana 
Bates James W. clerk, 8 s Broadway 
Bates Dr. J. AV. P. 73 e Baltimore 
Bates James, coach painter, 505 w Lombard 

BATES JAMES, Sr.,Iron Founder 
and Hoisting Wheel Manuf. s w 
cor Pratt and President, dw 8 s. 
Broadway. \_Seep. l Advertisements.'] 

Bates John, clerk, 8 s Broadway 
Bates John, laborer, 26 Towson 
Bates John A. distiller, 676 w Fayette 
Bates Joshua, machinist, 8 s Broadway 
Batham Eugene H. blacksmith, 94 Boyd 
Bathon George, tailor, 175 Harford av 
Bathschatis Albert, shoemaker, 9 Barnes 
Bathurst John G. 49 Mount Vernon Place 
Batkins Benj. M. carpenter, 181 Aisquith 
Eaton Sarah, 207 Mulberry 
Batsching John, laborer, 124 St. Peter 
Battean Harriet, 288 s Bond 
Battee Francis, 75 n Pine 
Batteo Frank, peddler, 24 n Poppleton 
Battee John 0. canvasser, 211 Aisquith 
Battee John, carpenter, 485 e Baltimore 
Battee Richard Ridgely, attorney, 29 Lexing- 
ton, dw 327 Druid Hill av 
Battel Frederick, laborer, 10 Etna Lane 
Batten Saml. (Horsey, Millar & Co.) 62 Mosher 
Battenfield Anna, confectionery, 409 Canton 

Battenfield Daniel, tailor, 98 Leadeuhall 
Battin Harmon, manuf. trimmings, 3 s Exeter 
Batton Harman, buttonmakcr, 3 s Exeter 
^Batty Joseph, engineer, 153 n Caroline 
Hatz Nicholas, laborer, 24 Clinton 
Ba'zel John, bricklayer, Clinton s of Boston 
Batzer Alphonse, tailor, 249 e Eager 
Batzer George, lager beer, 4 Pleasant 




Batzer John, tailor, 243 e Eager 
Bdlzer John A. tailor, 249 e Eager 
Batzer John G. tailor, 225 e Eager 
Batzer Joseph, tavern, 249 e Eager 
Batzer Mrs. Alary, grocery, 225 e Eager 
Batzler John, moulder, 29 Burke 
Batzler John F. china, 433 w Baltimore 
Bau Henry, tailor, 105 s Regester 
Bauch Joseph, tailor, 13 Somerset 
Bauch Philip, tailor, 239 e Eager 
Bauchardt P.. umbrellamaker, 75 n Eutaw 
Bauchsbaum Herman, laborer, 132 s Dallas 
Bauduin Godfrey, bookkeeper, 20 Calverton rd 
Bauer Adam, cooper, 19 s Durham 
Bauer Alex. H. telegraphist, 213 George 
Bauer Casper, 28 Philpot 
Bauer Casper, shoemaker, 175 s Eden 
Bauer Catherine, tailoress, 149 n Bethel 
Bauer Mrs. Christine, grocery, 12 Penn 
Bauer Charles, tavern, 77 n Gay 
Biiuer Christopher, lager beer, il Ensor 
Bauer Mrs. Conrad, 592 w Baltimore 
]!auer Edward, tailor, 47G Canton av 
Bauer Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 68 Bank 
Bauer Francis, wireworker, 231^ Mulberry 
Bauer Francis, cooper, 150 s Spring, d\v G8 

Bauer Fred k W. restaurant, 54 Hampstead 
Bauer Frederick, lager beer, s e cor Eastern 

av and Exeter 
Bauer George, confectioner, 492 Lexington 
Bauer George, shoemaker, 149 n Bethel 
Biuer George L. tailor, 259 n Gay 
Bauer Henry, hodcarrier, 234 Canton av 
Bauer Jicob, laborer, 30 Thames 
iJauer Jacob, laborer, 119 s Chapel 
Bauer John, tailor, 216 e Eager 
Bauer John, bakery, 358 Canton av 
Bauer John, grocery, 257 e Monument 
Bauer John, shoemaker, rear 52 Harrison 
Bauer John A. wire cloth, 60 s Calvert, dw 

61 Chatsworth 
Bauer John II. clerk, s e cor Monument and 

B luer John, painter, 141 s Exeter 
Bauer John C. harnessmaker, 61 Chatsworth 
Bauer Joseph, dry goods, 138 n Eden 
Bauer Joseph, teacher, 28 a Wolfe 
Bauer .Mrs. Margaret, 192 Canton av 
Bauer Mrs. Margaret, 216 e Eager 
Bauer Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 189 s Bond 
Bauer Matthew, tailor, 136 n Eden 
Bauer Michael, milkman, 12 Penn 
Bauer Peter, carpenter, 249 s Broadway 
Bauer Wm. machinist, 141 King 
Bduerlein Mrs. Barbara, milk. 1 St. Peter 
Biuermfeind John, saloon, 94 s Wolfe 
Bauernfeind .Christopher, laborer, Lancaster 

nr C.inton 
Bauernfeind Henry, watchman, 13 s Durham 
Bauernschmidt George, lager beer brewery, 

Bel air av. nr Chester 
Bauernschmidt John, laborer, 59 Gough 
Bauernschmidt John, brewery, foot Eidgely 

and 231 w Pratt 
Bauers .Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 2 Creek al 
Bauers John, coachsmith, 3 Townsend 
Bauers Mrs. Margaret, Hudson al nr Federal 
Bauers Wm. boilermaker, 19 James la 
Bauerschmidt Geo. rags, 195 s Castle 
Bauershipp George, "cooler, Belair av. nr 

Schuetzea park 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, tOc. 

Rosendale Cement di Plaster. 

Bauersfeld Frederick, lager beer, 73 Park 
Bauersfeld Wm. baker, 73 Park 
Baugher Joseph, clerk, 132 n Charles 
Baugher J. C. (J. C. Baugher & Co.) 132 n 

Baugher J. C. & Co. (J. C. Baugher) impor- 
ters brandies, wines and cigars, 34 w Lom- 
Baurrher John P. clerk, 74 George 
Baugher .Mary, dressmaker, 74 George 
Baugher Mrs. Susan. 264 e Lombard 
Baugher Wm. H. (Redsecker & B.) 953 w 

Pratt ^ 

Baughman Mrs. Ann, 79 Park av 
Baughman August, laborer, 109 Rabor'' 
Baughman Caroline, 79 Park av ° 

Bauffhman Charles W. G. shoemaker, 337 w 

Baughman Mrs. Charlotte, 573 n Fremont 
Baughman Daniel, clerk, Strieker nr Saratoga 
Baughman Mrs. Elizabeth, 434 w Fayette 
Baughman Geo. salesman, 434 w Fayette 
Baughman John W. painter, 41 n Schroeder 
Baughman Joseph K. painter, 467 Lcxingtoa, 

dw 146 n Schroeder 
Baughman Joshua, painter, lOS Battery av 
Baughman xAIrs. Margaret, 13 s Liberty 
Baughman Susan, 79 Park av 
Baughman Saral. W. painter, 9 Oxford 
Bauuaus Andrew, tailor, 2C0 n Central av 
Bauhaus Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 66 s Paca 
Bauhaus Wm. tailor, 66 s Paca 
Bauhs August, currier, 3C9 s Charles 
Baum Alice, teacher, 18 Pearl 
Baum Eliza, 81 Pearl 
Baum Ellen, dry goods, 81 Pearl 
Baum Ernest, laborer, 177 s Bethel 
Baum Elizabeth, 218 Saratoga 
Baum Henry G. (li. & IJeisse) 23 n Calvert 
Baum Mrs. Hannah, 38 Pearl 
Baum Isaac, grocery, 295 Eastern av 
BAUM & HEISSE, (H. G. B., J. F. Heisse) 

grocers, 40 n Calvert 
Baum John, stove jobber, 59 Gough 
Baum John, tailor, rear 302 s Caroline 
Baum John, cooper, 237 s Durham 
Baum Kate, teacher, 213 Saratoga 
Baum Lewis, painter, 218 Saratoga 
Baum Mrs. Margaret, 247 s Dallas 
Banm Mrs. Margaret, 218 Saratoga 
Bnum Valentine, shoemaker, 00 n Howard 
Bauman Andreas, tailor, 345 e Lombard 
Bauman Charle?, (John II. Farber & Co.) s e 

cor North and Pleasant 
Bauman George, boxmaker. 40 Marlon 
Bauman John, carpenter, 17 Dover 3 

Baumann Jcihn, musician, 387 w Pratt 
Bauraann Philip, lager beer, 43 n Frederick 
Baumberg Casper, paver, 18 s Regester 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Dealers in 

notions and Fancy Goods, 


Hosiery, Gloves, Small Wares, &c. 


Baumer Leonard, laborer, 83 Eastern av 
Baumgart Jacob, cabinet maker, 263 Hanover 
Baumgarten Adolphus, photographer, s w cor 

Bahimore and Exeter, d\v 45 e Faj-ette 
Baumgarten Chas. carpenter, G9 s Dallas 
Baumgarten John, farmT, Chew nr city limita 
Baumgarten Joseph, tailor, 43 Brown 
Biumgarten Morris, artist, 45 e Fayette 
BAUMGARTEN S. & SON, (Se'ig and Wm. 

Baumgarten) engravers, 45 e Fayette 
Baumgarten Selig, (S. B. & Son) 45 e Fayette 
Baumgarlen Wm. S. (S. B. & Son) 45 e Fay- 
Baumgartner And. jr. clerk, 47 Albemarle 
Baumgartner Adam, shoemaker, 23 Eliza- 
beth la 
Baumgartner And. lager beer, 47 Albemarle 
Baumgartner Frederick, Barre nr Fremont 
Baumcartner John, cleik, 47 Albemarle 
Baua^gartner Robert, clerk, 47 Albemarle 
Baumhauer Edward, cabinet maker, over 3 

Clay, dw 9 Baker's ct 
Biiumeister Fred, laborer, 27 Fell 
Baummer Sigmund, cooper, 89 s Regester 
Baum.=*hla Henry, jr. tailor, 284 s Charles 
IJiiumshla Henry, tailor, 284 s Charles 
Baumullcr John, shoemaker, William near 

Fort av 
Baus Conrad, huckster, 129 Sarah Ann 
Bausch Catherine, confect'y, 351 Canton av 
Bausch Conrad, laborer, 351 Canton av 
BAU.SKETT JOHN, attorney, 25 Law build- 
ings, Lexington, dw 58 Courtland 
Bausman Mrs. Anna, 304 w Fayette 
Bausmith Mrs. Amelia, 133 n Bethel 
Bausmith Charles, moulder, 43 McElderry 
Bausmith Wm. T. moulder, 1.33 n Bethel 
Bdwdeu John H. clerk, 108 n Broadway 
Bawden John, 108 n Broadway 
Bawn Robert, clerk, 97 Peirce 
Bawn Thomas, weaver, 97 Peirce 
Baxler George, coachman, 79 Franklin 
Baxlcy Dr. Claude, 185 w Fayette 
Baxley Mrs. Eliza, yeast cakes, 165 Chesnut 
, Baxley Dr. Henry W. 185 w Fayette 
Baxley I. Rieman, law student, 197 n Howard 
Baxley J. Brown, pharmaceutist, s e cor How- 
ard and Franklin 
Ba.\ley J. Brown & Co. (J. B. Baxley) phar- 
maceutists, s w cor Franklin and Calvert 
■;;p>Baxley James, blacksmith, 25 Chew 
Baxley .Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 25 Chew 
Baxley Wm. H. tinner, 125 Holling 
Baxter Eliza J. confectionery, 75 Elliott 
Baxter James, cooper, 321 e Lombard 
Baxter James R. laborer, 75 Elliott 
Baxter Joseph V. baililf tax dep't, 308 
Baxter Mrs. Martha, hair restorative, 3CG Lex- 

Baxter Michael, laborer, 344 Hanover 

Baxter Wm. stonecutter, 45 Piestou 

Baxter Wm. cooper, 122 Orleans 

Baxter Wm. mariner, 172 s Chapel 

Bay George E. carpenter, n e cor German and 

Eutaw, dw 187 Mulberry 
Bay James H. clerk, 211 Franklin 
Bay Jane, 81 w Biddle 
Bay John W. (Belts & B.) 16 n Bond 
Bay Oliver, carpenter, 211 Franklin 
BAYARD H. & CO. (H. B., J.. B. Borde) 

wines and liquors, 125 Saratoga 
Bayard Henry, (H. B. & Co.) 57 President 
Bayer Adam, cigarmaker, 31 n Dallas 
Bayer Conrad, paver, 157 Stirling 
Bayer George, mer. tailor, 447 w Baltimore 
Bayer George C. confectioner, 182 Barre 
Bayer John, 182 Barre 
Bayer John, carpenter, 166 Raborg 
Bayer Martin, barber, 214 s Bond 
Bayer Peter, comb maker, 151 Stirling 
Bayfield & Gregg, (John aud James Gregg) 

tanners, s e cor Holliday and Centre 
Bayfield James, 108 n Paca 
Bayfield Mrs. Mary, 126 n Charles 
Baylfs Bernard (Royslon Bros. & Co.) 272 

Bayles Lamdin, confectioner, 272 Hanover 
Bayless Mrs. Ann E tailoress, 57 Harford aT 
Bayless Albert J. bookkeeper, 113 n Front 
Bayless John T. carpenter, 37 Harford av 
Bayless Wm. rope Riaker, 390 Har'ord av 
Bayless Mrs. Wm. J. 201 Townseud 
Baylev Chas. grocery, 22 n High 
Bayley Chas. jr. 22 n High 
Bayley Daniel K. police, 6s Caroline 
Bayley R. P. & Co. (R. P. Bayley) glass and 

queensware, 6 Hanover 
Bavley R. P. (R. P. Bayley k Co.) 633 w Lom- 

Bayley Mrs. Virginia, 268 Division 
Bayley Wm. carpenter, 112 e Fayette 
Baylies Chas. F. & Bro. (C. F. k E. Baylies) 

grocers, s e cor Eden and Jefferson 
Baylies Chas F. (Chas. F. Baylies & Bro.) 

55 Jefferson 
Baylies Edward, (C. F. Baylies & Bro.) 350 e 

Bayli(s Geo. H. grain, 127 McEIderrj's wbf, 

dw 22 Aisquith 
Baylies James L. real estate agent, 10 Com- 
merce, dw 538 w Fayette 
Baylies John H. (Humrichouee, B. & Co ) 350 

e Baltimore 
B:iylies Mrs. Susan, 350 e Baltimore 
Baylies Thomas, laborer, 80 Harrison, Canton 
Baylies Wm.T. (Humrichouse, B. k Co.) 350 

e Baliimore 
Ba)li3 Edgar J. gas fitter, 400 w Lombard 
Baylis James R. machinist, 400 w Lombard 
Baylis John W. farmer, 400 w Lombard 
Baylis Reuben, clerk, 400 w Lombard 
Baylor Robert B. bookkeeper, 2 Commerce 
Bayly Geo. W. clerk, Howard House 
Bayly Geo. J. clerk, 525 w Fayette 
Bavlv Hamilton J. (Hax k IJayly) 127 w 

Bayly James F. bookkeeper, 22 s Calhoun 
Biyly John H. barkeeper, 563 Lexington 
Bayly Marcus M. clerk, n w cor Sharp and 

Bayly Mrs. Sarah A. 22 s Calhoun 




-ly Thomas R. clerk, 127 w Biddle 
:yly Mrs. Win. F. 525 w Fayette 
a ,o;, u Dashldd, paperhanger, 109 s Chester 
Bayn Jrimis T. rigger, 109 s Chester 
Baynard Mr3. Eliza, 7 Cathedral 
Baynard Dr. Geo. 7 Cathedral 
Baynard Wra. H. briclilayer, 262 e Lombard 
Bayne Benjamin C. pilot, 264 e Lombard 
Bajne Benjamin C. jr. coijpersmith, 264 e 

Bayne Daniel K. clerk, 162 Tovvnsend 
Bayne G. C. D. & Co. (G. C. D. Bayne) pro- 
duce, 6 Barre 
Bayne George C. D. (G. C. D. B. & Co.) 253 

Bayne Henry, 572 w Fayette 
Bayne Richard, attorney, 45 St. Paul, dw 1C2 

Bayne Patterson, (Wm. Bayne & Co.) 199 w 

Bayne Wm. & Co. (Wm. & P. Bayne) whole- 
sale grocers and commissioa merchants, 
14 Commerce 
Bayne Wm. (Wm. B. & Co.) 162 Townsend 
Bayne Wm. H. mariner, 264 e Lombard 
Bayne Wm. H. salesman, 572 w Fayette 
Bayner Conrad, brickmaker, 51 Johnson 
Baynes Geo. B. bookkeeper, Republican near 

BAYNES JAMES & SOX, (James and John 
B. Baynes) wool, Hollingsworth nr Lombard 
Baynes James, carpenter, 9 Anthony 
Baynes James, (J. Baynes & Son) Republican 

nr Franklin 
Baynes John, hay presser, 207 e Madison 
Baynes John B. (J. Baynts «Si Son) Republi- 
can nr Franklin 
Baynes John H. fertilizer, 139 McElderrj's 

whf, dw 96 n Wolfe 
Baynes Joseph P. hay and straw, s e cor Mon- 
ument and Eden, dw 207 e Madison 
Baynes Wm. W. bookkeeper, 50 s Washington 
Bayrle George, shoemaker, 131 s Fremont 
Bayview Asylum, Eastern av est, betw Phila- 
delphia and Mt. Carmel cemetery roads, 
office 23 Cheapside 
Bayr Peter, combmaker, 151 Stirling 
Bayzand Wra. H. magistrate, 9 Law build- 
ings, St. Paul, dw Mansion bouse 
Bazel John, laborer, 121 s Chapel 
Bazel Joseph, shoemaker, 19 Cambridge 
Beach Edwin, c'erk, 4 Light 
Beach Geo. W. laborer, 220 n Eden 
Beach Harry L. (B., Weisman & B.) Franklin 

nr Schroeder 
Beach Thos. E. (B., Weisman & B.) Franklin 

nr Schroeder 
J. F. Weisman & H. L. Beach) dairy, s e 
cor Fayette and Schroeder 
Beach Wm. H. collector Court Com. Pleas, 31 

e Fayette 
Beach Wm. J. photographer, 220 Light 
Beach Wm. J. carpenter, 172 Druid Hill av 
Beach Wm. J. conductor, 492 Franklin 
Beacham Mrs. Elizabeth, 209 s Ann 
Beacham Fred. B. clerk, 670 Lexington 
Beacham Harry T. clerk, 273 w Lombard 
Beacham J. S. & Bro. (J. S. Beacham, S. T. 
Beacham) marine railway and ship yard, 
Covington foot of Warren 
Beacham James W. clerk, 83 s Greene 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, etc. 

Rosendale Cement & Plaster. 

Beacham John, laborer, 8 8 Bond 

Beacham John S. (J. S. B. & Bro.) 273 w 

Beacham J. Summers, (Macneal & B.) 119 e 

Beacham Lenox, sparmaker, 58 Lee 
Beacham Levin, laborer, 168 Battery av 
Beacham Samuel T. (J. S. Beacham & Bro.) 

670 Lexington 
Beacham Wm. P. grocery, 53 s High 
Beachanip Chas. E. clerk, 148 Conway 
Beachamp Mrs. Mary E. 44 Warren 
Beachamp Wm. A. clerk, 44 Warren 
Beacher Adam, laborer, 25 n Cbapel 
Beachler John, carpenter, 117 Low 
Beadenkopf Mrs. Emeline, stationery, 8 Ensor 
Beadenkopf Henry, clerk, 8 Ensor 
Beadenkopf Martin, baker, 8 Ensor 
Beadenkopf Wm. morocco dresser, 8 Ensor 
Deadly Mrs. Jennie, tailoress, s e cor Gough 

and Ann 
Beahan John E. clerk, 70 Lexington 
Beal Chas. butcher, 159 Greenmount av 
Beal L. W. clerk, 464 I'enna. av 
Beal Solon, messenger C. H. 121 e Monument 
Beale John R. carpenter, 93 n Bond 
Beale Mrs. Wm. E. 93 n Bond 
Beall A. Brooke, bookkeeper, 92 Saratoga 
Beall Alpheus, carpenter, 261 Walsh 
Beall Benjamin B. 191 Franklin 
Beall Mrs. Beiij. L. 55 McCulloh 
Beall Mrs. Charlotte, dres^mkr, 359 w Lom- 
Beall Edward S. bookkeeper, 92 Saratoga 
Beall Geo. T. (Ditty & B.) 51 Lexington 
BeiU Thos. B. (Treiber, Beall & Co.) 197 

Druid Hill av 
Beall Dr. W. Francis, 319 e Baltimore 
Beall W. Francis, police, 319 e Baltimore 
Bealmear Mrs. Ann J. 389 Lexington 
Bealmear J. Francis, (Armstrong, Cator & 

Co.) 48 n Calhoun 
Bealmear Samuel, millinery, straw and fancy 

goods, s e cor Liberty and Lexington, dw 

Republican nr Franklin 
Bealmer James A. 389 Lexington 
Bealmer Thos. clerk, 88 Columbia 
Bealmer Wm. B. cleik, 389 Lexington 
B?al3 Mrs. E. C. 307 e Eager 
Beam Andrew, laborer, 204 n Fremont 
Beam EsaiasK. druggist, n w cor Charles and 

Beam George W. milk, McMechin, nr Druid 

Hill av 
BEAM ISAAC R. apothecary, n w corner 

Charles and Read 
Beam John, butcher, McElderry ext 
Beam John H. salesman, 66 McMechin 
Beam Lewis H. Washington av nr tollgate 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Dealers in 

notions and Fancy Goods, 


Hosiery> Gloves, Small Wares, &c. 


Beam Wm. H. carpenter. 204 n Fremont 

Beaman Geo. laborer, 263 s Ann 

Beamer Mrs. PrisciUa, 580 w Fajette 

Bean Mr3. Catherine, 54 s Sharp 

Bean Mrs. Christina, 104 s Chester 

Bean Geo. plumber, lOD Banii 

Bean Mrs. Isabella, 177 s Broadway 

BEAN DR. JAMRS B. dentist, 58 Saratoga, 

dw Barnura's hotel 
Bean John, laborer, 255 s Dallas 
Bean John H. pilot, 171 Bank 
Bean Joseph, grocery, 23 New Church, dw 70 

Bfan Rich'd, carpenter, 77 Cambridge 
Beau Robert M. pilot, 71s Ann 
Bean Thos. C. pilot, 251 Bunk 
Bean Thos. L. clerk, 70 Le.xington 
Beans Elias, engineer, 437 w Lombard 
Beans Jonathan, 99 Jackson sq av 
Bear Rev. John, 48 McCulloh 
Bear John W. 418 n Gay 
Be:\r M-irgaret, patterns, 418 n Gay 
Bear Nicholas, basketrnaker, 241 Canton av 
Beard Mrs. Alniira, 105 Druid Hill av 
Beard I\Irs. Catherine, huckstress, 56 Penn av 
Ikard Clay, laborer, 194 Conway 
Beard Daniel, bricklayer, 124 Conway 
Beard Eliza A. 439 n Gay 
Beard Elizabeth, 114 Lee 
Beard Geo. W., U. S. N., 13 n Strieker 
Beard Geo. W. tinner, 105 Druid Hill av 
Beard Henry, machinist, 406 w Lombard 
Beard John, laborer 466 w Lombard 
---Beard Joseph, 19 n Front 
Beard Joseph, jr., 19 n Front 
Be; rd Capt. John, collector, GO Lee 
Beard Louis J. printer 57 Columbia 
B ard Maria, 57 Columbia 
Beard Mary E. dressmaker, 340.} Saratoga 
Beard Obediah A. farmer, 340.V Saratoga 
Beard Robt. C. machinist, 95 Jackson sq av 
Beard Samuel, coachmaker, 150 Front, n of 

Beard Thomas, clerk, 92 Lee 
Beard Wm. D. carpenter, GO Lee 
Bend Wra. W. paperhanger, 439 n Gay 
Beards'.ey Isiac, mach'st, 176 Greenraount av 
Be->rnian Christopher, wagoner, 16 President 
Bearman Geo. engineer, 29 s Schroeder 
Bearman Laura, lanndress, 241 s Sharp 
Bcarenstecher Henry, brewer, 177 s Eden 
Bearry Mrs. Margaret, 589 Penn av 
Bearsch Geo. shoemaker, 64 w Pratt 
Bearsch Philip, barber, cor Canton av and 

Bcasley Harvey, (B.B. Porter & Co.) 72 e Pratt 
Beaslell .Margaret, 95 Raborg 
Beastell Marias, dressmaker, 95 Raborg 
Beastell Wm. H. clerk, 95 Raborg 

Beasten Charles, jr. attorney, 47 St. Paul, dw 

154 w Madison 
Beatin Malcom, ship carpenter, 01 Patuxent 
Beatley Baldwin, 541 e Fayette 
Bcatley Wm. H. letter carrier, IGl e Baltimore 
Beatson George H. clerk, 153 ? Si. .rp 
Bc'itson John, teller, National E.xchange Bank 

dw 210 w Lombard 
Bcatty Amelia A. dressmaker and millinery, 

IGl e Baltimore 
Beatty Mrs. Ciroline P. 312 e Baltimore 
BEATTV CHARLES W. agent Bellona Gun- 
powder Co , 155 w Pratt, dw Baltimore 
Co. near Catonsville 
Beatty Dr. G. W . 226 w Hoffman 
Beatty George W. wheelwright, 484 w Lom- 
BEATTY JAMES & CO. (James Beatty, 
George R. Skillman) cracker bakers, 92, 
94, 96 Dugan's wharf 
Beatty James, (.James B. & Co,) 35 Courtland 
Beatty James, 244 Hollins 
Beatty John T. bricklayer, 14 s Central av 
Beatty John B. clerk, 85 Walsh 
Beatty Joseph, jr., paperhanger, 135 s Higb 
Beatty Joseph, baker, 135 s High 
Beatty Mrs. Mary, laundress, 4 Spruce al 
Beatty Wra. blacksmith, 16 Barre, dw 27 Lee 
Beatty W. S. salesman, Gen'l Wayne hotel 
Beatty Wm. J. A. baker, 135 s High 
Beatty Wm. R moulder, 203 Ramsay 
Beaucharap Mrs Elizabeth, 189 w Pratt 
Heauchainp George, mariner, 121 William 
Beauchamp John J. painter, 136 s Howard 
Beaucharap John S. fhoemakcr, 136 s Howard 
Beaucharap Robert H. carpenter, 189 w Pratt 
Beauchamp Robert S. merchant tailor, 189 w 

Prat I 
Beauchamp Thomas B. barkeeper, 38 w Pratt 
Beauchamp Wm. S. mariner, 154 s Bond 
Beaumont Jas. E. machinist, 774 w Balti- 
Beaufort Sarah J. 35 Walsh 
Beaver August, laborer, 02 s Regester 
Beaver .Mrs. Elizabeth, Oak near Federal 
Beaver James W. mariner, 129 Stirling 
Beavers James S. salesman, 234 e Lombard 
Beizley George P. moulder, 250 s Sharp 
Beboni Joseph, boot fitter, 1 O.^ford 
Bech Mrs. Sophia, Boston e of Clinton 
Bechel Christian, cabinet maker, 273 e Eager 
Bechel Mary E. tobacco, 273 e Eager 
Bechler Sigraund, dyer and siourer, 712 w 

Beclinnr George, woodsawyer, 219 Cbesnnt 
BECIITEL JOHN W. plumber and stove 
dealer, 93 n Eutaw, dw 93 Mulberry \_See 
p. 16, jlilvertisemnits.'] 
Bechtold August, baker^ 391 s Charles 
Bechtold Heury, shoemaker, 69 Orleans 
Bechtold John, laborer, 58 Elliott 
Bechtold Wm. cabinet maker, 3 e cor Easor 

and Madison 
Bochtold Wm. iron worker, 317 Eastern av 
Beck Adam, tailor, 202 n Central av 
Beck Adam, tailor, 51 s Durham 
Beck Mrs. Anna, 133 German 
Beck Anton, laborer, 31 s Bethel 
Beck August, nightman, 75 Bank 
Beck August, lager beer brewery, Garrison la 

nr Western C.-metery, dw 695 w Fayette 
Beck Capt. mariner, 53 Lee 




Beck Charles, laborer,cor Aliceanna and Essex 

Beck Conrad, barber, 467 n Gay 

Beck Conrad, shoemaker, 70s Fremont 

Beck Conrad, laborer, 259 s Bond 

Beck Ernest W. letter carrier, 149 e Fayette 

Beck Mrs. Eve, 86 Mound 

Beck Francis, tailor, 170 Aliceanna 

Beck Fred' k, carter, Fort av nr Johnson 

Beck Fred'k, tailor, 463 n Gay 

Beck Fred'k W. (F. W. Beck & Co.) 56 

BECK F. W. & Co. (F. W. Beck, E. W. Sie- 

bert) tobacco raanufrs. 130 North 
Beck George, beer brewery, 360 Penna av 
Beck Georere, furniture, 42 Harrison 
BECK G. HERMAN & CO. (G. H. B.) imps. 

and com. mcht?. 60 s Gav 
Beck Geo. W. rest'nt, 76 Centre Market sp 
Beck G. Herman (G. H. B. & Co.) 133 Ger- 
Beck Henry, bottler, 20 Sprint row 
Beck Henry, laborer, 82 Eastern av 
Beck Jacob, tobacconist, s \v cor Gay and 

BECK JOHN, cooper and coopers' tools, 28 

William, dw and tavern, 30 AYilliam 
Beck John F. coach painter, 37 Park av 
Beck John, laborer, G6 Jasper 
Beck Jobn, barber, 278 s Ann 
Beck John, shoemaker, 112 Hamburg 
Beck John .M. clerk, 30 William 
Beck John, butcher, 95 Lexington and 16 

Hollins mkts. dw Western Cemetery la 
BECK JOHN, restaurant, 325 Cathedral 
Beck John G. piano maker, 327 s Sharp 
Beck John H. D. clerk, 115 n Gay 
Beck J. Harry, bookkeeper, 115 n Gay 
Beck Joseph A. painter, 10 Orleins 
Beck Joseph, shoemaker, 647 Penna av 
Beck Josfph, laborer, 230 s Wolfe 
Beck Louis, shoemaker, 62 Thames 
Beck Mrs. Lena, 230 s Wolfe 
Beck Luther, laborer, cor Clinton and Boston 
Beck Mis. Mary, 82 Eastern av 
Beck Mrs. Maria E. furnishing store, 115 n 

Beck Peter, fireman, 242 Hollins 
Beck Philip, huckster, Penna av nr toll gate 
Beck Phili[), whip maker, 55 McElderry 
Beck Philip H. glazier, 55 McElderry 
Beck Rose, 236 s Dallas 
Beck Rudolph, bookbinder, 647 Penna av 
Beck Samuel E. T. (Drs. Jordan & Beck) 

New York 
Beck Sophia, 468 Penna av 
BECK THOMAS, Rock Spring lager beer 
b'-ewery, Baltimore cor Calverton road, dw 
29 Calverton rd 
Beck WoDzel, shoemaker, 647 Penna av 
Beck Wm. tinner. 61 n Eden 
Beck Wra. printer, cor Baltimore and CHester 
Beck Wm. R. wagoner, 319 Mulberry 
Becktl John, shoemaker, 258 e Fayette 
Beckel Lewis, sawyer, 69 Eastern av 
Beckel Mrs. Mary, grocery, 69 Eastern av 
Beckenbaugh Geo. bookkeeper, 38 s Eutaw 
Beckenheimer Abraham, 13 n Eden 
Beckenheimer Mrs. Mena, second-hand furni- 
ture, cor L and Eden 
Becker August, tailor, 238 Barre 
Becker August, shoemaker, 83 Uruid Hill av 
Becker August, shoemaker, 259 Hamburg 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, S-c, 

Rosendale Cement & Plaster, 

Becker & Bro. (Francis and Christian Becker) 

merchant tailors, 229 Eastern av 
Becker k Brothers, (C, F. & L.Becker) cigar 
manufacturers and dftilers in leaf tobacco, 
98 w Lombard 
Becker Charles, confectioner, 238 Barre 
Becker Charles, sr. cabinetmaker, 389 w Pratt 
Becker Charles, carjienter, 389 w Pratt 
Beckci Charles, shoemaker, 89 e Lombard 
Becker Charles, (B. k Son) 102 n Gay 
Becker Charles, (Becker & Bros.) 151 Barre 
Becker Christian, (B. k Bro.) 229 Eastern av 
Becker Conrad, huckster, 111 Bank 
Becker Conrad, cigarmaker, 309 Mulberry 
Becker Conrad, carpenter, 309 Mulberry 
Becker Conrad H liquors, 12 w Lombard 
Becker Francis, (B. k Bro.) 229 Eastern av 
Becker Frederick, (B. k Bros.) 161 s Paca 
Becker Frederick, blacksmith, 4 Fell 
Becker Frederick, shoemaker, 49 Albemarle 
Becker George, butcher, 23 Fell's Point mkt. 

dw Lancaster nr Clinton 
Becker George, blacksmith, 4 Newman ct 
Becker George, shoemaker, 77 Hill 
Becker Geo. W. (B. & Struth) 303 w Pratt 
Becker Geo. W. clothing cutter, 64 s Ana 
Becker Henry, laborer, 76 s Regester 
Becker Henry, 151 Barre 
Becker Henry, (B. & Wagner) 122 Conway 
Becker Henry, (Kurr.mer & B.) 288 Walsh 
Becker Henry, (B. & Son) 102 n Gay 
Becker Henry, shoemaker, 105 Lee 
Becker Ilenr^-, shoemaker, 122 Conway 
Becker Jacob, tailor, 60 Park 
Becker Mrs. Jane, confectionery, 7 Penna av 
Becker John, shoemaker, 4 Fell 
Becker John, blacksmith, rear 300 Aliceanna 
Becker John, laborer, 32 Leadenhall 
Becker John A. clerk, 303 w Pratt 
Becker John C. beer, 143 Light st wharf 
Becker John G. clerk, 154 n Exeter 
Becker John M. confectioner, 238 Barre 
Becker J. A. H. teller, Chesapeake Bank, 151 

n E.xeter 
Becker Louis, (Becker k Bros.) 151 Barre 
Becker Louis, shoemaker, 156 Cathedral 
Becker Margaret, grocery, 515 Lexington 
Becker Philip, (B. k Wagner) 33 Harrison 
Becker Mrs. Rosa, tobacconist, 76 s Regester 
Becker Sevzerine, tailor, 85 e Lombard 
Becker & Son, (H. and C. Becker) tobacco- 
nists, 9 Second 
Becker k Struth, (Geo. W. Becker, C. Struth) 

wholesale liquors and winfs, 303 w Pratt 
Becker k Wagner, (Philip B., Wm. Wagner, 
Henry Becker) box makers, 47 n Frederick 
Becker .Mrs. Wilhelmina, 154 n Exeter 
Becker Wm. locksmith, 710 w Baltimore 
Becket Humphrey, baggage master, 86 Camden 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Dealers in 


White Goods, Embroideries, Laces, 



Beckett E. A. machinist, 52 n Washington 
Beckett George H. driver Adams Express, 132 

Beckett John 0. machinist, 190 s Eutaw 
Beckett Patience, grocery, 190 s Eutaw 
Beckett Thcs. engineer, 190 s Eutaw 
Bsckbouse August, laborer, 406 Canton av 
Beckley John W. police, 2 s Oregon 
Becklej Wra. H. paper hanger, 202 n Gay 
Beckmann Frederick, gasfitter, 47 Clay 
Betkmeyer Wm. porter, 75 McE'derry 
Beckmeyer Wm. jr., carpenter, 75 McElderry 
Beckner John, carpenter, 101 s Regester 
Beckura Chas. huckster, 104 MuUikiu 
Beckwith David G. cooper, 1S3 Gough 
Beckwith Franklin M. letter carrier, Eastern 

av nr Gi;t 
Beckwith Horace, laborer, 4 L Gough 
Beckwith Jame.', laborer, 214 Canton av 
Beckwith Mrs. Mary A. trimmings, 183 Gough 
Becraft Henry, laborer, 59 President 
Becraft Peter, Falls rd nr North av 
Bedccker Chas. A. laborer, 165 Columbia 
Bedecker Frederick, watchman, 175 Columbia 
Bedell James H. engineer, 7 Cambridge 
Bedenhofer Michael, shoemaker, 150 s Eden 
Bedf-nkoph Geo. bakf^r, 99 n Eden 
Samuel C. Iloulton) attorneys and convey- 
ancers, n w cor L'xington and St Paul 
Bedford JobnR. D.(B. & Houlton) 42St.Paul 
Bedford Thomas, conductor, 210 Barre 
Bedlow Edwd. plumber, Bull's Head hotel 
Bee Philip, laborer, 337 s Bond 
Beebe Cbas. A. blacksmith, 487 w Fayette 
Beebe John A. book agent. 5 Post Office av 
Beebe Laura, dressmaker, 487 w Fayette 
BEEBE L. M. & BUG. (L M. & C.S. Beebe) 
wooden ware and cordage, 94 w Lombaid 
Beebe L. M. (L. M. B. & Bro.) 163 w Lombard 
Beebe Ch s. S. (L.M.B. & Bro.) Maltby 
Beebe Mrs. Sarati A. junk, 40 n Oregon 
Beebe Thaddeus, blacksmith, 46 Walsh 
Beech Mrs. Sarah G. 257 Lexington 
Beecher Euseba L 204 n Eutaw 
Beccher Gregg, clerk, 204 n Eutaw 
Beecher Margaret S. 204 n Eutaw 
Beecher Marion, 204 n Eutaw 
Beecher Wm. N. clerk, 204 n Eutaw 
Beecher W. W. & Co., (\V. W. Beecher, M. 
-Martin) druggist, n w cor Park and Lex- 
Beecher Wm. W. (W. W. Beecher & Co.) 204 

n Eutaw 
Beefelt Edwd. cigarmaker, 158 Columbia 
Beefelt Wm. II. police, 134 Columbia 
BEE HIVE HOTEL, Stansbury & Grouse, 

proprietors, 37 Penna av 
Beehel Carrie, 46 Peaoa av 

Bcehl Michael, tailor, 2 Irvin pl 
Beehler Chas. W. ship carpenter, 27 Hill 
Beehler Chas. cigarmaker, 71 Portland 
Beehler David E. clerk, 624 Lexington 
Beehler Francis, umbrella, whip and crutch 

manuf, 235 w Baltimore, dw 624 Lexington 
Beehler Francis T. whipmaker, 624 Lexington 
Beekman G. V. commis. merchant, 3 Camden, 

dw 150 w Lombard 
Beeks John, laborer, 390 Eastern av 
Beeks Wm. laborer, 390 Eastern av 
Beeler Chas. cooper, 71 Portland 
Beeler Henry S. ticket agent, B. & 0. R. R., 

59 s Eutaw 
Beeler Jacob H. police, 114 n Caroline 
Beeler Louis F. agent B. & 0. R. R., European 

whf Locust Point, dw 93 Gough 
Beeler Mrs. Virginia I), grocery, 114 n Caroline 
Beer (fc Bro. (Isaac and Louis B.) junk, 11 

B;er H. L. clerk, 515 w Baltimore 
Beer Isaac, {B. k Bro.) 106 Hanover 
Beer John, laborer, 2 Hammond al 
Beer John, fireman, 34 s Schroeder 
Beer Louis, (B. & Bro.) 106 Hanover 
Beer Lisette P. 515 w Baltimore 
Beer Patrick, reatauraut, 3 w Lombard 
Beers Wm. mariner, 63 e Pratt 
Bees Elizabeth, grocery, 491 w Lombard 
Bees Frederick, shoemaker, 491 w Looibard 
Beetley Mrs. Ann, 242 Eastern av 
Beetley James R. carpenter, 242 Ertstern av 
Beetley Jos. L. tobacconist, 161 e Pratt 
Beetley Robert S. carpenter, 42 n Broadway 
Begal Joseph, laborer, 96 s Chapel 
Begel John, blacksmith, 208 s Wolfe 
Beuer Jacob, tailor, 47 s Wolf 
Behle Henry, shoemaker, 170 L. Greene 
Behler Charles, turner, 71 Portland 
Behlmer John, laborer, 227 s Bethel 
BEHN HENRY, furnishing goods and notions, 

127 n Eutaw 
Bfhn John, bricklayer, 181 e Pratt 
Behnlein Jno. cooper, 16 Elizabeth la 
Behr Jncob, laborer, 7 Curley 
Behr Wm. wines, liquors and seltzer water, 9 

8 Gay 
Behrend Aaron, clerk, 39 s Eden 
Bthreud .Michael, clerk, 39 s Eden 
Behrend Jacob, ins. agent over 238 Lexington 
Behrends Cusel, millinery goods, 152 Lex- 
Behrends Leopold, dry goods, 61 n Howard 
Bchrens Benard, cabinet maker, 270 n Gay 
Behrens Conral, boiler maker, 295 s Charles 
Behrens Eva, grocery, 69 L. Church 
Behrens Freiierick, coachmaker, 69 L. Church 
Bthrens Frederick, laborer, 13 e Lombard 
B-lirens llenrj' sr. machinist, 302 's Charles 
Behrens Henry, mariner, 232 s Ann 
Behrens Heyry P. silverplater, 302 s Charles 
Behrens J.icob, watchmaker, 93 n Gay 
Behrens John, clerk, Pratt nr Eutaw 
Behrens Nathaniel, shoes, 99 n Gay 
Behrens Mrs. Theresa, milliner, 270 n Gay 
Behringc Charles, laborer, 30 Shak;pcar 
Bohringer Jacob, laborer, 30 Shakspear 
Behringer John, laborer, 30 Shakspear 
Behringer John, candymaker, 193 Barre 
Behringer John G. confectionery, 370 Saratoga 
Behrns John, laborer, 233 e Lombard 
Behry John, stonecutter, 829 w Baltimore 




Beibclheiser John, 36 Penna av 
Birier Mrs. Ann, grocery, 144 Lancaster 
Beier BaUhazer, hostler, 144 Lancaster 
Beier Jotin, carpenter, 1G6 Ilaborg 
Boier John, sawyer, rear 277 n Dallas 
Beier Mrs. Margtret, 74 Peirce 
Beier Michael, laborer, 120 Boyd 
Beiger Herman, cigarbox maker, lis Spring 
Belter Mrs. Mary, 11 s Spring 
Beiger Wra. basketmaker, 11 s Spring 
Beierlein John & Bremer, (J. B., J. W. Bre- 
mer) tobacconists, 111 Chew . 
Beierlein John, (J. B. & Biemer) 123 n 

Beikirch A. J. clerk, 104 Peirce 
Beikirch Lawren .e, tailor, 104 Peirce 

BEIL JOHjST, Artificial Flowers, 
130 Lexington 

Bill Mary, saleswoman, 130 Lexington 
Beilaa Joseph, rigger, 44 Fell 
Beilman Joha G. grocery, 269 William 
Beimler August, cigarraaker, 153 Canton av 
Bein Chailes, salesman, 492 Penna av 
Be'u Chas. watchmaker, 84 Lexington 
Beia Henry, cabinet maker, 23G Aliceanna 
Bein Joha, laborer, 19 Penna. av 
Bein Roderick, pumpmaktr, 63 s Broadway 
Beia Wm. C. cardriver, 109 Vine 
Beinke Harman, grocery, 123 n Central av 
Beinks Louisa, 123 n Central av 
Beialein John, laborer, 99 Battery av 
Beiuleiae Frederick, laborer, 97 Battery av 
Beinleine John, laborer, 17 Cannon 
Beirrity Aug. laborer, 304 Penna av 
Beissler Frank, grocery, 249 e Pratt 
Beissler Nicholas, carpenter, 47 s Wolfe 
Beiswanjrer Joha, grocery, 266 s Howard 
Beiizel Mrs. Barbara, seamstress, 110 Hen- 
Beitzel Daniel, shoemaker, 86 s Howard 
Beitzel Francis, shoemaker and findings, 116 

Belbm Charles T. shipsmitb, cor Warren and 

Covington, dw 83 Gough 
Belbin Wm. blacksmith, 81 s Caroline 
Belden James, conveyancer, over Chesapeake 

Bauk, North 
Belgon John, laborer, 11 3 Fremont 
Belitz Adalbert, bookkeeper, n w cor Walsh 

and Dolphin 
Belknap Eoen, watchmaker, 243 n Charles 
Bell Abraham, plasterer, 17 s Washington 
Bell Adelbert T. clerk, 158 Harford av 
Bell Alexander, (H. Straus, Bro. & B.) North- 
ern av, bet Belair and Harford avs 
Bell Al-ert, hackman, 5 s Greene 
Bell Alfred, butcher, Clifton Village 
Bell Andrew, carpenter, 233 Dolfihia 
Bell Austin, clerk, 17 s Washington 
■ Bell & Co. (Wm. E. C. and James Bell) com. 
raerctits. n w cor Camlen and Light 
Bell Charles E. (B. & Geddes) 159 Green- 
mount av 
Bell Cornelius, clerk, 87 Camden 
Bell Eliza, 162 n Howard 
Bell Mrs. Elizabeth B. 92 Townsend 
Bell & Geddes, (Chas., E. B. & i*ha Geddes) 

but hers, 104 Belair mirket 
Bell Edward E. engineer, 189 Rimsay 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, cCc. 
Rosendale Cement & Plaster. 

Be'l Edward H. wheelwright, 92 Granbj 
Bell Frank, actor, Black Horse hotel 
Bell Frank, cooper, Paysou nr Lombard 
Bell George, tin and sheet iron worker, 20 8 

Bell George, machinist, 92 Granbv 
Bell George W. clerk, 123 w Biddle 
Bell George W. wheelwright, 92 Granby 
Bell George W. laborer, 60 n Oregon 
Bell George W. C. magistrate, 76 w Fayette, 

dw 367 Lexington 
Bell Rev. Henry, 26 Camden 
Bell Henry C. clerk, 54 n Republican 
Bell Henry, apothecary, 113 w Fayette 
Bell Isaac H. engineer, 487 w Pratt 
Bell Isaac H. laborer, 164 Ramsay 
Bell Isaac H. huckster, 692 w Pratt 
Bell James, (Bell & Co.) 44 Conway 
Bell James B. merchandise broker and ac- 
countant, 40 Commerce, dw Townsend nr 
Bell James J. pap^rstainer, 487 Saratoga 
Bell James, bookkeeper, malthouse, s w cor 

North and Saratoga 
Bell James, news agent, 146 s Sharp 
Bell James H. fireman, 106 L Greene 
Bell Mrs. Jemima, confectioner, 104 s Popple- 
Bell Jehu A. millwright. 46 s Schroeder 
Bell John, carpenter, 177 Lee 
Bell John, potter, 4 Raborg 
Bell John A. porter, 218 e Pratt 
Bell John S. com. merchant, 152 w Pratt, dw 

46 Conway 
Bell John, conductor, 438 w Lombard 
Bell John E. peddler, 176 Ramsay 
Bell John II. insp. weights and measures, 35 

n Fremont 
Brll John R. grocery, 153 w Hoffman 
Bell John T. laborer, Curlcy, n of O'Donnell 
Bell Lewis, butcher, 730 Penn av 
Bell Mrs. Margaret, seamstress, 154 s Fremont 
Bell Mrs. Margaret, 62 Milliman 
Bell Maria, 146 s Sharp 
Bell Marion, engineer, 155 s Castle 
Bell Mary E. B. 92 Townsend 
Bell Nelson IT. real estate agent, 37 Lexing- 
ton, dw 94 Townsend 
Bell Richard A. brakesman, 157 Montgomery 
BELL RICHARD, grocery and provisions, 

152 and 154 n Eden, dw 147 
Bell Richard II. shipcarpenter, 73 n Bond 
BELL DR. SAMUEL A. 147 Montgomery 
Bell Samuel K. J. laborer, 17 s Washingtoa 
Bell Samuel, salesman, 44 Orleans 
Bell Seneca P. iron moulder, 4 McHenry 
Bell Thaddeus, machinist, 299 n EutiW 
Bell Thomas, blacksmith, 3 Marion 
Bell Thomas, stonecutter, 318 Forrest 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

ImporterH and Dealers in 

Notions and Fancy Goods, 


Hosiery, Gloves, Small Wares, &c. 


Bell Thomas B. tobacconist, 155 Forrest 

Bell Tho3. L. stonecutter, 318 Forrest 

Bell Thomazin Y. tailoress, 93 Hillen 

Bell Walter, gunsmith, 233 n Bond 

Bell W. Hamilton, photographer, Central av 

nr Biddle 
Bell Wni. painter, 154 s Fremont 
Bell Wm. H. huckster, 15G Dover 
Bell Wm. E. C. (Bell & Co.) 44 Conway 
Bell Wm carter, 31 Barnes 
Bell Wm. W. salesman, 225 e Pratt 
Bell Wm. D. carpenter, 43 n Central av 
Bellau Henry, whitewasher, 33 Goodman al 
Belle Francis, tailor, 28 L Hampstead 
Bellerbaum Engelbrecht, upholsterer, 109 s 

Eellerman Chas. F. (Sappington k B.) 22 Sa- 
rah Ann 
Bellis Johu, mate, 58 3 E.xeter 
Bellis John, rigger, 221 Gough 
Bellis Wm. laborer, 72 Lancaster 
Bellman Elizabeth, confectionery, 118 Front, 

n of Foundry 
Bellman John, engineer, 50 Buren 
Bello Serafia, (Cabaliero & Co.) 26 Pearl 
Belot Catherine, 207 Mulberry 
Bels John, laborer, 33 Fountain 
Belschner Geo. laborer, 4 Green's ct 
Belschner John, cigarmaker, 4 Green's ct 
Belt Mrs. A. R. ICO Lanvale 
Belt Amos, laborer, 42 E^sex 
Belt Eliiha, blacksmith, 32 n Poppleton 
Belt Eugene D. clerk, 86 Camden 
Belt Eugene N. (Cahn, B. & Co.) T5 w Centre 
Belt Francis, potter, Gl Booth 
Belt Hickman, carpenter, 189 e Monument 
Belt John, huckster, 78 George 
Belt Leonard, laborer, 53 Leadenhall 
Celt Hamuel J. clerk, 151 n Gay 
Belt S. Spring, (T. Belt& Sons) Baltimore co 
Belt Thos. G. P. clerk, 194 w Biddio 
Belt Thos. H. jr. (J. C. Danckelmann & Co.) 

34 n Calvert 
Belt Thomas IT. jr., agent W. D. Crane & Co., 

57 iSecond 
Belt Thomas H. 240 w Hoffman 
Belt Trueraan & Sons (Trueman Belt, sr., 

Trueraan Belt, jr., S. S. Belt; tobacco, grain 

and com. merchants, 1 Ellicott 
Belt Trueman, sr. (T. B. k Sons) 194 w Biddle 
Beit Truemui, jr. (T. B. & Sons) 222 n Calvert 
Belt IIumi)hrey, blacksmith, 387 Franklin 
Beltz Hartman, shoemaker, 200 s Bond 
Beliz John, butcher, Penna av, nr tollgate 
Bellz Peter, boilermaker, 381 Penna av 
Belvin Elizabeth, teacher, 244.] n Howard 
Belvin Wm. J. laborer, 81 s Caroline 
Belz Isadorc, trunkmaker, 381 Penna av 
Belz John L. baker, 303 n Central av 

Belz John 13. butcher, 31 Lexington market, 

d\v Penna av, n of Northern av 
Belz Justis, stevedore, rear 214 Canton av 
Belzer Adam, glass finisher, 345 Light 
Belzner John, box mnkT, 85 e Lombard 
Bembach Andrevv, tailor, 21 n Spring 
Bemmer Charlotte C. tailoress, 214 Bank 
Benbury Mrs. Annie, 591 w Lombard 
Benchoff C. Frederick, bookkeeper, 114 Ger- 
BENDANN BROTHERS, (Daniel and David 

Bendann) photoL'raphers, 207 w Baltimore 
Bendann Daniel, (B. Bros.) 205 St. Paul 
Bendann David, (C. Bros.) 205 St. Paal 
Bendann Fabish, 205 St. Paul 
Benden Thomas, engineer, 198 s Castle 
Bender Christian, beer, 142 Eastern av 
Bender Frederick, (W. Prager & Co.) 41 

Bender Henry, laborer, 4 Emory 
Bender Henry, tailor, 116 Low 
Bender Jacob, carpenter, 312 Aliceanna 
Bender Joseph, harness maker, 45 Heniietta 
Bender Liica?, paper carrier, 21 Parkin 
Bender Samuel, carpenter, 23 St. Mary 
Bender Walter G. civil engineer, Western 

Bender Wm. stone cutter, 17 L. Gough 
Bender Wm. H. tinner, 17 L. Gough 
Bendy Mrs. Eliza, seamstress, 20 Lnurel 
Bene Christian, wood sawyer, 275 Canton av 
Bene Louise, teacher, s w cor Eutaw pi and 

Bene Mrs. M. 40 s Regester 
Benedict Frank, (Booth, B: k Linsley) 191 w 

Benedix Joseph, dry goods, n w cor Eden and 


OF MD., Chesapeake Bank building, s e 

cor Fayette and North 
Benesch Isaac, furniture dealer, 235 n Gay 
Bengei Caroline, 15 n Dallas 
Bengel John, tailor, 15 n Dallas 
Bengei John, tailor, 158 n Caroline 
Benhardt Andrew, coppersmith, 208 s Ann 
Benhaidt John M. locksmith, 33 s Bethel 
Benholf John Fred, collier, Clinton sof Bostoa 
Benick Louis, shoemaker, 170 e Fayette 
Benjamin Geo. moulder, 222 e Eayette 
Benjamin t-'amiiel 110 n Caroline 
Benjamin Samuel S. carpenter, 5 Orleans 
Benjamin Wm. express, 110 n Caroline 
Benlein Frank, la :orer, 90 s Chapel 
Benn Walter, actor, over 16 Courtland 
Benneman John, butcher, 4 Gould ct 
Benner Adam, butcher, 15 Richmond market, 

dw Liberty road cor Chappell 
Benner Albert, machinist, 19 Warren 
Benner Benjamin D. clerk, 119 Jellerson 
]5enncr Caroline, 147 Aisquith 
Benner Daniel, provisions, 55 Gough 
Benner Ferdinand C. engineer, 19 Warrea 
Benner Geo laborer, 327 Hanover 
Benner Henry, stone mason, 124 s Spring 
lienner John, 29 Fawn 
Benner John, shoemaker, 9 Winderling row 
Benner John, blacksmith, 106 Chew 
Benner Mrs. Mary A. boarding, 119 Jefferson 
BENNER O^JIH), migistrate, cor Baltimore 

and Paca, dw 92 Penna av 
Benner Samuel, conductor, 16 George 




Benner Samuel, machinist, 10 Warren 
Banner T. S. k Co. (T. S. & Wm. 11. Benner) 
stock and bill brokers, 6 Franklin build- 
ing, North 
Benner Thaddeus S. bricklayer, 33 Cross 
Benner Thomas S. (T. S. Benner & Co.) 147 

Benner Wm. H. (T. S. Benner & Co.) 147 

Benner Wm. tailor, 5 Leadenhall 
Benner Wm. IT. H. potter, 119 Jefferson 
Bennertz Chas. polisher, 11 n Frederick, dw 

McElderry nr Low 
Bennet Jlrs. Jane, 408 e Baltimore 
Bennet John M. coal, cor. Central avenue and 

Gougb, dw 403 e Baltimore 
Pennet Matthew, clerk, 42 w Biddle 
Bennet Samuel, clerk, 408 e Baltimore 
Bennet Wm. J. 42 w Biddle 
Bennett Alex, trader, 3 s Broadway 
Bennett Alfred, C4 n Greene 
Bennett Andrew, laborer, lOG Johnson 
Bencett Mrs. Ann E. 225 Hoffman 
Bennett Annie, 131 Raborg 
Bennett Benjamin F. carpenter and builder, 44 

8 Howard, dw 130 s Sharp 
BENNETT BPwOTlIERS, (G. R., L. Emory, 
and Thomas S. Bennett) coal and wood, 
1G9 n Howard 
Bennett Chas. W, printer, 55 Lee 
Bennett Mrs. Catherine, 55 Lee 
Bennett Daniel, laborer, Clitton village 
Bennett J. Curtis, 25 Ilar.'ord av 
Bennett Daniel H. carpenter, 9 Cambridge 
Bennett David T. builder, 56 n Fremont 
Bennett. David, letter carrier, 74 u Fremont 
Bennett Edward J. 126 Lee 
Bennett Edwin, china, glass, &c., 18 s Charles, 

dw 419 n Central av 
BENNETT EDWLN, manuf. white, ye'low 
and Rockingham ware, cor Canton and C( n- 
tral avs and Eden nr Canton av, dw 419 n 
Centra! av 
Bennett Enoch, notion house, 326 w Balti- 
more, dw 80 n Paca 
Bennett Mrs. Eliza, 314 n Eden 
Bennett Edward W.wood and grocery. County 

wharf, dw 251 e Pratt 
Bennett Eugenie, teacher, 328 n Broadway 
Bennett F. W. & Co. (F. W. Bennett,) auc- 
tioneers and com. mer.-!. 28 and 30 s Charles 
Bennett Francis W. (F. W. B. & Co.) 30 Mul- 
Bennett G. R. (Bennett Bros.) 329 n Eutaw 
Bennett Geo. W. peddler, 118 St. Peter 
Bennett Geo. W. pilot, Caroline near Biddle 
Bennett George L carpenter, 49 n Caroline 
Bennett Henry, fisherman, 57 Cross 
Bennett Henry R. puddler, 5 Cannon 
Bennett Isaac M. carpenter, 9 Cambridge 
Bencett Jatnes, grocer, s e cor Howard and 

Bennett James, packer, 126 Lee 
Bennett James A. clerk, 55 Lea 
Bennett James A. clerk, 408 e Baltimore 
Bennett John, tailor, 138 s Regester 
Bennett John^ carpenter, 91 Lancaster 
Bennett John I. grocer and wood yard, 263 s 

Broadway, dw 251 e Pratt 
Bennett John L. watchman C. IL, 11 Bennett 
Bennett John S. k Bro. (J. S. and R. A. B ) 
coal and wood, cor Central av and Lombard 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 
Rosendale Cement k Plaster, 

Bennett John S.(J.S.B. & Bro.) 147 n Calvert 
Bennett Joseph S. sailmaker, 22 Albemarle 
Bennett John, grocer, 218 Lexington 
Bennett John H. fireman, 55 Lee 
Bennett John, carpenter, 45 Fountain 
Bennett Joshua, machinist, 7 Front n of 

Bennett Lettic, 170 n Central av 
Bennett Lettie, 42 L Ilampstead 
Bennett L. 0. clerk, York road near toll gate 
Bennett L. Emory, (B. Bros.) 329 n Eutaw 
Bennett L. H. tinner, 315 Light 
Bennett L. S. mariner, 24 Lee 
Bennett Louis, (Myers & B.) 162 n Calvert 
Bennett Mrs. Margaret, dairy, 17 Orleans 
Bennett Mrs. Martha A. Hammond al near 

Bennett Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 39 Low 
Bennett Patrick, huckster, 17 Orleans 
Bennett P. Henry, claim agent, 2 Courtland, 

dw 249 Dolphin 
Bennett Richard A. (J. S. B. k Bro.) 83 n High 
Bennett Richard W. bookkeeper, 329 n Eutaw 
Bennett Robert, hucks'er, 321 Eastern av 
Bennett Robert, blacksmith, 84 s Rcpublicau 
Bennett Robert McL. clerk, 321 Eastern av 
Bennett Mrs. Rosa, 76 s Eden 
Bennett Rufus, carpenter, 201 w Biddle 
Bennett Samuel H. shoemaker, 46} Conway 
Bennett Mis. Sarah, 172 Druid Hill av 
Bennett Susanna E. seamstress, 22 Albemarle 
Bennett Samuel E. inspector gas meters, Ava- 

lon, Baltimore Co. 
Bennett Samuel, clerk, 408 e Baltimore 
Bennett Silas B. collector, 98 Lexington 
Bennett Thomas S. (B. Bros.) 123 e Monu- 
Bennett Thomas J. clerk, 261 Druid Hill nv 
Bennett Thomas, hacks, cor Chew and Har- 
ford av. dw 19 Harford av 
Bennett Thomas, hackdriver, 113 Harford av 
Bennett Wm. F. carpenter, Caroline n of 

Bennett Wm. clothing cutter, 37 n Front 
Bennett Wm. G. painter, 495 w Lorabnrd 
Bennett Wm. II. carpenter, 9 Cambridge 
Bennett Wm. H. coachmaker, 126 Lee 
Bennett Wm. VV. machinist. Mount near Pratt 
Bennett Wm. T. clerk, 113 Hanover 
Bennett Wm. puddler, 4:i Essex 
Bennett Wm. H. carpenter, 4 n Regester Dr. W. II. apothecary, cor Druid Hill' 

av and Townsend 
Bennewiit George, cigarmaker, 37 e Pratt 
Benney David, brush maker, 179 Warner 
Benney James, oil, 9 9 Bond 
Benney Joseph, brush maker, 179 Warner 
Benney Robert, oil, 9 s Bond 
Benney Wm. 0. shoemaker, 329 e Monument 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Dealers lu 


White Goods, Embroideries, Laces, 



Bencezet Georpre "W. painter, 62 n Front 
Beunezet Mrs. Mary, 62 n Front 
Bennig G. Aloysia?, laborer, 56 Short 
Bennig: Henry, blacksmith, 233 s Paca 
Benninghans H. & Co. (Herman B., Wm. W. 
Wilkens) leaf tobacco and general commis- 
sion merchants, GO s Charlej 
Benninghaus Herman, (H. B. & Co.) Balti- 
more Co. 
Beunis John, laborer, 118 Preston 
Benny Elizabeth, teacher, 132 w Madison 
Benny Jonathan, shoemiiker, 86 n Ann 
Benny James W. clerk, 52 Conway 
Benoit C. Edward, (B. & Coyle) 196 Har- 
ford av 
Bensel Conrad, baker, 139 s Wolfe 
Bensel Henry, carpenter, 81 n Schroeder 
Bensel Jacob, laborer, 259 Pre.«ton 
Bensel John, carpenter, 341 s Hov/ard 
Binser Henry, iron worker, 468 Canton av 
Benseler August, tailor, 289 Columbia 
Bensler Heurj, grocery, cor Baker's court and 

L Bock 
Bensing Mrs. Adelaide, 435 Canton av 
Bensing Henry, whip maker, 435 Canton av 
Benson Benj. ship carpenter, 68 n Calvert 
Benson Benjamin S. jr. 132 St. Paul 
Benson B. Scott, 132 St. Paul 
Benson Dr. Charles W. 143 n Eutaw, dw 240 

Benson Mrs. Charlotte, 87 Camden 
Benson Mrs. Fanny J. 76 s Eden 
Benson Esther C. 297 Light 
Benson Henry, druggist, 97 w Biddle 
Benson John, mariner, 145 s Spring 
Benson John N. plasterer, 2 Chatsvvorth 
Bf'nson John P. clerk, 6r)3 w Fayette 
BENSON BENJAMIN S., founder, machinist 
and water and gas pipe maker, 52 e Monu- 
ment, dw 132 St. Paul 
Benson Francis A. (J. Fussell & Co.) 279 

Druid Hill av 
Benson Dr. George "W. 144 Hanover 
Benson Henry T. painter, 188 n Exeter 
Benson James, laborer, 53 Elizabeth la 
Benson Joseph E. f)ainter, 194 e Madison 
Benson John S. carpenter, 253 s Paca 
Benson I>ouisa, 145 s Spring 
Benson JIahlon, huckster, 125 s Paca 
Benson -Mrs. Margaret, boarding, 38 e Fayette 
JJenson-AI. Kemp, bookkeeper, 39 Pearl 
Benson Mrs. M. II. 55 Hill 
Benson Nicholas, mariner, 143 s Castle 
BENSON OREGON R. attorney, 15 St. Paul, 

dw Anne Arundt-l county 
Benson Dr. Philander V. ofTiceand apothecary 

s e cor Hollins & Oregon 
Benson Randoli)h S. 76 s Eden 
Bmson Thomas J. mariner, 310 Aliceanna 

Benson Walter Wm. mariner, 19 Park av 
Benson Capt. Wm. D. 89 s Bond 
Benson Wm. painter, 150 n Howard 
Bt-nson Wm. jr. 150 n Howard 

BENTEEN CHAS. S., Agent for 
Steinway's Pianos and Mason & 
Hamlin's Cabinet Organs, 8(3 w 
Fayette st, dw Howard House. 

BE.NTEEN C. S. Howard house 

Ben teen M. C. dressmaker, 116 Pearl 

Benteen Mrs. Rebecca, 116 Pearl 

Benter Jacob, caipenter. 312 Aliceanna 

Benthall Mrs. A. J. 303 c Pratt 

Benthall Mrs. Charlotte E. ^V., Oregon 4th 

door n of Townsen'J 
Benthall Capt. Robert, mariner, 313 e Balti- 
Benthall Rob't, jr. mariner, 313 e Baltimore 
Benthall W. Wbeaton, clerk P. 0. Oregon 4th 

door n of Townsend 
Benthall Wm. McR. bookkeeper, 313 e Balti- 
Bentlev Mrs. Amanda, 338 w Lombard 
Bemley Charles E. (W. H. & C. E. B.) 48 e 

Bentiey Charles W. pres't Baltimore steam 

boiler works, 25 s Front, dw Baltimore co 
Bemley Geo. A. clerk, 338 w Lombard 
Bentiey George, machinist, 550 w Lombard 
Bentiey Geo. W. engineer 63 Columbia 
Bentiey John E. draftsman, 40 n Front 
Bentiey Joseph, sr. machinist, 550 w Lombard 
Bentiey Joseph, jr. machinist, 550 w Lombard 
Bentiey Peter, embroidery stamper, 48 e Bal- 
Bentiey Sarah, 63 McMechen 
Bentiey Thomas, brickmaker, 269 s Paca 
Bentiey Thomas, jr. brickmaker, 277 s Paca 
Bentiey W. H. & C. E. B. embroideries and 

stamping 132 Lexington 
Bentiey W. H. (W. H. & C. E. B.) 132 Lex- 
Benton Charles S. brass finisher, 464 w Lom- 
Benton Francis, carpenter, 1 McCabe ct 
Benton Mrs. Hester Jane, 464 w Lombard 
Benton James 11. brass finisher, 464 w Lom- 
Benton Julia A. ballast, Boston, Lower Can- 
Benton Richard, mariner, 34 AVil'iamson al 
Bentcu Sariil. cabinetmaker, 333 e Monument 
Benton Wm. shipjoiner, 60 Johnson 
Bentz Albert, tinner, 112 Eastern av 
Ben'z George, mariner, 314 Canton av 
Bentz George W. of fire dep't and laundry, 

Carroll Hall, 1 s Calvert 
Bentz Henry, carpenter, 329 Mulberry 
Bentzler August, tailor, 239 Columbia 
Benyes Ilarman, carpenter, 238 Columbia 
Benyes Henry, baker, 238 Columbia 
Benz Casper, hacks, 443 w Fayette 
Benz Jesse, driver, 443 w Fayefte 
Benz John, hacks, 443 w Fayette 
Benzel Henry, carpenter, 233 e Biddle 
Bci:zing Mrs. Mina, 135 Peirce 
Beazinger Bros. (John S. B., Joseph C. B.) 
apothecaries, n c cor High and Baltimore 




BENZIXGER & COYLE (Joseph C. B., Wm. 
F. A. C.) publishers of The Orpheus, 44 w 
Benzinger Fred'k F. attorney, 19 Law Build- 

iufrs, dw 9 Barntt 
Benzinger John S. (B. Bros.) G2 e Fayet*.-) 
Benzinger Joseph G. (B. & Coyle) 4 Jackson 
Benzinger Mathias, 219 Madison av 
Benzy John, carpenter, 61 L. Jlontgomery 
Bepperling Anna L. tailoress, 120 n Dallas 
Bepperling Ludwig, tai'or, 120 n Dallas 
Berberich Joseph, cabinetmaker, 63 Battery av 
Berbick Henry, baker, Eastern av nr Gist 
Berg Albert B. bookkeeper, 14 George 
Berg Mrs. Augusta, 28 Aisquith 
Berg Augustus T. bookkeeper, 15G Mulberry 
Berg John J. porter, 3G6 SHraloga 
Berg Mrs. Louisa, tobacconist, 57 Holland 
Berg 0. H. stockbroker, 42 Second, d\v 91 s 

Berg Philip, boots and shoes, CO w Pratt, dvv 

47 s Eden 
Berge John, tailor, 219 e Fayette 
Bergen Everhard, shoemaker, 763 w Baltimore 
Bergen .Michael, clothier, 343 s Charles 
Bergenheim Wra. laborer, G3 Bank 
Berger Andrew, harnessniaker, 57 Pichmoad 
Berger Andrew, laborer, 131 s Castle 
Berger August, locksmith, 135 Henrietta 
BERGER & BUTZ, fertilizers, IG Bowly's 

whf, Benj. B. Snyder, jr. agent 
Berger Christian, tailor, 33 St. Mary 
Berger & Co. (John M. B.) white beer brewe- 
ry, rear 22 Thames 
Berger Francis, cigarmaker, 49 Harrison 
Berger Frantz, shoemaker, 265 e Eager 
Berger Geo. baker, 493 w Lombard 
Berger Henry, barkeeper, 449 w Baltimore 
Berger Henry, cigarmaker, 75 n Poppleton 
Berger Mrs. Jennie, 410 n Fremont 
Berger John, machinist, 21 G Light 
Berger John, tailor, 15G Stirling 
Berger John, 142 w Pratt, dw 5 s Exeter 
Berger Rev. John, 101 Saratoga 
Berger John M. while beer, rear 22 Thames, 

dw 80 Block 
Berger John, bookbinder, 29 n Eden 
Berger John, blacksmith, 114 Hamburg 
Berger John, paper hanger, 313 Mulberry 
Berger John F. bookbinder, Russell nr Fre- 
Berger Joseph B. machinist, 148 e Fayette 
Berger Mrs. Kunigunda, tailoress, 7 s Durham 
Berger Martin, baker, 90 Front, n of Foundry 
Berger Mrs. Mary, 148 e Fayette 
Berger Moritz, musician, 3G n High 
Berber 0. grocery, 114 Chatsworih 
Berger Philip, tailor, 15G Stirling 
Berger Philip R. police, 33 St. Mary'3 
Bergheimer Henry, notions, 37G s Charles 
Bergheimer Linhardt, baker, 103 Granby 
Bergin Dennis, machinist, 20 Haw 
Bergin Kieran, porter, lis Fremont 
Bergin Mrs. Mary, 20 Haw 
Bergin Matthew, laborer, 20 Haw 
Bergin Matthew, brewer, 14 Constitution 
Bergin Wm. barkeeper, 20 Haw 
B-rgman Henry, shceniaker, 333 Cross 
Bergman John, shceraaker, 102 n Dallas 
Bt-rgman John A., 33^ Cross 
BERGMAN JOHN C. lagcr beer, (Scott & B.) 
72 Conway 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Tunothy Seed, tCc. 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster, 

Bergman Joseph, 380 w Fayette 
Bergman Joseph, cooper, 38 Portland 
Bergman Marcellina, tailoress, 102 n Dallas 
Bergman Michael, (P. B. k Son) 112 9 Sharp 
Bergman Philip, (P. B. k Son) 112 s Sharp 
Bergman P. & Son, (Philip and Micha'-l B.) 
curriers and leather dealers, 3G9 w Baltimore 
Bergman Samuel, butcher, 320 Eastern av 
Berpmann Moses M. boots, shoes and clothipg, 

244 s Charles 
Bergmeyer Julius, baker, 81 narrison 
Bsrgmyer Balthazar, 13G Bank 
Bergner Frederick, picture framemaker, GO n 

Gay, dw 143 n Bond 
Bergner John, tailor, 50 w Favette 
Bergner Martin, machinist, G Point la 
Berhge Richard, carpenter, 134 Barre 
Berian Joseph, engineer, 16 Henrietta 
Berian Joseph Pi. mariner, IG Henrietta 
Berigtold Christopher, tailor, 33 Henrietta 
Berkemeyer Henry, grocery, 107 Granby 
Berkcrt James, 87 Park 
Berkert John, shoemaker, 85 Bank 
Berkley Charles F. sailor, 293 Canton av 
Berkley Frank, moulder, 3 Ogston 
Berkley John W. actor. Black Horse hotel 
Berkley Wm; F. moulder, 3 Ogston 
Berian John, hatter, 180 Cross 
Berland Mrs. Conrad, 150 n Spring 
Berlemau Ernest, fireman, 435 Canton av 
Berleman Mrs. Fredrica, laundress, 435 Can- 
ton av 
Berlet Christian, tailor, lOG n Eden 
Berlin Geo. A. tobacconist, 2S5 Canton av 
Berliner Emanuel, clerk, 240 s Ann 
Berliner Ravel, shoemaker, 240 s Ann 
Berliner Mrs. Rosa, 49 Watson 
Berliner Samuel, clerk, 49 Watson 
Berliuicke Gustare, cigarmaker, 8 Watson ct 
Berlinicke Henry, carpenter, 8 Watson ct 
Bernard Flynn, salesman, 192 East 
Bernard Henry, actor, 65 n High 
Bernard James, printer, 59 n Strieker 
Bernard Richard, gilder, 77 Milliman 
Bernard Wm. fisherman, 159 Cross 
Berneburg George, machinist, 227 w Fayette 
Berneburg John N. huckster, 9 Arch 
Berneham Daniel, laborer, 185 s Castle 
Bernei iienj. bookkeeper, 129 e Baltimore 
Bernei Ferdinand, (S. B. k Son) 129 e Balto. 
Bernei Seligman, (S. B. k Son) 129 e Balto. 
Bernei S. & Son, (Seligman and Ferd. Bernei) 

wholesale clothiers, 294 w Baltimore 
Bernei Simon, 129 e Baltimore 
Berneke Anthony, tailor, 337 n Central av 
Bjrner Gotlieh, tanner, 326 Aisquith 
Berner John H. carpenter, 39 a Amity 
Berner Wm. rigircr, 287 Aliceanca 
Berney Bernhardt, shoe store, 282 n Gay 



Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Dealers iii 

Motions and Fancy Goods, 

Hosiery, Gloves, Small Wares, &c. 


Berney Joseph, clerk, 282 n Gay 

Berney Samuel, manuf. boots and Bhoes, 2G5 

w Baltimore, dw 282 n Gay 
Bernhard August, tailor, 7 China 
Bernhard Charles, driver, 30 Cross 
Bernhurd Henry, driver, 251 West 
Berubard John, carter, 212 s Durham 
Bernhardt Casper, laborer, 111 Leadenhall 
Bernhardt Conrad, laborer, 358 Williaiu 
Bernhardt Flenry, shoemaker, 197 Canton av 
B'frnhardt Sarah, dry goods, 197 Canton av 
Bernheimer Abraham, cutter, 313 Srtratoga 
Bernheimer Henry, (Gross & B.) G51 w Balto. 
Bernheimer Sigmund, tailor, 704 w Baltimore 
Bernstein Mrs. Cecila, toys, 17(3 Raborg 
Bernstein Jacob, optician, 195 n Gay 
Berntheusel Wm. bakery, 193 e Eager 
Beron Frederick, cooper, 148 Raborg 
BERRY ALBERT A7. treasurer Md. gpap 

Stone Co. 420 W. Pratt, dw 140 Park av 
Berry Albertus D. printer, 135 n Central av 
Berry Alexander, tinner, 497 w Fayette 

Berry , clerk, 92 Saratoga 

Berry Benj. propr. China Tea Co. dw 122 e 

Berry Benj. F. moulder, 259 Bank 
Berry Mrs. C. D. 64 n Paca 
Berry Charles H. machinist, GOG w Pratt 
Berry Charles, laborer, 81 s Fremont 
Berry Charles A. & Co. (J. II. Strodtmann) 

ship brokers and com. merchants, over G2 

s Gay 
Berry Charles E. bookkeeper, 42 s Eutaw 
Berry Mrs. Charles 184 Druid Hill av 
Berry Edw. boarding and tavern, 53 Thames 
Berry Edward, jr. barkeeper, 53 Thames 
Berry Edward, barber, 241 Canton av 
Berry Mrs. Eliza J. boarding, 259 Bank 
Berry Emory E. clerk, 413 n Central av 
Berry George W. jr. clerk, 21G Aisquith 
Berry George R. (John S. & Geo. R. Berry) 

160 s Sharp 
Berry Geo. W. printer, 497 w Fayette 
Berry Geo. W. shoemaker, 309 n*Gay, dw 216 

Berry G. Ily. (Armstrong & B.) 8 s Greene 
Berry Mrs. Ilemmeil, 106 Dugan's whf 
Berry Horatio E. sec'y Patapsco Guano Co. 

620 w Fayette 
Berry Hugh, porter, 224 Vine 
Berry James C. carpenter, 216 Aisquith 
Berry James W. clerk, 343 Lexington 
Berry James W. jr. clerk, 343 Lexington 
BERRY JASPER M. oyster and fruit packer, 

75 and 77 n Calvert, dw 171 Linden av 
Berry Jesse L. C. clerk, 108 Lee 
Berry John B. N. (John B. N. Berry & Co.) 

158 McCulloh 
Berry John, beer, shoemaker, 85 s Poppletou 

Berry John S. & George R. fire brick manu- 
factory, s w cor Hamburg and Warner, 
office 294 Jlontgomery 
Berry John S. (J. S. & Q. R. Berry) 164 w 

Berry John W. carpenter, 2 Webster al 
Berry J. Thomas & Co. (J. Thomas B. & W. 
J. Reinicker) flour and produce, 81 Ex- 
change place 
Berry J. Thomas (J. Thomas Berry & Co.) 

301 Lexington 
Berry Jlrs. Louise Y. 153 McCulloh 
Berry M. Agnes, teacher, 216 Aisquith 
Berry Nicholas H. printer, 44 e Madison 
BERRY N. E. tobacco, produce, grain and 
com. merch. n e cor. Wood and Bowly's 
whf. dw A. A. CO. 
Berry Patrick, laborer, Boston nr Clinton 
Berry Mrs. Rebecca, 274 s Bond 
Berry Rob't D. real estate, 413 n Central av 
Berry Samuel, mariner, 21 Pleasant al 
Berry Theodore, clerk, Barnum's hotel 
Berry Mrs. Thomas L. 64 nPaca 
Berry AValter W. com. merch. 96 Light St. 

whf. dw G34 w Fayette 
Berry Wm. A. plumber, 216 Aisquith 
Berry Wm. laborer, 81 s Fremont 
Berry Wm. B. 64 n Paca 
Berry Wm. H. junk, Clinton nr Boston 
Berry Wm. H. grocer, 65 Camden 
Berry Wm. H. shoemaker, 81 s Fremont 
Berry Wilmer A. clerk, 65 Camden 
Berryman Edward, baker. 3 China 
Berryman Mrs. Elizabeth, a e cor Mosher and 

Berryman Thomas, laborer, 17 Armistead la 
Bersch Carl, artist, 229 w Biltimore, dw 19 

Bersch Christian, (Ehrman & Bersch) 193 

Bersch Fred'k, baker, 73 Chatsworth 
Bersch George, shoemaker, 217 Canton av 
Bersch Henry A. clerk, 325 n.Broadway 
Bersch Henry, 325 n BtK)adway 
Bersick Jlichael, 41 Scott 
Bert Charles, sr., 350 s Charles 
Bert Charles, hats, caps and furs, 509 w Bal- 
Bert Peter, hatter, 302 w Pratt 
Berlhold Mrs. Mary, confect'ry, 3 Gould's I.a 
Bertram Charles F. butcher, 53 Belair market, 

dw Penna. av nr toll gate 
Bertram Wm. butcher, 102 Centre and 58 

Belair market?, dw Penna. av nr toll gale 
Bertrand John J. jr.(Buvinger & B.) 115 Chew 
Bertsch George, barber, 149 s Bond 
Bertsch Jacob, shoemaker, 149 s Bond 
Berwanger Abraham, shoemaker, 92 n Front 
Berwanger Benj. (Likes & B.) 107 s Eden 
Berye Eobonus H. barkeeper, 449 w Baltimore 
Berz William, baker, 47 L McElderry 
Beser Josejjh, shoemaker, 19 Cambridge 
Besseit Mrs. C. 253 s Durham 
Bessel Mrs. Magdaliua, hats and caps, 230 a 

Besser John W. iron finisher, 144 Peirce 
Best B. James, clerk, Merchants' hottl 
Best David, sugar boiler, 10 e Fayette 
Best Frederick, painter. 103 Bank 
Best John, carpenter, G7 n Caroline 
Best T. H. salesman. Merchants' hotel 
Beste Haman, baker, 211 e Lombard 




Bestor J. Rollin, engineer Bait. Potomac R. R. 

dw Baltimore co 
Bestor Rollin J. gen' 1 bookkeeper, N. C. R. R., 

Baltimore co 
Betch John, laborer, 125 Chesapeake 
Beter Wm. shoemaker, 249 s Broadway 
Bethel James, harnessmaker, 45 e Eager 
Bethany (M. E.) Church, Calhoun nr Lex- 

Bethlehem Green, (Welch lad. Church) Toone 

e of Clinton, Canton 
Betschler John M. leather, 110 s Sharp 
Betschler John, shoemaker, Lancaster nr Ana 
Betsworlh John H. 232 s Sharp 
Betsworth Wm. (E. B. Mallorj & Co.) Pratt 

nr Gist 
Bettner Adam, baker, 6G Granby 
Bettner Andrew, 66 Granby 
Betloa Alfred J. shoemaker, 706 w Baltimore 
Betton James, moulder, 274 Lee 
Betton Mrs. Thomas W. 8 e Baltimore 
Betts Albert A. printer, 273 n Dallas 
Betts Alex. P. sailmaker, 178 s Ann 
Betts Alice C saleswoman, 170 Druid Hill av 
Betts Mrs. Ann, 325 s Charles 
Betts & Bay, (Thomas J. Betts, J. W. Bay) 

grain, feed and com. merch'ts, 30 s Frederick 
Bett3 Chas. H. huckst°r, 42 Gough 
Hetts John, farmer, 57 n Poppleton 
Betts John H. millwright, 57 n Poppleton 
Betts Robert, lumber inspector, 37 Jackson 
Betts Robert, jr. saddler, 273 n Dallas 
Betts Royston M. (Gantt & B.) 84 Hanover 
Betts Stephen, carpenter, 89 Columbia 
Betts Thos. J. (Betts & Bay) 26McEIderry 
Betts Wm. M. tinner, 49 Lee 
Betz Adolpb, nailmaker, 5 Truxton 
Beiz Andrew, machinist, 66 s Caroline 
Belz August, moulder, 58 s Oregon 
Betz Edward, moulder, 58 s Oregon 
Betz Christopher, fancy hardware, 23 Ger- 
man, dw 7 Pearl 
Betz Conrad, porter, 104 n Spring 
Betz Elizabeth, shirt store, 245 Canton av 
Betz Ernest, foundrjman, 58 s Oregon 
Betz George, laborer, 86 Eastern av 
Betz Gustavus, coachinaker, 262 n Central av 
Betz Jacob, carpenter, 131 Chesapeake 
Betz Jacob, tailor, 51 McElderry 
Betz John, shoe stitcher, 17 L Hampstead 
Betz John, milk, 797 Light 
Betz John, tailor, 14 L Hampstead 
Betz John, jr. laborer, 86 Eastern av 
Betz John, laborer, 86 Eastern av 
Betz John, tailor, 53j Harrison 
Betz John, laborer, 185 s Caroline 
Betz John, cabinetmaker, 191 s Regester 
Betz John L. tailor, 66 s Caroline 
Betz Thomas, shoemaker, 245 Canton av 
•Betz Wm. laborer, 179 s Chester 
Bfctz Mrs. Wolberger, confectionery, 185 s 

Eetzel Henry, laborer, 88 s Wolfe 
Betzel Wm. shoemaker, 172 s Durham 
Betzka Franz, laborer, 14 Barnes 
Betzold Mrs. Caroline, 8 Mince's al 
Betzold Frederick, peddler, 55 s Regester 
Beiicke Charles L. 37 n Gilmor 
Beucke Mrs. Elizabeth A. 37 n Gilmor 
Beucke George W. clerk, 37 n Gilmor 
Beucke John H. clerk, 37 n Gilmor 
BEUFORD FANNY, 51 Josephine 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

No. 21 SPEAR'S WnARF, 


Clover f Timothy Seed, <Cc. 
Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Beumler John H. cigarmaker, 225 s Durham 
Beurrier Gules, dyer and scourer, 79 Mulberry 
Beurrier Louise, bleacher, 79 Mulberry 
Beushausen Fred, bookkeeper, 222 Lee 
Beutelspacher Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding, 190 

Beutelspacher Geo. E. moulder, 461 w Lom- 
Bevan Chas. F. (Bevan & Sons) n e cor Gar- 
den and Lanvale 
Bevan Charles, clerk, 9 McIJenry 
Bevan John, potter, Clinton s of Elliott 
Bevan Mrs. J. F., Eutaw sq nr Mosher 
Bevan .Mrs. Mary Eliz\, 254 n Howard 
Bevan .Mrs. Margaret, 5 Hamilton 
Bevan Mrs. Mary, (A.J. Barrett k Co.) 50 e 

Bevan Nicholas K. salesman, Manfion house 
Bevan Saml. (vS. Bevan & Co.) Baltimore co 
BEYAN SAMUEL k, CO. (.Saml. Bevan, Wm. 
A. Williar, E. G. Miller, P. A. Salmon) 
import, and job. in dry goods, 279 w Bal- 
BEYAN & SONS, (C. F. Bevan and Wm. F. 
Bevan) marble workers, 140 Saratoga and 
70 n Howard 
Bevan Thomas, cop. smelt. Clinton s of Dostoa 
Bevan Thomas H. law student, 44 Lanvale 
Bevan Thomas H. 155 Lanvale 
Bevan Thomas N. stonecutter, 5 Hamilton 
Bevan T. W., Custom House, 17 Lexington 
Bevan Warren C (E. L. Palmer k. Co.) Ea- 

taw house 
Bevan Wm. smelter, Clinton s of Boston 
Bevan Wm. A. tinner, 272 e Monument 
.Bevan Wm. F. (Bevan k Sons) 155 Lanvale 
Bevan Wm. J. stonecutter, 244 n Central av 
Bevans Catherine, 108 n Eden 
Bevans Edgar S. clerk, 281 e Baltimore 
Bevans Henry, police, 107 e Eager 
Bevans John C. bricklayer, 108 n Eden 
Bevans Joshua S. huckster, 139 Forrest 
Bevans Mrs. Mary Jane, huckstress, 117 n Paca 
Bevans Reuben A. L. furniture, 281 e Balto. 
Bevans, Hannah & Co. (W. J. Bevans, S. 
Hannah, John Farrell) marble workers, 200 
c Monument 
Bevans Robert, ship master, 198 s Charles 
Bevans Wm. laborer, 167 Hudson 
Bevans Wm. A. tinner, 272 e Monument 
Bevans Wm. J. (Bevans, Hannah & Co.) 244 

n Central av 
Bevans Wm. W. barkeeper, 281 e Baltimore 
Beveridze John, harness, &c. 279 w Pratt 
BEYERFDGE OLIYER, wire worker, 22 n 

Liberty, dw 52 s Bond 
Beveridge Mrs. Jlar^ A. 52 n Bond 
Beverunger Lewis, butcher, 71 Belair market, 
dw McElderry ext 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Dealers in 

miimz 2i FANCY Goons, 

White Goods, Embroideries, Laces, 



Bewig Fred'k, shoemaker, 135 Hudson 
Beyer Andrew, laborer, 37 James la 
Bej'er Catherine E. grocery, 56 e Lombard 
Beyer Christian, butcher, 13 Hollins-st. mar- 
ket, and provision dealer, 9 s Poppletoa 
Beyer Fred'k, harnsss maker, 357 Light 
Beyer Fred'k, 1G8 e Fayette 
Beyer Fred'k A. musician, 56 e Lombard 
Beyer Henry, painter, 37 James la 
Beyer John, baker, Maltby house 
Beyer John, shoemaker, 156 s Eden 
Beyer John, brick moulder, 37 James la 
Beyer Justus, cigarmaker. Cross nr Leadenhall 
Beyer Louis, cabinetmaker and undertaker, 78 

s Broadway 
Beyerlein Simon, cooper, 209 Canton av 
Beyerscbmidt Andrew, laborer, 61 Bank 
Beyersdorff Charles, tailor, 132 Barre 
Beymer Henry B. (F. AV. Elder & Co.) 17 

Beynon Wm. copper smelter, Clinton s of 

Beyron Fred, cooper, 148 Raborg 
Bezeck John L. (Isaac Coale, jr. & Bro.) 377 

Penna av 
Beziat Chas. carpenter, 450 w Lombard 
Beziat Francis C. finisher, 412 West 
Beziat John M. cigarmaker, 451 Saratoga 
Biagiotte Joseph, artist, 7 w Fayette 
Bialla Hugo, French millinery, 144 Le.xington 
BialJa Moritz, real estate broker, 47 n Calvert, 

dw 144 Lexington 
Bians Martin, hatter, 162 Montgomery 
Bians Wra. H. conductor, 293 Light 
Bibb Bentley C. (Bibb & Co.) 256 Linden av 
Bibb Bentley S. 256 Linden av 
BIBB & 00. (B. 0. Bibb) stove warehouse, 39 

Bibb Wm. K. bookkeeper, 25 s Eutaw 
Bibelheiser Mrs. Ellen, tailoress, llSPeirce 
Bibelheiser Francis, tinner, 115 Peirce 
Bice Christopher, laborer, 190 s Durham 
Bichman Geo. shoemaker, 47 Conway, dw 

80 Leadenhall 
Bichy Herman, tailor, 113 Lexington 
Bichy John, bakery, 117 AVilliam 
Bickel Joseph, laborer, 96 s Chapel 
Bickermeyer Henry, laborer, 98 s Charles 
Bickfbrd k IIufFman, (L. Bickford, H. Huff- 
man) raanufs. agricul. implements, 59 J 3 
Bickford Lyman, (B. & Huffman) N. Y. 
Bickley Miss, music teacher, 99 e Pratt 
Bickley Samuel, 99 c Pratt 
Bickner Adam, shoemaker, 110 s Washington 
Biddeson Catherine, 160 e Madison 
Biddeson Samuel, laborer, 160 e Madison 
BiddiS')n James A. plasterer, 211 Orleans 
Biddison James L. plumber, 211 Orleans 

Riddison Romeo, machinist. Farmer's hotel 
Biddison Zachariah, baggage master, 108 s 

Biddle Mrs. Anna E. boarding, 61 n High 
Biddle Behhazar, cooper, 27 Peach al 
Biddle Jonathan S. (Isaac A.Sheppard & Co.) 

126 Gough 
Biddle John, laborer, 6 Smith 
Biddle Richard F. moulder, 96 s Poppleton 
Biddle Wm. H. moulder, 332 s Sharp' 
Biddleman Ferdinand, lumber inspector, 56 w 

Falls av, dw 60 Albemarle 
Biddlingmeyer John, coachm'r, 323 e Madison 
Biedler \Vm. T. clerk, 274 w Baltimore 
Biden Edw'd, huckster, 60 s Carey 
15iden Henry, car|)enter, 73 n Schroeder 
Bidwell Lorenzo, (rihowacre & B.) 253 s Eutaw 
Biebel Joseph M. restaurant, 24 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Bieberback Andreas, laborer, 303 s Bond 
Bieger Michael, shoemaker, 34 Liberty ct 
Bicger John, carver, 34 Liberty ct 
Bielefeld Joseph, lager bcor, n e cor Euger and 

Central av 
Biemiller Mrs. Annie, confectionery, 3 L Paca 
Biemiller August, cigarmaker, 153 Canton av 
Biemiller Edward, milk, 709 Light 
Biemiller Henry, laborer, 153 (Janton av 
Biemiller J. Henry, flour and feed, 282} w 

Pratt, dw 4 Jasper 
Biemiller John, teamster, 3 L Paca 
Bien Casper, butcher, 18 s Regester 
Bien Chas. beer, 343 Penna av 
Bien Henry, tai or, 390 Penna av 
B en John, tinner, 247 s Ann 
Bien John, restaurant, 492 Penna av 
Bien John, (.Mueller k B.) 492 Penoa av 
Bienstien Fred'k, laborer, 178 s Edeu 
Bier Geo. turner, 428 Cantou av 
Bier Geo. s e cor Eutaw pi and Mosher 
Bier Geo. H , Adjt Gen State Md. s w cor Bal- 
timore and Post Office av, dw 401 n Eutaw 
Bier John, beer, 41 Block 
Bierau Conrad, laborer, 215 Mullikin 
Bierbower Abraham, laborer, Martin al nr 

Bierbower Frank A. clerk, 92 Barre 
Bierbower Colin R. cigar boxmaker, 117 Wel- 
come al, dw 92 Barre 
Bierbower Lemuel, boxmaker,117 Welcomeal, 

dw 92 Barre 
Bierline Fred'k, laborer, 123 n Spring 
Bierline Jacob, cooper, 106 West 
Bierman Mrs. Susan, 197 Peirce 
Biersach John, shoemaker, 393 Cross 
Bierstedt Chas. shoemaker, rear 635 Light 
Bies Christian, laborer, 167 s Caroline 
Bieeheim Nicholas, painter, 77 s Regester 
Biesmann Aug. laborer, 258 s Durham 
Bigelow Eilmund D. (E. D. B, & Co.) 218 

Linden av 
Bigelow E. D. & Co. (Edmund D. R.) com 
merch'ts and ship brokers, 70 Smith's wharf 
BIGGAR JOHN & CO. (J. B., C. Darrell) 
imp's of wines and liquors, 4 Exchange pi 
Riggar John, ( J. Biggar & Co.) Raltimore CO 
Biggins Wm. H. police, Ifil e Madisjn 
Biggs Chas. E. agent, 15 n High 
BiggJ James M. bookkeeper, 635 w Lombard 
Biggs John A. butcher, 179 e Fayette 
Biggs John T. porter, 272 e .Madis m 
Biggs Joseph, watchman, 272 e Mad son 




BIGGS JOSEPH J. com. merchant and cot- i 

ton factor, 51 w Pratt, dw 635 w Lombard 
Biggs Jonathan, laborer, 53 s Poppleton 
Biggs Robt. clerk, 272 e Madison 
Biggs Samuel F. brakesman, 86 s Poppleton 
Biggs Zacbariah, blacksmith, 53 s Poppleton 
Bigham & Bradford, (M. M. Bigham, G. W. 
Bradford) com. merchants, flour, &c., n w 
cor Franklin and Eutaw 
Bigham Mrs. Elizabeth, 274 w Fayette 
Bigham J. plumber. Park av nr North av 
Bigham John B. laborer, 217 s Ann 
Bigham John L. clerk, 274 w Fayette 
Bigham -Mrs. Maria, Park av nr North av 
Bigham Marshall M. (Bigham &. Bradford) 79 

u Paca 
Bigiii Philip, laborer, 243 n Bond 
Bigley Dennis, hostler, Foster al nr Dolphin 
Bilisoly Eugene E. clerk, 102 n High 
Billings Edwin E. clerk, 114 Burgundy al 
Billings John, potter, 204 Gough 
Bsllingslea James, clerk. Farmers' hotel 
Billinos'.ey Samuel W. carpenter, Clifton nr 

the Park 
BilliQgsley Thomas A. (T. A. B. & Co ) 357 

w Lombard 
Eiilingsley Thomas A. & Co. (T. A. B., W. 

M. Vickers, ) bags, 105 s Charles 
BiUingsley Thomas B. 355 w Lombard 
Billin^ton Gover, luborer, 32 New Church 
Billington James P. backman, 175 Orleans 
Billington \Vm. L. tinner, 77 a Broadway 
BiUman Geo. provisions, 1 s Poppleton 
Billman Michael J. shoemaker, 206 Mulberry 
Billmeyer Joseph, shoe store, 142 w Pratt, dw 

34 e Fayette 
Billmire Gtorge A. clerk, 100 s Exeter 
BiUmire \V. H. 0. clerk, 270 e .Monument 
Billmyer Mrs. Catherine, 113 Jefferson 
lUllmyer Cb^s. brakesman, 434 Lexington 
Bilimyer Cbas. E. coatumer, 3 Low 
Billmyer Ela, dressmaker, 434 Lexington 
Billmer Jacob, shoemaker, i59 Forrest 
Billaer Wm. laborer, 189 s Chester 
I'.illstein Henry, varnisher, 346 Cross 
Billu{is Alfred C. currier, 292 Aisquitii 
Billups Mrs Cecelia, 106 Henrietta 
Billups John, sailmaker, 271 Light 
Billups John, mariner, 34 n Bond 
BILLUPPS B.F. whols. liquors, 25 Cheap- 
side, dw Mulberry nr Giloior 
Bilupps Joseph R. clerk, Mulberry nr Gilmor 
Bilson .Mrs. And. J. dressmaker, 175 Preston 
Bilson Daniel, plasterer, 237 w Fayette 
Bilson Elizabeth. 237 w Fayette 
Bilsoa Henry, machinist, 438 w Lombard 
Biison John E. piaster? r, 237 w Fayette 
Bilson Samuel, plain and ornamental plaster- 
er, 154 n Howard, dw 237 w Fayette 
Bilson "W'm. jr, machinist, 544 w Lombard 
Bilson Wm. sr. gunsmith 544 w Lombard 
Bi-nsdorfer John, tailor, 299 s Durham 
Binau John M. shoemaker, 333 n Central av 
Bindeman Charles, shoemaker, 208 Preston 
Binder Frederick, cutter^ 140 s Howard 
Binder Georere, hairwoller, over 24 n Charles, 

dw 53 n Exeter 
Bindtr Gotleib, saddler, 75 n Central av 
Binder Lewis, jr. cigarmaker, 34 n Fremont 
Binder Lewis, surgical inst. mak. 34 n Fre- 
Bindewald August, shoemaker, 48 Raborg 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Tiiiiothy Heed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement & Plaster. 

Bindewald Charles, gilder, Pratt nr Penn 

Bindewald L. dyer, 413 w Pratt 

Binding George, cooper, 217 Hamburg 

Binding Henry, grocery, 205 s Ann 

Bines Eliza, grocery, 219 Battery av 

Bines Frank, huckster, 219 Hattery av 

Bines John A. brakesman, 311 s Charles 

Bines John, distiller, 311 s Charles 

Blues Robert, clerk, 77 s Paca 

Bingel Henry, tobacconist, 837 w Baltimore, 

dw 202 n Central av 
Bingel Jacob, tinner and restaurant, 202 a 

Central av 
Dinger C. laborer, 108 West 
Dinger John, shoemaker, 124 e Lombard 
Bingham Benjamin T. wood and conl, s e cor 

Chatsworth and Chesnut al, dw 291 Frank- 
Bingham John, carpenter, 374 e Monument 
Bingham John, fancy store, 853 w Baltimore 
Bingham Robert, stonecutter, 106 Cathedral 
Bingham Mrs. Sarah J. boarding, 119 Camden 
Bingham Wm. clerk, 15 Warner 
Bingham Wm. jr. machinist, 15 Warner 
Bingham Wm. W. gasfitter, 119 Camden 
Biugley Margaretta, governess, 90 Mulberry 
Binney Capt. Joshua, marine surveyor, s w 

cor Gay and Lombard, dw 30 Spring row 
Binuiker Joshua, carpenter, 75 East 
Binnix George, blacksmith, 107 Chesapeake 
Binnix Henry, puddler, 107 Chesapeake 
Binnix John H. police, 74 Milliman 
Binnix Louis D. machinist, 21 Etting 
Binnix Mrs. Martha, 57 Chew 
Binnix Martha M. saieswomao, 57 Chew 
Binswanger David, (D. Binswanger & Co.) 355 

Binswanger D. k Co. (D. Bingswanger) 

printers, over 17 s Gay 
Binswanger Simon, bookkeeper, 157 n Gay 
B'nlzel Frederick, moulder, 179 n Eden 
Binyon & Audoun, (W. W. Biuyon, 0. Au- 

doun) builders, 137 s Ann 
Binyon James, peddler, cor Albemarle and 

Binyon Thomas, nightman, 302 Canton av 
Binyon Thomas W. of Custom House, 275 e 

Binyon Thomas, jr. carpenter, 130 Bank 
Binyon Wm. II. H. carpenter, 130 Bank 
Binyon Wm. W. (B. & Audoun) 130 Bank 
Binz John H. tinner, 473 Saratoga 
Binz John, hackdriver, 473 Saratoga 
Birch Chas. (Hough & Birch) Barnum's hotel 
Birch Charles, junk, 198 East 
Birch Clinton S. printer, 654 w Baltimore, dw 

415 Franklin 
Birch James, 123 Thames 
Birch Joseph, coacbmaker, 198 East 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Oo. 

Importera and Dealers in 

Fotions and Fancy Goods, 


Hosiery, Gloves, Small Wares, &c. 


Birch Wm. R. clerk, 217 George 
Birckenstack Henry, tailor, 141 n Bond 
Birckhead Christopher C. police, G n High 
Birckhead George B. clerk, 189 w Fayette 
Birckhead Henry J. claim a;^ent, "tl Granby 
Birckhe;Xd James, jr. 30 South, dw 87 Park 
Birciihead John W. tailor, 409 u Gay 
Birckhead J. E. 231 St. Paul 
Birckhead J. M.231 St. Paul 
Birckhead Lennox, (Watson & B.) York road 
Birckhead Mary N. seamstress 409 n Gay 
Birckhead Nathaniel, coach painter, 409 n Gay 
Bird -Mrs. Bridget, grocery, 243 e Chase 
Bird E. Carrere, tobacconist, 28 w Pratt, dw 

23 Jackson 
Bird Mrs. E. M., 177 w Biddle • 
BIRD J. EDWARD, dry gaods, 213 w Balti- 
more, dw 243 Linden av 
Bird Jacob W. clerk, 110 w Fayette 
BIRD STEPHEN L. & CO. (S. L. Bird) 59 

n Howard 
Bird Stephen L. (S. L. B. & Co.) 345nEutaw 
Birdsall Samuel, paver, 1G2 East 
Birdy Mrs. Evelina H., 93 McCulloh 
Birely Lewis A. ice, 247 w liOmbard 
Birgin Kirren, porter, lis Fremont 
Birkett Mrs. Mary, dressrakr, 420 w Lombard 
Birkett Tnos. A. carp, Gilmor nr Mcllenry 
Birkey Edward H. clerk, 212 Druid Hill av 
Birkey Thomas, clerk, 212 Druid Hill av 
Birkey Thos. H. builder, 212 Druid Hill av 
Birkhead Geo. bookkeeper, 189 w Fayette 
Birkheimcr August, lager beer, 299 s Bond 
Birkbolz Clias. A. clerk, 75 n Eutaw 
Birkmeycr J. F. furnishing goods, 644 w Bal- 
Birkmeyer Wm. confectioner, 550 w Pratt 
Birkner Geo. cooper, 78 Bank- 
Birley Geo. W. engineer, 503 w Lombard 
Birley John T. engineer, 290 Mcllenry 
Birmingham Andrew, carp'ter, 224 e Madison 
Birmingham Andrew, jr. carp'r, 224 e Madison 
Birmingham Mrs. Eilen, 28 Druid Hill av 
BiimiuL'ham Jas. E. plasterer, 227 Henrietta 
Birmingham Jas. L. currier, 42 Albemarle 
Birmingham John, driver, 130 s Central av 
Birmingham John, plasterer, 28 Mosher 
Birmingham John E. painter, 28 Druid Hill av 
Birmingham Moike, clerk, over 30 South 
Birmingham Wm. currier, 42 Albemarle 
Birnehan Edward, laborer, 528 w Lombard 
Birney Chas. stonecutter, G8 Oxford 
Birnie Upton, clerk, 107 Mulberry 
Birthistle Patrick, carter, G3 Granby 
Birtz Christian, shoefitter, 91 Harrison 
Bisbee Samuel, shoemaker, 51 Hill 
Biscam Fred, locksmith, 114 Raborg 
Bisclioff Mrs. Appolonin, 32G Canton ar 
BiscLoll" Chas. F. cigarmaker, 1C9 Columbia 

BischoffChas. F. jr. cigarpacker, 15.5 Columbia 
Bischotf Christopher, cabinetmkr, 239 8 Charles 
Bischoff Franz, shoemaker, 37 9 Wolfe 
Bischofi" .Mary, 235 s Bond 
Bischoff .Mrs. Mary, tobacconist, 1G9 Columbia 
Biscoe James, com. merchant, over 149 w 

Pratt, dw 330 w Lombard 
Biscoe Theodore, clerk, 330 w Lombard 
Biscoe Wm. boarding, 90 .Mulberry 
Biscoe Wm. M. ship joiner, 296 Eistern av 
Biser Daniel G. grocer, 550 w Fayette 
Bishrnan Geo. shoemaker, 80 Leadenhall 
BishoflF Adam, cooper, 35 e .Monument 
Bishop Caleb, lightning rods, 95 Ensor 
Bishop Casper, paver, 294 n Central av 
Bishop Mrs. C.itherine, grocery, 6 China 
Bishop Chas. A. bailiff U. S. court, n w cor 

Fayette and North 
Bishop Chas. 15. actor, n e cor Gilmor and 

Liberty road 
Bishop Chas. E. n e cor Fayette and Castle 
Bishop David J. 51 Harford av 
Bishop David E. 339 e Pratt 
Bishop Eiisha, plaslerer, 60 n High 
Bishop Eiisha, [)lasterer, 117 Stirling 
B'shop Elizabeth, 214 e Pratt 
Bishop Mrs. Elizabeth, 1 Edward 
Bishop Geo. C. police, 120 n Bond 
Bishop Geo. A. laborer, 202 s Durham 
Bishop Geo. F. carpenter, 73 n Schroeder 
Bishop Geo. W. (G. W. B. & Co.) 47 s Wash- 
Bishop Geo. W. carpenter, 179 Aisquith 
Bishop Geo. W. k Co. (Geo. W. B. and John 

F. Blessing) tobacconist, 30 w Pratt 
Bishop James, watchman, 334 Hollins 
Bishop John E. bookkeeper, 79 s Chester 
Bishop John, police, 79 s Chester 
Bishop John H. lightning rods, 47 n HoUiday, 

dw 95 Ensor 
Bishop John T. stone ranson, 173 McCulloh 
Bishop John L. carpenter, 283 n Central av 
Bishop Mrs. Mary A. vestmaker, 94 n Car- 
Bishop Mrs. Mary C, Division nr Dolphin 
Bishop Mrs. Mary M. 9 Cambridge 
Bishop Olivia, frame maker, 172 e Monument 
Bishop Patrick, laborer, 55 s Poppletoa 
Bishop Reverdy, clerk, 244 e Madison 
Bishop Robert, 339 e Pratt 
Bishop Robert, bricklayer, 61 n Poppleton 
■ Bishop Thomas J. telegraphist, 96 n Cnroline 
Bishop Mrs. T. F. dressmkr, 172 e Monument 
BISHOP WM. J. copper lightning rod manu- 
facturer, 47 n Holliday, dw 7 s Eden 
Bishop Wm. T. huckster, 254 Aisquith 
Bishop Wm. H. rigger, 10 Cross, dw Gist nr 

Canton av 
Bishop Wm. R. clerk, 172 e Monument 
Bishop Wm. [lolice, 55 Chew 
Bishop Winfield S. clerk, 172 e Monument 
B'sley Robert, smelter, Clinton s of Boston 
Bissell Bc'jimin, clerk, 358 w Lombard 
Bissell Wm. T. printer, 353 w Lombiird 
Bissell iMrs. Wm. R boarding, 358 w Lombard 
Bisser Jacob, labored 141 Battery av 
Bisscr Jose[)h, carver, lOG Johnson 
Bisset Harry E. salesman, 133 Pearl 
Bisselt Thomas jr. stone cutter, 63 McHcnry 

BISSING W. F., Watchmaker, 282 
w Baltimore, dw 169 German. 




Bisson Mrs. Martha, grocery, 128 s Chester 
Bisson Wm. mariner, 128 s Chester 
Bissoa Wra. jr. mariner, 128 s Chester 
Biiner John, laborer, 148 Low 
Bitner John, laborer, 268 n Central av 
Bitner Mrs. Mary C. 102 Somerset 
Bitter Mrs. Amelia, 339 n Central av 
Bitter Christian, boarding agent, 32 Fell 
Bitter D. lithographer, over 11 South, dw 22 

s Exeter 
Bitter Henry, pianomaker, 218 Barre 
BITTER'S HOTEL, L. Bitter, proprietor, cor 

Pratt and Concord 
Bitter John George, laborer, 261 Aisquith 
B'tter Louis, Bitter's hotel, s e cor Pratt and 

Bitters Conoley, engineer, 201 William 
Bittiger Wm. hostler, 227 German 
Bittinger Dan. N. carpenter, 54T w Lombard 
Bittinger John D. shoe store, 7 Penna av 
Bitl'e Hezekiab, furn. wagoner, 21 Oxford 
Bittner Edward, barber, 11 Elliott 
Bittner Frank, batter, 131 n Regester 
Bittner Frederick, sugar boiler, 96 s Castla 
Bittner Gotlieb, stitcher, 90 s Castle 
Bittner John, tailor, 23 Abbott 
Bittner John A. baker, 334 e Eager 
Bittner John, laborer, 74 Lancaster 
Bittorf Gpo. C. tailor, 218 n Caroline 
Bittcrf Henry, tailor, 81 Mulbeiry 
Bittrof Wolfgang, laborer, 58 Essex 
Bitz Herman, cutter, 119 Albemarle 
Bitz John, porter, 6 Chesnut al 
Bitzel Adam, confect'y, 177 e Lombard 
Bitzel Mrs. Wilhelmina, 73 e Monument 
Bitzer Franklin, dairy, S3 Aijquith 
Bivarrs David, furn. wagon, 115 n Paca 
Bixler Mrs. Andrew, Stockholm nr Eufaw 
Bixler Daniel, jr, bookkeeper, 3 Courtland 
Bixler Mrs. Eva, laundress, Stockholm near 

Bixler Louis A. tobacconist, 102 n Howard 
Bixler Wm. T. clerk, 702 Saratoga 
Bixler Wm. H. H. clerk, 85 n Strieker 
Bjening N. L. school, corner Saratoga and 

Schroeder, dw 320 w Fayette 
Black Alex. C. bookkeeper, 325 Madison av 
Black Archibald, laborer. 204 s Castle 
Black Benj. F. (B. & Co.) 178 Barre 
Black & Co. (B. F. B.) sign painters, 79 Ex- 
change place 
Black Dr. Calvin, 540 Lexington 
Black D. Henry, yeastmaker, 96 Aisquith 
Black Edward, cocper, 3 Cambridge 
Black Gilbert, 77 s Durham 
B'ack Harman F. yeast, corner Orleans and 

-Black Henry H. bricklayer, 90 n Poppleton 

prop'r. 111 n High 
Black Horse Tavern, M. Carllng, proprietor, 

63 Penna av 
B'ack Mrs Isibella L. tailoress, 214 Bank 
Black James, marble yard, cor Cathedral and 

Biddle, dw 258 Chatsworth 
Black James F. messenger Adams Express, 218 

Black James H. engineer, 116 s Bond 
Black John, laborer, 77 s Durham 
Black John, jr, hardware, 160 n Gay, dw 325 

Madison av 
Black John S. clerk, 176 Bank 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, <Scc. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement & Plaster, 

Black John, 270 Mulberry 

Black John, cooper, 49 Commerce, dw 176 

Black John (B. & Krebs) 296 Lexington 
Black John R. carpenter, 18 Marion, dw 299 

Black Kate, seamstress, 218 w Lombard 
Black & Krebs (J. Black, G. L. Krebs, Jacob 

E. Krebs) pork packers and provisions, 51 

South and 53 n Caroline 
Black Lewis W. painter, 85 Oxford 
Black L. H. (Cutter & B.) 107 w Fayette 
Black Millard S. clerk, 86 Division 
Black R. P. drover, Caherton Hotel 
Black Rev. R. W. 643 w Lombard 
Black Samuel, builder, n w cor Division and 

Black Wm. K. carpenter, 133 Pearl 
Black Wm. scale maker, 270 Mulberry 
B'ackbee Margaret, 126 Hughes 
Blackburn Cyrus (C. B. & Bro.) 132 n Eutaw 
Blackburn C. & Bro. (Cyrus k Edwin Black- 
burn) flour, grain and com. merchs. n e 

cor Franklin and Eutaw 
Blackburn Edwin (C. B. & Bro.) 68 Bolton 
Blackburn Elizabeth P. teacher, 132 n Eutaw 
Blackford & Bresee, ( W. H. B , 0. F. Bresee) 

managers Widows and Orphans' Benefit 

Life Ins. Co. 15 South 
Blacktbrd Wm. H. (B. & Bresee) 36 w Eager 
Blackeby Joseph, carpenter, 2 Russell 
Blackiston Albert C. police, 146 s Sharp 
BlacklstonMrs. E. B. 82 Hanover 
Blackiston & Fish, (Wra. B., J. Fish) prop'rs 

St. Nicholas hotel, 27 n Holliday 
Blackiston John B. cabinet maker, 562 w Bal- 
timore, dw98 Hollins 
Blackiston John, jr. clerk, 82 Hanover 
Blackiston John B. jr. moulder, 98 IloUins 
Blackiston T. Wallis, attorney, 37 St. Paul, 

d w 9 1 Saratoga 
Blackiston Taylor E. clerk, 82 Hanover 
Blackiston Wm. (B. k, Fish) St. Nicholas hotel 
Blackiston Walter, clerk, 91 Saratoga 
Blackiston Wra. C. lumber inspector, s w cor 

Concord and Bowly, dw 138 s Sharp 
Blacklar Alexander C. (Elliott k B.) 55 Ais- 
Blacklar Charles R. clerk, 205 e Baltimore 
Blackwood E. S. salesman, 45 s Howard 
Blackwell Mrs. Elizabeth S. seamstress, 202 n 

Eutaw , 

Blackwell Ernest C. engineer, 202 n Eutaw 

metals, bags, &c. 3 and 5 Camden, dw Anne 

Arundel co. 
Blades Bro. k Co. (T. W\ & W. P Blades, M. 

W. Gladding) commiasioa merchants, 100 

w Pratt 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Dealers iu 

notions and Fancy Goods, 


Hosiery, Gloves, Small Wares, &c. 


Blades John J. paperhanger, 157 n Exeter 
Blades John L. livery stables and night carts, 

114 s Washington, d\v s w cor Pratt and 

Blades Mary E. 259 Saratoga 
Blades Samuel, chairmaker, 15Y n Exeter 
Blades Thomas W. (B. Bro. & Co.) 103 s Bond 
Blades Thomas W. furniture, 103 s Bond 
Blades Wm. P. (B. Bro. & Co.) 21 s Bond 
Blaha John, shoemaker, 63 n Dallas 
Blahs Joseph cabinet maker, 227 Pcirce 
Blaich John F. teacher, 113 n Caroline 
Blain John, laborer, Kicbolson near Towson 
Blair Alexander, gardener, Monument near 

city limits 
Blair Charles E. accountant, 3S1 Lexington 
Blair & Holle, (John Blair, Julius Holle) 

tailors and gents' furnishing goods, 790 w 

Blair James A. clerk P. 0. 188 Hanover 
Blair John, (B. & HoUe) 412 w Lombard 
Blair John, conductor, 124 w Hoffman 
Blair John, conductor, 39 Preston 
Blair Lewellyn P. plumber and gasfitter, 455 

w Baltimore 
Blair Montague, driver, 257 Harford av 
Blair Samuel S. div. sup'tN.C R. 78 Park av 
Blake Catherine, grocery, 151 York 

Watches, Jewelry, Silver and 
Plated Ware, 217 w Baltimore, 
dw Baltimore county 

Blake Charles W. of Chas. watchmaker, 217 

w Baliimore 
Blake Charles W. clerk, 125 s Sharp 
Blake Elizabeth L. 788 w Baltimore 
Blake Eugene, clerk, 145 Hanover 
Blake Flavilla, boarding, 104 Hanover 
Bliike Francis T. bricklayer, 112 n Caroline 
Blake George, 151 York 
Blake George A. carpenter, 144 s Bond 
Blake Henry S. teacher, 145 Hanover 
Blake Henry Wm. painter, 20 Arbel al 
Blake James, iron moulder, 20 Arbel al 
Blake Joel N. machinist and founder, s e cor 

Franklin and North, dw 160 McCulloh 
Blake John, painter, 16 n Wolfe 
Blake John H. puddler, 1 O'Donnell 
Blake Mrs. John H. boarding, 104HaDOTer 
Blake John, carpet weaver, 47 Tyson 
Blake John H. clerk, 104 Hanover 
Blake John A. pattern maker, 154 Cathedral 
Blake John L. clerk, 112 n Caroline 
Blake John R. bricklayer, 112 n Caroline 
Blake John W. engineer, 20 Arbel al 

Blake Joseph W. watchman C. H. 154 Cathe- 
Blake Lawrence, painter, 20 Arbel al 
Blake Mrs. Margaret-, 20 Arbel al 
Blake Martin, 305 n Central av 
Blake Sallie, dressmaker, 154 Cathedral 
Blake Samuel F. carpenter, 330 MulbC'ry 
Blake Rev. S. V. 125 s Sharp 
Blake Thos. laborer, Burrougb nr Fort av 
Blakeley Wm. A. stonecutter, 110 Ensor 
Blakeney Jlrs. Rebecca, 1D2 Aiscjuith 
Blakeslee Abram, cloth cutter, 31 e Eager 
Blakey Wm. malthouse. Hooper's whf, F. P. 
Blakistone Walter, teller Bank of Commerce, 

51 Lexington 
Blamberg Herman, cab't maker, 75 Milliman 
Blamire John E. mariner, 105 s Chapel 
Blanch James C . potter, 84 n Bond 
Blanch James T. carpenter, 199 e Lombard 
Bianchard Bennington G. bookkeeper, '^79 

Bianchard D.H. bookkeeDer,243 Druid Hill av 
BLAXCHARD E. WY ATT, attorney, 38 St 

Paul, dw 81 Cathedral 
Bianchard James A. J. rigger, 386 William 
Bianchard Joseph, coach painter, 38 Chcsnut 
B'anck John, restaurant, 471 w Baliimore 
Blancquaert Armand, teacher of French, 22 

Bland Dr. J. F., Miller's hotel 
Bland Edw'd, shoemaker, 293 w Pratt 
Bland Lewis E. shoemaker, s e cor Eutaw and 

Blandford Wm. H. clerk, 121 w Lombard 
Blaney Chas. E. & Bro. ;(C. E. & J. T. B.) 

bricklayers, 193 George 
Blauey Chas. E.(C. E.B. & Bro.) 193 George 
Blaney Frank, cleik, 20 s Fremont 
Blaney Geo. W. stonecutter, 304 Forrest 
Blaney Henry, bricklayer, 20 s Fremont 
Blaney James M. bricklayer, 163 Greenmount 

Blaney James W. & Son, (J. "W. & W. H. 
. Blaney) bricklaveis, office 20 8 Fremont 
Blaney James W. (J. W. B. & Son) 20 3 

Blaney Jameg J. bricklayer, 20 s Fremont 
Blaney John T. (C. E. B. & Bro.) Townsend 

Blaney John T. carpenter, 161 Greenmount av 
Blaney Mrs. Sarah, huckstress, 266 Green- 
mount av 
Blaney Wm. H. (J.W. B. k Son) 238 George 
Blank Fred'k, laborer, 135 Battery av 
Blank John, tavern, 258 Lee 
Blank Joseph, laborer, 117 Low 
Blankenburg Chas. shoemaker, 80 Mullikin 
Blackford Jacob, huckster, 361 n Broadway 
Blankinship Dan. D. engin'r, 3 Williamson al 
Blankuer John M. confectioner, 875 w Pratt 
Blankner Lawrence, barber, 925 w Pratt 
Blash Samuel G. sailmake."-, 164 e Pratt 
Blass Rev. Jacob, 234 Eastern av 
Blass John, laborer, 29 James la 
Bhitchley Mrs. Priscilla, dressmaker, 299 e 

Blaufuss Lewis, tailor, 267 Franklin 
Blaut Levi, shoemaker, 152 Cbesnut 
Blazer Chris, laborer, 108 s Wolfe 
Hleasdiile John, (Bgineer, 76 William 
Blecker Martha A. dressmaker, 105 Bank 
Bledsoe Albert T. teacher, 360 n Eutaw 




BLEDSOE A. T. editor Southern Review, 5 

B Holliday, dw 3G0 n Eutaw 
Bledsoe Root, conductor, 47G w Lombard 
Bleemlein Andrew, moulder, 14 Dawson al 
Bleicher A. Lewis, shoemaker, 17 Baker 
Bleicher J. S. cooper, 243 8 Bethel 
Bleimcr Henry, laborer, 2 Spruce al 
Blessing Andrew, bag cutter, 36 L Hampstead 
Blessing Mrs. Barbara, 154 e Jlonumeut 
BlessiDjr Daniel, carpenter, 47 n High,dw 154 

e Monument 
Blessing Mrs. Elizabeth, wool, 140 s Spring 
Blessing Ferdinand, Uborer, 140 s Spring 
Blessing James, carpenter, 241 n Gay 
Ble.'sing John, tobacconist, 241 n Gay 
Blessing Jno.F.(G.\V.Bishop & Co.)241 n Gay 
Blessing Samuel, bag cutter, 36 L Hampstead 
Blessing W. T. clerk, 241 n Gay 
Bleunberger Adam, shoemaker, 20 Walnut al 
Bl-y Rudolph, 503 Lexington 
Blick Thos. H. bookkeeper, 362 e Baltimore 
Blimline & Son, (Joseph and Abraham J. 

Blimline) manuf. shirts, drawers, &c. 17 s 

Blimline Abraham J. (Biimline & Son) 188 

Druid Hill av- 
Blimline Henry, cutter, over 170 Franklin 
Blimline Joseph, (B.&Son) 188 Druid Hillav 
Blmsinger George F. carpenter, 132 Druid 

Hill av 
Bliss Major H., Eutaw house 
Blitt Louis, moulder, 176 s Washington 
Blitski Elward, barber, 149 Forreit 
Blizzard Ge.^. W. engineer, 30 n Chapel 
Blizzard Mrs. Rebecca, 128 R;tborg 
Blizzard John L. copper refiner, 131 Cross 
Blizzard John R. engineer, 166 Battery ay 
Blocher Daniel, brickmaker, 359 Hollins 
Blocher Geo. 359 Hollins 
Blocher Henry, brickmaker, 359 Hollins 
Blocher AV'm. L. clerk, 35 n Gilmor 
Block Andrew, blacksmith. 111 Saratoga 
Block Chas. wheelwright, 276 s Charles 
Block Edward, (E. B. k Co.) 212 w Hoffman 
felock Edward & Co. (E. Block) liquors, 49 s 

Block Finle}', engraver, 99 Orleans 
Block Geo. engineer, 6 Butler 
Block Mrs. Harriet, 99 Orleans 
Block Henry, mariner, 177 s Wolfe 
Block John, (Tbomsen & Block) 128 n Charles 
Block John H. bricklayer, 51 s Poppleton 
Block Mrs. Julia, 51 s Poppleton 
Block Letta, confectionery, 58 Bank 
Block Lazarus, fancy goods, 284 n Gay 
Block Lewiii, furniture, 188 n Eden 
Block Louis, tobacconist, 259 a Broadway 
Block Mary, cigars, 58 Bank 
Block Peter, laborer, 19 Albemarle 
Block Simon J. 118 s Eden 
Blogg Rev. E. N. S. salesman, s w cor Strieker 

and Mulberry .- * 

Blome Geo. confectionery, 445 w Baltimore 
Blomeier Christian, blacksmith, 240 a Caro- 
line, dw 178 s Caroline 
Blomeier Ennis, shoemaker, 30 President 
Blaudell Dennis, liquors, 103 Garden 
Blondheim Heart, clothing, 137 Franklin, dw 

105 n Howard 
Blondheim Solomon, clothing, 173^ Franklin, 

dw 105 n Howard 
Blood Wm. E, car driver, 968 w Baltimore 




Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, dc, 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Bloodgood C. B. clerk, Courtland, 2 doors n 

of Pleasant 
Bloomer Mrs. John W. sr. 157 n Caroline 
Bloomer John W. brake-man, 37 s Carey 
Blotkamp Wm. hacks, 260 e Lombard 
BLOXHAM JOHN & SOX, (John and John 

L. B.) hardware and stoves, 56 Harrison 
Bloxbam John (John B. & Son) 157 n High 
BloxbiiLU John L. (John B. & Son) 157 n ifgh 
Bloxham Richard J. telegraphist, 157 n High 
Blosham Wm. engineer, 218 Lee 
Blucher John, blacksmith, 237 Lemraon 
Blucher John, moulder, 414 Division 
Blucher Matthias, shoemaker, 253 Hollins 
Bluffet Wm. H. laborer. Cathedral nr North- 
ern av 
Blum Benjamin, cigarmaker, 206 s Wolfe 
Blum Bernard, cigarmaker, 1G2 Low 
Blum Mrs. Catherine, 376 Saratoga 
Blum Mrs. Catherine, 133 n Central av 
Blum Daniel, furniture repairer, 132 Low 
Blum Fred, bricklayer, 48 Lancaster 
Blum Geo. tailor, 147 n Bethel 
Blum Gotlieb, laborer, 156 s Castle 
Blum Gumhy S. bookkeeper, 294 Lexington 
Blum G. (B., Hechinger & Co.) 76 Columbia 
Blum Hartwig F. barber, 397 n Gay 
Blum, Hechinger & Co. (G. Blum, D. Hech- 
inger, F. Hechinger) wholesale clothiers, 
282 i.i w Pratt 
Blum if. F. barber, 66 Light 
Blum Isaac, second-hand dealer, 193 e Lombard 
Blum Isaac, sec. hand clothier, 234 s Caroline 
Blum John, laborer, 133 n Central av 
Blum Joseph, scourer, 153 n Eden 
Blum Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 227 s Bond 
Blum Philip, bookbinder, over 13 Centre 

Market sp 
Blum Mrs. Rachel, 284 Saratoga 
Blum S. H. bookbinder, 69 s Paca 
Blum Solomon, (Hess, B. & Co.) 294 Lex- 
Blum Wm. carpets, 538 w Baltimore 
Blumauer Louis, boots and £hoe.=!,235 s Charles 
Blume Albert, fancy goods, 136 s Broadway 
Blume Frederick, artist, 161 e Lombard 
Blume Frederick, tanner, 86 n Central av 
BLUME HERMAN, looking glass and picture 

frame man'r, 26 n Gay, dw 64 Aisquith 
Blume Philip, (Taylor & B.) 8 Centre Mkt sp 
Blumenburg Julius J. 122 w Fayette 
Blumenburg L. k Co. (L. Blumenburg, Wm. 
Lockhardt) pat. portable gaslight, 7 s Gay 
Blumenburg Maj. Leopold, (L. Blumenburg & 

Cj ) 37 n Exeter 
Blumenburg Mark, 122 w Fayette 
Blumenburg Rudolph, 161 s Broadway 
Blumenkarap Ernst, cooper, 333 e Madison 
Blumenour Henry, baker, 152 Hamburg 




Lawrence D, Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Dealers in 

Motions and Fancy Goods, 

Hosiery, Gloves, Small Wares, &c. 


Blumentbal Abraham, (B. & Bro.) second- 
hand dealer, 271 s Charles 
Blumenthal Bernard P. collector, 203 Ilollins 
Blumentbal & Bro. (A. k M. B.) clothing, 

boots, kc, 180 Ligbt-st whf 
Bluraeulhiii Isaac, tobacconist, 148 Lee 
BlonicDtbal Mrs. Jeauettee, dry goods, 203 

Blumenthal Michael, (B. &Bro.) 2'ns Charles 
Blumer Marga'-et, millinerj, 205 s Bond 
Blumer Samuel, printer, 313 s Bond 
Bliimline Andrew, laborer, 14 Dawson al 
Blumline Andrew, jr. laborer, 14 Dawson al 
Blumline Wm. moulder, 14 Dawson al 
Blundell Dennis, liquors, 103 Garden 
Blunde'il Dennis, collector, 1 Sterrett 
Blundell Elizabeth C. 113 Hill 
JMuudell John A. 31 e Eager 
Blundell Malachi, 37 e Eager 
Blundell Malachi, coachmaker, 2G5 w Biddle 
Blundell Mrs. Margaret, 1 Sterrett 
Blundell Teresa, music teacher, 2G5 w Biddle 
Blunt Nelson, labor, 21 Walker 
Blunt Samuel, carpenter. Starr hotel 
Blunt Samuel, stair builder, St. John's house 
Blunt Wm. R. bricklayer, 537 e Fayette 
Blute Mrs. John, dressmaker, 127 w Madison 
Blute Mary, dressmaker, 127 w Madisoa 
Bly Patrick, laborer, 22 n Amity 
Blythe Robert, clerk, 59 Conway 
Boacker Wm. tailor, 281 w Pratt 
SIONERS, n e cor Ilolliday and Fayette 
BOARD OF TRADE, office New Exchange 

Buildings, Geo. U. Porter, secretary 
Board of Health, office old City Hall, n Ilol- 
Boarman John, barber, 224 e Monument 
Boarman Mrs. Rebecca C. 486 Lexington 
Boarman Robert I. carpenter, 215 e Fayette 
Boazanan Edward, car repairer, 53 Preston 
Bobart Carroll, sexton, 138 s Bethel 
BOBART THOMAS W. rcstiiurant, 242 s 

Bobte James A. shipsmith, 207 Light 
Bobee John D. shipjoiner, 207 Ligbt 
Bobee Joseph F. clerk, 2o7 Linht 
■Bobee Wm. laborer, 207 Light 
Bobcth Chas. L. pianomaker, 429 w Fayette 
Bobtlb Louis E. pianomaker, 77 St. Peter 
Boblitz Wm. II. pumpniakcr, Durham nr Or- 
Docamp Herman, 319 s Bond 
Bock Herman, tobacconist, n e cor Bond and 

Bock Julius, painter, 322 e Monument 
Bock Wilhelniina, 2j3 Aliceanna 
BockeUuan Amelia, dres.smaker, 140 s Spring 
Bockelmaa Cbrisliao, machinist, 140j[s Spring 

BOCKELMAN CONRAD, tailor, 125 Barre 

Bockelman Dietrich, shoemkr, 158 s Fremont 

Bockelman Fred'k, carpenter, 140 J s Spring 

Bockelman Peter, paver, 116 s Spring 

Bockelman Wm. upholsterer, 11 Painter ct 

Bocker Henry, tailor, 405 Light 

Hockcr Wm. tailor, 381 w Pratt 

Bockley James, laborer, CO Stiles 

Bockmiller Wm. P. (Bartol & B.) lOS Chew 

Bode Mrs. Annie, 19 Conway 

Bode Chas. tailor, 228 e Madison 

Bode Dietrich, shoemaker, 165 w Fayette 

Bode Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 240 Hamburg 

Bode Henrietta, 12 Dawson al 

Bode Louis, porter, 240 Hamburg 

Bode Wm. S. clerk, 19 Conway 

Bodein Jacob, umbrella maker, 77 Orleans 

Bodein John, umbrella maker, 77 Orleans 

Bodea Mrs. Margaret J. dressmaker, 299 e 

Boden Wm. confectioner, 299 e Monument 
Bodener John, teacher, 53 George 
Bodener John, teacher, 93 Lee 
Bodenburg Chas. capmaker, 320 s Charles 
Bodenschatz John, tavern, 803 w Pratt 
Bodensick Andrew D. printer*, .^91 Franklin 
Bodensick Cbas. F. bookbinder, 407 Franklin 
Bodensick David, printer, 391 Franklin 
Bodensick Geo. II. bookbinder, 304 Franklin 
Bodensick Mrs. Sarah, 2G3 Franklin 
Bodensick Wm. T. bookbinder, 203 Franklin 
Boder V. laborer, 2G n Durham 
Bodhoif Jacob, cooper, 8 s Payson 
Bodine Chas. laborer, 44 Abbot 
Bodiue Jlrs. Magdalena, 10 Barnes 
Bodkin Mrs. Susan, 24 Willow 
Boecker Mrs. Eliz'h, boarding, 450 w Lombard 
BOECKER IIENRV, distillery, cor Hudson 

and Third av, Canton 
Boeckoer Chns. restaurant, 485 w Baltimoro 
Boeckner Jacob, tinner, 101 s Regester 
Boedeker Chas. laborer, 194 Cross 
Bopger Conrad, finisher, 211 Lee 
Bothl Mrs. Henry, carpet store, 145 Camden 
Boehle Henry, coach trimmer, 53 Albemarle 
Boehra Dr. Adolphus, 131 Hanover 
Boehm August, tailor, 126 s Dallas 
Boehm Chas. T. 113 McCulloh 
Boehm Constantine, beer, 50 s Wolfe 
Boehm George, shoemaker, 116 n Bethel 
Boehm Herman, clerk, 131 Hanover 
Boehm Henry, b.aker, 9 George 
Boehm Jacob, laborer, CO Thames 
Boehm John, blacksmith, 1 n Bond, dw 212 

e Lombard 
Boehm John, butcher, 190 and 192 Belair and 
71 and 72 Centre markets, dw Harford av 
opp Darley Park 
Boehm John C. shoemaker, 169 Ensor 
Hoehm John L. bookkeeper, 242 w Fayette 
Boi-hm Michael, blacksmith, 1 n Bond 
Boehm John W. wheelwright, 1 n Bond 
Boehme Augustus, sr., grocery, 128 Hanover, 

dw 130 
Boehme Augustus N. (Davis &B.) 34 Conway 
Bothme Fred'k AV. machinist, 95 n Gay 
Bjchme Wm. machinist, 95 n (Jay 
Boeczli John II. barber. 15G Orleans 
Boergerding Henry, sexton. Germ. Catholic 

burial ground, East av, at city limits 
Boerg'ocirer Adam, drayman, 195 e Eager 
Boer Bernhardt De, bookk'r, 178 w Lombard 




BOERICKE FRANCIS E. homeopathic drug- 
gist, 19 n Eutiw, dw Philadelphia 
Boesche Herman L. enga'r, Clinton nr Boston 
Boesenberg Henrick, tailor, 90 MulUkin 
Boesser Mrs. Catherine, provisions, 144 Peirce 
Boesser John AV. machinist, 144 Peirce 
Boette Theodore, shoemaker, 135 Vine 
Boettinger Franz, stoaemasoa. 202 Stirling 
Bjettinger Peter, shoem'ker, 215 n Central a7 
Boettinger AVm. cigarmaker, 215 n Central av 
Boewing Mrs. L. cor Boston and Ch'istcr 
Boge Francis, mariner, 106 Dugan's wharf 
Boger Henry, basketraaker, 1 L McElderry 
Boggess Wm. carpenter, Wolfe nr Fayette 
Boggs A, (t. bookkeeper, 56 e Baltimore 
Bjggs A. A. (S. S. B. & Son) Catonsville 
Boegs A. L., jr., & Co. (A. L. Boggs, jr., F. 
L. Golibart) wholesale and retail flour, 
grain and mill feed, 141 n Howard 
Boggs A. L., jr. (A. L. Boggs, jr. & Co.) 242 

n Eutaw 
Boggs Ann, 144 n Eutaw 
Boggs Mrs. Elizabeth, 112 n Pine 
Boggs F. H'y f Brown, B. & Co.) 242 n Eutaw 
Boggs & Hoyt, (S. S. B., D. Uoyt) real es- 

tite, 44 Lexington 
Boggs Mrs. Lucy H. 112 n Pine 
Boggs Margaret, 112 n Pine 
Boggs J. Greer, bookkeeper, 56 e Baltimore 
Boggs Ilob't J. B. customhouse, 242 n Eutaw 
Br.ggs S. S. (B. & Son, and B. & Hoyt) Ca- 

BOGGS S. S. & SON, (S; S. & A. A. Boggs, ) 

oyster and fruit packers, 181 York 
Boggs Wm. (Wm. B. & Co ) 226 n Eutaw 
Boggs Wm. (Kilpatrick & B.) 144 n Eataw 
Boggs Wm. & Co. (Wm. B , G. K. Warner,) 
agts Charter Oak Life Ins. Co. 5 Courtland 
Boggs Wm. H. clerk, 56 e Baltimore 
Boggs Wm. H. jr., clerk, 56 e Baltimore 
Boiue H'y & Son (H'y and Rob't H. Bogue) 

tailors' trimmings, over 226 w Baltimore 
Bogue Henry, (H. Bogue & Son) Vl Franklin 
Bogue James, groceries and liquors, 11 Mer- 
cer, dw 18 n Front 
Bogue Jos. F. 697 w Fayette 
Bogue James T. mariner, 27 Burea 
Bogue John H. mariner, 27 Buren 
Bogue Mrs. Maria, 697 w Fayette 
Bogue Robt. H. (H. B. & Son) 71 Franklin 
Bogue Dr. Rob't J. 18 n Front 
Bogue Thomas, clerk, 11 Mercer 
Bogue V. Thomas, clerk, 697 w Fayette 
Bohager Francis, 5 Bank 
Bohager Francis, grocery, n e cor Eden and 

Eastern av 
Bohager Samuel, juiik, 5 Bank 
Bohager Samuel, driver, 6 Eden ct 
Bohan Eilen, grocery, 34 Roci 
Bohan James, gardener, 34 Rock 
Bohan John, salesman, 175 n Calvert 
Bohan John, clerk, 14 Hanover 
Bohl Chas. wheelwright, 265 Hanover 
Bohl Frank, cigarmaker, 214 Light 
Bohl John, laborer, 451 Canton av 
Bohland Philip, painter, 44 Penna av 
Bohlayer Eliza, tailoress, 224 e Lombard 
Bohlayer Jas H. shipcarp'r, 224 e Lombard 
Hohle Wm. clerk, 13 n Howard 
Bohlken Cornelius, tinner, 72 e Pratt 
Bohlmana Fred'k A. music teacher, 562 w 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Heed, &c, 
Rosendale Cement k Pla ster. 

Bohlman Fred'k, tai'or, 56 Portland 

Bohm Annie M. confectionery, 334 Eastern ay 

Rohm John, laborer, 1 Cannon 

Bohm John, tailor, 354 Eastern av 

Bohm John G. blacksmith, 214 e Lom-bard 

Eohman John, laborer, 638 Light 

Bohman Wm. laborer, 633 Liyht 

Boha Fred'k, mariner, 82 a Wolfe 

Boha Auff. (M. Bohn k Sons) 43 Holland 

Bohn Michael, (M Bohn & Sons) 43 Holland 

Bohn Michael & Sons (Michael, William and 

Aug.B.) steam turniug and sawing, 5 Swan 
Buhn John, porter, 255 L Hughes 
Bohn Mrs. Mina, 319 s Bond 
Bohn Wm. (M. Bohn & Sons) 43 Holland 
Bohne Henry, grocery, 20 Cnasworth 
Bohne Henry, shoemaker, 86 s Howard 
Bohnenberg Fritz, lab'r, 32 Gist nr Canton av 
Bohner Fred, cigar packer, Sharp nr Henrietta 
Bohner Nicholas, tailor, 39 Cambrida:e 
Bohnert Michael, shoemaker, 23 St James 
Bohnlein Joseph, laborer, 309 Eastern av 
Bohnlofink John, shoemaker, 194 e Lombard 
Bohrer Christian, cooper, 190 s Bond 
Bobrer Dr. Frank, n e cor Dolphin and Druid 

Hill av 
Bohrer Julius S., U. S. N., 23 McCuUoh 
Bohs John, hammerman, 174 Preston 
Boice Geo. M miller, 223 Hollins 
Boies Jarvis, 261 s Baltimore 
Bokee Geo. M. china, glass, queensware, 41 n 

Howard, dw 277 Lexington 
Bokee Howard, oil and lamps, 14 n Howard 
Bokee Morris H. clerk, 277 Lexington 
Bokee Wm. F. (Wm. F. B. & Co.) 93 n Front 
BOKEE WM. F. & CO. ( Wm. F. Bokee) china 

merchants, 1 and 3 Harrison 
Bokee Wm. II. bailiff tax court, 344 n Eutaw 
Bokel Albert D. clerk, cor Stirling and Webb 
Bokel John G. grocery, 283 e Eager 
Bokel Joseph A. clerk, 283 e Eager 
Bokel Julia A. 12 Rose 
Bokel Theodore A. grocery, 146 Stirling 
Boker Bernard H. furniture, 67 Penna av 
Bokern Fred, cabinetmaker, 36 Thames 
Boklage .Mrs. Eliz. milk, O'Donnell nrEastav 
Bokman August, shoemaker, G70 w Baltimore 
Bolack Michael, crainer, 5 Abbot 
Bolaad August, gardener, 300 n Central av 
Boland August, finisher, 137 Battery av 
Boland Henry, laborer, 59 Aliceanua 
Boland .Tames L. junk, 170 Canton av 
Boland James, wagoner, Eden nr Aliceanna 
Boland James F. grocery, 163 Canton av 
Boland Malachi, laborer, 62 s Oregon 
Boland Margaret E. dressmaker, 8 i5oltoa 
Boland Margaret A. boarding, 61 n Calvert 
Boland Mrs. M. grocery, 265 Forrest 
Boland Otis, blacksmith, 63 s Oregon 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Dealers iu 

notions and Fancy Goods, 


Hosiery, Gloves, Small Wares, &c. 


Boland Thos. blacksmith, Pralt nr Penn 
iJolander AVm. laborer, Fort av nr Johnson 
BoMen Edward, watchman, 2G Hillen 
ISoldeu Geo. police 524 n Gay 
Bolden James, caulker, 1 Winan's row 
Bolden Kobt blacksmith, Gilmor nr Pratt 
Bolden Wm. machiniat, 89 Boyd 
Jiolder Christian, carpenier, 9 Leadenhall 
Boldt Wm. tavern, 204 Lexingrton 
Bolenius Mnj. Adolphus W. 256 n Howard 
Boleuius Ernst W. clerk, Huntingdon av 
Boleniiis Frederick II. clerk, 25G n Howard 

BOLENIUS G. H., Dealer ia Leaf 
Tobacco, n w corner Charles and 
Pratt, dw Huntingdon avenue nr 

Roletnet John, laborer, 239 n Bond 
Bo fai Geo. caliinet maker, 148 Low 
Bulkier Ivlwuni J. laborfr, 1 Cnubridge 
Boljjes John, lab-rer, 32 Fountain 
Boliiirtno Gilbert C. locksmiih and bellhanger, 

127 Saratoga, dw 229 George 
Bolgiano Joseph A. (B. & Son) 347 n Gay 
Bolgiano John C. carpenter, 93 Chew 
Bolgiano John, (B. & Son) 40 Chew 
Bolgiano & Son, (J. & J. A. B ) shoe find- 
ings and garden seeds, 28 8 Calvert 
BoU'eim Fred'k, grocery, 133 Raborg 
Bolin Thos. hosier, 24 Conway 
Boling Lewis, laborer, 228 e Lombard 
Bolhr Wm. lager beer, (539 w Baltimore 
Bollinger Christian, caulker, 40 Lancaster 
Bollinger John, laborer, 40 Lancaster 
Bol ingtr Chester, paper carrier, 189 n High 
Bollinger John, laborer, 40 Lancast r 
Bi llinger Joseph, carpenter, 23 James la 
Bollinger Joseph, piano maker, 333 s Charles 
BoUman Anton, wheelwright, 1.5 Greeam't av 
Bolloian & Carl, (Fred M. Bollraan, E. E 
Carl) imps, and gen'l com. mchts, G3 a Gay 
BoJiuan Ciias. A. machinist, 201 Conway 
Bollman C. laborer, 108 West 
Bollman Christian, blacksmith, 20,') Ensor 
Bollman Fred'k M. (B. k Carl) lOG Leo 
Bollman Henr}-, cigarmaker, 144 Vine 
Bollman He ry, porter, 69 Park 
Bollman Henry, laborer, 183 s Wolfe 
Bollman Herman F. drayman, 197 e Fayette 
Bollman JacoS M. machinist, 48 s Chester 
Bollm.m Jas. II. finisher, 412 West 
Bollman John E. drayman, 217 Conway 
Bollmin John W civil and constructing en- 
gineer, Clinton s of Boston, dw 34;; e Pratt 
Bollman Mrs. Mnrgaret, grocery, 103 West 
Bollman Mrs. Margaret, 107 Saratoga 

BOLLMAN WENDELL, president Western 

Md. R. R , civil and constructing engineer, 

Patapsco Works, Clinton s of Boston, dw 

112 Penna av 
Bolst Mrs. Margaret, peddler. 7 Hull's la 
Bolster Geo. S. printer, 1G6 L Greene 
Bolster Thos. E. clothing cutter, 1G6 L Greene 
Bolte Augustus, furn. wagons, 7 s Republican 
BOLTB HENRY, silk manufacturer, 240 w 

Baltimore, dw 30 n Greene 
Bolte Simon, (Alberti, Prior & Co.) 543 w 

Bolte Miuon, china and glassw'e, 543 wBalto 
BuL''ON BROTHERS, (Wm. H., D. K. and 

J. T.Bolton, glass, oils, paints, 82 and 84 

w Pratt 
Bolton Chfls. W. clerk. 1 Jackson 
Bolton Daniel K (li.'Bros.) Harford co 
Bolton George JI. salesman, 374 n Gay 
BOLTON HUGH & CO., (H. Bolton, Glendy 

Stuart, H.W. Bolton, Wm. B. Bolton, glass, 

oils and paints, 81 and 83 McElderry's wbf 
Bolton Hugh, (Hugh B. & Co.) 20 n Front 
Bolton Hugh W. (Hugh B. & Co.) 20 n Front 
Boltoa Jas. K. clerk, 114 s Bond 
Bolton Dr. John H. pharmaceutist, n e cor 

Bond and Gay 
Bolton Jas. T. (Bolton Bro3.) 1 Jackson 
Bolton Wm. B. (H. B. & Co.) 287 w Lombard 
Bolton Wm. B. 40 w Monument 
Bolton Wm H. (Bolton Bros.) 3 Jackson 
IJolz John, cooper, 10 s Durham 
Bombaugh Dr. Charles C. editor Bvltiraore 

Underwriter, 57 Second, dw cor Madison av 

and Laurens 
BDmberger Mrs. Frances, 4 Prospect la 
Bomberger John, hostler, 23 Shakspeare 
Bomberger John W. shoemaker, 259 L'ght 
Bombergtr John H. shoemaker, 259 Light 
Bomm Fred'k, dyer, Frede-ick av nr Monroe 
Bomraer Geo. barber, 2G4 Canton av 
Bommer Henry, barber, 90 n Gay 
Bona Bernard, collector, 240 Hanover 
Bona Louis C. bookkeeper, 240 Hanover 
Bonager Philip, shoemaker, 91 e Lombard 
Bonaker John G. butcher, 54 n Spring 
Bonaparte Jerome N. 95 Park 
Boniparte .Mrs. Elizabeth P. 33 Lexington 
Bjnavita Mrs. Amelia R. mu:ic teacher, 95 w 

Bo. ce John, 335 n Central av 
Bond Ale.x'r, (Thomas & Brjnd) 243 e Biddle 
B ,nd Alexander, huckster, 245 e Biddle 
15ond Alex'er J. carpenter, 163 Druid Hill av 
Bond Alfred, carpenter, 1 CaraJen la 
Bond Aquilla, iron roller, 32 Towson 
Bond Barnet, com. merch't, 150 w Pratt, dw 

313 Aisquith 
Bond Beverly W., St. Paul nr Lexington, dw 

471 n I'Vomont 
Bond Caleb J. fish dealer, 69 Granby 
Bond Dr. Charles, dentist, 471 n Fremont 
Bond .Mrs.Eliza'h, seamstr'ss, 203 n Central ar 
Bond Ellen, sramstresB, 203 n Central av 
Bond Mrs.Eliza'h, dressmaker, 312 n Howard 
Bond Francis E 471 n Fremont 
15ond Geo. M. barkeeper, 148 Chatsworth 
Bond Harry I (J. B. & Son) 348 e Monument 
Bond G. Morris, attorney, St. Paul nr Lexing- 
ton, dw 82 Read 
BOND HUGH L. attorney, over 24 n CharleB, 

dw Norlhera av opposite Park av 




BOND JAMES k SON, (J. & H. I. Boud) 

fruit, produce, and fish, 3 Hollingsworth 
Bond James, 381 e Lombard 
Bond James, (Thos B.& Son) Chase nr Bond 
tend Jame3 H. (J. W. B. & Co.) Eutaw plnr 

Bond James, (J. B. & Son) 348 e Monument 
Bond Dr James L.4T1 n Fremont 
BOND J. W. k CO. (J W. and J. II. Bond,) 

booksellers, 86 w Baltimore 
Bond J. W. (J. W. B. & Co.) 229 e Baltimore 
Bond John II. carpenter, 22 George 
Bond John H. clerk, 313 Aisquith 
Bond John W. (Ross & Weaver) 2GC e Balto 
Bond Joseph, huckster, 2G6 e Lombard 
Bond Joshua B. bookkeeper, 471 n Fremont 
Bond Joshua, laborer, 46 n Central av 
Bond Lewis B. canmakT, 305 Orleans 
Bond Lewis, barber, 203 Aliceanna 
Bond .Mrs. Margaret, 24 s Broadway 
Bond Mary, 87 w Fayette 
Bond Peler P. letter carrier. 317 Penna av 
Bond Rebecca A. matron Md. Inst'n for In- 
struction of the Blind 
Bond Sara'l B. carpenter, 248 Park av 
Bond Sam'l, iron roller, 6 Port 
Bond Sarah, seamstress, 2 Bolton al 
Bond Street (E. M.) Church, Bond n of Balto 
Bond Thos. G. barkeeper, 243 Cross 
Bond Thos. E. jr. bookkeeper, 82 Read 
Bond Thos. B. barkeeper, 159 w Lombard 
Bond Thomao, cigarm^ker, 7 Dawson al 
Bond Thos. W. caulker, 8 Burke 
Bond Thomas J. 10 s Bond 
Bond Tbomas (Thomas Bond & Son) Judge 

Orph. Ct. 99 n Bond 
Bond Thomas & Son (T. and J. Bond) pro- 
duce dealers, n w cor Calvert and Pratt 
Bond Wm. shipjoiner, 180 s Bond 
Bond Mrs. Wm. 330 e Baltimore 
Band Wm. carpenter, Chesnut nr Low 
Bond Wm., j-. pyrotechnist, 330 e Baltimore 
B u d Wm. M. clerk, 82 Read 
Bond Wm. laborer, 13 Warner 
Bond Wm. C. huckster, Chase nr Bond 
BUND WM. & CO. (W.Bond, H. Drusran) 
comm'naad produce merch's, n e cor Pratt 
and Holl-inpsworth 
Bond Wm. ( Wm. B. & Co.') 41 s "Washington 
Bond Wm. jr., 13 Warner 
Bond Wm. S. B. clerk, 471 n Fremont 
Bond Wm. laborer, 203 a Central av 
Bonday James, (B. & Thurlow) 187 Gough 
Bonday James, wharfinger, 187 Gougi 
Bonday James, jr. wharfinger, Gibson's whf. 

dw 100 s Chester 
Bonday & Thurlow, (J. Bonday, J. Thurlow) 

oak coopers, 111 Thames 
Bondurant James, carpenter, 177 3 Broadway 
Bone Ann D. upholsteress, 3 Garden 
Bone Hugh. Clifton village 
Bone Isauella, 3 Garden 

Bone John M. clerk, n w cor Pratt and Light 
BONE WM. justice of the peace, 58 Camden, 

dw 131 William 
Boneau De St. Marcel Edw'd, portrait painter, 

357 W Biltimore- 
Boneman Wm. 186 s Bond 
Bonhage & Bro. (Fred. & Philip B.) tailors, 

61J- w Fayette 
Bonhdge Fred'k (B. & Bro ) Mansion house 
Bonhage Philip (B. & Bro.) Mansion house 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c, 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 
Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Bonhage Henry, tailor, 12 e Pratt 
Bonheim David, tailor, 57 Druid Hill av 
Bonheim .Martin, dyer, 150 s Entaw 
Bonheim Herman, clerk, 150 s Eutaw 
BONINGER BROS. (E. B., R. Lebr) tobacco 
com. and ship'ng merch's, over 29 s Charles 
Boninger Edward, (B. Bros.) Guy's hotel 
Bonn Anthony S. & Co. (.\. S. Bonn) tobac- 
co manufacturers, 120 s Charles 
Bonn Alfred G. clerk, 306 w Fayette 
Bona Anthony, 27 n Pine 
Bonn Anthony, 06 n Paca 
Bonn Ani'ny "S. (A.S. Bonn & Co.) 66 n Paca 
Bonn D. W. k Co. (D. W. and Richard B ) 
manuf. snutf, 3 Perry, and wholesale to- 
bacconists, 21 Light 
Bonn Dan'l W. (D.W. B. k Co.) Eutaw house 
Bonn Joseph, bookkeeper, 353 w Fayette 
Bonn John, cooper, 119 n Bond 
Bonn Lewis V. tinner, 305 Orleans 
Bonn Richard, (D.W. B. & Co.) 02 s Paca 
Bonner Capt. Elijah, mariner, 14 Gough 
Bonnet Jacob, shoemaker, 306 Canton av 
Bonnttt Joseph A. clerk, 7 McElderry 
Bonnett Joseph L. currier, 7 McElderry 
Bonnelt Wm. painter, 138 Bank 
Bonney Eiiis, laces, embroidery, fancy and 
millinery goods, 209 w Baltimore, dw Bal- 
timore CO 
Bonney James E. clerk, 106 n Bond 
Bonnev John, barkeep r, at Fountain hotel 
Bons Wm. carver, 77 Warner 
BUNSAL k CO. (Stephen Bonsai, Robertson 
Taylor) wholerjale grocers, 63 Exchange pi 
Bonsai Edmund C. jr. clerk, 9 Irvin pi 
Bonsai Robert, silverpla'er, 113 s Eden 
Bonsai Stephen, ( Bonsai & Co.) 157 n Charles 
Bonshoyer Wm. tailor, 105 Low 
Bonnyrent Harry, gasfuter, 31 Waesche 
Booker Elias, painter, Gilmor nr Mosher 
Booker H'y C. copperplate print. Ills Sharp 
Booker James W. clerk, Gilmor nr Mosher 
Booker John L. Gilmor nr Mother 
Booker John, engineer, 3 Cambridge 
Booker John T. (B. & McDonough) Gilmor 

nr Mosher 
Booker k McDonough, (John T. B , John A. 

McDoDOUgh) paiciters, 466 w Baltimore 
Booker Thos. plasterer. 316 Mulberry 
Booker Thos. laborer, 157 s Chester 
Booker Thos. L. (Mallonee k B.) Gilmor nr 

Booker Winfield S. clerk, Gilmor nr Mosher 
Bookhultz Geo. watchman, 169 Hamburg 
Bookhultz Geo. H. carter, 169 Hamburg 
Bookman Hannah, junk, 204 Canton av 
Bookman Henry, f-eddler, 204 Canton av 
Bookman Joseph cooper, 28 Willow 
Boon B-njamin T. 24 Lee 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Oealers in 

"White Goods, Embroideries, Laces, 



Boon John, shoemaker, 52 Philpot 

Boon John, slioemkr, Samh Ann nrSchrocJer 

]jOon Joseph, carpenter, 129 Druid Hill av 

lioon Oliver, laborer, 163 n Fremout 

Boone Chas. laborer, 188 East 

Boone Chas. II. police, 154 e Pratt 

Boone Chus. II. police, 24 s Gi>t 

Boone Daniel, ckrk, 120 n Calvfrt 

Boone Edward B. miller, 223 e Lombard 

Boone Mrs. E. M. 94 u Greese 

Boone Rev. Edward, vice-president Loyola 

Boone Jlrs. Hannah, 249 Canton av 
Boone Henry J. clerk, IGD n Calvert 
Boone Jlrs. Dr. James H. 845 w Baltimore 
Boone John, laborer, 183 East 
Boone Dr John F. homeopathic medicines, 94 

e Baltimore 
Boone John II. D. jr. 230 Aisqnith 
Boone John II. D. 36 Crtenraount av 
Boone John W. jr. lumber, 22.3 e Lombard 
Boone John W. sr. lumber, 223 e Lombard 
Boone Joseph H. shoemaker, 413 e Fayetle 
Boone JIatthew, moulder, 89 Mound 
Boone Miltoa H. driver, 223 e Lombard 
Boone Rob't W. cabinetmaker, 55 Harford av 
Boone Robert W. varnisher, 55 Harford av 
iioone Nicholas, wntchmrtn, 143 Aisquith 
Boone Samuel, junk, 1 West Falls av, dw 231 

e Lombard 
Boone Wm. cabinetmaker, 152 n Fxeter 
Boone Wm. cabinetmaker, V88 \v BAliimore 
Boone Wm, C. telegraphist, 192 n Calvert 
Bocine Wm. G. painter, 257 Gou^^h 
Boone Wm. H. steam fitter, 16G Aifq'iith 
Boone Wm. M. secretary Mt Vernon Go'y, 2G 

Boose Thos. bricklayer, Maryland house 
Boosine Ctias. cooper, 903 w Pratt 
BOOTH A. oyster packer, 333 Aliceanna, dw 

Booth Mrs. Ann, 8 Laurel 
Booth, Benedict & Linsley, (0. W. Booth, 

Frank Benedict, J. H Linsley) mdse. bro- 
kers, C9 Exchange pi 
Booth k Bro. (Geo. W. and Henry .-1. Booth) 

house and sign painters, 47 IloUiday 
Booth Chas. carpenter, 248 e Pratt 
Booth k Collins, (C. C. B., S. Collins) ship- 

joinfrs, s w cor Bond and Thames 
Booth Ceo. carpenter, 83 n Front 
15ootli Geo. laborer, 17 Hillen 
Booth Geo. W. (Booth k Bro.) 247 n Edca 
Booth Herman, m>iriner. GG n W.Hshingtoa 
Booth Henry A. (B & Bio.') 13G s Bond 
Booth John C. upholsterer, 219 Aisquith 
Booth Joseph, plasterer, 184 Preston 
Booth Mrs. Lucretia, 2 Thomsen 
Booth Marshall, pilot, 190 Montgomery 

Booth Michael, rigger, 75 Cambridge 
Booth Otis W. (B., Benedict & Linsley) N Y 
Booth Rich'd E. blacksmith, 3 Cambridge 
Booth Ilobt. claim and book agent, 13 Lexing- 
ton, dw 54 S^iratoga 
Booth \\'m. O. L. painter, s e cor Gough and 

Booth Washington, (Fitzgerald, Booth & Co.) 

28 Fianklin 
Booxbown Mrs. Hannah, 48 n Liberty 
Booz Mrs. Ann M. dry goods, 205 Gough 
Booz Thomas k Bro. (T. & C. W. Booz) ship 

builders, Atlantic whf, Boston, Canton 
Booz Chas. W (T. Booz & Bro.) 125 s Ann 
Booz Daniel W. ship carpenter, 174 Gough 
Booz Edw'd G. ship carpenter, 7 n Choptank 
Booz Mrs. Harriet, boarding, 77 Elliott 
Booz Henry P. ship carpenter, 56 s Regester 
Booz John J. ship carpenter, 183 s Washington 
Booz Mrs. Mary C. seamstress, 232 B;ink 
Booz Joseph L. wood, opp 132 Light-st whf, 

dw 331 Light 
Booz Randolph, laborer, 77 Elliott 
Booz Thcs. helper, 159 Chesapeake 
Booz Thos. (T. B. & Bro.) 142 Ches^ipeake 
Booz Wm. F. wood, opp 132 L'ght-st whf, dw 

88 William 
Booz Wm. B. clerk. 232 Bank 
Booze Mrs. ETz.!, 77 William 
Booze Jas. W. oyster packer, 94 n Broadway 
Booze Joseph, wood, 92 Light, dw 331 Light 
Booze Marcellus J. jr. clerk, 251 s Sharp 
Booze Wm. wood, 92 Light-st whf, dw 77 

Bopp Chas. L. constable, 32 Camden, dw 155 

s Charles 
Bopp Francis, teacher, 413 Lisht 
Bopp Geo. (B. & Reinhardt) 124 West 
Bopp Geo. laborer. 25 s Burke 
Bojjp Mrs. Mary, dry goods, 413 Light 
Bopp & Reinhardt, (Geo. B., Melcboir Rein- 
hardt) merch't tailors, 154 Light-st whf 
Borcherding John II. clerk, 13 Dover 
Borcherding John G. re.'tMurant, 13 Dover 
Borck Dr. Edward, 81 n Greene 
Borde Madame F. milliner and dressmake", IS 

n Charles 
Borde Jno. B. (H. Bayard & Co.) 13 n Charles 
Bordley James, laborer, 77 Burgundy al 
Bordley iMary E. boarding 87 n (Jbarles 
Bordley Milliman, brickmkr, 77 Burgundy al 
Bordley Sallie, 87 n Charles 
Bordley Samuel C. tinner, 111 Conway 
Bordley Thcs. S. 100 Barro 
Bordicy Wm. C. sr. bookkeeper, 62 North 
Bordley Wm. C. ir. clerk. Mechanics' Nat'l 

Bank, 197 Dolphin 
Borevich Mrs. Louisa, victualler. 16 Grant 
Borgadeen Henry, milk wacron, 7 Fountain 
Borgealt Alfred, painter, 91 Peirce 
Borgealt Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 91 Peirce 
Borgerdincr Martin, shoemkr, 183 e Monument 
Borgman Francis, Itboier, 147 Barre 
Borgmim Henry, cabinetmaker, 45 Clay 
Borgman Mrs. Mary, 391 w Fayette 
Boring Elias 11. stonecutter, 300 Franklin 
Boring John T. & Co. (J. T. B., John H. Ire- 
land) tobacconists, 2G5 w Pratt and G2 a 
Boring John T. (J. T. B. & Co.) 9G s Paca 
Borish Chas. jjianoniaker, 38 Portland 
Borke Wm. laborer, 83 a Bethel 




Bormaa Christian, spice grinder, 100 n Spring 

Borman Mr3. Mary, grocery, 100 u Spring 

Bormulli Mrs. Eiiza'h, Harford avnr Point la 

Boimuth Josepbi, Harford av nr Point la 

Borrauth Philip, Harford av nr Point la 

Born August, loaker, G3 n Fremont 

Born Herman, IG Warner 

Born HercLan, blacksmith, 37 Waesche 

Born John, grocery, r2-l n Caroline 

Born Joseph grocer, n e cor Lexiogtoa and 

Born Mrs. Julia, confectionery, 10 Warner 
Born Mrs. Louisa, conftction'y, 68 n Fremont 
Born Mrs. Mary, 124 n Caroline 
Born Tobia?, carter, 82 n Schroeder 
Borneraan Aug'st, laborer, Miller nr Broadw'y 
Borneman Henry W. tailor, 77 n Beih"!! 
Borneman Mrs. Miry, g.ocery, Miller nr 

Borner Chas. F. bricklayer, 39 d Amity 
Borner Geo C. cabinet maker, 39 n Amity 
Borner Henry, currier, cor Low and Forrest 
Borner John, carpenter, 39 n Amity 
Bornhage Mrs. Mary, shoes, 35 Saratoga 
Borhagen August, tailor, 51 Portland 
Bornheim Wm. trimmings, 317 n Gar 
Borchorn Henry J. carpenter, G4 s Wolfe 
Bornickel Wolf, huckster, 3 Painter ct 
Bornitz Fied'k, laborer, 259 s Bond 
Boruitz Fred'k, laborer, 108 C.der al 
Bornman Wm. baker, 10 Scott 
Bornschlagcl Geo. laborer, rear 172 Hughes 
Bornshine Theodore, musician, 91 Albemarle 
Bornstine Mrs Cecilia, notions, 17G Raborg 
Borrouic'a Michael, coachman, 85 North 
Borrow Anton, tailor, 6 Barnes 
Bory Ferdinand, laborer, 6 Bolton al 
Bosche Dietrich, laborer, 6 Fort av 
Bosche Geo. H. tanner, 96 n Ann 
Bosche Henry W. blacksmith, 6 Fort av 
Bosche Sibella, grocery, 96 n Ann 
Boschert Martin, carpenter, 2 n Durham 
Bose Daniel, tailor, 43 Barnes 
Bose Louis E. 49 T^son 
Bose Wm. 114 St. Paul 
Bosee Henry, clerk, 156 w Biddle 
Boshamnier Henry, wagoner, 86 s Regester 
Boshammer Henry C. shoemaker, 86 Regester 
Bosley Bernard, shoemaker, Y al nr L Hughes 
Bcsley Chas H. police, 143 Johnson 
Boaley Elijah M. jr. clerk, 191 w Fajette 
Bosley Geo. W. cigarmaker, 90 Walker ct 
Bos ey John, watchman, 206 Bank 
Bosley John, of Wm. limeburner, 154 Lanvale 
Bosley John, weighraaster State Live Stuck 

Scale?, dw Baltimore co 
Bos'ey John, clerk, 349 Cathedral 
Bosley John, shucker, 5 Spring ct 
Bosley John C. restaurant, 183 Lexington 
Bcs'ey J. W. caulker, restaurant, 50 Mont- 
Bosley Nicholas M. clerk, 61 Barre 
Bosley Mrs. R. C. boarding, 42 St. Paul 
Hos'ej Jlrs. Sarah, 203 w Fayette 
Bosley Mrs. S. R., 203 w Favette 
Boslev Washington, of City Pass. R. W., 179 

BOfley Wm. H. printer, 62 n Bond 
Bosley Wm. H. teller Chesapeake Bank, 154 

Bosman Alexander, 235 Cross 
Bosman Alex, carpenter, 11 Gould's la 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Thnothy Seed, &c. 
Rosendale Cement & Plaster. 

Bosman Susan, Covington nr Hamburg 
Bjsman Thos. mariner, 271 Eastern av 
Bosman Wm. caner, 32 Williamson al 
Hosmiih Wm. J. engin'r, Covington nrWarren 
Boss Anton, beer and brickmaker, 59 8 Wolfe 
Boss Berkard, tailor, 139 n Bond 
Boss Conrad, laborer, 129 Sarah Ann 
Boss Francis, cooper, 108 Eastern av 
Boss Geo. L . wines, n w cor South and Water, 

dw 253 w Lombard 
Boss Geo. cooper, 106 s Durham 
Boss Geo. mariner, 139 s Bond 
Boss Mrs. Henrietta, 35 s Exeter 
Boss Henry, plumber, 1C9 Thames, dw 139 s 

Boss Henry, upholsterer, 123 n Eutaw, dw 108 

Peuna av 
Boss .Mrs. Martha, 2 n Bond 
Boss Mrs. Mary, 35 s Exeter 
Boss Philip, confectioner, 34 Albemarle 
Boss Robt. D. civil engineer, 2 53w Lombard 
Bossell J.imrs, 220 Franklin 
BOSSELLS LOUIS, Jr. fancy store, 178 3 

Broadway, dw 66 s Bond 
Bossi Gaitario, huckster, 161 Peirce 
Bossle Chas. baker, 5 e Pratt 
Bossle Joseph C. bakery, 5 e Pratt 
Bosson Alfred W. clerk, 127 Dolphin 
Bosson Daniel, stonecutter, 13 Aliiemarle 
Bosson Geo. F. upholsterer, 127 Dolphin 
Bosson James W. sr. upholsterer, 127 Dolphin 
Bosson James W. jr. 127 Dolphin 
Bostick Arthur, puddler, Aliceanna nr Essex 
Bostick Ferdinand, hostler, 15 New 
Boston Chas. G., 18 Albemarle 
Boston Chas. carpenter, 119 s Eden 
Boston Harry E. grocery, 150 German, dw 135 
Boston Jacob, mpssenger, Baltimore City Col- 
lege, n w cor Holliday and Fayette 
Boston John E. U. (E. L. Parker & Co.) 244 

Boston John T. shipjoiner, 253 Eastern av 
Boston Mrs. R. H., 135 German 
Boston Robert N. grocery and provisions, 45 

Druid Hill av 
Boston Samuel A. puddler, 163 s Wolfa 
Boilou Rev. Solomon C, 106 Lee 
Boston Wm. J. canmaker, 104 Orleans 
Bostwick Charles F. ironworker, 330 n Gay 
Bostwick Jos. iron worker, 130 s Central av 
Boswell Benj. F. carpenter, 97 n Calvert 
Boswell Benj. machinist, 80^^ Mulberry 
Boswell Benj. turner, .Mulberry nr Eutaw 
Boswell, Elizabeth, millinery, 134 Columbia 
Boswell M. F. S. (B. Slack k Co. I GO South 
Bosweil Marriott, clerk, 73 e Baltimore 
Boswe'd Middleton, clerk, 3 Ridselv 
Boswell, Slack & Co. (M.F. S. B., J. B. Slack, 
J. McMiller) com. nierchs. over 60 South 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Dealers In 

notions and Fancy Goods, 

Hosiery, Gloves, Small Wares, &c. 


Boswell Milton, clerk, 124 s Paca 
Boswell Wm. brickmaker, 134 Columbia 
Bosworlh Ebenezer C. clerk, 121 IloUins 
Bosworth Jeremiah, stonecutter, 474 Lexington 
Boswurih Tbos. collector, 105 Jackson iSq av 
Bo=zhemmer Henry, lumber wagon, 8G s 

Boteler Andrew, carpenter, 374 Franklin 
Boteler Beverley W. chief clerk B. & 0. R.R. 

481 w Fayette 
Boteler Charles I. machioist, 708 Saratoira 
Boteler Columbus, shoemaker, 100 s Strieker 
Boteler Mrs. Ellen, 523 Canton av 
Boteler Geo. M. shoemaker, 126 s Fremont 
Boteler John, laborer, 9 L. Gough 
Boteler Joseph I. carpenter, 708 Saratoga 
Boteler J. Milton, clerk, 708 Saratoga 
Boienrailler Henry, laborer, 88 s Bethel 
Boih Herman, fruit, n w cor Barre & Light 
Both Henry, drayman, 66 Sarah Ann 
Both Julius, teacher, 342 e Eager 
Boihe Lewis, cigarmaker, 38 Clifford al 
Bothe Theodore, shoemaker, 816 w Baltimore 
. Bothmann Charles, watchmaker, 202 Hanover 
Bothmann Ernest F. C. 202 Hanover 
Bothmann Gustavus, laeer beer, 277 w Pratt 
BotteriU George, 246 e Biddle 
Bottinger Andrew, shoemaker, 91 n Spring 
Bottomer Mrs. Ann, OSMuUikin 
Botiomer Fred'k G. cutter, 124 Saratoga 
Bjttomer Fred'k J. boot and shoemaker, 90 

BottrilL Francis, nightman, 221 e Madison 
Bottrill Francis, furn. wagoner, 44 Park av 
Bottrill Isaac, 323 Penua av 
Botts Mrs. Anna, 202 s Charles 
Botts Geo. W. machinist, 39 e Pratt 
Botzler John, moulder, 25 s Burke 
Boucliart John, painter, 139 Peirce 
Boucher John F. cigarmaker, 87 Granby 
Boucher Valentine, tailor, 173 n Eden 
BOUCHER WM. jr. musical instruments, 33 

e Baltimore, dw 77 Cathedral 
BouchetMis. Elizab. grocery, 42 Constitution 
Bouchet John M. printer, 42 Constitution 
Bouchet Jos. A. police, 31 Constitution 
Boucsfin Lewis, apolh'y, cor Pratt and Eden 
Bouger Patrick, stevedore, 121 n Front 
Boughal Patrick, laborer, 9 McLeary ct 
Bouer Andrew, shoemaker, 8 Waters' ct 
Bougard John, laborer, G9 Elliott 
Bonis John H. bookkeeper, 287 w Lombard 
Bould Joseph, collar maker, 55 German, dw 

193 Dolphin 
Boulden Geo. W. laborer, 9 Clinton 
Boulden John W. man.ager, 9 ClLntoa 
Boulden l>r. J. E. P. 216 Linden av 
Boulden Jqo. W. letter carrier, 438 w Fayette 
Boulden Michael, laborer, 86 Luzerne 

Boulden Lewis, fouadryman, 82 Harrison, 

Boulden Thos. boiler maker, 77 Harford av 
Boulden Mrs. W. J. 72 s Washington 
Boulden Wm. clerk, 25 s Eutaw 
Bouldiu Mrs. Ariana, 215 Aisquilh 
Bouldin Alfred, carpenter, a e cor Aisquith 

and Chew 
Bouldin Augustus, surveyor, over 11 North, 

dw 38 Aisquilh 
Bouldin Danl. driver, Belair av nr Scbeutzen 

Bouldin Fanny, 63 e Fayette 
Bouldin Geo. II. police, 524 n Gay 
Bouldin John, wheelwright, 305 s Bond 
Bouldin Owen & Bro. (R. J. & 0. B.) sur- 
veyors, over 11 North 
Bouldin Owen (0. B. & Bro.) 63 e Fayette 
Bouldiu Randolph J. attorHey, 54 w Fayette, 

dw 542 Le.xington 
Bouldin Rich'd J. (0. B. & Bro.) 63 e Fayette 
Bouldin Susanna S. teacher, 215 Aisquilh 
Boult Thomas II pilot, 18 Watson 
Boult Thos. H. jr. (Wingate & B.) IS s Ann 
Boult John, detective, cor Watson and Exeter 
Boumann Geo. paver, 162 Preston 
Bounds Samuel, carpenter, 194 Montgomery 
Bourguet Francis, 714 Lexington 
Bourke Thomas, engraver, 32 a Charles, dw 

660 Saratoga 
Bourne Geo. clerk, 710 Saratoga 
Bourne Jlrs. Mary, grocery, GO n Eden 
Bourne Samuel, hatter, 162 e Baltimore, dw 

60 n Eden 
Bourne Thos. rope maker, 39 Abbot 
Bourne Virgil F. (Wm. J. Parran & Co.) 108 

w Fayette 
Bourne Wm. L. confectionery, 363 Lexington 
Bousch John, laborer, 199 s Chapel 
Boushell Jno. S. carpenter, 264 e Pratt 
Bouton Alonzo G. (Winder & B.) 20 s Howard 
Boutwell Minson, sailmaker, 133 Scott 
Bowden Mrs. Annie, 155 Conway 
Bowden Mrs. Jane, grocery, 139 e Madison 
Bowden Maurice, clerk, Miller's hotel 
Bowdoin Geo. E. (Geo. E. B. & Co.) 130 n 

Bowdoin Geo. E. & Co. (G. E. B., Geo. Frame) 

com. mtrchauts, over cor Bowly's whf. and 

Bowdoin Wm. G. bookkeeper Alex. Brown 

& Sons, 130 u Charles 
Bowdy Herman, carter, 255 s Paca 
Bo we Patrick, glassi utter, 159 Hughes 
Bowen Amo?, conductor, 219 Conway 
Bowf'u Andrew J. editor Baltimore Saturday 

Night, 108 e Monument 
Bowen Mrs. Annie M. 292 e Monument 
Bowen Mis. Ann. 16 s Central 
Bowea Mrs. Angeline, 145 n Fremont ' 
Bowen Mrs. Ann, 189 Hanover 
Bowen Chas. L. mariner, 121 s Caroline 
Bowen Mrs. Druzillar C. 101 Williaai 
Bowen Edw. butcher, 15 Oxford 
Bowen Edw. painter, 109 Bank 
Bowen Geo. A. bricklayer, cor Federal and 

Hudson al 
Bowen Geo. D. printer, 4 s High 
Bowen Geo. E. salesman, 58 s Sharp 
Bowen Geo.S. (Mowbray & B.) 20 Jackson sq 
Bowen Geo. W. jr. painter, 17 Chatsworlh 
Bowen Geo. W, printer, H Chatsworth 




Bowen Geo. W. butcher, 82 Lexington and 

42 Centre mkts, dw 424 Penna av 
Bowea Geo. W. (B. & Mercer) 20 Jackson sq 
Bowen Geo. W. cooper, 108 HoUiday 
Bowen Geo. laborer, 89 Mound 
Bowen Granville, carpenter, 8 s Fremont 
Bowen Henry, salesman, 6 n Howard 
Bowen Isaac, n e cor Penna av and Clifton 
Bowen Jesse N. paints and glass, 194 e Bal- 
Bowen Rev. James, 108 e Monument 
Bowen Josiab S. clerk, 66 s ^Yasbington 
Bowen John L. salesman, 2 e Baltimore 
Bowen John McC. clerk, 546 Lexington 
Bowen Joseph L. contractor, 320 n Eutaw 
Bowen Joseph M, (Dugan, B. & McCabe) 166 

n Exeter 
Bowen Levi, shipsmitb, foot of Covington, dw 

67 William 
Bowea Jlrs-. Louisiana, 29 Abbot 
Bowen Mrs. Martha L. 3 n Broadway 
Bowen Mrs. Mary A. 2'(5 Preston 
Bowen Nathaniel M. boot and shoemaker, 20 

Bowea Nicholas, tavern, 22 Foundry 
Bowen Oswald, varnisher. Willow nr McKim 
Bowea Philander A. (Adams, B. «& Co.) 

Townseni nr Walsh 
Bowen Rich'd S. sailmaker, over s w cor Cam- 
den and Light, dw 189 Hanover 
Bowen Stephen S. oyster packer, 228 Bank 
Bowen Susie, teacher, 292 e Jlonuineut 
Bowen Sol. flour and fted, 863 w Baltimore 
Bowen Thomns H. painter, 1 n Sharp, dw 194 

e Baltimore 
Bowea Wm. butcher, 542 Penna av 
Bowea Wm. I. clerk, 17 Chats worth 
Bowen Wm. H, sergeant police, 55 William 
Bowen Wm. P. bricklayer, 146 n Howard 
Bowen Wra. H. brassfiuisher, 23 e Madison 
Bower Adam, cabinetmaker, 254 n Central av 
Bower Mrs. Barbara, 494 Saratoga 
Bower Charles, moulder, 205 Conway 
Bower CliBbrd, insurance, 156 n Eden 
Bower Mrs. Elizabeth, trimmings, 542 w Bal- 
Bower Edward, hatter, 156 n Eden 
Bower Elizabeth, 156 n Eden 
Bower Edward, cutter, 209 Eastern av 
Bower Frederick, carpenter, 379 w Pratt 
Bower Francis G. clerk, 28 n Liberty 
Bower Geo. clerk, 138 n Eden 
Bower Geo. cabinetmaker, 50 n Amity 
Bower Henry, laborer, 166 Peirce 
Boner Henry, tailor, 127 Barre 
BOWER JOHN, restaurant and shoemaker, 

97 n Calvert, dw 95 n Calvert 
Bower Mrs. John Jacob, 510 Saratoga 
Bower John, tinner, 156 n Eden 
Bower Laura, teacher, 510 Saratoga 
Bower Lewis M. butcher, 494 Saratoga 
Bower Wm. sr. laborer, 205 Conway 
Bower Wm. moulder, 205 Conway 
Bowerfiae Christian, batcher, Clinton near 

Bowerman Henry, bookkeeper, Waverley, York 

Bowerman Henry N. bookkeeper, Fayette near 

Bowerman Jas.B.(B. & Taylor) 537 w Fayette 
Bowerman Richard N. dep. collector customs, 
78 n Carey 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 
Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Bowerman Mrs. Margaret, 88 n Strieker 

Taylor) mdse brokers, 71 E.vchange pi 
Bowerman Wm. H. assistant weigher, 626 w 

Bowers Jlrs. Ann, 14 Davis 
Bowers Mrs. Anna, 108 Cooksie 
Bowers Adam, laborer, 163 L Green 
Bowers Charles B. bank messenger, 384 w 

Bowers Charles W. carpenter, 242 n Eden 
Bowers Rev. Daniel, 90 e Fayette 
Bowers Edward, artist, 159 e Monument 
Bowers Elizabeth, coal oil, lamps, &c. 65 e 

Bowers Ernst, cabinetmaker, 57 Centre Mar- 
ket sp 
Bowers Frederick J. painter, 244 Conway 
Bowers Geo. E. 130 e -Madison 
Bowers Geo. cooper, 170 West 
Bowers Gotleib, milk, 393 s Sharp 
Bowers Henry A. (Wm. B. & Sons) 384 w 

Bowers Henry, 159 e Monument 
Bowers Iienry C. furniture wagon, 35 s Oregon 
Bowers Jas. W. apothecary, 7.5 w Baltimore, 

dw 5 n Calhoun 
Bowers John, tinner, 156 n Eden 
Bowers John, laborer, 317 Eastern av 
Bowers John A. shoemaker, 127 s Castle 
Bowers John, butcher, Walsh nr Fremont 
Bowers John E. (Wm.B. &Son) 100 Division 
Bowers John, wheelwright, 521 Light 
Bowers John M. shoemaker, 22 Chesnut 
Bowers John, mariner, 29 Albemarle 
Bowers John, laborer, Durham nr Orleans 
Bowers John, moulder, 106 Cooksie 
Bowers John, machinist, 27 Brown 
Bowers Mrs. John, queensware, 27 Browa 
Bowers Louisa H. laborer, 148 Peirce 
Bowers Mary C. 542 w Baltimore 
Bowers Michael, hostler, 82 North 
Bowers Mathias, carpenter, 159 e Monument 
Bowers Mrs. Margaret, 176 e Fayette 
Bowers Mrs. Margaret, shoebinder, 156 Ensor 
Bowers Mrs. Mary C. grocery, 35 s Oregon 
Bowers Maria L. 16 s Central av 
Bowers Martin H. plumber, 169 Barre 
Bowers Oliver, brickmoulder, Clinton nr 

Bowers Robt. roller, 100 Cooksie 
Bowers Roswell N. bookkeeper, 384 w Favetto 
Bowers Saml. C. saddletree maker, 10 s Front 
Bowers Thos. M. tobacconist, 70 w Pratt, dw 

176 e Fayette 
Powers Wm. machinist, 108 Cooksie 
Bowers Wm. machinist, 141 King 
Bowers Wm. (Wm. B. &Sons,) 384 w Fayette 
Bowers Wm. H. telegraphist, 198 e Madison 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Go. 

Importers and Dealers lu 

mimm s^ vma sooos, 

White Goods, Embroideries, Laces, 



Bowers Wm. & Sons, (Wm. &H. A. Bowers) 

coachmakers, 40G w Baltimore 
Bowers Wm. collar maker, n w cor Commerce 

and Pratt, dw G5 e Fayette 
Bowers Wm. T. (Wm. B. & Sons) 15 n Fre- 
Bowcr?ock Geo. W. clerk Adams' Express 

company', IIG n Pine 
Bowersock J. W. telegraphist, 261 w Biddle 
Bowersox Augustus, laborer, 18 Wyetii 
Bowersox James, painter, 237 Walsh 
Bowersox John, laborer, 18 Wyetli 
Bowersox Mrs. Mary, 8 Walker 
Boxersox Theo. King, sales'n, 229 Saratoga 
Bowes John, (B. & Starr) s w cor Lanvale 

and Oregon 
BOWES & STARR, (J. B., J. J. Starr) imps. 

of worsted goods, &c. 3 s Charles 
Bowha^er Samuel, driver, 5 Eden ct 
Bowie Bernard, laborer, 43 e Monument 
Bowie Chas. W. 58 n Broadway 
Bowie & Caulk, ( W. J. B., Jas. Caiilk) mer- 
chant tailors, 67 n Frederick 
Bowie Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, Fremont nr 

Bowie Gordon, medical student, 93 Saratoga 
Bowie II. B. Siimpler, 89 Camden 
Bowie Odin, Governor State of Md. office s w 

cor Baltimore and Post Office av 
Bowie Geo. W. painter, 58 n Broadway 
Bowie Henry C. sailmaker, 58 Broadway 
Bowie Jas. supt. court house, 58 n Broadway 
Bowie Mrs. Malvina H., Prince George Co 
Bowie Mrs. Rebecca M. 25-1 Madison av 
I'jowie Robert, clerk, 49 Lee 
Bowie Robt. W. W. screwman, 89 Camden 
Bowie Wm. J. (B. & Caulk,) Orleans nr Bond 
Bowitch Elias, tailor, 245 s Charles 
Bowling Charles 0. laborer, 72 s Eden 
Bowling James, constable, lis W^ashington 
Bowling Ja?. T. (L. Rowe & Co.) 234 Gough 
Bowling John L. shipsmith, 158 e Eager 
Bowling Joseph I. mariner, 72 William 
Bowling Mrs. Mary J. lOG Saratoga 
Bowling Thomas B. 90 Mulberry 
Bowling Thomas, pilot, 56 s Ann 
Bowling Wm. J. detective, 221 s Broadway 
Bowman Charles, butcher, 212 Canton av 
Bowman Geo. laborer, 513 Canton av 
Bowman Henry C. plumber, 104 Franklin, dw 

118 Walsh 
Bowman John, cooper, 116 Frederick av 
Bowman John D. clerk, 235 Penna av 
Bowmao John W. steward, Fountain hotel 
Bowmiui Joseph, laborer, G3 Somerset 
Bowman Lewis, canmaker, 2G Warner 
Bowman Nicholas, shoemaker, 265 West 
Bowman Wm. (Wm. B. & Son) 4i miles on 
Harford road 

BOWMAN WM. & SON, (Wm. Bowman 
Wm. 10. B.) old iron and metal, IIG East- 
ern av and s w cor Eastern av and Eden 
Bowman Wm. glass blower, 141 Montgomery 
Bjwman Wm. E. (Wm. B. & Sou) 4.V miles 

on Harford road 
Bowne Charles S. 58 s Bond 
Bowne Edward S. wholesale boots and shoes, 

over 2 s Howard, dw 142 n Charles 
Bowne Joseph D. 53 s Bond 
Bowness Joseph, junk, 271 s Fremont^ 
Bowyer James, ciulker, 366 Canton av 
Bowyer Thomas, carpenter, 402 e Lombard 
Bowyer Wm. sash niftker, 70 Eastern av 
Bowyer Wm. A. clerk, 64 Greenmount av 
Boxwell Wm. F. tailor, 325 w Lombard 
Boyce Edward, watchman, 13 Ogston 
Boyce Mrs. I-lliza, dressmaker, 226 Eastern av 
Boyce James, pres't Franklin Coal Co. and 

American Gas Coal Co. 291 Madison av 
BOYCE JAMES, bituminous coal, office 44 

Second, dw 291 Madison av 
Boyce John, maltster, 127 n llolliday 
Boyce John, laborer, 119 West 
Boyce John, mariner, 226 Eastern av 
Boyce John, huckster, 105 L Greene 
Boyce Robert, machinist, 206 Raborg 
Boyce Wm. currier, 11 Chesnut al 
Boyce Wm. 414 Saratoga 
Boyd A. McK. (B.,Pearre & Co.) Eutaw house 
Boyd Alexander, clerk, 727 w Pratt 
Boyd Andrew J. cigannaker, 201 n Bond 
Boyd Mrs. Anna, 52 Henrietta 
Boyd Mrs. B. R. boarding, 52 Saratoga 
Boyd Edward L. cigarmaker, 39 n High 
Boyd Mrs. Elizabeth K. n e cor Gilmor and 

Liberty road 
Boyd Mrs. Frances A. 13 Goodman al 
Boyd Francis H. B. measurer, 16^ North, dw 

n w cor Oregon and Lafayette sq 
Boyd Frederick, cigar packer, 39 n High 
Boyd Frederick, detective, 146 Columbia 
BOYD GEORGE S. & CO. (Geo. S. Boyd, 

Wra. Reese) clothiers, 33 w Baltimore 
Boyd Geo. S. (G. S. Boyd & Co.) G08 Lex- 
Boyd Harry L. clerk, 110 Lexington 
Boyd Hugh S. property aorent, 84 n Caroline 
Boyd Capt. Isaac L. agt. People's Line Steam- 
boat Co. 74 William 
Boyd James 1). mariner, 203 Bank 
-Boyd James H. saddler, 194 w Pratt dw 110 

Boyd Mrs. Jane, coach factory, 39 n High 
Boyd Jeremiah L. machinist, 325 s Charles 
Boyd John C clerk Associated Firemen's Ins. 

Co. 317 e Eager 
Boyd John E. provisions, s w cor Fremont 

and Columbia 
Boyd John W. police, 107 s Ann 
Boyd John J. (Meixsel & Boyd) 5 n Carey 
Boyd John, jr. office 14 s Gay, dw 302 n Fre- 

BOYD JOHN, dealer in Malt and 
Hops, Malt House foot of Eutaw 
St., Office 14 S. Gay, dw North- 
ern av. — [^Sap. 11 Advertisements.'] 

Boyd John L. carpenter, 12G Chew 
Boyd Joseph B. 246 o Fayette 




Boyd Capt. Lewis J. M. "74 William 
Boyd Malcolm, laborer, 78 Durst al 
Hoyd Mrs. Mary J. 270 e Baltimore 
Boyd Matthew, paperhanger, 52 e Eag'er 
Boyd Philip D. clerk P. 0., 260 e Bnliimore 
BOFD, PEARRE&'CO. (A. McK. Boyd, A. 

and 0. H. Pearre) wholesale dry goods, 8 

Boyd Robt. E. clerk P. 0., 2 Jackson 
Boyd, Stickney & Co. (W. M. McClure) An- 

thracit-e coal, 20 Post Office av 
Boyd Samuel, shoemaker, 600 w Pratt 
Boyd Samuel C. police, 67 n Ana 
Boyd Samuel R. 270 e Baltimore 
Boyd Sarah, seamstress, 90 Druid Eill av 
Boyd Mrs. Sarah, 52 e Eager 
Boyd Tho3. S. W. saddler, 741 w Baltimore 
Boyd Mrs. Virginia, 116 s Chester 
Boyd Wm. clerk, 5 n Carey 
Boyd Wm. A. ( Wm. A. B. & Co.) 271 e Biddle 
Bovd Wm. A. jr.(W. A.B.& Co.) 94 Hanover 
BOYD WM. A. & CO. ( Wm. A. B.and Wm. 

A. B. jr.) tobacco com. merchs., 33 South 
Boyd Wm. B. lager beer and wine saloon, 8 

n Hi2h 
Boyd Wm. laborer, 5 Bloodgood ct 
Boyd Wm. H. puddler, 320 Gough 
Boyd Wm. J. elerk, 242 Lanvale 
Boyd Wilson R. agent Delaware Mutual Life 

Ins. Co., 57 Second, dw n w cor Lombard 

and Paca 
Boyden John L. machinist, 26 Garden 
Boyer Chas. cloth cutter, 61 Lancaster 
Boyer Chas. H. machinist, 115 n Bend 
Boyer David, laborer, Amity nr Ramsay 
Boyer Geo. E. clerk, 497 Lexington 
Boyer John H. conductor, 87 s Paca 
Boyer Mary A. 61 Lancaster 
Boyer Wm. W. foreman. 293 e Baltimore 
Boykin Dr. Thomas J. (Carr, B. & Co.) 134 

w Biddle 
Boylan James, mariner, 37 Harford av 
Boy Ian James, hackman, 5 L Paca 
Boylan Owen, driver, 66 Perry 
Boylan Owen, watchman, Guy's hotel 
Boylan Thomas, clerk, Guy's hotel 
Boyland James, laborer, 62 Dewberry al 
Boyland John, roller, 160 Canton av 
Boyle Andrew, mariner, 182 s Central av 
Boyle Charles, laborer, 53 s Dewberry al 
Boyle David, porter. Hunter al nr John 
Boyle Elizabeth, grocery, n w cor Chase and 

Boyle G. K. clerk, Hanover nr Camden 
Boyle Geo. engineer, 110 n Schroeder 
Boyle James, laborer, 104 Harford av 
Boyle J. W., Barnum's hotel 
Boyle James, blacksmith 94 n Fremont 
Boyle Jame?, grocery, liquor and feed store, 

n w cor Hillen and Chesnut 
Boyle Dr. John Brooke, 176 e Eager 
Boyle John, laborer, 41 York 
Boyle John, clerk, 83 Hillen 
Boyle John, mariner, 199 s Washington 
Boyle Joshua Y. bookkeeper, 202 Lanvale 
Boyle Lywellyn, attorney, 057 w Fayette 
Boyle Martin, shoemaker, 144 Preston 
Boyle -Mrs. Mary, 43 Preston 
Boyle Michael, carter, 1 s Schroeder 
Boyle Michael, laborer, rear 45 s Dewberry al 
Boyle Patrick, stonecutter, Farmer's hotel 
Boyle Patrick, laborer, 58 Fort av 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, dc. 

Rosendale Cement dt Plaster. 

Boyle Robert J. machinist, 23 Ensor 

Boyle Mrs. Susan, 23 Ensor 

Boyle Thos. mariner, 208 Bank 

Boyle Wm. H. carver, 63 n Frederick, dw 77 

n Broadwav 
Bovle Wm. K. book and job printer, over cor 

Baltimore and St. Paul, dw 166 s Charles 
Boys Henry, laborer, 94 Lancaster 
Boys' Home Association of Baltimore, 82 n 

Calvert, Sumner J. Lincoln, sup't 
Boyzer George, laborer, 123 L Greene 
Bozatichy Joseph, shoemaker, 189 n Dallas 
Bozman James, patternmaker, 1 Bolton 
Bracco Edward L. clerk, 98 Saratoga 
Brack Albert, machinist, 63 s High 
Brack Mrs. Ann M. confectionery, 399 n Gay 
BRACK CHARLES E. apothecary, n w cor 

Ensor and Forrest 
Brack Christian, carpenter, 399 n Gay 
Bracken John, coachsmith, 100 Harford av 
Bracken John J. coachsmith, 106 Harford av 
Bracken John F. tinner, 57 Hillen 
Brackenridge, Thos. carter, 324 n Howard 
Brackenridge Wm. blacksmith, 324 n Howard 
Bracket, John, shoecutter, 350 Mulberry 
Brackin Henry, 130 Cathedral 
Brackin Wm.' bookkeeper, 136 Cathedral 
Brackland Bernhardt, watchmaker, 18 w Pratt 
Brackman Samuel, claim agent, 10 s Gay 
Brackney Fr'cis I. bricklayer, 64 n Schroeder 
Braconier Gtistave, bookkeeper, 248 w Fayette 
Bradberry Sarah, teacher, 121 e Baltimore 
Bradburn, Isaac, painter, 279 Forrest 
Bradbury Robert R. mariner, 200 s Ann 
Bradbury Capt. Sam. B. ship carp'r, 200 s Ann 
Bradburn Lewis T. mariner, 238 Aisquith 
Bradekamp Chas. clerk, 44 n Gay 
Braden Edward J. carpenter, 216 Division 
Braden George W. ovster dealer, 4 Hollings- 

worth, dw 276 n Howard 
Braden James, oysers, 216 Division 
Braden John C. salesman, 175 Vine 
Braden Robt. J. salesman, 97 Mound 
Braden Wm. 276 n Howard 
Bradenbaugh Charles H. bookkeeper, 254 w 

Bradenbaugh Jacob, watchmaker, Frederick 

av w of Mount 
Bradenbaugh J. Frank, clerk, 245 w Lombard 
Bradenbaugh J. Oliver, clerk, 245 w Lombard 
Bradenbaugh Mrs. Susan, 107 w Fayette 
Bradenheim Rabbi .Moses, 53 Clay 
Bradford A. W. 21 n Calhoun 
Bradford Dr. Charles II. 70 Aisquith 
Bradford Mrs. Delia, dressmaker, Boston nr 

Bradford E. H. marble turner, 93 s Broadway 
Bradford George A. salesman, 143 e Madison 
Bradford G. W. marble turner, 93s Broadway 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Iiniiorters and Dealers In 

notions and Fancy Goods, 

Hosiery, Gloves, Small Wares, &c. 


Bradford George W. (Bingham & B.) 282 n 
' Howard 

Bradford James, laborer, 172 Dolphia 
Bradford James T. clerk, 48G Saratoga 
Bradford John A. blacksmith, 8 Frederick av, 

d\v 452 Lexington 
Bradford Mrs. Johanna, variety goods, 61 n 

Eutiw, dvv 63 
Bradford John, expressman. 241 Dolphin 
Bradford John \j. grain, and gen com merch't, 

90 s Eutaw, dw 11 
Bradford Lemuel S. mariner, 152 West 
Bra-^ford JIary, millin'y goods, 155 w Madi?on 
Bradford Mrs. Sarah J. tailoress, 86 Rich- 
Bradford Samuel, clerk, 1Q Aisquith 
Bradford Samuel D. 76 Ai-quith 
Brad''ord Thomas, clerk, 204 Linden av 
Bradford Wm. laborer, Boston nr Clinton 
Bradford Wm. laborer, 326 e Lombard 
Bradford W. J. marble turner, 93 s Broadway 
Bradlesford Wm. foreman, 190 s Eutaw 
Bradley Alexander, police, 113 St Paul 
Bradley Annie E. dresiniaker, 22 Conway 
Bradley Mrs. Bridget, 90 Ensor 
Bradley E. B. bookkeeper, 106 McCulloh 
Bradley Francis W. driver, 22 Conway 
Bradley Hugh, hacks, 23 n Fremont 
Bradley Hugh, tailor, 113 St Paul 
Bradley James, laborer, 6 n Amity 
Bradley James, laborer, 124 s Washington 
Bradley James H. cigar maker, 22 Conway 
Bradley James, clerk, 168 e Pratt 
Bradley James L. clerk, 53 s Caroline 
Bradley John, fireman, 33 York 
Bradley John, liquor, 96 Stirling 
Bradley John C. caulker, 23 Henrietta 
Bradley John J. police, 12 s Front 
Bradley John P. shoemaker, 105 w Fayette 
Bradley John, gas fitter, 23 Parkin 
Bradley John, laborer, 183 s Caroline 
Bradley John F. laborer, 168 e Pratt 
Bradley Rev. Joseph II. 11 Wa'son 
Bradley Mary, grocery, 12 s Front 
Bradley Mrs. K. 287 Hanover 
Bradley Mary, liquors, 33 York 
Bradley Nicholas, harnessmaker, 863 w Balti- 
more, dw 823 
Bradley Patrick E. grocer, 168 e Pratt 
Bradley Patrick, hacks, Baltimore nr Carey, 

dw 823 w Baltimore 
Bradley Patrick, hostler, 12 s Front 
Bradley Robert II. painter, 53 s Caroline 
Bradley Sam. sbipjoiner, llampstead nr Wolfe 
Bradley Mrs. Sarah, dressmaker, 118 e Fayette 
Bradley Thomas, notions, 169 Dover 
Bradley Tbos. B. cigarmaker, 22 Conway 
Bradley Virginia, dressmaker, 22 Conway 
Bradley Wilson, laborer, 118 e Fayette 

Brads Rev. James, 165 Hanover 
Bradshaw James, clerk, 35 Camden 
Bradshaw Mrs. Mary A. boarding 35 Camden 
BRADSTREET J. M. & SON, mercantile 
agency, over 30 South W. C. Nevin, supt 
Brady Andrew, laborer, rear 110 Dugan's whf 
Brady Mrs. Ann, 156 West 
Brady Mrs. Ann, 97 n Calvert 
Brady Barney, laborer, 21 Sterrett 
Brady Bernard, boilermaker, 217 Light 
Brady Mrs. Bridget, 49 Granby 
Brady Charles I. clerk, 161 L>-e 
Brady CharUs II. varnisher, 29 Willow 
Brady Conrad, locksmith, 431 w Lombard 
Brady Daniel J. B. clerk, 97 n Calvert 
Brady Dennis, 8 Fish Market space 
Brady Edward, laborer, 137 Hudson 
Brady Edward, moulder, 81 n Howard 
Brady Edward, carpenter and builder, Har- 
grove al nr Mulberry, dw s e cor Howard 
and Madison 
Brady Edward, laborer, 9 Spruce al 
Brady Edward, tinner, 97 n Calvert 
Bradj Edward, machinist, 116 Aisquith 
Brady Geo. W. eugineer, 101 n Paca 
Brady Geo. W. sailmaker, 60 Gough 
Brady Mrs. Greenbury, 248 w Iloffmaa 
Brady Geo. L. cooper, 204 n Eden 
Brady Hugh, contractor, 31 w Biddle 
Brady Hugh A. bookkeeper, 41 s Washington 
Brady Jacob, laborer, 458 w Lombard 
Brady Jas. boots and shoes, 472 w Baltimore 
Brady James H. stonecutter, 12 Valley 
Brady John, stonecutter, 218 n Howard 
Brady John, shoemaker, 217 Chesnut 
Brady John, gilder, 14 Mulberry 
Brady John F. clerk, 23 s Poppleton 
Brady John C. confectioner, 104 Lexington 
Brady John, carter, 9 Hill 
Brady John II. clerk, 31 w Biddle 
Brady John W. S. (J. Parkharst, jr. & Co.) 

Franklin nr Charles 
Brady Laura, dressmaker, 93 n Eden 
Brady Lawrence E. groceries and dry goods, 

218 Harford av 
Brady Margaret, 516 w Pratt 
Bradv Margaret, dressmaker, 115 Aisquith 
Brady Martha, 91 Druid Hill av 
Brady Mary, milliner, 115 Aisquith 
Brady Jlatthew, machinist, 159 w Baltimore 
Brady Michael, laborer, 8 Oxford 
Brady Michael, laborer, 19 Front n of Foundry 
Brady Michael, tinner, 97 n Calvert 
Brady Michael, boilermkr, Washington nr Bank 
Brady Michael, boatbuilder, 282 s Bond 
Brady Patrick, grocery, 345 Mulberry 
Brady Patrick, salesman, 97 n Calvert 
Brady Robert, laborer, 68 s Chapel 
Brady Robt. II. painter, 107 n Regester 
Brady Robt. S. clerk, 104 LexinEton 
Brady Samuel F. cooper, 204 n Eden 
Brady Thomas, carter, 11 Bank 
Brady Thos. B. tailor, 31 Pearl 
Brady Thos. K., 31 w Biddle 
Brady Thos. F. engineer, 248 w HoCfman 
Brady Wm. soldier, 68 s Chapel 
Brady AVm. Frank, clerk, 31 w Biddle 
Brady Wm. J. S. clerk, 472 w Baltimore 
Brady W. H. plumber, 325 n Eutaw 
BradyhouseClias. foundryman, 303 Canton av 
Bradyhouse Chas. foundryman, 169 s Eden 
Bradyhouse Chas. C. boatbuilder, 95 3 Ann 



Bradyhouse Jas. E. boatbuilder, 95 s Ann 
Bradvbouse Richard, boaibuilder, 3C1 s Bond, 

dw 2V3 e Baltimore 
Bradyhouse Richard, jr. boatbuilder, 273 e 

Bradyhouse Thomas, boatbuilder, 344 b Caro- 
line, dw 95 8 Ann 
Bradyhouse Thos. ironworker, 259 s Broadway 
Bradyhouse Wm. watchman, 133 s Wolfe 
Bradykamp Ilermnn, 250 Hamburg 
Braeder Adam, laborer, 196 Preston 
Braeger Louis, tailor, 319 8 Bond 
Brafman Abraham, clothier, 30 and 32 Centre 

Market space, dw 20 Ai;quith 
Brafman Jacob, clerk, 238 w Pratt 
Brafman Samuel, clothier, ICO w Pratt, dw 

238 w Pratt 
Brag Aaron, (S. B. & Son) 45 Penna av 
Brag Simon, (S. B. & Son) 45 Penna av 
Brag Simon & Son, (S. & A. B.) furniture, 

43 aud 45 Penna av 
Bragaw John G. (T. M, Robinson & Co.) 17 

Bragg Capt. Wm. F. carpenter, 228 Hollina 
Braid Chas. carpenter, 129 Vine 
Braid James, carpenter, 279 e Monument 
Braid John, laborer, 318 William 
Bra'nard Rufus A. clerk, 17 Holland 
Braker Henry, tailor, over 49 Harrison 
Braker Joseph, tailor, 50 Milliman 
Bramble Chas H. 163 Lte 
Bramble Grason, salesman, 108 s Exeter 
Bramble Capt. Henry T. 10 Hamb'irg 
Bramble John T. carpenter, 225 e Fayette 
Bramble Mary, 230 e Monument 
Bramble Solomon, 131 Barre 
Bramble Thomas, mariner, 226 Barre 
Bramble Tyson, huckster, 139 Ensor 
Bramble Wm. H. ropemaker, 394 Harford av 
Brame Paul, laborer, 425 Canton av 
Bramwell Mrs. Amanda, dry goods, 143 Co- 
Bramwell Geo. stonecutter, 143 Columbia 
Branan Fred'k C. harnessmaker, 134 Pearl 

SALOON, 94 w Pratt. J. F. Stout, prop'r 
Brand A. laborer, 134 West 
Brand A. J. jr. (A. J. B. jr. & Co.) 44 

sale Tea Dealer, over s w corner 
of Eutaw and Franklin sts, dw 
72 McCulloh. 

Brand A. J. jr. & Co. (A. J. B. jr.) teas, 
wholesale, and com. merchs, over 147 w Pratt 
Brand Conrad, basket maker, 134 Franklin 
Brand John, drayman, 181 s Eden 
Brand John, carpenter, 136 s AVolfe 
Brand Joseph, grocery, 537 Lexington 
Brandau .Mrs. Ann, 16 Haw 
Brandau Fred'k, lager beer, 79 Thames 
Brandau Rev. G. H. 155 n Paca 
Brandau Jacob, shoemaker, 12 s Republican 
Brandau John J bookkeeper, 155 n Paca 
Brandau John P. butcher, 66 Belair and 71 

Centre mkts, dw Jenkins' la 
Brandau Mrs. Sophia, confectionery, 12 s 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement & Plaster, 

Brandel Ferd., Harford av nr Point la 
Brandel Geo. coach trimmer, Plarford av nr 

Point la 
Brandel Mrs. Mary, 94 Greenmount av 
Brandes Fred'k F. cabinetmaker, 27 e Pratt 
Brandes Mrs. Susanna, notions, 27 e Pratt 
Brandhoff Henry, shoemaker, 375 s Eutaw 
Brandmuhler Michael, laborer, 251 Preston 
Brandstaetter Itev. Fred'k, 101 Saratoga 
Brandt August, shoemaker, 123 Thames 
Brandt Anthony, laborer, 05 s Howard 
Brandt Bernard, (H. B. k Bro.) 29 Saratoga 
Brandt Chas. picture.', 231 Canton av 
Brandt Emil, shoemaker, 61 a Regester 
Brandt Geo. baker, 74 3 Wolfe 
Brandt Henry, restaurant, 74 s Eutaw 
Brandt II. & Bro. (H. and B. Brandt) morocco 

dresseis, 29 Saratoga 
Brandt Herman, (H. B. & Bro.) 29 Saratoga 
Brandt Jacob, jr. pres't Powhatan Steamboat 

Co. 90 Ligbt-st whf, dw 48 Mt V^ernon pi 
Brandt John, glover, 65 Centre Market sp 
Brandt John L. baker, 65 Centre Market sp 
Brandt John H. cigarmaker, 43 Short 
Brandt Julius, tobacconist, 72 e Fayette 
Brandt Louis, musician, 103 Franklin 
Brandt Louis, musician, 206 w Baliimore 
Brandt Louis, shoemaker, 18 s Exptfr 
Brandt Louis, tobacconist, 142 e Pratt 
Brandt Louis, musician, 343 w Hoffman 
Brandt Mrs. Margaret A. 56 n Eutaw 
Brandt, Rebecca, confectionery, 7 n Pine 
Brandt Thomas, barber, 214 s Bond 
Brandt Wm. tanner, 26 s Frederick 
Brandt Wm. shoemaker, 72 s Wolfe 
Brandt Wm. W. confectioner, 74 s Eutaw 
Brandy John A. blacksmith, 104 s Eutaw 
BRANDY MICHAEL, horsesboer, 138 Cam- 
den, dw 104 s Eutaw 
Brandy Patrick, blacksmith, 104 s Eutaw 
Brangle James, 232 Linden av 
Branham Mrs. A. E. book;eller. 53 George 
Braning Geo. carpenter, 385 s Eutaw 
Braning John, pianomaker, 255 s Sharp 
Brannan Ann, 501 w Fayette 
Brannan Mrs. Ann, liquors, Cooksie nr Nich- 
Brannan Chas. S. H. clerk, 29 Lee 
Brannan Mrs. E iza, variety store, 15 Hill 
B'annan Fied'k C. harness maker, 134 Pearl 
BHANNAN GEO. A. shirt house and gents' 

furnishing goods, 63 n Eutaw 
Brannan George A. 98 Lee 
Brannan Hugh, surveyor, 417 w Pratt 
Brannan James, laborer, 217 Lemmon 
Brannan Jas. laborer, Cooksie nr Nicholson 
Brannan, James A. grocery, 93 s Exeter 
Brannan James, laborer, 310 Johnson 
Brannan James, millwright, 17 Sterrett 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Dealers in 

White Goods, Embroideries, Laces, 



Brannan James, engineer, 17 Hill 
Brannan John, laborer, 104 s Durham 
Brannan John, grocery, 203 e Lombard 
Brannan John B. stair builder, Farmers' hotel 
Brannan John, trunk maker, 102 Pearl 
Brannan John, laborer, Northern av nr N.C R. 
Brannan John E. cigar maker, 121 n Bethel 
Brannan John, laborer, 242 Lemmon 
Brannan John, blacksmith, 217 Light 
Brancan John M. clerk, 17 Hill 
Brannan Mrs. Matilda, 17 Cambridge 
Drannan Michael, laborer, rear 161 North 
Brannan Moses, 9 n Carey 
Brannan Patrick, laborer, Northern av near 

N. C. R. 
Brannan Peter, steam fitter, 501 w Fayette 
Brannan Peter, wheelwright, 108 North 
Brannan Robert, carpenter, 445 Saratoga 
Brannan Robert, 4 L. May 
Brannan Mrs. Sarah D. 24 Lee 
Brannan Thomas, tailor, 19 Elizabeth la 
Brannan Thomas, laborer, 137 s AVashington 
Brancan Wm. laborer. Central av nr Biddle 
Brannan Wm. laborer, 62 Essex 
Brannan Wm. laborer, over 397 w Baltimore 
Brannen John, laborer, 48 Boyd 
Brannock John H. (John R. Carroll, B. & 

Co.) 94 Lee 
Bransby Charles, tinner, 396 West 
Bransby John C. shoemaker, 38 n Caroline 
Branscombe Mrs. Sarah A. dressmaker, 318 e 

Branson Jos. ornamental plasterer, 16 n Eutaw 
Branson Joseph, cigarmaker, 145 Vine 
Branson Mrs. Joseph, boarding, 16 n Eutaw 
Branson Joseph, jr. cigarmaker, 16 n Eutaw 
Branson Joseph, 16 n Eutaw 
Brant Fred'k, fisherman, 98 Battery av 
Brant Geo. shoemkr. over 80 Centre Market sp 
Brant George, carter, 280 Johnson 
Brant Henry, laborer, 188 East 
Brant James F. butcher, 38 s Mount 
Brant John, laborer, 188 East 
Brasch Henry, tailor, 43 Marion 
Brashear Eli H. coach trimmer, 178 Raborg 
Brashear Geo.W. coachmaker, 20 Constitution 
Brashears Franklin, clerk, 156 e Lombard 
Brashears John, cabinetmaker, 142 n Cen- 
tral av 
Brashears John B. cabinet rr.aker, 162 German 
Brashears John W. clerk, 14 n Exeter 
I5rashears John T. shoemaker, 38 Gough 
Brashears John T. jr. cigarmaker, 120 Gough 
Brashears Joseph R. 234 n Caroline 
Brashears Mrs. Mary E. fancy goods, 390 n Gay 
Ikashears Robt. J. police, 142 n Central av 
Brashears Mrs. Susan, boarding 162 German 
Brashears Z. I), scc'y Baltimore Association 
for Imp. Condition of the Poor, 14 n Exeter 

Brashears Wm. G. conductor, 390 n Gay 
Brasley Dennis, laborer, 4 L Barclay 
Bresnan Thomas, laborer, 4 Scott 
Brass Joseph, 89 Barre > 

Bratt James E. fireman, 367 w Lombard 
Bratt Noah, engineer, 53 Warren 
Bratt Thomas, machinist 151 Hollins 
Bratten James, paper hanger, 98 s Howard 
IJratton James, fireman, 249 s Charles 
Bratzell Jacob, brickmaker, 608 Light 
Brauch Amor, tailor, 237 Orleans 
Branch Matthias, tailor, 44 n Howard 
Brauch Matthias, tailor, 237 Orleans 
Brauer David, butcher, 29 Belairand 75 Cen- 
tre mkts. dw Harford av ext 
Brauer Geo. watchmaker, 141 n High 
Brauer Henry, tailor, 328 w Pratt 
Brauer Henry, butcher, 34 Belair and 86 Cen- 
tre markets, dw Belair av nr Balto Cemetery 
Brauer Henry, tailor, 11 n Oregon 
Brauer John, prov. dealer, 11 n Oregon 
Brauer John, beer, 182 e Madison 
Brauer Peter, painter, 178 e Madison 
Braun Charles, l)utcher, 12 Hollins market, 

dw Frederick rd, nr Mt Olivet cemetery 
Braun Conrad, laborer, 113 Chew 
Braun Heary, 21 Walker 
Braun John J. (B. & Schulz) 178 Columbia 
Braun & Schulz. (J. J. B., C. L. Schulz) com. 

merchants, 443 w Pratt 
Brauns F. L. & Co. (J. D. Kremelberg, W, 
Dresel) gen'l ship'ing and com. merchants, 
s e cor Lombard and Cbeapside 
Brauns Ferdinand L. clerk, 336 Lexington 
BRAUNS HENRY, architect, s e cor Charles 

and Fayette, dw 198 Saratoga 
Brauns Henry, draughtsman, 336 Lexington 
Braunsweiger Joseph, hostler, 104 Lancaster 
Brause August, blacksmith, 62 Portland 
Brawders John, laborer, 532 w Pratt 
Brawner, Andrew, 78 Ensor 
Brawner Andrew II. druggist, 78 Ensor 
Brawner Mrs. Catherine, 72 n E.Ktter 
Brawner James II. clerk, 22 Lloyd 
Brawner Robt. G. butcher, 1 Richmond mar- 
ket, dw 490 Saratoga 
Brayden Mrs. Catherine, 137 Presfon 
Brayden Wm. W. carpenter, 137 Preston 
Bray field Rob't F. plasterer, 211 e Monument 
Brayner Catherine, huckstress, 128 Henrietta 
Brazel Jacob, milk, 135 Johnson 
Brazier Geo. W. plumber and gasfitter, 465 

w Ballimrre, dw 66 s Sharp 
Brazier Thomas, carter, 30 Harford av 
Brcady David, laborer, 4 Andre 
Bready Geo. C. dispatcher, 132 s Ann 
Brecht Krnst, mariner, 252 n Caroline 
Brecht Frtd'k, watchmaker, 252 n Caroline 
Brecht George, carpenter, 68 Essex 
Brecht Louis, finisher, 2 White al 
Brechtcl Geo. cooper, 18 Peach al 
Breckenridge John C. ass't sup't Bankers and 

Brokers Telegra[)li, 235 w Lombard 
Brede Andrew, tailor, 387 w Pratt 
Brede Fred'k tailor, 155 Canton av 
Brede Henry, laborer, 155 Canton av 
Brede Geo. boilermaker, 31 Lemmon 
Bredekamp Ilarman, tailor, 316 s Sharp 
Bredekamp Mrs. Mary, grocery, 31G b Sharp 
Bretlemeyer Chas. II. (Wm. E. Wood & Co.) 

Eutaw house 
Breden Everett F. bricklayer, 92 Leo 




Breeae Jolm II. shoemaker, 105 w Fayette 
Brefel Chas. boxraaker, 35 Lemmoa 
Bregel Geo. saddler, 98 e Madisoa 
Bregel Henry, harnessmkr, 48 Greenmountav 
Bregel John J. carpenter, 112 McElderry 
Bregel Jos. F. confectioner, 48 Greenmountav 
BregeDStuch Geo. cooper, 18 Peach al 
Bregenza Casper, stone cutter, 404 West 
Brehl Geo. baker, 144 n Fremont 
Brehler Francis, shoemaker, 20 New Church 
Brehm Jacob, baker, 143 Vine 
Brelim John, barber, 143 Vine 
Brehm John, tailor, 49 Aliceanna 
Brehm John A. nightman, 41 Penn 
Brehm John P. iron moulder, 119 L Greene 
Brehm Michael, moulder, 179 Lemmon 
Brehm Sebastian, shoemaker, 143 Vine 
Brehme Francis, shoemaker, 6 Columbia 
BREHME 0. & CO. (0. B., L. J. Keidel) im- 
porteis and dry goods com. merchants, over 
24 Hanover 
Brehme Ottomar, (0. B. & Co.) 29T Madison av 
Breidenbach Casper, cooper, 45 s Regester 
Breidekamp Adam, shoemkr, 36 L Hampstead 
Breidenstein August, butcher, 32 Centre and 
87 Beiair mkts., dw Harford rd nr tollgate 
Breill August, tailor, 75 e Lombard 
Breinar Lewis, laborer, 5 Dover ext 
Breinig John, painter, 199 Lee 
Breitman Joseph, laborpr, 224 s Castle 
Biettschwerd Conrad, blacksmith, '251 Alice- 
Brella Michael, laborer, 61 Bank 
Breller Henry, laborer, 175 s Edea 
Brem August, baker, 66 Short 
Brera Michael, moulder, 179 L?mmon 
B'em Stephen, cabinetmaker, 66 Short 
Breme Casper, laborer, 300 Aliceanna 
Bremer Mrs. Catherine, seamstress. 111 Chew 
Bremer Christian, tailor, 10 n Eden 
Bremer Henry, mariner, 226 s Ann 
Bremer John, provisions, 179 s Central av 
Bremer John, cigarmaker, 186 s Sharp 
Bremer John W. (J. Beier!ein&; B.) Ill Chew 
Breintieck Geo. cooper, 91 Granby 
Bremmer Henry, laborer, 153 s Dallas 
Bremmer Peter, carpenter, 108 s Eutaw 
Bremminger Edward, laborer, Chappell near 

Penoa. av 
Bremner Archibald, 4*3 e Monument 
Bremner Robt. plumber, 406 e Monument 
Bremont John, laborer, 44 Milliman 
Brenaman Chas. H. clerk, 59 George 
Brenan Edmund, cooper, 96 s Chester 
Brenan Francis X. salesman, 207 St. Paul 
Brenan Mrs. Harriet, 93 w Biddle 
Brenan John P. A. clerk, 35 n Gay 
IJrenan Petc-r E. lumber, 21 n Gay, dw 35 
Brendel Chas. lab'r, cor Grindall and William 
Brendel Chas. laborer, 105 Cross 
Brendel Mrs. Christiana, doctress, 180 s Bond 
Brendel Francis, shoemaker, 79 Grindall 
Brendel Graves S. telegraphist, Calverton hotel 
Brendel John G. baker, 11 Ilarfgrd av 
Brendel Michael, laborer, 308 Johnson 
Brendt Henry, shoemaker, 90 Dover 
Brendt John, cooper, 33 Good.nan h1 
Brengle Jas. S. cashier New York and Phila. 

steamers, dw 232 Linden av 
Brennan John, laborer, Clifton village 
Brenuau John, bookbinder, 18 Warner 
Brenneis Chas. shoemaker, 257 Aisquith 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover f Thnothy Seed, &c» 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Brenneis Philip, locksmith, 256 e Eager 
Brennen Daniel, laborer, 92 Harrison, Canton 
Br?nnen Geo. boxmaker, 254 s Sharp 
Brennen James, barkeeper, 5 s Edea 
Brennen James, tailor, 30 n Amit}- 
Brennen Jas. driver, 23 Front n of Foundry 
Brenner Adam, driver, 234 Aliceanna 
Brenner Albert, 18 New 
Brenner Albert W. 18 New 
Brenner John, laborer, 306 Eastern av 
Brenner Joseph, wood sawyer, 241 e Lombard 
Brenner Joseph, 22 Jackson sq 
Brenner Sol. (S. B. & Sons) 70 s Broadway 
Brenner S. & Sons, (S. & Wm. Brenner) 

clothiers, n e cor Bond and Thames 
Brenner Wm. (S. B. & Sons) 70 s Broadway 
Brenners Lewis, laborer, 154 s Castle 
Brennin Catherine, laundress. 22 Cove al 
Brent August, wheelwright, 295 n Central av 
Brent Judge Geo. 64 w Madison 
Brent Hugh, salesman, 8 Hanover 
Brent Joseph L. plumber, 302 n Howard 
Brent Joseph, car driver, 106 e Madison 
Brent Joseph L. (R. J. & J. L. Brent) 93 

Brent Robert F. 93 Cathedral 
Brent R. J. & J. L. attorneys, 29 Lexington 
Brent Robert J. (R. J. & J. L. Brent) 93 Ca- 
Brent Wm. C. carpenter, 176 Preston 
Brentine Aquilino, fruit stand, 195 n Gay 
Brenton Mrs. Mary, 40 George 
Brereton John J. canmaker, 28 Scott 
Bresel Wm. tailor, 154 Peirce 
Bresla\i Wm. grocery, 4 Russell 
BBKSEE 0. F. (Blackford & B.) agent Mutual 
Life Insurance Co. of N. Y. 15 South, dw 
130 McCulloh 
Breslauer Abraham, sec. hand dealer, 213 s 

Bressner John, laborer, Hunter al near John 
I5rettham Mrs. Elizabeth, 122 Battery av 
Brettholl Mrs. Eliza, grocery, 249 Eastern av 
BretthoU Wm. grocery, 253 Eastern av 
Breuning Capt. Geo. W. 5 s Eden 
Brevitt Joseph W. (Robert Lawsou & Co.) 282 

w Hoffman 
Brewer Mrs. Charles, boarding, 13 s Howard 
Brewer Charles E. P. laborer, 953 w Pratt 
Brewer Charles P. magistrate, 31 Lexington, 

dw 13 8 Howard 
Brewer Geo. (Aldridge & B.) 257 Lexington 
Brewer Dr. Geo. G. 76 n Greene 
Brewer Henrietta, 34 Granby 
Brewer James R. clerk Circuit Ct. dw 20 s 

Brewer John, butcher, 83 Beiair market, dw 

York road near toll gate 
Brewer John M. attorney, 452 n Fremont 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers nud Dealers iu 

Notions and Fancy Goods, 


HosieiT* Gloves, Small Wares, &c. 


Brewer Mrs. Matilda, 386 Franklin 

Brewer N. & Co. ^N. B., S. G. Spicer, R. P. 

Pindell) property agents, 2 s Front 
Brewer Mcholas, (N. B. & Co.) 9 Jefferson 
Brewer Wm. T. 132 Battery av 
Brewer Wm. II. clerk, 50 Columbia 
BREWSTOR JOHN, gardener, Greenmount 

cemetery, dw cor Aisquith and Point la 
Breyer Dennis, drayman, 28 Chesnut 
Breyer Gotleib, grocery, 164 n Fremont 
Breyer Louis, varnisher, 306 s Sharp 
Breyer Mrs. Mary, grocery, 28 Chesnut 
Bri-in & Bunting, ( W. E. B., W. H. Bunting) 

builders, Carey near Pratt 
Brian C. McK. clerk, 130 n Gay 
Brian Edward A. salesman, 287 e Fayette 
Brian Jus. laborer, Cumberland nr Liberty rd 
Brian J^mes, clerk, 187 n High 
Brian James N. cleik, 151 Ensor 
Brian Joseph, 89 Eusor 
Brian .M. A. hardware, 136 n G.ay 
Brian Mrs. Mary, 82 Front n of Foundry 
Brian Mrs. Rebecca A., 287 e Fayette 
Ikian Thos. P. currier, Starr hotel 
Brian Wm. carter, 2 Russell 
Brian Wra. Hborer, 253 Bank 
Brian Wm. E. (B. & Bunting) 217 HoIIina ' 
Briarly Robert, tailor, 140 e Monument 
Brice Cordelia, dressmaker, 93 Garden 
Brice Gen. B. W., U. S. A., Barnum's hotel 
Brice Geo. F. (Ridgely &; B.) 165 w Biddle 
Brice Mis. Susan, dressmaker, 93 Garden 
Bric« Mrs. S. A. dressmaker, 93 Garden 
Brice Tiiomas K. carpenter, 99 s Eden 
Brice Wm. N. clerk, 52 n Calvert 
Brickerd Emanuel, carpenter, Tyson nr 

Franklin, dw 915 w Baltimore 
Brickley R. T. salesman, 109 n Schroeder 
Brickman Rev. A. 0., 281 e Fayette 
Brickner Bernhardt, grocery, 227 w Fayette 
Bridde'il Thos. S. tailor, 290 n Eutaw 
Bride Cotter, rustic turn, s vv cor McMechin 

and Park av, dw Druid llill av nr McMechin 
BRIDE DANIEL, justice of the peace, 105 n 

Paca, dw 167 
Bride John H. watchman C. H , 139 w Madison 
Bridtnbaiigh Casper, cooj)er, 45 s Rege.'ster 
Bridcner Geo. M. clerk, Chatsworth nr George 
Bridener Jacob, ga3 inspector, 32 n Fremont 
Bridener John, chair painter, 32 n Fremont 
Bridener Philip, carpenter, 166 Chatsworth 
Bridenstein Mrs. Caroline W., 55 Siiles 
Bridge Mrs. C. W, children's clothing, 63 e 

Bridge Elizibelh. 72 e Pratt 
Bridge Richard S.sign i)ainter, cor Grant and 

Mercer, dw 20 Somerset 
Bridge Stephen, 63 e Baltimore 
Bridge Stephen L. clerk, 29 Gough 

Bridger, Herring & Co. (J. P. Bridger, L. 
Herring) manufs. and wholesale wooden 
and willow ware 341 w Balt'iiiore 
Bridger J. C salesman, 341 w Baltimore 
Bridger J. P. (B., Herring &; Co.) Fountain 

Bridges Geo. H., 207 n Howard 
Bridges John C. (J. C. B. & Co.) 8 e cor Eu- 
taw and .Monument 
BRIDGES J. C. & CO. (J. C. B., W. F. Lock- 
wood, J. 15. AVaidner) wholesale grocers, 
6 and 8 Commerce 
BRIDGES WM. foreign fruits, candie=i, &c. 
wholes. 313 w Baltimore, dw 207 n Howard 
Bridges W. J. bookkeeper, 137 St. Paul 
Briel Christian, butcher, 7 IIollins-8t. market, 

dw 16 Calverton road 
Briel Geo. baker, 144 n Fremont 
Briel Geo. carpenter, 106 George 
Briel Geo. carpenter, 076 Lexington 
Briel Henry, cabinetmaker, 81 Henrietta 
Briel Henry, baker, 96 Raborg 
Briel Henry, jr. jeweler, 81 Henrietta 
Briel John, carpenter, 14 McClellan's al, dw 

106 George 
Brierly Jacob, canmaker, 28 n Oregon 
Brierly Wm. C. canmaker, 28 n Oregon 
Briers John E. plumber, 71 Warner 
Briemao Henry, blacksmith, 137 Dover 
Briggeman August, currier 391 Lexington 
Briggeman Chas. A. currier, 366 Saratoga 
FJriggeman Chas, tailor, 200 n Central av 
Briggeman L^uis, clerk, 366 Saratoga 
Briggeman Wm. F. carpenter, 366 Saratoga 
Briggs Chas. laborer, 330 e Fayette 
Briggs Geo G. clerk, 408 w Lombard 
Briggs Geo. clerk, 42 n Gilmor 
Briggs Dr. Harry, 94 n Front 
Brigs Jas butcher, 424 Penna av 
Brigts James M. clerk, 408 w Lombard 
Briggs Mary, nurse, 415 Lexington 
Briggs Mrs. Malinda, seamstress, 8 Baker 
Briggs Wm. E. laborer, 16 Port 
Brighara Jlra. Caroline, 3 n Ann 
Brigham Jnhn C. pavm. elk. U. S N. 3 n Ann 
Brigham Wm, T. (Wm. R. Cole & Co.) 243 n 

Eutaw » 
Bright Alonzo, locksmith, 125 n Regester 
Br gbt Ilenr.^, plasterer, 47 Harford av 
Bright Richard A. grainer, 402 Lexington 
iJright Thomas, paper carrier, 149 William 
Brigt.t Wm. T. plasterer, 151 e Madison 
Br gle Henry J. laborer, 39 Slemmrr al 
BriUy ]\Irs. Mary, 109 s Ann 
Brill Augustus, blacksmith 80 Elliott 
Brill Mrs. Mary A. confect'y, 80 Elliott 
Brill Philip, barber, 72 Thames 
Briller Conrad, carpenter, 229 e Biddle 
Briiner Simon, s one polisher, 3 New Church 
Brimnif r, tobacconist, 186 s Sharp 
Brinckmeyer Chns. tobacconi3t,45 w Baltimore 
Firinefeck Geo. cooper, 91 Granby 
Bringman Josiah T.H. bookkeeper, 177 German 
Bringmanu Julius, tobacconist, 29 s Oregon, 

dw 46 
Bringmann Wm. tobacconist, 600 w Baltimore 
Brinig Geo. laborer, 25 Cannon 
Brink Anton, musician, 37 s Durham 
Brink Henry Ad. 190 w Lombard 
Brink Peter, clerk, 296 Harford av 
Brink Stephen H. 308 Harford av 
Biiuklcy J. Hall, clerk, Gilmor house 




Brinkley Jos. B. (B. & Whiting) Balto co 
Brinkley Joseph B. (J. B B. & Son) Bait co. 
Brinkley Jos. E.(J.B B & Son) Gilraor house 
BRIXKLEY J. B. & SOX, ( J.B. & J.E Brink- 

lev)rruit and ovster packers, i77 w Falls av 
J3rink'ey & Whiting, (J. B. B., W. P. Whit- 
ing,) wholesale grocers and commission 

merchants, 59 s Calvert 
Brinkmau August 11. clerk, 30 n Greene 
Brinkman (Jhas. second hand goods, 77 Penna 

av, dw 102 Walsh 
Brinkmann Mrs.Anna Maria.seamstress, 23 Lee 
Briakmana Chas. H. grocery, 138 s Howard 
Brinkxann John, tobacco stripper, 666 w 

Brinkmeyer Henry, carpenter, 198 s Bond 
Brinkmeyer Henry, cigarmaker, 99 Conway 
Brinton Alban H.'{Cornelius & B )167 Forrest 
Brinton Wilmer, stat'onery, 167 Forrest 
Brintsfield Wm. mariner, se cor Montgomery 

and William 
Brisco Thos. fireman, 62 s Eden 
Briscoe Alex. M. 228 HoUins 
Briscoe Chas A. cigarmaker, 143 Orleans 
Briscoe Chapman B. 8 McCulloh 
Briscoe Geo. E. cigarmak-.r, 2 w Baltimore, 

dw 303 s Charles 
Briscoe Rev. James, 8 McCulloh 
Briscoe James, carpenter, 234 Conway 
Briscoe John H. cigarmaker, 160 Jtfferson 
B"iscoe Mrs. Mary H. boarding, 34 u Calvert 
Briscoe Simuel N. police, 261 e Pratt 
Bri.-coe AVm. D. cigarmaker, 143 Orleans 
Briscoe Wm. T. laborer, 132 Hamburg 
Brisor Mrs Margaret, 140 n Exeter 
Bristor Mrs. Susan, 140 n Exeter 
BRISTOR WM B. claim agent, over 4 s Gay, 

dw 140 n Exeter 
Bristow Columbus W. engineer, 135 West 
Bristow John T. card writer, Eutaw house, 

dw 503 n Fremont 
Bristow Mrs. Rebecca, 5f3 n Fremont 
Brittain John, butter, 649 Penna av 
Brittain Mrs. Lavinia, confec'y, 649 Penna av 
Brittain Annie, 101 n Poppltton 
Brittingham Mrs Jane, seamstress, 46 Wil- 
liamson al 
Brittingham Saml. maricer, 46 Will'amson al 
Brittaer Mrs. Ann E dres-maker, 263 s Paca 
Britton AVm. cotton sampl.r, 104 n Bond 
Brondbeck James, painter, 226 e Monument 
Broadbeck Mrs. Henrietta, 226 e Monument 
Broadbelt John E. teacher, 210 e Madison 
Broad bent A. G. (A.G.B.&Co.) 72 n Charles 
BROADBENT & (.0., (A. G. Broadbent) dry 

goods, 26 n Charles 
Broadbent Chas F. 163 n Calvert 
Broadbent Gersham, 72 n Charles 
Ei-oadbent J. F. 236 Linden av 
Broadbent Louis R. 81 Second, dw 163 n 

Ca v(rt 
Broadbent & Murray, (Stephen B. jr , Jas. H. 

Murr.iy ) dry goods com. merchants, oyer sw 

ccr Charles and Lexington 
Broadbent Stephen, sr. 163 n Calvert 
Broadbent Stephen, jr. (B. & Murray) 181 

Linden av 
Broadbent Dr. Wm. jr. 146 Barre 
Broadtrs Henry R. sahsman, 273 e Biddle 
Broadfoot Joseph B. moulder, 196 e Baltimore 
Broadhead Wm. maltster, s w cor North and 





Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Tbnothy Seed, &c» 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Rroadrib Wm. mal'ster, 89 North 
Broadwater Levin J. ship carp. 112 Battery av 
Broadwater llich.foundryman, 112 Battery av 
Broadway M. E. Church, Broadway between 

Pratt and Gough 
Brock John, lager beer, 137 Forrest 
Brocker George W. engineer, 49 Preston 
BrockhofF Robert, tailor, 47 Granby 
Brockman Fred, fireman, 323 Aliceanna 
Brockraan Henry, brewer, foot Cross 
Brockman Philip, engineer, 323 Aliceanna 
Brockmeier Ernest, laborer, 84 s Dallas 
Brockmeyer Richard, (B. Waiz & Co.) 18-i 

Brockmeyer, Walz & Co. (Richard Brock- 
meyer, John Walz & Fred k Fischer) foun- 
ders, 119, 121, 123 Greenmount av 
Brockschraidt Henry, wheelwright, 233 s Ann 
Brockwell John, machinist, 22 Hill 
Broderick Jlrs. Ann, 66 Greenmount av 
Broderick Dennis, plumber, Bull's Head hotel 
Broderick Dennis, plumber, 1 s Calvert 
Broderick Mrs. E len.dressmkr, 127 w Madison 
Broderick John, drayman, 1 Willow 
Broderick Joseph, plumber, 66 Greenmount av 
Broderick John T. paper stock and iron, G9 
and 86 Greenmount av, dw 182 Harford av 
Broderick James, clerk, 66 Greenmount av 
Broderick Margaret, confect'y, 157 Aliceanna 
Broderick Mrs. Mary, 66 Greenmount av 
Broderick Timothy, tinner, 165 Conway 
Broderick Wm. clerk, 66 Greenmount av 
Broderick Wm. E. agent, 31 Greenmount av 
Brodhead Henry H. restaurant, 38 w Fayette 
Brodie Basil M. sec. Potomac Fire Ins. Co. 

3 Post office av. dw 87 Saratoga 
Brodigan Patrick, laborer, 586 w Lombard 
Broening Henry, 22 Williamson al 
Broening John, grocery, 22 Wil'iamson al 
Broessel Cliris. merch. tailor, 677 w Baltimore 
Broessel John, tailor, 38 Josephine 
Broessel Justus, cabinetmaker, 33 Josephine 
Broessel Wm. tailor, 154 Peirce 
Brogau Henrietta, tailoress, 09 Hampstead 
Brogan Philip, hacks, 90 s Howard 
Brogge .Martin, carpenter, 3 Arcade al 
Broggman Mrs. Amelia, trimmings, 360 Can- 
ton av 
Brcggman Henry, carpenter, 360 Canton ar 
Brogmeyer Richard, founder, 184 Stirling 
Brozlenier John, painter, 255 Columbia 
Brohkner Daniel, shoemaker, 6 Dover cxt 
Br)ker Fcrdinan'1, carpenter, 191 n Caroline 
Broil Christian F. carpenter, Wilmer al 
Broil Ferdinand, cooper, 41 Bank 
Broil George, tailor, 69 e Fayette 
Broil Henry, locksmith, 241.V Guugb 
15 10 mback Walter, moulder, '91 s Broadway 
Brome Wm. U. pilot, 124 JclTerEon 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Dealers In 


White Goods, Embroideries, Laces, 



Bromer Wm. laborer, 206 s Wolfe 
Bromley Jesse, blacksmith, 145 Aliceanna 
Bromley Thomas I. miller, 144 n Bethel 
Brommelsiik Henry, wagoner, 175 s Ana 
Bromraer John, laborer, 253 West 
Brcunvell Adelia M. seamstress, 305 Light 
Bromwell Albert L. carpenter, 97 Lee 
Bromwell AKred T. tailor, 563 n Gay 
Bromwell Bros. (W. T. and J. T. Bromwell) 

com. merchants, 5 Ilollingswortb 
Bromwell George W. shoemaker, 107 s Wolfe 
Bromwell Geo. W. jr. shoemaker, 107 s Wolfe 
Bromwell Hosea J. butter, 41^ Penoaav 
Bromwell John A. grocery, 142 Hughes 
Bromwell John E. carpenter, 116 William 
Bromwell John H. bricklayer, 563 n Gay 
Bromwell Joseph, painter, 394 w Lombard 
Bromwell John T. (B. Bros.) Catonsvil'e 
Bromwell Susan E. seamstress, 187 Hanover 
Bromwell Wm. bricklayer, 563 n Gay 
Bromwell Wesley, carpenter, 97 Lee 
Bromwell Wm. G. carpenter, 58 s Ann 
Bromwell Wm. W. carpenter, 97 Lee 
Bromwell Wm. T. (B Bios.) Catonsville 
Broning Henry T. tailor, 25 Bevan 
Bronson Edwin, machinist, 81 Ensor 
Brontz Edward, laborer, 268 s Ann 
Broocks Lewi-i, sweepmaster, 230 n Central av 
Broocks Lewis, jr. caiiiicr, 2.^0 n Central av 
Brook George E. carpenter, 136 n Fiemoat 
Brooke Mrs. Catherine, 7*e Fayette 
Brooke Charles, paper hanger, 7 e Fayette 
Brooke Franklin E. P. attorney, 2 Courtland, 

dw 59 McMechin 
Brooke Henry L. (B. & McLaughlin) 56 n 

Brooke Horace L. (B. Kraber k Nes) Bar- 

num's hotel 
Brooke Mrs. Jane, 51 e Baltimore 
djrooke, Kraber & Nes, (H. L. Brooke, H. 
Kraber, C. M. Nes) Cedar Point furnaces, 
cor Boston and Patu.xent 
Brooke & McLaughlin, (H. L. B., J. F. Mc- 
Laughlin,) attorneys, 31 Le.xingtoa 
IJrocke Robert, police, 354 s Eutaw 
Brooke Mrs. Sarah, 28 Mulberry 
dtrooker Benj. C. auctiou'r, 170 Dru'd Hill av 
15rooker, Christina, rear 416 Saratoga 
Brookhurt Mrs. Eliza'h, coufec'y, 543 n Gay 
Brookhart Wm. II. huckster. 543 n Gay 
Brooklaud Fred, laborer, 319 s Bond 
Brooklyn Land Co. 37 L«'xington 
Brooklyn Life Ins. Co. of N. Y., F. Medcal "e, 

57 Second 
Brojks Alice, 08 Saratoga 
Brooks Benedict J. sr. engineer, Chesapeake 
Brooks Christopher, bookkeeper, 165 Hanover 
Brooks C. E. painter, 211 w Biddle 
Jiiooks Christopher, restaurant, 106 s Eutaw 

Brooks Chris. J. (R. B. & Sons) 168 n High 
Brooks Charles W. bookbinder, 59 Chew 
Brooks Chauncy, pres't Western Nat. Bank, 

dw Madison av nr Druid Hill Park 
Brooks Chauncy, (B. & Rogers, and Harry- 
man, Nipe & Co.) Madison av nr Druid Hill 
Brooks Chauncy, (Fahnestock, Thrasher & 

Co.) Madison av nr Druid Hill Park 
Brooks Christopher, laborer, 173 Gough 
Brooks Chrisiop. C. bookkeeper, 165 Hanover 
Brooks Daniel, patternmaker, 179 Aisquith 
Brooks Dudley, clerk, 293 Aisquith 
Brooks Edwin F. plumber and gasfitter, 17 n 

Eutaw, dw 247 n Fremont 
Brooks Edw'd W. dairy, 165 Townsend 
Brooks Edw'd, clerk, 100 s Paca 
Brooks Edwin G. 223 e Fayette 
Brooks Edwin R. clerk, 425 w Baltimore 
Brooks Eliza, tavern, 17 Foundry 
Brooks Eliza Ann, confe'i'y, 16 Courtland 
Brooks Rev. Geo. G. 170 Hanover 
Brooks Geo. laborer, 227 Flanover 
Brooks Geo. R. clerk, 53 St. Paul 
Brooks Geo.W. (A. 1. Lyon & Co.) 90 w Mon- 
Rrooks Geo. rress feeder, 168 n Dallas 
Brooks Go. W. clerk, 293 Aisquith 
Brooks Geo. W. 89 L Montgomery 
Brooks Geo. D. canmaker, 142 Camden, dw 

206 Aifquith 
Brooks Geo. W. carpenter, 59 Chew 
Brooks Henry, cigaruiaker, 227 B Paca 
Brooks Henry P. attorney, 9 n Calvert, dw 

Madison av nr Druid Hill Park 
Brooks Mrs. Hester, 89 L Montgomery 
Brooks Henry, hackdriver, Union hi)tel 
BROOKS ISAAC, jr. attorney and U.S. Com- 
missioner, 37 Lexington, dw 230 n Charles 
Brooks Isaiah, fhipsmilh, 431 Light 
Brooks J. U. (Jos. G. Favour & Co.) Balti- 
more CO. 
Brooks James, steward, 210 Cbesnut 
Brooks James, 173 Gough 
Krooks James, bricklayer, 27 McHeory 
Brooks James M. mariner, 237 Cross 
Brooks Mrs. Jane, 66 Holland 
Brooks Jesse, tobacconist, 294 n Eutaw 
Brooks John, wheelwright, 30 n Amity 
Brooks John T. brickmaker, 5 Boston 
B ooks John, bootmaker, 9 e Pratt 
Ilrooks John, hackman, 106 Barre 
Brooks John II. marblecmter, 106 Hollins 
Brooks John T. bricklayer, 109 Columbia 
Brooks John T. jr. bricklayer, 109 Columbia 
Brooks Capt. John W. 157 Cross 
Brooks Mrs. John, birds'uffer, 26 w Fayette 
Brooks Dr. Jos.D.s e cor Orleans and Aisquith 
Brooks Jose[ih B. engineer, 249 Gough 
Brooks Joshua E. machinist, 102 L Greene 
Brooks Joshua, (15. & Smith) 41 Park av 
Brooks Le>vis, tinner. 177 Columbia 
Brooks Mrs. Louisa, 187 Mulberry 
Brooks Laura J. saleswoman, 187 Mulberry 
Brooks Louis, sweepmaster, 230 n Central av 
I'rooks Louis, jr. canaer, 230 n Central av 
Brooks Mrs. .Margaret, restaurant, 112 s Eutaw 
Brooks -Mrs. Margaret, boarding and restau- 
rant, 94 s Eutaw 
Brooks Michael, blacksmith, 30 n Amity 
BROOKS N. C. principal Baltimore Female 
College, 53 St. Paul 




Brooks Peter B. ■vratchman, 154 West 
Brooks Rachel, 08 Saratoga 
Brooks Rachel, 187 Orleans 
Brooks Mrs. Rebecca, rear 138 Hudson 
Brooks Richard, huckster, 187 Orleans 
Brooks Rich'd, (Rich'd B. & Sons) 168 n High 
Brooks Richard, jr. dairy, 8 Addison 
Brooks Richard, of Eutaw house, 51 Marion 
Brooks Richard & Sons, (Richard, Robert & 

C. J. Brooks) wholesale boots and shoes, 

254 w Baltimore 
Brooks Robt. S. sailmkr, 7G Centre Market ep 
Brooks Robert, cigarmaker, 24 St. Peter 
Brooks Robert, cigarmaker, Gl Columbia 
Brooks Robt, (Rich'd B. & Sons) 122 w B ddle 
Brooks & Rogjers, (Chauiicy Brooks, David G. 

Rogers) wholesale boots, shoes and hats, 

34G w Baltimore 
Brooks Rodney R. painter, 24 Druid Ilill av 
Brooks Rufus C. plumber, 247 n Fremont 
Brooks Samuel D. can works, cor Boston and 

Gwynn, Canton, dw 134 Bank 
Brooks Samuel, tobacco, Biddle near Eden 
Brooks Samuel W. fireman, 5 w Biddle 
Brooks Samuel, 59 Chew 
Brooks Samuel, watchman, at C. IT. 
Brooks Stephen, barkeeper, 34 n Amity 
Brooks Samuel R. paperhanger, 46 n Chaptl 
Brooks Mrs. Sarah E. 205 Gough 
Brooks Shadrach, tailor, 35 Jackson 
Brooks Mrs. Sophia, 22 n Front 
Brooks Thos. D. canmaker, 151 s Washington 
Brooks Thomas, porter, 144 L Greene 
Brooks Thomas E. s'onecutter, 24 St. Peter 
Brooks Thomas, porter, 202 Lee 
Brooks Wm. J. collector, 26 n Front 
Brooks Wra. D. tinner, 223 e Fayette 
Brooks Wm. II. stonecutter, 164 L Greene 
Brooks Wm. jr. inspector C. H. 293 Aisquith 
Brooks Wm. engineer, 162 L Greene 
Brooks Wra. inspector C. II. 293 Aisquith 
Brooks AVm. H. clerk N. C. R. 293 Aisquith 
Brooks Wm. F. printer, 59 Chew 
Brooks Wm. carpenter, 127 n Exeter 
Brooks Vv'm. S. 126 Hamburg 
Brooks Wm. H. bricklayer, 145 s Fremont 
Brooks Wm. T. claim agent, 187 Orleans 
Broom Charles D. grocery, 152 Bank 
Broom Mrs. Ellen, 152 Bank 
Broom Fanny, 6 Josephine 
Broom Jas. actor, n e cor Fayette and Harrison 
Broom John, shipcarpenter, 152 Bank 
Broom Geo. grocery, s e cor Bank and Wolfe, 

dw 152 Bank 
Broom Nathaniel W. clerk, 79 Walsh 
Broom Roger G. B. clerk, 79 Walsh 
Broom Wm. iron worker, 87 s Caroline 
Broome James, minstrel, n e cor Fayette and 

Brooms Geo. laborer, 30 Burke 
Broon Michael, laborer, 31 Haw 
Bropf Engelhardt, laborer, 94 Leadenhall 
Brophey James, laborer, 360 William 
Broring Henry, shoemaker, 530 n Gay 
Broseker Ohas. butcher, 6 Cross-st market, 

dw 506 Light 
Brosekeker Geo. shoemaker, 78 HjUen 
Brosker Henry, upHolsterer, 299 William 
Brosker Wm. cigarmaker, 422 Hanover 
BROSIUS, HORNER & CO. (S. H. I?., W. H. 
Horner, Silas Brosius) imp'rs and jobbers 
notions, fancy goods, &c., 315 w Baltimore 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Brosius Jacob, huckster, 422 Penna av 
Brosius Jacob F. huckster, 422 Penna av 
Brosius Samuel H. (B., Horner & Co.) 334 

Brosius Silas, (B., Horner & Co.) 247 Walsh 
Brosius Wm. 249 Walsh 

BROSS EDWARD, Lithographer, 
Engraver and Printer. Keeps on 
Hand a large assortment of Wine, 
Liquor and Cigar Labels. Edging 
Paper and Brands executed in 
the best style, 149 W Lombard. 

Brotherton Dav. H. cigarmkr, 594 w Baltimore 
Brotherton Jno. P. carpenter, 594 w Baltimore 
Brotherton Morris C. harnessmaker, 594 w 

Brotzel Wm. H. brickmaker, 619 Light 
Brotzman Anton, cabinetmaker, 100 B Cen- 
tral av 
Brotzman Conrad, shoemaker, 12 Walker 
Brotzman John, shoemaker, 12 Walker 
Brougham Isaac, potter, 105 Eastern av 
Broughton C. com. merchant, Mansion house 
Broughton Henry C. shipjoiner, 114 s Spring 
Broughton Isaac, printer, C5 Raborg 
Broughton John, plasterer, 65 Raborg 
Broughton Mrs, Mary J. 71 n Caroline 
Broughton Joseph, huckster, 22 Laurel 
Broughton Capt. .Joseph D. mariner, 82 s Ann 
Broughton Mrs. Maria, dressmaker, 05 Raborg 
Broumel Jas. pres't Franklin Fire Ins. Co., 
and property agent, 8 Law Buildings, dw 18 
s Strieker 
Broun John, cabinetmaker, SI s Wolfe 
Brow P'rank,. salesman. Western hotel 
Brower Benj. R. driver, 594 Light 
Brower Conrad, locksmith, 43 n Eden 
Brower David, hostler, 594 Light 
Brower David, laborer, 12 Union 
Brower H. T. laborer, 41 Cambridge 
Brower J. (Guthruf k Co.) cor Pulaski and 

Frederick av 
Brower Rush, conductor, 12 Union 
Brower Wm. hostler, 128 Harford av 
Brown Aaron A. shoe factory, 344 w Balti- 
more, dw 90 Columbia 
Brown Abel, huckster, 289 Raborg 
Brown Abner C. stair builder, 82 n Pine 
Brown Abraham, bricklayer, 86 Ridgely 
Brown Adam, shoemaker, 36 Park 
Brown Albert L. bricklayer, 147 JefTerson 
Brown Albert S. carpenter, 199 n Caroline 
BROWN ALEX. & SONS, (G. S. B., Wm. H. 
Graham) bankers and dealers in foreign 
exchange, s w cor Baltimore and Calvert 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Dealers iu 

Motions and Fancy Goods, 

Hosiery, Gloves, Small "Wares, &c. 


B:own Alex, moulder, Clinton s of Boston 
Brown Alex. D. farmer, 70 Mt Veruon pi 
Brown Alex. E. (Wm. H. B. & Bro.) n e cor 

Linden av and Townsend 
Brown Alexander P. tailor, 125 Orleans 
Brown Alex. "SY . book agent, 41 J German 
Btown A. E. (A.E. B. & Co.)2U w Lombard 
Brown A. E. k Co. (A. E. Brown) grocers, 

214 w Lombard 
Brown Alfred C. carpenter, 8S vr Centre 
Brown Alfred, huckster, 310 Hoffman 
Brown Allison A. 47 Mount Veruon pi 
Brown Ann, 53 Burke, Canton 
Brown Ann, boarding, 85 n High 
Brown Mrs. Ann, 24 n Strieker 
Brown Andrew, tavern, s w cor Broadway 

and Canton av 
Brown Mrs. Annie 189 s Charles 
Brown Arthur, hackman, 204 Chesnut 
Brown Arthur G. (B. & Brune) 47 Mt. Ver- 
non pi 
Brown Au^^ustus W. F^iyette nr Gist 
Brown Auliy & Co. (A. Brown) produce, 

luGj w Pratt 
Brown Aulay (A. B. & Co.) 185 8 Pnca 
Brown Basil, dept. iiisp. tobacco, 231 Barre 
Brown IJenj. (B. Shedd k Co.) 223 Linden av 
Brown Benj. 0. laborer, 229 e Fayette 
Brown Benj. J. painter, IGO Raborg 
Brown Benj. F. machinist, IGO Division 
Brown Bettie A. 41 Pi-rrj 
Brown Hoverlv W . clerk, 76 n Care7 
BROWN, BOGGS & CO. (J. T. B., F. H. 

Bojrgs, J.W.Corbiu) whols liquors, 33 sGay 
Brown Bridget, chambermaid, Eagle hotel 
Brown Mrs. Bridget. 23 Pleasant al 
Brown k Bro. (G. W. & J. M. Brown) tobac- 

conist.a, 5 n Holliday 
BROWN k BRUNE (Geo. Wm. B., F. W. 

Brune, Stewart Brown, A. G. Drown) st- 

toinevs, 40 St. Paul 
Brown & Burkhard (J. W. B., A. Burkhard, 

P. H. Rrown) apothecaries, s e ccr Lexing- 

ton and Schroeder 
Browi; Caroline, school, 20 n High 
Brown .Mrs. Catheiine, seamjtress, 494 w Pratt .Mrs. Catherine, 108 Boyd 
Blown Catheiine, seamstress, 23 Bevan 
Brown .Mrs. Catherine, tniloiess, 153 Orleans 
Brown (Jha=. liuckster, 137 s Caroline 
Blown Chas. A. L. primer over 43 w Baltimore 
B own Charles IL clerk, 7G n Carey 
Brown Cap'.. C^as. H. 14Cs Ann 
Brown Clns. W. huckster 544 Saratoga 
Brown Chas. H. bl.-icksiiiith, 15 Pleasant al 
Brown Chus. laborer, 133 s Broadway 
Brown Chns., 30 I'Ml 
Brown Chas. huckster, 113 Raborg 

Brown Chas. shoemaker, 98 Lancaster 
Brown Chas. confectioner, 311 .Mulberry 
Brown Capt. Chas. irariner, Jefferson nr Ann 
Brown Chas. D. police, 23 Stirling 
Brown Mrs. Col. Clias. J. 39 Chatsworlh 
Brown Chas. E. clerk, Towneend bet John 

and Park av 
Brown Chas. E. tobacco raanuf. 95 s Charles, 

dw n e cor Linden av and Town.-end 
Brown Chas. H. H. Eutaw pi nr Townsend 
Brown Clias. T. bookkeeper, 87 n Broadway 
Brown Chas. W. carpenter, 39 Chatsworth 
Brown Chas. W. clerk, 303 e Eager 
Brown Chauncy P. brakesman, 404 w Lombard 
Brown Christian, shoemaker. 311 Mulberry 
Brown Christian, tailor, 34 Liberty it 
Brown Conrad, helper, 113 Chew 
Brown Cornelius, sr. tobacconist, 269 Saratoga 
Brown Cornelius, jr. musical instrs. 321 n Gay 
Brown & DePaepe, (11. B., J. DePaepe) rig- 
gers, 16 Philpot 
Brown k Cooke, (Geo B., S. F.Cooke) candy 

manuf. 63 s Charles 
Brown Danl. Mansion house 
Brown David P. teacher, 122 William 
Brown Ebenez2r, laborer, IIG Boyd 
Brown Edw. liq'rsand wines, 181 s Broadway 
Brown Edw. M. clerk, 68 Thames 
Brown Edw. huckster, 7 Camden la 
Brown Edw. W. junk, 147 William 
lirown Elias, jr. carpenter, 186 Siratosra 
Brown Elias, carpenter and builder, 17 Pleas- 
ant, dw 136 Saratoga 
Brown Misses Eliza and Lucy, boarding, 72 

Brov>n Mis. Elizabeth, dressmaker, 246 n Cen- 
tral av 
Brown Mrs. Elizabeth, 199 s Chester 
Brown Mrs. Elizabeth, 39 Chatsworth 
Brown Mrs. Eliz ibeth, 73 Mullikin 
Brown Mrs. Ellen, boarding, 6S Thames 
Brown Emmett, ticket agent, 266 Linden av 
Brown Fannie S. teacher, 149 .Mulberry 
Brown Dr. Felix E. dentist, 61 Lex neton 
Brown Franklin H, laborer, 105 St. Mary 
Brown Fred, blacksmith, 296 n Broadway 
Brown Frank, clerk, Western hotel 
Brown Franklin, produce, 373 Franklin 
Brown Fred. J. 47 Mount Vtrnon pi 
Brown Fred, mariner, 116 s Register 
Brown Fred, basketraaker, 224 Penna av 
Brown Fred. S. clerk, Eutaw pi nr Townsend 
Brown Garrett, n e cor Linden av and Town- 
Prown Garry W. (B. k Bro.) 8 Jackson 
Brown Geo. A. & Son (G. A. B., John B. B.) 

lime, cement, ka. 6 Penna av 
Brown Geo. oyster packer, 219 Gongh 
Brown Geo. F. mnrblecuiter, 175 n E.xeter 
Brown Geo. Wm. (B. & Brune) 47 Mount 

Vernon place 
Brown Geo. A. (Geo. A. B. k Son) 234 Walsh 
Brown Geo. S. (Alex. B. & Sons) 8 w cor 

Ciilhedral and Madison 
Brown G.o. (B. & Cookr) over 65 s Charles 
Brown Geo. R, 33 Jackson 
Brown GiiO. N. carppnter, 39 Chatsworth 
Brown Geo. blacksmith, 23 Eist 
Browr^Geo. C. photogrupliPr, 51 McIIenry 
Brown Geo. W. engineer, Cistle nr Orleans 
Blown Geo. C. carpenter, 18G Saratoga 



Brown Geo. P. clerk, 87 St. Paul 
Brown Geo. 1C3 St. Pdul 
Brown Geo. W. shipcarpenter, 207 e Baltimore 
Brown Geo. W. fancy article?, 217 e Baltimore 
Brown Geo. laborer, 229 s Wolfe 
Brown Geo. W. carpenter, 250 w Hofifman 
Brov.'n Geo. W. carpenter, 41 Vallej 
B'-own Geo. L. porter, 21 Rock 
Brown Geo. carpenter, 22 Harford av 
BROWN, GRAVES & CO. (W. Judson B., 
Wm. B. Graves) om. mchts, 83 s Charles 
Brown Geo. W. 257 Lee 
Brown Gustavus, (A. Seemuller & Sons) Bal- 
timore CO 
Brown Henry, shoemaker, 13-1 Camiea 
Brown Henrj', sr. clerk, 5 Hollins 
Brown Henry G. teacher, 122 William 
Brown Henry, mariner, 100 Thames 
Brown Harman, conductor. 462 w Lombard 
Brown Harry, backman, 20 Valley 
Brown Henrietta, tailoress, 330 e Monument 
Brown Ileinricb, cab'net maker, 49 Albemarle 
Brown Mrs. H. teacher, 74 Townscnd 
Brown Henrv. 37 s Washington 
BROWN HENRY C. & CO. (H. C. B , J. 
Patterson) saw manufacturers, Uhler's al 
nr Charles 
Biown Henry C. 14 Hollins 
Brown Henry U. (H. C. B. & Co.) 14 Watsoa 
Brown Henry G. clerk, 24 n Strieker 
Brown Henry P. clerk, 5 Hollins 
Brown Mrs. Hester, of Wra., 317 Mulberry 
Brown's Hot-l, 119 n High, L. Brown, prop'r 
Brown Hugh, laborer, 215 s Bethel 
Brown Isaiah, woodturner, 118 n Schroeder 
Brown J. Wilson, (A. U. Greenfield & Co ) 

259 Saratoga 
Brown Jacob, dry goods. 250 s Charles 
Brown Jacob C. sailmaker, 107 South, dw 

370 e Baltimore 
Brown Jacob, boots and shoes, 79 McElderry's 

Brown Jacob, jr., shoemaker, 79 McElderry's 

Brown James, boatswain, 23 Harford av 
Brown James, laborer, 56 Buren 
Brown James, huckster, 116 Boyd 
Brown Jas. stonecutter, 280 Greenmount av 
Brown James, bacon, Fayette nr Gist 
Brown James, laborer, 23 Concord 
Brown James, laborer, 108 Boyd 
Brown James Ei. junk, 131 McElderry's wharf 

dw 46 e Pratt 
Brown James H. fireman, 121 Hollins 
Brown James R. carpenter and builder, Fred- 
erick nr Fayette, dw 8 Chatsworih 
Brown James L. carpeater, 40 n Broadway 
Brown James M. clerk, 273 Saratoga 
Brown James T. machinist, 60 s Ann 
Brown James H. 244 n Bond 
Brown James S. puddier, 161 Hudson 
Brown Rev. James H. 38 n Broadway 
Brown James, restaurant, 85 Thames 
Brown James V. watchmaker, 11 Hillen 
Brown James F. clerk, 160 Division 
Brown Jas. R. (Jas. R. B. & Co.) 1 a Howard 
Brown Jarties, 681 Lexington 
Brown J. Frank, brickmaker, 638 w Fayette 
BROWN JAS. R. & CO. (J. R. B., Theodore 

Parsons) wholes, queens ware, 1 n Howard 
Brown J.Wilcox, (B. Lancaster &Co.) 27Read 
Brown James M. (Brown & Bro.) 8 Jackson 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 
Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Brown James W. salesman, 259 Saratoga 

Brown Mrs. Jane, 39 Jdlerson 

Brown Jasper, carpenter, 104 s Charles, dw 

319 Light 
Brown Jerome B. tobacconist, 126 n Exeler 
Brown Joel Ada, saleswoman, 22 Warner 
Brown John, packer, 74 s High 
Brown John, shoemaker, 246 n Central av 
Brown John, 95 n High 
B.'-own John, confectioner, 34 Liberty ct 
Brown John, bricklayer, 192 s Paca 
Brown John, grocery, Regester nr Orleans 
Brown John, laborer, Eurrough nr Fort av 
Brown John A. court messenger, 241 e Pratt 
Brown JohnB. (Geo. A. Brown & Son) 234 

Brown John B. 335 w Pratt 
Brown John B. (Sinclair, Owens & B.) Balti- 
more CO 
Brown John F. engineer, 146 s Ana 
Brown John, rigger, 70 Johnson 
Brown John L. contractor, 163 Druid Hill av 
Brown John N. treas. People's Gas Co. 13 s 

Brown John, miller, 199 n Caroline 
I'rown John, trainmistfr, 92 s Exetfr 
Brown John H. clerk, 131 s Broadway 
Brown John T. tincer, 179 s Pac.i 
Brown John J br.ik'=sniHu 174 Ramsay 
BROWN JOHN, hardware, 10 w Pratt, dw 

87 n Broadway 
Brown John, laborer, 47 n Pine 
Brown John, laborer, 432 Cinton av 
Brown John H. clerk, 76 Grindall 
Brown John, 268 s Bond 
Brown John, sawyer, 90 Eist ra av 
Brown John J. butcher, 20 Hollins st market, 

dw 217 Frederick av 
Brown John W. paintf>r, 225 w Biddle 
Brown John W. (B. & Burkhard) Franklin 

rl nr city limits 
Brown John M. carpentT, 257 Lc^' 
Brown John H. boilermakcr, 114 Boyd 
Brown John F. S. tinner, 477 Penna av 
Brown Jolin T. tinner, 179 s Paca 
Brown John T. painter, 28 a Popplcton 
Brown J. Wesley, bookkf/eper, 103 Ilatiover 
Brown Jno.T. (B.,Boges& Co.) 113 n Charles 
Brown John T. cabinetmaker, 51 McHenry 
Brown John R. 24 n Siricker 
Brown John P. laborer, 26 n Durham 
Brown John, baker, 107 n High 
Brown John F. painter, 7 James la 
Brown Jonathan tin plate and sheet iron 

worker, 58 North 
BROWN J. HARMAN, P^gisler of Wills, 67 

Brown Joseph, 103 Hanover 
Brown Joseph, Sec'y Gas Co. 617 w Fayette 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Dealers in 

notions and Fancy Goods, 

Hosiery, Gloves, Small Wares, &c. 


Brown Joseph, laborer, 70 Jobnson 
Brown Joseph, tailor, 83 Johnson 
Brown Joseph B. enf^ineer, 305 s Sharp 
Brown Jos. M. carp'tr, Schroeder nr Sara'oga 
Brown Jo3h.A.coac-hmak.347 Saratoga, iw 320 
Brown Joshua L. tin and sheet iron worker, 

477 Penna av 
Brown Joshua V. tinner, 477 Penna av 
Brown Mrs. Julia, 46 Montgomery 
Brown Mrs. Julia A. 2G1 Lee 
Brown Juliet B. mantuamakfr, 4G e Pratt 
R. A. Lancaster, P. J. Wright, J. L. Wil- 
liams C. D.Lowndes) bankers and brokers, 
30 South 
Brown Kate, 99 Raborg 
Brown Kirk, te-ic&er, 180 e Baltimoro 
Brown Laura A. tailoress, 380 e Monument 
Brown Lewis, butcher, 5 Arniistead la 
Brown Lewis P. shoemaker, 294 McHenry 
Brown Levi, music atore, 457 w Baltimore, 

dw Fr.inklin nr Carey 
Brown Lewis, prop. Brown's hotel,! 19 n High 
Brown Lewis B. bookkeeper, 09 Garden 
Brown Lewis, cooper, 239 s Sharp 
Brown Mrs. Lizette, tailoress, 89 s Bethel 
Br^wn Lumer, tinntr, 93 n Exeter 
Brown Lydia D. 164 e Monument 
Brown Manheim, toys and coufectionery, 10 

w Biltimore 
Brown Martin B. salesman, 353 w Fayet'e 
Brown .Mrs. Martha, dressmaker, 65 Ilillen 
Brown Mrs. Mary A. grocery, cor Clinton and 

Brown M. Harold, engraver, over 169 w Bal- 
timore, dw 44 Walsh 
Brown Mary, 38 w Biddlo 
Brown Mary E. tailoress, 380 e Monument 
Brown Mrs. Mary, grocery, 225 Miillikin 
Brown Mrs. Mary, janitress, 147 s (Chester 
Brown Mrj. Mary, dressmaker, 22 AVarner 
Brown Mary, Go'n Central av 
Brown Mrs. Mary M. 8 Jackson 
Brown Mary J. tailoress, 92 Richmond 
Brown Mrs. Mary, confectionery, 23 Eist 
Brown Mary, milliner, 135 n Eutaw 
Brown Mrs. Mary A. provisions, cor Caroline 

and Fayette 
Brown Mrs. Mary R. 267 w Fayette 
Brown Mary S. grocery, 47 n Pine 
Brown Margaret A. dressmaker, 175 n Exeter 
Brown .Martin B. salesman, Fayette nr Pine 
Brown Mrs. Maiilda R. 76 n Carey 
Brown .Muriin S. engraver, over u e cor Cal- 

vfrt and Wat. r, dw 44 Wal h 
Brow 1 Memorial Church, (Presbyterian) cor 

Park av and Townsend 
Brown .MaHhew, laborer, 394 3 Charles 
Brown Matthew G. 11 Ilillen 

Brown Matthew J. (M. J. & W. A. Brown) 

18 Greenmount av 
Brown M. J. & W. A. flour and feed commis- 
sion merchants 11 w Pratt 
Brown Mich'l, watchm'n,over 145 w Lombard 
Brown Michael, stonemason, Martin al nr 

Brown Michael, lithographer, 34 Liberty ct 
Brown Michael, labor- r, 231 William 
Brown Michael, laborer, 16 Parkin 
Brown Michael, carter, 23 Pleasant al 
BROWN M. & S. m llinery, fancy and dry 

goods, over 257 w Baltimore, and 166 Lex- 
Brown Mrs. Minnie, 86 n Amity 
Brown Morris, (M. & S. B.) 166 Lfexingtoa 
Brown Moses, painter, 63 branby 
Brown Mollie, 51 Josephine 
HrownNathan'lB ( Wistar&B.) 405 wFajette 
Brown Patrick, laborer, 73 Stirling 
Brown Paul, shoemaker, 155 Dover 
Brown Peter, riggei-, 68 Thames 
Brown Peter A. attorney, 65 w Fayette, dw 

42 w Monument 
Brown Petfr A. salesman 124 w Fayette 
Brown Philip II. (B. k Burkhard) 76 n Carey 
Brown Philip, shoemaker, 23 Brown 
Brown Phili[), shoemaker, 254 n Central av 
Brown P. M. cooper, 265 Aliceanna, dw 286 

s Ann 
Brown Rachel, 93 Saratoga 
Brown Mrs. Rachel P. 193 n Howard 
Brown Mrs. Rebecca, seamstr's, 22 Albemarle 
Brown Richard, (V. J. B, k Bros.) 286 w 

Brown Richard, machinist, 346 Harford av 
Brown Richard, laborer, 16 I'arkin 
Brown Rinehart, baker, 777 w Baltimore 
Brown R. Howard, clerk, n w cor Linden av 

and Townsend 
Brown Robt. watches and jewelry, 158 w Bal- 

t morf, dw 153 n Paca 
Brown Robt. jr. Decker nr Oliver 
Brown Robt. D. treasurer Susq. Canal Co. 13 

Lexington, dvr Howard co 
Brown Robt. L. bricklayer, 149 Jefferson 
Brown Robt. T. book agent, 4l.l German 
Brown Robt. P. 163 St. Paul 
Brown Robt. P. (Wm.B.& Son,) 266 Linden ar 
Brown Robt. W. 89 Camden 
Brown Rudolph, shoemaker, 93 Granby 
Brown Reuben T. huckster, 316 w Hoffman 
Brown Mrs. Ruth, boarding, 119 n Eden 
Brown Mis. Sarrih, over 48 w Baltimore 
Brown Mrs. Sarah, 66 s Bond 
Brown Mrs. Sarah, 55 c Baltimore 
Brown Sarah, 121 Chew 
Brown Samuel C. (S. Fancher & Co.) 283 

Madison av 
Brown Simuel Af. carpenter, 261 Lee 
Brown Samuel M. of John, 257 Leo 
Brown Samuel, laborer, 127 Division 
Brown Samuel R. huckster, 179 s Paca 
Brown Samuel, rigger, 14 Warren 
Brown Samuel, bricklayer, 250 George 
Brown Samtiel B. clerk, 14 Warren 
BROWN SEBASTIAN, attorney, 5U St. 

P.iul, dw 162 Druid Hill av 
BROWN, SHEDD k CO. (B. Brown, Wra. 

B. ar-d N. R. Shedd) wholesale liquors, 370 

w Baltimore 
Brown Mrs. S. L. 98 n Durham 




Brown Simon, carpenter, 131 L Greece 
Brown Solomon, salesman, IGG Lexington 
Brown Solomon, (M. & S. B.) 232 w Lombard 
Brown Sophia, millinery, 21 George 
Brown Stewart, (C. & Br\ine)Biddle nr Charles 
Brown Dr. Septimus, otTi(e 94 w Fayette, dw 

n e cor Townsend and Garden 
Brown Theodore, laborer, 87 Johnson 
Brown Thos. police, 53 liollatid 
Brown Thos. C. painter, 242 Light 
Brown Thos. H. sec'y Great Falls Iron Co. 9") 
s Charles, dw cor Linden av and Townsend 
Brown Thos. M. (T. Mailhews & Son) 169 w 

Brown Dr. Thos. R., U. S. N. 129 Lanvale 
Brown Thomas S. clerk, 259 Saratoga 
Brown Thomas R. 304 Madison av 
Brown Thomas, machinist, 33 Jackson 
Brown Thomas, brass moulder, 4i Rock 
Brown Thomas A. (V. J. B. & Bros.) 224 w 

Brown Thomas, blacksmith, 53 Holland 
Brown Thomas, brickmaker, 343 Columbia 
Brown Toornas J. gold and silversmith, 94 w 

Baltimore, dw 3o3 e Eager 
Brown Thomas, shipjoiter, 332 s Bond 
Brown Thomas H. bridge builder, cor Clinton 

and Bosloa 
Brown Thomas, pattern maker, 21 George 
Brown Thos. merch. tailor, 213 e Baltimore 
Brown Thos. currier, 79 McElderry's whf 
Brown Thomas, carter, 23 Pleasant al 
Brown Thomas J. jr. jeweler, 303 e Eiger 
Brown T. A. (V.J. B. & Bros.) G6 Exchange pi 
Brown ThoniMS W. carver, 10 J Walsh 
Brown Timothy, laborer, 16 Parkin 
Brown Timothy S. huckster, s w cor Caroline 

and Fayette 
Brown Virgil D. carpenter, 560 w Baltimore 
Brown Virginia, 74 Jefferson 
BROWN V. J. & BROS. (V. J., T. A. and 
Richard Brown) wholesale grocers and 
liquors, 66 E.xchan^e pi 
Brown V. J. (V. J. B. & Bros.) 14 HoUins 
Brjwn Wesley, bookkeeper, 103 Hanover 
Brown Wm ropemaker, 212 Stirling 
Brown Wm. & Son, (W. & R. P. Brown) 
Watches and jewelry, s e cor Baltimore and 
Brown Walter S. carpenter, 186 Saratoga 
Brown Wm. F. shipcarpenter, 39 Jefferson 
Brown Wm. R. R. agent, 339 w Fayette 
Brown Wm. (Wm, B. & Son) 266 Linden av 
Brown Wm.(W. J. Taylor& Co.) 149 Dolphin 
Brown W. JudsOn (B., Graves & Co.) Strieker 

nr Lombard 
Brown Wm. freight solicitor N. C. R., 339 w 

Brown Wm.H.(W.H.B &Bro.) 226 Linden av 
Brown Wm. E. clerk, 351 w Ballimord 
Brown Wm. A. (M. J. & W. A. B ) 121 n Eden 
BROWN WM. H. & BRO. (Wm. H. B., Alex. 
E. B., John E. Morrison,) druggists, 25 s 
Brown Wra. ship carpenter, 68 Thames 
Brown Wra. G. agt Continental Life Ins. Co., 

42 Second, dw 32 s Poppleton 
Brown Wm. G. clerk, 303 e Eiger 
Brown Wm. H. carpenter, 128 n Eden 
Brown Wm. W. carpenter, 14 s Ann 
Brown AVm. T. 33 Lexington 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Tiniothy Seed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Brown Wm, L. carpenter, Chesnut, dw 216 

e Baltimore 
Brown Wm. .M. printer, 42 n Fremont 
Brown Wm. II. bricklayer, 395 Franklin 
Brown Wm. shoemaker, 79 .McElderry's whf 
Brown Wm. R carpenter, 114 Townsend 
Brown Wm. P. grocery, 269 Orleans 
Brown Wm. R. painter, 129 Preston 
Brown Wm. T. bricklayer, 192 s Paca 
Brown Wm. II. carpenter, 123 n Kden 
Brown Wm. R. clerk, 188 German 
Brown Wm. laborer, Clifton nr the Park 
■Brownb^ck Walton, moulder, 91 s Broadway 
Browne Chas. C. 123 McCnlloh 
Browne Dr. Bennett B. 123 McCulloh 
Browne Eugene II. salesman, 89 s Sharp 
Browne Mrs. Mary A. 255 e Biddle 
Browne Nicholas V. 310 n Caroline 
Browne P. Arrell attorney, 65 w Fayette, dw 

42 w Monument 
Browne Wm. salesman, 233 s Paca 
Brown°r Mrs. Maggie, 267 n Caroline 
Browning Basil C. conductor B. & 0. R. R. 26 

n Oregon 
Browning Edw. iron moulder, 40 Harford av 
Browning George G. police, 13 Etiing 
Browning Jacob, blacksmith, cor Light and 

Browning Joseph D. brickmaker, 650 Light 
Browning Louisa, teacher, 75 s Eden 
Browning Mrs. Mary A. 75 s Edea 
Browning Olivia, 389 u Gay 
Bro\yDing Richard, laborer, 656 Light 
Browning Susan, teacher, 75 8 Eden 
Browning Warfield T. attorney, 2 Spurrier's 

ct, dw 49 Mulberry 
Browningr Wm. painter, 103 w Biddle 
BROWNING WM. E. grocer, 137 e Baltimore 
Browning Wm. II. caniriver, 215 Lanvale 
Browning Wm. S. bookkeeper, 138 Preston 
Browning Wra. ropemaker, 212 Stirling 
Brownley Hiram L. shipcarpenter, 365 Light 
Brownley John W. shipcarpenter, 271 e Pratt 
Brownley Joseph, blacksni'th, 43 Garden 
Brownley Larking C. sbipcarp. 335 e Lombard 
Brownley Louisa, confect'ry 419 w Lombard 
Brownley Mrs. Sarah A. tailoress, 5 Hyde ct 
Brownley Thomas J. engineer, 63 Hill 
Brownold .Moses, salesman, 111 German 
Bruce Dr. D. 208 e Baliiraore 
Bruce David, confectioner, 211 Barre 
Bruce Edward M. tinner, 160 Ais(iuith 
Bruce Jephtbah, silesmao, over 3Si w Balti- 
Bruie John M. coppersmith, 10 w Centre, dw 

160 Aisqiiith 
Bruce Mrs. Joseph, 6 Hill 
Bruce Mrs. M. K. 274 Saratoga 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Dealers In 

miimiZ 2i FAKCV GOODS, 

White Goods, Embroideries, Laces, 



Bruce Robert, moulder, 8 Hill 

Bruce Tbos. S. letter carrier, 188 n Central av 

Bruce Thos. sr. letter carrier, 101 Aisquith 

Bruce Wm. 153 e Madison 

Bruce Rev. Wm. 138'^ w Biddle 

Bruce Wm. \V. machiuist, 153 e Madison 

Bruchej David 11. laborer, 239 Columbia 

Brucheiser Geo. tailor, 190 Preston 

Bruck Henry M. tailor, 278 Hanover 

Bruckmann Wm. shoemaker, 154 Henrietta 

Bruckner John F. piano maker, 362 Saratoga 

Brudder Fred, laborer, 2G2 s Durhani 

Brude'Justav, (CStaikloff & Co ) 226 s Sharp 

Bruder Michael, confectioner, 29 n Chapel 

Bruebach Charles, furniture, 16 n Howard, 

dw 251 Franklin 
Bruehl John, cigarmaker, 39 Bank 
Bruehl Justus, confectionery, 57 e Lombard 
Bruehl Wm. H. 233 w Pratt 
Bruemann Henry, blacksmith, 197 Dover 
Bruff'Emma, servant, 252 w Pratt 
BrufF John K. bricklayer, 2G4 e Pratt 
BrufFJos. E. (Baker, B. & Co.) Eutaw house 
Bruir Thomas, student, 49 s Ann 
Bruff Thos. A. shipcarpen*er, 83 Hampsteai 
Brughman Wm. laborer, 500 w Piatt 
Bruggy John, huckster, rear 31 King 
Brugierre Francis, clerk, 142 n Charl-s 
Brugniens Louis, painter, 17 Barnet 
Bruhn Jacob, wines and liquors, 73 s Sharp, 

dw 672 Hanover 
Brumley Mrs. Sarah D. 4G4 Pcnna ar 
Brummel Joseph, painter, 394 w Lombard 
Brumraer Henr}', clerk, 328 Light 
Brun Edw'd, machinist, IIG n Paca 
Brun Mad. F. childs' dressmaker, 116 n Paca 
Brun Henry, carpetweaver, 85 n Ann 
Brun Victor H. clerk, IIG n Paca 
Brundige Charles H. (Sauerberg & B.) 185 

Brundige Kate, teacher, 109 n Eutaw 
Brundige Mrs. Rebecca, 109 n Eutaw 
Brundige Thos. V. Mine bank la nr Baltimore 

Brundige Thos. W. law stud't, 25 Lexington, 

dw Mine bank la nr Baltimore cemetery 
Brundige Rudolph, cop. smelter, 32 Fountain 
BRUNE F. W. & SONS, (W. H. Brune) 

merch'ts and ag'ts Md. Steam Sugar Refin- 
ing Co. 89 and 91 Smith's whf 
Brune Mrs. D. 114 Battery av 
Brune Frank, laborer, 107 Lancaster 
Brune Fred'k W. (Browu & B.) cor Charles 

£t av and Northern av 
Brune Henr^-, laborer, 127 s Central av 
Brune Michael, laborer, 31 Haw 
Brune Peter, mariner, 107 Lancaster 
Bruue Wm. F. lamps and oil, 72 s Bond 
Brune Wm. laborer, 114 Battery av 

Brune Wm.H.{F.W. B k Sons) 157 St Paul 
Bruner Adaai, porter, 8 Caliendar al 
Bruner Hamilton, huckster, 14G Henrietta 
Bruner Jacob, laborer, 8 Caliendar al 
Bruner Jacob, carpenter, 127 s Sharp 
Bruner John, butcht'r, 21 n Chapel 
Bruning (Jeo. boxmakcr, 254 s Sharp 
Bruning Ik'u'y, grou'y and liquors, 9 Warner 
Bruning Juo 11,Towson nr Nicholson 
Pruning Louis W. builder, 108 n Spring 
Bruning Lewis, builder, 8 Buren 
Bruning Max, cabinetmaker, 12G Stirliug 
Bruninger Chas. laborer, 85 Eastern av 
Bruninger Mary, grocery, 85 Eastern av 
Brunker James H. laborer, 114 s CaroUne 
Brunner Abel, (Rawlins & B.) 77 Aisquith 
Brunner Hen'y, patent medicines, 7G s Eutaw 
Brunner John L. tailor, 44 w Fayette 
Brunner Joseph, tailor, 1G5 Stirling 
Brunner Wm. T. clerk, 133 n Paca 
Brunner V. S. (Heim, Nicodemus& Co.) Fred- 
erick, Md 
Bruns Bernard, shoemaker, 281 n Gay 
Bruns Henry, laborer, 127 Central av 
Bruns John, (Heise & Co.) 1G4 Mulberry 
Bruns Joseph, shoemaker, 281 n Gay 
Brunt Chas. A. clerk, 2 Walsh 
Brunt Mrs. E. J. embroideries and lace goods, 

189 w Baltimore, dw 94 Saratoga 
Brunt James, Division nr Wilson 
Brunt John, laborer, 118 s Chapel 
Brunt Mrs. M. E. 2 Walsh 
Brunt Ralph, 487 Penna av 
Brunt Richard, clerk, 2 Walsh 
Brunt Richard, sr. 2 Walsh 
Bruntsch Anthony B. tobacconist, 14 Ridgelj 
Bruscup Albert, tailor, 83 n Caroline 
Bruscup Columbus, carpenter, 108 Gough 
Bruscup Columbus, carpenter, 66 n Eden 
Bruscup Geo. H. sheet iron worker, 111 McEI- 

Bruscup Thomas, (Audoun & B.) 72 n Bond 
Brush Chas. W. attorney, 35 Lexington, dw 

cor John and W^ilson 
Brush Gchan Daniel, laborer, Chappell nr Lib- 
erty rd 
Brush Weill r, Mrs. Mary, groc'y, 13 Liberty al 
Brushweller Wm. jr. painter, 13 Liocrtv al 
Br.s'awiller Geo.W. wagon'r,19 Druid Hill av 
Brushwiller Jo n, machinist, 67 Mound 
Brushwiller Lemuel D. 67 Mound 
Brushwiller Tlico. offic. Penitent'y, 67 Mound 
Brushwiller Wm. chairmaker, 67 Mound 
Bruslin Mrs. Murg't, seamstress, 98 s Cary 
Brussell Mrs. Amelia, tailoress, 8 e cor Gough 

and Ann 
BHPSSTAR HENRY, ."shipyard, Boston nr 

Chesapeake, dw 144 Chesapeake 
Brustcr James, agricultural implements, 77 

North dw 77 Walsh 
BRUSTER JOHN, gardener, Greenmount cem- 
Bruster Louis C. clerk, 77 Walsh 
Bruton Mrs. Emma, millinery, 70 n Charles 
Bruton Wm. attorney, 70 n Charles 
Bruting Geo. barkeeper, 69 s Regester 
Bryan Arthur L. huckster, 183 Orleans 
Bryan Geo.W. carpenter, 144 e Madison 
Bryan Isaac R. shoemaker, 32 n Greene 
Bryan John, bricklayer, 682 w Pratt 
BliVAN J. HARRY, attorney, 15 St. Paul, 
dw Jefferson pi, Ba'.to co 




Bryan Merritt A. turner, Castle nr Lombard 
Bryan & Small, (S.L.B., W. H. Small) hoop 

skirts and fancy goods, 223 w Baltimore 
Bryan Samuel L. (B. & Small) 120 Lanvale 
Bryan Tiiomas, shoemaker, 195 n Dallas 
Br\an Thomas J. huckster, 115 s Eden 
Bryan Wm A. laborer, Ciistle nr Lombard 
Bryan Wm. Shepard, attorney, 52 n Calvert, 

dw 85 Saratoga 
Bryan Wm. H. gasfitter, 29 n Bond 
Bryant Chas. L. shoemaker, 105 w Fayette 
Bryant Geo. laborer, 441 Canton av 
Bryant J. Y. claim agent, 19 Etting 
Bryant Wm. laborer, 97 Peach al 
Bryant Wm. coachpa'ter, Choptank nr Gough 
Bryant Wm. A. 161 w Lombard 
Bryant Wm. S. salesman, 19 Etting 

No. 8 North CHARLES Street. 
Day sessions open the entire year 
—no vacation. Night sessions 
from October 1 to May 1. Send 
for copies of College documents, 
free to any address. W. H. Sad- 
ler and J. M. Drysdale, proprie- 

Bryarly Robert, tailor, 140 e Monument 
Bryer Andrew, lager beer, cor Monument and 

Bryson Ales, shoemaker, 219 n Caroline 
Bryson Ber'd A. lumb. insp. 50 East Falls av 
Bryson Mrs. Cath'ne, boarding, 625 w Pratt 
Bryson Daniel r.I. clerk, 134 n Exeter 
Bryson Gilbert E. real estate broker, over 26 

Second, dAv 59 Aisquith 
Bryson Gilbert H. real estate broker, over 26 

Second, dw 59 Aisquith 
Bryson John W. 625 w Pratt 
Bryson Wm. J. inspec'r G. H., Swana lake, 

Baltimore co 
Bryson Mrs. Mary A. 219 n Caroline 
Buberl John, shoemaker, 69 Dover 
Bubert Mrs. Catherine, 23 s Central av 
Bubert J. D. grocery and feed, 99 s Charles 
Bubert Herman, drayman, 181 s Eden 
Bubert Sirs. JIargaret, 145 s Wolfe 
Buchanan Mrs. Ellen B., Biddle betw Charles 

and Decker 
Buchanan Henry, cigarmaker, 26 n Amity 
Buchanan James A. (B. & Kerr) 83 Preston 
Buchanan James E., Western hotel 
Buchanan James H. attorney, 36 St. Paul, dw 

30 w Eager 
Buchanan James M. attorney, 41 Lexington, 

dw Barnum's hotel 
Buchanan Jas. M. jr. clerk city tax office, Del- 

phey house 
Buchanan John R. attorney, 87 n Charles 
Buchanan J. Rowan, attorney, 41 Lexington, 

dw Balto CO 
BUCHANAN & KERR, (James A. Buchanan, 

Charles G Kf-rr) attorneys, 41 St. Paul 
Buchanan Lee S., 57 St. Paul 
Buchanan Richard H. laborer, 124 Harford av 
Buchanan S. Smith, Biddle nr Decker 
Buchanan AVm. M. clerk, 83 Preston 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, tCc. 
Rosendale Cement & Plaster. 

Buchanan W. Jefferson, attorney, 28 J St. 

Paul, dw 61 
Bucher Cha3. T. grocery, York rd nr tollgate 
Bucber Jacob, cabinetmaker, 224 Canton av 
Bucher John, laborer, 85 n Poppleton 
Bucher John, laborer, 78 Granby 
Buchert Mrs. Barbara, 38 Liberty nl 
Buchert Godfred, bosmaker, 38 Liberty al 
Buchert Matthew, cabinetmaker, 42 Liberty al 
Buchheimer Fred, oysters, 27 Eastern av 
Buchholz Henry, bookkeeper, 30 n Greene 
Buchsbaum Benj. second hand goods, 13 May 
Buchsbaum Bernard, steamed 0Tster3,S8 n Gay 
BUCHSBAUM HENRY, beer, 33 w Fayette 
Buchsbaum John G. tailor, 18 s Sharp 
Buchsbaum John II. lager beer, s e cor Central 

av and Lombard 
Bucheimer George, restaurant, 442 Penna av 
Bucheimer George, laborer, 232 s Bond 
Bucheimer Peter, merchant tailor, 20 w Pratt 
Bucheimer AVm. tinner, 20 w Pratt 
Buchet Mrs. Alexander, 177 c Lombard 
Buchner Conrad, shoemaker, 235 s Eutaw 
Bucbner John A. cigarmaker. 219 Chesnut 
Bachta F. C. P. W. blacksmith, 25 Hillen 
Buchta John, wheelwright and blacksmith, 23 

Hillen, dw 25 
Buchta Wm. C. blacksmith, 2". Hillen 
Buchwald Michael, butcher, 7 Belair and 113 

Centre markets, dw Belair av nr city limits 
Buck Benj. C. ( Wellener & B.) 268 w Hoffman 
Buck Benjamin G. plasterer, 75 s Greene 
Buck Mrs. B. J., 396 Franklin 
Bick C. W. clerk, Gilmor house 
Bu(k Edward D. iron and steel, S6 w Pratt, 

dw 74 e Eager 
Buck Edwin B. naval store broker, 81 Smith's 

whf, dw 205 Franklin 
Buck Mrs. Elizabeth, 259 Aisquith 
Buck Geo. shoemaker, 36 L Ilumpstead 
Buck Geo. W. clerk, 75 e Pratt 
Buck Geo. W., 332 Penna av 
Buck Henry, shoemaker, 173 s Caroline 
Buck Irving A. (Adams & B) Fountain hotel 
Buck James A. dep'y harbor master, 69 Hill 
Buck James F. car driver, 3 Oxford 
Buck John, jr., 75 e Pratt 
Buck John H. & Co. (J. H. and W. B. Buck) 

hardware, 88 w Pratt 
Buck John H. (J. II. B. & Co.) 680 Saratoga 
Buck John M., 205 Franklin 
Buck John N. salesman. Fountain hotel 
Buck John C. bricklayer, 235 n Caroline 
Buck Joseph A. metals, furs and paper stock, 

100 Light st whf dw 69 Hill 
Buck Joseph T. clerk, 69 Hill 
Buck Leander W. brickmkr 24 Gist nr Essex 
Buck Leander W. jr. brickmaker, Fayette nr 





Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Dealers In 

notions and Fancy Goods, 


Hosiery, Gloves, Small Wares, &c. 


BUCK JAMES, prop'r Buck's hotel, 34 w 

On the European Plan, 
Meals Served at ALL HOURS, Day and Night. 

Buck Lewis F. bookkeeper, 14 s Greene 

Buck Mrs. Mary C 389 w Lombard 

Buck Richard B. (Goldsborough, B. k Co.) 

Mallby house 
Buck Samuel D. salesman, Fountain hotel 
Buck Susanna, 9 New Church 
Buck Wesley B. ( J.H. B. & Co.) G80 Saratoga 
Buck Wm. carpenter, 861 w Baltimore 
Buck Wra. II. clerk, 238 Linden av 
Buck Wm, H. jr. 238 Linden nv 
Buck Wm. L. brickmaker, 559 e Fayette 
Buck Wm. G. clerk, 75 e Pratt 
Buckewaldt Mrs. Annie, 13S w Baltimore 
Buckey George A. engineer, 176 s Eutaw 
Buckey James II. engineer, 214 Barre 
Buckhart Adam, laborer, Marriott nr Ilaubert 
Buckhart Godt'ried, boxmaker, 38 Liberty al 
Buckhart Matthias, cabinetmkr 42 Liberty al 
Buckheim Cbas. upholsterer, 11 Painter ct 
Buckheimcr Ailam, hackman, 126 s Bethel 
Buckheimer Matthias, laborer, 68 Walnut al 
Buckheimer Wm. tinner, 20 w Pratt 
Bucklicimer Vorick, shoemaker, 10 Henry 
Buckheit Peter, carter, 286 Johnson 
Bucking Francis, baker, 124 IloUins 

Buckingham C. W., R. R. agt. 15 n Strieker 
Buckingham Mis. Ellen, Fulton nr Dover 
Buckingham Geo. W, cabinetmaker, Fulton 

nr McHenry 
Buckingham Henry F. T. (J, W, C, Seitz & 

Co.) 164 Franklin 
Buckingham Isaiah F. music teacher, 39 n Fine 
Buckingham I. F. clerk, 39 n Pine 
Buckingham James R. clerk, 9 Pearl 
Buckingham Jesse P. laborer, cor Fulton and 

Buckingham John W. carpenter, Strieker nr 

Buckingham John W. carpenter, 9 Scott 
Buckingham Mrs. Lydia A. saleswoman, 90 s 

Buckingham Mrs. Mary J.tailorejs 230 w Pratt 
Buckingham Prof. P. G. young ladies acade- 
my, 301 Miulison av 
Buckingham Thos. stencil cutter, 683 Mulberry 
Buckingham Washington L. agent for Bick- 
ford & HuSman, 59^ s Charles, dvv 39 n 
Buckingham Wm G. butter, 352 Mulberry 
Buckingham Wm. II. bricklayer, 1 14 e Fayette 
Buckltr Chas. U. laborer, 81 s Chester 
Buckler Dr. Riggin, 135 u Charles 
Buckler Wm. II. ferryman, 81 s Chester 
Buckhss Francis .M. mariner, 72 n Broadway 
Buckless Henry, pilot, 72 n Broadway 
Buckless Henry 8. officer Penit'y, 34 Laurel 
Buckless Thos. E. mariner, 72 n Broadway 
BUCKLEY CHARLES R. boot and shoe man- 
ufacturer, 101 Hanover 
Buckley Daniel, laborer, 60 Eastern av 
Buckley Daniel, laborer, 60 Eastern av 
Buckley Daniel B. tinner, 60 Eastern av 
Buckley Mrs. Elizabeth, 14 Arbel al 
Buckley John, engineer, 133 s Kegester 
Buckley John, farmer, 90 s Repubican 
I5uck'ey John, cleik, 240 n Eden 
Buckley John, driver, 75^ Eastern av 
Buckley John B. oyster p.acker, 210 s Wolfe 
Buckley Mrs. Margaret, Choplank nr Gough 
Buckley Martin, ice, 49McKim,dw 14 Arbel al 
Buckley Mrs. Mary A. confect'y, 60 Thames 
Buckley Mrs. Mary, 15 Abey al 
Buckley Stephen, grocery and liqur, 68 Penn- 
sylvania av 
Buckley Wm. mariner, 60 Thames 
BUCKMAN BROS, k CO. (S. J. and G. R, 

Buckman,) bankers, 192 w Baltimore 
Buckman Charles, tinner, 68 Durst al 
Buckman G. R. (B. Bros. & Co.) Baltimore co 
Buckmin Saral. J. (B. Bros, k Co.)Balto. co 
Buckmaster II. C. (John Gleun k Co.) 91 

Buckmaster Hiller}', caulker, 147 John3on 
Buckmiller Robert S. tanner, 229 n Charles 
Buckmiller Wm, tanner, 98 Chew 
Buckmiller Wm. P. coachsmith, 103 Chew 
Buckner Dr. Charles S. 98 n Charles 
Bucksbaum J. 272 Canton av 
Bucksteiu Wm. fireman, 350 s Eutaw 
Budeke Mrs. Clara, 2 Albemarle 
Budeke Geo. II. (B. & Grothaus) 2 Albemarle 
Budeke & Grothaus. (Geo. II. Budtke, D. B. 
GFothaus) oi's, paints, &c. cor Broadway 
and Eastern av 
Budeke lly. laborer, cor Lcadenhall and West 
Budeke Minnie, m'llinery, 241 e Baltimore 
Budemeyer Henry, laborer, Clinton nr EUott 




Buderer Henry, cabinetmaker, 24 Jasper 
Buderer John G. turner, 24 Jasper 
Budd Chas. A. tobacconist, 230 Harford av 
Budde Louis, laborer, 112 Cooksie 
Budde Wm. blacksmith, 104 Eastern av 
Buddemyer Fred'k, boilermaker, 217 s Wolfe 
Buddemyer Wm. laborer, 217 s Wolfe 
Budnitz Henry, collector, 266 s Sharp 
Bueche Fred'k, brewer, Belair av ur Balto. 

Buehler Henry L. tailor, 73 s Greene 
Bushier Wm. & Co. (Wm. B., G. W. Hilde- 

brand) tobacco and cigars, 159 Franklin 
Buehler Wm. (Wm. B. & Co.) 182 Franklin 
Buffington Henry C. bookkeeper, 100 w Fayette 
Buffiogton Henry E. bookkpr. Mansion house 
Bufflipp John, carter, 79 Lancaster 
Bufford Wm. laborer, 2 Abraham 
Bufter Edward, bricklayer, 122 s Washington 
Buffer Elijah, stable boss, 122 s Washington 
Bufter John, laborer, 148 s Chapel 
Bufter Jos. R. laborer, 122 s Washington 
Buhl Balthasar, tailor. 2 Newman ct 
Buhleier Ferdinand, shoemaker, 76 s Wolfe 
Buhman Daniel, shoemaker, 269 s Cbarles 
Buhman Wm. laborer, 383 s Charles 
Buhmann Christopher, engineer, 383 s Charles 
Buhrman Dr. Harvey, 494 w Baltimore 
Buhrman Henry, shoemaker, 269 s Cbarle3 
Bull M. N. carpenter, 293 w Pratt * 
Building Committee New City Hall, office nw 

cor Holliday and Fayette 
Bujac Mrs. Adele T. 1.38 St. Paul 
Bujac Mis. Julia, 138 St. Paul 
Bukner Michael, shoemaker, 76 Harrison 
Bukoffskey Geo. puddler, Potomac nr Hudson 
Bukstorf Frank, shoemaker, 146 Low 
BULACK JACOB, restaurant, 65 w Pratt 
Bulack Joseph, shoemaker, 244 w Pratt 
Bulack Michael, shoemaker, 29 McHenry 
Bulgan Henry, paver, 336 Mulberry 
Bulkley G. B. civil engineer, Barnum's hotel 
Bull Asahel, carpenter, 90 Boyd 
Bull Dr. Benj. H. D. 41 s Sharp, dw 20 n Eutaw 
Bull C. huckster, 362 e Eager 
Bull Chas. teamster, G9 Park av 
Bull Edmund, 127 n Eutaw 
Bull Mrs. Elizabeth, 78 n Greene 
Bull Francis M, clerk, 130 Townsend 
Bull Franklin, printer, 125 Conway 
Bull Geo. W. carpenter, 8 Somerset 
Bull Dr. J. W. 41 3 Sharp, dw 130 w Fayette 
Bull Mrs. Mary, confectionery, 90 Boyd 
Bull Milton, carpenter, 3 n Kepublican 
Bull Nicholas W. carpenter, 142 u Pine 
Bull Wm. C. clerk, 234 n Charles 
Bull Wm. K. teamster, 135 Greenmount av 
Bullard Sumner, clerk, 7 n Gilmor 
Bullard Wm. S. clerk, 7 n Gilmor 
Bullen Henry, fireman, 181 s Paca 
Bullen Mrs. Mary, 30 Ridgely 
Bullen Samuel, 30 Ridgely 
Bullen Simon, fireman, Ridgely nr Hamburg 
Bullen Wm. conductor, 189 Barre 
Bullinger Thos. clerk, 14 East Falls av 
Bullock C. K. salesman, Western hotel 
Bullock Daniel, potter, 287 e Lombard 
Bullock Mrs. Ella, 431 w Fayette 
Bullock Francis S. (B. & Morton) G3 e Pratt 
Bullock Frederick, barkeeper, 110 St. Mary 
Bullock Freeman C, Adams Exp. 90 3 Sharp 
Bullock Henry C. sew. mach., 149 w Madison 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 
Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Bullock James, saddles, harness, &c., 876 w 

Baltimore, dw 542 w Fayette 
Bullock John & Son, (Kazwell J., John S., 
and Joseph L. Bullock) glue, neats foot oil, 
and ground bone manuf., Washington road 
nr city limits 
Bullock John M. real estate broker, 31 Lex- 
ington, dw 16 Cathedral 
Bullock John S. ( J. B. & Son) 653 w Lombard 
Bullock Jos. L. (J. B. & Son) 247 Columbia 
Bullock Mrs. Rhoda, 243 Columbia 
Bullock Rev. Dr. J. J., Franklin st. Preshyter'a 

Church, s \y cor Hftmilton and Cathedral 
Bullock Kazwell J. (J. B. & Son) 339 Columbia 
Bullock & Morton, (F. S. Bullock, Fred. Mor- 
ton) grocers and ship chandlers, 40 w Pratt 
Bullock Peter, cooper, 523 Canton av 
Bullock Waller R. attorney, Orphans' Ct and 

31 Lexington, dw 16 Cathedral 
BULL'S HEAD HOTEL, 130 a Front, Chas. 

0. Cockey, prop'r 
Bullucks Lucy D. teacher, 431 w Fayette 
Bump Geo. (J. L. B. & Co.) 228 Franklin 
Bump Josephus L. & Co. (J. L. & Geo. C, 

Bump) proviHons, 206 Linden av 
Bump Jesse E. carpenter, 88 s Caroline 
Bump Jos. L. (J. L. B. & Co.) 228 Franklin 
BUMP ORLANDO F. register in bankruptcy, 

15 St. Paul, dw 44 s Chester 
Bump Saml. C. carpenter, Chester nr Pratt 
Bumback Conrad, laborer, 96 Stirling 
Bumgarner Geo. gasfitter, 137 Conway 
Bumson Wm. mariner, 190 s Washington 
Bunce Mrs. Jane, 232 e Chase 
Bunce John T. blacksmith, 59 Milliman 
Bunce Thomas, laborer, 376 Aisquith 
Bunce Richard, confectioner, 318 Harford av 
Bunch Mrs. Margaret, beer, 36 President . 
Buncheul Louis, cooper, 189 e Lombard 
Bunde Henry, tailor, 31 s Wolfe 
Bundiver Fred, butcher, Clinton nr Lancaster 
Bundshul Chas. laborer, rear 637 Light 
Bundes Hotel, 61 s Charles 
Hunger Chas. carpenter, 297 s Bond 
Bunger John H. shoemaker, 89 s Spring 
Bunn Joseph, 355 s Charles 
BUNN PETER, propr. Shamburg house, 29 

and 31s Liberty 
Bunnell Eli M. salesman, 106 Lexington 
Bunting Chas. music teacher, 348 w Lombard 
Bunting Elizabeth, 7 L Gough 
Bunting Geo. butter, 103 Ensor 
Bunting Geo. R. clothing cutter, 24 s High 
BUNTING J. J. k CO. (J. J. Bunting, G. R. 

Dawson) merchant tailors, 10 St. Paul 
Bunting John W. stationer, 25j Orleans, dw 

103 Ensor 
Bunting John II. police, 125 Battery av 
Bunting Jos. 0. carpenter, Lombard nr Gist 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Dealers in 


White Goods, Embroideries, Laces, 



Bunting John C. bricklayer, 348 w Lombard 
Bunting John J. (J. J. B. & Co.) 19 St. Paul 
Bunting Mrs. Margaret, 109 Pearl 
Bunting Capt. Robt. W. 16 William 
Buntiog Spencer J. conductor, 218 e Pratt 
Bunting Wm. H. (Brian & B.) 33 9 Calhoun 
Bunting AVm. J. 348 \v Lombard 
Buntschuh Louis, coopnr, 189 c Lombard 
BUNTZINTHAL FRANCIS, grocery, 37 Rose 
Bunyan Jacob, laborer, 1T5 e Lombard 
Bupp Wm. H. shoemaker, 134 Canidea 
Burbage Mrs. Ann M 19G Aisquith 
Burlage John, lab'r. Cathedral nr Northern ar 
Burbage John E. salesman, 196 Aisquith 
Burbank David, Franklin nr Republican 
Burbank Leonard, salesman, 207 w Fayette 
Burbos Geo. basketmaker, G4 Jasper 
Burch Mrs. Fenton, 138 Raborg 
Burch Francis A. 3 s Caroline 
Burch Fred. D. combmaker, 536 Saratoga 
Burch Dr. J. C. 141 Hanover 
Burch Jas. A. salesman, 20 Mulberry 
Burch Jas. A. (DufT & B.) 115 s Broadway 
Burch Marion K. clerk, 67 s Broadway 
Burch Mrs. Mary A.confectionery,53G Saratoga 
Burch Thos. B. inspec. customs, 67 s Broadway 
Burch Wm. N. dep. iaspcc. tobacco, 89 Camden 
Burchinal W. D. inspec. C. H , Mansion house 
Burck Henry, shoefitter, 314 w Pratt 
Burck Henry shoemaker, 92 Low 
Burckhnrdt Alfred, confec. 80 n Schroeder 
Buckhardt Chas. butcher, 86 n Schroeder 
Burdick James, bricklayer, 7 O'Donnell 
Burdett Aaron, cop. plate nikr. 3G4 Lexington 
Burdett Edwin, cop. plate mkr. oG4 Lexington 
Bure Crighton, laborer, 116 St. Peter 
Buro Christopher, laborer, 116 St. Peter 
Bure David, laborer, 116 St Peter 
Bure Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 116 St. Peter 
Bure Richard, laborer, 116 St. Peter 
Burford P. S. clerk, 92 s Sharp 
Burg Carl, teacher, 253 n Eden 
P)urgan John, huckster, 161 Stirling 
Burgan Philip D. huckster, 67 n Spring 
Burgan Thonas, painter, 79 McElderry 
Burgan Mrs. Sarah, 115 n Gay 
Burgee Howard F. plumber, s w cor Mosher 

and Division 
Burgee Howard, clerk, Penna av and Clifton 
Burger Adam, carpenter, 9 Stirling 
Burger Andreas, laborer, 51 s Chapel 
Burger Chas. baker, 30 Leadenhall 
Burger Gotleib, laborer, 33 Fountain 
Burger Christopher H. furn. wagon, 262 

Eastern av 
Burger Christian, laborer, 41 BanTc 
Burger Mrs. Elizabeth, 220 Frederick ar 
Burger Frank J. glassblower, Stockholm, bet 

Eutaw and Russell 

Burger Gustav, gardcuer, 242 Greenmount av 
Burger Henry, dry goods and varieties, 206 s 

Burger John, paperhanger, 313 Mulberry 
Burger John, laborer, 58 s Wolfe 
Burger John, laborer, 23 Port 
Burger Joseph, laborer, 100 Thames 
Burger Joseph, ciibinetmaker, 11 Sterrett 
Burger Mrs. Margaret, 119 William 
Burger Morris, laborer, 33 s Poppleton 
Burger Simon, cabinetmaker, 40 Harrison 
Burger Wm. K. brakesman, 349 Cathedral 
Burgess Amos, 231 n Fremont 
Burgess Barney, huckster, 401 s Eutaw 
Burgess B T. (CW. B. &Sons) 190 e Fayette 
Burgess Benj. patternmaker, 45 s Poppleton 
Burgess Caleb W. jr. bras?finisher, 137 n High 
BURGESS CALEB H.& JOHN, silverplaters, 

rear 143 w Fayette 
Burgess Ctileb H. (C. IL & J. Burgess) 450 

Burgess Chas. R. (Wm. B. & Son) 42 n Re- 
Burgesj C. W. (C. W. B. & Sons) and treas. 

Old Town Savings lust. 162 n Gay 
Burgess C. W. & Sons (C. W., B. T. & S. 0. 

B.) grocers, 166 n Gay 
Burgess Geo. R., clerk, 232 e Fayette 
Burgess Isabella, tailoress, 90 s Gilmor 
Burgess Isaiah P. (Andrews & Co.) 49 St Paul 
Burgess James R. carpenter, 160 Chesnut 
Burgess John (Caleb II. & John B.)13 Rock 
Burgess John II. machinist, 1 Lemmon 
Burgess Laomi, upholsterer, 26 n Liberty 
Burgess Oliver II. patternmkr. 45 s Poppleton 
Burgess Owen B. silver plater, 77 n Poppleton 
Burgesa Saml. 0. (C. W. B. & Sons) 69 Chew 
Burjiess Spencer, stonecutter, 10 n Schroeder 
Burgejs Stephen F. carpenter, 232 e Fayette 
Burgess Theodore H. clerk, 84 n Eden 
Burgess T. H. & Co. (T, II. B.) com. merchs. 

over 152 Pratt st whf 
Burgess T. H. (T. H. B. & Co.) 52 Hill 
Burgesss Thos. labr. cor Mount and McHenry 
Burgess Wm. G. clerk, 26 n Liberty 
Burgess Wm. ( Wm. B. & Son) n w cor Greene 

and Mu'berry 
Burgess Wm. & Son (Wm. B. & C. R. B.) 

merch. tailors, 169 w Lombard 
Burgess Wm.jr.(Colladay &B.)4G5 w Fayette 
Burgess Wui. blacksmith, 470 w Lombard 
Burgess Wm. H. bookkeeper, 209 e .Monument 
Burgess Wm. T. patternmaker, 45 s Poppletoa 
Burgess Capt. Wm. 147 s Bond 
Burgejser II. S., clerk, 206 Franklin 
Burget Geo. butcher, 71 Raborg 
Burgett Fred'k, laborer, 126 Columbia 
Burgett Granville, clerk, 90 n Amity 
Burgett Nimrod, driver, 90 n Amity 
Burgett Nimrod, harnessmaker, 90 n Amity 
Burghard Fred'k, laborer, 80 Somerset 
Burghard Jacob, milk, SO Somerset 
Burghard John, laborer, 80 Somerset 
Burgin Arthur, shipcarp. 76 Johnson 
Burgmann Henry, wheelwright, 108 e Madison 
Burgunder Benj. & Co. (B. Burpunder, D. 

Ambach) wholesale clothiers, 5 Hanover 
Burgunder Benj. (B. B. & Co.) 42 s Sharp 
Burgunder & Greenbaum, (J. B., W. Green- 

baum) clothiers whols. 255 w Baltimore 
Burgunder Henry, bookkeeper, 42 .^ Sharp 
Burgunder Jos.(B. &; Greeubaum) 305 w Pratt 




Burgunder Meyer, salesroan, 55 \v Baltimore 
Burgunder Moses, salesman, 55 w Baltimore 
Burgunder Simon, boots and shoes, 55 w Balto 
BDRGWYN WM. H. S. attorney, 40 St. Paul 
buTj^y W. Corwin, importer, and wholsale 

grocers' artxles, teas, &c. 166 w Baltimore, 

dw 349 n Eutaw 
Burk Christian, tailor, 1 Shakspear 
Burk Cornelius, tavern, 350 s Bond 
Burk Eliza, seamstress, 82 s Caroline 
B'jrk Ezekiel, fire dep't, Harrison nr Fayette 
Burk Henry, stevedore, 267 Aliceanna 
Burk Henry G. laborer, 161 e Lombard 
Burk Jacob, laborer, 168 Eastern av 
Bulk John, boilermaker, 126 a Washington 
Bark John, laborer, 85 York 
Burk John, grocery, Hull nr Nicholson 
Burk John, sbipsmith, 265 Aliceanna 
Burk John J. harness, Forrest nr Low 
Bark John W. engineer, 650 w Pratt 
Burk Justus, blacksmith, 267 Aliceanna 
Burk Michael, laborer, 193 Vine 
Burk Mrs. Sabina, laundress, 218 Raborg 
Burk Tobias, cooper, 11 n Spring 
Burk Thos. bootblack, 318 Kaborg 
BURK WM. flour and feed, 153 a Central av 
Burkamp Francis, 196 Druid Hill av 
Buikard Conrad, laborer, 51 s PiCgester 
Burkart Geo. F. laborer, 11 Port 
Burkardt Lponard, carpenter, 106 West 
Burkardt Michael, laborer, 36 Gist 
Burkart Geo F. machinist, 406 w Fayette 
Burkart Philip, machinist, 406 w Fayette 
Burke And'w J. sergt.police, 262 Greenm'tav 
Burke Dr. AIodzj J. dentist, over 49 w Balto 
Burke Jlrs. Anna B. 238 n Caroline 
Burke Mrs. Alice, tavern, 97 EUiott 
Burke Mrs. Anna, varieties, 354 Mulberry 
Burke Mrs. Anna, varieties, 107 Ilaborg 
Burke Mrs. Catherine, 259 Forre-it 
Burke Dominic, patternmaker, 127 Boyd 
Burke Edward, laborer, 40 Lee 
Burke Eiward A. plumber, 11 Albemarle 
Burke Ella, cloakmaker, 545 w Lombard 
Burke Mrs. Ellen, 126 s Washington 
Burke Ezekiel, plasterer, 127 n Eden 
Burke G<o. B. clerk, 193 Walsh 
Burke Geo. hostler, 1 Orleans 
Burke Geo. H. laborer, 217 Cro?s 
Burke Geo. T. clerk, Brown's hotel 
Burke Henry, beer, 92 Camden 
Burke Henry, paper hanger, 249 s Charles 
Burke James, laborer, 29 Wagon al 
Burke James, laborer, 40 Bennett 
Burke Jacob, 215 Mulberry 
Bui-ke Jacob W. cigarmaker, 165 Preston 
Burke Johu, laborer, 126 s Washington 
Burke John H. clerk, 580 w Pratt 
Burke JohnH.H. feed and liq'rs, 580 w Pratt 
Burke John W. engineer, 650 w Pratt 
Burie Jordan M. teller, 16 n Eutaw 
Burke Jos. F. (B. k Harrison) Gilraor nr Mo- 

Burke Mrs. Margaret, 545 w Lombard 
Burke Mrs. Martha, 545 w Lombard 
Burke Mrs. Mary, 48 n Exeter 
Burke Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, 297 Aisquitb 
Burke Michael, porter, 354 Mulberry 
Burke Michael, laborer, 7 Dover ext 
Burke Michael, tailor, 7 s Front 
Burke IMichacl, laborer, 259 Forrest 
Burke Michael, laborer, 93 York 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



CloveVf Timothy Seed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Burke Nichs. stonecutter, 256 Greenmount av 
Burke Oliver S. constable and collector, 47 n 

Eutaw, dw 215 Mulberry 
Burke Owen, laborer, 7 Jenkins al 
Burke Pa'rick, laborer, 78 Towson 
Burke Patrick H. barkeeper, 167 L Greene 
Burke Mrs. P. A. upholsteress, 74 Park 
Burke R. H , Howard house 
Bvke Richard, laborer, 14 Gould la 
Burke Rich, laborer and groce'y, 13 n Amity 
Burke Richard, tinner, 14 Union al 
Burke Richard, tinner, 14 Holland 
Burke Robert, laborer, 97 Elliott 
Burke Mrs. Sarah, 256 Greenmount av 
Burke Mrs. Sar.ih, 127 n Eden 
Burke St. (M. E.) Chapel, Burke nr Canton av 
Burke Stephen, porter, Front nr Foundry 
Burke Thos. laborer, Cooksie nr Nicholson 
Burke Thomas, painter, 520 w Baltimore, dw 

140 Division 
Burke Thomas, police, 4'1'Penn 
Burke Thomas, bricklayer, 13 Arbel al 
Burke Thomas E. 11 Albemarle 
Burke Tobias, cooper, 11 n Spring 
Burke Walter L. police, 159 Linden av 
Burke Wm. laborer, 135 s Castle 
Burke Wm. mariner, 67 Albemarle 
Burke Wm. fire dep't, 180 Raborg 
Burke Wm. H. cigarmaker, 162 Conway 
Burke Wm. patternmaker, 332 Raborg 
Burke Wm. tinner, 107 Riborg 
Burke Wm. B. coal, 232 Mulberry, dw Chap- 
pell nr Penna av 
Burke Wm. J. laborer, 94 Block 
Burke Wm. R. butcher, 256 Greenmount av 
Burke Wm. T. painter, 141 Division 
Burke Mrs. Winifred, 11 Albemarle 
Burkert Cha?. tailor, 216 n Eden 
Buikert John, machinist, 13 L McElderry 
Burkett Paul, driver, 278 e Pratt 
Burkbard Alfd, (Brown& B ) 488 Lexington 
Barkhard David, cigarmaker, 4 e Monument 
Burkhard Mrs. Minnie, laundress, 13 Baker 
Burkhard Peter, chioaand glass, 211 Easternav 
Burkhardt Fred'k, engineer, 13 s Republican 
Burkhirt Wm. lager beer, 103 n Central av 
Burkheimer Balthaz.xr, baker, 4 n Hiah 
Burkins Jos. Philadelpia rd nr city limits 
B Jrkins Mrs. Elizab. tobacconist, 498 w Lom- 
Burkina Wm. police, 49S w Lombard 
Burkle Jacob, cabinetmaker, 8 Edward 
Burkley Geo. hodcarrier, 49 Bank 
Burkm:in Chas. U. carpenter, 36 Towson 
Burleigh Joseph B. jr. oyster packer. Mount nr 

Burley Henry W. shoemaker, 130 n Caroline 
Burley Isabella, milliner, 27 Stirling 
Burley Mrs. Matilda, millinery, 27 Stirling 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Dealers In 

notions and Fancy Goods, 

Hosiery, Gloves, Small Wares, &c. 


Barman Ernest H. confectioner, 82 n Fremont 
Burman Geo. L. painter, 56 s Republican 
Burman Jeremiah, printer, 5G s Republican 
Bunnaa Mrs. Margaret, dressmaker, 56 s Re- 
Burnipister Frederick, restaurant, 114 Thames 
Burn Ellen A. tailoress, 231 e Chase 
Burn Geo. laborer, 226 Bank 
Burn Hannah E. tailoress, 231 e Chase 
Burn James M. shipcarpenter, 17 Cambridge 
Burn John, laborer, G7 n Amity 
Burn John, porter, 13 Harmony la 
Burn Richard, painter, 59 German 
Burn Robert, shipcarpenter, 226 Bank 
Burn Stephen, laborer, 67 n Amity 
Burn Wm. shipcarpenter, 226 Banlc 
Burnao Mrs. Geo. W., 45 n Calvert 
Burneker Philip, shoemaker, 91 e Lombard 
Burnell Lucas, oyster packer, 226 Bank 
Burnes Chas. H. laborer, 98 Stiles 
Burnes Mrs. Fredericka, 228 s Caroline 
Burccs Wm. laborer, 228 s Caroline 
Burnes AVm. E. bricklayer, 244 Conway 
Burntston Isaac B. bookkeeper, 20 n Strieker 
Burneston Joseph, carpenter, 58 Albemarle 
Burneston Wm. carpenter, 58 Albemarle 
Burnett Almira, cloakmaker, 110 n Exeter 
Burnett August,\vheelwright, 295 n Central av 
Burnett Elijah, (of the Bryant, Stratton & Sad- 
ler college) 126 n Exeter 
Burnett Geo. G. timekeeper, B. & 0. R. R., 

552 Saratoga 
Burnett Geo. H. carpenter, 30 Gough 
Burnett Geo. R. clerk, 382 w Lombard 
Burnett Geo. R. clerk, s wcor Pratt and Greene 
BURNETT HENRY H. agent Duryea's Starch, 

58 Exchange pi, d\v 55 Lexington 
Burnett Mrs. Jane, confectionery, 188 e Balti- 
Burnett Mrs. Jane, 54 n Eden 
Burnett John, laborer, 179 s Wolfe 
Burnett Joseph P. jr. police, 202 Aisquith 
Burnett Michael D. police, 85 n Central av 
Burnett Nelson P.carp'r,cor Dolphin and John. 
Burnett 0. P. com. mercht, 150 w Pratt, dw 

164 s Charles 
Burnett Samuel, (S. Burnett & Co.) Anne 

Arundel co 
Burnett Samuel R. clerk, 382 w Lombard 
Burnett Samuel & Co. (S. Burnett, S. S. Lin- 
thicum) lumber, s w cor Greene and Pratt 
Burnett Saml. R. clerk, Strieker nr Lexington 
Burnett Mrs. Sarah J. seamstress, 57 Granby 
Burnett Sprague, clerk, 202 Aisquiih 
Burnett Washington, clerk, 40 s Regester 
Burnett Mrs. Wni. T., 101 n Republican 
Burnham B. plasterer. Farmer's hotel 
Burnham Capt. Enoch, mariner, 356 eBaltimore 
Burnham Jesse, blacksmith, 15 Chatswoflh 

Burnham John, shoemaker, 159 Forrest 
Burnham John T. blacksmith, 48 u Paca, dw 

15 Chatsworth 
Burnham John F., 189 n Caroline 
Burnham John T. blacksmith, 15 Chatsworth 
Burnham John W. trimmings, &c., 44 Lex- 
ington, dw 356 e Baltimore 
Burnham Joshua, blacksmith, 15 Chatsworth 
Burnham Mrs. Mary E., 229 e Fayette 
Burnham Samuel, painter, 49 n Edea 
Burnhard August, tailor, 7 China 
Burns Alex, moulder, 102 Scott 
Burns Alex, of Custom house, 238 Saratoga 
Burns Allen S. moulder, 102 Scott 
Burns Andrew, carter, 190 s Central av 
Burns Mrs. Ann, grocery, 74 York 
Burns Ann F. 6 Decker 
Burns Bernard, laborer, 8 Foundry 
Burns Bridget, 183 s Caroline 
Burns & Bro. (F. B. & G. B.) blacksmiths, 

182 Columbia 
Burns Catherine, grocery, 50 Davis 
Burns Cecilia, tailoress, 6 Gould ct 
Burns Chas. W. H. glass-stainer, 135 Orleans 
Burns Dennis, laborer, 25 e Monument 
Burns Edward, finisher, 177 William 
Burns Edward, hats and caps, 40 and 42 Cen- 
tre Market space 
Burns Edward, (Creney & B.) 38 Orleans 
Burns Edward, clerk, 85 s Exeter 
Burns Edward, carpenter, 169 Townsend 
Burns Mrs. Elizabeth, seams' ss, 138 Lexingtoa 
Burns Mrs. Ellen, confectionery, 70 Orleans 
Burns Findley H. (Wilson, B. & Co.) 168 w 

Burns Francis, jr. (Wilson, B. & Co.) 168 w 

Burns Francis, sr. 168 w Fayette 
Burns Frank, (B. & Bro.) 194 Columbia 
Burns George, clerk, 128 s Central av 
Burns George W. (B. & Bro.) 140 Scott 
BURNS GEORGE W. boots and shoes, whole- 
sale, 338 w Baltimore, dw 113 n Republican 
Burns Henry, teacher, 50 Davis 
Burns Henry, laborer, 132 Forrest 
Burns Henrj', carpenter, 165 s Ana 
Burns Henry, laborer, 8 L Barclay 
Burns Henry, police, 455 Aisquith 
Burns Hugh, potter, Eden nr Aliceanna 
Burns James, laborer, over 19 Bank 
Burns James, laborer, 94 s Gilmor 
Burns James, oyster packer, 332 n Gay 
Burns John, laborer, 117 Harford av 
Burns John, laborer, 636 w Pratt 
Burns John, laborer, 121 s Castle 
Burns John, barkeeper, 344 Canton av 
Burns John, salesman, 206 s Charles 
Burns John, moulder, 143 s Cflstlc 
Burns John, tailor, 70 Orleans 
Burns John J. mariner, 88 Granby 
Burns John T. 135 Orlears 
Burns .Mrs. Jslia, tailoress, 1 Webb 
Burns Lacke^v, laborer, 64 Durst al 
Burns Lewis, drayman, 108 Townsend 
Burns Lewis H. blacksmith, 508 w Pratt 
Burns Luke, laborer, 529 c Fayette 
Burns -Mrs. Margaret, 6 Decker 
Burns .Mrs. Margaret, seam ;ties3, 475 Franklin 
Burns .Mary, 214 Light 
Burns Martin E. moulder, 1 Webb 
Burns 3Iarlin, laborer, 141 n Front 
Burns Michael, engineer, GO s Oregon 




Burns Jlichael, police, 40 Penn 
Burns Michad, machinist, 54 Jeff;rsoa 
Burns Michael, laborer, 159 West 
Burns Michael, carter, 190 s Bethel 
Burns Michael, laborer, 348 William 
Burns Patrick, drayman, 34 St. Mary 
Burns Patrick, laborer, 114 North 
Burns Patrick, carter, 2 L Church 
Burus Patrick, 210 s Wolfe 
Burns Patrick, tailor, 70 Orleans 
Barns Patrick, laborer, 46 Tyson 
Burns Patrick, moulder, 117 Harford av 
Burns Patrick, laborer, 133 William 
Burus Paul 0. clerk, 283 HoUins 
Burns Peter, drayman, 108 Townsend 
Burns Peter, laborer, 213 Lemmon al 
Burns Robt. b'ak^r. Merchants' hotel 
Burns Robt. blacksmith, 393 w Lombard 
Burns Robt. A. saddle and harnessmaker, rear 

Eutaw house, dw 564 Lexington 
Burns Saml. S. carpenter, 401 s Charles 
Burns Siml. S. oysters, 69 s Oregon, dw 101 

s Charles 
Burns Sarah, l.'iO George 
BURNS, RUSSELL k CO. (Wm. F. B., A. 
H. Kujsell) brick manufs., office 30 Colum- 
bia, yard Washington rd nr Barman's long 
Burns Saml. (B. & Sloan) 133 St. Paul 






^r^ LIGHT ST. T724i5p^ 

Burns Thomas, laborer, 117 a Central ay 
Burns Thomas, hostler, 67 Front n of Foundry 
Burns ThooDas, porter, 130 s Central av 
Burns Thomas, moulder, 8 Neighbor 
Burns Thomas, laborer, 173 s Durham 
Burns Thos. blacksmh, 36 Front n of Foundry 
Burcs Thomas, sbipcarpenter, 103 Hamburg 
Burns Wm. laborer, 117 n Central av 
Burns Wm. brickmaker, 228 s Caroline 
Burns Wm. F. (B., Russell & Co.) 133 St. Paul 
Burns Wm. H. clerk, 291 e Biddle 
Burns W'm. J. carpenter, 43 Gittings 
Burnside Geo. W. conductor, 200 e Pratt 
Burnside James, jr., 200 e Pratt 
Burnside Mrs. Frances, 200 e Pratt 
Burrear Fanny, dressmaker, 49 Tyson 
Burrier Christopher, tinner, n w cor Central 

av and Chase 
Burrier Chas. T. butcher, 247 n Eden 
Burrit-r John, bricklayer, 171 Orleans 
Burrier John R. collarmaker, 171 Orleans 
Burrier Raymond, bricklayer, 247 n Eden 
Burrier Wm. clerk, 171 Orleans 
Burris James H. car driver, 298 Canton av 
Burris James PI. tinner, 113 s Chester 
Burris John, tavern, 7 Centre Market space 
Burriss Annie,- 35 e Eager 
Burrough Carrie, seamstress, 20 Pearl 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement k Piaster. 

BURROUGH BROS. (E. E. k H. Burrough) 

wholesale druggists, 54 and 56 Light 
Burrough E. E. (B. Bros.) 378 w Lombard 
Burrough II. (B. Bros.) 19 Ilollins 
B>;rrough Jacob, lumber, 5 Post Office av, dw 

s \v cor Madison and McMechin 
Burrough Capt. James H. M. 202 e Eager 
Burrough Saml. G. (Willis & B.) s w cor 

Madison av and McMechin 
Burrough Susan, 13 New Church 
Burroughs .Mrs. Mary A. 13 Essex 
Burroughs Silas, laborer, 18 Essex 
Burrows Asa A. clerk, 137 Conway 
Burrows Mrs. Anna, dressmaker, 137 Conway 
Burruss Henry L. paper car'r, 480 w Lombard 
Burruss John L. car driver, 480 w Lombard 
Burruss Wm. plasterer, 480 w Lombard 
Burry Jos. laborer, 123 Scott 
Burt Alfred P. office 43 Second, dw 82 e Bait 
Burt Thomas, bookkeeper, 59 Columbia 
Burto Louisa, boarding, 243 Hamburg 
Burto Reno, shoemaker, 491 w Pratt 
Burton Benedic, cook shop. 83 s Spring 
Burton Chas. junk, cor .Monument and Ais- 

quith, dw 254 e Biddle 
Burton C. C. horses, 238 w Fayette 
Burton Edwin S. dentist, 12 Laurel 
Burton Mrs. Ellen, tailoress, 40 e Eager 
Burton Geo. W. (B. & Irving) York co., Pa 
BURTON k IRVING, (Geo. W. B., Thos. J. 

Irving) gent's furn'g goods, 1C8 w Baltimore 
Burton James, brakesman, 109 Harford av 
Burton John, laborer, 893 w Pratt 
Burton John B. clerk, 159 w Lombard 
Burton John B. salesman, 14 s Gilmor 
Burton Mary F. dressmaker, 54 Prestoa 

BURTON Dr. O. A., Dentist, 17 n 

Burton Owen B. grocer, n w cor Ensor and 

Chesnut, dw 2 Ensor 
Burton Robert, collector, 211 Gforgd 
Burtou Robert, real estate, 109 George 
Burton Robert, clerk, 44 n Broadway 
Button Robert C. clerk, 159 w Lombard 
Burton Robert F. clerk, 44 n Broadway 
Burton Robert 11. conductor, 66 s Sharp 
Burton Thos. C. steam dyer, 121 Lexington 
Burton Capt. Thos. R. 305 e Pratt 
Burton Thos. painter, 326 e Monument 
BURTON THOMAS, proprietor Black Horse 

hotel. 111 n High 
Burton Wm. II. actor, 272 n Gay 
Burx Conrad, baker, 3 s Front 
Busby James, grocery, 90 .Mullikin 
Busby Robert, bakery, 125 e Baltimore 
Busch Bernard, cabiue:miker, 39 e Moaumeot 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Dealers iu 

ITotions and Fancy Goods, 


Hosiery, Gloves, Small Wares, &c. 


Busch Bernard, grocery, liquor, flour and 

feed, 40G Harford av 
Busch Catherine, tobacconist, 62 Short 
BiiSL'h Christopher, cabinetmaker, 62 Short 
Busch George, sawyer, rear 272 s Bond 
Busch George, ropemaker, 235 n Central av 
Busch Gi'O. barkeeper, 281 n Central av 
Busch Geo. "W., Ferry Bar house, dw 494 Light 
Busch Henry, laborer, 6G Towson 
Busch Henry, engineer, Ramsay nr Fremont 
Busch Henry, laborer, 296 Johnson 
Busch Herrjun, hardware, 316 s Bond 
Buich John, sr. 4 Somerset 
Busch John, jr. cigarmaker, 6 Somerset 
Busch John, laborer, 120 Johnson 
Busch John T. laborer, Philad'ard nr East av 
Buich John P. tinner, 250 e Madison 
Busch Julius, engineer, 35 Stiles 
Busch Lawrence, jeweler, 279 n Gay 
Busch Mrs. Mary, grocery, Philadelphia rd nr 

Eiist av 
Buschaud Wm. boxmuker, Wafsche nr Chats- 
Buschman Benj. P. clerk, 220 Lexington 
Butchmau Christian, painter, 16G Mulberry 

Buschman Francis, mer, tailor, 19 n Eutaw, 

dw 128 Barre 
Buschman Fred'k, sugar refiner, 119 William 
Buschman Fred'k, grocery, 317 Hanover 
Buschman Henry, mer. tailor, 301 w Pratt 
Buschman Henry, cigarmaker, 26 n Amity 
Buschman Hermann, (B. & Mohlhenrich) 137 

Buschman, Jno G. M.) merch. tailors, 137 
BUJ^CHMANN E. & CO. (Ernst Buschmann, 
Wm. Ileise) steam sawing and planing 
juills, cor Caroline and Canton av 
Buschmann Ernst, (E. B. & Co.) 334 n Broad- 
Buschmann John, cigarmaker, 64 Essex 
Buschmann Victor, engineer, 45 e Pratt 
Buschmann Victor H. tailors' trimmings, kc, 
2 Hanover, dw 239 w Fayette 

Buser Joseph, shoemaker, 494 w Lombard 
Busey James F. laborer, 510 Light 
Busey Jas. 11. brickmaker, Washington av nr 
toll gate, and Com'r opening streets, 778 w 
Busey James R. jr. 778 w Baltimore 
BU8EY k McCURLEY, (W. M. Busey, I. 

McCurley) attorneys, 71 vv Fayette 
Busey Norval, photographer, 84 n Greene 
Busey Sarah N. 84 n Greene 
Busey Thomas H. jr. U. S. guager, 11 Com- 
merce, dw 84 n Greene 
Busey Wm. iM. (B. & JlcCurley) 245 n Fre- 
Bush Abraham, laborer, 440 Light 
Bush Abraham, sr. 463 Light 
Bush Albert H. sailmaker, 264 e Lombard 
Bush Elijah, puddler, Alicennna nr Essex 
Bush Geo. L. cigarm*iker, 90 Loadenhall 
Bush Goo. II. J car driver, 268 e Lombard 
Bush Geo. W. bricklayer, 163 n Spring 
Hush Henry, stonemason, 102 St. Peter 
Bush Jno. tailor, 44 n Chapel 
Bush Jno. laborer, 16 Sterrett 
Bush Jno. F. cigarmaker, 47 Warren 
•Bush Mrs. Louisa, grocery, 11 Cuba 
Bush Peter, laborer. 393 s Eutaw 
Bush Peter, agent, 551 w Baltimore 
Bush Philip, milk, 545 Saratoga 
Bush Mrs. Rosa C. 168 n String 
Bush Stephen C. 330 Saratoga 
Bush Wni. cooper, rear 321 s Bond 
Bushey T. F. {Roelkey k B.) Miller's hotel 
Bushman Hannah, hairdresser, 75 n Charles 
Bushman John, carpenter, 236 Saratoga 
Bu^ick Geo. \V. painter, 10 Thomsea 
Busick James H. police, 217 n Eden 
Busick Joshua W. halter, 26 Stirling 
Busick Levin, bootfitter, 159 n Central av 
Busk Adam, laborer, 416 Canton av 
Busk J. A. (B. & Uhthoff ) 39 n Carey- 
Busk & I'hthoff, (Jerome S. Busk, F. A. C. 
Uhthoff ) hydraulic cotton press, 145 Mc- 
Elderry's whf. 
Busk J. S. 39 n Carey 
Busk Mrs. Thos. M. 21 n Broadway 
Buskey Ann, confectionery, 108 Thames 
Busky John, i-estaurant, 346 s Broadway 
Bussa Bernard, boilermaker, 142 n Front 
Bussard JIarshall L. engineer, 10 Lemmou 
Bussard Oscar S. machinist, 10 Leuimoa 
Busse Andrew, shoemaker, 177 s Sharp " 
Busse Bern, boilermk'r, 142 Front n of Foundry 
Busse Chas. musician, 317 n Central a v 
Ikuse John V. butter, 234 s Broadway 
Bussman Anna, 240 s Charles 
BUTCHER ALEXANDER, dining and re- 
freshment saloon, 160 w Baltimore, dw 15 
Butcher Mrs. Caroline, 191 s Washington 
Butcher Mrs. Catherine, 109 Goucrh 
Butcher Wm. shoemaker, .900 vv Pratt 
Butchers' Hide and Tallow Ass'n, No. 1, 8 w 

cor Buren and Fall 
Butchers' Hide and Tallow Ass'n, No. Z, 28 

Butler Abraham, machinist, 792 w Baltimore 
Butler Albert, teamster, 1G8 Cooksie 
Butler B. W. 326 Franklin 
Butler Bettie F. boarding, 94 Camden 
Butler (Jathcrine, 47 n Poppleton 
Butler Mrs. Catherine, 140 3 Sliarp 




Butler Mrs. Courtney A. 289 Lanvale 
BUTLER ELIJAH, merc't tailor, 53 Hanover 
Butler Mrs. Fanny, o2 e Pratt 
Butler Fred'k, canmaker, 14 s Cha'el 
Butler James, carpenter, 100 Columbia 
Butler James J. (O'Brien & B.) 150 n Front 
Butler Dr. James PI. 144 .Mulberry 
Butler John, butchf r, s e cor Fayette and Eden 
Butler John, laborer, 89 s Chester 
BUTLER JNO. J. lumber, 25 s Eden, dw Pratt 

nr Gist 
Butler John, candymaker, 168 Lee 
Butler Jno. jr. bookkeeper. Gen. Wayne hotel 
Butler John, laborer, 29 Lemmoa 
Butler John, cooper, 130 Cross 
Butler John, porter, 83 n Dallas 
Butler John, drayman, G3 a Caroline 
But'er John T. carpenter, 130 Cross 
Butler John W. (B. & Perrigo) 56 Conway 
Bat'er Jo_-eph, laborer, 181 s Regester 
Butler Joseph F. 42 n Paca 
Butler Jos. stonemason, 116 Greenmount av 
Butler Jos. S. (Stanton & B.) 79 St. Paul 
Butler Kate, 138 Raborg 
Butler Louis, laborer, 229 s Bond 
Butler Mis. Lyndia, provisions, Philadelphia 

rd nr Loney's la 
Butler Mrs. Marj^aret, 47 n Poppletoa 
Butler Martin, nightman, 50 Orleans 
Butler .Martin, laborer, 60 Philpot 
Butler .Martin, porter, 63 s Caroline 
Butler Mrs. M iry A. tailoress, 183 n Paca 
Butler .Mary A. milliner, 4 s Poppleloa 
Butler -Michael, beer, 229 s Bond 
Butler .Moses, driver, 22 .Marion 
Butler Ormand, engineer, 216 Lee 
Butler Patrick, 100 Goodman al 
Butler Patrick J. porter, 125 William 
Butler Patrick, drayman, 63 a Caroline 
Butler Peter, restaurant, 297 North 


Butler, J. L. Perrigo,) Looking 
Glasses, Gilt Portrait Frames, 
&c., Engravings, Paintings, and 
Works of Art generally. Gallery- 
open free, n w cor Charles and 

Butler Richard, engineer, 52 s Poppleton 
Butler Saml. (Stanton & B.) 79 St. Paul 
Butler Capt. Sprague J. 90 n Bond 
Butler Stephen, machinist, 964 w Baltimore 
Butler Thomas boot and shoemaker, s e cor 

Penna av and Townsend 
Butler Thos.C. s w cor Cathedral and Howard 
Butler Tho3. E. printer, Gen'l Wayne hotel 
Butler Thomas N. engraver, 46 n Holliday, 

dw York rd 
Butler Thos. confectionery, n e cor Camden 

and Eutaw 
Buiier Mrs. Winifred, 125 William 
Butler Wm. A. clerk, 315 w Baltimore 
Butler Wm. T. iron moulder, 142 West 
Butler Wm. T. police, 161 William 
Bntier Wm. J. blacksmith, Philadelphia rd 

nr Loney's la 
]&utsch?r Andreas, cigarmaker, 123 s Bond 
Buts'jhky Henry, laborer, 222 Eastern av 




Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c» 

Rossndale Cement k Plaster. 

Butschky John, grocery, 115 Eastern av 
Butt Jno. H. merch. tailor, 334 n Gay 
Butt .Mrs. Margaret, 122 Saratoga 
Butt Mary A. 241 Mulberry 
Butt Mrs. Mary, 241 Mulberry 
Butt Mrs. .Maria, 241 Mulberry 
Butta Catherine, 151 Canton av 
Butteoboehmer Bernhard, cigarmaker, 176 

Buttenbohne August, carp'r, 290 n Central av 
Buttenbone Wm. carpenter, 270 n Central av 
Butterhoff Peter, laborer, 86 Somerset 
Butterwes; Anton, wheelwrgt, 17 Callendar al 
Battner Leonard, shoemaker, 248 s Ann 
Buttner Michael, tailor, 5 New 
Butts Wm. huckster. 425 Penna av 
Butts .Mrs. Wilson D. bnardin'^, 26 w Fayette 
Butz Andrew, cooper, 35 Elizabeth la 
Bu'z Geo peddler, Chappell nr Liberty rd 
Butz John, shoemaker, 35 Elizabeth la 
Butz John, shoemaker, 379 n Gay' 
Butz John, laborer, 9 Smith al 
Butz John, laborer, rear 300 Alireanna 
Butz John, shoemaker, 107 Henrietta 
Butzler Chas. clerk, 67 Chew 
Bulzler John, grocery, 67 Chew 
Button Jacob R. laborer, 227 e Lombard 
Buvinger & Bertrand, (G. B., J. J. Bertrandj 

jr ) tinners, 91 w Fayette 
Buvinger Geo. (B. & Bertrand) 138 Pine 
Buxbaum Jacob, umbrellamkr, 20 n Poppleton 
BUZBY DAVID T. & C0.( D. T.& J. F.Buzby) 

gen. com. merchs. 6 Exchange pi 
Buzby David T. (D. T. Buzby & Co.) s w cor 

Eager and St. Paul 
Buzby J. Frank, (D. T. B. & Co.) Eutaw house 
Buzby John .M. canmaker, 200 n Broadway 
Buzby Wm. N. expressman, 341 e Monument 
Buzmann Chas. carpenter. 264 s Bond 
Byce Abriham, shoemaker, 813 w Baltimore 
Ever August, cigarmaker, 257 Henrietta 
Byer Fred, harnessraaker, 358 Light 
Byer Fred, cabinetmaker, 258 s Eutaw 
Byer Daniel, brickraaker, 353 Light 
Byer Lewis, brickraaker, Clement nr William 
Byerly John L. salesman, 45 Stiles 
Bverly John L. cl^^rk, T/l n Sdiroeder 
Byerring Prof. X. L. music teacher, 320 w 

Byers John, tailor, 23 Mullfki-n 
Byrd Colraore E. blacksmith, 141 a Paca 
Byrd Geo. 11. (Wyman, B. & Co.) New York 
Byrd Mrs. E. R. 246 n Eutaw 
Byrd Dr. Harvey L. prof, obstetrics in Wash- 

inKton University, 42 McCulloh 
Byrd James S. carpenter, 9 .Mullikin 
Byrd John W. C. wood. Light st. whf, dw 33 

Byrd Jas. E. freight agent, 141 s Paca 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importerg and Dealers in 

Notions and Fancy Goods, 


Hosiery, Gloves, Small Wares, &c. 


Byrd Oden, (Byrd & Robinson) 182 Hanover 
Byrd & Robinson, (0. B., J. S. Robinson) 

house carpenters, Hughes nr Light 
Byrd Sylvester, carpenter, 33 Warren 
Byrn Win. H. of Custom house, 291 w Biddle 
Byrn Wm. jr. clerk, 7G n Front 
Byrn Wm. M. clerl<, 7G n Front 
Byrn Wm. T. (G. W. Orem & Co.) 20 Warren 
Byrne Andrew, wagoner, 83 Hampstead 
Byrne Andrew, laborer, 596 Light 
Byrne Mrs. Ann, 11 Arbel al 
Byrne Anna, dressmaker, 384 e Eager 
Byrne Andrew J. carpenter, 212 w Pratt 
Byrne Annie L. dressmaker, 212 Saratoga 
Byrne Bridget, variety store, 384 w Eager 
Byrne Chag. 120 s Wolfe 
Byrne C. Lee, bookkeeper, G3 s Washington 
Byrne Mrs. Caroline M. 88 Druid Hill ar 
Byrne Daniel, carpenter, 247 n Gay 
Byrne Dennis, laborer, 99 Granby 
Byrne Eliza, dressmaker, 384 w Eager 
Byrne Ellen, dressmaker, 54 Jefferson 
Byrne Henry, moulder, 173 e Pratt 
Byrne Henry F. inspec. C. H. 63 s Washington 
Byrne James J. bookkeeper, 247 a Gay- 
Byrne James H. carpenter, 120 s Wolfe 
Byrne James M. cabinetmaker, 63 n Front 
''*^yrne James P. cabinetmaker, 63 n Front 
Byrne John, salesman, 9G Hill 
Byrne Johanna M. laundry, over 2 Wine al, 

"dw 70 President 
'Byrne John B. ( Willson & B.) 49 George 
Byrne Joseph, shoemaker, 12 Mercer 
Byrne J< s. F. undertaker, 59 n Liberty 
Byrne Joseph K. laborer, 120 s Wolfe 
Byrne Joseph, wagoner, 87 s Spring 
Byrne Lawrence, clerk, 113 e Eager 
Byrne Mrs. Mary, hats, 212 w Pratt 
Byrne Mrs. Margaret T. 78 Greenmount av 
Byrne Mrs. Mary, trimmings, 247 n Gay 
Byrne Mrs. Mary, 96 Hill 
Byrne Michael, police, 407 w Pratt 
Byrne Mirhael, machinist, 54 Jeff.-rson 
Byrne & Myers, (T. F. Byrne, jr., J. B. Myers) 

"groceis, 232 Franklin 
Byrne Owen, 120 s Wolfe 
Byrne Patrick, laborer, 39 s Stockton al 
liyrne Patrick, police, 330 Mulberry 
Byrne Ilich'd V. perfumer, 78 Greenmount av 
Byrne Robert P. tobacconist, 88 Druid Hillav 
Byrne Saml. E. bookkeeper, 88 Druid Hill av 
Byrne Terrencc, carpenter, 120 9 Wolfa 
Byrne Thomis F. cari)eater, 373 Lexington 
P.yrne Thos. F.jr. (B. & .Myers) 373 Lexington 
Byrne Thomas, l)oilermaker, 96 Hill 
Byrne Thomas V. clerk, 247 n Gay 
^Jyrne Wm. Caroline nr Chase 
Byrne Wm. H. builder, s e cor McMecbin acd 

Byrne Wm. H. bookkeeper, lg9Ai£quith 

Byrne Wm. H. salesman, 54 Sharp 

Byrnes Edward, printer, 11 Jackson 

Byrnes James, laborer, 10 Front n of Foundry 

Byrnes John, laborer, 78 s Dallas 

Byrnes John, clerk, 43 Light 

Byrnes Joseph, gilder and picture frame maker, 

75 n Calvert, dw 353 e Eager 
I?yrnes Lawrence, clerk, 47 South 
Byrnes Martin, laborer, 555 Saratoga 
Byrnes Mrs. Mary A. 26 n Frederick 
Byrnes Thomas J. collar maker, cor Webster 

and Arbel al 
Byrnes Walter, peddler, 13 s Washington 
Byrnes Wm. T. coachmaker, 470 Franklin 
Byron James H. carter, 68 Ramsay 
Byron Wm. W. carter, 68 Ramsay 
Byus John W. engineer, 159 Hughes 
By us Joseph H. broker, 123 s Sharp 
Byus Mrs. Valeria, 253 w fayetie 


Cabadore Frelerick, laborer, 27 York 
CABALEIRO & CO. (Joaquin Cabaleiro & 

Serafin Bclio) cigars, jellies, &c, 13 n Eutaw 
Cabaleiro Joaquin, ( Cabaleiro & Co.) 26 Pearl 
C.^bbule Annie JL dressmaker, 244 s Bond 
Cable Dominic, laborer, 200 s Bethel 
Cable Gforge S. plasterer, 209 e Madison 
Cabrera Ignatius R. 369 w Lombard 
Cacon F. laborer, 123 s Ann 
Cad'len John, laborer, 139 Hudson 
Cadden Michael, laborer, 51 Haubert 
Caddeu Patrick, laborer, 3S6 William 
C .dden Robert, laborer, Hudson alnr Federal 
Caddy Mrs. Charlotte. 80 Peirce 
Cade Chas. W. mariner, 144 s Ann 
Cade Capt. Nelson, mariner, 144 s Ann 
Cadell Charles, laborer, 33 Cambridge 
Cidcll James H. huckster, 115 n Paca 
Cadell Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 6 Millcnry 
Cadell Samuel H. watchman, 162 Gough 
Cademore Mrs. Louisa, tailoress, 171 s Ann 
Cadogan Matthew, cabinetm'r, 186 Lexington 
Cadow & Hook, (Jas. E. C, E. F. Hook, jr.) 

groceries aad produce, 22 Penna av 
Crdow James E. (C. & Hook) 348 w Fayette 
Cadwallader Abraham G. letter carrier, 173 

n Fremont 
Cadwallader Harrison C. letter carrier, 273 

Cadwallader Louisa, 26 s Reges'er 
Cadwallader Lewis W. serg't police, 14 Brune 
Cadwell Ilenrv A confectioner, 174 Pearl 
Cady k FnsscV, (G. N. Cady, C. M. Frissell) 

provisions, 31 e Fayette 
Crdy G. N. (C. & Fr ssell) 307 e Eager 
Cadv Louisa S. 5 Rechabite hall 
Cady Mrs. Mary, laundress, 211 Vine 
Cady Thomas, carpenter, 140 V^ine 
Caesar George, clerk, 63 Boston 
GafTrey John, wagoner, 75 Front n of Foundry 
Ciiffrey Pat'k, wagoner, 79 Front n of Foundry 
('atfrey I'atrick, engineer, 57 Portland 
CallVey Thomas, porter, 57 Portland 
Callerty Thoma?, shoemaker, 95 n Central av 
Cahill Mrs. Catherine, 150 West 
CaliiU Daniel, laborer, 104 s Dallas 
Cahill Kdujuud, laborer, 5 Uhick al 
Cahill Frederick J. ins. agent, 150 West 
Cahill John, (J. Clark & Co.) 118 n Broadway 




Cahill Martin, engineer, 170 McHenry 
CahiU Patric-k, lumber, Cathedral nr Chase, 

dw 105 Cathedral 
Cabin Pearce, liquors, 6 Cuba 
Cahill Mrs. Sarah, teacher, 103 Hanover 
Cahill Timothy, laborer, 6 Cuba 
Cahler Jncob, cigarmalief, 198 w Fayette 
CAHN, BELT & CO. (Bern. Cahn, E. X. Belt) 

wholesale liquor dealers, 32 w Lombard 
Cahn Bernard (C, Belt & Co.) 102 n Eutaw 
Cahn Felix peddler, 8 s Pine 
Cain Geo. W. cigarmake-, 65 Boyd 
Cain James T. carter, 63 Orleans 
Cain John, laborer, 103 Peach al 
Cain John, sr. carter, 32 St. Peter 
Cain John, jr., 32 St. Peter 
Cain John, laborer, 14 Stilus 
Cain John, laborer, 147 Albftnarle 
Cain John W. carter, St. Peter nr Paca 
Cain Matthew, drajman, 14 Stiles 
Cain Michael, laborer, 302 Cross 
Cain Mrs Sarah, 54 W;.lsh 
Cain Wm. F. painter, 34 St. Peter 
Cain Wm. H. carter, 65 Boyii 
Caine Joseph, carpedter, 504 Penca av 
Cairns James, (Ellis & C.) 14 3 Gay 
Calder Edward, machinist, 34 n Washington 
Calder John, machinist, 108 s Ann j 

Calder Robt.A.paperhanger,108s Washington 
Calder Wm., 34 n Washington | 

Caldwell Alonzo,(A.C.& Co. )909 w Baltimore 
CALDWELL A. & CO. (A. Caldwell) apothe- 
cary, n e cor Baltimore and Calhoun 
Caldwell Andrew P. bookkeeper, cor Biddle 

and Eden 
Caldwell Mrs. Cori A., Central av nr Biddle 
Caldwell Dacicl, dyer, 54 Front n of Foundry 
Caldwell Elijah, milkman, 20 Druid Hill av 
Caldwell Ela, 79 n Paca 
Caldwell Geo. haypacker, 96 e Eager 
Caldwell Oilman, carpenter, 54 Front n of 

Caldwell James A., Central av nr Biddle 
Ca'dwell Mrs. Jane, 401 Siratoga 
Caldwell John, clerk, 102 Pearl 
Caldwell John A. clerk, 151 Park 
Caldwell John C. blockmaker, 157 e Pratt 
Caldwell John C. jr., 157 e Pratt 
Caldwell John S. clerkj Central av nr Biddle 
Caldwell Martin, carpenter, 631 Light 
Caldwell Saml. E.cig"armaker,122 n Poppleton 
Caldwell Mrs. Sarah, 76 n Howard 
Caldwell Wm.M(Baily,C.& Co. )1 92 Mulberry 
Caldwell Wm. M. clerk, 157 e Pratt 
Caldwell Wm. Q. jr. architect, 85 w Fayet'.e, 

dw Central av nr Biddle 
Calf Adam, laborer, 336 s Bond 
Calfkin Jacob, tinner, 67 Somerset 
Call Ann, 21 Hammond al 
Callahan Arthur, slipper maker, 68 e Fayette 
Callahan Mrs. Anne, laundress, 189 Dover 
Callahan Mrs. Bridget, grocery, 61 Mulberry 
Callahan Daniel, laborer, 6 Carlton 
Callahan Daniel, huckster, 77 n Spring 
Callahan Dennis, livery stable, 10 Swan, dw 

19 Centre Market space 
Callahan Edward, laborer, 22 Addison 
Callahan Edward, laborer, 10 Wi'liamson al 
Callahan Mrs. Elizabeth, 215 Raborg 
Callahan James, grocery, 51 Tyson 
Callahan James, laborer, 65 Elliott 
Callahan John, laborer, 32 Addison 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &:c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, dc, 

Rosendale Cement (Si Plaster. 

Callahan John, horseshoer, 61 Mulberry 
Callahan John T. mariner, 92 Battery av 
Callahan Mrs. Maria, 129 s E.xeler 
Callahan Mrs. Mary, 18 Slemmer al 
Callahan Mrs. Mary, 201 Lexington 
Callahan Mrs. Mary, rear 176 tast 
Callahan Michael, labor^-r, Mt. Royal hill 
C«llahan Michael, laborer, 15 Temple 
Callahan Patrick, laborer, 19 Concord 
Callahan Patrick, laborer, 216 Raborg 
Callahan Philip, laborer, 215 Cross 
Callahan Richard, carver, 72 Block 
Callahan Thos. laborer, 18 Slemmer al 
Callahan Thos. laborer, 117 West 
Callahan Timothy, (T.C & Co.) 73 Albemarle 
CjI ahanT. & Co. (T.Callahan, Martin Quinn,) 

oyster packers, loot of Mill 
Callahan Timothy, plasterer, 146 Greenm'tav 
Callahan Wm. hostler, 189 Dover 
Callan Andrew, laborer, 6 e Monument 
Callan Andrew, laborer, 20 Rose 
Callan Mrs. Ann, 203 s Chester 
Callan Bernard, 5 Webster al 
Callan Bernard, cashier,. 203 s Chester 
Callan Catherine, grocery, 74 Lewis 
Callan Francis, jr. laborer, 175 s Chester 
Callan Mrs. Julia, 175 s Chester 
CALLAN OWEN, grocery and liquor, 12 

Callan Peter, charcoal, Clinton, Canton, dw 

175 s Chester 
Callan Thos. laborer, 74 Lewis 
Callaway Rev. Chas. M. ne cor Oregon and 

Callaway Cbas. L. salesman, n e cor Oregon 

and Mosher 
Callen Peter, laborer, 16 Neighbor 
Callenberger Amos, helper, 100 Hudson 
Callenberger Philip, laborer, 100 Hudson 
Callenberger Wm. puddler, 100 Hudson 
Callenberger Wm. U. puddler, 155 Elliott 
Callender Geo. plasterer, 25 Thomsen 
Callemler Henry, huckster, 8 Williamson al 
Callender John, laborer, 487 e Baltimore 
Callender Mary E. teacher, 100 Aisquiih 
Callender Wm. tr. plasterer, 100 Aisquiih 
Callender Wm. jr. plasterer, 100 Aisquiih 
Calligan Dennis, laborer, Foster al nr Hoffman 
Callis Geo. H. carpenter, 1 Irvin pi 
Callis Geo. R. builder, 139 n Broadway 
Callis Jas. H. coal yard, 226 e Baltimore, dw 

1 Irvin pi 
Callow Wm. jr. 214 w Lombard 
Calvert Assembly Rooms, cor Calvert and 

Saratoga, W. A. Danskin, proji'r 
Calvert Benj. F. carpenter, 396 n Gay 
Calvert C. (J. corresponding clerk, 42 s Eutaw 
Calvert Hall, St. Joseph's Academy, 79 Sara- 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Dealers in 

Motions and Fancy Goods, 

Hosiei'y, Gloves, Small "Wares, fcc. 


Ciilvert House, Prtt'k Preston, prop'r, s e cor 

U ilvert and Pleasant 
Calvert Iron and Nail Works Co. s w cor Bal- 
Umore and Calvert, factory Fort av, Lo- 
cust Point 
Calvtrt John B. stonecutter, 105 Columbia 
Calvei I John G. granite yard, cor Hamburg 

and Uhio av, dw 33 Scolt 
Calvert Joseph B. stonecutter, 33 Fcott 
Calvei t Matt, clerk, 236 w Balliuiore 
CALVKUT STATION, Northern Central Rail- 
way, n e cor Franklin and Calvert 
Calvert Sieam Sugar Refining Co. Stirling & 

Ahreus, agts, Block nr Drawbiidjie 
Caivert \Vm. T. machinist, 39G u Gay 
Calwell Chas. 11. cKrk, G5 n Greene 
Calwell Chas. E. conductor, 172 3 Broadway 
Calwell Chas. clerk, 104 n Greene 
Caiwell James II. mariner, 3 w Baltimore 
Cilwell John K. salesinan, 024 w Fayetie 
CaUvell J. Vii^inia, teacher. 104 n Greene 
Calv.ell L. B. (Slom k C ) Baliiniore co 
Calvvill Mrs. Niary, millinery, 3 w Baltimore 
Calwell .Mrs. Uose, 104 n Greens 
Cauiiilier Gto. P. M. (Guild k C. ) 32 Columbia 
CAMDKN STATION, B. & O. R R. fronting 

Howard, Camden, Eutaw and Lee 
Camejo Augustiu, 1 00 n Bread way 
Camela Antonia, fruit, 41 Marion 
Cameron ilrs. Ann, 195 Mulberry 
Cameron August, tailor, 40 s Republican 
Cameron Mrs. Cath rine, 89 Jeffetaon 
Cameron Chas. C. 224 Walsh 
Cameron Dun. W. bookkeeper, 195 Mulberry 
Cameron Donald, 80 Jefferson 
Cameron John D. president N. C. R , Calvert 

Station, dw Harrisburg 
Cameron John M. 1 ookkeeper, 419 Lexington 
Camp James L. bookkei per, 126 s Puca 
C mpbell Andrew T. laborer, Grceumount av 

nr Point la 
Campbell Angeline, 25 ti High 
Campbell Mrs. Ann, 12G Saratoga 
Campbell Mrs. Ann E. milliner, 131 3 Ann 
Campbell Benj. F. carpenter, 435 Saratoga 
Campbell Bernard, locksmith, IIG n Eutaw, 

dw 150 Pnston 
Campbell Bernard, jr. police, 5 Pleasant 
Cami)bc'll]ierriard, locksmith, 255 Forrest 
Campbell Bernard, laborer, 17 Arbel al 
Campbell Mrs. Catherine, 199 Lemmon 
Campbell Chas. gardener, 17 s Fremont 
Camjibell Chas. W. coachsmith, 1G2 German 
Canipbell Chas. E. clerk, 182 Lee 
Campbell Chas. finisher, 443 w Lombard 
Campbell Colin, stonecutter. Farmers' hotel 
Campbell Edw. marble polisher, 31 \v Lombard 
Campbell Elizabeth, seamstress, 17G 8 Eden 
Campbell Geo. A. clerk, 39 Lee 

Campbell Geo. L. police, Belair av e of Broad- 
Campbell Geo W. c'erk, 27 s Oregon 
Campb'dl Geo. W. 53 Aibeiuarle 
Campbell Henry, laborer, 191 Preston 
Campbell Henry, laborer, 150 Presion 
Campbell Hugh, stonecutter. Farmers' hotel 
Campbell Hu;:h E. laborer, over T] Bank 
Campbell Jas. huckster, over G8 Centre Mkt sp 
Campbell James, laborer, 188 L Ccnstilutioa 
Campbell, car driver, 577 Penna av 
Campbell James E. police, 147 Chesapeake 
Campbell John A. 1G9 St. Paul 
Campbell John, shoemaker, 12 n Poppleton 
Campbell John, exp. agt. Broadway nr Chew 
Campbell John, 14.s Bond 
Campbell John, machinist, 232 George 
Campbell John, brassworker, 37 Centre Mktsp 
Campbell John, laborer, 45 s Burke 
Campbell John H. laborer, 122 L Greene 
Campbell John, painter, 53 n E.xeter 
Campbell John, bilverplater, 37 Centre Mkt sp 
Cam()bell John IJ. ropemaker, 75 McHenry 
Campbell John J. grocery, 27 s Oregon 
Campbell Jno. S. foUeclion clerk, 17 s Fremont 
Ciimpbell Jno. W. painter, G4 front u of 

Campbell "John W. 1 Miller 
Campbell Mrs. Margaret, 133 Gough 
Campliell .Mrs. Margaret, con'ec'y, 59 Orleans 
Campbell Mrs. Mary A. 251 n Caroline 
Campbell Michael, laborer, 31 e Monument 
Campbell Nelson, clerk, 27 s Oregon 
Campbell N. P. president Merchants and Me- 
chanics F. I. Co. 44 Second, dw 50 Bolton 
Campbell Patrick, laborer, 298 e Monument 
Campliell Palriek, mariner, 208 Bank 
Campbell Peter, burrstone maker, 113 Har- 
ford av 
jr. N. A. Ramsburg) coal, 95 w Lombard 
Campbell Mrs. Piebecca. 57 Lee 
Campbell Mrs. Rebecca, 34 n Front 
Campbell R. B. T. attorney, 29 Lexington, 

dw 104 w Monument 
Campbell Robert, cooper, 18 Warren 
Campbell Robert, jr. (C. & Ramsburg) 199 

w Fayette 
Campbell Robert, 175 n Howard 
Campbell Rob' t R. brassfinisher, 31 2 n Caroline 
Ciinipbell Rob't, carpenter, 133 Gough 
CAMPBELL ROSS & CO. (R. Campbell) 
whole, dry goodscom. merch'ts, 24 Hanover 
Campbell Ross (R. C. k Co.) Baltimore co 
Campbell Sniii'l, carpenter, 74 n Pine 
Cam[)bell Sarah, 8 Hammond al 
Campbell Mrs. Sophia, 80 Read 
Campbell Tlios. carter, 19 Abbot 
Campbell Tlios. tinner, 188 L Constitution 
Campbell Thos. laborer, 30 Liberty al 
Cam|ibell Tlios. A. clerk, 39 Lee 
Campbell Thos. laborer, 2G7 Forrest 
Campbell Tho?. M. cardriver, 178 Prerton 
Campbell Thos. W. deputy clerk Crim. Ct. 

39 Leo 
Campbell Wm. chairmaker, 173 Preston 
(Iiunpbell U'm. shoemaker G8G w Pratt 
Campbell W. II. shoemaker, 37 a Carey, dw 

21G Columbia 
Campbell Wm. carriage trimmer, 577 Penna av 
Campbell Wm. 108 McCulloh 
Campbell AYm. H. 53 Albemarle 




Campb?!! Win. L. carFcater 284 Penna av 
Campbellite Baptist Church, n w cor Etting 

and Dolphin 
Camp°n Elias, (Sinsheimer, Plack & Co.) 110 

s \VaihiQgtoa 
Campea John, groceries and tin can manufac- 
turer, 264 and 266 Light 
Camper Martin, 49 s Ana 
Camper Mrs. Matilda, 150 s Caroline 
Camper Margaret, 25 Orleans 
C->mpT Mrs. JIary, miilinerj*, 92 Park 
Camper Napoleon, planemaker, over 21 Mercer, 

dw 92 Park 
Campweil Jno. laborer, s Payson nr Lombard 
Canavan Jame^, marbleworker, 143 Walsh 
Canavaa Patrick, gasfittcr, 59 Centre Mkt sp 
Can;irF Philip, tailor, 203 s Chapel 
CANBY, GILPIN & CO. (W. C, B. Gilpin) 
wholt'. drug's, n w cor L^ghtand Lombard 
Canbj Louisa, 203 e Lombard 
Citnby S imuel, (Wri<:ht & C.) 89 McCulloh 
Canby Thos. E. watchman (J. H. 45 Green- 

moi;nt av- 
CANDY THOMAS Y. pres't Washington Fire 
Insurance Co. and Third National Bank, 38 
Second, dw 163 Dolphin & Sayres, (W. J. Canby, H. M. Say- 
res) tiimminas, <fcc 3 Post Office av 
Canby Wm. (C., Gilpin & Co.") Mt. Washing- 
ton, Baltimore co 
Cantiy Yv'. J. (C. & Sayres) 3 Post Offi:e av 
Cancio Pablo, 100 n Broadway 
Candiilian Brother, 79 Saratoga 
Cane Mrs. Bfde'ea, j.initress, 14 Stiks 
Cane John, blacksmith, 108 German 
Cane John, wagoner, 14 Stiies 
Cane Matthew, wagoner, 14 Stiles 
Cane Patrick, laborer, 65 n Spring. 
Cane & Spedden, brickaakers, Washington av 

(I. C. Canlield, W. B. Canfield.T. 
Welsh, J. R. Armiger) Watches, 
Jewelry, Silver and Plated Ware, 
Rich Fancy Goods and Cutlery, 
Wholesale and Retail, 229 w Bal- 
timore St. 

Canfield Ira C. (C, Bro. & Co.) 95 St. Paul 
Canfield Ira C. jr., clerk, 95 St. Paul 
Cantield J. B. marblfturner, 93 s Broadway 
Canfield L. S. agt. Continental Life Ins. Co., 

42 Second 
Canfield Wm. B. (C, Bro. & Co.) 246 n Charles 
Cann Benj. B. bookiieeper, 115 Lee 
Cann Benj. B, clerk, 97 Lee 
Cmn Edward R. painter, 355 s Charles 
Cann Geo. H. carpenter, 17 Concord, dw 132 

s Central av 
Cann James, fruit packer, 236 Hanover 
Cann James R. printer, 169 s Sharp 
Cannoles Chas. coachsmith, 154 e Madison 
Cannoles Chas. furn. wagon, 223 Preston 
Cannoles E-nest, bo.x'maker, 210 s Fremont 
Cannoles Oliver, cardriver, 194 Preston 
Cannon Bartlae A. (Ryan & Uicketts) 314 

Cannon Duncan B. (J. B. C. & Co.) Saratoga 

nr St. Paul 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, TiniotJuj Seed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster, 

Cannon Chas. W. 112 w Fa.vette 
Cannon Elizabeth B. 219 Light 
Cannon Capt. James, 13i s lligh 
Cannon J. B. (J. B. C. & Co.) 11 n Liberty 

CANNON J. B. & CO. (J. B. Can- 
non, J. C. MeConkey, Duncan B. 
Cannon) General Auctioneers & 
Commission Merchants, Nos. 11 
and 13 North Liberty Street. 

Cannon J. II. tlubrooins, Z\ St. Paul, dw 134 

n High 
Cannon James, blacksmith, 528 w Lombard 
Cannon James H. clerk, 235 w Eager 
Caonon James H. clerk, 107 s Exeter 
Crtonon Mrs. Levisie, 219 Light 
Cannon Mrs. Louisa, 35 w Eager 
Cannon Mary A. 11 Comet 
Cannon Thos. telegraph repairer, 90 Columbia 
Cannon Patrick, laborer, 523 w Lombard 
Cannon Pet'-r, butcher, 103 Bank 
Cannon R chard II.«t, 139 Battery av 
Cannon Sarah. 105 York 
Cannon Wm. S. bricklayer, 119 Barre 
Cannon Wm. II. carpeater, 23 Wayne, dw 119 

Canny Catherine, hnckstrefs, 1 Arcade al 
CanolfS John, hacknian, US Ensor 
Canoles Tnomas, hackman, 148 Ensor 
Canons Wm. bookbinder, 148 liiisor 
Canoles Wm. P. bookbinder, 148 Ensor 
Canox Geo. D. currier, 177 Hanover 
Canox Joseph, currier, 177 Hanover 
Canox Lydia, shoe findings, 177 Hanover 
Canter Rev. Isaac W. 38 Ai=quith 
Canter Levin, clerk, 701 w Baltimore 
Canter Levin H. 104 s Sharp 
CANTON GO'S OFFICE, n w cor Patuxent 

and Boston, Wm. Dean, sec. and treasurer, 

Wm Harrison, agent 
Canton (.M. E.) Chapel, Clinton n of Boston 
Canton Market, Donnell from Potomac to 


helm & Stab, propr's, n e cor Burke and 

Canton Luth. Church, Chesapeake nr Hudson 
Canton Marine Railway, Atlantic wharf foot 

of Bennett 
CANTON OIL WORKS, Merritt, Jones & Co. 

propr's, otfice 56 Exchange pi 
Canton Sugar Hefinery. ( Kccles, Thorns & Co.) 

cor Aliceanna and Chester 
Cantwell John, shoemaker, 27 n Bond 
Cantwell Michael, laborer, 586 w Lomb^^rd 
Canty Catherine, dressmaker, 112 Mul ikia 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co, 

Importers niiil Dealers i» 

notions and Fancy Goods, 

Hosiery, Gloves, Small Wares, &c. 


Canty Mrs. Elen, 112 Mullikin 

Cantj John, tinner, 4G n Oregon 

Canty Prttrick, plasterer, 112 Mullikin 

Cnpe Alex, laborer, Holiiday nr Foundry 

Ciipe John C. distiller, Holiiday nr Fowndry 

Cape Jno. C. sr. distiller, Holiiday nr Foundry 

Caphart Mrs. E. A. 94 Jackson square av 

Citpito Geo. R. moulder, 68 York 

Capp Alfred, laborer, 159 Vine 

Cappeau Chas. carpenter, 822 w Baltimore 

Cappeau Cecilia, millinery, 822 w Baltimore 

Cappeau Frances, millinery, 822 w Baltimore 

Cappeau Josephine, 822 w Baltimore 

Capprise Jos. shipwright, 54 s Washington 

Capron D. S. civil engineer, Mansion house 

Capron Francis B. 40 Mulberry 

Cappude Annie, dressmaker, 244 s Boiid 

Car Louis A. cUrk, 110 German 

Carback E. & Son, (Elisha & Rich'd Carback) 

boots and shoes, ib5 Lexinoton 
Carback Elisha, (E. C. & Son) 267 Druid 

Hill av 
Carback Elisha, painter, 222 Gough 
Carback John C, Miller near Broadway 
Carback Richard C. (E. C. & Son) 26'7"Druid 

Hill av 
Carback Wm. laborer, 203 n Central av 
Carberry John, butcher, 148 Mullikin 
Carcaud Gilbert, carpenter, 220 Mulberry 
Card, Wm. S. saiimaker, 152 n Fremont 
Cardwell Jackson, Lonntt fiamcs, 243 n Gay, 

dw 109 n Pine 
Carey Alex. Y. public weigher, 9 Spear's wbf 
Carey Andrew J. blacksmith, 24 Tyson 
Carey David, carpenter, 75 n Schroeder 
Carey Edward, carter, foot of s Sharp 
Carey Mrs. Geo. 265 n Eu taw- 
Carey Mrs. Geo. 67 McCulIoh 
Carey Geo. G. teacher, 2G5 n Eutaw 
Carey Henry, laborer, 5 Camden la 
C&iey James, clerk, 67 McCulloh 
Carey James, grocer, 139 Preston 
CAREY JAMEvS, wholesale boots and shots, 

266 w Baltimore, dw Liberty road 
Carey Jaaes, painter, 110 s Regester 
Carey James, jr. clerk, 40 Bolton 
Carey Jeremiah II. horseshoer, 3 Marion 
Carey Jno. carpenter, Frederick av nr Monroe 
Carey John W. machinist, 5 Cambridge 
Carey Lackey Jl. stonemason, 30 Brune 
Carey .Matthew, laborfr, 178 L Constitution 
Care. Michael, lab'r, Bouldia si nr Townsend 
Carey Mrs. Mary A. grocery, 311 e Lombard 
Car^y Michael J. cari)euter, 24 Tyson 
Carey Patrick, laborer, 76 Hamburg 
Carey P. A. clerk, 588 Penna av 
CAREY PATRICK, plumber and dealer in 
gas fixtures, 7 Eutaw bou-e, dw 150 Division 
Carey Patrick, blacksmith, 24 Tyson 

Carey Thomas I. pres't Peabody Fire Ins. Co- 
Second, adj. Post office, dw 241 n Calvert 
Carey Samuel, trader, 118 Orchard 
Carey Thomas, laborer, 15 Tyson al 
Carey Thomas K. clerk, 266 w Baltimore 
Carey Thomas, drayman, 7 E ting 
Carey Timothy W. driver, opp. 395 s Sharp 
Carey Wm. drayman, 18 Decker 
Carey Wm. wagoner, 71 Eastern av 
Carey Wm. 588 Penna av 
Carey Wm. maltster, s w cor North and Sara- 
Carlo Charles, baker, 3 L McEIderry 
Cariss Samson, 60 w Fayette 
Call Mrs. Elizi, 262 Eas'tern av 
Carl Chas. cabinetmaker, 465 Lexington, dw 

16 Cove al 
Carl Emil, (Bollman & C.) 335 w Pratt 
Carl James, caulker, 340 s Bocd 
Carl John, cooper, 248 Hanover 
Carl John H. rev. service, 362 Eastern av 
Carl Joseph, 219 Mulberry 
Carl Louis A. clerk C. H. 219 Mulberry 
Carl Martin, laborer, 48 Durst al 
Carl Mrs. Mary, Butcher's la nr Frederick rd 
Carle Mrs. Catherine, gro?'y, 120 Ramsay 
Carle Fred'k, painter, 120 Ramsay 
Carle Geo. ^I. shoemaker, rear 259 Hanover 
Carle John C. laborer, 89 n Front 
Carle John H. bagmaker, ICO William 
Carles John, police, 14 Stiles 
Carless Wm. laborer, 4 Hammond al 
Carlile Alf 'd A. gasBtter, 32 Aisquith 
Carlile Jas. H. collector and ag t, 32 Aisquith 
Cailile Mrs. Jane, laundress, 27 Armistead la 
Carlile Mrs. Mary, 104 Birre 
Carlile Thos. M. shoemaker, 32 Aisquith 
Carlile Wra. H. police, 193 e Montment 
Carlin Edwin R. clerk, 20 n Strieker 
Carlin Enoch, shoemaker. 154 n Front 
CARLIN & FULTON, (J. F. Carlin, D. C. 
Fulton) importers of hardware, 4 Hanover 
Carlin George, tavern, 346 s Bond 
Carlin James F. (C & Fulton) Alexandria, Va 
Carlin Matthew, laborer, 186 Burgundy al 
Carlin Raphael, clerk, 102 s Eutaw 
Carlin Thomas, laborer, 128 Hughes 
Carling Mich. Black Hoise tavern, 63 Penna av 
Carlis Mary, chair caner, 21 Ogeton 
Carlisle Amos L. millwright, 509 w Lombard 
Carlisle Joseph, grinder and polisher, 106 Ham- 
Carlisle Mrs. Urath C. 68 n Greene 
Carll Henry, tarern, Belair av ext 
Carlon Frank, clerk, u w cor Mosher and Bol- 
ton al 
Carloss John, police, 67 Albemarle 
Carlton Arthur, plasterer, 224 n Eden 
Carlton John, laborer, 134 Harford av 
Carlton John, blacksmith, 639 w Baltimore 
Carlton Jos, printer, 134 Harford av 
Carlton Oliver, plasterer, 175 n Caroline 
Carlton P. engineer. Farmer's hotel 
Carlton Thos. conductor, 18 Harford av 
Carlton Thos. laborer, 7 Camden la 
Carlyle Henry W. carpenter, 18 Brune 
Carmack Hanson, 151 Hanover 
Carman Geo. clerk, 248 Montgomery 
Carman John C. sheet iron worker, 6 Hope al 
Carman Jos. D. shipsmith, 235 Hanover 
Carman Joseph, shoemaker, 248 Montgomery 
Carman Thos. Loilermaker, 48 Johnson 




Carmelite Convent, 68 Aisquith i 

Ctirmichael John, brakesman, 125 Conway 
Ca'-michael Thomas E. butcher, 30 Centre, 80 
Lexington, and 76 Hanover markets, dw 
Penna av txt 
Carmicha^l Thomas H. capt watch custom 

house, 125 3 High i 

Carmichael Wm. butcher, 30 Centre, 80 Lex- 
ington and 76 Han. m'kls, dw Pennaav ext ' 
Carmichael Wra. 125 s High j 

CARMINE CHAi]. G. plumber and gas fitter, 

53 n Howard 
Carmine Mrs. E'.enora, 23 s Ann | 

Carmine Francis H. huckster, 15G s Ann ! 

Carmine Geo. W. c'.erk, 417 w Pratt I 

Carmine Jam's, gaj inspector, 13 Chew j 

Carmine James L. huckster, 156 8 Ann 
Cirmiae James .M. police, 67 Milliman 
Carmine Mary, tailoress, 67 Vine 
CirmineThos H com. mercht, 158 s Ana • 

Carmine Thos. J. painter, 67 Battery av 
Carmody John, porter, 33 Greenmount av 
C.irmody Pat'k, tobaccon't, 33 Greenmount av 
Carnan Bishop, patternmaker, 179 Aisquith 
Caroan Johnson, jr. boilerua'r, 132 n Eden 
Cirnan Johnson, machinist, 132 n Eden 
Carnan Mrs. Mary A. tail )res3, 132 n Eden 
Carnes Andrew J. dep. col. int. lev. Central 

av nr Biddle 
Carnes Edward, laborer, 137 Harford av 
Carnes Elizibeth L. teacher, 318 e C^ase 
Carnes John, watchman C. H. 318 e Chase 
Carnes -Mrs. Susan, drejsmaker, 142 n Eden 
Cdrnes Wm. shoemaker, 87 Peirce 
Carnes Wm. J. laborer, 20 Boston 
Carney Francis W. tinner, 187 s Charles 
Carney James, laborer, 297 Columbia 
Carney James, jr. teamsttr, 297 Columbia 
Carney John E. teamster, 297 Columbia 
Cirney John, laborer, 358 s Charles 
Carney John, sr. watchman, 16 Fort av 
Carney Luke, hostler, 4 Addison 
Carney Nicholas, laborer, 50 Preston 
Carney Patrick, laborer, 83 Goodman al 
Carney Patrick, laborer, 63 McHenry 
Carney Terrence, mariner, 17 Abbot 
C irns Ann, seamstress, 375 Penna av 
Caroline St. (M. E.) Church, 7 s Caroline 
Carow Gustave, carpenter, 173 s Chester 
Carow Mrs. Laura, grocery, 173 s Chester 
Carpenter Alva L. bookkeeper, 423 Lexington 
Carpenter Andrew, huckster, s e cor Jefifersoa 

and Rcge'iter 
Carpenter Mrs. Ann, 168 Pearl 
Carpenter George W. clerk, 50 n Liberty 
Carpenter John C. attorney, 25 Lexington, 

dw 104 McCulloh 
Carpenter Mrs. Sophia, 571 n Fremont 
Carpenter Wm. II. blacksmith, 168 Pearl 
Carpenter Wm. H. editor Baltimore Daily Ga- 
zette, 104 McCulloh 
Carper Mrs. Eliza, confect'ry, 689 w Baltimore 
Carper Mazarine J. shoefitter, 089 w Baltimore 
Carper Nicholas C. clerk, 21 n Cilvert 
Carr Alexander, brassfinisher, 27 s Front 
Carr Benj. .M. pianomaker, 258 w Pratt 
Carr Beuj. R. boilermaker, 074 w Baltimore 
Carr, tio^vkin k Co. (Ur. R. W. Carr, Dr. 
Thos. J. Boykin, John B. Cirr) wholesale 
drugs, chemicals, &c. 29 Hanover 
Carr Charles L. printer, 52 e Pratt 
Carr Chirles, carter, 21 Back 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 
Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

C.irr Francis H. currier, 63 s Republican 
Carr Mrs. Catherine, 95 Druid Ilill av 
Carr .Mrs. Eliza, 88 Barre 
Carr Francis A. 453 Lexington 
Carr George, wagoner, 20 w Lombard 
Carr George W. conductor. Chiton village 
Carr Greeribury, coreraaker, 16 s Schroeder 
Carr Henry, tailor and clothier, n e cor Pratt 

and Charles, dw 2 s Broadway 
Carr Mrs. Isabella, 240 Columbia 
Carr James, coachman, rear 57 Barre 
Carr James, driver, 71 Pearl 
Can James E. police com'r, and hat and cap 

manuf. 119 n Howard, dw 252 Liu'len av 
Carr James, boots and shoes, 100 n Howard 
Carr J. H. clerk, Oregon nr Townsend 
Carr J Randall, clerk, 45 .Mulberry 
Carr John, laborer, 396 West 
Carr John, brass moulder, 25 Concord 
Carr John, laborer, Stevensoa la, nr Greaa- 

mount cemetery 
Carr John, laborer, 151 Orleans 
Carr Mrs. John, grocerv, 187 s Eden 
Carr John B. (C, Boykin k Co.) 88 Barre 
Carr John, carter, 187 s Eden 
Carr John, boilermaker, 8 L Church 
Carr John W. clerk, 88 Barre 
Cair Lewis A. clerk, 110 German 
Carr Patrick, stonecutter, 95 Druid Hill av 
Carr Patrick, laborer, 98 s Chapel 
Carr Robert H. (R. H. Carr & Son) 118 Ca- 
Carr R. H. & Son, (R. H. & W. Sanders Carr) 

hardware, 62 8 Sharp 
Carr Dr. R. W^iisoD, coroner, 29 Hanover, dw 

195 n Calvert 
Cirr Dr. R. W'ilson, (C, Boykin & Co.) 195 

n Calvert 
Carr Samuel, brassfinisher, 1S4 n Exeter 
Carr W. Sanders, (R. H. C. k Soa) 118 Ca- 
Carr Mrs. Sidney, 45 Mulberry 
Cirr Thos. laborer, 118 Boyd 
Carr Thos. 28 Neighbor 
Carr Wm. police, 172 s .\nn 
Carr Wm. carpenter, 139 e Madison 
Cirr Wm. laborer, 380 s Sharp 
Carr Wra. driver, 71 Eisl^in 
Carr Wilson, clerk, 118 Cathedral 
Carr Wilson C. N. dep'y clerk Crim. Court, 

45 Mulberry 
Carraber Jno. laborer, 22 Neighbor 
Carrere Mrs. Harriet .M. 43 n Holliday 
Cirrick Edw'd W. carpeaier, 53 Garden 
Carrick John, laborer, 89 Booth 
Carritk Lacky, stoneneson, 30 Brune 
Carrick Thos. J. ma-.binist, 129 Scott 
! Carrick Wm. stonemason, 12 Baker 
i Carrick Wm. L laborer, 93 Albemarle 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers nnd Dealers in 


White Goods, Embroideries, Laces, 



Carrigaa James, jr. plumber, 51 n Greene 
Cartigan James, 54 n Greene 
Carrigan Geo. shoemaker, 58 Henrietta 
Carrigan Jame3, laborer, 80 s Chester 
Carrigan Jane, 18 Rock 
Carrigan "\Vm. J. pattern maker, 18 Rock 
Carrington Henrietta, 129 Lanvale 
Carrington Mrs. Mary H. 129 Lanvale 
Carrington \Vm. P, clerk, 120 Lanvale 
CARROLL, ADAMS & NEER, (J. Carroll, 

J. Q. Adams, J. P. Neer, S. H. Lucas, J. 

F. ytaub) boots, shoes, &c. wholesale, 322 

w Baltimore 
Carroll Mrs. Alice, 91 s High 
CarrDll Andrew J. clerk, 31 s Exeter 
Carroll Andrew, watchman, 62 e Eager 
Carroll Mrs. Ann, grocery, 2 Foundry 
Carroll Mrs. Bridget, tavern, 114 s Howard 
Carroll Chas. C. 162 e Monument 
Ciirroll Chas. dep'y warden jail, 84 e Pratt 
Carroll Chas. T. 42 Franklin 
Carroll Chas.S.ropemaker, cor Eden and John, 

dw 388 Harford av 
Carroll Chas. R. G6 a Charles 
Carroll Chas. A. 66 n Charles 
Carroll Daniel, laborer, 02 n Dallas 
Carroll Daniel, laborer, 52 Cooksie 
Carroll Delia, seamstress, 332 n Howard 
Carroll Mrs. Elizabeth, 107 Park av 
Carroll Edward, ship clerk, 23 Saratoga 
Carroll Mrs. Elizabeth, restaurant, 143 e Pratt 
Carroll Edward F. clerk, 287 e Monument 
Carroll Edward F. clerk, 223 Saratoga 
Carroll Mrs. Ellen, 63 s Wolfe 
Carroll Geo. AV. huckster, 118 William 
Car oil Geo. W. driver, 109 s Poppleton 
Carro'l Gregory, bricklayer, 62 n Dallas 
Carroll Hall, s e cor Baltimore and Calvert 
Carroll Harry, 87 n E.xeter 
Carroll Harry D. G. 90 w Monum'>nt 
Carroll Henry, collector, 84 e Pratt 
CairoU Henrv J clerk, 24 s Hi=jh 
CARROLL ilOUSE, C. Swearer, proprietor, 

1 Grant 
Carroll James, paver, 29 Buren 
Carroll James 11. police, 6 L Broadway 
Carroll Jame?, salesman, 78 McKim 
Carroll James, laborer, 18 Rock 
Carroll James, laborer, 242 Lemmoa 
Carroll Jame? I. ropemaker. Canton 
Carroll James, (C, Adams & Neer) 272 Hollios 
Carroll James, jr. 94 w Monument 
Carroll James, sr. 105 w Monument 
Carroll James, stonecutter, 144 German 
Carroll James, attorney, 60 n Ch tries 
Carroll James A. cigarmaker, 247 George 
Carroll James P. salesman, 31 s Exeter 
Carroll Mrs. Johanna, seamstress, 215 Forrest 
Carroll Joba^ Barnum's hotel 

Carroll John P. shipwright, 102 Battery av 
Carroll Mrs. John C. grocery, 103 n Calvert 
Carroll John, oysterman, 59 Centre Market sp 
Carroll John W. ropemaker, 650 Light 
Carroll John B. ropemaker, Harford av and 

John, dw 390 Hartbrd av 
Cnrroll John, laborer, 198 Aliceanna 
Carroll John B. cooper, 84 e Pratt 
Carroll John F. printer, 85 n Front 
Carroll John K. cooper, 27 Commerce, dw 84 

e Pratt 
R. C, John H. Brannock, Wm. F. Carroll) 
ship yard and railway, s side Basin ar city 
Carroll John R. (J. R. C. Brannock & Co.) 

102 Battery av 
Carroll John, laborer, lis Durham 
Carroll John, 652 w Favette 
Carroll Joseph, 159 n Caroline 
Carroll Lai kin, laborer, 493 Saratoga 
Carroll Lewis F. ropemaker, 390 Harford ay 
Carroll Lizzie, 58 n Central av 
Carroll Mrs. Marcella A. 112 Sarah Ana 
Carroll Martin, laborer, 80 n Durham 
Carroll Mary, fancy store, 80 n Fremont 
Carroll Mrs. Margaret, Uundress, 90 Ridgely 
Carroll Michael, linner, 424 Saratoga 
Carroll Moses, laborer, 104 Canton av 
Carroll Mrs. Martha, seam's, 25 L Hampstead 
Carroll Michai='l, tinner, 305 Orleans 
Carroll .Michael, hackman, 13 Perry 
Carroll Mortimer, tavern, 39 Arbel al 
Carroll Oliver, machinist, 403 w Lombard 
Carroll Patrick B. 31 s Exeter 
Carroll Patrick, hosiler, 83 Hargrove al 
Carroll Patrick J. clerk, 31 s Exeitr 
Carroll Pierce, fireman, 11 L Paca 
Carroll Robt. carpenter, 102 Battery av 
Carroll Robt. gro-ery, 167 Druid Hill av 
Cirroll Robt. B. tinner, 250 e Madison 
Carroll Samuel S. 74 Courtland * 

Carroll St. John, (C. & Solomon)604 w Fayette 
Carroll & Solomon, (St. J. Carroll, I. Solo- 
mon) oyster and fruit packers, 83 Ex- 
change pi 
Carroll Sinclair S. ( Wm. H. Johns & Co.) 97 


Carroll Stephen C. ropemaker, 388 Harford av 

Carroll THOMAS G. straw and millinery 

goods, &c. 103 w Baltimore, dw 13 Franklin 

Carroll Thomas, trans, dept. B. & 0. R. R. 26 

Carroll Thomas, detective, 84 e Pratt 
Carroll Thos. C. boilermaker, 290 Light 
Carroll Timothj-, laborer, 80 n Front 
Carroll Timothy A. 052 w Fayette 
Carroll Wm. car{)enter, 167 n Caroline 
Carroll Wm. hostler, 60 L. Hampstead 
Carroll Wm. F. (J. R. Carroll, Brannock & 

Co.) 102 Battery av 
Carroll Wm. L. stonecutter, 227 Forrest 
Carroll Wm. J. (Vickery & C.) 121 s High 
Carruthers Chas. J. (C, Son & Co.) 141 n Eutaw 
Carruthers John S.(C.,Son & Co.)141 n Eutaw 
Carruthers Richard, gastitters, 141 n Eutaw 
Carruthers, Son & Co. (J. S. & C. J. Carruth- 
ers) plumbers and ga-fitters,over 35 German 
CARSON & CO. (D. Carson) lumber dealers, 
w side Union dock adj Bay line steamers whf 
Carson Carvill H. builder, s e cor Lexingtoa 
and Republicaa 




Carson Chas. L. architect, 330 Lexingloa 
Carson David, briclfmalter, 7 It^aiker 
Carsoa David, cooper, Rickett's ctnr China 
Carson David jr. clerk, 330 Lexinpton 
Carson David, (C. k Co.) 330 Lexinj^ton 
Carson David, builder, 4G Josephine, dw 330 

Carson Elijah, bric^imaker, 14G Burgundj al 
Carson Geo. il. watchman C. II. 9G St. Peter 
Carson Henry, baker, 173 Hanover 
Carson Henry W. baker, 213 Gough 
Carson James, laborer, 80 s Republican 
C ARSON' JOHX, attorney, G5 w Fayette, dw 

316 L'xington 
Carson John X. plasterer, 58 McElderry 
Carson Joseph, cooper, 3 Pleasant 
Carson Joseph, driver, 189 German 
Carson Jos. D. bookseller, over 7 South, dw 

356 Aisquith 
Carson Joshua, builder, 480 Franklin 
Carson Peter, confectionery, 213 Gough 
Carson Mrs. Rose, 189 German 
Carson Thos. E. (Carson, Richardson & Co.) 

Baltimore co 
Carson W. K. (Carson, Richardson & Co.) 1G4 

J. A. Richardion, T. E. Carson) grocers and 
C'lra. m^rcs. s w cor Calvert aud Lombard 
CARSON W.M. coal and wood, 5 n Republi- 
can, dw 33 s Calhoun 
Carson Wm.T. brickmaker, 287 Columbia 
Carstens Jno. H. ( Radecke & C. ) 162 Mulberry 
CARSWELL J. S. & SON, (J. S. k R. S. Cars- 
well) kerosene oil distillers, North nr Eager 
Carswell John S. (J. S. C. & Son) Homestead, 

Harford rd 
Carswell Robt. S. (J. S. C. & Son) Homestead, 

Harford rd 
Carter Alex, carter, 152 Aisquith 
Carter Alex. M. cashier Third Nat. bank, 112 

Carter .Mrs. Ann M. grocery, 229 n Eden 
Carter A. Robt. agent Continental Life Ins. 
Co. of N. Y. 42 Post OSi .e av, dw Balto. co 
CARTER BERNARD, attorney, 25 Lexington, 

dw 376 Eutuw pi 
Cirter & Bro. (W. J. and J. M. Carter) apoth- 
ecaries, s e cor Bank and Washington 
Cirter Dr. C. Shirley, 32 Franklin, dw 68 
Carter Chas. carpenter, 35 Burke 
Carter Chas. W. millinery, 241 Peana av 
Carter Durus, bvilder, 298 e Chase 
Carter Desmus J. bricklayer, 158 Aisquith 
Carter Gdw. F. (Bait. Gazette) 159 n Charles 
Carter P-dw'n T. c erk, 94 Columbia 
Carter Flavius, carpenter, 152 Aisquith 
Carter Eugene, painter, 106 L Greene 
Carter Mrs. Fanny, seamstress, 377 Saratoga 
Carter Frai;ci8, ( Heird & Co.) 34 Druid Hill av 
Carter Geo. R clerk, tobacco warehouse No. 

4, dw Greenmount av 
Carter Granvi-le H. police, Eagle hotel 
Carter Hannah, bakery, 60 s Chapel 
Carter Hanson V. carpenter, 76 s PoppletOQ 
Carter H?nry M. carpenter, 109 s Exeter 
Car'er H. Cfav, ag' Continental Life Ins Co. 
N. Y., 42 Post Office av, dw 63G w Fayette 
Carter Isaac T. plast-rer, 34 Gough 
Carter .Tames, marble polisher, 37 Front, n of 

Carter James, carter, 152 George 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


COXSTA.Ml.Y FIjU. sale 

Clover, Timothy Seed, &€. 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Carter Jame?, painter, 28 s Bond 

Carter James, painter, 338 e Pratt 

Carter Dr. Jas. M. (C. & Bro.) 335 w Fayette 

Carter John W. family grocer, 61 Camden) 

dw 94 Columbia 
Carter Dr. John C. n w cor Fayette and Paca, 

dw 385 w Fayette 
Carter John, 9G n Fremont 
Cartpr John \\' dr.ayman, 41 Chatsworth 
Carter John \V. (Pettebone & Co.) 121 n Cal- 
Cirter John F. dep. warden j li', 25 n Calvert 
CARTER JOHN M. attorney, 40 St. Paul, dw 

14 Aisquith 
Carter Rev. J. P. 335 w Fayette 
Carter Jos. shoemaker, 67i n Front, dw 39 e 

Carter Joseph, shoemaker, 184 e Madison 
Carter Joseph, cooper, 121 Ilambu-g 
Carter Josiah, watchman, foot of Warren 
Carter -Mrs. Julia, 84 Bock 
C >rter Lee, machinist, 466 w Lombard 
Carter Mrs. Margaret, juok, 156 s Eutaw 
Carter Nicholas, carpenter, 66 Decker 
Carter Oicar C. sailmaker, 169 n Charles 
Carter Mrs. Rebecca, 60 s Cbapel 
Carter Richard P. laborer, 203 Peirce 
Carter Robert D. clerk, 169 n Charles 
Carter Robert, paper carrier, 47 Stirling 
Carter Rodney F. engineer, 252 Eastern av 
Carter Samuel W. harnessmaker, G9 Oxford 
Carter Thomas B. clerk, 108 w Fayette 
Carter Thomas H. carpenter, 154 e Baltimore 
Carter Thomas, laborer, 239 Cro?s 
Carter Virginia, 186 Aisqiith 
Carter \Vm. brakesman, 76 s Poppleton 
Carter Wm. shoemaker, 243 Hamburg 
Carter Wm. laborer, 9G n Fremont 
Carter Wm. miller, 8 Constitution 
Carter Wm. H. sailmaker, over 85 Smith's 

whf, dw Greenmount av 
Carter Wm. H. bricklayer, 66 Conway 
Carter Wm. H. carpenter, 119 Lexington 
Carter Wm. J. (C. & Bro.) 385 w Fayette 
Carter Wm. tailor, 156 s Eutaw 
Carter Wm. J. clerk. 229 n Eden 
Carter Wm. W. bookkeeper, 214 w IIofTman 
Cartier Urban, shoemaker, Gilmor nr .Mosher 
Carvalho R. N. turn, goods and notions, 125 

n Eutaw 
Carver Francis T. bricklayer, 178 Mulberry 
Carver Geo. W. printer, 102 n Fremont 
Carver Wm. V. bricklayer, 178 .Mulbe-ry 
Carwell Martin, laborer, 147 Albemarle 
Carwithel Mrs. Rebecca, sec. hand goods, 125 

GARY DEWITT C. agent for Wilcox & Gibb's 

sewing machine, over 8 n Charles, dw 35 





ILawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers niid Dealers in 

Uotions and Fancy Goods, 

Hosiery, Gloves, Small Wares, &c. 


// Syd. C. Cart, Sole Prop'r. \\ 

{( CARY & CO.^ 

\\'liolL-sJi. and Ketuil Dealers m 

(mm. m\^) WQiOjC3r^ 

VaiJs, OfficL'S and Steam Kindling Wood 

X\ 1 IV- Cliarles. 103 ]V. Howard, // 
\\ 30 W. Uiddlp. yV 

N ' 

Cary Clias. driver, 110 York 

Cary Mary A. 778 w Bahinjore 

Carv Mrs. Sarah, grroc'vand liq'r, 3G Towson 

CAilY SVD, C. (C. & Co.) 197 n Charles 

Cary Wilson M. seminary, 199 n Charles, dw 

197 n Charles 
Cary Wilson M. jr. teacher, 22.> Card n, dw 

197 n Charkfi 
Casby Andrew, laborer. 3 McLeary ct 
Case A. Boone, clerk, 40 Lexington 
Case Geo. W. clerk, 40 Lexington 
Case Jas. M eng'r U. S. Rev. S. 237 e Biddlo 
Case T. J. (Stickney & Co.) 40 Lexington 
Case Rev. Watson, 29 Greenniouut av 
Case Wm. baker, 3 Leadenhall 
Casey Daniel, shoemaker, 174 s Central av 
Casey Edwin, clerk, 84 Hillen 
Casey Mrs. Ellen, 84 n Front 
Casey Mrs. Ellcnora, 530} Lexington 
Casey Prof. Francis, Loyola College 
Casey James, laborer, 4 Ulrick al 
Casey James, grocery, 75 s Dal'as 
Casey James F. harnessmaker, 84 n Front 
Casey Jeremiah, marble polisher, 18 n Front, 

n of Foundry 
Casey John, shoemaker, 174 s Central av 
Casey John, laborer, 90 n Durham 
Casey John, laborer, 14 s Durham 
Casey John, fruit packer. 111 Ensor 
Casey Mrs. Mary J. gaiterfitter, 84 Ilillen 
Casey Michael J. harnessmaker, 197 Chesnut 
Casey Patrick, laborer, 8 s Central av 
Casey Patrick, shoemaker, 174 s Central av 
Casey Patrick, coachman, 297 North 
Casey Patrick, laborer, 184 s Washington 
C*isey Peter, laborer, 157 West 
Casey T. J. saddle and harnessmaker, 19 n 

Gay, dw 97 n Front , 

Casey Thomas, Loyola College 
Casey Thomas K. laborer, IGG Lee 
Casey Wm. E. crackers, 84 Ilillen 
Cash James, stonecutter, Morton al nr Hoffman 
Casliman Jeremiah, laborer, 24 Etting 
Cashmeyer Henry, baker, 772 w Baltimore 

Cashmyer Henry, magistrate, 114 s Broadway, 

dw 137 Bank 
Cashmjer Philip, restaurant, 5 s Eden, dw 11 
Cashmyer R. August, liquors, 155 e Baltimore 
Caskey David W. carpenter, 296 e Chnse 
Caskey John W. shipcarpenter, 133 William 
Caskey Joseph, laborer, 133 William 
Caskey Robert, stairbuilder, cor Fremont and 

Penna av, dw 200 n Fremont 
Caskey Samuel H. boilerraaker, 115 Hamburg 
Caspar! Anna R. periodical depot, 29 Druid 

Hill av 
Caspari Chas. & Wm. apothecaries, 44 n Gay 
Caspari Charles, (C. & \V. Caspari) 44 n Gay 
Caspari Fred'k H. clerk, 44 n Gay 
Caspari Fritz, tailor, 119 Sarah Ann 
Caspari Theodore, books, 12 n Poppleton 
Caspari Wm. (Chas. & Wm. Caspari) apothe- 
cary, Biddle and Penna av 
Casper Ferd. laborer, 52 e Lombard 
Casper John, musician, 345 e Eager 
Casper Louis, 52 e Lombard 
Casper Mrs. Sarah, midwife, 52 c Lombard 
Cassady Mrs. Ann H. 10 Jefferson 
Cassady Rev. Francis S. 84 William 
Cassady John, carpen'r. Smith nrChatsworth 
Cassady Virginia, teacher, 10 Jefferson 

Cassard, John Cassard, F.W. Cas- 
sard) Pork Packers, Ham Curers, 
and Dealers in Provisions, 61 
South and 212 e Payette streets. 

CASSARD F. W. (C. Bros,) 59 McCulloh 
CASSARD G. & SON, (L., G. C. & J-sse L. 
Cassard) provision dealers, 407 and 409 w 
Baltimore. {Sce-p. 14, Advertisei7ients.'] 
Cassard George, (Geo. C.& Co. )289w Lombard 
Cassard Geo. & Co. (Geo. & L. R. Cassard) 

com. merchants and provisions, 46 South 
Cassard George C. (G. C. & Son) s e cor Bol- 
ton and Townsend 
Cassard Gilbert, com. merchant, 75 Hollins 
Cassard Gilbert II. clerk, 306 Hollins 
Cas-ard Herbert, salesman, 27 German 
Cassard James D. clerk, 75 Hollins 
Cassard Jesse L. (G. C & Son) 282 Madison av 
Cassard John (C. Bros.) 249 Madison av 
Cassard Lewis, (G. C. & Son) 194 w Lombard 
Cassard Louis R. (Geo. C. & Co.) Madison av 

nr Townsend 
Cassard Thomas, (C. Bros.) Bait, co 
Cassell Chas. C. printer, 35 Greenmount av 
Cassell Daniel, painter, 487 Saratoga 
Cassell Geo. N. bricklayer, 199 s Paca 
Cassell Henry P. bricklayer, 272 Mulberry 
Cassell James, laborer, 148 s Chester 
Cassell John S. assistant U. S. assessor, 3d 

district, 490 Franklin 
Cassell Leonard, carpenter, 53 n Eden 
Cassell Rebecca Jare, 272 Mulberry 
Cassell Saml. C. bricklayer and collector, 212 

Madison av 
Cissell Thos. D. painter, 1 Barranger ct,dw 56 

n Pine 
Cassell Wm. G. bricklayer, 199 8 Paca 
Cassell Wm. H. 272 Mulberry 
Cassidy Bernard, grocery, n ecor Grcenmounl 
av and Monument 




Cas3idy Mrs. Caroline, Choptank nr Bank 
Cas3idy Dennis, laborer, 9 Bevan 
Cassidj Edward, laborer, 107 Elliott 
Cassidy Mrs. Ellen, rear 4-1 Centre Market ep 
Cassidy Mrs. Elizabeth, huckst's, 144 u Eutaw 
Cassidy Francis, fcrocery and feed, n w cor 

Monument and deenmount av 
Cassidy Francis of B. clerk, 102 e Monument 
Cassidy Francis, mariner, 97 s Fligh 
Cas'idy Geo. barkeeper, 91 n Pine 
C.issidy James, boots and shoes, 33 w Pratt, 

d\v 21 n Front 
Cassidy James, laborer, 186 McIIenry 
Cassidy John, laborer, 3 McDermot ct 
Cassidy John C. currier, 42 Camdea 
Cassidy John, mariner, 74 s Exeter 
Ca?sidy Luke, stonemason, 48 Liberty al 
Cassidy Luke, grocery, s e cor Harford avand 

Cassidy Martin, liquors, cor Hillen and Exeter, 

dw 179 a Exeter 
Cassidy Mar}-, tavern, 21 Block 
Cassidy Michael, huckster, 42 Camdea 
Cassidy Owen, grocery, 91 Pine 
Cassidy Patrick, plasterer, 24 Valley 
Cassidy Patrick, laborer, 536 w Pratt 
Cassidy Patrick, grocery, 52 s Frederick 
Cassidy Robert, mariner, 74 s Exeter 
Cassidy Tho3. hacks, 21 Mullikin 
Cassidy Thos. bricklayer, 450 w liOmbard 
Cassidy Wm. H. puddler, 283 Aliceanna 
Cassin John H. clerk, 69 w Biddle 
Ciissin Mrs. Marr, 69 w Biddle 
CASTELBERG "JACOB, loan of5ce, 1 n High 
Castine Emanuel M. restaurant, cor Central 

av and Lombard 
Castle George T. (Fangmeyer, Doll & C.) cor 

Gilmor and Ilollins 
Castle James L. shoemaker, 15 Druid Hill a7 
Castle Thos. M. shoemaker, 15 Druid Hill av 
Caswell Mrs. Annie, 5 Armistead la 
Caswell Robt. B. jr. shipbuilder, 378 William 
Caswell Rjbt. shipbuilder, 100 Johnson 
Catehings B. H. med. student, 4 Hollins 
GATE AMMON & CO. (Ammon Cate, E. B. 

Hunting) lumber yard and planing mill, n 

e cor East Falls av and Fawn 
Cate Ammon (A. C. & Co.) pres't Citizens' 

Fire Security and Land Co. 243 n Charles 
Gates Mrs. Ellen, 65 s High 
Gates Wm. mariner, 66 s High 
Catez John B. upholsterer, 109 e Madison 
Catez John B. watchman, 238 e Madison 
Cathcart A. Roszell, clerk, 51i s Broadway 
Cathcart John, clerk, 99 n Broadway 
Cathcart John W. clerk, 5\i s Broadway 
Cathcart Mrs. Margaret, confec. 73 Penna av 
Cathcart R. & W. H. block and pump mkrs, 

113 Thimes 
Cathcart Robt.(R. &W.H.C.) 5U s Broadway 
Cathcart Robt. jr. 51i s Broadway 
Cathcart Theodore C*. messgr. First National 

Bank, 83 a Broadway 
Cathcart Wm. H. (R. & W. H. C.) 83 s 

Cathedral. (Roman Catholic) cor Cathedral 

and Mulberry 
Cathell Dr. Dan'l W. U s Exeter.dw 18 Watson 
Gather Mrs. Josephine,' 360 Lexington 
Gather Robt. W. carpenter, 139 Columbia 
Gather Wm. carpenter, 97 Warner 
Catholic Cemetery, n Fremont n of Mosher 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

CATHOLIC MIRROR, Kelly, Piet & Co. 174 

w Baltimore 
Catlett Thos. B. clerk, 642 Lexington 
Catlett T. Beardly, clerk, 59 Courtland 
Catlett Thos. Y. salesman, 642 Lexington 
Caton Mrs. Annie, s wcor Fayette and Durham 
Caton Mrs. Ellen, eggs, 7 Grace ct 
Caton James, laborer, 12 Ryan 
Cato". John, laborer, 98 Chesapeake 
Caton Patrick, laborer, 133 West 
Gator Benj. F. (Armstrong, C. & Co.) 173 St. 

Cator B. W. clerk, 128 e Pratt 
Cator Levin R. mariner, 113 William 
Cator Robinson AV. (Armstrong, C. & Co.) 

Baltimore co 
Cator Wm. D. salesman, 128 e Pratt 
Cator Wm. E. mariner, 283 Light 
Catrup Saml. H. carpenter, 40 Jackson 
Catrup Saml. P. printer, 40 Jackson 
Catten Levi, clothing, 205 s Bond • 

Cauchran Zovillier, 19 Ringgold al 
Caughey Mrs. Benj. 257 Lanvale 
Caughy Henry W. clerk, 231 Linden av 
Caughy Mrs. John II. 231 Linden av 
Caughy Marv, 20j Aisquith 
Caughy M. P. & Co. (M. P. Caughy) clothiers 

and tailors' trimmings, 230 w Baltimore 
Caughy Michael P. (M. P. Caughy & Co.) 2G0 

Caughy Mrs. Michael, 20j Aisquith 
Caughy Noah W. (N'. Walker & Co.) 31 w 

Caughy S. Hamilton, (N. Walktr & Co.) s w 

cor Eutaw pi and Mosher 
Oauley Francis, laborer, 45 Elliott 
Cauley Patrick, laborer, 89 s Chester 
Caulfield Hugh, carter, 90 GreeBraount av 
Caulfield James, dry goods, 92 Richmond 

92 Richmond 
Caulfield Robt. grocery, 140 w Biddle 
Caulfield Thos. laborer, 90 Greenmount av 
Caulk Alonzo, painter, 322 s Sharp 
Caulk Cbas. processer, 272 e Monument 
Caulk Mrs. Elizabeth, 272 e Monument 
Caulk Jacob II. sailmaker, 272 e Monument 
Caulk James, (Bowie & C.) 272 e Monument 
Caulk James F. ganger, 279 s Charles 
Caulk James T., U.S. gauger, 71 Exchange 

pi, dw 43 Warren 
Caulk Mrs. Sarah, tailoress, 7 Leramon 
Caulk AVm. moulder, 552 w Pratt 
Causey Chas. tinner, 94 Warner 
Causey Chas. clerk, 200 Barre 
Causey Jas. L. com. merchf., 4 Bowly's whf, 

dw 40 s Eutaw 
Causey Lewis, clerk, 200 Barre 
Causey Rosanna T. 94 Warner 




Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Iinxiorters and Dealers In 


White Goods, Embroideries, Laces, 



Causey Wm. carpenter, 61 n High 
Causmelle John, produce, 263 n Eden 
Causmelle Wm. J. produce, 2G3 n Eden 
Cavalier Robt. clerk, 175 w Lombard 
Cavan Martin, laborer, Falls rd nr North av 
Cavano Geo. cooper, 4 n Fremont 
Cavano Lewis IL cigarmaker, 19 O^ston 
Cavanaugh David, laborer, To Block 
Cavanaugh Dennis, tavern, Forrest nr Gay 
Cavanau;;h James, jr printer, 14 Comet 
Cavanaugh James, laborer, 14 Comet 
Cavanaugh John, laborer, "75 Block 
Cavan^iugh Lawrence, laborer, 183 s Caroline 
Cavanaugh Mrs. Mary, grocery, 12 n Pop[)lctoa 
Cavanaugh Matthew J. laborer, 362 Ostend 
Cavanaugh Michael, printer, 14 Comet 
Cavanaugh Miles, carter, 25 Bank 
Cavanaugh Michael, laborer, 192 Vine 
Cavanaugh Patrick, blacksmith, 14 Comet 
Cavanaugh Patrick, laborer, 17G Vine 
Cavanaugh Peter, baker, 9 e Madison 
Cavanaugh Thos. P. barkeeper, Eutaw house 
Cave Margaret J. 103 n Exeter 
Cave John VV. clerk, 103 n Expter 
Cavenaugh Mary, grocer^-, 118 Ramsay 
Cavenaugh Edwin, gardener, 31 Druid Fiill ar 
Caveney John, laborer, 215 Lemmou al 
Cavenej' John, laborer, 13 Ensor 
Caviller Robt. H. clerk, Lombard nr Hanover 
Cavy Nathan, carpenter, 32 Lcmmoa 
Cavy Thos. J. rags, 2 Littel al 
Cawley Mark, laborer, 65 Elliott 
Cawley Patrick, carter, 9 Pleasant al 
Cay James H. steam fitter, 4 William 
Cazenove Anthony C. clerk, 55 Lexington 
Cazier Capt. Robt. W. mariner, 15 s Bond 
Cecil Ernst W. land agent, 87 Second, iw 19 

Cecil Geo. T. (J. F. MofFett& Co.) 86 William 
Cecil Wm. carpenter, 289 Light 
Cecil Wra. S. carpenter, 4 Stirling 
Cella Antonio, restaurant, 63 President 
GO'S. WHARF, pier 8 L. P., J. K. fchaw, 
agent, Alex. Shaw. supt. 24 Second 
Central Presbyterian Church Mission, n e cor 

Ridgely and Hamburg 
Central Presbyterian Church, s wcor Saratoga 

and Liberty 
Central Savings Bank, 53 Lexington 
Central Hall, lager beer, B. Momenlhy, man- 
ager, 28 n Gay 
Ceren Chas. carter, lYO Peirce 
Ceren Geo. A. blacksmith, 136 Peirce 
Cesati Mrs. S. mantilla maker, 258 w Pratt 
Chabot Dr. Laurence J. 51 s Eden 
Chada Glaus, upholsterer, 48 Josephine 
Cbadburn Wm. machinist, 43 s Schroeder 
Chaddertoa Thos. watchmaker, 29 Chew 

Chadmoss Thos. clerk, 03 s CbaTicl 
Cbadwick John E. (Hclfman, Staley & Co.) 

42 s Eutaw 
ChailVy Conrad, fawyer, 5 Bayer al 
Clialfnich Cecilia E. confect'y, 246 n Caroline 
Chaflinch Elisha W. salesman, 43 Milliman 
Chaffinch Saml. E. tobacconnist, 330 n Gay 
Chaffinch Wm. W. carpenter, 110 Jiff-rson 
Chagreen AVm. J. coachp'nter, 229 n Caroline 
Chaillou Augustus, police. Miller nr Bond 
Chaillou Mrs. Barbara, laundress, 2 Russell 
Chaillou Eugene, fisherman, 8 Russell 
Chairs Edward, gardener, 367 e Fayette 
Chaisty Dr. Edward J. 158 iMulberry 
Chaisty E. J. jr. plumber and gasfitting, 49 n 

Calvert, dw 158 Mulberry 
Chaisty Ed. J. jr. crier Criminal court, 158 

Chalk Elias, car repairer, Mt Royal Ilill 
Chalk Geo. brakesman, Mt. Royal IIiU 
Chalk Jas. A. engineer, 37 Park av 
Chalk Jos. A. plasterer 113 w Biddle 
Chalk levi, grocer, 128 Dolphin 
Chalk Sarah E. millinery, 113 w Biddle 
Chalk Wm. H. painter, Mt. Royal Hiil 
Chalk Wm. A. clerk, 128 Dolphin 
Chalkley Wm. E. cooper, 53 Bank 
Chalmers John W. ciirpenter, 371 Franklin 
Chalmers J imcs. J. furniture, s e cor Dolphia 

and Penna av, dw 198 Lanvale 
Chalmers Philemon S. jr. c'erk, 138 n Eutaw 
Chalmers Philemon S. tailor, 133 n Eutaw 
Chamberlain Ann, seamstress, 340 e Eager 
Chamberlain Ed. bricklayer, 212 Madison av 
Chamberlain Ed'wd B. clerk, 374 w Fayette 
Chamberl.iin Eli, telegraphist, 117 c Monument 
Chamberlain Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 340 e 

Chamberlain FernRndo, raor. dresser, 75 n Ann 
Chamberlain G. W. currier, 374 w Fayette 
Chamberlain John E. messenger. Odd Fellows 

hall, dw 117 e Monument 
Chamberlain Jno. A. blacksmith,67l Penna av 
Chamberlain John C. 7 n Oregon 
Chamberlain John C. ladies' boot and shoe- 
maker, 553 w Baltimore, dw 374 w Fayette 
Chamberlain Mrs. Mary A. confectionery, 8 

Chamberlain Jas. L. salesman 504 w Baltimore 
Chamberlain Jno. T. upholsterer, 340 e Eager 
Chamberlain Mrs. Josephine, tailorcss, 241 e 

Chamberlain Lewis C. shoemaker, 17 Conway 
Chamberlain Geo. clerk, 168 n Calvert 
Chamberlain Phil, tailor, 241 e Monument 
Chamberlain Wm. blacksmith, 67J Penna av 
Chamberlaine Wm. clerk, 168 n Calvert 
Chambcrlaine Henry, clerk, 168 n Calvert 
Chamberlaine Richard H, 168 n Calvert 
Chamberlaine Rich'd II. jr. clerk, 168 n Calvert 
Chamberlin David L. supervisor N. C. R., 

Park av nr Townsend 
Chambers Carrie, drcssmkr, 129 n Broadway 
Chambers Mrs. Charlotte, 25 Pearl 
Chambers David, carter, 482 n Gay 
Chambers G. Maitland, 133 n Calvert 
Chambers James B. police, 555 w Baltimore 
Chambers James, laborer, 188 Burgundy al 
('hambers James, roj)cmaker, 166 Battery av 
Chambers Jarac^i Z. plasterer, 177 Leo 
Chambers John T. laborer, 2 Revan 
Chambers John, carpenter, 2 Bevan 




Chambers John E. blacksmith, 25 Pearl 
Chambers Mrs. Mary, 56 York 
Chambers Robert M. carpenter, 104 Henrietta 
Chambers Samuel, carpenter, 240 e Lombard 
Chimbers Thos. W. L. pi inter,4T3 w Lombard 
Chambers \Vm. blacksmith, 39 Eastern av 
Chambers Wm. clerk, 54 s Republican 
Chambers AVra. M. brass finisher, 1 Ogston 
Chambless Rev. Jas. G. 131 s Broadway 
Champayne Henry R. coachmaker, 84 Ger- 

niau, d\v 23 n Poppleton 
Champayne Wm. K. coach painter, 84 Ger- 
man, dw 9 Chatsworth 
Champayne Wm. R. carp'r, 9 Chatsworth 
Ciiamplain Mary, 64 n Howard 
Champness Mrs. Lucy, Jefferson nr Castle 
Champney Henry J. carp'r, 11 s Schroeder 
Chance Mrs. Anna, confectionery, 3 Lemmon 
Chance Marinas, laborer, 149 e Madison 
Chanceaulme Richard P. bookkpr, 52 e Fayette 
Chancellor Dr. Chas. W. 174 Walsh 
Chandiee H. P. (Barker & C.) 171 n Oregoa 
Chandler Chas. E. (Norris & C.) 33 North 
Chandler Daniel T. 2 HoUins 
CHANDLER GEO. H. attorney, 41 Lexing- 
ton, dw Gilmor House 
Chandler Geo. W. wa<;oner, 410 Light 
Chandler Mrs. Irene, 76 s Ann 
Chandler Jacob, brick moulder, 410 Ligbt 
Chandler John W. mariner, 54 Albemarle 
Chandler Jnhn, bookkeeper, 70 Lexington 
Chandler Kennard, (George& Jenkins) 79 Lee 
Cliandler Nelson, clerk, 70 Lexington 
Chandler Thos M. coachmaker, 90 n Paca 
Chandley John H. wheelwright, 125 n Fremont 
Chandley Mrs. Susannah, grocery, 128 n Fre- 
Chaneay Mrs. Mary A. vestmaker, 273 e Mon- 
Chaney Anderson W. shoemaker, 9 s HoUi- 
day, dw 26 w Fayette 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


Wood, and Flour and Feed Store, 
148 Hollins St. dw 521 w Lom- 

Chaney Chas. B. 521 w Lombard 
Chaney Chas. P. police, 183 Ensor 
Chaney Chas. W. boilermkr, 219 Montgomery 
Chaney Clara V. saleswoman, 219 Montgomery 
Chaney Mrs. Elizabeth, 146 n Fremont 
Chaney Mrs. Ellen, 18 s Carey 
Chaney Floyd, dry goods, 304 Linden &y 
Chaney Geo. carter, 602 Light 
Chaney James M. police, 240 Conway 
Chaney Levi M. blacksmith, 93 Lee 
Chaney Rev. K. G. school, Lexington nr Re- 
publican, dw 262 Lanvale 
Chanej- Robt. coachman, Eden nr Fayette 
Chaney Thomas, mariner 29 Albemarle 
Chaney Viletta S. 11 s Schroeder 
Chaney Wm. laborer, 153 William 
Chaney Wm. H. conductor, 146 n Fremont 
Chanler Oscar, printer, 40 Ensor 
Chapen Levi, carpenter, 44 s High 
Chapin Chas. carpenter, 62 Albemarle 
Chaplain Mrs. Eliza S. 219 George 
Chaplein Wm. clerk, 244 w Baltimore 
Chapman Alexander, moulder, Greenmount 
av, opp Point la 


Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Chapman Allen A. (Kirkland, Chase & Co.) 

40 McCulloh 
Chapman D. Chnse, clerk, 95 McGuUoh 
Chapman Mrs. Elizabeth, 221 e Lombard 
Chapman Geo. clerk, 41 Stiles 
Chapman Geo. clerk, 141 e Baltimore 
Chapman Geo. R. police, 5 Mosher 
Chapman Greenbury.s'' oemkr, 81 n Poppleton 
Chapman Henry, milkman, Greenmount av, 

opp Pointla 
Chapman Jas. C. jr. machinist, 221 e Lombard 
Chapman John Lee, jr. 41 Stiles 
Chapman John Lee, U. S. Naval OfBcer, ofiBce 

over Custom House, dw 41 Stiles 
Chapman John W. watchman, 151 Mont- 
Chapman Jonathan J. 141 e Baltimore 
Chapman Lewis, stonemason, 339 w Hoffman 
Chapman Mrs. Mary,confec'y,151 Montgomery 
Chapman Nicholas P. bookkeeper, 142 Dolphin 
Chapman Ruth A. 375 Pennaav 
Chapman Wm. A. constable, 217 Mullikin 
Chapman Rev. Wm. H. 178 Penna av 
Chapoy Rev. P. P., St. Mary's Seminary 
Chappell Ann, 113 Mulberry 
Chappell Cortelius F. clerk, 195 Aisquith 
Chappell Franc'3 W. clerk, 209 Lanvale 
Chappell Jane E. 113 Mulberry 
Chappell Louisa 0. milliner, 185 Mulberry 
Chappell Mrs. Mary, 209 Lanvale 
Chappell P. Edmund,bookkeeper,51 n Liberty 

Chappell, John Leary) Manufac- 
turers of White Lead, Saltpe- 
tre, Varnishes, Lampblack, Put- 
ty, Paints, &c.. No. 100 W. Lom- 
bard Street. .? 

Chappell Mrs. P. E. 51 n Liberty 

Chappell Philip S. (C. & Leary) Eutaw pi nr 

Chappo Henrietta, 13 Exeter 
Chariton Geo. W. butcher, 160 Greenmount av 
Chariton Wm. H. cardriver, 160 Greenm't av 
Charles Benj. F. hatter, 96 s Ann 
Charles Benj. property agentand conveyancer, 

135 3 Broadway, dw 96 s Ann 
Charles Chas. S. clerk, 306 Saratoga 
Charles George C. clerk, 47 n Exeter 
Charles H'y, cop'rsmelter, Clinton s of Boston 
Charles Henry, heater, 9 O'Donnell 
Charles John E. restaurant, 32 e Baltimore 
Charles Robert, coppersmelter, 14 Patuxent 
Chnrles Mrs. Sophia, 6 Smith's al 
Charles St (M. E) Church, n e cor Charles and 





Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

Importers and Dealers in 


White Goods, Embroideries, Laces, 



Charles Thos. J. hatter, over n e cor Charles 

and Baltimore, dw 205 8 Broadway 
Charlton Richard, bricklayer, Philadelphia rd 

nr city limits 
Charleston Thomas, hackman, 140 Vine 
Charron Claude C. 201 Druid Hill av 
CHARRON J B. imp. wines, liquors, &c. 128 

w Lombard, dw 201 Druid Ilill av 
Charron S. clerk, 5 Exchange pi 
Charter Oak Life Ins. Co. agency, 4sIIoUiday 
(.'hase A. Chapman, clerk, 337 e Baltimore 
Chase Alice, 25 Watson 
Chase A. S. (C, Stewart & Co.) New York 
Chase Bsnjamin F. (B. F. C. & Co.) s w cor 

Fayette and East 
CHASE B. F. & CO. (B. F. C.) sign paint- 
ers, 36 South 
Chpse Lt. Cbas., U. S. N., 52 s Broadway 
Chase Chas. F bookkeeper, 3DG Light 
Chase Charles W. 46 n Pine 
Chase Chas. F. 288 Madison av 
Chase Mrs. Clementine G., 337 e Baltimore 
Chase Danl.(Kirkland,C.&Co.)253 Madison av 
Chase Eugene, clerk, 132} n Gay 
Chase {"rank, painter. 70 Thames 
(?hase Francis, painter, 6 Eiist 
Chase George B. (John M. Orem, Son & Co.) 

222 e Baltimore 
CHASE HANNIBAL H. brickmaker, corBea- 

son and Lowman. dw 305 w Fayette 
Chase I. H. ladies' shoemaker, 253 n Howard 
Chase James M. brakesman, 41 s Oregon 
Chase James W. mariner, 37 Low 
Chase Jeremiah T. clerk. 132j n Gay 
Chase John H. wagoner, 241 Conway 
Chase John J. shlpsmith, 38 Philpot 
Chase J. Hermon, bookkeeper, 44 Fawn 






'^' PRACTICAL "<:? 



Opp. Camden St. Dwelling, CG S. Sbarp. 

^ DouWe and Single Action Force Pump!', Bath TubB, 
Watei Cloects, Cooking Ranges, Hydrants, Clir 

tiers, Urarkefs, Hall Lights, TendanU. ^ 
Work done in the Country at City 

Chase Eobert W.'63 Courtland 

Chase, Stewart & Co. ( A. S. Chase, Wm. H. 
Stewart, J. M. C. Barlholow) dry goods 
com. merchants, 27 German i 

Chase Wells & Gehrmann, (J. A. Gehrmann) I 
manufacs. and machinists' supplies, cotton j 
and woolen mach'ry, G s Howard ^ 

Chase Stephen, bookkeeper, 130 Hughes 
Chase Capt. Stephen, mariner, 150 w Pratt 
Chason Joseph L. painter, 272 e Pratt 
Chason Peter A., U. S. N., 52 s Ann 
Chastain B. clerk, 51 Lexington 
Chasteau Armand, gilder, 69 e Lombard 
Chasteau Mary E. 69 e Lombard 
Chasteau Thos. E. bookkeecer, 3 Miller 
CUATARD DR. F. E. 118 Park 
Cbatard Dr. F. E. jr. 118 Park 
Chatrue Frank, stevedore, 106 Eastern av 
Chatsworth Independent Church, (M. E.) cor 

Franklin and Pine 
Chaytor Edmund, purser, 109 Bank 
Cheatham And. J. saltsman, 272 w Baltimore 
Cheatham .Mrs. *I']liza, tailoress, 12 Stirling 
Chenoweth Alfred R. painter, 76 n Broadway 
Chenoweth B. T. machinist, 76 n Broadway 
CHENOWETH & CO. (R. B. Chenoweth) 

liquors, s w cor Lexington and Pearl 
Chenoweth Chas. F. driver, 470 Lexington 
Chenoweth F. restaurant, basement s e cor 

Baltimore and Ilolliday, dw Gay nr Fajette 
Chenoweth Geo. E. &Cj. (Geo. E. C.) patent 

feed water regulator, over 73 w Fayette 
Chenoweth Geo. E. (Geo. E. C. & Co.) over 

73 w Fayette 
Chenoweth Horatio, driver, 470 Lexington 
Chenoweth James W. plumber, 76 n Broadway 
Chenoweth R. B. (C. & Co.) s w cor Lexing- 
ton and Pearl 
Chenoweth Richard, lieut. police, 85 Garden 
Chenoweth Robt. shoemaker, 56 n Poppletoa 
Chenoweth Thomas, artist, 166 Barre 
Chenoweth Wm carpenter, 82 n Poppletoa 
CHENOWETH WM. W. clerk, 244 Lexington 
Cherigo Margaret, 60 President 
Cherbornier Mrs. Julia, n e cor Eden and Chase 
Cherry Mrs. Ann, seamstress, 122 Vine 
Cherry .Mrs. Barbara A. tailoress, 86 n Howard 
Cherry Bradford, druggist, 115 Mulberry 
Cherry David H. cigarmaker, 420 w Baltimore 
Cherry Edward, tobacconist, 420 w Baltimore 
Cherry Mrs. Jane, tailoress, 190 Montgomery 
Cherry James W. printer, 115 Mulberry 
Cherry Mrs. Laura, 45 Hanover 
Cherry Dr. T. F. dentist, s w cor Baltimore 

and Libertv 
CHESAPEAKE BANK, s e cor North and 

Chesapeake Blast Furnace, Clinton, Canton, 

W. F. Panneil, propr. 
Chesapeake Chemical Works, Slingluff, Wil- 
son & Co. foot of Leadenhall, office 13 n 

Chesapeake Gpano Works, foot Hughes, office 

Post Office av 
Chesapeake Marine Railway and Dry Dock 

Co. foot Philpot 
Chesapeake Sugar Refinery, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 

O'Donnell's whf. Stirling & Ahrens, prop'rs, 
Chesebrough Andronicus, (Jas. G. Ramauy & 

Co.) 41 Fawn 
Chesebrough Isaac D. clerk, 41 Fawn 
Chesebrough Capt. Robert, 41 Fawn 
Chesebrough Robt. C. jr. mar'r, 161 Saratoga 
Cheseldine (ierard R. 90 Mulberry 
Cbesgreen Win. J. police, 258 n Caroline 
Chesiey Conrad, baker. Castle nr Orleans 
Chesley John W. clerk, 86 Camden 
Chesiey Wm. grocer, 432 w Lombard 
Chesney Alfred D. c'garmaker, 88 Gough 




Chesney Mrs. Annie, 112 8 Wolfe 
Chesney Benj. H. plasterer, 101 s Chester 
Chesney Jesse F. printer, 71 s Bond 
Chesney Robt. coal, 59 n Frederick, dw St. 

Nicholas hotel 
Chesney Samuel, 38 e Eager 
Chesney Wm. F. carpenter, 88 Gough 
Chesney Winfield, carpenter, 112 s Wolfe 
Chesnut Calvin, (c, Townsend & Co.) 104 e 

nut, sr., C. Cbemut, S. P. Townsend, L. W. 
Townsend) whol. grocers and com. merchs. 
n w cor Pratt and South 
Chesnut John, 104 e Baltimore 
Chesnut Washiugtoa R. coal, 3 North, dw 55 

Chesnut Wm. sr. (C, Townsend & Co.) 104 e 

Chesnut Wni. jr. 104 e Baltimore 
Chester Geo. L. blacksmith, 333 n Broadway 
Ford, pres't, R. C. Smith, agent, pier 7, 
Light St. whf 
CHESTER W.M, ehoeing smith, 9 Pleasant, 

dw 11 
Chesterman Edwin H. millwright, 177 ilout- 

Chesterman Roscoe D. clerk, 239 Lee . 
Chesterman Wirt, clerk, 239 Lee 
Chestnut S. & Co. (Mrs. Sarah C, E. C. Mar- 
shall) importers of corks, 38 s Calvert 
Chestnut Mrs. Sarah, (S. C. & Co.) 36 Spring 

Cheston James & Son, (G. Cheston) shipping 

merchants, s w cor Cable and Patterson 
Clieston Galloway, (Jas. C. & Son) 315 Mad- 
ison av 
Chevasse Madame M. T. P. teacher, 105 Sa- 

Chew James W. clerk U. S. Court, dw 114 

Park av- 
Chew Philemon L. clerk, 87 Chew 
Chew Robert B. clerk, 282 w Fayette 
Chew Samuel P. clerk, George nr Fremont 
Chew Dr. Samuel C. prof, at University of 

Maryland. 1G7 n Charles 
Chew .Mrs. H. 167 n Charles 
Chewsick Mrs. Mary, 161 Aliceanna 
Chichester Samuel R. clerk, 144 Harford av 
Chichester Mrs. Susan, 144 Harford av 
Chickering Elbridge C. books, &c. 226 w Pratt 
Chiflfelle Judith, 31 Cathedral 

sale and Retail Dealers and Im- 
porters of China, Glass, Table 
Cutlery, Plated Goods, Tin, 
Wooden and Japanned Wares, 
and House Furnishing Articles 
generally. No. 20 N Charles st 

Child Geo. F. photographer, 208 e Baltimore 

Child James W. plasterer, 241 n Howard 
Child R. DeWitt, clerk, s e cor Charles and 

Child Sarah D. dressmaker, 241 n Howard 
Child Mrs. Samuel, s e cor Charles aod Eager 
CHILD SA.MUEL, (Samuel C. & Co.) a ecor 

Charles and Eager 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Thnotluj Seed,, &c, 
Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Child Thos. C. bookkeeper, 115 s Bond 
Children's Aid Society, 72 n Calvert, W. C. 

Palmer, agent 
Childress Charles, laborer, 625 w Pratt 
Childress .Mrs. Eliza, 263 s Cbarles 
Childress Geo. W. lab, Hudson al nr Federal 
Childs Benj. E. bookkeeper, 343 w Fayette 
Chillis Chas. Mc. salesman, 439 w Lombard 
Childs Chas. A. bricklayer, 53 Druid Hill aT 
Childs Mrs. Elizabeth, 156 German 
Childs Mrs. Elizab., boarding, 314 e Baltimore 
Childs Geo. T. contectioner, 444 w Lombard 
Childs Horace A. bricklayer, 58 Druid Hillav 
Childs John W. com. merchant, over 92 Light 

st whf, dw 258 Lanvale 
Childs Joseph S. laborer, 232 e Pratt 
Childs Mary, 177 Columbia 
Childs -Mrs. S. J. millinery, 420 w Fayette 
Childs Mrs. Sophia, 267 w Lombard 
Childs Thomas C. collector, 1 15 s Bond 
Cbilds Wm. H. clerk, 420 w Fayette 
Childs Zecbariah, 184 Orleans 
Childs Zechariah, jr. 184 Orleans 
China Hall, over 543 and 545 w Baltimore, 

Simon Bolte, proprietor 
CHINA TEA CO. 23 w Baltimore and 43 a 

Eutaw. Benj. Berry, prop'r 
Chiowt Mrs.Mar}-, lager beer, 322 Aliceanna 
Chiowt John, furn. wagon, 322 Aliceanna 
Chipman Emanuel, miller, Washington av nr 

Chipman Geo. (Geo. C. & Co. and Magne & 

C.) 88 e Baltimore 
CHIPMAN GEO. &; CO. (Geo. and M. M. 

Chipman) wood and willow ware, factory 

2 Swan, office n e cor Calvert aod Lombard 
Chipman Henry C. clerk, 83 e Baliimore 
Chipman Marcus M. (Geo. C. & Co.) 88 e 

Chiiholm Henry, boilermaker, 218 s Charles 
Chisholm Geo. H. clerk, 218 s Charles 
CHISHOLM DR. J. J. prof. University of Md. 

and dean of med. faculty, 64 Franklin 
Chism Mrs. Ann E. 154 s Dallas 
Chism Rich'd, dry goods, 229 Lexington 
Chiveral .Mrs. Louisa, dressmaker, 9 Hill 
Chiveral James, mariner, 9 Hill 
Chivrel Alex, dyer, 67 Saratoga, dw 43 Mul- 
Cbivrel Alex. B. tailor, 46 Mulberry 
Chivrel Mrs. S. A. dressmaker, 48 .Mulberry 
Choupin Ambrose, woodfin'r, 22 Spring row 
Chrisall John, tinner, 17 Perry 
Chrismann Margaretta, seamstress, 104 B 

Chrismer Alex, printer, 203 Ensor 
Chrismer Mrs. Priscilla, doctress, 203 Ensor 
Chrismer .Mrs. Susan A. dressmaker, 3 n Pop- 





Lawrence D. Dietz & Co. 

. Importers and Dealers in 

notions and Fancy Goods, 

Hosiery, Gloves, Small Wares, &c. 


ChrisDer Josi^ph, potter, 325 Penna av 
Chrispin Jclm IJ. (\Vm. A. Padgett & Co.) 

23 II Calvert 
Christ Christina, ] Jasper 
Christ Church, Prot.Epis.corGay and Fayette 
Christ Church Asylum for female children, 27 

Christ Henry, cabinetmaker, 113 Chew 
Christ John, apothecary, 39 s Burke 
Chiist Wm. undertaker, 252 n Caroline 
Christhilf Mrs. Frances, 38 Walsh 
Christhilf Geo. lithographer, 130 n Pine 
Chrisihilf Henry B. clerk, 38 Walsh 
Christhilf Margaret A. 163 Pearl 
Chrisihilf Sarah, seamstress, 1G8 Pearl 
Christhilf Susan, teacher, 38 Walsh 
Chrisfan Adam, carpenter, 13 Bevan 
Christian Baptist Church, cor Paca and Lom- 
Christian Chas. M. clerk, 230 w Hoffmim 
Christian Elizabeth, grocery, 28" Eastern av 
Christian Ur. J. Hunt, 117 n Pine, dw 230 

V,' Iloffjian 
Christian John 0. clprk, 49 Hanover 
Christian "Wm. T. clerk, 318 w Baltimore 
Christiani Wm. laborer, 93 Granby 
Christie Edw. G. hardware, 789 w Baltimore 
Chrisiie James, glassblower, Stockholm nr 

Christie James, 135 s Caroline 
Christie Michael, blacksmith, 265 Preston 
Christopher Amos J. wheelwright, 364 Aisquith 
Christopher Aquilla, puddler, 13 Essex 
Chri>tophfr Christian, mariner, 48 e Lombard 
Christopher k Co.(H.C. & E. M. Christopher) 
Patapico coal oil refinery, cor Scott al and 
Christopher Mrs. E. 438 Penna av 
Christopher E. M. (Christopher & Co.) 618 w 

Christopher Henry C. (C. & Co.) 618 wFayette 
Christopher James F. vh^sterer, 258 Lee 
Chriitopher Jane, 86 North 
Christojher John A. police, 8 n Fremont 
Ciiristopher Milton, painter. Bull's Head hotel 
Cliristo]iher Joseph, grocery, 208 Lee 
Christopher Michael, blacksmith, 20 Warner 
Christopher Nicholas, 618 w Fayette 
Christopher Oliver K. salesman, 115 Conway 
Christopher R. V,' . clerk, 115 Conwav 

prop'r, 1 n Paca 
Christoplur Thos. B. puddler, 132 Mullikin 
Christopher Thos. J. mariner, 52 n Caroline 
Christopher Wm. 145 Penna av 
Chriitopher Wm. merch. tailor, 454 w Balti- 
more, dw 285 Lexington 
Christopher Wm. 143 Mulberry 
Christopher Wollen Z. 53 s Broadway 

Christy Joseph, junk, 66 Union 

Cbrystal John F. painter, 73 L McElderry 

Chrystal, grocer, 226 n Gay 

Cbrishardt Henrv, grocery, 388 Cross 

Chubb Mrs. Caroline, 271 St. Paul 

Chunn .Mrs. Sarah, 244 Park av 

Chunn Wilbur T. c'erk, 199 w Fayette 

Church Mrs. Annie W. 116 n Pine 

Church Anthony, fruit stand, cor Baltimore 

and Lilcrty, dw 11 Perry 
Church Edward J. lumber, s w cor Aisquith 

and Monument, dw Park av nr Towns nd 
Church Home and Infirmary, (Epis.) Broad- 
way bet Baltimore aad Fayette 
Church James, bricklayer, 10 n W^olfe 
Church of the Holy Innocents, cor Eden and 

Church of f^e Immaculate Conception, Mosher 

bet Druid Hill av and Division 
Church Mrs. Mary, teacher, 246 Aisquith 
Church Nelson S. clerk, Park avnr Townsend 
Church Step'n D. liarnessmkr, 473 w Lombard 
Church Thomas, clerk, 246 Aisquith 
Chu'^ch of the United Brethren, cor Fulton 

and Lombard 
Church Wm. G. bootmaker, Harford av near 

Point la 
Cihia John, laborer, rear 354 s Caroline 
Cilly Joo', millwright, 77 n Caroline 
Cincinnati Mut. Health Assurance Co. agency 

18 Second 
Cinnamond Mrs. Martha, 521 w Baltimore 
Cinnamond Philip, laborer, 24 Harmony la 
Cinnamond Thos. E. carpenter, 521 w Balti- 
Cissel Benj C. hatter, 87 Mound 

AND L.\ND CO. 17 South 
Citizens' Fire Ins. Co. of N. Y. agency 9 and 

11 North 

and Hanover 

ball, cor Fayette and Calvert 

3rd floor, cor Fayette and Calvert 

Cify hall, cor Fayette and Calvert 
City Court of Baltimore, cor St. Paul and 

Courthouse la 
CITV HALL, n w cor Calvert and Fayette, ia 
which are the Mayor's office. City Collec- 
tor's. Register's, Commissioner's, Appeal 
TasCourt, Comptroller's and City Surveyor's 
City Fire Ins. Co. of Hartford, Conn., agency 

83 Second 
City Pai-senger Railway Company, office s e 

cor Calvert and Baltimore 
GRAPH, office old Citv Hall, n Hollidav 

Hall, n w cor Fayette and Calvert 
ette and Calvert 
City Yard, s side of basin 
Civille .Mrs. M. L. 78 n Paca 
Clabaugh E. A. (C. & Harris) 8 n Carey 
Clabauch Pent. B. salesman, 372 w Baltimore 
CLABAUGH GEO. W. whole^alo liquors, 372 
w Baltimore, dw 6 Waverly terrace, n Carey 
Clabaugh & Harris, (E. A. C, G. W. Harris) 
liquors and distillers, 33 South 




Clabaugh H. E. 8 n Carej 

Clabaugb John, painter, 230 Mulberry 

Clabaugh John Ii. brakesman, 15 Parkin 

Cl&baugh Wm. H. painter, 230 Mulberry 

Clabaugh Wm. H. 205 w Lombard 

Claby Mrs. Honora, 76 Hilen 

Claby Luke F. (Barry & C.) TS Hillea 

Claby Michael, plumber, "76 Hillen 

Clackner Elizabeth, 303 e Baltimore 

Clackner Ja3. G. B., Sec'y French Lloyds, T 

Clackner Capt. Joseph, marine surveyor, s w 

cor Gay and Lombard, iw 7 Aisquith 
Clagett's Brewery, J. D. Danels, proprietor, e 

Lombard cor Jones' falls 
Claaett Dr. Joseph E. (Drs. C. & Walls) 

Maltby house 
Clagett Joseph E. & J. Wm. Walls, Drs. 17 

s Eutaw 
CLAGETT S. A. & CO. (S. A. C.,R. T. Tay- 
lor) mdse. brokers, 43 w Lombard 
€Iagett bamuel A. (S. A. C. & Co.) 95 s Eden 
Clagett Mrs. Wm. 240 n Charles 
Clagg James, restaurant, 19 Pleasant 
Claggett Mrs. Eliza, 145 e Lombard 
Claggett John T. 145 e Lombard 
Claggett Louis II. clerk, 154 Chatsworth 
Claggett Mrs. Mary. 257 Madison av 
Claggett Wm. T. carter, and dancing master, 

over 27 e Lombard, dw 157 e Lombard 
Claiborne Chas. police, 53 George 
Claiborne Chas. H. police, 54 n Schroeder 
Clair Lemuel, conductor, 16 George 
Clampitt Eiiaa, brass finisher, 496 Franklin 
Clampitt Wm. H. brass finisher, 64 George 
Clancy Jeremiah, packer, 207 n Eutaw 
Clancy John D. carpenter, 7 Etting 
Clancy Mrs. Mary, 207 n Eutaw 
Clancy Thomas, painter, 207 n Eutaw 
Clapp Catherine, laundress, 214 Stirling 
Clapp Chas. E. hatter, 6 Jefferson 
CLAPP & DORRANCB, (E. Clapp, Geo. E. 

Dorrance) cider and malt vinegar, 122 North 
Clapp Edwin, Gilmor house 
Clapp Edwin (C. & Dorrance) 228 Linden av 
Clapp Geo. M. batter, 6 Jefferson 
Clapp Geo. C. hats, 110 n High, dw 6 Jefferson 
Clapp W. C. coach painter, 6 Jefferson 
ClapsaddleFr's, (C.& McFern) 148 Mulberry 
Clapsaddle & McFern, (F. Clapsaddle, Edw'd 

McFern) blacksmiths, 12 Tessier 
Clapsaddle Wm. F. tinner, 65 s Eutaw 
Clare Anthony H. clerk, 119 Hanover 
C^are Geo. carter, 134 P'ront, n of Foundry 
Clarey John, laborer, 83 s Mount 
Claridge Daniel, plas'erer, 32 Hughes 
Claridge Geo. D. clerk, 196 e Pratt 
Claridge Geo. W. painter. 87 Stiles 
Claridge Henrietta E. tailoress, 25 Chew 
Claridge Henry R. paperhanger, 25 Chew 
Claridi^e Jas. R. (Loud, C. &Co.) 361ePratt 
Claridge Joseph H. 196 e Pratt 
Claridge John H. tinner, 72 s Edea 
Claridge Wm. tinner, IH s Eden 
Clark Adam H. painter, 33 n Exeter 
Clark Alfred F. hatter, 28 n Liberty 
Ciark Albert C. tinner, 92 n Eden 
Clark Mrs. Ann, dairy, 87 Lexington 
Clark Mis. Ann M. 7 McCuUoh 
Clark Aug^ustus, blacksmith, s e cor Ridgely 

and Sterrett, dw n w cor Burgundy al and 

. 8, 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Clark Augustus, laborer, 323 w IIofiFman 

Clark Augustus B. clerk, Decker nr Hoffmau 

Clark Mrs. Avis M. 479 n Gay 

Clark Benj. laborer, 58 s Republican 

Clark Benj. F. carpenter, '1?A Ilollina 

Clark Benj. I)., Decker nr Hoffman 

Clark Benj. J. bacon, 98 McElderry 

Clark Benj. J. jr. saddler, 83 Hillen 

Clark Bernhard, carpenter, 15 Pleasant, dw 

163 n Exeter 
Clark Catherine, 92 n Eden 
Clark Chas. engineer, Jenkins' la nr Green- 
mount cemetery 
Clark Chas. machinist, 92 n Eden 
Clark Chas. furn. wagon, 34 Chatsworth 
Clark Chas. pilot, 110 s Bond 
Clark Chas. clerk, 83 e Pratt 
Clark Chas. B. shipcarpeater, 236 Bank 
Clark Chas. E. clerk, 222 Franklin 
Clark Chas. F. blacksmith, 259 Greenmount av 
CIrrkChas. H. safemaker, 281 Cross 
Clark Mrs. Chas. H. boarding, 42 Mulberry 
Clark Chas. H. 42 Mulberry 
Clark Chas. J. tinner, 33 n Exeter 
Clark Chas. L. carpenter, 163 n Exeter 

R. Cunningham, J. C. Clark) liquor and 

com. merchants, 42 w Lombard 
Clark Daniel, carpenter, 67 s Fremont 
Ciark Daniel H. shoemaker, 6 Orleans 
Clark David, caulker, 243 s Broadway 
Clark David A. general agent, 11 South, dw 

126 Bolton 
Clark Duncan C. 185 St. Paul 
Clark Edward, machinist, 237 Gough 
Clark Edwd. D. iron moulder, 75 s Fremont 
Clark Edw. I. clerk, s e cor CaroWie and Eager 
Clark Edwd. L. (Keen & C.) 322 h Fremont 
Clark Ella, saleswoman, 157 Conway 
Clark Ellen M. 87 Lexington 
Clark Eliza, 131 Mulberry 
Clark Mrs. Elizabeth, 316 Chatsworth 
Clark Elizabeth, seamstress, 125 Orleans 
Clark Mrs. Eva, 75 w Biddle 
Clark Everett, clerk, 45 Lexington 
Clark Francis P. attorney, 87 ISecond, dw 118 

St. Paul 
Clark Frank, (Murray, C. k Co.) 67 Lee 
CLARK GABRIEL D. watches and jewelry, 

cor Calvert and Water, dw 50 w Monument 
Clark Gabriel D. jr. clerk, 50 w Monument 
Clark Geo. mariner, 253 e Madison 
Clark Geo. A. mariner, 50 n Gilmor 
Clark Geo. A. shoemaker, 195 n Dallas 
Clark Geo. A. shoemaker, 142 German 
Clark Geo. R. clerk, 83 e Pratt 
Clark Geo. T. laborer, 12 Hamburg 
Clark. Geo. T. (Levin P. C. &; Son) Liberty 

rd nr city limits 







Furnishing Goods, &;c. 


308 W. Baltimore St. 


Clark G'o. W. horses, 56 s Greene 

Clark Geo. W. 11 Penn 

Clark Henry, (Perry, C. & Co.) 183 w Madison 

C ark Henry, Supt. N. C. R., 206 George 

Clark Mrs. H. Frances, boarding, 42 Mulberry 

Clark H. Lee, 45 Lexington 

Clark Henry H. coachmaker, 80 n High 

Clark Howard W. clerk, 2 Mosher 

Clark Hugh, huckster, 46 Front n of Foundry 

Clark Ira, 11 Peiin 

Clark James, locksmith and bellhanger, 131 

Lexington, dw 222 FraDklin 
Clark Jas. A. jr. conductor, s e cor Eager and 

Claik James, laborer, 201 Lemmon 
Clark James A. clerk, 56 Cbatsworth 
Clark James B. traveling agent, 84 n Exeter 
Clark James B. clerk, Decker nr Hoffman 
Clark James D. carpenter, 60S w Pratt 
Ciark J. Albert, clerk, 222 Fiauklin 
Clark Jj'.mes, watchman, 121 s Ana 
ClarK James, laborer, 40 Boyd 
Ciaik James A. laborer, 22-1 Preston 
Clark James, (James C. & Co.) 40 Warren 
Cl.irk Ja3.G.( W.G. Gardner & Co.)41 s Exeter 
Clark James, laborer, 242 Lemmou al 
Clark James L. attorney, 31 St. Paul, dw 185 
Clark James G jr. clerk, 41 s Exeter 
Clark James, lock manuf. 131 Lexington, dw 

222 Franklin 
Clark James D. carpenter, 56 Chatsworth 
CLARK JAS. & CO. (J. Clark, B. Thornton, 
J.Cahi!l)Peoples' machine and boiler works, 
south side Basin 
Clark James R. ( M. B. C. & Bro.) 249 n Eutaw 
Clark James S. carpenter, 163 n Exeter 
Cl^rk James A. sr. produce, s e cor Eager and 

Clark John, laborer, 176 Dover 
Clark Mrs. John, 44 n Charles 
Clark John, marbkcutter, 2 s Ann 
Clark John P. huckster, 173 n Spiing 
Clark John S. bricklai,er, 23G Bank 
Clark John W. restaurant, cor llaribrd av and 

Clark John H. tailor, 11 s Ilolliday, dw 177 

Druid Hill av 
Clark John II. laborer, 459 e Baltimore 
Clark John H. cooper, 328 e Madison 
Clark John, caulker, 243 s Broadway- 
Clark John, 34 Chatsworth 
CTa'k John N. provisions, 164 n Caroline, dw 

284 e Monument 
Clark John S. 140 Barre 
Clark John, carpenter, 71 s Fremont 
Clark John S. carpenter, 158 e Pr^tt 
Cliik John W. saddler, 98 McFld'rry 
Clark John, bricklayer, 166 Peirce 
Clark John, grocery, a w cor Gough and Castle 

Clark John K. sailmaker, 57 L Montgomery 
Clark John L. furn. wagon, 166 n Spring 
Clark Capt. John T. mariner, 248 w Lombard 
Clark John C. (C. & Cunningham) 295 n Car- 
Clark John S. machinist, Washington av nr 

Clark John W. wagoner, 102 s Central av 
Clark John W. carpenter, 13 Anthony 
Clark John W. carpenter, 31 s Poppleton 
Clark Jonathan T. sparmaker, 99 Hamburg 
Clark Jos. A. wagoner, 290 Harford av 
Clark Joseph C. police, 173 Ensor 
Clark Kate, 51 Josephine 
Clark Kinsy J. 37 n Schroeder 
Clark Lester S. 438 e Monument 
Clark Levin P. & Son, (L. P. and Geo. T. 

Clark) patent hydrants and pump manufs. 

over 44 n Ilolliday 
Clark Levi, carpenter, 87 s Mount 
Clark Levin P. (L. P. C. & Son) 33 n Exeter 
Clark Lewis, 272 Park av 
Clark Mrs. Margaret, 46 Warren 
Clark Mrs.MargaretS.dressmkr,135LexiDgtou 
Clark Mrs. Martha, 121 n Republican 
Clark Martin, peddler, 92 s Ana 
Clark Martin, fruit, 26 Barnet 
Clark Mary, 60 Granby 
Clark M. J., Hand house 
Clark Matthew B (M.B.C.& Bro.)272 w Fayette 
Clark .Mary, Clarkson al nr West 
Clark Matthew B. k Bro. (M. B. and J. R. 

Clark) flour merchants, 40 n Howard 
Clark Matthew, bailiff, 50 n Front 
Clark Michael, laborer, Hudson al s of Federal 
Cl^rk Michael, carter, 13 L Montgomery 
Clark Nelson B. 43 Gough 
Clark Mrs. Nelson M. 67 St Paul 
Clark Noah, saddler, 33 n Exeter 
Clark Owen, switch tender, B & 0. R. R. n e 

cor Ostend and Eutaw 
Clark Patrick, laborer, 110 Cathedral 
Clark Patrick, 263 e Pratt 
Clark Philip B., Agt. Steamer Maggie, over 

107 South, dw 183 Madison av 
Clark Phoebe A. bookfolder, 479 n Gay 
Clark Capt. Ray S. wharfinger, 20 s Broadway 
Clark Richard J. (Thomas C. & Bro.) 263 e 

Clark R. G. laborer, 323 w Hoffman 
Clark Richard, carter, 50 Haw 
Clark Richard D. baker, 310 s Bond 
Clark Richard J. clerk, 263 e Pratt 
Clark Richard B. clerk, 83 e Pratt 
Clark Richard, laborer, 50 Haw 
Clark Richard M. coachpainter, 144 Dover 
Clark Richard, shoemaker, 253 s Dallas 
Clark Robert, contractor, 307 e Biddle 
Clark Robert .M., int. rev. dep't, 98s Broadway 
Clark Robert T. coachmaker, 132 s Paca 
Clark Robert H. mate, 110 Hamburg 
Clark Robert Y. machinist. Decker nr HofTaiaa 
Clark Samuel, bricklayer, 508 w Pratt 
Clark Simuel, patternmaker, 156 Aisquith 
Clark Mrs. Sarah, 236 Bank 
Clark Sarah, teacher, 45 Lexington 
Clark Mrs. Sarah, 156 Aisquith 
Clark Mrs Sidney E. (C.& Cunningham) 295 

n Caroline 
Clark Mrs. Sophia J. boarding, 45 Lexington 
Clark Stephen N. carpenter, 342 e Fayette 
Clark Stevenson S. carpenter, 163 n Exeter 




Clark Susan S. bookfolder, 4^9 n Gay 
Clark Svlvester, moulder, 1G2 e Eager 
Clark Teresa E. 37 n Schroeder 
Clark Teresa E. 6 Eden ct 
Clark Temperance J. 280 w Fayette 
Clark Thoaas, foundery, 28 Willow 
Clark Thomas, laborer, 159 Stirlinc; 
Clark Thos. & Bro. (T. & Richard J. C.) cop- 
persmiths, 241 3 Wolfe 
Clark Thos. (T. C. & Bro.) 263 e Pratt 
Clark Thos. C. clerk, 295 n Caroline 
Clark Thos. J. law student, 92 s Ann 
Clark Thos. F. finisher, 555 w Lombard 
Clark Thos. S. & Son, (Thos. S.& W . H. C. ) 

sailraakers, 90 Dugan's whf 
Clark Thos. S. (Thos. S. C. & Son") 83 e Pratt 
Clark Thos. S. disc't clerk, Third Nat. Bank, 

40 Lexington 
Clark Thomas, tinner, 769 w Baltimoro 
Clark Thomas, bricklayer, 511 w Pratt 
Clark Thomas M. bricklayer. 511 w Pratt 
Clark Timothy, laborer, 67 James la 
Clark Walter S. glasscutter, 105 Leadenhall 
Clark Wm. carpenter, 292 n Eutaw 
Clark Wm. A. huckster, 253 e Madison 
Clark Wm. B. clerk, 34 Chatsworth 
Clark Wm. H. driver, 902 w Baltimore 
Clark Wm. H. carpenter, 45 s Republicaa 
Clark Wm. J. patternmaker, 156 Aisquilh 
Clark Wm. H. horses, dw 75 w Biddle 
Clark Wm. H. undertaker, 22 w Fayette 
Clark Wm. T. shipcarpenter, dS s Washington 
C;ark Wm. H. ass't ed'r of Sun, 131 Mulberry 
Clark Wm. 127 Riborg 
Clark \V'm. carpenter, 45 s Republican 
Clark Wra. B. huckster, 420 w Baltimore 
Clark Wm. L teacher, 678 w Fayette 
C:ark Wm. A. machinist, 219 Hollins 
Clark Wm. 11. (Thomas S. C. & Son) 220 

Druid Hill av 
Clark Wm. H. driver, 2 Oxford 
Clark Zechariah T. 56 Chatsworth 
Clark Zechariah, pilot, 135 s Ann 
CLARKE ADDISON, iron and steel, 5 Water, 

dw 1 n Carey 
Clarke Alfred, tinner, 92 n Eden 
Clarks Annie J. teacher, 228 w Lombard 
Clarke Anthony, grocery, 191 Gough 
CLARKE ASHUR, ladies' seminary, 61 Sara- 
toga, adj. Athenffium, dw 2 McCuUoh 
Clarke k Baldus (Wra. Clarke k \V. T. Bal- 
dus) apothecaries, sw cor Eager and Eden 
Clarke Charles, clerk, 83 e Pratt 
Clarke Dr. David M. 104 e Monument 
Clarke E. Agatha, teacher, 112 Greenmount 
Clarke Mv3. Eliza, 282 w FayeUe 
Clarke Francis, shoemaker, I74 s Central av 
Clarke Geo. W. clerk, 30 e Lombard 
Clarke Geo. carpenter, 173 Ensor 
Clarke Henry E. 56 w Biddle 
Clarke Pr. Henry dentist, 152 n Eutaw 
Clarke Prof. Irvin W. teacher, 678 w Fayette 
Clarke James A. laborer, 68 James !a 
Clarke James, furniture, 224 Lexingtoa 
Clarke James, laborer, 13 Cooke 
Clarke John, meat trier, 30 Hillen 
Clarke John, rigger, 70 Biock 
Clarke John G. (C. k Jones) 391 w Lombard 
Cla-ke John E. plumber, 240 Aisquith 
Clarke John K. restaurant, Cowpen al rear 

Eutnw house, dw 57 .Montgomery 
Clarke Jos. H. prof, of lang's, 645 w Fayette 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 
Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

CLARKE & JONES (J. G. Clarke, W. H. 

Jones) candy maaufs. and fruits, 60 Light 
Clarke Jos. W. clerk, 152 n Eutaw 
Clarke Joseph, police, 173 Ensor 
Clarke Mrs. Lawrence, 240 Aisquith 
Clarke Martin, laborer, Nicholson nr Towson 
Clarke Martin, laborer, 13 Cooke 
Clarke .Mrs. M;iry P. 112 Greenmount av 
Clarke Osmund .M. druggist. 275 e Eager 
Clarke i'atrick, stonemason, 13 Cooke 
Clarke Capt. Pay S. 20 s Broadway 
Clarke RoV/t. A. grocer, 30 e Lombard 
Clarke S. A. apothecary, 106 Greenmount av, 

dwcor Eden and Eager 
Clarke Sophia, 45 Lexington 
Clarke Sylvester, bonnet frame manuf. 79 

Lexington, dw 87 
Clarke Thos. laborer, 704 w Pratt 
Clarke Thos. contractor, 067 w Fayette 
Clarke Thos. laborer. 13 Cooke 
Clarke k Truscott, ( Wm. W. Clarke, C. Trus- 

cott) flour com. merchs. 01 s Gay 
Clarke Rev. Wm. F. treas. Loyola College 
Clarke W. E. bookeeper, 43 Hanover 
Clarke W. E. bookkeeper, 152 n Eutaw 
Clarke Wm. (C. & Baldus) 175 e Eager 
Clarke Wm. T, shipjoiner, 36 Barre 
Clarke Wm. stonemason, 36 n Amity 
Clarke Wm. W. (C. k Truscott) 56 w Biddle 
Clarkson Edward H. N. (Jos. C. iSonsj 135 n 

Clarkson Eugene ( Jos. C.& Sons) 135 n Calver;t 
Clarkson Franklin S. com. merch. 80 Hillea, 

dw 126 n Exeter 
-Clarkson Geo. E. clerk, 97 n Central av 
Clarfeson Geo. L. shoemaker, 97 n Central av 
Clarkson Jos. A. salesman, 427 w Favette 
CLARKSON JOS. & SONS (Jos., Edw. H. 

N. and Eugene Clarkson) machinists, 75 

and 77 n Front 
Clarkson Jos. (Jos. C. & Sons) 135 n Calvert 
Clarraan Mrs. Marv, over 43 Harrison 
Clarvoe Clarence W. telegraphist, 30 a Paca 
Clarvoe John H. clerk, lOS n Eutaw 
Clas Henry, laborer, 54 Stiles 
Claspy Geo. W. locksmith, 88,Peirce 
Claspy John, iron finisher, 79 n Poppletoa 
Classen Benj.H.fB. H. G.&Bro.) 148sSharD 
Classen B. H. & 'Bro. (B. H. & F.W. Classen) 

flour and feed. 145 s Sharp 
Classen Fred'k W. (B. H. C & Bro.) 83 Lee 
Classen Harman, flour and feed, 145 s Sharp^ 

dw 147 
CLASSEN HENRY W. k CO. (H.W. Classen, 

D. Snyder) brickyard, Light st ext 
Classen "H.W. (Henry W.C. &Co.) 1553 Sharp 
Cla'chey James M. coachtrimmer, 13G Peirce 
Clatthaur Christian, laborer, 79 Ramsay 
Claus Edw. C. tailor, 91 n Eden 







Furnishing Goods, &c. 


308 W. Baltimore St. 


Claudius Ilarman, provisions, Nicholson nr 

Claus Philip, baker, 122 s Bond 
Clausen Peter, rigger, 203 s Washington 
Clautice Edwin, plumber, 110 s Paca 
Clautice Geo. (C. & Moore) 36 Valley 
Clautice Geo. J. huckster, 32 Valley 
Clautice Henry, huckster, 121 Harford av 
Clautice Heury C. shipsmitb, 189 n Caroline 
Clautice John, huckster, Aisquith nr Point la 
C'autice Joseph, tailor, 295 e Jladison 
•Clautice Joseph, tinner, 110 s Paci 
Clautice & Moore, (G. Clautice, II. F. Moore) 

com. merchants, G7i- w Pratt 
Olautice Peter F. bookkeeper, 110 s Paca 
Clautice Peter, sr. 110 s Paca 
^Clautice Peter, blacksmith, 110 s Paca 
Clautice \Vm. F. clerk, 141 Penna av 
Clautice Wm. coachmaker, 220 w Biddle 
Clavell Capt. Edw. maricer, 301 e Lombard 
Clay Henry, laborer, 237 s Bethel 
Clay James, laborer, 154 e Pratt 
Clay Nimrod S. clerk, 391 w Lombard 
Clav Oliver W. clerk, 319 Franklin 
Clay "Wm. flagman, 325 Cathedral 
Clay Wm. A. agent, dyer and scourer, 110 w 

Baltimore, d\v 3 s Exeter 
Clay Wm. Ck.morticer, T90 w Baltimore 
Clayland Thomas, driver, 12 Diamond 
Claypoole Geo. W. lettercarrier, 82 n Fremont 
Claypoole James, clerk, 50 n Republican 
Claypoole Capt. Ji^mes Y. court clerk, 423 n 

Central av 
Claypoole Capt. John, 423 n Central av 
Clayton Alired S. butter depot, 82 Hanover, 

d\v n w cor Liberty rd andjGilmor 
Clayton Augustus L. carpenter,, York rd nr 

Frisby woods 
Clayton Chas. H. police, 40 n Washington 
Clayton Mrs. Ellen, 12 HoUins 
Clayton G. W. clerk, Maltby house 
Clayton Heztkiali B. porter, 180 w Biddle 
Clayton James W. attorney-, Gilmor house 
Clayton Jiimes, bailiff tax dept. 57 George 
Clayton Jas. W. conductor, 444 n Central av 
Clayton John R. M. silversmith, 53 w Centre 
Clayton John P. insp. cus. house, 3 Courtland 
Clayton John T. carpenter, 1G5 e iladisoa 
Clayton Joseph, carpenter, 180 -w Biddle 
Clayton Mallory R. carpenter, 63 Columbia 
Clayton Margaret E. dressmaker, 06 Lee 
Clayton Sam'l, laborer, 6 East 
Clayton Sam'l, 53 Conway 
Clayton Sim'l S. pre.t. Silver Valley Mining 
Co. 12 South, dw s w cor Druid Uill avand 
Clayton Philip V. painter, 1G5 c Madison 
Clayton Theo. asst. assessor, 12 Ilollins 
■Clayton Wm. E. clerk, 1G5 e Madison 

Clayton Wm. S. bricklayer, 225 Dolphin 
Clazey Albert J. moulder, 299 s Paca 
Clazey James, machinist, 256 Hanover 
Clear Wm. H. laborer, 366 Eastern av 
Clearance Michael, driver, 21G Division 
Cleary Douglass M. 150 Hanover 
Cleary Edw. M. clerk, 236 Gough 
Cleary John, mariner, 158 s Washington 
Chary Martin, laborer, 528 w Lombard 
Cleary Robert E. bookkeeper, 150 Hanover 
Cleavelaud Amos J. clerk, 144 n Exeter 
Cleaveland Edwin R. (B. R. C. & Co.) 144 n 

Cleaveland E. R. & Co. (E. R. and S. Cleave- 
land) dry goods and notions, 103 n Giy 
Cleaveland Sylvester, (E. R. C & Co.) 144 n 

Cleepper Chas. painter, 182 e Pratt 
ClelTord Mrs. Hannah A. 148 German 
Cleflbrd Mrs. Margaret, 421 w Pratt 
Clebm Adam, laborer, rear 131 El iott 
Clemens Eliza, 162 n Howard 
Clemens Jas. D. cooper, 259 e Madison 
Clemens John, porter, 63 Exchange pi 
Clement Rev. Henry, 490 Lexington 
Clement Thos. coj^per smelter, 12 Clinton 
Clements James, foreman, 145 s Sharp 
Clements John, machinist, 320 Harford av 
Clements John, jr. brickmaker, 27 Gitiings 
Clements John, sr. 27 Gittings 
Clements John S. bailiif City Circuit Court, 

111 Aisquith 
Clements John F. mate, 2 W^illiamson al 
Clements Capt. John W. mariner, 103 Chesa- 
Clements Theodore, machinist, 190 Hollins 
Clements Wm. E. carter, 42 Lemraon 
Clements Wm. M. brickmaker, 27 Gittings 
Clemm Chas. laborer, 689 w Lonilard 
Ciemm John, brass moulder, 49 e Monument 
CIcram Wm. E. watchman. Monument betw 

Aisquith and Stirling 
Clemm Wm. E. rope dealer, 206 e Monument 
Clemm Wm. E. jr. purser, 206 e Monument 
Clemm Rev. Wm. T. D. 394 w Fayette 
C erament John B. mariner, 160 e Pratt 
Clcmmons John R. cigarmaker, 84 Penna av 
Clemsen Joseph, carpenter, 259 Gough 
Clemsen Richard, mariner, 259 Gouiih 
Clemsen Samuel, mariner, 259 Gough 
Clemsen Wm. watchman, 259 Gough 
Clenahan James, laborer, 169 Greenmount au 
Clecdenen Mrs. Mary A. milliner, 218 w Fayette 
Clendenin Arthur A. miller, 33 n Eden 
Clendenin Mrs. Dr., John nr Wilson 
Clendenin Mrs. Susan, 33 n Eden 
Cleudtnin Wm.R. moulder and gild. 33 n Eden 
Clendeniug Thos. R. (Hough, C. & Co.) 186 

Clend.ning Wm. (Hough, C. & Co.) Va 
Clendinen Joseph, clerk. 13 s Boiid 
Clendinen t. R. (C. & Wilson) Johu nr Mc- 

Clendinen Dr. Wm. H. 93 n Broadway 
CLENDINEN *, WILSON, (T. R. Clendinen, 

C. G. Wilson^ attorneys, 49 Lexington 
Cleveland Josepn S. 477 n Fremont 
CLEVELAND J. B. storage, 139 McElderrj's 

wharf, dw 59 Courtland 
Clickner Samuel A. shoecutter, 191 Lee 
Cliffe Capt. John F. mariner, s w cor Jackson 
Sq av and Chester 




Cliffoid Albert, 53 Slirlinp 

Clifford Amanda, dressmaker, 4 s Oregon 

Clifford Auslin, laborer, 5 Ridsrely 

Clifford Bernard, teacher, 293 Eastern av 

Clifford Cbailes. police, Wolfe nr Belair av 

Clifford Mrs. Ellen, 293 Eastern av 

Clifford Harry, shoecutier, 90 s Sharp 

Clifford James, blacksmith, 16 Arbel al 

Clifford John C. tinner, 293 Eastera av 

Clifford John II. finisher, 4 s Oregon 

Clifford -Mrs. Julia, 240 n Dallas 

Clifford Mrs. Mary, over 61 Hanistm 

Clifford Richard, shoemaker, 90 s .Sharp 

Clifford Thomas E. laborer, 293 Eastern av 

Clifford Wm. carter, 180 Greenmount av 

Clifford Wm. H. 22 Pearl 

CliftMrs. Catherine, 273 e Madison 

Clift Harriet A. 55 Hamburg 

Clift Mark A. G. clerk, 55 Hamburg 

Clift Mrs. Mary V. 55 Hamburg 

Clift Mrs Sarah E. 55 Hamburg 

Clift ^Vm. V. clerk, 55 Hamburg 

Clifton Chas. machinist, Farmer's hotel 

Clifton Francis E. 4 May 

Clifton Louisa, McCulloh nr Dolphin 

Clifton Wm. R. student, 106 w Fayette^^ 

Cline Ant'y, brickmaker, Pratt nr Choptank 

Cline David L. salesram, Voshell house 

Cline Eli, moulder, 625 w Pratt 

Cline Geo. H. clerk, 298 e Madison 

Cline Lewis, carpenter, 11 Wyeth 

Cline Jacob C. patternmaker, 79 McHenry 

Cline Mrs. Margaret P. 2G2 e Pratt 

Clinton David, mariner, 122 Thames 

Clinton Frank, laborer, 8 Comet 

Clinton Henry De W. bailiff Criminal court, 

242 Penna av 
Clinton John, laborer, 54 Fort av 
Clinton Margaret, confectionery, 122 Thames 
Clipper Wm. sergeant police, 319 s Sharp | 

Clisham Mrs. Cath'ne, 13 Front n of Foundry | 
Ciisham Mirtin, laborer, 15 Buren j 

Clishman Mrs. Catherine, 47 Chesnut 
Clishman Peter, huckst<^r, 47 C'aesnut | 

Clishman Pet. hucks'r, 31 Front n of Foundry 
Clishman Timothy, laborer, 86 Luzerne | 

Cloak James, laborer, 159 s Eden 
Cloak John, laborer, 159 s Eden 
Cloak Philip, laborer, 159 s Eden 
Cloake Lawrence, laborer, 170 Ramsay 
Cloarty John T. laborer, 639 Light 
Clocke Anton, macbioist, 35 n HoUiday 
Clocker Hezekiab, carpenter, 198 n Broadway 
CLOGG GEORGE S. bootmaker, 2 s Calvert, 

and 159 w Pratt, dw 93 Hanover 
Cloman George, laborer, 36 Towson 
Cloonan Martin, laborer, 180 Raborg 
Cloonan Timothy, laborer, 50 Cooksie 
Cloraty Mrs. Sarah, 42 Henrietta 
Close Ale.x. (Alexander C. & Co.) 70 w Centre 
CLOSE ALt;X. & CO. (A. Cose, S. Wylie) 

dry goods com. merchaots, 4 German 
Close Mrs. Barbara, 376 Lexington 
Close -Mrs. Elizabeth, 139 Gough 
Close Jas. dry goods, 22 German, dw 8 Bamet 
Close Margaret, huckstress, 37 Pearl 
Close Nicholas,'huckster, 139 Gough 
Close Sarah J. dressmaker, 37 Pearl 
Clotworthy Alex, furniture, 76 n Howard 
Clotworthy Charles A. (C. & Miller) 168 Sara- 
Clotworthy Edward F. clerk, 10 Irvin pi 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, S:c. 
Rosendale Cement & Plaster. 

Clotworthy Geo.W. salesman, 76 n Howard 
Clotworthy & Miller (C. A. Clotworthy, B. F. 

Miller) com. merchants, 219 w Pratt 
Clotworthy Samuel, 76 n Howard 
Clotworthy Wm. P. clerk, 102 McCulloh 
Cloud Benjamin C. laborer, 1G6 n Spring 
CLOUD CHAS. F. restaur' t. 415 w Baltimore 
Clou'i Daniel, (Shipe, C. & Co.) 142 Bolton 
Cloud Jesse L. 415 w Baltimore 
Cloud Wm. shipcarpenter, 166 n Spring 
Clough Jas. E. bookkeeper, 140 w Lombard 
Clough Martin V. B. salesman, 106 w Biddle 
Clowdsley JohnH. huckster, 342 Hanover 
Clowe John H. scalemaker, 49 s Greene 
Clowes Armistead V. clerk, 49 s Ann 
Cloves Henry, shoemaker, 176 w Lombard 
Club Wm butcher, 77 Belair market, dw York 

road beyond tollgate 
Cluck C. butcher, Calverton rd nr Calverton 

Cluley John J. laborer, 4 Rue 
Cluney Patrick, laborer,Jew al nr Monument 
Cluney Robert, tailor, 92 York 
Clunet Victor, sec'y American Fire Insurance 

Co. 234 n Howard 
Clunet Victor S. clerk, Gay opposite Point la 
Cluny Mrs. Margaret, 10 Booth 
Cluny Thomas, laborer, 10 Booth 
Cluskey Patrick, laborer, 190 Lemmon al 
Clusky Michael, laborer, 11 Parkin 
Cl:jtt Frederick, wheelwright, 11 Cooke 
Cnizwitch Louis, laborer, 1 McDermot ct 
Cnizwitch Luke, 1 McDermot ct 
Coady John, laborer, 35 w Lombard 
Coadv Thos. tavern, 35 w Lombard 
COAKLEY BROS.(M. k D. Coakley) leather 

and shoe trimmings, 14 s Calvert 
Coakley Daniel, (C. Bros.) 183 Saratoga 
Coakley John, 35 n Front 
Coakley John^ clerk, 183 Saratoga 
Coakley Michael, (C. Bros.) 35 n Front 
Coakley P. H. billbroker, over 4 South, dw 

230 Madison av 
Coakley Thos. fisherman, 290 Johnson 
Coakley Wm. coachman, 85 North 
Coalburn Ann Maria, trimmings, 438 Lexing- 
Coale Alfred, gatekeeper Camden station, 6 8 

Coale Catherine A. 15 McCulloh 
Coale Mrs. Cassandra A. 53 McCulloh 
Coale E. H. dry goods, 190 Saratoga 
COALE GEORGE B. sec'y Merchants' Mutual 
Insurance Co. ofiBce 58 Exchange place, dw 
215 Madison av.— [5«e Adverise' t/ront cover,] 
Coale Mrs. Hetty, 39 n Gay 
COALE ISAAC, JR. & RBO. (I. Coale, jr. T. 
E. Coale, J. L. Bezeck) com. merchants, no- 
tions, &c. 14 Hanover 






Furnishing Goods, &c. 


308 W. Baltimore St. 


Coale Isaac, jr. (I. C. jr. & Bro.) 112 St. Paul 
COALE JAMES CAREY, agt. forN. Y. Board 

of Underwriters and Lloyd's, 56 Exchange 

pi, dw cor Madison av and Lanvale 
Coale Rev. James J. 25G e Baltimore 
Coale Joseph M. foreman, 47 w Riddle 
Coale Leonard, mariner, 2G5 s Bond 
Coale Misses K. & J. 15 McCulloh 
Coale Moses, laborer, 42 St. Mary's 
Coale S. H. cleric, 53 McCulloh 
Coale S. Robinson, (Alvey, Coale & Co.) 151 

Coale Thos. E. (Isaac C. jr. & Bro.) 49 Mc- 
Coale Rev. Wm. A., Mulberry nr Gilmor 
Coale Wm. E. jr. bookkeeper First Nat. Bank, 

Catonsville. Baltimore co 
Coales Mary A. school, 328 n Fremont 
Coalhouer Alex, blacksmith, 18 Carlton 
Coan James, borseshoer, 60 s Republican 
Coartes James L. fl8 n Poppleton 
Coates & Bros. (Geo. W. P., Dr. C. E. and I. 

P. Coates) props. Locust Pc. Rolling Mills 
Coates Dr. C. E. (C. & Bros.) 189 St. Paul 
Coates Mrs. Geo. A. buckstress, 44 Diamond 
Coates Geo. W. P. (C. & Bros.) 31 Cathedral 
Coates I. Pennock, (C. k Bros.) 341 e Pratt 
Coates Israel B. blacksmith, 380 Aisquith 
Coates James A. confectioner, 54 w Baltimore 
Coates James J. clerk, 54 w Baltimore 
Coates John, lumber merch. and prest. Union 

Fire Ins. Co. 355 w Prutt.dw 262 w Lombard 
Coates Robt.E.painter,5 n Sharp,dw 171 Barre 
Coates Thomas, grainer, 2 Paca pi 
Coath Mrs. Maria, 44 e Lombard 
Coath Wm. (Allen & Upton) 44 e Lombard 
Cobb Chas. H. dep. collector and cashier int. 

rev. 109 Mulberry 
Cobb Edward R. E. (Rex, Higgins & Co.) 31 

n Libertv 
Cobb Geo."F. (Conradt & C.) 359 w Fayette 
Cobb Josiah, 31 n Liberty 
Cobb Josiah N. 109 Mulberry 
Cobell James, potter, 114 e Fayette 
Coberg B. G. apothecary, 270 s Sharp 
Cobcrth Lloyd II. engineer, 136 Scott 
Coblens Bernard, bookkeeper, 127 German 
Coblens Chas. (Shwab, Frank & Co.) Catons- 
Coblens Felix, clerk, 141 German 
Coblens & Keyser, (L. C, II. Keyser) boots 

and shoes, 180 Lexington and 37 n Eutaw 
Coblens Lazarus, horsFS, 130 German 
Coblens Lewis, (C & Keyser) 139 German 
Coblens k Bro. (S. k D. Coblens) horses, 3 n 

Coblens Daniel, (C. k Bro.) 87 Columbia 
Coblens Samuel, (C. k Bro.) 141 German 
Coblens Daniel, clerk, 130 German 

Coburn Cornelius, stonemason, 40 Albemarle 
Coburn Mrs. E. F. variety store, n e cor Bond 

and Pratt, and 519 w Baltimore 
Coburn (Jeo. attor'y, 47 St. Paul, dw 58 Buren 
Coburn Henry, brickl' r, n e cor Bond and Pratt 
Coburn .Mrs. James, 19 n Gay 
Coburn John, stonemason, s e cor Baltimore 

and Exeter 
Coburn Thos stonemason, 58 Buren 
Coburu Wm. tailor, 143 Saratoga 
Coch Frank, shoemaker, 8 Shakspear 
Cochran Alonzo A. F. coachmkr, 298 Green- 
mount av 
Cochran Andrew, sexton, 30 Constitution 
Cochran Chas. jr. s e cor Mosher and Division 
COCHRAN k CO. (J. E. Cochran, W. Abra- 
hams) ice dealers, 138 s Exeter, 200 West 
Falls av and 206 w Fayette 
Cochran Mrs. Emma L. 13 Aisquith 
Cochran Geo. F. clerk, 18 Holland 
Cochran Harrv W. 238 w Hoffman 
Cochran Jus. E. (0. & Co.) 18 Holland 
Cochran Jno. E. (Johnson &; C.) 20 Holland 
Cochran John, (Kaufirann k C.) 117 Green- 
mount av 
Cochran Martin, laborer, 1 Griffiss ct 
Cochran Presley N. clerk, 13 Aisquith 
Cochran Rich'd M. boots and shoes, 45 s Carey 
Cochran Saml. II. clfrk, Walsh nr Mosher 
Cochran Thos. A. (Snyder Bros. & C.) 30 Ais- 
Cochran Mrs. T. J. 129 w Biddle 
Cochran Wm. cor Townsend and Park av 
Cochran Wm, F. bookkeeper, 301 Madison a7 
Cochran Wm. J. moulder, 105 Hollins 
Cock Deitrich, carpenter, 195 PeUxe 
Cocke N. II. salesman, 318 w Baltimore 
COCKEY k CO. (John G., Wm. H. and Geo. 
B. Cockey) lumber com. mcrchs. n e cor 
Canton and East Falls avs 
Cockey Chas. 0. prop'r Bull's Head hotel, 130 

n Front 
Cockey Geo. B. (C. & Co.) Baltimore co 
Cockey John C. police, 188 George 
Cockey John G. (C. k Co.) Baltimore co 
Cockey Dr. Joseph C. 2 a Exeter 
Cockey Mrs. Mary, 188 George 
Cockey Richard, clerk, 188 George 
Cockey Wm. II. stairbuilder, 330 Saratoga 
Cockey Wm. H. (C. & Co.) Baltimore co 
Cockey Wm. P. C. salesman. Mansion House 
Cockrill Dr. J. J. 23 s Broadway 
Cockrill Josejih M. med. stud. 23 s Broadway 
Codd ]>enjamin, butcher, 547 e Fayette 
Codd Edward J. & Co. (E. J. C., Wm. S. 
Cowpland,) engineers and machinists, 259 
8 Caroline 
Codd Edward J. (E, J. C. & Co.) 77 s Bond 
Codd Mrs. Eliza A. 92 s Bond 
Codd John, clerk, 3 e Monument 
Codd Simon, laborer, 3 e Monment 
Codd Wm. H, bookkeeper, 283 e Lombard 
Codd Wm. J. butcher, 47 n Wolfe 
Codet Jos. R. dancing master, hall 182 Linden 

av, dw 26 Spring row 
Codey Martin, shoemaker, 19 New Church 
Codori John A. butcher, 123 Centre and 48 

Belair markets, dw 89 Greenmountav 
Coe Andrew, super phosph. lime, 261 s How- 
ard, dw 554 w Fayette 
Coe Alexander B. bookkeeper, 495 Lexington 
Coe Edward, coachmakcr, 74 Jeflerson 




Coe James, carpenter, Farmers' hotel 
Coe Joshua C. bricklayer, 293 w Pratt 
Coe Roderick D. 554 w Faj-ette 
Coen Darby, 19G Montgomery 
Coffay John, laborer, Cathedral est 
Coifay John, hackman, 102 Cathedral 
Coffay Thomas, keeper of hacks, 42 w Eager 
Coffay Wm. hackman, 110 Cathedral 1 

Coffey John, hackman, 278 Aisquith 
Coffey Mrs. Kate, Falls rd nr North av 
Coffey Patrick, hackman, 278 Aisquith 
CoflBeld Geo. C. H. n e cor Calvert and Lex- 
Coffield John, laborer, 873 w Pratt 
Coffman Mrs Ann, seamstress, 122 St. Peter 
Coffin Charles, jr. raarintr, 97 s Ann 
Cotfin Capt. Charles E. mariner, 97 s Ann 
Coffroth Edwin M. cUrk, 451 w Baltimore 
Coffroth Geo. R. (Geo. R. C. & Co.) Howard 

COFFROTH GEO. R. & CO. (G. R. Coffroth) 
com. merch's and dealers in tobacco, cigars 
and snuff, 330 w Baltimore 
C 'fman Christopher, laborer, 5 s Dewberry al 
COGGINS CHARLES, ice-cream and confec- 
tionary, 146 e Monument 
Coggins David, paper carrier, 103 Greenm't av 
Coggins George, 103 Greenmount av 
Coggins John W. paper carrier, 216 e Fayette 
Coggins John, hay dealer, 3 McKim, dw 39 

Greenmount av 
Coggins John H. paper carrier, 72J George 
Coggins Lewis, paper carrier, 103 Greenm'tav 
Coggins Wm. crackers, Harford av opp Dar- 

ley Park 
Cogblan Edw'd, clerk, 39 Hillen 
Coghlan Jane, dressmaker, 39 Hillen 
Cogblan Richard, clerk, 39 Hillen 
Cogswell Geo. A. carpenter, 63 n Poppletoa 
Cogswell James, 279 e Monument 
Cogswell Sophia, 63 n Poppletoa 
Cohan Lewis M. 120 s High 
Cohee Mifchell H. clerk, 34 w Pratt 
Cohen Abraham, salesman, 8 Harrison 
Cohen Mrs. Biene, 82 n Eden 
Cohen Benj. (A. B. Sulzbacher & Co.) 176 

Cohen Eleazer, (M. C. & Sons) 29 s Eutaw 
Cohen Emanuel, tailor, 221 Light 
Cohen Emanuel, clo'hing, 5 and 7 Second 
Cohen Mrs. Frances G. clothing, 6 and 8 Har- 
Cohen Herman, 8 Harrison 
COHEN ISRAEL, stock broker, 7 South, dw 

s e cor St Paul and Reed 
Cohen Jacob, broommaker, 32 s Paca 
Cohen Jacob L. bookkeeper, 7 Penn 
Cohen Jacob I. attorney, 51. V St Paul, dw 79 

Cohen Dr. Joshua I. presid't Balto. Fire Ins. 

Co. 115 n Charles 
Cohen Lewis, salesman, 6 Harrison 
Cohen Lewis J. 232 Saratoga 
Cohen Louis, tailor, 62 Centre market sp 
Cohen Louis, tailor, 221 Light 
Cohen Margaret, 90 Greenmount av 
Cohen Moses, fancy goods, 130 Aisquith 
Cohen Moses, (.M. C. & Sdes) 157 Lexington 
Cohen Moses & S-»ns, (M., E. & S. Cohen, A. 
I. Oppenheim) dry goods, 2G9 w Baltimore 
Cohen Mendes I. 115 n Charles 
Cohen S. (.Joel Gutman & Co.) 28 s Paca 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 
Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Cohen Sam'l, jr. tailor, 237 s Charles 

Cohen Sam'l, tailor, 237 s Charles 

Cohen Simeon L. fancy goods, 139 n Gay, dw 

232 Saratoga 
Cohen Simon, dry goods, 185 n Gay 
Cohen Solomon, (M. C. (fc Sons) 157 Lexington 
Cohn Henry P. dry goods, 201 s Bond 
Cohn Mrs. Hannah, syrups, 39 s Eden 
Cohn Lazarus, furniture, 74 w Biddle 
Cohn MoritzG. sec. People's Fire Ins. Co. 183 

Coin Michael, laborer, 9 Cuba 
Co'n Patrick, laborer, 26 Towson 
Coker Geo. T. carpenter, 30G .Mulberry 
Colahar Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 20 Tyson 
Colahar Edward, hackman, 20 Tysoi 
COLBERT AUG. F. coram, and flour, 103 

McElderry's whf, dw 25 n Exeter 
Colbert Bartlett, 43 President 
Colbert James A. shipsmith, 295 e Lombard 
Colbert James E. stairbuilder, 24 Pleasant 
Colbert Lewin A. architect, 24 Pleasant 
Colbert Lewin R. sec'y and treas. Balio. Cem- 
etery Co. 24 Pleasant 
Colbert Capt. Levin, mariner, 329 e Baltimore 
Colbert Rudolph, clerk, 24 Pleasant 
COLBURN DR. A. W. 166 8 Paca 
Colburn Mrs. A. M. trimmings. 438 Lexington 
Colburn Chas. H. salesman, 162 s Charles 
Colburn E. W. teacher, ICG s Paca 
Colburn Harvey N. machinist, Mound nr Fed- 
Colburn Julia M. 293 w Favette 
Colby John M. attorney, 15 St Paul, dw Wash- 
ington, D. C. 
Cole A. C. bookkeeper, 52 s Broadway 
Cole A. Cornelius, provisions, 100 Mulberry 
C jle Annie, 33 Hamilton 
Cole Benj. F. salesman, 20 s Howard 
Cole Mrs. Catherine, 20 Somerset 
Cole Chas. B. carpenter, Hampstead nr Wolfe 
Cole Chas. E. police, 52 Holland 
Cole Conrad, carter, 125 Peirce 
Cole Cornelius H. 108 Mulberry 
Cole David, carpenter, 79 n Poppleton 
Cole Edward H. miller, 123 Johnson 
Cole Mrs. E. Moran, confectionery, 54 Carlton 
Cole Mrs. Elizabeth, 77 Hollins 
COLE FANNY, 51 Josephine 
Cole Francs, junk, 70 Greenmount av 
Cole Franklin, (Balto. Commercial) 132 w 

Cole F. 0. clerk, 243 n Eutaw 
Cole F. Carter, 62 n Greene 
Cole Geo. B. (Pope k C.) 243 n Eutaw 
Cole Geo. H. pilot, Lombard nr Chester 
COLE & GILPIN, (L. II. Cole, A. G. Ciilpin) 
fruiterers and confectioners, s w cor Light 
and Lombard 






Furnishing Goods, &;c. 


308 W. Baltimore St. 


Cole Geo. carpenter, 127 n Exeter 
Cole Geo. ^Y. junk, VO Greenmount av 
Cole Henry C. clerk, 172 s Howard 
Cole Henrj', oysters, 252 e Monument 
Cole Henry C. painter, 77 Hollins 
Cole Henry, junk, 7-0 Greenmount av 
Cole H. H. 155 w Biddie 
Cole Hiram, 33 Courtland 
Cole Jfts. bricklayer, 239 Peirce 
Cole Jas. painter, 101 Hamburjf 
Cole Jas. VV. clerk Sun office, 89 e Fayette 
Cole Mrs.-Jane, conftctionery, 8Ql Hanover 
Cole Jarcett, SO s Exeter 
Cole JesseC. watchman B.&O.R. R. 586 wPratt 
Cole John, clerk, 553 w Fayette 
Cole John A. clerk, G2 n Greene 
Cole John, laborer, 2 Bol'on al 
Cole John E. provisions, 703 Lexington 
Cole Jno. H. (Howard, C & Co.) Ill w Monu- 
Cole John R. carpenter, Strieker nr McHenry 
Cole John R. grocer, 50 and 52 n Eutaw, dw 

02 n Greene 
Cole John H. confectionery, 135 Hollins 
Cole John T. officer Md.' Penitentiary, 103 

Cole John H. laborer, 129 Mullikia 
Cole John T. clerk, 108 n Exeter 
Cole John W. tinner, 91 Jackson 
Cole Joseph, carpenter, 122 Druid Hill av 
Cole Leander, clerk, G2 n Greene 
Cole Lewis Hiram, (C. & Gilpin) 33 Courtland 
Cole Lewis M. general ticket agtB.& 0. R. R. 

Co. dw 201 w Lombard 
Cole Mrs. Mary, 17 n Bond 
Cole Mrs. JIary, grocery, 89 e Fayette 
Cole Dr. Merryman, office 86 n Exeter, dw 102 
Cole Patrick, laborer, Jenkins' la nr Green- 
mount cemetery 
Cole Pennock J. driver, Frederick rd, opp Mt 

Olivet cemetery gate 
Cole Philip, wheelwright, 98 n Schroeder 
Cole Robert, machinist, 691 w Lombard 
Cole Robert, IGG e Monument 
Cole Robert, potter, 17 n Bond 
Cole Sibathiel, bay, &c., 27 Etting 
Cole Sam'l C. sheet iron worker, 160 n Bond 
Cole Samuel H. tinner, 303 Orleans 
Cole Mrs. Sarah, 23 s Carey 
Cole t^elah, carpenter, 127 n Exeter 
Cole Thos. B. machinist, 345 Saratoga 
Cole Thos. W. salesman, 1G6 n Bond 
Cole Wm. n. agent Md. State Bible Society, 

318 n Eutaw 
Cole Wm. H. reporter, Howard house 
Cole Wm. L. plasterer, 285 e Madison 
Cole Wm G. piledriver, 75 Aisquith 
Cole Wm. J. clerk, 22 n Front 
Cole Wm. R. (Wm. R. C. & Co.) 230 n Cavert 

COLE WM. R. & CO. (Wm. R. and Wm. P. 

Cole, Wm. T. Brigham) wholesale dealers 

in hats, caps aud straw goods, 30 s Sharp 
Cole Wm. P. (AVm. R. C. & Co.) 243 n Eutaw 
Cole Wm. H. hardware com. merchant, 17 s 

Charles, dw 75 Cathedral 
Cole Wm'. R. (N. Tyler & Co.) Mosber w of 

Cole Wm. V. sugar refiner, 30 Morton al 
Colehour I-'rederick A. police, 23 s Schroeder 
Colehouse John, canmaker, 1*49 s Ann 
Colehouse Randolph, canmaker, 149 s Ann 
Colehouse Mrs. Susan A. 98 L Montgomery 
Colein John, carpenter, 487 w Pratt 
Colein John F. engineer, 160 Battery av 
Colein Thos. R. clerk City Pass. R. R. 487 w 

Coleman Mrs. Anna M. 131 n Charles 
Coleman Anthonv, laborer, 114 Cooksie 
Coleman Alex. (Meredith & C.) 16 Wyeth 
Coleman Mrs. Barbara, grocery. 93 s Regester 
Coleman & Bailey, (G. A. Coleman, E. Bailey) 

sbipchandlers, 1U5 and 107 Thames 
Coleman & Co. (M. Coleman,) grocers and 

com. merchants, s w cor Franklin andPaca 
Coleman Chas. R. butcher, 224 William 
Coleman Chas. R. cashier National Mechanics 

Bank, 58 w Biddie 
Coleman Charles L. police, 49 Block 
Coleman Chas. R. shipjuiner, 24 s Eutaw 
Coleman Chas. R. jr. clerk, 58 w Biddie 
Coleman Chas. R. H. boilermaker, 294sPaca 
Coleman Chas. salesman, 93 s Regester 
Cc'leman Chas. painter, 110 Hollins 
Coleman & Drakeley, (Geo E. Coleman, Thos. 

Drakeley, ) com. meres. 57' Light 
Coleman Edw. pump maker, 129 Gough 
Coleman Edw. B. watchman, 2 Andre 
Coleman Mrs El'za'h, trimmings, 153 e Pratt 
Cobman Mrs. Eliza'h A. tobacconist, 84 Me- 

Coleman Mrs. Ellen, liquors, 50 0'I)onnell 
Coleman Ellis, cordwainer, 186 Orleans 
Coleman Emma, 138 Raborg 
Coleman Eugene D. variety, 12 w Pratt 
Coleman George, clerk, 121s Spring 
Coleman Geo. E. (C. & Drakeley) 4 s Gilmor 
Coleman Geo.A.(U & Bailey) 307 e Baltimore 
Coleman Henry, shoemaker, 009 w Pratt 
Coleman Henry C. painter, 364 Ostend 
Coleman Henry, bricklayer, 500 w Lombard 
Coleman James P. butcher, 218 Battery av 
Coleman Jas. T. bi:ushmk'r, 28 s Dewberry al 
Coleman Jas. H. cigarmaker, 84 McElderry 
Coleman James, hackman, 16 s Iliah 
Coleman Jdo. A. trunkmk'r, Black Horse hotel 
Coleman John E. junk, 164 Orleans 
Coleman John E. junk, 87 e Lombard 
Coleman Joseph, bricklayer, 125 s Eden 
Coleman John S. carpenter, 24 Laurel 
Coleman John '\V. carpenter, 12 Mosber 
Coleman John W. lager beer, 256 S. Caroline 
Coleman John T. (C. & Taylor) 16 McElderry 
Coleman Joseph, porter, 14 Mosher 
Coleman Lewis W. bookbinder, 93 s Register 
Coleman Mary A. E. 12 w Pratt 
Coleman Mrs. Martha, books aad newspapers, 

127 s Fremont 
Coleman Mrs. Martha A. vcstmkr, 139 e Moa- 

Coleman Morgan (C. & Co.) 94 n Paca 
Coleman Patrick, harnessmaker, 21 Scott 




Coleman Richard, blacksmith, 272 w Pratt 
Coleman Richard, shipsmith, 74 s Ann 
COLEMAN & ROGERS (J. C. Rogers) chem- 
ists and drugrgists, 173 w Baltimore 
Coleman Mrs. Sallie, Hudson al nr Federal 
Coleman Mrs. Sarah, 672 w Pratt 
Coleman Mrs. Sarah A. 24 Laurel 
Coleman Samuel, shipsmith, 76 s Ann 
Coleman Saml. G. shoemaker, 386 Harford av 
Coleman Saulsbury, batcher, 224 William 
Coleman Thomas, 451 e Lombard 
Coleman Thomas, carpenter, 83 Cambridge 
Coleman Thomas, 83 Cambridge 
Coleman Thomas, jr. coal, 451 e Lombard 
Coleman Thos. (Mayer & Co.) cor Lombard 

and Choptank 
COLEMAN & TAYLOR (John T. C, Samuel 

G Taylor) boiler makers, s e cor Holliday 

and Pleasant 
Coleman Uriah, paperbanger, 18 s Spring 
Coleman Mrs. Virginia F. 82 Mulberry' 
Coleman Wm. AV. teller, Nat. Farmers and 

Planters' Batik, McCulloh nr Mosher 
Coleman Wm. W. wood, Light st whf, dw 79 

Colenberg Anton, shoemaker, 106 Low 
Colerman Nicholas, shoemaker, 199 Lexington 
Colerman Rupert, bootfitter, 199 Lexington 
Coles Emma E. teacher, 111 e Fayette 
Coles John A. Kirk, conductor, 111 e Fayette 
Coles Mary E. Ill e Fayette 
Coles Wm. sr. shoemaker, 616 w Baltimore 
Coles Wm. jr. boots, 616 w Baltimore 
Colestock John H. carpenter, 152 n Pine 
Colfer John, carpenter, 360 e Monument 
COLFLESH GEORGE B. coachmaker, 101 

German, dw 364 w Fayette 
Colford Patrick, laborer, 134 Harford av 
Colhafer Adam, boilermaker, 35 Goodman al 
Colhouer Alex. M. boxmaker, 18 Garden 
Colhouer Mahala, nurse, 234 George 
Colinerse Geo. mariner, 172 s Chapel 
Colis Misses, school, s w cor Biddle and Mad-- 

ison av 
Colison Joseph, mariner, 170 Hughes 
Colison Mrs. Sarah A. fancy goods, n e cor 

Lombard and Ann 
Colison Thos. W. house carpenter, 34 s Ann 
Coll Edward J. clerk, 153 Mulberry 
Coll Mrs. Ellen, 153 Mulberry 
Coll John, carpenter. 153 Mulberry 

Wm. Burgess, jr.) grocers and provision 

dealers, 461, 463 and 465 w Fayette 
Colladay Charles R. provision, produce and 

butter deal, b e cor Fayette and Republican 
Colladay Jos. S. (C. & Burgess) 461 w Fayette 
Collars Charles, tobacconist, 22 Mosher 
Collen James, puddler, 157 Hudson 
Collenberg Christian, shoemaker, 104 s Bond 
CoUenberg J.Henry, clerk, 89 Gough 
Collenberg Theodore, grocery, 89 Gough 
Collepee AYm. laborer, 7 n Amity 
Collett Geo. W. huckster, 67 s High 
Collett Thomas, carpenter, 608 w Pratt 
Collett Thomas E. boxmaker, 44 e Lombard 
Collett Wm. A. carpenter, 440 Penna av 
Colley Alfred, carpenter, Chappell nr Penna av 
Colley James A. clerk, 324 Hollins 
Colley Mrs. Jane, Chappell nr Penna av 
Colley John AV. carpenter and builder, rear 

324 Holling.dw n w cor Strieker and IJcUins 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Thnothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Colley Mrs. Louisa, 84 Dolphin 
Colley Thomas, laborer, 87 n Amity 
Colley Wm. H. carpenter, 64 Raborg 
Collier Andrew J. gasfitter, 13 AVarner 
Collier Ann M. tailoress, 93 Boyd 
Collier Cbas. metre inspector, 259 n Eden 
Collier Donald R. (C. & Riordon) 23 Barre 
Collier Mrs. Hannah, notions, 41 n Caroline 
Collier Henry, city inspector gas metres, Hol- 
liday nr Saratoga, dw 219 s Paca 
Collier Henry, blacksmith, 410 w Lombard 
Collier John E. mnrincr, 223 Bank 
Collier Marv, 2 n Amity 
Collier & Riordon, (D. R. Collier, T. Riordon) 

liquors, 202 Light 
Collier Virginia, teacher, 410 w Lombard 
Collier Walter, painter, 4 Barre, dw and tav- 
ern, 22 William 
Collier AA'm. James, blacksmith, 41 n Caroline 
Collin Dennis, laborer, 157 s Chester 
Colling Lewis, blacksmith, 546 Saratoga 
Colling AVm. J. tinner, 546 Saratoga 
Collings Henry C. butcher, 90 Belair and 109 

Centre markets, dw Point la nr Aisquith 
Collings Wm. R. butcher, 115 Centre and 91 

Belair markets, dw Point la nr Aisquith 
Collins Mrs. Agnes, 14 w Fayette 
Collins Albert H. clerk, 62 s Exeter 
Collins Mrs. Ann P. 11 Penna av 
Collins Annie E. Feamstress, 345 Penna av 
Collins Benj. confectionery, s e cor Baltimore 

and Poppleton, dw 54 s Poppleton 
Collins Bartholomew, 127 n Front 
Collins Mrs. Bridget, 9 3 Bethel 
' Collins Catherine, dressmaker, 345 Penna av 
Collins Chas. H. clerk, 62 s Exeter 
Collins Chas. H. 16 Patuxent 
Collins Chas. S. (C & Heath) 385 w Lombard 
Collins Daniel, laborer, 224 Battery av . 
Collins Mrs. Eliza, tailoress, 146 s Caroline 
Collins Elizabeth, vestmaker, 67 Henrietta 
Collins Elizabeth, dressmaker, 5 George 
Collins Elizabeth, tailoress, 5 George 
Collins Mrs. Emma C. 67 Henrietta 
Collins Airs. Eveline, 62 s Exeter 
Collins Francis, carter, 493 Light 
Collins Francis, brickmakcr, rear 544 Light ■ 
Collins Geo. wagoner, 156 n Spring 
Collins Geo. tinner, 117 Fre-^erick av 
Collins George, machinist, 223 Barre 
Collins Geo. R. huckster, 180 Gough 
Collins Dr. Geo. T. office 42 Richmond, dw 46 
Collins Geo. T. D. puddler, 111 Chesapeake 
Collins Geo. AV. shipsmith, 26 s Chester 
Collins Geo. AV. huckster, 232 w Hoffman 
Collins Geo. H. painter, 311 Eastern av 
Collins Henry, brickmaker, 490 Liglit 
Collins Henry, carpenter, 254 Druid Hill av 
Collins Henry, laborer, 85 Johnson 






Furnishing Goods, &o. 


308 W. Baltimore St. 


COLLINS & HEATH, (C. S. Collins, E. S. 

Heath) furnace manuf's, 22 Light 
Collins Ilonora, confectionery, 121 Chesapeake 
Collins Hugh J. clerk, 9G e Lombard 
Collins Rev. Isaac, 2G8 e Fayette 
Collins James, oysterman, 241 Bank 
Collins James, laborer, 63 Penna av 
Collins James, stonecutter, 122 Harford av 
Collins James, tinner, 14 w Fayette 
Collins Jeremiah, bricklayer, 7 Oxford 
Collins Jeremiah, porter, 2 Smith 
Collins John W. clerk and ne\v3 depot, 11 

Penna av 
Collins J. W. clerk, 96 e Lombard 
Collins John, laborer, 26 Hillen 
Collins John H. trunkmaker, 2 Pleasant 
Collins John H. tinner, 14 w Fayette 
Collins John N. drover, G96 \v Pratt 
Collins John, laborer, 18 Mosher 
Collins John, laborer, 345 Penna av 
Collins Joseph, laborer, 11 Abbot 
Collins Joseph B. canmaker, 67 Henrietta 
Collins Joseph D. police, 490 Light 
Collins Rev. Joseph S. 28 w Baltimore 
Collins Joseph T. clerk, 94 Ilollins 
Collins Mrs. Laura, 61 s Ann 
Collins Levi, cooper, 89 Warner 
Collins Mary, fimcy goods, 53 Harrisoa 
Collins Mrs. Mary, 174 Vine 
Collins Mrs. Mary, 279 w Lombard 
Collins Mary C. 411 Saratoga 
Collins Mrs. Martha, 94 Ilollins 
Collins Mrs. Mary A. 180 Gough 
Collins Mrs. Mary J. dressmaker, 165 Conway 
Collins Michael, canmaker, 149 s Ann 
Collins Patrick, canmaker, 149 s Ann 
Collins Patrick, grocery, 53 President 
Collins Patrick, sr. laborer, 20 President 
Collins Patrick, jr. mariner, 20 President 
Collins P. J. laborer, 19 Carlton 
Collins P. J. clerk, 322 w Baltimore 
Collins Peter, laborer, 63 Chfsnut 
Collins Peter, furniture, 27 Harrison 
Collins Philip J. puddler, 16 Patuxent 
Collins Robert, carpenter, 127 n Fremont 
Collins Mrs Rebecca, 560 w Fayette 
Collins Reuben II. engineer, 94 HoUins 
Collins Samuel, carpenter, 197 Bank 
Collins Sarah A. 50 n Charles 
Collins Dr. Stephen, 36 n Calvert 
Collins Thomas J. carpenter, 262 Franklin 
Collins Thos. E. B bookkeeper, 14 Commerce 
Collins Timothy, driver, 75 s Caroline 
Collins Mrs. Virginia, 2 Pleasant 
Collins Wm. laborer, Nicholson nr Towsoa 
Collins Wm. A. mariner, 341 s Charles 
Collins Wm. E. puddler, 278 Eastern av 
Collins Wm. H. watchman, 510 Light 
Collins Wm. laborer, 174 Vine 

Collins Wm. H. attorney, 34 St. Paul, dw 36 

n Calvert 
Collies AVm. E. carpenter, 411 Saratoga 
Collins Wm. M. restaurant, 31 w Fayette 

COLLINSOlSr J.C. dealer in Paints, 
Oils, Window Glass, &c. 230 Lex- 
ington, second door from Greene 

CoUison Mrs. Ann, 250 e Pratt 
CoUison Cbas. W. mariner, 141 e Lombard 
CoUison Geo. watchman, 96 St. Peter 
CoUison Jas. R. sweepmaster, 444 e Monument 
CoUison Edward, well digger, 141 Stirling 
CoUison Mrs. Eliza, 141 Stirling 
CoUison John, moulder, 141 Stirling 
CoUmus Robert S. saddler, 123 n High 
CoUmus Solomon, saddler, 123 n High 
CoUopy John, laborer, 165 Columbia 
CoUopy Wm. laborer, 7 n Amity 
CoUopy John, wajroner, 94 Franklin 
COLLYER SAMUEL, restaurant, 37 w Fayette 
Colmary Capt. Abraham L. 212 w Lombard 
Colmary Mrs. Mary A. Gl n High 
Colshutz Charles, locksmith, 33 Low 
Colston Elizabeth, teacher, 52 George 
Colston F. M. (Wilson, C. & Co.) 169 St. Paul 
Colston Joseph H. cigarmaker, 265 Walsh 
Colston M. 0. teacher, 52 George 
Colston Oliver, 52 George 
Colt Charles, machinist, 144 Montgomery 
Colt Geo. bricklayer, Burrough nr Fort av 
Coltart John, carpenter, 10 New Church 
Colter John H. plasterer, 109 McElderry 
COLTON & BAETJER, (John Colton, J. Geo. 

BaetjerJ hosiery manut. 140 Lexington 

Colton Edw.C. hosiery and notions, 150 n Gay 
Colton Geo. (T. Timmons & Co.) and prop'r 

Md. Republican, 19 South, dw622 Lexington 
Colton Hen'y H. stockingweaver,223nCaroline 
Colton John, (C. & Baetjer,) 235 Uruid Billav 
Colton John H. cigarmaker, 50 Mulberry 
Colton Joseph S. grocery, 217 Light 
Colton Lodge, mariner, 284 e Baltimore 
Colton Mrs. Mary E. notions, 223 n Caroline 
Colton Theodore, house furn. goods, 146 n Gay 
COLTON WM. property and claim agent, 56 

w Fayette, dw 23 n Paca 
Colton Wra. oysters, &c., 100 Ilillen 
Columbia St. M. E. Church, Columbia betw 

Greene and Fremont 
Colvin Henry, 77 c Baltimore 
Colvin Institute for girls, 39^ Courtland 
Colvin Richard, 77 e Baltimore 
Colwell James 1). baker, 77 Peirce 
Colwell John, caulker, 132 Johnson 
Colwell Wm. clerk, 92 Saratoga 
Colwell Wm. jr. caulker, 90 Johnson 
Colwell Wm. sr. boilermaker, 90 Johnson 
Comber Bernard, boilermaker, 89 Elliott 
Comber Mrs. Sarah, huckstress, 224 Barre 
Comegys Benj. sect'y Harford Fire Ins. Co. 

of Bait. 31 South, dw cor Bolton and Lanvale 
Comegys Edw. proces'r, Potomac nr Lancaster 
Comegys Mrs. Elizabeth, tailoress, 91 Hillen 
Comegys E. H. bookkeeper, 132 n Exeter 
Comegys Henry C. lOG n Eutaw 
Comegys Jesse T. jewelry and fancy goods, 

500 w Baltimore 




Comegys John "W. painter, 91 Hillen 
Comegya Mrs. Margaret, 127 s Regest^r 
. Comegys Thomas, wood and coal, cor Mul- 
berry and Fremont, dw 304 n Howard 
Comegys \Vm. J. mariner, 127 s Rtgester 
Comers Jacob, Liborer, 4 Russell 
Comman James, boilermaker, 22 n Amity 
Commerce Fire Ins. Co. of Albany, N. Y. 73 

and 75 Second 

BANK, s w cor Howard and German 
Commercial Fire Ins. Co. of N. Y., agency, 4 

s Holliday 
n e cor of Fayette and Holliday. ^See Ap- 
pendix. '\ 

25 n Calvert. 3d floor. \_See Appendix.^ 
Comolander Jemima, 65 McHenry 
Compas Fred, blacksmith, 212 Gough 
Compton John A. bookkeeper, Merchants' Na- 
tional Baak, dw Bait, co 
Compton Mrs. Margaret, 22 s Fremont 
Compton Mrs. Mary Ann, 285 Saratoga 
Compton Thomas B. 126 n Gay 

uel Maccubbin, comptroller 
Conant Anna L. dressmaker, 271 e Madison 
Conant Satnl. W. clockmaker, 2T1 e Madison 
Conant Samuel W. jr. shoemaker, 23 Comet 
Conard Henrietta, 171 Saratoga 
Conarto Romer, fruit stand, cor Pratt and 

Hanovei', dw 60 s Fi-ederic'iC 
Conaway Anthony, carpenter, 131 Battery av 
Conaway Alfred, paper carrier-, 221 Mulberry 
Conaway Chas. R. coachpainter, 149 n Bond 
Conaway Chas. (Duncan, Rhein & Conaway) 

149 n Bond 
Conaway Chas. laborer and birds, 18 Durst al 
Conaway Fr'cis A. police, Chester nr Fayette 
Conaway Jas. sailmaker, 319 e Lombard 
Conaway Jas. R. keeper of Patterson park 
Conaway Jas. shipcarpentfr, 72 Johnson 
Conaway John, laborer, 250 e Eager 
Conaway John, fisherman, 131 Battery av 
Conaway JohnM. L. laborer, Fulton nr Dover 
Conaway Leander J. A. laborer, McHenry nr 

Conaway Perry, fisherman, s w cor Barre and 

Conaway Sarah E. seamstr's, over 12 s Fulton 
Conaway Sol. watehman, McHenry nr Fulton 
Conaway Wm. fisherman, 131 Battery av 
Conaway Wm. H. plumber, 221 Mulberry 
Conaway Wm.W. watch'n,McHenrynr Fulton 
Conawayj Zachariah, fisherman, 131 Batter}' av 

Conb^rse Henry, (Estabrook & C.) 4 n High 
Concannon Martin, laborer, 50 Fort av 
Condell Mrs. Susan, 84 s Spring 
Condell Samuel, laborer, 84 Spring 
Condon James, cabinetmaker, 18 Ensor 
Condon Edward, cabinetm-iker, 198 Chesnut 
Condon Frank C. clerk, 253 Madison av 
Condon Vinton, carter, 413 s Charles 
Condon ^Vm. J. wagoner. 35 Abey al 
Condon Wm. II. silver plater, 198 Chesnut 
Cone Herman, (Guggenheimer, Cone & Co.) 

Cone Joseph M. stoves and tin worker, 57 
Centre Market space, dw Warerly, Bait co 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, S:c, 
Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Conestogo Cork Co , Burrough Bros, agents 

56 Light 
Conklin Chas. H. (S. "Wilbelm & Co.) 9.53 w 

Conklin Daniel E. (C, Willis & Co.) Gilmor 

Conklin Julius, laborer, 8 Somerset 
Conklin Mrs. Mary, 201 s Washington 
Conklin Capt. Michael, 103 William 
Conklin Wm. F. (S. Wilhelm k Co ) 953 w 

Conklin Wm. tobacconist, 178 w Biddle 
CONKLIN, WILLIS k CO. (D. E. Conklin, 

Z. L. C. Willis) stoves and tinware, 51 a 

ConLling Wm. H. jr., bookkeeper. Savings 

Bank of Baltimore, 263 Madison av 
Conlan Mary, 2 Humes 
Conlan Mrs. Sarah, 223 Saratoga 
Conley Annie, saleswoman, 397 Lexington 
Conley Isaac, fireman, 16 Ramsay 
Conley Jas. A. currier, 18 Front n of Foundry 
Conley James F. tinner, 198 HoUins 
Conley John, laborer, 38 Morton al 
Conley John, laborer, 18 Front n of Foundry 
Conlej John, laborer, 318 Mulberry 
Conley Jobn. porter, 56 s Dewberry al 
Conley Mrs. Kate, sec. hand furn. 198 Hollins 
Conlon Andrew J. printer, 530 w Pratt 
Conn George H. machinist, 185 n High 
Conn Mary A. variety store, 88 n Poppleton 
Conn Silas W. 54 w Biddle 
Conn Wm. grocer, 101 Franklin 
Conn Wm. R. coal oil, 88 n Poppleton 
Connaughton James, drayman, 8 Fall 
Connaughton AVm. lab, 10 Front n of Foundry 
Connecticut Fire Ins. Co. of Hartford, 37 Post 

Office av 
Connecticut General Life Ins. Co. of Hartford, 

Conn.. R. C. Luckett, agent, 83 Second 

OF HARTFORD, CONN., A. H. Dillon, jr., 

general agent, office 8 South 
Connell Antonia, fruit stand, s w cor Balti- 
more and Howard, dw 41 St. Mary 
Connell Ellen, 12 Esse.Y 
Connell Francis A. bookkeeper, 27 Pleasant 
Connell Patrick, porter, 23 Ringgold al 
Connellee Chas. H. fire dep't, 54 s Sharp 
Connellee Edmund, 54 s Sharp 
Connellee Elizabeth, 9 Parkin 
Connellee Mrs. Eliza, boarding, 141 w Fayette 
Connellee Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding, 54 8 Sharp 
Connellee Thornton, (D. Wilson & Co.) HI s 

Connelley John, tavern, 193 Boston 
Connelly Ann, 9 Fish .Market sp 
Connelly Barney, laborer, 300 e Monument 
Connelly Mrs. Bridget, grocery, 24 Gough 






Furnishing Goods, &c. 


308 W. Baltimore St. 


Conivelly Daniel, laborer, 2 13 Gough 
Connelly Edward, laborer, 13 Pleasant al 
Connelly Edward, laborer, 25 Brown 
Connelly ilrs. Edward, latjer beer, 25 Brown 
Connelly Mrs. Eliza, boarding, 159 Bank 
Connelly Mrs. Hannah, 1 Clay 
Connelly Jlrs. Henrietta, 33 Shakspear 
Canndly Francis, laborer, 142 Lancaster 
Connelly James, moulder, 102 Aisquith 
Connelly Jas.carter,secor EdenandAliceanna 
Connelly John, laborer, 25 Brown 
Connelly John, tailor, 1 Abraham 
Connolly John, boilermaker, 118 9 Ana 
Connelly John, jiluniber, 12 Prospect la 
Connelly John, lamplighter, 53 King 
Connelly Lawrence, laborer, 4 Spruce al 
Connelly JIartin, shoemaker, 127 n Bond 
Connelly Martin, laborer, 25 Slemni'^r al 
Connelly Mrs. Mary, laundress, 80 Rldgely 
Connelly Mary, vestmaker, 300 e Monument 
Connelly Matthias, blacksmith, 67 n Amity 
Connelly Michael, laborer, 41 Dewberry al 
Connelly Michael, teacher, 169 Saratoga 
Connelly Michael, laborer, 133 West 
Connelly Michael, turner, 60 s Eden 
Connelly Michael, Vl^cksm th, 223 s Charles 
Connelly Oliver, laborer, Northern av nr 

Connelly Patrick, North nr Baltimore 
Connelly Patrick, mariner, 70 York 
Conne'ily Patrick, mariner, 158 e Lombard 
Connelly Peter, tavern. 29 Centre Mkt sp 
Connelly Robert T. haircurler, 1015 w Pratt 
Connelly Mrs. Rosa, 300 e Monument 
Connelly Mrs. Sarah, 22 s Fremont 
Connelly Stephen, laborer, Sarah Ann near 

Connelly W.J. blacksmith, 165 Gresnmountav 
Connelly Wm. porter, 4 Fall 
Connelly Wm. T. painter, 60 s Eden 
Connelly Wm. tinner, 114 s Howard 
Connelly Wm. tinner, 18G Lexington 
Conner Ann, grocery, 279 Eastern ar 
Conner Mrs. Ann, 60 Mulberry 
Conner Daniel, laborer, 9 Fountain 
Conner Mrs. Ellen, 40 City Block 
Conner Mrs. E. W. 15 Brune 
Conner .Mrs. Elizibeth, jewelry, 46 w Baltimore 
Conner Francis, distiller, 87 Patuxent 
Conner Gilbert W, clerk, 86 n Poppleton 
Conner James, moulder, 36 President 
Conner James W. police, 47 s Calhoun 
Conner James Z. clerk, 296 e Madison 
Conner James E. clerk, 66 s Poppleton 
Conner James, tanner, 296 e Madison 
Conner John, 47 Goodman .al 
Conner John, laborer, 396 Hanover 
Conner John, laborer, 319 Aliceanna 
Conner John, oyster dredger, 40 City Block 

Cpnner John T. police, 47 Boyd 
Conner John, laborer, 163 Bank 
Conner Dr. John A. 202 e Baltimore 
Conner Joshua, carpenter, 86 n Poppleton 
Conufr Levin, storekeerer, C. H., 297 Light 
Conner Matthew, feed. 111 Cathedril dw 109 
Conner Martin, laborer, Lanvale la nr Green- 
mount Cemetery 
Conner Michael, shoemaker. 52 e Pratt 
Conner Michael, laborer, 142 s Chester 
Conner Michael, clerk, 112 Raborg 
Conner Pai'k, lab. MoDonough ct i.r Choptank 
Conner Patrick, hostler, 178 s Howard 
Conner Rodger, laborer, 297 Eastern av 
Conner Thomas, 77 w Monument 
Conner Thomas, jr. 77 w Monument 
Conner Thomas, piinter, 271 e Monument 
Conner Thomas, grocery, 134 Vine 
Conner Thomas W. 66 s Poppleton 
Conner Thoims, laborer, 158 West 
Conner Wm. E. harnessm'r, 86 n Poppleton 
Conner Wm. H. blacksmith, Eastern av nr 

Conner Wm. W. carpenter, 558 Lexington 
Conners Barne.v, wagoner, 69 York 
Conners Mrs. Bessie, 39 n Poppleton 
Conners S^irah, shucker, GG President 
Connolley Thos. train dispatcher, 77 n Amity 
Connolly Annie, (C. & Smith) 223 Mulberry 
Connolly Daniel A. polisher, 267 Forrest 
Connolly Edward, carter, 29 e .Monument 
Connolly Mrs. Emma M. fancy goods, 252 n Gay 
Connolly Edward E. clerk, 356 n Euiaw 
Connolly Edward, hats and furs, 305 w Bal- 
timore, dw 356 n Eutaw 
Connolly Francis, 369 w Lomb.ard 
Connolly Hugh, grccer, 116 Townsend 
Connolly James, mariner, 85 s Chester 
Connolly James, lab, 18 Front n of Foundry 
Connolly James, rigger, 24 Gough 
Connollj' James, laborer, 215 Cross 
Connolly John, porter, 56 s Dewberry al 
Connolly John, laborer, 28 e Monument 
Connolly John, sr. laborer, 14 ArmisteaJ la 
Connolly John, jr. moulder, 14 Armistead la 
Connolly John, carter, 193 Ramsay 
Connolly John, laborer, 318 Mulberry 
Connolly John, laborer, 48 Forrest 
Connolly John H. sexton, 372 w Lombard 
Connolly John B. marble dealer, n w cor Mon- 
ument and Constitution 
Connolly John T. paperhanger, 239 s Paca 
Connolly Letitia, grocery, 216 Light 
Connolly Mary 15. trimmings, 228 Mulberry 
Connolly xMartin, laborer, 123 Chesapeake 
Connolly Martin, laborer, 240 s Paca 
Connolly Matthew,laborer, 137 North 
Connolly Michael, laborer, 12 Front north of 

Connolly .Michael, teacher, 169 Saratoga 
Connolly Patrick, marble polisher, 289 Forrest 
Connolly Patrick, laborer, 138 V^ine 
Connolly Patrick, laborer, 22 St. Mary 
Connolly Misses & Smith, (.\nnie Connolly, 

A. Smith) dressmakers, 228 .Mulberry 
Connolly Thomas, laborer, 214 Light 
Connolly Thomas F. marble cutler, 252 n Gay^ 
Connolly Thomas, tinner, 38 Harford av 
Connolly Timothy, huckster, 125 Hill 
Connolly Wm. police, 201 s Castle 
Connolly Wm. shipjoiner, 299 Eastern av 
Connolly Wm. laborer, 4 Fail 




Connolly Wm. tinner, 168 Lexington 
Connolly Wm. A. patternmaker, 177 n Exeter 
Connor Bernard, foreman, 22 Block 
Connor Bernard, laborer, 374 Eastern av 
Connor Bernard, laborer, 69 York 
Connor lOlizabeth, 57 George 
Connor Francis J. telegraphist, 19 e Monument 
Connor Geo. W. supt. Md. Hospital, 109 n 

Connor John, distiller, 19 e Monument 
Connor John, laborer, 205 s Castle 
Connor John, laborer. Gist nr Canton av 
Connor John, shoemaker, 10 s Front 
Connor Joseph, coachmaker, 57 George 
Connor Matthew, laborer, 109 Cathedral 
Connor Martin, laborer, 374 Eastern av 
Connor Martin, mariner, 33 Fell 
Connor Mich'l J. lettercar'r, 23 Jackson sqav 
Connor P-ter, laborer, 158 Forrest 
Connor Thos. laborfr, Cross nr Sharp 
Connor Thos. laborer, 205 s Castle 
Connor Wm. laborer, 374 Eastern av 
Connorton Wm. lab'r, 10 Front n of Foundry 
Co"oly Matthew, blacksmith, 67 Amity 
Conoway Wm. E. cigarmaker, 112 s Elan 
Conrad Christian J. (Conrad & Green) l^ork 

rd nr tollgate 
Conrad Carl, blacksmith, 76 s Regester 
Conrad Dan'l, cooper, 90 York 
Conrad Francis M. bookkeeper, 40 n Gilmer 
Conrad Frederick, blacksmith, 459 n Gay 
Canrad Fred'k deputy warden Penitentiary 

Fayette nr Wolfe 
Conrad Henry, driver, 375 e Fayette 
Conrad Henry, cabinetmkr, Fayette nr Wolfe 
Conrad John F. confectioner, 253 Franklia 
•Conrad John, 253 Aliceanna 
Conrad Dr. J. S., Balto Infirmary, s w ,cor 

Lombard and Greene 
Conrad Julius, inspector customs, 45 s High 
Conrad L. Lewis, attorney, 45 St. Paul 
Conrad Lewis F. cooper, 269 L Hughes 
Coarad Patience, boardinz, 190 Druid-Hill av 
Conrad Mrs. Philip, 108 Hill 
Conrad Mrs. Sarah, boarding, 67 s Fremont 
Conrad Solomon, cooper, 67 s Fremont 
Conrad Susan M. teacher, 354 Mulberry 
Cocrades August, shcemaker, 422 Saratoga 
Conradt Christ. J. (C. & Green) York rd 
CONRADT & COBB, (G. F. Conradt, G. F. 

Cobb) carpets and oil cloths, s e cor How- 
ard and Clay 
Conradt & Green, (C. J. Conradt, C. R. Green) 

upholsterers, 101 Lexington 
Conradt Geo. F. (C. & Cobb,) York rd ' 
Conroy Andrew, laborer, 1 s Duncaji al 
Conroy Bernard, police, 131 Preston 
CoDroy James, baker, 108 Stirling 
Conroy John, jr. ropemaker, 466 Harford av 
Conroy John, porter, 29 Cambridge 
Conroy John, carter, 466 Harford av 
Conroy Mrs. Mary, laundress, 42 ilorton al 
Conroy Michael, laborer, 168 Stirling 
Conroy Michael, laborer, 178 Greenmount av 
Conroy Mrs. Michael, 21 L Gough 
Conroy Patrick, laborer, 40 Liberty al 
Conroy Patrick, oysterman, lis Duncan al 
Conroy Patrick, nialtster, 127 n HoUiday 
Conroy Patrick, distiller, 105 Peach al 
Conroy Patrick, 168 Stirling 
Conroy Peter, laborer, 7 Pleasant al 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &(x 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c* 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Conroy Stephen laborer, 1 Perry 
Conroy Thos. oysterman, 11 s Duncan al 
Conroy Thomas, carpenter, 3 Elliott 
Conroy Thomas, huckster, 9 Jasper 
Conry Cornelius, laborer, 15 Goodman al 
Conry Pat'k, laborer, Bouldin al nr Townsend 
Conry John, laborer, 350 s Charles 
Conry Patrick, laborer, 99 Elliott 
Conry Thomas E. clerk, Mount Vernon hotel 
ConserRev. Solomon L. M. 291 w Hoffman 
Considine Patrick, hostler, 5 Smith's ct 
Considine Thomas, laborer, 33 Booth 


24 South, Isaac Cox, pres' t 
Constam Aaron. 4 s Bond 
Constance Crescentia, Ann nr Fayette 
Constance George, shoemaker, 145 Siirling 
Constance Harman, tailor, 372 n Gay 
Constance Joseph, clolhcutter, 1 Anthony 
Constance Theodore, plumber, 65 n Frederick, 

dw 198 e Madison 
Constantine Charles, carpenter, 17 Rock 
Constantine Danl. shipcarp. 95 s Washington. 
Constantine Danl. jr, clerk, 95 3 W^shingtoa 
Constantine Henry, shipcarp. 95 s Vv'^ashington 
Constantini Benedetto, watchmkr, 114 n Front 
Contev Jame?, plasterer. 216 n Eutaw 

Langley & Forbes, managers, 42 Post 

Office av 
Continental Fire Ins. Co. of N. Y. 73 Second 
Contner Conrad, tailor, 572 w Baltimore, 

Contner Fred, moulder, Chester nr Eastern av 
Convent of the Good Shepherd, Sisters of the 

Good Shepherd, s e cor Mount and Hollins 
Convent of the Immaculate Conception, Sis- 
ters of Mercy, 12 s Poppleton 
Convent de Notre Dame, Aisquith nr Eager 
Converse Mrs. Emily, 219 n Eutaw 
Converse Wm. H. driver, 139 n High 
Convcry James, huckster, 91 Plum al 
Convery Jno. R. sign painter, 32 s Republican 
Conway Alfred, yauer carrier, 221 Mulberry 
Conway Mrs. Ann M. 25 Fawn 
Conway Mrs. Barbara, 123 Chesapeake 
Conway & Bro. (J. H. & Patrick Conway) 

groceries, 71 Centre Market sp 
Conway Charles .M. ealesman, 287 w Lombard 
Conway Charles L. blacksmith, 193 Il-imsay 
Conway Mrs. Delia, boarding, 38 William 
Conw.ay Dominick C. barkeeper, 41 Front n 

of Foundry 
Conway Edmund, laborer, 3 Bank 
Conway Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery,' 29 Buren 
Conway Francis A. police, Cbcsttr nr Fayette 
Conway Francis F. police, 24 s Stockton al 




est.a.bx.isi3:eid isso. 


Furnishing Goods, &c. 


308 W. Baltimore St. 


Conway Geo. T. laborer, 88 Dolphin 
CONWAY & HORTON (James C, James M. 

IJorton) linen goods, 28 n Charles 
Conway James M. saiimaker, Patterson Park 
Conway James R. keeper Patterson Park 
Conway James ( C. & Horton) 18 s Broadway 
Conway Mrs Jane, 157 Hughes 
Conway Mrs. Jane R. 56 s Exeter 
Conway Jesse, machinist, 241 Ilollins 
CONWAY JOHN R. & SON (Mrs J R. & R. 

H. Conway) whols. liquors, 31 Cheapside 
Conway Mrs. John R. (J. R. C. & Son) 154 

St. Paul 
Conway John, sheetiron worker, 29 Buren 
Conway John H. (C. & Bro.) 107 e Fayette 
Conway John N. moulder, 241 Hollins 
Conway Joseph B. engineer, 1 Williamson al 
Conway Lawrence, laborer, 3G L'^ncaster 
Conway Mrs. Mary, conftct'ry, 134 Hollins 
Conway Michael, tavern, Sljo^'^ortb, dw 339 

e Ejiger 
Conway Nathaniel oysterman, 38 William 
Conway Patrick, laborer, 158 Forrest 
Conway Patrick (C. & Bro.) 107 e Fayette 
Conway Patk. laborer, cor Ostend and Eutaw 
Conway Patrick M. grocer v, 172 s Sharp 
Conway Rich. IL ( J. R. C. & Son) 93 St. Paul 
Conway Robert T. J. carpenter, 84 Ensor 
Conway Thomas, bookkeeper, Northern Cen- 
tral hotel 
Conway Wm. M. derk, 154 St. Paul 
Conway W^m. police, 241 Hollins 
Conyers Mrs. Henrietta, books, 44 Thames 
Conyers Joseph Y. clerk, 78 St. Paul 
Conyers Walter W. mariner, 44 Thames 
Coob Henry, tailor, 122 Saratoga 
Coogan James, laborer, 002 w Pratt 
Coogan Patrick, laborer, 90 s Poppleton 
Coogan Patrick, laborer, G02 w Pratt 
Cook Allen, roofer, 225 Mullikin 
Cook Ale.x. 6. A shoemaker, 183 Orleans 
Cook Anthony, florist. Mulberry opp Oregon 
Cook Aaron G. shipcarpenter, 4 Hill 
■■"Cook Annie, dressmaker, 209 s Paca 

Cook Andrew, shoemaker, Butler nr Henrietta 
Cook Anthony, glassblower, 3G8 s Sharp 
Cook Btri, oysters and milk, 1G6 e Madison, 

dw 117 Stirling 
Cook Benj. F. lettercarrier, 803 w Baltimore 
COOK BENJAMIN M. boots and shoes, 803 w 

Cook Btri, Sarah Ann nr Oregon 
Cook Barney, porter, Hughes nr glasshouse 
Cook Calherine, grocery, 40 Chesnut 
Cook Charles H. varnisher, 99 Warner 
COOK CHRISTIAN, shoemaker, 278 Light 
Cook Columbus E. real estate, 51 n Carey 
Cook Charles R. 16 Hollins 
Cook Cecilia, seamstress, 103 n Calvert 

Cook Charles W. mariner, Choptank nr Prat 

Cook Daniel, tailor, 75 n Bond 

Cook Daniel, cabinetmaker, 209 s Paca 

Cook Daniel, cedar cooper, 209 s Paca 

Cook Edward, butcher, 171 Lee 

Cook .Mrs. Elizabeth, 53 Garden 

Cook Mrs. E. F. 17G n Calvert 

Cook Mrs. Elizabeth, confect'y, 221 Aliceanca 

Cook Mrs. Emily J. 162 e Monument 

Cook k FarsoD, (J. K. Cock, J. S. Parson) 

block and pump makers, 17 Philpot 
Cook Francis, laborer, 18 Callendar al 
Cook Francis, grocery, 324 Mulberry 
Cook Francis, nightman, 324 Mulberry 
Cook Frederick, jr. butcher, 58 Hill 
Cook Fred'k, sr. butcher, 45 Lexington and 

2G Hanover markets, dw 244 Montgomery 
Cook Frederick, shoemaker, 863 w Baltimore 
Cook Frederick, 61 President 
Cook George, cigarmaker, 293 w Pratt 
Cook George A. clerk, 4 Jackson 
Cook George, clerk, 18 e Fayette 
Cook Georf;e A. clerk, 212 n Eden 
Cook George, wheelwright and blacksmith, 

cor Scott and Columbia, dw 198 Scott 
Cook George, cabinetmaker, 75 e Monument 
Cook George, barber, 419 Penna av 
Cook George, huckster, 221 Aliceanna 
Cook George, cigarpacker, G4 n Eden 
Cook George L. grocery, G9 n Pine 
Cook Geo. L. curpenten, over 189 Wwlsh 
Cook George W. eDginrer, 15 s Republican 
Cook Gilbert C. 126 n Exeter 
Cook Hehvjg, tailor, 90 s Bethel 
Cook Henry A. fisherman, 460 Light 
Cook Henry A. painter. Eagle hotel 
Cook Henry, shoemaker, 71 Battery &y 
Cook Henry, 212 n Eden 
Cook Henry W. Choptank near Pratt 
Cook Henrr C. clerk, 15 Commerce 
COOK HENRY F. bookseller and stationer, 

76 w Baltimore, dw 23 n Calvert 
Cook Henry, shoemaker, 407 w Pratt 
Cook Henry, huckster, 169 s Regester 
Cook Henry W. 16 Hollins 
Cook Ira, huckster, 60 Milliman 
Cook Isaac P. 76 w Baltimore 
Cook Jacob, laborer, 209 'William 
Cook Jacob F. constable, 69 n Pine 
Cook James A. farmer, 15 s Rej)ul;lican 
Cook James E. baggagemaster, 407 s Eutaw 
Cook James E. butcher, 171 Lee 
Cook James H. (C. & Spedden) 42 Warren 
Cook Joel M. jr. carpenter, 17 Warner 
Cook John, laborer, 46 Preston 
Cook John, brickl lyer, 179 Peirce 
Cook John, laborer, 186 s Bethel 
Cook John, shoemoker, 20 n Frederick 
Cook John A. tanner, 288 c Pratt 
Cook John T. cari)entcr, 15 s Republican 
Cook J. Glenn, bookkeeper, 51 n Carey 
Cook John, shoemaker, 207 Light 
Cook Jolm, laborer, 28 s Chapel 
Cook John, huckster, 33 n Amity 
Cook Jolm K. (0. & Farson) 27 Gough 
Cook John, laborer, 221 Battery av 
Cook John F. machinist, 10 n Schroeder 
Cook John F. detective, 254 e Fayette 
Cook John D. conductor, 91 n High 
Cook John, drayman, 197 Preston 
Cook John J. prlice, 348 Mulberry 
Cook John IL laborerj 87 Mound 




Cook Joha H. undert'ker, Frederick rd nr toll- 
Cook Joseph, tobacconist, 100.} n Paca 
Cook Jos. B. cabinetmaker, 707 w Baltimore 
COOK J. M. & CO. (J. M. Cook) wholes. 

grocers and com. raercbs. 15 Commerce 
Cook Joseph M. (J. M. C. & Co.) 16 Hollina 
Cook Joseph 0. tinner, 49 Hanover 
Cook Lewis J. fanmaker, 83 Hamburg 
Cook Mdrgaret, dressmaker, 53 Garden 
Cook Mrs. E. F. 167 n CaUfrt 
Cook Mrs. Mars' t, music teacher, 20 s Chester 
Cook Mrs. Martha E. board'g, 5U0 w Lombard 
Cook Martin, huckster, 32 n Schroeder 
Cook Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 64 n Eden 
Cook Mrs. Mary, 205 w Fayette 
Cook Mrs. Mary A. huckstress, 144 n Eden 
Cook Otto, clerk, 14 n Lib-rty 
Cook Porter, contractor Md. Penitentiary, 106 

H Gay 
Cook & Randel, (T. R. Cook, E. Handel) ship- 
yard, foot ot Henry 
Cook Robt. McK. produce, 114 s Exeter 
Cook Robt. driver, Druid Hill av nr Park 
Cook Robt. mail agent, 10 s Gay 
Cook Robt. cooper, 59 Leadenhall 
Cook Robt. A. clerk, 29 Granby 
Cook Samuel C. shoemaker, 11 Perry 
Cook Sam'l G. B. (Barry & C.) 245 n Charles 
Cook Savilliaa F. (Brown & C.) 4 e Baltimore 
Cook Stepbea J. (Lee & C.) Gilmer nr Cooke 
Cook Stephen D. oysterman, 70 Albemarle 
COOK & SPEDDEN, (J. H. Cook, W. H. 
Spedden) grocers and com'n merch'tSj 165 
Light St whf 
Cook Sylvester, grocery, 177 e Eager 
Cook Theodore F. clerk, 15 Commerce 
Cook Thos. R. (C. & Randel) 323 Light 
Cook Thos. shoemaker, 20G Mulberry 
C;ok Thos. R. (L. J. Applegirth & Co.) 365 s 

Cook Thomas J. clerk, 144 n Eden 
Cook Valentine, printer, 64 n Eden 
Cook W. F. real estate broker. Mansion house 
Cook Walter, fireman, 15 s Republican 
Cook Wm. H. toilermaker, 163 Hamburg 
Cook Wm. W. L. 16 HoUins 
Cook Wm. F. confectionery, 231 s Dallas 
Cook Wm. groc'y, s e cor Pratt and Caroline 
Cook Wm. Geo. stonecutter, 69 n Pine 
Cook Wm. potter, Mulberry nr Schroeder 
Cook Wm. driver, 175 s Central av 
Cook Wm. H. machinist, 463 w Lombard 
Cook Wm. shoemaker, 244 Franklin 
Cook Wm. hostler, 250 Franklin 
Cook Wm. laborer, 27 Port 
Cook Wm. H. brakesman, 3 s Republican 
Cook Wm. H. tinner, 664 Saratoga 
Cook Wm. I. clerk, 6 Columbia 
Cook Wm. S. blacksmith, 51 e Lombard 
Cook Winifred, 72 w Biddle 
Cooke Adolphus A. (I. Cooke & Sons) 146 

Cooke Alonzo W. (L C. & Son) 146 Hanover 
Cooke Andrew J. clerk, 63 s Republican 
Coolie Chas. W. sec. Silver Valley Mining Co. 
12 South, dw s vr cor Druid Hill av and 
Cooke Mrs. Ellen, 250 Franklin 
Cooke Mrs. Helen, 52 Franklin 
Cooke Henry W. real estate broker, 9 Law 
Buildings, dw 238 n Eutaw 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, <&c, 

Rosendale Cement 6l Plaster. 

Cooke I. & Sons, (Israel, A. A. and A. W. 

Cooke) com. mchts. 219 w Pratt 
Cooke Israel, (I. C. & Sons) Baltimore co 
Cooke J. Addison, clerk, 199 w Fayette 
Cooke John, cotton wadding and lamp manu- 
factory, 148 Linden av, dw 151 opposite 
Cooke John T. coach painter, 122 Linden av 
COOKE JOSEPH L. clerk, 151 Linden av 
Cooke Mary, 52 Franklin 
Cooke Dr. 0. A. n w cor Hanover and Lee, 

dw 146 Hanover 
Cooke Dr. Theodore, 146 Hanover 
Cooke Theophilus, engineer, U. S. N. 97 8 

Cooke Thomas, carpenter, 161 e Eager 
Cooke W. E. cabinet photographs and albums, 

57 n Eiitaw, dw 305 Linden av 
Cooke Wra. IT. stonecutter, 161 e Eager 
Cookes Daniel, livery stable, cor Pratt and 

Paca, dw 39 s Paca 
Cooksey John R. shipcarp'r, 318 Canton av 
Cooksey Mrs. Mary G. 284 e Baltimore 
Cooksey Thomas II. machinist, 384 Bank 
Coolahan Malachi, shoemaker, 609 w Pratt 
Coolahan John T. shoemaker, 609 w Pratt 
Cooley Edward, huckster, 77 e Lombard 
Cooley Levi J. 50 n Calvert 
Cooley Wm. laborer, 18 Walsh 
Coombs John W. painter, 238 e Lombard 
Coombes R. J. printer, 47 n Liberty 
Coomes George E. clerk, 453 n Gay 
Coon Louis C. 233 Hanover 
Coonan Daniel, 70 Centre Market space 
Coonan Elizabeth, 63 Lancaster 
Coonan Dr. John N. 70 Centre Market space, 

dw 189 e Eager 
Coonan John H. blacksmith, 68 Lancaster 
Coonan Martin, laborer, 235 Gough 
Coonan Michael A. notions, 44 w Pratt, dw 

35 n Gay 
Cuouey Cbristopher, shoemaker, 335 Mulberry 
Cooney Geo 49 n Wolfe 
Cooney James, huckster, s e cor Aisquith and 

Cooney Lawrence, 335 Mulberry 
Cooney Mary, 416 w Fayette 
Cooney Michael, merch't tailor, 416 w Fayette 
Cooney Michael, laborer, 169 a Central av 
Cooney Peter, gasfitter, 335 Mulberry 
Cooney Thomis, printer, 112 Scott 
Cooney Wm. J. T. printer, 339 Mulberry 
Cooper Alfred, gold penmaker, over 2 South, 

dw 9 Binney 
Cooper A. S., Custom House, Franklin Inn 
Cooper Mrs. Ann C. 201 Ilollins 
Cooper Mrs.AnnM.matrou,Aged Men's Home 
Coopvr Adderly, stevedore, 05 s High 
Cooper Benj. C. (C. & Seltzer) 436 e Baltimore 
Cooper Benj. F. carpenter, 41 n Pine 




EST^^BXilSIIEID 1850. 


Furnishing Goods, &c. 


308 W. Baltimore St. 


Cooper Calvert, butcher, 205 s Ann 
Cooper Calvin, butcher, 438 e Baltimore 
Cooper Carrie, teacher, IG e Fayette 
Cooper Chas. laborer, Franklin Inn 
Cooper Chas. clerk, Beach hill, Saratoga ext 
Cooper Capt. Edward K. 73 Cathedral 
Cooper Mrs. E. stamping and pinking, 219 w 

Cooper Mrs. Electa, stamping, 82 George 
Cooper Geo. shipcarpenter, 290 s Dallas 
Cooper George, laborer, 99 East 
Cooper Geo. R. 123 Gough 
Cooper George, saloon, 105 e Pratt 
Cooper Rev. George W. 92 Columbia 
Cooper Geo. W. shipjoiner, 108 s Castle 
Cooper Geo. W. engineer, 116 Vine 
Cooper Ilenrj, machinist, Beech Hill, Sara- 
toga extended 
Cooper Henry J. shipcarpenter, 335 Light 
Cooper Herman, mariner, 138 Bank 
Cooper Hugh A. 275 Madison av 
Cooper Hugh W. bookkeeper, 187 w Lombard 
Cooper James, laborer, 41s Wolfe 
Cooper James, shoemaker, G54 w Baltimore 
Cooper James H. huckster, 221 Lee 
Cooper James, (Dugan & C.) Beech Hill, 

Saratoga extended 
Cooper James B. shipcarpenter, 123 Gough 
Cooper Mrs. Jane, 152 e Pratt 
Cooper John, weaver, 27 s Front 
Cooper John A. huckster, 87 s Wolfe 
Cooper John, tavern, n w cor Lombard and 

Concord, dw 8 w Lombard 
Cooper John Hooker, drayman, 93 n Spring 
Cooper John H. pilot, 2G8 e Pratt 
Cooper John W. shipjoiner, 71 Gough 
Cooper Julia A. 174 Bank 
Cooper Mrs. Julia, tailoress, 120 Front n of 

Cooper Mrs. Mary, 175 s Central av 
Cooper Louisa, 18 s Broadway 
Cooper Mrs. Mary A. 12 Stirling 
Cooper Mrs. Mary J. 5G JefFersotft 
Cooper Mrs. Nettie, chaircaner, 19 CarltOQ 
Cooper Philip H. pilot, 268 e Pratt 
Cooper Robert E. laborer, 28 Ridgeljr 
Ceoper Mrs. Ruth, 123 Gough 
Cooper Samuel, bookkeeper, Beach Hill, Sara- 
toga ext 
Cooper Samuel, lettercarrier, 285 e Charles 
Cooi>er & Seltzer, (B.C. Cooper, A. H.Seltzer) 

butchers, 20 Fell's Point market 
Cooper Thos. carpenter, N. C. R. nr Reservoir 
Cooper Thomas, mariner, 178 Montgomery 
Cooper Thos. ff. cleik, 270 Druid Hill av 
Cooper Wm. laborer, Morton al nr llon'man 
Cooper Wra. Geo. drayman, 93 n Spring 
Cooper Wm. clerk, 64 n Broadway' 
Coover Samuel W. salesman, 5 Columbia 

Copenhaver Augustus, paperhangings, 150 a 

Copenhaver John H. paperhanger, 150 s 

Copenhaver Samuel, clerk, 319 w Fayette 
Copfs Benj. dentist, 25 s Eutaw 
Copes Geo. lumber, 1G5 e Pratt 
Copes Miles, shoemaker, 87 Warner 
Copp Moses, shoemaker, 63 Camden 
Coppens Rev. Alphonsus, 25 n Front 
-Copper Jas. II. ladies' shoemaker, 57 Ensor 
Coppinger Mrs. E. M. dressmaker, 174 n High 
Coppinger John D. clerk, 174 n High 
Coram Joseph V. moulder, 49 s Republican 
Coram Wm. II. shoemaker, 49 s Republican 
Corame Wm. H. butcher, 45 n Caroline 
Corbell Peter, shoemaker, 41 s High 
Corbett Emanuel, umbrellas and India rubber, 

93 w Baltimore, dw 180 Aisquith 
Corbett Isaae, umbrellas and india rubber, 93 

w Baltimore, dw Baltimore co 
Corbett James, laborer, Hudson al nr Federal 
Corbett John, blacksmith, 107 York 
Corbett John W. clerk, 65 n Front 
Corbin Mrs. Ellen, 33 Willow 
Corbin Francis, cigarmaker, 33 Willow 
Corbin John W. (Brown, Boggs& Co.) 140 w 

Corbitt Edward, carter, 59 York 
Corbitt Patrick, grocery, 199 s Charles 
Corcoran Dennis, shoemaker, 23 Bank 
Corcoran James, laborer, 235 Gough 
Corcoran John, laborer, 165 Preston 
Corcoran Michael, laborer, 26 Elizabeth la 
Corcoran Michael J. clerk, 23 Bank 
Corcoran Michael, blacksmith, 390 Hanover 
Corcoran Patrick, grocery, 23 Bank 
Corcoran Steph. liquors, 95 McElderry's whf 
Cord Benj. driver, 574 e Fayette 
Cord Geo. Henry, teacher, 3 West al 
Cord Henry, laborer, 181 Lee 
Cord John T. die and model maker, 43 Ger- 
man, dw 308 s Sharp 
Cord Mrs. Rosetta, 181 Lee 
Cordell Dr. E. F. 2G n Calvert, dw 822 w Bal- 
Corderay Henry, scroll sawyer, 314 Chats- 
Ccrdeiay Henry, pianomaker, 314 Chatswcrlh 
Corderay Henry, cabinetmaker, 297 Light 
Cordery James C. carpenter and tobacconist, 

231 Light 
Cordery Mrs. Sarah, boarding, 109 Bank 
Cordery Wm. II. 64 w Fayette, dw 318 n Eden 
Cording Herman, carpenter, .186 Preston 
Cordray Mrs Mary, grocery, 574 w Baltimore 
Cordray Wm. clerk, 574 w Baltimore 
Cordray Wm. H. clerk, 314 Chatsworth 
Cordus Edward, shcremakcr, 142 s Charles 
Core John, actuarv Balto. Asso. for Imp. of 

Col. People, 42 Park av 
Corey Benjamin J. saddler, 70 George 
Coriell Alvin, clerk, 631 w Lombard 
Coriell Isaac, contractor, 63^ w Lombard 
Corigan Dani^l, shoemaker, 107 Harford av 
Corkaran Daniel, laborer, 79 n Oregon 
Corkran Benj. W. paying ieller, Oregon 3d 

doer n of Townscnd 
Corkran Wm. dep. naval officer, cor Park av 

and Townsend 
Corkran AVra B. W. clerk, cor Park av and 





Corkrin Joha A. mariner, 26 n Bond 
Corman Elizibeth, 150 Canton av 
Gorman Steph. A. shoemaker, 49 n Poppieton 
Corn and Flour Exchange, cor Soutli and 

Wood Wra. F. Wheatley, secretary 
Cornal Philip, laborer, Hurrough nr Fort av 
Cornelius & Brinton, (X. Cornelius, A. H. 

Briuton) grocers, 165 Forrest 
Cornelius C. oflScer at Penitentiary, 82 Ensor 
Cornelius iMrs. Charlotte, dressm'r. 20 Pearl 
Cornelius Ellenora, tailoress, 133 Ensor 
Cornelius George, huckster, 289 e Monument 
Cornelius Hanna^^, seamstress, 20 Pearl 
Cornelius John C. dept. warden Penitentiary, 

82 Ensor 
Cornelius John W. carpenter, 20 Pearl 
Cornelius John. 133 Ensor 
Cornelius Nicholas, ( C. & Brinton) 163 Forrest 
Corneliusi^ichoUs A. 82 Ensor 
Cornelius Mrs. Rebecca, 143 Cross 
Cornelius Richard, cashier Nat. Farm, and 

Planters' Bank, dw Madi^on nv nr Wilson 
Cornelius Thomas, clerk, 143 Cross 
C rnell John H. carpenter, 242 Madison av 
Cornell Mark J. com. mrrch't, 45 n Gilmor 
Cornell Michael, carpenter and builder, 13 

Morris al, d\v 242 Madison av 
Corner B. Jlezick, (Jas. C. & Sons) Corner's 

whf, foot of Frederick-st dock 
Corner George W. (James C. & Sons) 20 n 

Corner Ilenrv C. (S. & H. C C.) 122 St. Paul 
Corner H. W. clerk, 34 w Pratt 
Corner James J. clerk, 122 St. Paul 
Corner Jarnes & Sons, (Thos., G. W., B. M., 

and Thos. Corner, jr.) shipping and com. 

merch'is, foot Frederick-st dock 
Coi-BcrS. & H. C. flour and grain merch'ts, 

11 Spear's whf 
Corner i^'olomon F. clerk, 122 St Paul 
Corner Sol. (S. & H C. Corner) 122^St. Paul 
Corner Thomas, jr. (James C. k Sons) 3 ecor 

Monunient and Park 
Corner Thomas, clerk, 90 Saratoga 
Corner Thomas, (James C. & Sons) s e cor 

Monument and Park 
Corner Wm. E. iron moulder, 90 s Ann 
CORNER WM. H. flour and com. merch. 54 

South, dvv 89 n Paca 
Cornor Mrs. Maria, 217 e Pratt 
Cornick Richard D. bricklayer, 185 e Madison 
Corns Aonanias, foundryman, 9 Clinton 
Corns Jacob S. blacksmith, 947 w Baltimore 
Corns James, puddler, 16 Patuxent 
Corns John, laborer, Falls rd nr Northern av 
Corns Ruth A., Potomac nr Lancaster 
Corns Job, machinist, 947 w Baltimore 
Corns Thomas, puddler, Potomac nr Lancaster 
Corns Wra. laborer, 31 Burke 
Cornthwait Oliver, watchman C. 11. 170 e 

Cornthwait Robert, 16 St. Peter 
Cornthwait Wm. P. clerk, 25 n Gilmor 
Cornwall John, teas, 43 n Eutaw dw 95 
Cornwell Lucius J. (C. & Skinner) 104 Han- 
Conrnwell & Skinner (L. J. Cornwell, T. B. 

R. Skinner) ship brokers and commission, 

over 18 West Falls av 
Corprew Lurannah, tobac'ist, 255 Eastern av 
Corprew Moses, boilermkr. 436 w Lombard 
Corprew Thos. boiler maker, 255 Eastern av I 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Corr James, grocery, 105 Vine 

Corr John, laborer, 105 Vine 

Correa Matthew 0. engineer, 103 n Caroline 

Correa Wm. J. plasterer, 108 n Caroline 

Corrtll Jam's M. cle-k, 106 n Pine 

Correll Stewart D. clerk, 106 n Pine 

Corrie Mrs. Catherine, 219 w Lombard 

Corrie Dr. James, 237 Saratoga 

Corrif^aa Edward, grocery, 138 Mullikin 

Corrigan Francis, engineer, 145 8 Washingtoa 

Corrigan Michael, huckster, 142 .Mullikin 

Corrigan Patrick, chandler, 67 n Front 

Corrigan John, laborer, 2 Fort av 

Corry Nelsjn II. machinist, 317 Light 

Corsey Frederick, laborer, 186 s Spring 

Corson A. Eliza, boarding 110 e Favelte 

Corson Henry, mariner, 18 Fell 

Corter John "W. plasterer, 579 n Fremont 

CORTLAN & CO. fj. Cortlan, Jr., 
J. Wakefield Cortlan, S. Clinton 
Cortlan,) Importers of China, 
Glass, Crockery, Table Cutlery, 
Plated Ware, Fancy Goods and 
House Furnishing Hardware, 
216 and 218 w Baltimore St. 

Cortlan James, jr. (C. & Co.) 153 St. Paul 

Cortlan James, 153 St. Paul 

Cortlan J. Wakefield. (C. & Co.) 153 St Paul 

Cortlan S. Clinton (C. & Co.) 153 St. Paul 

Cortz Adolph, teacher, 6 n Eden 

Corwine Elizabeth, seamstress, 19 Greenm'tav 

Cory James 0. mariner, 218 Gough 

Coryell E. E. civil engineer, 42 St. Paul 

Coryell Geo. engineer, 70 n Calvert 

Cosby Mrs. Maggie, 57 Lee 

Cosgrove Jas. H., Mayor's messenger, 222 

Cosgrove John, machinist, 48 s Strieker 
Cosgrove John P. fire dep't, 370 s Charles 
Cosgrove John, dredger, 7 s Front 
Cosgrove J. Henry, grocer, 82 Richmond and 

218 n Howard, dw 82 Richmond 
Cosgrove Michael, laborer, 279 Aiiceanna 
Cosgrove Pair'ck, laborer, 11 Pleasant al 
Cosgrove Mrs. Teresa, 21 s Washington 
Coikery Rev. Henry B. 106 n Charles 
Coskery James, drayman, 15 Ringgold al 
Coskery Martha, 188 n Cnlvert 
Coskery Dr. Oscar J. 188 n Calvert 
Oo5S Charles, blacksmith, 65 North 
Coss George, 237 w Pratt 
Cossnrt Wm. H. gas fitter, 23 Rose 
Cost John L. mail agent, .Miller's hotel 
Post Rebecca, 138 Gough 
Custello Andrew, laborer, 32 n Amitj 





FOR KaTcaMSj FAPcev aaoBS^ 


Furnishing Goods, &c. 


308 W. Baltimore St. 


Costcllo Mrs. Ana, 188 Mulberry 
Costello Edmund, laborer, 109 Dover 
Costello Edward, laborer, 57 Booth 
Costfllo Henry, llmeburner, 181 Orleans 
Costello Jrttnts, coachman, 10 L Broadway 
Costcllo John, Liborer, 17 n Amity 
Costello John, lime kilns, Fayette e of Burke, 

dw 181 Orleans 
Cos'ello John, jr. carpenter, 181 Orleans 
Costello Maurice, laborer, 43 s Dewberry al 
Costello Patrick, police, 10 Rose 
Costello Patrick, carpenter, 85 North 
Costello Patrick H. foundryman, 179 Stirling 
Costello Thomas, hostler, 109 Dover 
Coster James II. carpenter, 21b Calhoun 
Coster James Z. clerk, 330 e Madison 
Coster Jos. laborer, cor Thames and Philpot 
Co;ter Joseph, bookkeeper, 19 Hill 
Cosier Thottias H. currier, 191 n Eden 
Costigan \Vm. 297 e Pratt 
Costigan Wm. laborer, over 1G9 s Central av 
Costin Mrs. Harriet C. 271 Light 
Costin James, moulder, 271 Light 
Costin Saml. C driver, Burrough nr Fort av 
Costclay Patrick J. cedar ware and broom 

manf. 120 Franklin, dw 328 Saratoga 
Cottar John, marble polisher, 16 Douglass 
Cottar Mrs. Mary, grocery, 16 Douglass 
Cctte Thomas, clerk, 'J'i e Lombard 
Cotten George A. salesman, 1 Hanover 
Gotten M. A. salesman, 156 w Lombard 
Cotten Simon, clothing, 68 n Eden 

COTTER J. & CO. (John Cotter, J. 
Nunan, J. Wall) wholesale deal- 
ers in Foreign and Domestic Li- 
quors, 40 and 42 s Frederick. 

Cotter Mrs. Jane, 182 n Exeter 
Cotter John, marble polisher, 10 Douglass . 
Cotter John, (J. C. & Co.) 53 s Exeter 
Cottinger Misses, (Cornelia and Ann Cotlin- 

ger) school, 168 n Howard 
Cottingham Henry, clerk, 95 s Paca 
Cottinsham Samuel, jr. oyster dredge maker, 

38 Grant, dw 95 s Paca 
Cottingham Samuel, ?r. farmer, 95 s Paca 
Cotlnian J. Hough, com. merch., over 50 s 

Gay, dw 330 JIadison av 
Cottom Alexander, carpenter, 380 s Charles 
Cotton L. clothing, 169 Franklin 
Coitrell Daniel G. engineer, 45 e Eager 
Cottrell Mrj. Eliza A. tavtrn, 8 Water 
Cottrell Mrs. James \V. 208 u Eutaw 
Cottrell Mrs. Margaret.ladics' nurse, 89 Garden 
Cottrell Jeremiah, piljt, 195 e Lombard 
•Couch John, carpenter, 197 liamsay 

Couchman Geo. carpenter, 551 e Fayette 
Couchman Wm. H. carpenter, 551 e Fayette 
Cougle T. W. C. train sup't, 135 s Eden 
Coughlan Corneliu?, laborer, 65 n Exeter 
Coughlan David, stonecutter, 65 n Exeter 
Coughlan John, laborer, 24 Block 
Coughlan James, laborer, 62 Cooksie 
Coughlan John J. bookkeeper, 64 s Exeter 
Coughlan Patrick, grocery, 313 Eastern av 
Coughlan Mrs. Rebecca II. dressmaker, 102 e 

Coughlan Mrs. Thos. F. millinery, 27 n Greene 
Coughlan Thos. F. clerk, 27 n Greene 
COUGHLAN WM. bottler, 169 and 171 s Cen- 
tral av, dw 64 s Exeter 
Coughlin Cornelius, laborer, 60 Cooksie 
Coughlin Jas. tailor, over 84 Centre Market sp 
Coughlin John T, jainter, 2 Rock 
Coughlin Mrs. Mary, tavern, 62 C(5bksie 
Coughlin Mrs. Mary, 2 Rock 
Coughlin Thos. foundryman, 185 s Chester 
Coughlin Thos. tailor, over 84 Centre Market sp 
Couylar John, butcher, GO Centre and 52 Bel- 
air markets, dw Harford road 
Coulbourn Stephen D. com. merch' t. over 79 

South, dw 30 n Strieker 
Coulson Andrew J. painter. Ills Regester 
Coulson Bros. & Co. (Edw. and Geo. Coulson, 
llenr^y Rcifle) mauufs. of glue, neats foot 
oil, bone dust, and phosphate. Factory, 
Patterson's la bet York and Harford roads, 
office 7 s Liberty 
Coulson Charles E. mariner. 111 s Regester 
Coulson Eliza, Ills Regester 
Coulson Edward. (C, Bros. & Co.) Patterson 

la, bet York and Harford avs 
Coulson Geo. (Coulson Bros. & Co.) Patter- 
sin la, bet York and Harford avs 
Coulson Henry B. clerk, 292 Hollins 
Coulson Mrj. Mary H. 292 Hollins 
Couhon Robert, clerk, 29 n Calvert 
Coulson Sewar(l, painter, 115 n Pine 
Coulson W. II. Seward, painter 568 Lexington 
Coulson Thos. F. carpenter, 359 Columbia 
Coulson \V. N. restaurant, 50 w Fayette 
Coulter Alexander, tinner, 83 n High 
Coulter Alex. M. teller Merch. Nat. Bank, 64 

w Biddle 
Coulter Andrew J. laborer, 82 Mound 
Coulter Archibald B. clerk, 175 w Hoffman 
Coulter & Co. (H. & J. C. Coulter) provisions, 

53 Light, 2 Ellicott and 145 North 
Coulter Evan P. clothing, 113 n Eutaw 
Coulter Mrs. Esther, 164 w Biddle 
Coulter George T. broker, 2 Exchange build- 
ings, 55 Second, dw 64 w Biddle 
Coulter Henry, (C. k Co.) 570 w Fayette 
Coulter Henry C. clerk, 570 w Fayette 
(Joulter James, painter, 112 Stirling 
Coulter Jas. -M. imp. iron and steel, 48 s Fred- 
erick, dw 87 Preston 
Coulter James J. pilot, 53 n Wolfe 
Coulter John, welldigger, 118 Doljihin 
Coulter John C. (0. & Co.) 570 w Fayette 
(youlter John P. collector, 178 Preston 
Coulter John H. coppersmith, 139 William 
Coulter Mifflin, disc't clerk Nat. Bank of Bal- 
timore, 9 Cathedral 
Coulter Noah, laborer, 95 Ensor 
Coulter Robt. A. carpenter, 227 Montgomery 
Coulter Samuel, tailor, 113 n Eutaw 
' 1 :'; ' Wm. engineer, 325 Cathedral 




Courabaugh James, hackman, 20 Tyson 
Councell Ruth T. tailoress, 48 n Front 
Coancilinan Chas. A. (Maynard, C. & Co.) 

273 w Lombard 
Counselman Fred'k, locksm'b, 144 s Caroline 
Counselman Geo. laborer, 89 Johnson 
Counselman Jacob, Hollins bet Mount and 

Counselman Dr. Jno. T. pres'tBalt. Co. Dairy 

Association, Bait co 
Counsflrain Lawrence W. (L. Rowe & Co.) 

331 e Monument 
Counselman Robt. A. painter, 75 Pearl 
Counselman Wm. H. 348 IloUins 
Countess James C. brakesman, 837 w Pratt 
Countess Joseph, brickmaker, 837 w Pratt 
Countess Jos. W. brickmaker, 837 w Pratt 
Countess San F'ncisco, brickm'kr,837 w Pratt 
COUPLAND RICHARD, hatter, 60s Charles 

dw 242 H Bond 
Courcelle Adrian, cabinetm'ker,-300 n Howard 
Courcelle Augustin V. S., prof. French, 141 

w Biddle 
Courcelle Aujrusta, prof. French, 141 w Biddle 
Courcelle Pauline, teacher, 300 n Howard 
Courleander Bernald, music teacher, 302 w 

Coursey Benj. F. shoemaker, 393 West 
Coursey Cbarle?, fireman, 108 L Greene 
Coursey James E. machinist, 16 St Peter 
Court House, Baltimore city, cor Cilrert and 

2d floor, Henry F. Garey, judge; L Free- 
man Ra=ia, chief clerk; office basement 
Court House 
CDurtenay Austin M.(C. & Co.) Alexandria, Va 
Courtenay & Co. (T E.&A.M.C.) insurance 

brokers, 4 Md. bdg. Second 
Courtenay David S. clerk engineer's office for 

harbor defences. 203 Franklin 
Courtenay David S. jr. clerk, 203 Franklin 
Courtenay J. B. printer, 29 Greenmount av 
Courtenay Thos. E. (C. & Co.) and manager 
Tontine Life Ins. Co. 4 Md. bdg, dw 210 n 
COURTENAY WM. shipping and commis- 
sion, over 23 a Gay, dw Bait, co 
Courtney Mrs. Ellen, grocpry, 67 e Monument 
Courtney George W. bookkeeper, 167 Preston 
Courtney Geo. (Gilmor & C.) 9 Bank 
Courtney Henry, 203 Franklin 
Courtney James, painter, 279 Mulberry 
Courtney Jas. T. (R. C. & Bro.) 185 Franklin 
Courtney Jas. boilermaker, 22 Spring Row 
Courtney Mrs. Mary, 185 Franklin 
Courtney Patrick nightman, 513 a Gay 
Courtney Mrs. Rachel, 9 Bank 
Courtney Rich'd, (R. C. & Bro ) 185 Franklin 
Courtnev Robert, mariner, 120 Hughes 
COURTNEY R. & BRO. (R. & J. T. Court- 
ney) groceries, 89 n Charles 
Courtney Winfield P. grocer, cor Gilmor and 

Courtney Wm. laborer, 2 Thomsen 
Courtney Wm. T. plasterer, 175 Vine 
Conrtnef Wm. T. butcher, 33 Centre and 41 

Belair markets, dw 157 Greenmount av 
Courtney Wm. P. clerk, 185 Franklin 
Courts Charles, 455 Saratoga 
Ciurts J. Edward, butcher, 53 Lexington 
market, dw 127 Penna av 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clove); Timothy Seedy &c, 

Rosendale Cement & Plaster. 

Courts Edward, machinist, 118 n Poppletoa 
Courts George W. butcher, 286 Penna av 
Courts Mary, tailoress, 86 Richmond 
Courts James L. laborer, 118 Mulberry 
Cousins Edward, moulder, 220 George 
Cousins Geo. W. cooper, cor Baltimore and 

Cousins John, oak cooper. 49 Commerce, dw 

n V,- cor Baltimore and Washington 
Cousins Jo'in E. clerk, 293 e Fayette 
Cousins Pliil. laborer, 87 Front n of Foundry 
Cousins Thomas, boilermaker, 55 Lee 
Cousins Wm. J. (Huntemuller& C.) 51 s Eden 
Couzzins Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, over 73 8 

Covell J. Edward engineer, 594 w Pratt 
Covell Wm. H. engineer, 355 w Lombard 
Cover Benj. F. butcher, 74 s Caroline 
Cover Wm. L. photographer, 560 w Balti- 
more, dw 231 w Fayette 
Covington Henry, carpenter, 169 Aisquith 
Covington Jas. H. clerk, 158 w Fayette 
Covington John E. clerk, 94 Barre 
Covington Thos. S. carbuilder, 179 Hollins 
Cowan Citherine, grocery, 24 s Poppleton 
Cowan David, bookkeeper, 284 n Howard 
Cowan John, c'.othcutter, 22 Bevan 
COfl^AN WM. H. attorney, 51 w Fayette, dw 

7 n Strieker 
Coward Mrs. Margaret, 195 n Howard 
Coward Thos. R. com. merchant, 2 Camden, 

dw 77 n Charles 
Cowell C. M. clerk, 18 Jackson 
Cowell C. M. clerk, 287 e Baltimore^ 
Co wen Abraham, scourer, 11 U Lexington 
Cowen Edward, hacks, 819 w Baltimore 
Cowea Wm. A. glassblower, 5 Hcniietta 
Cowich Mary, nurse, 90 Greenmount av 
Cowles Henry M. secretary board pub. school 

coram'rs, 89 n Bond 
Cowles L. & Co. (L. Cowles) fi.h, 55 Light 
Cowles Loyall, (L. C. & C ).) Wnsh'gton, D.C. 
Cowley Sam'l T. clothculter, 189 w Pratt 
Cowman M-& Co. (.M.,Wm. T. &E. Cowman) 

ho;iery and trimmings, 71 Lexington 
Cowman Charles, clerk, 14 s Greene 
Cowman Chas. II. (Snowden k C.) 121 Bolton 
Cowman Emily, (M. C. & Co.) 53 n Liberty 
Cowman James, blacksmith, 592 w Lombard 
Cowman John G. clerk, 228 w Fayette 
Cowman John H.(Russelis& C.)Man3ioa_house 
Cowman Joseph, clerk, 14 s Greene 
Cowman Joseph, clerk, 144 Townsend 
Cowman Joseph, jr. clerk, 14 s Greene 
Cowman Julia A. 592 w Lombard 
("owman Martha, (M. C. & Co.) 53 n Liberty 
Cowman Mary, grocery, 08 Chew 
Cowman Nicholas, boilermaker, 34 Barre 
Cowman Philip E. stcreotyper, 68 Chew 







Furnishing Goods, &c. 


308 W. Baltimore St. 


Cowman Richard, constable, 292 e Madison 
Cowman Samuel S. jr. clerk, 251 n Fremont 
Cowman Samuel S. sr. 53 n Liberty 
Cowman Wm. T. (M. C. & Co.) 53 n Liberty 
Cowns Robert, mariner, 177 Goucjh 
Cowpland Capt. Wm, S. (Edward J. Codd & 

Co.) 92 8 Bond 
Cot Abraham F. dentist, 15 n Fremont 
Cox Amos A. stonemason, 132 Dolphin 
Cox Mrs. Ann, 272 Orleans 
Cox Esau L. briciimaker, 33G e Pratt 
Cox Daniel, 58 n Front 
Cox Daniel J. barkeej)er, 32 e Baltimore 
Cox Esau J. macliinist, 336 e Pratt 
Cox Eliiha, coach and livery stablts, n e cor 

Bank and Bethel, dw 88 Bank 
Cox Eugene, clerk, 60G w Baltimore 
Cox George A. 19G w Lombard 
Ci'X Geo. \V. clerk, 375 w Baltimore 
Cox Harry C. clerk, (300 w Baltimore 
Ci X Henry, bookkeeper, 178 Chatsworth 
Cox Ilei.ry N.* clerk, 278 Chatsworth 
Cnx Isaac, hats, 208 w Baltimore, and prest, 

Consol dated Real Estate and Fire Ins. Co. 

dw n w cor Strieker and Mulberry 
Cox James E. painter, 107 McElderrr 
Cox James H. sr. bookkeeper, 58 n Greene 
Cox James, laborer, 77 s Carey 
Cox James L. cigarmaker, 115 Stirling 
Cox John, printer and stationer, n e cor Gay 

and Lombard, dw 50 e Faye'te 
Cox John F. bricklayer, 64 Aisquilh 
Cox John T. carpenter, 226 n Bond 

Cox, D. F. Pope) Produce and 
Commission Merchants, s w cor 
Fayette and Howard 

Cox John R. (J. R. C. & Pope) 316 w Lombard 

Cox Joseph, clerk, 257 IlartLrd av 

Cox Mrs. L. B. 196 w Lombard 

Cox Lawrence N. clerk, 178 Cba'sworth 

Cox Luther J. jr. (Cox, Warden k Merritt) 

27 Hollins 
Cox Mrs Margaret, Indian vegetable medicine, 

158 e Baltimore 
Cox Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 91 JelTerson 
Cox Mary L. teacher, 310 w Lombard 
Cox Michael, currier, 2 e Centre 
Cox Michael, laborer, 41 s Calhoun 
Cox Perrj, upholsterer, s e cor Mulberry and 

Cox Richard W. (Wirt, C. & Co.) 53 n Greene 
Cox S. Edwin, 58 n Greene 
Cox Mrs. Sophia, tailoress, 75 Harford av 
Cox Stephen G. i)rickhi>er, 101 n Caroline 

Cox Mrs. Virginia R. P., Saratoga nr Carey 

Cox V. I. 196 w Lombard 


jr. Jas. Warden, Jas. A.Merritt)com. mchts. 

72 South 
Cox Wm. H.(Freeland, Hall &Co.) Barnum'3 

Cox k Ward (W. A. Cox, J. W. Ward) pho- 
tographers, 56 n Charles 
Cox W. A. (C. & Ward) 56 n Charles 
CoxWni. plasterer, 265 Pieston 
COX WM. G. teacher, 512 w Baltimore 
Cox Wm. H. merch. tailor, 606 w Ballimore 
Cox Wm. paperhanger, 01 Boyd 
Cox Wm. F. bookkfeper, 442 e Monument 
Cox Wm. Perry (Wirt, C. &Co.) 58 n Greene 
Cox Wm.H. clerk, Barnum's hotel 
Coy John H. machinist, 4 Williamson al 
Coyle Bernard F. fan^y store, 240 Penna av 
Coyle Henry H. collector, American Office, 

38 Fawn 
Co\le John F. locksmith, 10 Foundry 
Coyle John, shipcarpenter. 05 Hamburg 
Coyle John, jr. caulker, 05 Hamburg 
Coyle John T. gilder, 105 Lexington 
Coyle Fev. Leo E. 05 Barre 
Coyle Mrs. Margaret, 105 Lexington 
Coyle .Mrs. Mary A. 240 Penna av 
Coyle Matthew, puddler, 203 s Chester 
Coyle Patrick, umbrellas 22 n Pine 
Coyle Thos. J. car^icnter, 60 Buren 
Coyle Dr. T. P. demist, 140 Lexington 
Coyle Dr. Terrance W. dent'st, 105 Lexington 
CoVle Wm. F. A. (Btnzinger & C.) 266 

Coyle Wm. H. macbinht, 05 Hamburg 
Coyne Jeremiah, carpenter, 26 n Popp!eton 
Coyne Jerome, painter, 26 n Poppleton 
Coyne John, sr. 181 s Charles 
Cjyne John, grocery, 215 Raborg 
Coynp John, jr. (J.'C. & Co ) 181 s Charles 
Coyne JohnA; Co. (John Coyne) lighters and 

tug boats, office Boyce's whf, Locust Point, 

and 95 w Lombard 
Coyne Patrick, shipcirpenter, 101 Elliott 
Coyne Patrick, laborer, 558 w Lombard 
Covne Timothy, laborer, 96 Chesapeake 
CdZINE JAMES W. restaurant and dining 

rooms, 18 St. Paul 
Cozine Wm. G. painter. 64 Harford av 
Crabbe Eugene, clerk, 253 w Fayette 
Crabbe Mrs. Jane F. 253 w Fayette 
Crabbe John E. R. (Weedon, Johnson & Co.) 

30 n Strieker 
Cratibe Wm. II. c^erk, 253 w Fayette 
Cnbtree Chas. C. carpenter, Clinton a of 

Craddick Jos. car'enter, 373 e Lombard 
Craft Daniel Parker, hatter, 148 Greenm't av 
Craft Mrs. Elizabeth, 20 Smith 
Craft Jacob, jr. 38 s Eutiw 
Craft John Crew (C. & R->sello) 296 Hollins 
Craft & Rcsclio (J. C. Craft, A. Rosello) up- 

ho^sterers, 204 w Baltimoie, and carpet 

cleaning, 16 .McCIellan 
Craft Mrs. Sarah E. Ill n Front 
Craft Wm. G. hatter, 24 n Liberty 
Cragg George, glassblower, 352 Ostend 
Cragg James, finisher, 399 s Euiaw 
Cragg John, cotton spinner, 352 Ostend 
Cragg John, jr. glassblower, 370 Ostend 
Cragg Joseph, laborer, 352 Ostend 




CRAGG JOSEPH, corsulting engineer, IS 

Second, d\v 302 e Chase 
Cragg Robert, glassblower, 352 Osteiid 
Cragg Samuel, laborer, 352 Ostend 
Cragg Wm. laborer, 352 Osteiid 
Craggs Wrn. cracker baker. 87 n Aon 
Craggs Win. carpenter, 142 n Fremont 
Craig Ales, mariner, 177 n High 
Craig Bernard, laborer, 44 n Amity 
Craig ^[rs. Ellen, grocery, Cubedral near 

fNorthern av 
Craig Francis, clerk, C5 Front n of Foundry 
Ciaig Francis, musician, 74 Henrietta 
Cr.iig Geo. E. huckster, 9 Poultney 
Craig Geo. K. clerk, 22G Lanvale 
Craig Geo. W. plumber, 305 n Central av 
Craig Hugh H. te'egrapbist, 230 German 
Craig Jas. S. salesman, 226 Lanvale 
Craig John, laborer, 164 West 
Craig John, drayman, 235 Chesnnt al 
Craig Jolui, type <ounder, 305 n Central av 
Craig J. Moreil, clerk, Franklin nr Carey 
Cra-g John L. M. huckster. 360 p .Monument 
Craig John AV. mariner, 234 s Charles 
Craig Joshua L. farmer, 143 n High 
Craig Levin, pi'ot, 234 s Charles 
Craig a: La Porte, (0. B. Craig, H. La Porte, 

jr.) wholes, notions and trimmings, 259 w 

Craig Mrs. Mary A. 148 a High 
Craig Oliver B. (C. .i; La Por:e) 143 Druid 

Hill av 
Craig Patrick, coachmao, 29 Franklin 
Craig Robert, saddles, harness, ko., 151 w 

Fayette, d\v 21 n Calv>rt 
Craig Samuel, 93 Park 
Craig .Mrs. Sarah, dressmfiker, 93 Park 
Cr^iig .Mrs. Sarah, grocery, 65 Front n of 

Craig Seldea F. flagsman, 354 e 'Monument 
Craig Mrs. Susan, s w cor Druid Hill av and 

Craig Theodore W. flirmer, 143 n High 
Craig Thomas, bollerraaker, Oj Johnson 
Craig Th )ma3 W. huckster, 9 Poultney 
Craig Wm. clerk, 226 Lanvale 
Craiger Geo. carpenter. Hand house 
Craigg Josiah, watchman, 175 Hughes 
Craigg Mrs. Josiah, grocery, 175 Hughes 
Grain Peter W. attorney, 6 n Calvert, d\v Bar- 

num's hotel 
Craley John, bark shaver, 245 s Wolfe 
Cralle Frances L dressmaker, 16 3 Central av 
Cramb'.itt Benj. laborer, 54 Essex 
Cramblitt Edward A. engineer, 42 Aliceanna 
Cramblitt Geo. H. bricklayer, 134 n Pine 
Cramblitt John, carpenter, 20 .Mosher 
Cramblitt Geo. W. wood and coal, 79 Sarah 

Ann. dw 297 Saratoga 
CramMitt Mrs. Sophia, 353 Le.xington 
Cramblitt Stephen, paperhanger, 85 Pennaav 
Cramblitt Thos A. carpenter, 297 Saratoga 
Cramblitt Wm. T. paperhanger, 85 Penna av 
Cramer Anthoay F.J. machinist, 487 w Lom- 
Cramer Casper, laborer, 194 Aliceanna 
Cramer Chas. carpenter, 158 Franklin 
Cramer Fran' is, cabinetmaker, 219 Canton av 
Cramer Francis, cabinetmaker, 269 Cantoa av 
Cramer John, laborer, 185 s Caroline 
Cramer AVra. blacksmith, 70 n Fremont 
Cramer Wm. F. laborer, 104 Ramsay 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


'NrrANTI.V fur. SALE 

Clorcr, T I moth If >See(fy tic. 

Rosendale Cement dt Plaster. 

Cramford .'^amucl, laborer, 79 Cambridge 
Cramineiis Robert, rustic work, Mc.Mccbin nr 

Park av 
Cramoier Joseph, moulder, 252 Bink 
Cramnir Ciiaptl, cor Spring nnd .Mallikin 
Crin August, piiuttr, 06 C ay 
Cran (leorge, shoemaker, 66 (".ay 
Crandall Robert, carpeiif r, '.'.61 e Monument 
Crane Annie, teacher, 3^6 e .Monumeut 
Crane A. Fuller, ( \V. ('. >t S')ns} 235 n l^utaw 
Crane A. Fuller, jr. 235 n Kiitaw 
Crane A. P. hariics>maker, 21 IJrune 
Crane Chas. (C. & Dibbellj Dci'kernr HclTman 
Crane Chas. tjrickl.i\cr, 4o Centre .Marki i sp 
Crane Charles C silesiuan, 142 n Chailes 
Crane Charles T. (J'eaisou, Lawrence k Co.) 

06 n Paca 
Crane ct Dibbell, (C. Crane, D. S. Dibbell) 

wholes, millinery goods, 240 w Bnlt'moro 
Crane Einma, saleswoman, 336 e .Monument 
Crane George T. clerk, 1'.'7 Aisquilh 
Crane Henry R. 118 St. Paul James C. (W. C. & Sons) 150 Dolphin 
Crane Jerenii ib, laborer, 213 Lemnioti ul 
Crane John 1) ( W. C. .t Sonsj 150 Dolphia 
Crane John (J. clerk, 50 n Greene 
Crane Joseph, shoemaker, 21 Brune 
Crane Joscpli. sboeiiinker, 27 Druid Hill nv 
CRANE PATRICK II. biacksniith, 322 u How- 
ard, dw Riddle nr Richmond 
Crane Philip .M. cabinetmaker, 3?6e .Monument 
Crane Rachel D. boarding, llo n K.\eur 
Crane Robert, (Onion .v C.) Columbi.i, P.i. 
Crane .Mrs. Sarah M 336 c Monument 
Crane W. D. & Co. steam colliers, T. H. Belt 

agent, 57 Second 
Crane Wm. J. tinner, 40 Centre Market sp 
Crane W. W. 150 l)ol[)hin 
CRANE W. k SONS, (A. F., J. D. nnd J. 
. C. Cran'?, A. J. Lowmies) hide and leather, 
S e cor Cheapside and Water 
Crangle James, carpenter, 81 s Greene 
Crangle James B. cliemist, 3 Orleans 
Crangle James E. foreman, 934 Lexington 
Crangle .Mrs. John, 81 s Greene 
Crangle Mary A. teacher, SI s Greene 
Cranwell Geo. W. cabinetmaker, 7 s O'Cgon 
Cranwcll Susan J. boarding, 114 German 
Cr.ipin Captain Samuel, 87 Orleans 
Crass .Mrs Elizabeth, 100 s Sharp 
Crasser Christian, capmaker, 33o w Pratt 
Cratty Mrs. .Matilda, 25 s Caroline 
Craumer Frank M. clerk. Riders' Station, Bal- 
timore CO 
Craven Patrick, laborer, 586 w Lombard 
Craven Thomas, roofer, 127 L Greene 
Craver John S. clerk, 225 Henrietta 
Craver Thomas, 36 .Mcllenry 
Crawford Ann, Gist nr Canton aT 




ESX-A-BLlSIiEID 1850. 


Furnishing Goods, &c. 


308 W. Baltimore St. 


CRAWFORD A. A. freight agent P., W. & 

B. R. R. :^9 Fawn 
Crawford Charles, cooper, 8 Fountain 
Crawford Chas. E. carpenter, 28 n Libe-ty 
Crawford (Hxon, livery stable, 276 u Eutaw 
Crawford Henry H. 8-i s Sharp 
Cr.iwfjid Jacob, carpenter, 57 s Paca 
Crawford Ja3.Ii.(W. H. C. & Co.) 347 n Eutaw 
Crawford James W. chair ornamenter, 107 

Crawford John, engineer, Gist nr Canton av 
Crawford John, shipcarpenter, 110 s Ann 
Crawfurd John, puddier, 3 s Duncan al 
Crawford Capt. Jno. A.mariner,389 Canton av 
Crawford John C. druggist, 213 n Caroline 
Crawford John L. treas. Parkersburg Branch 

R. R. 1G2 w Baltimore, dw 323 Miulison av 
Crawford John D. printer, 9 u Bond 
Crawford John W. printer, 94 n Exeter 
Crawford Lucretia, teacher, 57 s Paca 
Crawford Nathan 11. solicitor, over cor Balti- 
more and South, dw Balto. co 
Crawfurd Mrs. Maria Ann, 94 n Exeter 
Crawford Mrs. Mary, boarding, 15 Lexington 
Crawford Patrick, grocery, 849 w Pratt 
Crawford Robert N. bookkeeper, 1G3 Forrest 
Crawford Mrs. Rachel D. 34 Cathedral 
Crawford Ri'h'd I. machinist, 70 Henrietta 
Crawford Robert H. shipcarpenter, 110s Ana 
Crawford Mrs. Sarah, 9 n Bond 
Crawford Thos. A. clerk, 322 e Chase 
Crawford Thomas, printer, 9 n Bond 
CRAWFORD WM. IL & CO. (Wm. H. and 

J. B. Crawford) spice mills, warehouse 62 

South, mills s w cor Union al and Dallas 
Crawford Wm. M. jeweler, 414 Orleans 
CRAWFORD WM. agt. Phila. W. & B. R. R. 

8 e cor High and Trinity 
Crawford Wm. C. 9 n Bond 
Crawford Wm. H. (Wm. H. C. & Co.) 199sW 

Crawford Wm. H. carpenter, 115 Cross 
Crawford Wm. T. paperhanger, 94 n Exeter 
Crawley Edward, laborer, rear 1 Potomac 
Crawley John, laborer, rear 1 Potomac 
C.awley Peter, laborer, rear 1 Potomac 
Cray ton Dennis, laborer, Washington av ext 
Creagor Noble H. deputy U. S. Marshill, 46 n 

Creager Peter, watchman, Winan's place, nr 

Spring Gardens 
Creng-'r J. P. agent Union Orphan Asylum, 

Ge'tyshurg, Pa. 222 Harfurd av 
Crejgh Mrs. Elizabeth, 85 s Washington 
Cre'gh'Geo. W. shipwright, 85 s Washington 
Creagh Heury A. shipcarpenter, Choptiuk nr 

Cre.igh John, 151 w Biddle 
Creagh Michael, carpenter, 98 8 Strieker 

Creagh Thomas, laborer, 215 s Castle 
Creaghan Mrs.Catherine,grocery,384s Charles 
Creaghan Michael, laborer, 384 s Charles 
Creamer Alex, saddler, 130 Chew 
Creamer Anthony, police, 290 s Sharp 
Creamer Andrew, paperhanger, 26 St. Mary 
Creamer Charles, shoemaker, 261 Preston 
Creamer Casper, shipcarpenter, 179 s Chester 
Ci'eamer Charles, tinner, 144 Columbia 
(/"reamer C. Cookman, clerk, 127 e Monument 
CreatEcr Christopher, m;iriner, 22 Philpot 
Creamer David, lumber, cor Monument and 

Creamer David Smith, lumber insp. 49 HiUen 
Creamer Fred, lager beer, 289 Canton av 
Creamer Geo blacksmith, 226 s Eutaw 
Creamer Geo. B.(Thos. C. &Son)131 n Exeter 
Creamer Jacob, coach tpring maker, 57 s Re- 
Creamer Jacob, laborer, 125 Harford av 
Creamer Jacob F. laborer, 57 s Republican 
Creamer John, brickmaker, 212 s Sharp 
Creamer John F. helper, 57 s Republican 
Creamer John, grocery, 40 Philpot 
Creamer John, shipcarpenter, 145 Batt ry av 
Creamer Joseph, wheelwright, 5 Harmony la 
Cieamer Joseph F. clerk to sheriff, 136 e Mon- 
Creamer iv>, milkman, 214 s Sharp 
Creamer Joshua S. carpenter, 131 n Exeter 
Creamer Louis, 244 s Charles 
Creamer Nicholas, paperhanger, 2G St. Mary 
Creamer Peter, laborer, 235 Lemraon 
Creamer Thos. (Thos. C. & Son) 131 n Exeter 
Creimer Thos. & Son, (T. & G. B. Creamer; 

auctioneers, 26 s Calvert 
Creamer Wm. lumber inspector, cor Eastern 

av and Concord, dw 212 n Edeo 
Creamer Wm. tailor, 244 s Charles 
Creampi John, labor r, 170 3 Wolfe 
Creed Patrick, stonecutter, 28 w Lombard 
Creem John, laborer, 43 Eastern av 
Creem John, laborer, 73 Albemarle 
Creerv Wm. R., Sup't Public Schools, 295 w 

Creery Wm. T. clerk, 295 w Biddle Martin, laborer, 200 West Falls av 
Creighton Mrs. Elmina, 225 Montgomery 
Creighton Geo. W. paperhanger, 622 w Bal- 
Creighton Geo. W. cigarmaker, 361 s Sharp 
Creighton Henry T. painter, 379 Light 
Creighton James, watcliman, 148 Montgomery 
Creighton John, cigarmaker, 225 Montgomery 
Creiihton Mrs. Mary A. 143 Hanover 
Creighton Miller, salesman, 171 w Fayette 
Creighton Patrick, carpenter, 28 Jlorris al 
Creighton Robt. H. police, 319 s Sharp 
Creighton Wm. V. clerk, 171 w Fayette 
Creny Wm. T painter, 185 n High 
Cress Henrj-, laborer, rear 143 Hudson 
Cressy George N. missionary, 102 Hanover 
Creutzburg Wm. cigarmaker, 84 Leadenhall 
Crew Wm. J carpenter, 83 n Schroeder 
Crew Wm. S. plasterer, 479 w Lombard 
Crey A. L. salesman, 70 Buren 
Crey .Mrs. Elizabeth Mary, 70 Buren 
Crey Henry J. restaurant, 3 e Madison, dw 5 
Creydt Herman, furn. wagon, 490 w Lombard 
Creydt Mrs. Mary, trimmings, 490 w Lomliard 
Crichton Malcohn, com. merch't, 101 South, 
dw 70 Cathedral 




Crichton Malcolm, (\Vm. C. & Son) 70 Ca- 
CRICHTON WM. & SON, (W. and Malcolm 
Crichton) grain, flour, guauo, and comm. 
raerdi'ts, 1 Wood, cor Bawly's wharf 
Crichton Wm. (Wm. C. & Son) 45 Mt Ver- 
non Plate 
Cridlia Eugene, coachtrimmer, 1G3 Green- 
mount i\V 
Cridlin Jac. H. blacksmith, 163 Greenmountav 
first floor Court House, Rob't Gilmor, jr. 
judge, Wm. F. McKewen, clerk 
Crimm John, laborer, 219 s Bond 
Crimmings Uavid, tobac. packer, 204Che3nut 
Crimmins Patrick, stonemason, Quaker la nr 

York rd 
Crines M. laborer, 2V Elizabeth la 
Ciipps Richard, laborer, 10 Thonisea 
Cripps Thomas, laborer, 10 Tbonisen 
Cripps Thos.J. of planing mill, 179 Eastern av 
Cripps John T. nightman, 425 u Gay 
Ci'isas Levijl uachiuist, N.C.R. nr Northern ay 
Crise Geo. W. 228 Madison av 
Crlse John L. 223 .Madison av 
Crisener John, driver, 7 Sterrett 
Crisp BriDJ carpenter; 152 3 Caroline 
Crisp Chas. E. jr. cigarmaker, 253 Gongh 
Crisp Ciiiis. F. sr. cigarmaker, 253 Gough 
Crisp El jah, painter, 102 n Pac i,dw 275 Sara- 
Crisp Joseph, tobacconist, 42 Thames 
Crisp John R. clerk, 275 Saratoga 
Crisp R'cbard 0. 7tj e Pratt 
Crispins Henry, fisherman, 294 Johnson 
Crispins Peter, 123 West 
Crispus Conrad, glassblower, 224 Bittery av 
Criss Aaron & Son, (A. k J. T. Criss) wholes. 

grocers and com. mech'ts, 378 w Baliiraore 
Criss Aaron, (A. C. k Son) 83 McCulloh 
Criss John T. (A. C. & Son) 117 Pearl 
Criss Lorentz, laborer, 316 s Bond 
Crist Charles, laborer, 484 w Lombard 
Crist Charles, laborer, 3 n Republican 
Crist Mrs. Elizabeth, 314 e Baltimore 
Crist Franklin, fireman, 484 w Lombard 
Cr'st George, fireman, 3 s Republican 
Crist Henry, clerk, 8 s Oregon 
Crist Jacob, carter, 96 Eastern av 
Crist Jicob, 235 Lexinsrton 
Crist Jane R. dressmaker, 3 s Republican 
Crist John, cabinetmaker, 96 Eastern av 
Crist Philip, carpenter, 115 Albamarle 
Crist Philip, clerk, 96 Eastern av 
Crist Mrs. Sarah, 3 s Republican 
CMttenden Andrew C. provis'ns 207 s Charles 
Criswell John "W. salesman, 118 w Fayelto 
Crocken Daniel, huckster, 466 Saratoga 
Crocken Theodore, fire dept, 1 King ct 
Crocken Theodore, locksmith, 1 Grace ct 
Crocker James, laborer, 96 Rimsay 
Crockett Mrs. Annie E. tailore.^s, 683 Mulberry 
Crockett John, stonecutter, 77 n Poppleton 
Crockett Michael W. tinner, 683 Mulberry 
Crockett Nelson, painter, 230 Leramon al 
Crockett Neheraiah, shoem'r, 362 Lexington 
Crockett Walter C. fruit and conkci'ry, 96 n 

Crockett Wm. J. conductor, 52 s Schroeder 
Crockett Wm. H. turner, 201 n Bond 
Croedel Lewis, clerk, 115 s E.xeter 
Crogau Mrs. Ann, 141 Harford av 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 
Rosendale Cement <St Plaster. 

Crogan Patrick, saddler, 141 Harford av 
Crogan Thos. moulder, 141 Harford av 
Crogan Timothy, laborer, 37 Centre Market sp 
Cropgon Edward E. huckster, 82 sPoppIetcn 
Croggon Mrs. Jane E. L-nimon al nr 
Croggon Newton F. laborer, 104 St. Peter 
Croggon Richard A. laborer. 104 St. Peter 
Croghan Michael, laborer, 2 Slemmer's al 
Cr-^^'han Peter, laborer, 3 Slemmer's al 
Croghan Patrick, laborer, 16 East Falls av 
Croghen Timothy, laborer, 37 Centre Market sp 
Cromer Andrew, cirter, 12 Russell 
Cromer Mrs. Catherine, tailoress, 16 s Eutaw 
Cromer Charles, helper, 94 St. Peter 
Cromer Daniel, wagoner, 24 Walker 
Cromer Jno. shoemaker, 1C5 Ensor 
Cromer John H. laborer, 94 Warner 
Cromer .Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 16 s Eutaw 
Cromer Margaret, tailoress, 10 s Eutaw 
CROMER THOMAS W. whole, tobacco and 

cigars, 40 w Lombard, dw 305 Hollins 
Cromwell Albert, clerk, 39 Chew 
Cromwell Andrew J. blacksmith, 31 Scott 
Cromwell Mrs. Catherine, 30 w Biddle 
Cromwell Carrie W. teacher, 30 w Biddle 
Cromwell Mrs. Eliza, 179 Barre 
Cromwell Mrs. Elizabeth, 13 Penn 
Cromwell George, roadmaster, 82 n Poppleton 
Cromwell Hamilton C. attorney, 54 w Fayette, 

dw 257 Walsh 
Cromwell Jacob G. cabinetmaker, 257 Walsh 
Cromwell Jacob G. bricklayer, 24 Brune 
Cromwell John, patternmaker, 31 Scott 
Cromwell John E. sailraaker, 354 e Fayette 
Cromwell Capt. John G. mariner, 183 Conway 
Cromwell Joseph, agent Knickerbocker Lite 

Ins: Co. 126 Park av 
Cromwell Joshua, 136 s Ann 
Cromwell Joseph, (J. C. & B-o.) 115 Bank 
Cromwell J. k Bro. (Joshua, jr. & Jos. Crom- 
well) sailmakers, over 158 w Pratt 
Cromwell Josh. jr. (J. C. k Bro.) 127 a Wolfe 
Cromwell Lambert, sailmaker, 130 s Ann 
Cromwell Levi, gunsmith, 271 s Ann. dw 113 

Cromwell Michael, carpenter, 73 n Amity 
Cromwell Oliver T. coachmaker, 3y Chew 
Cromwell Randolph S. 13 Penn 
Cromwell Richard, farmer, 89 n Paca 
CROMWELL RICHARD, agricult. and horti- 
cultural imp. manufac. and seedsman, 35 
South, dw Anne Arundel co 
Cro'nwell Richard, (C. Sydney Norris & Co.) 

Greenmount av ext 
Cromwell Wallace, ( Parlett.fe Co.) 58 s Greene 
Cronan Chas. P painter, 4 Humes 
Cronan Martin, laborer, 180 Raborg 
C oue Wm. C. chiet d'Jieclive, 8 e cor Fayette 
and High 




EST.A.BLISHCEr> 1850. 



Furnishing Goods, &c. 


308 W. Baltimore St. 


Crone ^Vm. C. saloon, s e cor High and Fayette 
Cronell.v Mrs. Mary, grocery, 51 Front, n of 

Cronen J-imcs, police, 20 Callender 
Croney Chas. W. K. sailmaker, 171 Lee 
Cronhardt Chas. jeweltr, &c., 88 n Gay, dw 

172 n Exeter 
Cronhardt Fred'k, cigarmaker, 506 Penna &v 
Cronhardt John, shoemaker, 29 P^nsnr 
Cronhardt John H. grocery, n e cor Douglass 

and East 
Cronin Mrs. Catherine, dressmaker, 5 s Front 
Cronin David, laborer, 2 Foundry 
Crook .Mrs. Ann, 55 n Gay 
Crook Aug. (C. & Co ) 267 w Fayette 
Crook Bros. (Henry and George Crook) to- 
bacconists, 78 Hanover 
Crook Mrs Caroline, 404 Siratogfa 
Crook Charles, milkman, 226 s Paca 
Crook Chas. merchant, 308j w Pratt 
Crook Chas. C cabinetmaker, 404 Saratoga 
CROOK & CO. (A. Crook) wood and coal, 19 

Crook Mrs. Charlotte, sw cor Madison av and 

Crook Columbus S. 183 Linden av 
Crook Daniel, clerk, 267 e Biddle 
Crook Francis M. treas. Md. Marble Co. 689 

w Favette 
Cook Francis A. treas. Balto. Equitable So- 
ciety, 19 South, dw s w cor Madison av 
and Townsend 
Crook Geo. A. ins. agent, 4 n Washington 
Crook George, milkman, 228 s Paca 
Crook Geo. W. M. boots, shoes and gaiters, 

G9 w Baltimore and 43 n Eutaw 
CrO'jk Geo. (Crook Bros.) 4 n Washington 
Crook Henry, bookkeeper. Gist one door from 

Crook Henry (Crook Bros ) 4 n Washington 
Crook James, engineer, 195 Dolphin 
Crook John I. laborer, 93 Albemarle 
Crook Thomas W. clerk, 404 Saratoga 
Crook Capt. Victor V. 2G7 w Favette 
CROOK WALTER, JR. upholst'ry and cur- 
tain materials, 220 w Baltimore, dw 172 
Crook Wm. H. finisher, 463 w Lombard 
Crook Wm. provisions, cor Biddle and Cen- 
tral av, dw 267 e Biddle 
Crook Capt. Wm. S. 340 e Baltimore 
Crooks .Mrs. Annie, 69 Boyd 
Crooks John, laborer, 66 Boyd 
Crooks Mary, tailoress, 69 Boyd 
Crooks Nimrod, butcher, 5 Richmond mkt, 

dw338 Penna av 
Crooks Rezin H. blacks'th, 135 Druid Hill av 
Crooks Rufus C. cellar dipger, 504 Franklin 
Crooks Thomas, sawyer, 304 Mulberry 

Crooks Thos. D. sawyer, 21 Watson 

Crooper Reuben, boilerrakr, 34 Williamson al 

Cropp Wilkerson F. 187 Saratoga 

Cropper Edward H. salesman, 353 w Fayette 

Crojiper James, 6 Irvin place 

Cropper Stephen, tinner, 3 Poultney 

Cropper Wm. shoemaker, 13 Williamson al 

Crosby Mrs. C. 76 Mound 

Crosby Clarence, 571 w Fayette 

Crosby Cfipt. Chas. 66 n Caroline 

Crosby Eager, carver, 18 Willow 

Crosby Emma A. dressmaker, 18 Willow 

Crosby Frances A. dressmaker, 18 Willow 

Crosby Francis, fireman, 76 Mound 

Crosby Geo. W. fireman, 3G9 Cathedral 

Crosby James, sr. carpenter, 76 Mound 

Crosby Joseph, 571 w Fayette 

Crosby Lewis, engineer, 139 a Central av 

Crosby Lewis painter, 54 Essex 

Crosby Samuel, mariner, 76 n Eden 

Crosby Thos. II. police, 18 Willow 

Crosby Virginia, 139 n Central av 

Croshaw Wm. driver, 140 e Jladison 

Crosley Thos. H. clerk, 245 w Hofl'man 

Croswell Capt. John W. mariner, 250 e Pratt 

Cross Andrew, clerk, 429 Lexington 

Cross Rev. Andrew B. s w cor St. Paul and 

Cross Mrs. Columbia, dressmkr, 230 w Biddle 
Cross Cyril, tinner, 128 e Pratt 
Cross Cyrus, chair factory, 147 u High, dw 230 

w Biddle 
Cross David, wheelwright, 129 8 Paca 
Cross Edward, rigger, 216 s Wolfe 

CROSS E. D. Flour, Grain, and 
Commission Merchant. N. E. cor 
Eastern ave and President at, 
dw S. W. cor St. Paul and Chase. 

Cross E. J. D. attorney, 31 Le:cington, dw a 

w cor St. Paul and Chase 
Cross F. T. cai-penter, 21 e Monument- 
Cross George R. clerk, 129 8 Paca 
Cross George S. 45 Jackson 
Cross GeoffiC W. coacbsraith, 139 Camden 
Cross James W. butter, 354 e Pratt 
Cross John, carter, 65 Orleans 
Cross John E. boilermaker, 121 e Lombard 
Cross John T. clerk, 129 s Paca 
Cross Joseph, laborer, 2 w Foundry 
Cross Josci)h A. clerk, 2 w Foundiy 
Cross J. H. clerk, 230 w Biddle 
Cross Louisa, 6 Mosher 
Cross M. F. shoemaker, 123 Conway 
Cross Mrs. Mary, 2 w Foundry 
Cross Philemon, carpenter, 41 Valley 
Cross Richard K. ( Wm. S. C. & Bro.) s w cor 

St. Paul and Chase 
Cross Samuel B. (S. B. C. &Son) 139 Camden 
Cross Saml. B. & Son, (S. B. and S. J. Cross) 

coachmakers, 69 and 77 s Howard 
Cross Samuel J. (S. B. C. k Son)139 Camden 
Cross St. Chapel, s e cor Cross and Warner 
Cross Thomas, laborer, 67 Watson 
Cross Thos. W. bricklayer, 362 Lexington 
Cross Trueman, cashier Commercial & Farmers' 

Nat. Bank, 9 s Howard 
CROSS WM. B. B. attorney, n e cor St. Paul 

and Saratoga 




CROSS WM. S. k BIIO. (W. S. and Richard 

K. Crrss) lumber, com. merchts,n e cor East 

Fulls av and E;istein avs 
Cross Willis, brakesman, 52 s Sciiroedcr 
Cross Win. H. sergt. police, 131) Camden 
Cross Wm. S. (W. S. C. & Bro.) s w cor St. 

I'rtiil and Chase 
Cross Wm. D. mariner, 271 g Bond 
Cross Wm. T. mariner, 2'iGs Wolfe 
Crossley J. P. clerk, 565 n Gay 
Crossley Mrs. Mary C. 5G5 n Gay 
Croswell George, 8G Lee 
Crother John, carpenter, 218 n Eutaw 
Croihers Chas. builder. Miller's liotelj 
Crotliers David, carpenter, 28 Spring row 
Crothers David H. carpenter, 28 S))ring row 
Croihers John M. carpenter, 28 Spring row 
Croihers Robert, carpenter, 62 Courtland, dw 

Miller's hotel 
Crotty David, grocery, 93 Mullikin 
Crotty James, stonemason, 81 n Oregon 
Crouch E. D. machinist, 228 Light 
Crouch Geo. \V . mariner, 169 n Caroline 
Crouch James T. shoemaker, 134 Camden 
Crouch John, laborer, 178 East 
Crouch John W. boilermaker, 11 Henrietta 
Crouch Levi, stonecutter, 47 s Calhoun 
Crouch Matthias, laborer, 294 Cross 
Crouch Stewart, glasspacker. 59 L Montgomery 
Crouch Thos. D. blacksmith, 206 Montgomery 
Crouch Wm. J. printer, 13 n Bond 
Croucher Geo. sailor, 1 Wills 
Crjuse Geo. F. brakesman, 178 George 
Crouse J. V. (Stansbury k C.) 37 I'enna av 
Grouse Joseph A. shoemaker, 153 n Fremont 
Croul Ilezekiah, tin and sheet iron worker, 

132 Penna av, dw 246 
Crout Paul G. tinner, 132 Penna av 
Crout Wm. F. tinner, 246 Penna av 
Crovo Francis, shoemaker, 43 Low 
Crow Emma, teacher Sisters of Good Shep- 

pard, cor Fajette and Calhoun 
Crow Ezek. shoemaker, 9 Front, n of Foundry 
Crow Geo. huckster, 80 Boyd 
Crow James, farmer, 5 e .Madison 
Crow James, laborer, 455Sarato;:a 
Crow Mrs. Jane, grocery, 123 Aisquith 
Crow John, laborer, 123 Aisquith 
Crow John T. editor, 188 Franklin 
CROWDER A. N. grocer, s w cor Conway 

and Warner 
Crowder Flemming, coach trim. 246 e Madison 
Crowder Wm. A. clerk, 196 Conway 
Crowe John, sr. 47 Valley 
Crowe John, jr. clerk, N. C. R. 47 V.alley 
Crowell Abner B. foreman Poole & Hunt's 

foundry, dw Clifton nr Park 
Crowell John 0. mate, 42 Spring row 
Crowfoot Austin, stove brick moulder, 143 

Crowfoot Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 143 Joanson 
Crowfoot Mrs. Mary, 145 Johnson 
Crowfoot Wm. H. brickmaker, 139 Johnson 
Crowl Edward W. 289 w Hoffman 
Crowl David H. clerk, 106 e Eager 
CrowleJohnD.(J. D. C.&Co.jljOw Lombard 
Crowle John D. k Co. (J. D. Crowle) wholes. 

liquorj, 85 and 87 s Charles 
Crowley Daniel, finisher, 176 L Constitution 
Crowley Dennis, laborer, 176 L Constitution 
Crowley Dennis, laborer, 61 e Eager 
Crowley Frederick, laborer, 217 Henrietta 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c, 



Clover, Tiinothy Seed, tVe. 

Rosendale Cement (Si Plaster. 

Crowley Mr^. Honora, grocery, s e cor Citro- 

line and Lombard 
Crowley James, books and periodical:", n w 

cor Baltimore and North, dw 222 e .Mo.iunient 
Crowley James, Jr, clerk, 222 e .Mouuiutnt 
Crowley James, laborer, 152 s Cluster 
Crowley Mrs. Jane, nurse, 1C4 Chesiiut 
Crowley John W. clerk, 36 s Ciroliiiu 
Crowley John, police, 621 Penna av 
Crowley John, carpel weaver, 81 s Spring 
Crowley .Margaret C. teacher, 225 w Lombard 
Oowley Patrick, laborer, 1^2 n Central av 
Crowley Philip, laborer, 4 Wa'sh 
Crowley Robt. A. (John Glean k Co.) s ecor 

aroline and Lombard 
Crowley Thos. H. police, 7 Pleasant 
Crowley Wm. saddler, 51 Hill 
Crown Joshua R. (^Taylor, Neer k C.j 94 n 

Crown Marion A. clerk, 93 n Pine 
Crown Mrs. Matilda, 93 n Pine 
Crown Randolph, 94 n Eutaw 
Crownfield Mrs. Anna J. 145 w Fayette 
CIIOWNFIELD HERMAN F. attorney, over 

8 St. Paul, dw 127 Aisquith nr G.iy 
Crowiher Amos W. 229 i'eirce 
Crowther Benj. P. stonemason, 2C9 s Ann 
Crowther Dr. David W. dentist, 131 n Eutaw 
Crowther Mrs. G. R. R. 131 n Eutaw 
Crowther Henry, painter, 36 St. .Mnry 
Crowther Jas. stonemason, 573 n Fremont 
Crowther Capt. John, mariner, 248 e I'riiit 
Crowther Joshua, stonemason, 321 w liolfman 
Crowther Dr. Llewellyn, dentist, 131 n Eutaw 
Crowther .M. A. 131 n Eutaw 
Crowther Rodney, photogrniihcr, over s e cor 

Gay and Front, dw 131 n Eutaw 
Croveau Augustin, 3 n Calhoun 
Croyeau Chas. H. clerk, Adams Exp. 3 a Cal- 
Croveau Edward A. clerk, 3 n C.ilhoun 
Croyeau Thos. stonecutter, 2ol e Baliimoro 
Cro.Kall Morris L. clerk, 117 Mulberry 
Crozer Thomas, bricklayer, 73 n Ctrolino 
Crozicr Charles, hatter, 137 s IhmA 
Crozier James, moulder, 46 .McHldtrry 
Crozier John R. sailmaker, 31 s Eden 
Crozier John H. bookkeeper, 31 s E ion 
Crozier E. Johnson, printer, 137 s Bond 
Crozier Wm. W. clerk, 31 s Eden 
Crozier Wm. sailmaker, 31 s Eden 
Crudden Joseph, janitor Md. Inst, for Instr. of 

Blind . 

Crudden .Las. furniture wagon, 371 I'ranUliu 
Cruden Edward, laborer. 95 McElderry 
Cructt John W. ( C. k Virtue) 36 Gough 
CRUETT k VIRTUE, (J. W. Cruett, D. B. 

Virtue) grocers, 36 Gough 
Cruger Lewis, boarding, 59 Courtland 

CKU 138 


Furnishing Goods, &;c. 


308 W. Baltimore St. 



Crura Isaac, laborer, 150 s Paca 
Crum Jiinae:3, fireman, 5G2 w Lombard 
Crum John W. shoemaker, 20G Mullikin 
Crumbacker C.W. telegraphist, 253 w Hoffman 
Crumbacker Ephraim, clerk, 253 w Hoffman 
Cruoiliie John, huckster, 63 Millimaa 
Crumler Josiah, conducior, 340 Cathedral 
Cruraiiier Alexander, clerk, 12*3 e Madison 
Cniiiinier Armstrong, draughtsman, 126 e 

Crummer Mrs. Eliza A. 12G e Madison 
Crumm. r Edward, rlerk, 126 e Madison 
Crump George T. clerk, 49 Lee 
Crump Mrs. Mary, boarding, 49 Lee 
Crump Sylvanus G. clerk, 49 Lee 
Cruse Charles M. clerk, G2 Mullikin 
Cruse Mrs. Edward, 140 Bank 
Cruse Eli48 T. leaf tobacco, 39 e Fayette 
Cruse Mrs. Elizibeth, 121 Kaborg 
Qruse George W. tobacconist. 70 Jefferson 
Cruse Henry, police, 180 Bank 
Cruse Isabella J. G2 Mullikin 
Cruse J. Charles, engineer, GO s Schropder 
Cruse John H. ci^armaker, G2 Mullikin 
Cruse Juhn, jr. sweepmaster, 1 1 7 s Washington 
Cruse Joseph A. finisher, 61 s Schroeder 
Cruse Mrs. Mary, 35 Cambridge 
Cruse Mary L. 70 Jrfferson 
Cruse Wm. machinist, 121 Raborg 
Cruser Isaac, clerk, 235 Hanover 
Cruser Obediah, clerk, 235 Hanover 
Crutchfield Andrew F. printer, 503 n Fremont 
Crutchfield Corbin, salesman, Howard house 
Cruz Ramon, 100 n Broadway 
Cruzen Edward, machinist, 523 w Lombard 
Cruzen George R. filer, 308 s Sharp 
Cryer Joseph, carpenter, 541 e Fayette 
Cuddy Mrs. Eliza, 15 Oxford 
Cuddy Isaac, police, 172 Foa-est 
Caddy Dr. J. W. C. 845 w Baltimore 
Cuddy Michael, laborer, 58 Fort av 
Cuddy Peter, laborer, 211 Cross 
Cuff John, laborer, 481 w Pratt 
Cuff Patrick, grocerv, 38 City Block 
Cugle Chas. (Baldwin & C.) 191 St. Paul 
Cugle Edwin, bookkeeper, Nat. Exch. Bank, 

191 St. Paul 
Cugle George, clerk, 191 St. Paul 
Cugle John, liquors, 48 s Howard, dw 191 

St. Paul 
Cugle John, jr. 122 n Greene 
Cuglcr John, butcher, 52 Belair and 60 Centre 

markets, dw Homestead 
Cuker Carl, shoemaker, 239 n Bond 
Culbertson Isaac G. provisions, 89 n Calvert' 
Calberlson Mrs. Louisa, 182 George 
Culbertson Louisa, 89 n Calvert 
Callan John, laborer, 96 Harford av 
CuUan John, wagoner, 17 Penna. av 

Cullan John, 122 Harford av 

Cullan John, laborer, 30 Ryan 

Cullan Mrs. Kate, (Thomas & C.) 173 Hanover 

CuUen Mrs. Catherine, trimmings, 17 Penna av 

Cu'Ien Edward, laborer, 13 Webster al 

Cullen Frank, tinner, 7 L McElderry 

Cullen James, horses and carts, 125 Ensor 

Cullen Mary, tailoress, 13 Webster 

Cullen Mrs. Mary E. cupper and leecher, 10 s 

Cullen Michael, laborer, 131 West 
Cullen Patrick, laborer, 28 Fort av 
Cullen AVm. laborer, G56 Light 
Cullen Wm. T. shipcarpenter, 334 e Lombard 
Cullender George, mariner, 67 Albemarle 
Culleton Jno. marble polisher, 134 Harford av 
CuUimore John T. 52 s Washington 
Cullimore Mrs. John, 35 s Washington 
Cullimore k Townsend, (John T. C., Francis 

II. Townsend) shipsmiths, 1 snd 3 Fell 
Cullimore AVm. books, Second at P. 0., dw 

129 n High 
Cullington Daniel, cigarmaker, 13 Oxford 
CuUington Thomas, 11 West Falls av 
Cullington Thomas, tobacconist, 162 Forrest 
Cullington 'fhos. jr. cigarmaker, l(s2 Forrest 
Cullington Wm. sign painter, 162 Forrest 
CuUison Mrs. Amanda, 418 Orleans 
CuUison Eli T. (Frazier, Forrester & Co.) 37 

Penna av 
CuUison Enoch, moulder. Federal nr Hudson al 
CuUison James A. stonecutter, Federal nr 

CuUison James M. millwright, 21 Mosher 
CuUison Jesse M. (Alband & C.) 263 w Biddle 
CuUison Wm. H. stonemason, Federal nr 

Hudson al 
Culium Geo. W. bacon dealer, 754 Penna av 
Cullum Henry, harnessmakcr, 298 n Eden 
Culium J. W. miller, 178 Greenmouut av 
Cullum Nelson, carpenter, 293 n Eden 
Culium Nelson E. tailor, 298 n Eden 
Cully Elizabeth, huckstress, 263 s Paca 
CuUnan Mrs. Ann, tailoress, 23 Anthony 
Culnann Mrs. Isabella, 172 Aisquith 
Culnann Mollie, teacher, 172 Aisquith 
Culp Michael, blacksmith, 4 n Oregon 
Culver Charles, engineer, 22 s Ann 
Culver William T. cooper, 5 n Sharp, dw 554 

Cumberland Charles jr. laborer, 250 Aliceanaa 
Cumberland Charles, grainer, 91 Ilillen 
Cumberland Chas. boilermaker, 250 Aliceanna 
Cumberland Coal and Iron Co., R. II. Phipps, 

agent. Locust Point, office 43 s Gay 
CumingfortJ. shipper produce, over 79 South, 

dw Barnum's hotel 
Cummerlein Henry, 49 s Burke 
Gumming James, shipjoiner, 94 s Washington 
Gumming Miss Jane, young ladies' literary in- 
stitute, 7 n Carey 
Gumming Jerome, saddler. Eagle hotel 
Gumming W. Augustus, claim agent, 15 S 

Gay, dw 164 Linden av 
Cumniings Ann M.confection'y, 753 Penna av 
CUMMINGS & CO. (John Cummiogs, Wm. 

P. Zollinger) merchandise brk'is, 49 Ex- 
change pi 
Cummings Daniel J. teacher, 352 Harford av 
Cummings Francis, laborer, 11 Aibtl al 
Cummings James, laborer, 119 Peirce 
Cummings Jacob, j-lasterer, rear 70 Granby 




Cummings John, milkman, Philadelphii road 

w of city limitj 
Cumminga John, porter, 60 Eastern av 
Cummiogs John, (C. & Co.) Fulton nr Fred- 
erick av 
Cummings J. P. ass't assessor, 27 n Pine 
Cummings John L. clerk, cor Penna and 

Northern avs 
Cummings Lewis H. n e cor Eutaw and Rose 
Cummings Luke, boilermaker, 76 Granby 
Cummings Mrs. Margaret, n e cor Eutaw and 

Cummings Mary A. millinery, 90 Richmond 
Cummings Mary A. clerk, 40 n Poppletoa 
Cummings Mrs. Mary, 119 Pelrce 
Cummings Mrs. Mary, 73 s Eden 
Cummings Patrick, laborer, 157 Hughes 
Cummings Patrick, laborer, 191 s Castle 
Cummings Mrs. Pcosanna, seamstress, 117 n 

Cummings Mrs. Rose, 46 n Poppletoa 
Cummings Sophia, n e cor Eutaw and Rose 
Cummings ^Ym. J. clerk, 73 s Eden 
Cummins & Co. (R. K. Cummins, E. B. Wil- 

ccx) butter, &c., 157 Forrest 
Cummins Dan'l G. confectioner, 188 n Exeter 
Cummins Edward G. fruiterer, 04 n Exeter 
Cummins Jas. photographer, 232 n fiond 
Cummins J. P. ass't assessor, 27 n Pine 
Cummins John G. fruiterer, 64 n Exeter 
Cummins John R. bookkeeper, 49 Hanover 
Cummins John W. fruiterer, 64 n Exeter 
Cummins Joseph G. clerk, 64 n Exeter 
Cummins Matthew, laborer, 408 s Charles 
Cummins Mrs. Margaret M. grocery, n e cor 

Madison and Caroline 
Cummins Patrick, grocery, 29 Booth 
Cummins Robert K. (C. & Co.) n e cor Madi- 
son and Caroline 
Cummins Robert P. bricklayer, 114 n Bond 
CQMMISKEY EUGENE, attorney, 43 St. 

Paul, dw Barnum's hotel 
Cummiskey John L. hosiery, 17 German, dw 

n e cor Fayette and Paca 
Cundiff Capt. Albert T. mariner, 03 n Broad- 
CundiffCapt. Wm. mariner, 705 L"xington 
Cunnibaugh Dennis, laborer, 11 Booth 
Cunningham Barthol. laborer, 2 Grinnan ct 
Cunningham Bernard, clerk, 56 Penna av 
Cunningham Mrs. Catherine, vestmaker, 100 

e Madison 
CUNNINGHAM CHaS. R. harbor master, 

105 South, dw 40 w Monument 
Cunningham Mrs. Charlotte B. 54 n Exeter 
Cunningham Dr. Chas. T. D. 130 e Pratt 
Cunningham Edmund H. clerk, 78 e Fayette 
Cunningham Edw. bricklayer, 90 Jefferson 
Cunningham Edw. peddler, 5 McLeary ct 
Cunningham Elizabeth A. 60 n Fremont 
Cunningham Mrs. Fanny, 32 e Baltimore 
Cunningham Geo. S. oyster packer, 228 Bank 
Cunningham Geo. W. apothecary, 139 e Pratt 
Cunningham Geo. A. (Armstrong, C. & Co., 

and Robinson & C.) 11 Irvin pi 
Cunningham Geo.W. marinfr,513 w Lombard 
Cunningham Geo. W. carpenter, 209 Dolphin 
Cunningham Geo.W. oysterman, 13 St. Peter 
Cunningham Geo. W. clerk, 11 Irvin pi 
Cunningham Henry, carpenter 28 n Fremont 
Cunningham Isaac, mariner, 191 w Pratt 
Cunningham Jas. laborer, 42 Frederick ar 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c» 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Cunningham James, 78 e Fayette 
Cunningham James B. 73 e Fayette 
Cunningham Jas. M. clerk, 54 n Exeter 
Cunningham Jas. stonemason, 99 n Caroline 
Cunnineham June, 51 n Frederick 
CUNNINGHAM JOHN E. A. wholesale and 

retail stoves, &c., 53 and 55 s Calvert and 

Cfaeapside, dw 240 w Hoffman 
Cunningham John B. 93 Front n of Foundry 
Cunningham John, laborer, 109 Hollins 
Cunningham John, laborer, 111 Peach al 
Cunningham John F. clerk, y3 Front n of 

Cunningham John, laborer, 953 w Pratt 
Cunningham John, laborer, 5 Callendar al 
Cunningham John, laborer, 72 Boyd 
Cunningham John W. 222 Eastern nv 
Cunningham Jno. D. hackman,327 Harford av 
Cunningham Jno. W. conductor, 287 e Pratt 
Cunningham J. A. laborer, 8 Eisex 

(J. J. Cunningham, A. Hodges) 
dealers in Oysters and Country 
Produce, 255 s Broadway,County 

Cunningham Jos. carpenter, 100 e Madison 
Cunningham Jcs. hackman, 23 Concord 
Cunningham Joseph J. (J. J. C. & Co.) cor 

Fawn and Central av 
Cunningham LauraV. saleswoman, 54 n Exeter 
Cunningham Mrs. Lucy V. 225 e Fayette 
Cunningham Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 204 

CUNNINGHAM MARY J. con'ectlonery, 90 

Cunningham Mrs. Mary C. 38 Lemmon 
Cunningham Michael, laborer, 630 w Pratt 
Cunningham Mortimer, wood, lIcElderry's 

whf, dw 130 e Pratt 
Csnningham Patrick, moulder, 102 a Chapel 
Cunningham Peter, laborer, 304 Cross 
Cunningham Rose, saleswoman, 55 Columbia 
Cunningham Sam'l, laborer, Greenmount av 

nr Point la 
Cunningham Mrs. Sarah, confectionery, 304 

Cunningham Sarah J. teacher, Penna av nr 

North av 
Cunningham Susan, 257 Light 
Cunningham Thomas, 222 Montgomery 
CUNNLVGIIAM THOMAS A. coal agent, 31 

South, dw n w cor Madison and Calvert 
Cunningham Wm.R. jr. bookkepr, 270 n Eden 
Cunningham Wm. 50 Exchange pl, dw 243 

Linden av 






Furnishing Goods, &c. 


308 W. Baltimore St. 


Cunningham Wm. C. clerk, 316 e Chase 
Cunningham Wm. J. clerk, 130 e Pratt 
Cunningham Wm. II. (Clark & C.) 276 b Eden 
Cunningham Wm. H. (\Vm. H. C. & Co.) 290 

n Caroline 
Cunningham Wm. II. & Co. (Wra. H. Cun- 
ningham, Thoj. M. Ditman, Wm. A. Cun- 

ningbani) flour, feed and lime, s w cor 

Ensor and East 
Cunningham Wm, A. (Wm. H. C. & Co.) 290 

n Caroline 
Cunningham Wm. A. bricklayer, 90 n Eden 
Cunzeman John A. tinner, 135 e Lombard 
Cunzemann AVra. hay, 112 n Bethel 
Curbins Henry, cooper, 54 n Washington 
Curl Nancy, tavern, 137 Eastern ar 
Curlett Edward, plasterer, Lombard nr Gist 
Curlett John, jr. (Smith & C.) 185 St. Paul 
Curlett Lewis G. com. merch. 3 Camden, dw 

120 Lee 
Curlett T. Spicer, clerk, 185 St. Paul 
Curlett Wm. 81 McCulIoh 
Curley Ann R. 83 Park 
Curley Bernard, engineer, 29 Cambridge 
Curley Chas. H. bookkeeper, 1 Hanover 
Curley Geo. W. clerk, 28 s Howard 
Curley Henry R. lumber, cor John and Charles, 

dw 77 John 
CURLEY JA.MES W. imp'r hardware, 17 n 

Howard, dw Baltimore co 
Curley James F. clerk, 208 Saratoga 
Curley James A. clerk, 167 w Biddle 
Curley John D. clerk, 17 n Howard 
Curley John T. bookkeei)er, 143 n Eutaw 
Curley John, liquors, 202 Cathedral 
Curley Dr. Joseph H. (C. k Robertson) dw 

Curley Jos. II. jr. cleik, 3 Post Office av 
Curley Mary II. 83 Park 
Curley Mrs. Mary, 202 Madison av 
Curley Margaret, confectionery, 10 Hawk 
Curley Michael, laborer, 11 Rose 
Curley Michael, laborer, 376 s Sharp 
Curley Michael, laborer, 14 e Monument 
CURLEY i, ROBERTSON (Dr. J. II. Curley, 

H. W. Robertson) gen'l ins. agents, 3 Post 

Office av 
Curley Thomas, laborer, 23 Buren 
Curley Thomas, laborer, 37 York 
Curley Thomas, laborer, 23 Constitution 
Curley Thomas, laborer, 71s Schroeder 
Curley Timothy, brakesman, 25 Ryan 
Curley Wm. boilermaker, 184 Conway 
Curley Wm E. clerk. Park la 
Curley Wra. laborer, 39 York 
Curnan Henry, gasfitter, 6 New 
Curnan .Michael, laborer, 6 New 
Curns .Matthew, driver, Eden s of Aliceanna 
Curran Bridget, grocery, 44 Cooksie 

Curran Mrs. Catherine, grocery, VI Ililien 

Curran Chas. A. machinist, 263 n Caroline 

Curran Daniel, stonecutter, 71 Hillen 

Curran Edmund, laborer, 368 Canton av 

Curran E J ward, laborer, 79 Watson 

Curran Henry, porter, 39 East 

Curran Jame?, driver, 121 Dover 

Curran Jas. T. water engineer, 263 n Caroline 

Curran John, sexton Loyola College 

Curran John F. painter, 110 Ensor 

Curran Jo-eph, canmaker, 34 President 

Curran Lewis C. machinist, 263 n Caroline 

Curran Mrs. Mary, 16 Scott 

Curran JIary, dressmaker, 109 Saratoga 

Curran Michael, peddler, 93 Granby 

Curran Michael, 310 Light 

Curran Nicholas F. salesman, 133 P.ank 

Curran Patrick, laborer. 111 e Eager 

Curran Patrick, laborer 44 Cooksie 

Curran Peter, stonecutter, 111 e Eager 

Currell Samuel II. shoemaker, 4 China 

Curren Patrick, laborer, 111 e Eager 

Curren Sarah, dressmaker, 109 Saratoga 

Currey Francis, laborer, 37 Eastern av 

Currey Dr. James H. 78 s Paca 

Curry Daniel C. clerk, 84 Hanover 

Curry Caroline, 119 e Madison 

Curry Chas. E. dentist, 84 Hanover 

Curry Edward, carpenter, 253 Mulberry 

Curry Geo. H. carter, 143 Peirce 

Curry Henry L. clerk, 84 Hanover 

Curry Howard E. cardriver, 41 Greeoraount av 

Curry James, baker, 724 w Baltimore 

Curry Dr. Jus. H. 124 s Sharp, dw 84 Hanover 

Curry Mrs. Jane, boarding, 84 Hanover 

Curry John T. shoecutter, 56 Somerset 

Curry John, carter, 143 Peirce 

Curry John, carter, 143 Peirce 

Curry John, laborer, 187 s Castle 

Curry John, cardriver, 102 Greenmount ar 

Curry Joseph, huckster, 143 Peirce 

Curry John M. morocco finisher, S4 Hanover 

Curry Mrs. Mary N. 88 s Washington 

Curry Richard, carpenter, cor Paca and Druid 

Hill av 
Curry Samuel L. clerk, 35 St. Paul 
Curry Wm. II. bricklayer, 58 George 
Curry AVm. stonecutter, 187 s Castle 
Curtain Henry G. (F. H. Grupy & Co.) Bal- 
timore CO 
Curtain Henry, butcher, 16 Centre, 20 Lex- 
ington and 16 Richmond markets, dw Har- 
ford av nr city limits 
Curtain James D. cooper, 417 n Gay 
Curtain James, butcher, 14 Centre, 25 Lex- 
ington and 16 Richmond markets, dw Har- 
ford av nr city limits 
Curtain James T., Ilurfordav nrcity limits 
Curtain Johanna, huckstress, 17 Diamond 
Curtain Oliver, cooper, 417 n Gay 
Curtain Samuel, cooper, rear 37 Light, dw 

204 n Eden 
Curtain Wm. 17 Diamond 
Curlh Wiegand, lager beer, s e cor Washing- 
ton and Jackson sq av 
Curtin .Mary, dressmaker, 88 Saratoga 
Curtin Patrick, barkeeper, 17 Diamond 
Curtin Robert R. attorney, 85 w Fayette, dw 

144 w Biddle 
Curtin Susan, dressmaker, 88 Saratoga 
Curtis Rev. Alfred A. 8 McCulloh 
Curtis H. Albert, clothing cutter, 230 German 




Curtis Davis, insp. at custom house 

Curtis James, Avaponer, 83 Park av 

Curtis John A. (Wolfe & C.) 381 Saratoga 

Curtis Jolm, huckster, 1G3 Ensor 

Curtis Mrs. Mary A. 230 German 

Curtis Marj, teacher, 38 Mount Vernon pi 

Curtis Peter, laborer, 74 Boyd 

Curshavr Edward, stonecutter, 217 Mulberry 

Currel Charles, bricklayer, 237 w HolFman 

Curvill Sam'lT.p'asterer, 167 Greenmouutav 

Curvin John, mariner, 49 Hill 

Cuseck Laughlin, laborer, 27 e Monument 

Cushaw John, cigarmaker, 217 Mulberry 

Cushing David, 50 McCalloh 

Cushiui Francis C. (C. & Medairy) 173 Mad- 

isoa av 
Cushing George I. supt. Peoples' Line Steam- 
ers, 8 Light-st whf, dw 45 Mosher 
Cushing John, (C.& Medairy) 173 Madison ar 
Cushing John, jr. cashier, 173 Madison av 
Cushing Joseph, jr. (C. & Bailey) 134 Park 
Cushing Joseph M. (C. & Bailey) 134 Park 
Cushing M. W. 191 w Fayette 
Cushing Rich'd C. (C. & Medairy) 173 Madi- 
son av 
Cushing Wiley E. ( W. Miller & Co.) 134 Park 
CUSHINGS &; BAILEY, (J. C jr., L. £. Bai- 
ley, J. M. Cushing) booksellers and station- 
ers 262 w Baltimore 
CUSHINGS & MEDAlRr, (John Cushing, 
Jacob H. Medairy, Richard G. Cushing, 
Francis C. Cushing) booksellers and sta- 
tioners, 6 n Howard 
Cushley John A. printer, 160 Gough 
Cuskey Pauline, saleswoman, 19 Albemarle 
Cnsteilo Morris, laborer, 46 Dewberry al 
CUSTOM HOUSE, (U. S.) n w corner Lom- 
bard and Gay 
Custus R. bricklayer, 5S George 
Custy John, tailor, 38 n Holliday 
C .sty Mary, 7 Rock 
Custy Michael, laborer, 208 Cross 
Custy Patrick, carpenter, 7 Rock 
Cutaiur Francis, iosp. of tobacco, and tobac- 
conist, 702 w Baltimore 
Cutcher Barney, butcher, 878 w Baltimore 
C'ltcher Francis, bricklayer, 44 n Schroeder 
Cutler Elija,h B. (C. & Black ) 107 w Baltimore 
Cutler & Black, (E. B. Catltr, L. H. Black) 

cloaks, shawls, &c. 107 w Baltimore 
Cutler Smith, carpenter, 388 William 
Cutino Alexander, barber, 47 e Baltimore 
Cutino Fortune, tailoress, 132j n Gay 
Cutino Frances, tailoiess, 132^ N Gay 
Cutino Joseph, barber, 132^ n Gay 
Cutts Tbos. W. gas pipe insp'r, 277 Aisquith 
Czirnowsky Francis, secondhand dealer, 664 
w Baltimore 

Daber John, brassfinisher, 12 s Liberty 
Dabour John, portr't painter, 265 Saratoga 
Dach Conrad, weaver, 144 Orchard 
DADE & DAVIS, (R. Dade, G. H.Davis) to- 
bacco com. merchs. 105 s Charles 
Dade Robt. (D. i Davis) 271 w Lombard 
Daffm Mrs. B. 44 n High 
Daffin Benj. cutler, 15 n Gay, dw 60 n Exeter 
DaETia Chas. C. D. engineer, 229 w Fayette 
Daffin Francis D. printer, 183 Chesaut 
Daffiu Joseph G. printer, 118 Barre 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



CloveVf Titnothy Seedf tCc. 

Rosendale Cement & Plaster. 

Dag Frederick, drayman, 25 Goodman al 

Dagenhart George, tailor, 141 s Spring 

Dagner Lawrence, laborer, 4 L Constitution 

Dagon George, driver, 220 Penna av 

Dahl George, stovepolisher, 33 Philpot al 

Dahl Henry, blacksmith, 31 Union 

Dahl Jacob, grocery, 31 Union 

Dahl Louis, tinner, 2 McHeury 

Dahl Louis, tinner, 123 Boyd 

Dahl Wm. laborer, 29 Union 

Dahle Charles, express messenger, 167 n Front 

Dahle Conrad H. merch. tailor, 57^ n Gay, dw 

215 Hanover 
Dahle Henry & Bro. (H. & W. Dahle) provi- 

visions, 215 Hanover 
Dahle Henry, (H. D. & Bro.) 215 Hanover 
Dah'e Wra. (11. D. & Bro.) 215 Hanover 
Dahlheimer Mrs. K. 295 Eastern av 
Dahlweiner Henry, trunkmaktr, 143 Raborg 
Dahlweiner Mrs. Hannah, 143 Raborg 
Dahlwtiner Jacob J. harnetsmkr, 153 Raborg 
Dahme Peter, messenger Adams E.'cp.209 Bane 
Daible Joseph, carpenter, Bond nr Gay 
Daicker Lewis, gilder, 206 Franklin 
Daiger Chas. U.(D. k Bramble) 160 Cathedral 
DA 1GER& BRAMBLE, (Chas.ILDaiger,Chas. 
H. Bramble, J. V. and Edw. Daiger) com. 
merchants, over 158 w Pratt, [^Seep. 17 Ad- 
Daiger Edward, (D. & Bramble) 333 w Pratt 
Daiger Mrs. Francis A. millinery, 878 w Bal- 
Daiger Francis A. clerk, 841 w Baltimore 
Daiger Francis A. foreman, 878 w Baltimore 
Daiger Fred', hardware, 324 w Pratt 
Daiger James V.(D. & Bramble) 272 n Howard 
Daiger Joseph, 169 Cathedral 
Daiger M. A. cabinetmaker and undertaker, 

74 s Broadway 
Daiger Mrs. Susan, 107 w Fayette 
Daic-er Wm. H. teacher, 129 Orleans 
Dail T. J. & Co. (T. J. Dail, John L. Hebb) 
wholes, grocers and com. mercbs. 27 Cheap- 
Drtil T. Howard, salesman, 161 n Charles 
Dail T. J. (T. J. D. & Co.) 161 n Charles 
Dail Wm L. carpenter. 48 Barre 
Dailey Mrs. Fannie, 86 n Aon 
Dailey Francis laborer, 123 Battery av 
Dailey Hannah, confectionery, 123 Battery aT 
Dailey Henry C. clerk, 146 e Fayette 
Dailey John, laborer, 214 Raborg 
Dailey John, laborer, 2 Foundry 
Dailey John E. mariner, 126 Johnson 
Dailey John, blacksmith, 122 Scott 
Dailey Mrs. Mary C. 143 n Pine 
Dailey Michael, laborer, Smith nr Chatsworlli 
Dailey Michael, blacksmith, 45 Harford av 
Dailey Michael, porter, 143 Druid Hill av 




ESa?-A.B2L.ISHEID 1850. 



Furnishing Goods, &c. 


308 W. Baltimore St. 


Dailey Michael, laborer, 214 Raborg 
Dailey Putrick, laborer, 214 Raborg 
Dailej Patrick, laborer, 239 Hamburg 
Dailey Patrick, laborer, 155 Hamburg 
Dailey Patrick, laborer, 48 Hillen 
Dailey Patrick, laborer, 59 Chesnut 
Dailey Mrs. Rebecca, grocery, cor Fort av 

and Hull 
Dailey Samuel, carpenter, 9 Mullikin 
Dailey TLomas, machinist, 9 Willow 
Dailey Thomas, laborer, 1G7 Hudson 
Dailey Thomas, laborer, 7 Abey al 
Da'ley Wm. varnisher, 140 e Fayette 
Daily Chas. marble polisher, 33 Front n of 

Daily E. A. brushmanuf. G30 Lexington 
Daily Ephraim V. surgical insts. 98 n High 
Daily Frank Y. clerk, 146 e Fayette 
Daily Henry C. clerk, 146 e Fayette 
Daily Hugh, 9 Willow 
Daily Timothy, coachman, 45 L Pleasant 
Daily Thomas, saddles and harness, 194 w 

Pratt, dw 29 n Calvert 
Daily Wm. F. surgical instrument maker, 234 

w Baltimore, dw 46 w Monument 
Daily Wm. II. clerk, 46 w Monument 
Daily Wra. huckster, 195 Chesnut 
Dais John, mariner, 31 s Caroline 
Dal Alphonse, confectioner, 25 Ensor 
Dal Mrs. Barbara, 25 Ensor 
Dal John, baker, 25 Ensor 
Dal Henry, harnessmaker, 25 Ensor 
Dalbaugh Reuben M. mariner, 204 s Wolfe 

Dale , George nr Fremont 

Dale Robert, carpenter, 244 Mulberry 
Dale Samuel, laborer, 515 Saratoga 
Dale Samuel, jr. 274 Mulberry 
Daley Elijah, plasterer, 56 n Front 
Daley Henry II. cabinetmaker, 295 Saratoga 
Daley Mrs. Isabella, 59 Gough 
Daley Jacob, laborer, Winans' distillery 
Daley Jacob, clerk Water dep't, 58 n Caroline 
Daley James, laborer, 59 Gough 
Daley Joseph W. clerk U, S. N. 24 Jackson 
Daley Joseph, 24 Jackson 
Daley Kate, hairdresser, 7 Abe 
Daley Lizzie, 24 Jackson 
Daley Mrs. Mary, bairworker, over 49 s Monroe 
Daley Mrs. Mary, grocery, 85 n Dallas 
Daley Mra. Mary A. drcssmak(r, 295Saratoga 
Daley Michael, blacksmith, 45 Harford av 
Daley Owen, laborer, 85 n Dallas 
Daley Patrick, 85 n Dallas 
Daley Philip, clerk, 56 n Front 
Daley Rosa L. teacher, 24 Jackfon 
Daley Wm. J. carpenter, 475 Penna av 
Dalius Golleib, tailor, 209 s Bond 
Dall Austin, dry goods com. mercht. 22 Han- 
over, dw York rd 

Dall Chas. W. 103 Hanover 

Dall H. MiP. clerk, 91 Saratoga 

Dall Joseph E. dry goods com. merch. 22 

Hanover, dw 91 Park 
Dall Rev. Penfield, 103 Hanover 
Dall Valentine, laborer, 8 8 Regester 
Dall Wm. canmaker, 8 s Regester 
Dallam Charles F. 41 w Biddle 
DALLAM EDWARD B. sec'y Md. Ins. and 

Security Co. 57 Second, dw Harford co 
Dallam Francis, 44 Saratoga 
Dallam H. Clay, attorney, cor St. Paul and 

Saratoga, dw 269 n Eutaw 
Dallam Joseph W. clerk P. 0. 49 s Exeter 
Dallam Wm. L. attorney, 7 Courtland, dw 

40 Lexington 
Dallam Wm. W. clerk, 269 n Eutaw 
Dalhvig Conrad, pianomaker, 100 n Pine 
Dallwig Mrs. F. milliner, 100 n Pine 
D'Almaine Geo. photographer and portrait 

painter, 54 J n Charles, dw 520 w Fayette 
D'Almaine Geo. M. clerk, 520 w Fayette 
Dalmon Prof. H. 192 n Calvert 
Dalrymple Alex. P. coal agent, 285 Hanovtr 
Dalrymple Dr. Augustine J. 330 e Pratt 
Dalrymple Mrs. Agnes, 204 n Exeter 
Dalrymple Rev. Edwin A. pres't University 

of Md. 32 Mulberry, dw 195 w Lombard 
Dalrymple Mrs. Emily J. boarding, 143 n 

Dalrymple Geo. W. carpenter, 112 Hill 
Dalrymple James A. clerk, 285 Hanover 
Dalrymple Janet, dressmaker, 204 n Exeter 
Dalrymple John, machinist, 112 Hill 
Dalrymple Mary, 24 Eager 
Dalrymple Robert, clerk, 112 Hill 
Dalrymple Thomas, tinner, 183 L Constitution 
Dalrymple Thos. boxmaker, 7 L Constitution 
Dalsheimer Bros. (L. and II. C. D.) boots and 

shoes, 55 n Eutaw 
Dalsheimer D. & Son (D. & S. D.) wholesale 
boots and shoes, 6 n Howard and 159 Lex- 
Dalsheimer David, boots and 6hoes,233 w Pratt 
Dalsheimer David (D. D. & Son) 48 s Sharp 
Dalsheimer Henry C. (D. Bros.) 48 s Sharp 
Dalsheimer Leon (D. Bros.) 48 s Sharp 
Dalsheimer Sylvan (D. D. & Son) 159 Lex- 
Dalton John, police, 132 Harford av 
Dalton Wm. laborer, 215 s Bethel 
Dalton Wm. grocery, 97 s Dallas 
Dalven Peter, porter, 59 Leadenhall 
Dalv Chas. polisher, 38 Front n of Foundry 
DALY EUGENE M. prop'r German St. Hall, 

26 German 
Daly George, laborer, 25 Port 
Daly Henry E. marble polisher, 82 n Ho'liday 

DALY JAMES, Eestaurant and 
Boai'ding House, 85 North st. 

Daly John, hackman, 29 Constitution 

Da'y John, laborer, 6 Bank 

Daly John A. bookkeeper, 71 Holland 

Daly Mrs. Margaret, 6 Bank 

Daly Mark, grocery, 109 Cathedral 

Daly Michael, porter, 143 Druid Hill av 

Daly Patrick, laborer, GG s Oregon 

Daly Stephen, watchman, Miller's hotel 

Daly Thomas, porter, 7 Abej al 




Damast Philip, carpenter, 202 Montgomery 
Daaibmann Gustav, bookeejier, 51 n Gilmor 
Dambmana G. F. Ph. (Lorentz & Rittler) 51 

n Gilmor 
Damer Andrew, cabinetmaker, 143 Dover 
Darner Frederick, porter, 242 Hoilins 
Damer Jolin H. clerk, 154 w Lombard 
Damer Joseph, saddler, G3 Druid Hill av 
Damer Matthew, tailor, over 150 Franklin 
Damer Sebastian, huckster, 2S9 Franklin 
Dames & GeisendatlVr (Jno. H. Duraes, Chas. 
P. Geisendaffer)provision3,82(3 w Baltimore 
Dames John H. (D. & GeiseudafFer) 826 w 

Damm Albert, cabinetmaker, 236 Hanover 
Damm August lab'r, cor (!ist and Canton av 
Damm Conrad, tailor, 61 Orleans 
Damm Henry, butcher, 616 Light 
Damm John, laborer. 111 Leadenhall 
Damm Wm. cvinnetmaker, 144 Orleans 
Dammann F. W. Sc E. imp'rs of cloths and 

hosier 1-, 19 Hanover 1 

Dammann Ernest, (F. W. & E. D.) Lanvale, 

bet Fremont and Chatsworth ' 

Dammaar, F. Wm. (F. W. k E. D.) Lanvale, ! 

1 et Fremont and Chatsworth 
Dammann John F. clerk, Lanvale nr Fremont 
Dammann Dr. Lewis H. 272 w Biddle 
Damme Henrj', shoemaker, 214 s Broadway 
Damme Sophia, boots and shoes, 214 s 

Damon Peter, laborer, 41 Hill 
Dampiian Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmaker, 03 

Danaher Thomas, bottler, 47 n Front 
Danc-kelmann J. C. (J. C. D. & Co.) N. York 
DANCKELMANN J. C. & Co. (J. C. Danck- 
e'minn, T. H. Belt, jr.) shippers of coal, 
57 Second 
DANDELET FR.\NC1.S, Bait. Brewery, n e 
cor Conway and Hanover, dw 107 Hanover 
Dandelet Francis, jr. clerk, 107 Hanover 
Dandflet Francis S. dyer, 122 n Howard 
Dandelet G. A. clerk, 107 Hanover 
Dauelltzer Conrad, lab'r, Aliceanna nr Burke 
Daneker Chas. W. shipsmith, 341 Light 
L)aneker David H. engineer, 224 .Montgomery 
Daneker Edwin T. sup't C. II. 185 s Charles 
Daneker Frank, clerk, 110 Aisiiuith 
Daneker George C. clerk, 185 s Charles 
Daneker John F. millwright, 25 Henrietta 
Daneker John J. 185 s Charles 
Daneker Orman A. clerk, 110 Ai.quith 
Daneker Sam'l H. clerk, 185 s Cbarles 
Dane's Boliver D. Judge Orphans Gt. and 
Consul for Venezuela, 43 Lexington, dw 
254 n Charles 
Dantls Jas. scrollsawyer, 189 s Washington 
Danels John D.jr. prop'r Clagett's brewery, 

e Lombard, adj'ing Falls, dw 254 n Charles 
Danels Joseph D. clerk, 254 n Charles 
Danrnman Geo. carjiet weaver, 271 8 Aon 
Danford F. A. lamps, &c. 154 w Baltimore, 

dw IJarnum's hotel 
Dandle Geo. carpenter, 190 s Durham 
Danhirdt Casper, machinist, 23 n Frederick 
Danhardt Henry, laborer, 25 Gittings 
Daniel Andrew, shoemaker, 191 Vine 
D.tniel Aug. varnisher, llSterrelt 
Daniel David, dry goods, 258 Eastern av, dw 

211s Paca 
Daniel Michael, 211 s Paca 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

No. 21 SPEAR'S WlfARF, 


Clover f Tunotfnj Seed, Sc. 

Rosendale Cement dt Plaster. 

Daniel John H. (Penniman k Bro. ) 172 w 

Daniel llobcrt, collegiate institute fur young 

ladies, 241 n Eulaw, Hamilton terr.uc 
D.\.\IEL W.M. attorney, 7 Cortland, dw 

B.irnum's hotel 
Daniels Charles, cigarmaker, 101 9 Chester 
Dtniels Daniel, laborer, Gist nr Canton av 
Danicio Ezekiel, piledriver, 127 s Paca 
Daniels Geo. W. chairmaker, 162 n S(>ring 
Daniels Giles, cigarmaker, 101 s Chester 
D.uiiels .Mrs. Julia .V. milliner, 1 s lixetcr 
Dankmeyer John F. baker, 905 w IJiiltimore 
Dankmeyer Theodore, baker, 601 w Baltimore 
Danks George, puddler, 152 Canton av 
Dannaher Michael J. huckster, 75 n .\mity 
Dannahy Jeremiah, hiboror, 12'J n Front 
Dannelly Dr. F. Olin, 473 n Fremont 
Dannenberg Frederick K. 339 Le.xingtoa 
Dannenberg Mrs. Louisa, 339 Lexington 
r>annenberger August, clerk, 24 Dou^'IaiS 
Dannenberger Isaac, clerk, 2 I I'nugliiss 
Dannenberger Isaiah, tailor, 24 DuUl'I iss 
Danncnberger Philip, clerk, 2 1 Doiiirlass 
Dannenfe'.ser Adam cooper, 188 s Central av 
Daiinenfelser Martin, shoemaker, 6 Cotton row 
Danneafelser Philip, grocery, 101 Albemarle 
Danner Joseph, clerk, Delphey house 
DannetteUv:Co. (J H.Dannettel, F..Schulfze, 
J. A. Silberzahn) packing boxuiakers, 15 n 
Dannettel Geo. F. apothecary, 7S n Schroeder 
Dannetttl Henry L. cabinetmaker, Scott nr 

Dannettel John H. (D. k Co.] 323 n Broadway 
Danskin Wash'n A. (D. k Co.) 63 n Chirles 
DANSK1.\& CO. (W.A. Dausliin) gentle- 
men's furnishing store, 155 w Baltimore 
Danver Bobert, 129 s Sharp 
Danvers Francis, l.iborer, 17 New Ciiurch 
Danz Kdward, capmaker, 22 w Piatt 
Danz Frederick, shoem.iker, 121 n Spring 
Danz Henry, bakery, 166 n Edm 
Danzaelch Henry, cabinetmaker, 154 n (.'ca- 

tral av 
Danzeglock August, barber, 151 Low 
Danzeglock Henry, shoemuktr, dherton rd 

nr Lexington 
Danzeglock Henry, shoemkr, 853 w Ballimoro 
Danzeglock John II. cabinetmaker, 254 n Cen- 
tral av 
Danzer Louis, shoemaker, 125 s Bond 
Dapjirick ICrail, teacher, 149 e Eavet'e 
DABIiV .t CO. (iienj., Piiilip,' David and 
I Benjamin F. Carby) steam candy m.inufac- 
' turers, 325 w Baltimore 

Darbv Henj. (D. & Co.) 315 w Favetio 
Darby Bjnj. F. (D. k Co.) 315 w Fayette 
i Darby David, (D. k Co.) 531 w Fayelie 




EST.A.BX.ISIiEr> 1850. 


Furnishing Goods, &o. 


308 W. Baltimore St. 


Darby Montillion, machinist, 456 w Lombard 
Darby N. R. k Co. (N. K. Darby, T. Duvall) 

com. mercbants, 101 s Charles 
Darby Nicholas R. (N. R. D. & Co.) Mont- 
gomery CO 
Darby Philip, (D. k Co.) 630 w Fayette 
Dardea Geo. F. jeweler, Gilmer house 
Dare Gideon G. (Dare, Hull & Dixon) 228 w 

DARE, HULL & DIXON, (Gideon G. Dare, 

Tlios. B. Hull, Isaac F. Di.xon, jr.) general 

com. merchants, 95 s Charles 
Dare Jomes G. clerk, 105 Pearl 
Dare John, clerk, 38 n Calvert 
Dare Nathaniel, 38 n Calvert 
Dare Mrs. Sarah J. boarding, 38 n Calvert 
Dare Wm. H. hardware,258 w Pratt, dw 183 s 

Daring August, caulker, 29 Thames 
Ddrley John W. shoemaker, 90 Jefferson 
Darley Mrs. Sarah, 142 Park av 
Darling Mrs. Eliza, 1C6 n High 
Dai ling F. Taylor, IGGnHigh 
Darling Dr. Henry, 143 Mulberry 
Darling Isaac, C. H. 166 n Hioh 
Darling James II. tinner, 97 Aisquith 
Darling Jamts T. carpenter, 5 s Carey 
Darling John, sr. police, 97 Aisquith 
Darling Lewis, baker, 137 n Eutaw 
Darmstadt Ilenrj', laborer, 56 e Pratt 
Darmstadt Philip, miner, 113 s Castle 
Darney John W. shoemaker, 96 JeEferson 
Darrah .Mrs. Ann J. 13 n Caroline 
Darrah M. A. 247 e Lombard 
Darrell Chas.(John Biggar& Co.)245 n Calvert 
Darraugh Wm. police, 396 Hartord av 

ship, and com. mechts, over 66 s Gay 
Darrell Stewart, (S. D. k Co.) 245 n Calvert 
Darringlon James, clerk, Baltimore co 
Darringtun Mrs. M. E. 25 s Broadway 
Darrough Samuel, 2 Willow 
Darsch ("onrad, barkeeper, 185 Lexington 
Darsch Mrs. Catherine, 290 s Sharp 
Darsch Philip, gasfitter, 290 s Sharp 
Darweiner Mrs. Hannah, 243 Raborg 
Darweiner Henry, boxmaker, 243 Raborg 
Darweiner Jacob J. harnessmaker, 213 Raborg 
DASCH CHARLES W. restaurant, 189 Hollins 
Dasch Max. umbrellas, 239 n Bond 
Dasey (,'oruelius, laborer, 43 Haubert 
Dasey Jeremiah, laborer, 43 Haubert 
Dash Adam, silversmith, 9 s Monroe 
Dash John, bristle comber, 53 s Monroe 
Dash John, laborer, e Madison nr ciiy limits 
Dash .Mrs. Louisa, laundress, 178 Peirce 
Dash Philip, baker, 65 s Dallas 
Dash Wm. stonecutter, Falls rd nr toll gate 
Dashields Thos. clerk, 41 e Pratt 

Dashiell Jno. B. carver, Choptank nr Pratt 
Dashiell Rev. John H. school, 195 w Biddle, 

dw 49 
Dashiell Mrs. Louisa T. 207 8 Baoadway 
Dashiell Levin F. ropemaker, lis Washington 
Dashiell Mrs. Mary E. 40 w ^lonument 
Dashiell Mrs. Matilda, 27^ Aisquith 
Dashiell Dr. Nicholas Leeko, 2o7 s Broadway 
Dashiell Robt. D. teacher, 49 w Biddle 
Dashiell Robert, watchman, 2 Aisquith 
Dnshiell Bich'd, canmaker, Choptank nr Pratt 
Dashiell S. K real estate broker, 32 St. Paul, 

dw Ilowaid CO 
Dashiell Wm. (J. clerk, 44 Spring row 
Dashiell Wm. R. bricklayer, 50 Holland 
Daskin John, drayman, 105 York 
Daub Adam, blacksmith, 398 n Gay 
Daub Mrs. Barbara, confectionery, 398 n Gay 
Daub Christian, grocer, &c., 432 n Gay 
Daub Jacob, shoemaker, 432 n Gay 
Daubent August, 96 Park 
Daubert Henry, tailor, 78 Mulberry 
Daubert Louis, shoemaker, 94 Raborg 
Dauchert Charles, watchmaker, 66 s Central av 
Dauenhauer Louis, carpenter, 210 e Lombard 
Daughaday Jonas G. machinist, 119 n High 
Daugherty Dan'l, laborer, Hull nr R. R. 
Daugherty Geo. harness maker, 92 Peach al 
Daugherty John T. carpenter, 221 Hollins 

M. Daugherty, J. F..Maguire, J. N. Wright) 

job i)riniers, 20 Second 
Daugherty Michael, laborer, 162 West 
Daugherty J. M. (Daugherty, Waguire & 

Wright) 80 Harford av 
Daugherty Mrs. Priscilla A. (Wm. G. D. & 

Co.) 16 Jackson fq 
Daugherty Thos. Benton, printer. 1 19 e Eager 
Daufiherty Wm. G k Co. (W. G. and P. A. 

Daugherty) coal, cor Central av and Fayette 
Daugherty "Wm. G. (W. G. D. & Co.) 1(5 

Jackson sq 
Daugherty Wm. H. conductor, 347 Cathedral 
Daughtry P. Henry, salesman, 44 Fawn 
Daul John, shoemaker, 39 Brown 
Daum Lawrence, tiiilor, 60 s Wolfe 
Daum John, tailor, 155 Welcome al 
Daume Geo. laborer, cor Mill and Boston whf . 
Daus Leopold, photographer, 155 w Baltimore ■ 
Daufch Anthony, stevedore, s e cor Hamp- 7 

stead and Broadway 
Dauman George, basketmaker, 25 Perry 
Dausch J. P. stevedore, 151 s Ann ^ 

Dausch Dr. Peter, s e cor Broadway and 

Dauterich Henry, beer, cor Ann and Fayette 
Dauterich John, tavern, 8 n Eden 
Davalt Jacob, watchman, 110 Hamburg 
Davault Wm. barkeeper, 126 Light 
Davenport Dr. B. H. R. 57 n Republican 
DAVENi'ORT B. II. R. apothecary, cor Mul- 
berry and Scbroeder 
Davenport Mrs. Margaret, 141 s Wolfe 
Darids Albert G. 274 Park 
Davids Garret B (Denmead & Son)274Park av 
Davidson A. B. GO McCulloh 
Davidson Chas. C. shoemaker, 336 Franklin 
DAVIDSON C. Y. gas fixtures, 5 n Liberty, 

dw 2ul n Calvert 
David.-on Dfborah, 119 n Central av 
Davidson Edward, watchman, 29 Oxford 
Davidson Falconer, clerk, 46 u Fremont 




DAVIDSON F. H. hardware, 158 Franklin, 

dw Druid Hill av nr McMechin 
Davidson Francis, 119 n Central av 
Davidson Geo. JlcF. harnessmkr, 767 w Balti- 
Davidson Mrs. Hannah M. 836 Franklin 
Davidson James B. fireman, 27 Ridgely 
Davidson James H. painter, 151 n Central av 
Davidson John E. clerk, 85 s Paca 
Davidson John D. clerk, 276 e Baltimore 
Davidson John 0. shoefitter, 330 Franklin 
Davidson Johs J. ropemaker, cor llarford av 

and Point la 
Davidson Joseph E. clerk, 85 s Paca 
Davidson Joseph, fireman, 162 Vine 
Davidson Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 32 n Caroline 
Davidson & McElbiney (Wra. T. Davidson, 
W. J. McElhiney) grocers and com. merchs. 
7 Commerce 


dw 410 w Lombard 


dson Mrs. Margaret E. 85 s Paca 

dson Robert, roofer, Durham nr Fayette 

dson Rob't J. gasfitter, 776 w Bdliimore. 

dson Samuel (Myer & D.) 184 Light 

dson Sam'l G. police, cor Point la and 

rford av 

dson Mrs. Sophia, 73 n Bethel 

r'son Wallace C, Union Express,32 s High 

dson Wm.ropemkr,Harford av nr Point la 

dson Wm. T. (D. & McElhiney) 213 St. 


Davies Joseph H. clerk, 73 n Bond 
Davies Sam'l K. concert mangr, 236nHownrd 
Davies Col. Wm. H. farmer, 236 n Howard 
Divies Wm. T. clerk, 42 Conway 
Davies Wm. T. salesman, 42 Conway 
DavineJohn, gatekeeper, Goodman al nr West 
Davis Abram, engineer, 5 w Biddle 
Davis A. L. farmer, 202 Franklin 
Davis Adam, laborer, 101 Eastern av 
Davis Albert, shoemaker, 87 Camden 
Davis Albert, sup' t light house, 256 Light 
Davij Alexander T. plasterer, 75 Pearl 
Davis Albin P. machinist, 10 s Republican 
Davis A G.sup'tteleg'h B.& O.R. 77 n Charles 
Davis Alexander G.barber, 54 w Fayette, dw 

62 Richmond 
Davis Amos J. carpenter, 369 w Faj'ette 
Davis Amos M. cooper, 139 Hamburg 
Davis Andrew J. brassfinisher, 12 McEIderry 
Davis Mrs. Ann, confectionery, 22 Clinton 
Davis Mrs. Ann E. seamstress, 224 German 
Davis Mrs. Annie E. 220 n Eden 
Davis Mrs Annie E. dressmaker,62 Rit-hmond 
DAVIS ARCHIBALD M. foreman, Geo. S. 

Clogg, 68 Lee 
Davis August, laborer, 108 Thames 
Davis Augustus, tailor, rear 70 Harrison 
Davis Benj copper smelter, Clintons of Boston 
Davis Benj. M. jank, 13 L Church 
Davis & Boehme, (S. Davis, A. Boehme) com. 

raerchts. and feed, 27 Barre 
Davis Capt. Bradford A. ferry boat, 63 3 Bond 
Davis Mrs. Caroline, 286 Lexington 
Davis Chas. tailor, rear 12 n Guy 
Davis Chas. A. inspr. C. H. 30 n Reublican 
Davis Chas. laborer, Aliceanna nr Essex 
Davis Chas. W. silversmith, over 26 w Pratt 
Davis Chas. W. bookkeeper, 134 Mulberry 
Davis Chas. H. pilot, 214 Gougb 
Davis Chas. M. clerk, 30 Stiles 
Davis Chas. W. laborer, 144 Columbia 




Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Davis Cha3. M. carpenter, Townsend nr Fre- 
Davis Chas. T. clerk, 30 Stiles 
Davis Chas. T. tailor, 80 s Pa^-a 
Davis Chas. J. block and puin[imkr,foot of Cross 
Davis Chas. H. printer, 29 Greenmounl av 
Davis Mrs. Clara, boarding, 60 n Central av 
Davis Chris C.B.bageagemiister,244 w Fayette 
Davis Clinton W. clerk, 31 Jackson 
Davis Curtis, Custom House, Mansion housj 
David Cyrus, printer, 31 Jackson 
Davis Daniel, laborer, Clinton nr Boston 
Davis Daniel, laborer, 4 Abbot 
Davis Edgar, canmaker, 355 Cathedral 
Davis Edward, laborer, 54 Albemarle 
Davis Edward, millwright. 349 Franklia 
Davis Edward T. clerk, 207 Saratoga 
Davis E. R. salesman, 272 w Baltimore 
Davis Eliza, artist, 286 Lexington 
Davis Edwin R. att'y and real estate agtnt, 2 

Siuth, dw 162 Hanover 
Davis Edwin, carpenter, 26 Park av 
Davis Mrs. Elizabeth, 544 w Pratt 
Davis Elizabeth, 37 Scott 
Davis Mrs. Elizabeth. 361 e Baltimore 
Davis Elizabeth, 24 Front n of Foundry 

DAVIS FRANK E. Architect, 
Room No. 1, 2d Story, over s e cor 
Charles and Fayette, dw Oregon 
nr Mosher. 

Davis Geo. junk, Aliceanna nr Essex 
Davis Geo. A. machinist, 10 s Republlcaa 
Davis Geo. T. boilermaker, 160 Hughes 
Davis G^o. W. clerk, 266 Druid Ilillav 
Davis Geo. W. upholsterer, 557 n Gay 
Davis Geo. S. plasterer, 75 Pearl 
Davis G. U. (Dade & D.) Carroll co 
Davis Geo. W. shipsmiili, 128 Cross 
Davis Geo. W. carpenter, 455 Franklin 
Davis Geo. W. carj)enter, 18 8 Schroeder 
Davis Geo. A jr. plasterer, 75 I'earl 
Davis Geo. A. builder, Townsend, one door 

w of Fremont 
Davis Dr. Geo. W. 361 e Baltimore 
DAVIS GEO. W. justice of the peace, 15 St. 

Paul, dw 266 Druid Hill av 
Davis Geo. W. upholsterer, 26 n Greene 
Davis Geo. juuk, 292 s Carolioe, dw Aliceanna 

near Essex 
Davis Geo. M. carpenter, Oregon near Mosher 
Davis Mrs. Harriet, 106Hillen 
Davis H. carpenter, 162 German 
Davis Henrietta, 348 Franklin 
Davis Henry, carpenter, 20G George 
Davis Henrietta, teacher. 35 Walsh 




EST-A.BX,ISI3:EID isso. 


Furnishing Goods, &c. 


308 W. Baltimore St. 

Davis Henry T. coppersmelier, 15 O'Donnell 
Drtvis H.v. moulder, Mt. Roj-al hill nr reservoir 
Davis Howard, millwright, 349 Franklia 
Davis Hugh, police, 32 Abey al 
Davis 1. Thomas & Co.(I. Thomas Davis, Wra. 

Marburg) salt dealers, 49 South 
Davis I. Thomas, (I. Thomas D. & Co.)George- 

town, D. C. 
Davis Ilupton, carpenter, Aliceanna nr Essex 
Davis Jacob C. carpenter, 122 Townseni 
Davis Jacob T. millwright, 348 Franklia 
Davis James A. clerk, 660 w Fayette 
Davis James E. coal, s w cor Bond and Lom- 
bard, dw 6 n Washington 
Davis Mrp. Janet, 62 n Holliday 
Davis John, Aliceanna nr Essex 
Davis John, teed, 81 Ensor 
Davis John, laborer, 49 Hill 
Davi^ John C. mast, of machinery B. & 0. R. 

R. 669 w Fa\ette 
Davis Jcihu bra-'s minuf. Clinton nr Boston 
Da\is JiliQ, hackmui, 89 North 
Divi.s John, tailor, Central av nr Riddle 
Davis John, luborer, Clinton s of Boston 
Davis John Charles, 455 Franklin 
Davis John A. C. clerk, 24 n Front 
Davis John E. bricklayer, 221 s Paca 
Davis John E. rigger. 21 s tJregoa 
Davis John T. tinner, 7 Poultney 
Davis John F. carpenter, 80 s Paca 
Davis John R. clerk, Mansion house 
Davis John Y. laborer, 151 n Bethel 
Davis John T, blacksmith, 227 Light 
Davis John H. bricklayer, 194 Druid Hill av 
Davis John T. shoemaker, 224 German 
Davis John C. carpenter, 369 w Fayette 
Davis John F. bricklayer, 77 Lee 
Davis John, plasterer, Belair av nr Hoffman 
Davis John K. (oachtrimmer,266 Druid Hillav 
Davis John R. 313 \v Haltimore 
Davis JohnW.ex-sherifF, Park av nr Townsend 
Davis John VV. moulder, 34 s Strieker 
Davis John W. tinner, 85 llnmburg 
Davis John W. carter, lO'J York 
Davis John W. builder, 102 n Bond 
Davis John T. stonecutter, 158 Frank'ia 
D.ivis Joseph, brewer, 108 n Fremont 
Davis Joseph, chtiirmaker, 230 n Bond 
Davis Josej)h, tinner, 224 German 
Davis Joseph L. M. carpenter, 13 L Church 
Davis Joseph H. miller, 461 Franklin 
Davis Laurence B. carpenter, 101 Granby 
Davis Li\vren<eC. brakesman, 217 3 Pac* 
Davis Lewis, barber, 90 s Eufaw 
Davis Mrs Maria E. 115 Bank 
Davis Mrs. Mary E. dressmaker, 84 n Exttcr 
Davis Mrs. Mary, 48 Hammond al 
Davis Mis. Mary A. 127 s Paca 
Davis Mrs. Mary A. 69 s Schrocder 

Davis Mis. Mary C. 224 Lee 

Davis Mrs. Mary E. grocery, 15 O'Donnell 

Davis Mrs. Mary, Clinton s of Boston 

Davis Mary M. 179 Franklin 

Davis Mrs. Melinda, 326 Canton av 



^uimlor lUrvoring (^xUntH, 


Essence Jamaica Ginger &.Worm Confections, 

A. J. MILLER. Sole Proprietor. y 

Davia Mrs. Nancj-, 56 Franklia 
Davis Oliver, stonecutter, 83 Ridgely 
Davis Ralph, clothing, 22;V Harrison 
Davis Reverdv, machinist, 46 Eisleia 
Davis Dr. Rezin P. 367 Hollins 
Davis Richard L. carpenter, 66 Raborg 
Davis Richard, laborer, Mt. Royal hill 
Davis Richard, collector, 198 e Pratt 
Davis Richard T. clerk, 79 a Liberty 
Davis Pdchard T. sr. salesman, 79 n Eutaw 
Davis Robert, fngineer, 34 s Strieker 
Davis Robert P. police, 117 n Eden 
Davis Robert McL. clerk, n w cor Park avaad 

Davis Robert N. painter, 8 Covington 
Davis Samuel, laborer. Northern aV nr Cathe- 
Davis Samuel B. harnessmaker, 224 German 
Davis Simuel B. (Barnes & D.) Baltimore co 
Davis Samuel, laborer, Clinton s of Elliott 
Davis Siimuel G. laborer, 77 9 Fremont 
Davis Samuel S. clerk, Park av nr Townsend 
Davis Shalmaneser, (D. «& Boehme)34 Conway 
Davis Silas W. police, 91 o Schroeder 
Davis Mrs. Sophia, clothing, GG Thames 
Davis Stephen, hoot and shoe manuf. 150 Lex- 
ington, dw 207 Saratoga 
Davis Mrs. Su?an, grocery, 86 Holland 
Davis Mrs. Susan, 179 Hughes 
Davis Mrs. T. \V. boarding and lager beer, 27 

e Monument 
Davis Thomas, grocery, Clinton nr Boston 
Davis Thomas, boots and shoes, 196 J Lexing- 
ton, dw 500 w Fa3ette 
Davis Thomas P. huckster, 366 Canton nv 
Davis Thomas G. blacksmith, 223 Dolphin 
Divis Thoriiii.i, mariner, 267 s ^Volfe 
Davis Thos. H J. c.ibinentm<ker,84 n Exeter 
Davis Thomas 15. cooper, 14 Walker 
Davis Thomas B. bookkeeper, 118 Chatsworth 
Davis Thomas, tailor, 133 e Monument 
Davis Thomas', tailor, 108 Vine 
Davis Th(>ma.'», draymnn, 12 s Bond 
DdvisThomas W. trunkmaker, 19 8 Schroeder 
Davis Thomns W. stonemason, 27 e Monument 
Davis Thomas E. maiiner, 21 s Oregoil 
Davis Tyler, 487 w Fayette 
Davis Tyler, 1.54 Pearl 

Davis Upton, carpenter, Aliceanna nr Eisex 
Diivis Wm. II. carp n"er 144 Conway 
Davis Wm K. clerk, 106 Hillen 
Davis W. E. v\'. plasterer, 75 Pearl 
Davis Wm. clerk, 79 n Liberty 




Davia Wm. plasterer, 30 a Washington 
Davis Wm. t]dward S. bookkeeper, Belair aT 

nr Hoffman 
Davis Wm A. shoemaker, 255 n Eden 
Davis Wm. H. marble cutter, 8 Windsor 
Davis Dr. Wm. H. 193 n Howard 
Davis Wm. B. boilermaker, 154 Pearl 
Davis Wm. H. painter, 211 Bank 
Davis Wm. M. inachini«t, 97 w Biddle 
Davis Wm. E. (W. E. D. & Co.) 3S Saratoga 
Davis Wm. E. & Co. (W. E. Davis) manuf. 

iron railiog, 144 Camden 
Davis Wm. B. cooper, 221 s Paca 
Davis Wm. artist, 32 McElderry 
Davis Wm. A. clerk, 8 Hanover 
Davis Wm. B. bricklayef, 221 s Paca 
Davis Wm. H. printer, 125 e Monument 
Davis Wm. H. boatbuiid'r, Potomac nr Hudson 
Davis Wm. J. sbipcarpenter, 118 Hughes 
Davis Wm. 0. carpenter, 361 e Baltimore 
Davis Wm. R. carpenter, 86 Holland 
Davis Wilson, mariner, 6 Covington 
Davis Zira, moulder, 216 Columbia 
Davison C.ilvin T. 179 n Charles 
Davison Geo. W. (Wm. D. & Co.) 72 Bolton 
Davison John, chemist, 216 Light 
Davison Mary, 3 Friendship 
vison, W S. andT. A. Symington) manufs. 
acids, over 104 w Lombard 
Davison Tnomas, cooper, 25 Brown 
Davison Wm. J. (W. D, & Co.) 129 n Re- 

DAVISON WM. & CO. (Wm.,Wm. 
J. and Geo. W. Davison,) Manu- 
facturers of Varnishes, White 
Lead, French and American 
Zincs in Oil, Colors, Whiting, 
Putty, Eefined Saltpetre, Spanish 
Brown, Venetian Eed, Yellow 
Ochre, &c., 104 w Lombard-st. 

Davison Wm. (W. D. & Co. and Davison, 

Symington & Co.) 179 n Charles 
Davy Mrs. Oath, laundress, 47 Constitution 
Davy John W. salesman, Howard house 
Daw Wm. T. bootmaker, 211 n Central av 
Dawes Mrs. Clementine, 122 e Pratt 
Dawes Edward B. sr. engineer, 198 s Fremont 
Dawes Edw. B. canmaker, 198 s Fremont 
Dawes Francis, cooper, Centre al nr w Fay- 
ette, dw 159 w Fayette 
Dawes Capt. George'R. marinpr, 37 n Eden 
Dawes John, huckster, 281 s Paca 
Dawes Richard, cooper, 229 w Fayette 
Dawes Wm. H plasterer, 198 s Fremont 
Da^kins Jas. A. shipping clerk, 23 n Calvert 
Dawlev H. S., bus. manager Weed Sewing 

Machine Co. 74 McCulloh , 
Daws Henry, carpenter and builder, C8 Cider 

al, dw 206 George 
Dawson Anna, laundress, 26 Smith 
Dawson Chas. H. clerk, 317 w Baltimore 
Dawson C. Scott, bookkeeper, 189 w Fayette 
Dawson Daniel, porter, 24 Arbel al 
Dawson Edgar G. 70 w Madison 
Dawson Gideon R.(J. J. Bunting & Co.) Man- 
sion bouse 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 
Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Dawson George, clerk, 108 w Fayette 
Dawson Uugti, currier, 15 w Second, dw 231 

Dawson Jamc, mariner, n w cor Caroline and 

Eastern av 
Dawson James, wheelwright, 83 n High 
Dawson, Love& Co. (N. Dawson, J.F.Love, 

M. Osburn) wholes, liquors, n w cor Howard 

and Pratt 
Dawson Linsay T. watchman, 116 Hughes 
Dawson Nicholas, (Dawson, Love & Co.) 18 

Dawson Philip T. 46 n Broadway 
Dawson Samuel, sbipcarpenter, 83 s Ann 
Dawson Thomas, laborer, 26 Smith 
Dawson Wm. H. jr. attornev, s e cor Fayette 

and North, dw 104 St. Paul 
Dawson Wra. H. carpenter, 100 n Fremont 
Dawson Wm. jr. surveyor, n e cor St. Paul 

and Fayette, dw 21 Courtland 
Dawson Wm. P, (Thoa. R Matthews & Sons) 

196 w Biddle 
Day Alex. H. sbipcarpenter) Washington nr 

DAY ALFRED G. saddler, harnes9 and trunk 

maker, 421 w Baltimore, dw 252 w Fayette 
Day Asa, cooper, 224 e Lombard 
Day Athia, teacher, 189 Bank 
Day Chas. S. millwright, 379 e Fayette 
Day Edward H. sbipcarpenter, 189 Bank 
Day Mrs. Eliza, 304 e Chase 
Day Hattie, 151 Lanvale 
Day Hazen, baker, 186 Vine 
Day Ira, cashier N. C. R. 231 Druid Hill av 
Day Isaac, mariner, 224 e Lombard 
Day Ishmael, inspector C. H. 105 n High 
D.ay John, laborer, 64 s Oregon 
Day John, moulder, 81 s Strieker 
Day Jacob, tinner, 304 e Chase 
Day John, bricklayer, 16o Harford aT 
Day Lloyd, clerk, 86 Camden 
Day Mark, engineer, 151 Gough 
Day Milton, patent agent, Strieker bet Mc- 

Henry and Ramsay 
Day Norman, (Turner k D.) 261 e Baltimore 
Day 0. F. (R. Lawson & Co.) 280 w HofTman 
Day Rinaldo, clerk, 79 s Strieker 
Day Samuel G. tinner and house furn. goods, 

91 n Calvert, dw 304 e Chase 
- Day Samuel, wood, 46 s Bond 
Day Rev. Willard G. 255 n Eutaw 
Day Wm. A. shipcarpentfr, Washington near 

Day Wesley, fireman, 79 8 Strieker 
Day Wm., 186 Vine 
Dayley Anthony, tinware, 759 w Baltimore 
Deacon Chas. R. agent sewing machines, 139 

w Favette 
Deacon'Jobn, grocery, 30 L. Hampstead 




ESX-A-BXilSIiED 1850. 


Furnishing Goods, &c. 


308 W. Baltimore St. 


Dencoa Wm. J. clerk, 30 L Hampstead 

Deacon Wm. labortr, 123 s Chester 

Deady Henry, milk, Philadelphia road nr city 

Deady John L. oysters and ice cream, 52 En- 

sor, dw 09 n Bond 
Deady Mrs. Mary, milk, Philadelphia road nr 

city limits 
Deages Peter, shoemaker, 22 Park 
Deal Charles 8. plumber, 25 Buren 
Deal Geo. W. bricklayer, 32 Chapel 
Deal John II. police, 15 Constitution 
Deal James A. butcher, 249 e Monument 
Deal Rev. John S. 53 s Broadway 
Deal John T. brassfinisher, 95 n Eden 
Deal John, tinner, 34 n Chapel 
Deal John, laborer, 33 Haubert 
Deal Mrs. Mary, servant, 59 e Monument 
Deal Wm. C. plumber, 25 Buren 
Deal Wm. N. printer, 25 Burea 
Deal Wm. B. painter, 25 Burea 
Deal Wm. carpenter, 25 Buren 
Deale James F. clerk, 160 Barre 
Ueale Mrs. S. A. 160 Barre 
Deale Lemuel, cabinetmaker, 275 e Madison 
Dealys Wm. M, builder, s w cor Caroline and 

Dean Georpe A. salesman, 175 n Dallas 
Dean Mrs. Hannah B. 98 n E.xeter 
Dean Ira, carpenter, 76 Block 
DEAN M. W. & CO. (M. W. Dean) wholesale 

liquors, 91 McElderry's whf M. W. (M. W. D. & Co.) Gilmor house 
Dean Michael, carter, 277 e Monument 
Dean Richard, turner, 178 e Fayetie 
Dean Thomas, carpenter, 241 Franklin 
Dean Wm. A., Eutaw bouse 
Dean Wm. sec'y and treas'r Canton Co. cor 

Boston and Patuxent 
Dean Wm. H. carpenter, 32 s Schroeder 
Dear John T. engineer, 162 Hughes 
Dear Wm. basketmaker, 157 s Wash'ngton 
Dearing (jCO. cabinetmaker, 83 s Wolfe 
Dearing Henry, plasterer, 93 Henrietta 
Dearing Margaret, grocery, 267 L Hughes 
Dearkar Henry, drayman, 88 York 
Dearr Chas. carpenter, 162 Pearl 
Dearr Wm. 165 Pearl 
Deary James, bricklayer, 14 Prospect la 
Deaver Mrs. Frances R. tailoress, 273 e Mon- 
'Deaver Geo. R. police, 60 Goufrh 
Deaver Jas. waterman, 273 e Monument 
Deaver Jehu C. machinist, 172 Chesnut 
Deaver Jehu, canmaker, 58 s Caroline 
Deaver John, canmaker, 58 s Caroline 
Deaver Joseph E. painter, 177 Warner 
Deaver Margaret A. 58 s Caroline 
Deaver Margaret li. dressmaker, 110 Ilillen 

Deaver Mrs. Mary Ann, 110 Hillen 
Deaver Obadiah, clerk, 172 Ctiesnut 
Deaver Stephen, laborer, 287 s Paca 
Deaver AVm. R. painter, Penna av nr Mosher 
Deaver Wm. machinist, 58 s Caroline 
Deaves Geo. T. tinner, 35 Gough 
De Baufre Mrs. Sarah, variety, 26 n Chapel 
De Baufre Wm. II. 26 n Chapel 
Del/bold Martin, tailor, 79 n Central av 
Debeer Solomon, clothing, 145 Columbia 
De B;et Wm. C. orna'l painter, 23 e Fayette 
Debertin Andrew, tavern, 239 Hollies 
Debes Joseph, brewer, 103 n Fremont 
De Bott Mrs. Carrie, 96 Pearl 
Debo Sarah, 2 Greenwillow 
Debow Chas. T. miller, 198 Mulberry 
Debow Christian, tinner, Durham nr Fayette 
Debow Mrs. Ellen, Morton al nr Holfmaa 
Debow Geo. miller, 198 Mulberry 
Deboy Frederick, gardener, 190 Columbia 
Debraske Geo. cigarraaker, 62 Clay 
Debrich John, porter, 145 Welcome al 
Debriag Anthony, engineer, 233 n EutaT 
Debiiug Bernard, ironworker, 134 L Greene 
Debring G. A. saoemaker, 165 Druid Hill av 
Dehring John C. clerk, 288 n Eutaw 
Debring John K. clerk, 238 n Eutaw 
Debrow Francis, plasterer, cor Caroline and 

De C.iindry Augustin, carpenter, 113 Chesa- 
Decimp Mary J. 48 Conway 
Debuler James E. huckster, 92 e Madisoa 
Debus Loui.-i, bootfitter, 108 Enstern av 
Debus Morilz, shoemaker, 108 Eastern av 
Decbing Frederick, shoemaker, 154 s Spring 
Deck Henry, tob.icco warehouse, 455 Saratoga 
Deck John, boilermaker, 366 Penna av 
Deck John S. bakery, 280 n Howard 
Deck John W. clerk, 90 Lee 
Deck Jos. G. laborer, 21 Rose 
Deck Lanehart, nightman, 231.V Mulberry 
Deck Wm. sr. lager beer, 455 Saratoga 
Deck Wm. jr. carter, 455 Saratoga 
Deckel Conrad, weaver, 19 n Schroeder 
Deckelman Geo. shoemaker, 99 Peirce 
Deckelman John, shoemaker, 42 Chatsworth 
Decker Addison, blacksmith, plumber and gas 

fitter, 92 Bank 
Decker Belthazar, tobacconist, cor Gay and 

Decker Christian, e.xpressraan, 43 Carlton 
Decker Charles, butcher, 35 Fell's P't Market, 

dw Hudion nr Clinton 
Decker Eveihardt, shoemaker, 8 Callendar al 
Decker Francis, tailor, 273 n Central av 
Decker Frederick, carjienter, 241 e Biddle 
Decker George, 149 w Fayette 
Decker Henry, blacksmith, 90 n Ann 
Decker Henry, merchant tailor, 262 n Gay 
Decker Henry, laborer, 10 n Oregon 
Decker Jacob F. 149 w Fayette 
Decker .John, wagoner, 59 Carlton 
Decker John G. bricklayer, 1 Anthony 
Decker John G. rags, 59 Carlton 
Decker Joseph, 273 n Central av 
Decker Joseph J. cignriuaker, 262 n Gay 
D.'cker Lewis, clerk, 149 w Fayeite 
Decker Lorin N. watchman, Mansion Houpe 
Deeker Mrs. Mary A. dry goods, 273 n Central av 
Decker AV'in. grocery, 755 Light 
Deckert August, laborer, 82 Uidgely 




Deckert Daniel R. huckster, 82 Ridijely 
Deckhardt Charles, drayman, 246 Coaway 
Deckhttut Adam, huckster, 219 Aliceanna 
Decklemnn Geo. shoemaker, 99 Peirce 
Deckman Henry, blacksmith, 171 King 
Deckman Hcriry, laborer, 110 Rumsay 
Deckman John, confectioner, 24G s Eutaw 
Deckman John H. porter, 246 s Eutaw 
De Coeniel Prof. C. T. music teacher, 337 w 

De Coninck Francis A. 13 Barnet 
De Cormis Edward, jr.(De C.& Co.)132 Bolton 
De Cormis Edward, salesman, Decker nr Hoff- 
man ' 
De Cormis <fe Co. (Edward DeC. jr.) wholesale 

liquors. 21 Cheapiide 
De Cou Daniel, (Ue C. & Jolliffe) 36 Mulberry 
De Cou k Jolliffe, (Danl.De Cou,T. H. Jolliffe) 

manufs. agls for glassware, 44 s Charles 
De Coursay John, contractor, 70 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
De Coursey Mrs. Eleanor,132 Hanover 
De Court Julien, French vice consul, 79 Ex- 
change place, dw 87 Franklin 
De Cubber Jacob, bricklayer, 71 n Amity 
Dedion Peter, bricklayer, 15 n Chapel 
Dederaan John, butcher. 37 Centre and 49 Bel- 

:iir markets, dw cor Madison and Castle 
Dederer Cnrislopher, weave:, 54 n Pine 
Deddendollar Joseph, laborer, 9 n Chappel 
Dee .Mrs. Ann, 25 Lemmon 
Dee James, laborer, 25 Lemmon 
Dee John, tailor, Lombard nr "Wolfe 
Dee Morris M. machinist, 25 Lemmon 
Dee Richard, coafectioner, over 70 Harrison 
Deeds Wra. S. canmiker, 471 w Baltimore 
Dteg John, restaurant, 243 Hanover 
Deegan John, laborer, 58 s Dewberry al 
Deegan Wm. plasterer, 1 Chesapeike 
Deemer Henry, dairy, 132 s Bond 
Deemcr Joseph, blacksmith, s w cor Pulaski 

and Frederick av 
Deemer Lewis, butcher, McEIderry rear Md. 

Deems Adam W. blacksmith, 379 Hamburg 
Dieras Mrs. Christina, hucksieress, 217 eAIon- 

Deems Clarence, clerk, 1 Hollins 
Deems Charles, butcher, 233 Saratoga 
Deems Cbas.W. butcher, Harford av nr tollgate 
Deems Rtv. George W. 28 s Calhoun 
Deems George W. jr. clerk, 28 s Calhoun 
Deems Geo. W. machinist, 375 Hamburg 
Deems Jacob, moulder, Mount Rojal Hill nr 

Deems Jacob C. painter, 162 Dover 
Deems Jacob, jr. custom house, 6 Hollina 
DEE.MS JAS. M. music school, over n e cor 
Baltimore and Paca, dw 1 Hollins cor Fre- 
Deems J. Harry, mufic teacher, 1 Hollins 
Deems John, driver, 42 n Amity 
Deems Lewis, butcher, 288 Saratoga 
Deems Mrs. Sophia, grocery, 121 L Greene 
Deems Wm. moulder, 121 L Greene 
Deer Conrad, laborer, Durham nr Fayette 
Deer John, clerk, 111 Vine 
Deer Leonard, driver, 550 w Pratt 
Leer Mrs. Margaret, variety, Durham nr Fayette 
Deery Michael, laborer, 182 East 
Deetjea Tyark, liquors and flour, 74 and 76 
Thames, dw 60 s Broadway 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Deets Frederick, salesman, 67 n Broadway 

Deets Geo. W. restaurant, 2 e Pratt 

Deets Lamdrum H. carpenter, 66 s Broadway 

Dfets Wm. G. baikeeper, 2 e Pratt 

Deets Wru. H. clerk water dep't. 162 Aisquith 

Deevtr George, driver, 42 Booth 

Deever Rebecca. 42 Booth 

Defalco Pasquil, laborer, 108 West 

Defalco Mrs. Susannah, 79 Johnsoa 

Defnor Michael, laborer, 148 Low 

De Pontes Charles (F. De F. &Bro.) 120 n Gay 

De Pontes F. & Bro. (Frank aud Charles 

De Pontes) barbeis, 120 n Gay 
De Pontes Frank (F. DeF. &Bro.) 152 n Gay 
Deford Benj. F. (D. & Co.) 105 n Charles 
Deford Benjamin, 105 n Charles 
DEFORD a. CO. (B. F. Deford, J. F. Ely, T. 

Di-ford) hides, leather and oil com. merchf. 

n w cor Calvert and Lombard 
Deford Mrs. Isaac, 83 n Greene 
Deford Thomas G. jr. bookkeeper, 23 Pena 
Deford Thomas G. messenger, 23 Penn 
Deford Thomas (D.& Co.) 105 n Charles 
DE FORD CHARLES D. k CO. (G. T. and 

W. y. De Ford) tobacco merchs. and imp. 

Havana cigars and leaf tobacco, 37 s Gay 
De Ford Geo. T. (Charles D. De F. k Co.) 65 

n Charles 
De Ford Wm.Y. (Charles D. De F. & Co.) 42 

De Forest David L. clerk. Three Tuns hotel 
Defratice Em*nuel, mariner, 131 s Washington 
Degaw Geo. L. clerk, 444 w Lombard 
Degaw John T. potter, 444 w Lombard 
Degaw Thos. sr. teamster, 444 w Lombard 
Degaw "Wm. blacksmith, 444 w Lombard 
Degele John F. watchmaker, HO s Bond 
Degen Albert, teacher, 42 n Pine 
Degenhard Charles, salesman, 133 Thames 
Degenhardt Aujzust, carpenter, G Lovely la, 

dw 258 Aisquith 
Degenhart Andrew, ink and blue maker, 402 

w Fayette 
Degenhart Joseph, whipmaker, 225 n Bond 
Degibbin Mrs. S^rah, Ills Regester 
Degler Goileib, tailor, over 42 n Holliday 
Degler Mathias, shoemaker, 112 Orleans 
Pe^iner Charles, bakery, 8 Walker 
De Goey Chas. C. wharfinger, Chase's whf. 

dw 13 8 Exeter 
De Goey John, carpenter, 53 Ecsor 
De Goey Jno. M. dep. sheriff, 204 n Central av 
De Goey William, 563 Lexington 
De Goey Wm. AV. jr. clerk, cor Baltimore 

and Castle 
De Gournay Paul F. editor Catholic Mirror, 

274 Frauklin 
Degrafft John, blacksmith, Boston nr Bianey, 

Can ton 






Fm^nishing Goods, &o. 


308 W. Baltimore St. 


DegrafiFt Lewis, jr, blacksmith, Boston near 

liinney, Cantoa 
Deprafft Lewis, ev. blacksmith, Boston near 

Binney, Canton 
Dtgrie Henry, tailor, over 65 n Gay 
De Grctft Mrs. Sidney, 62 Ramsay 
De Guzee Carl W. mariuer, 116 n Caroline 
Dehaven Jesse G. shoemaker, 87 Mound 
Dehaven "Wm. D. blacksmith, 63 Mound 
Dehl Henry, laborer, 9 Hammond al 
Dehl Herman, mariner, 166 s Wolfe 
Debler Ad. cabinetmkr, cor Forrest and Low 
Debn August, laborer, 55 Conway 
Dehn Fred'k, hackman, 55 Conway 
Dehn Dr. Theodore, 55 Conway 
Dehner Michael, laborer, 199 Eastern ar 
Dfhoff George P. clerk, 962 w Baltimore 
Jielioff Jesje, paper carrier, 112 Vine 
Dehoff John H. clerk, 353 Lexington 
De Horsey Capt. Jesse, 640 w Fayette 
Dei George, laborer, 149 e Pratt 
Dei Martin, rags, 5 Spring st ct 
Deibel George, carpenter, 403 s Charle9 
Deibel Peter, (D. & Renner) 1 n Schroeder 
Deibel & Renner, (P. Deibel, Geo. P. Renner) 

flour, feed, &c. 092 w Baltimore 
Deible Geo. cooper, 204 Hughes, dw 403 s 

Deichelbohrer Mrs. Elizabeth, 7 Anthony 
Deiches August, salesman, 105 n Gay 
Deichman Augustus, tinner, 27 Scott 
Deichmiller Fred'k, cabinetmkr, 318 s Charles 
Deimel Anton, carpenter, Chase nr Dallas 
Deinlein Banchrast, laborer, 122 s Chapel 
Deisenroih Jacob, mariner, 33 Thames 
Deist John H. tailor, 200 Cross 
Deist Martin, baker, 225 w Fayette 
Deitch Ferdinand F. bookkeeper, 2 Garden 
Deitch Joseph, tailor, 122 Stirling 
Deitch Lewis C. clerk, 2 Garden 
Deiter Elizabeth, matron Ballinicre City Jail 
Deiter Peter, paperhanger, 267 Raborg 
Deitlein John, cardriver, 4 Greenmountav 
Deitmeyer John, weaver, 62 King 
Deitrich Adam, 249 George 
Deitrick John, tailor, 209 s Eutaw 
Deitrick Louis, artist, 56 e Lombard 
Deitrick Theodore H. laborer, 245 s Dallas 
Deitrick Vim. laborer, 48 Fort av 
Deitz Mrs. Catherine, 211 Eastern av 
Deiiz Mrs. Elizabeth, confeclion'y, 200 Holiins 
Deitz Geo. E. baker, 228 n Gay 
Deitz Henry, wagoner, 200 Holiins 
Dfiiz John, laborer, rear 69 n Gay 
Deitz John II. tobacconist, 79 Hanover, dw 

275 s Sharp 
Dritz Lorentz, lager beer, 84 Johnson 
Deitz Philip, laborer, 254 e Chase 
De Kalb Cbas. E. tailor, 118 e Monument 

Delacour Lewis J. clerk, 315 Saratoga 
Delacour Wm. L. bricklayer, 315 Saratoga 
Delacour Salome, teacher, 24 n Pine 
Delacy Geo. carpenter, 167 Penn av 
Delacy Michael, laborer, 4 Uliich al 
De la Ilrtve Ferdinand, restaurant, 9 s Eutaw 
Delahay James C agt Poor Asso'n, 20 George 
Delahay James H. carpenter, 56 McMechin 
Delahay Jane, saleswoman, 294 w Pratt 
Delahay Jesse S. carpenter, 74 Dover, dw 124 

8 Sharp 
Delaney Charles B. machinist, 83 McHenry 
Delacey Edward, porter, 22 e Lombard 
Delarey & Griflin, (Kate Delaney, Elizabeth 

Griffin) dressmakers, 29 n Liberty 
Delaney Mrs. Hannah, Townsend nr Joha 
Delaney John, gilder, 97 Franklin 
Delaney John T. clerk, 155 Conway 
Delaney John, stonepolisher, s e cor Paca and 

Delaney Kate, (D. & Griffin) 29 n Liberty 
Delaney Wm. laborer, 151 Raborg 
Delano Wm. II. block and pump luakT, 72 w 

Pratt, dw 233 e Pratt 
Delanry Mollie, teacher, 171s Charles 
Delanty Wm. sergt. police, 171 s Charles 
Delantz Emma, teacher, 171s Charles 
Delany Chas. grocery, n e cor Pratt and Scott 
Delany James II. tavern, 75 Thames 
DELAPLANE & CO. (Joseph Delaplane and 

Thos. J. Osboume) express, freight and mar- 
ket line, 199 North 
Delaplane Joseph E. (Delaplane & Co.) 176 

De laReintrie Henry R. accoantant, 182 Mul- 
De la Rue Ann F. 17 Orchard 
De Lat Frank, shoemaker, 28 n Eutaw 
De la Roche Wm. J. F. messenger Hamden's 

Express, 215 n Howard 
Delauney Chas. M. engineer, 220 e Pratt 
DelawareMutual Life Ins. Co. agency, 57Second 

yard foot of Johnson, James Diggs, agent, 

office 2 South 
Delcher David, laborer, 59 s Republicaa 
De'cher Elizabeth, 113 Greenmountav 
Delcher E. W. (D. Bros.) 417 n Central av 

H. C. Delcher) produce and com. merchants, 

154 w Prait 
Delcher Geo. B. produce, 5 Hollingsworth, dw 

2G5 Mulberry 
Delcher Howard G.printer,174 Greenmouatav 
Delcher H. C. (D. Bros.) 434 n Central av 
Delcher James A. 355 n Broadway 
De!ch«r John T painter, 174 Greenmount av 
Delcher John S. brewer, 79 Colunibia 
Delcher Wm. carpenter, 75 St. I'eter 
Delcher Mrs. Margaret, 59 s Republican 
Delcher W. J. (D. Bios.) 405 n Central av 
Delecour Wm. L. bricklayer, 315 Saratoga 
Delecour Lewi* J. clerk, 315 Saratoga 
Dilerman ('onrad, driver, 214 Prestoa 
Delius Charles, 30 n Greene 
Delivus Fred'k, shoemaker, 6 Davis 
Delker John, laborer, 40 Clifford al 
Delevie Isaac, clothing, 24 Harrison 
Dflevie Mrs. Solomon S. gents' turn, goods, 

2 Harrison, dw 67 e Fayette 
Delevingue Theodore II. barkeeper, 165 Ensor 
Delker John laborer, 40 Clifford al 




Dflker Jacob, carter, 6 Bolton al 

Dell Charles, carter, 945 w Pr>itt 

Dell Christian, rags, &c. 87 Grlndall 

Dfll Mrs. El za, 27 n Pine 

Dell Geo. E. bookbinder, 167 w Iloflfman 

Dell John E. clerk, 1C7 w Hoffman 

Dell L. Gobright, (Tbos. E. Dell & Son) 225 

Dell Thos. E. & Son, (Thos. E. & L. G. Dell) 

bookbinders, over G n Howard, and Bank 

la nr Burnum's 
Dell Thos. E. (Thos. E. Dell & Son) 1G7 w 

Dell Wm. A. bookbinder, 88 Pearl 
Delia Geo. W. nightman, 346 Hanover 
Delia Peter D. blacksmith, 150 Battery av 
Delia Peter D. nightman, 6 Henrietta 
Delia Wm. brickmaker, IGl Montgomery 
Deller Christopher, pianomaker, 53 Fawn 
Dellevie Mrs. Hester, clothing, 2 Harrison, 

dw G7 e Fayette 
Dellevie John, clerk, 48 Granby 
Dellevie E-'eter, hostler, 92 Lmcaster 
Dellevie Samuel, tobacconist, 4 w Pratt, dw 

48 Granby 
Dellevie Uriah, (Liebman & D.) 14 e Fayette 
De'levit .Matilda, shoebinder, 57 Watson 
Delorny Wm. laborer, 151 Raborg 
Deloughery Dr. Edward, 1^4 n Calvert 
DELPHEV GEO. livery sUbles, Howard next 

to Delphey Hou.-e, dw 15G n Howard 
DELPHEY HOUSE, n w cor Howard and 

and Fr 'nklin, Wm. Delphey, prop'r 
Delphey Wm. prop'r Delphey house, n w cor 

Howard and Franklin 
Dels Christian, lager beer, 60 n Howard 
DeMangin Francis A. 263 w Fayette 
Demiiigs M., Steamboat Line, pier No. 6 Light 

St wharf 
Demiiz Chas. H. cooper, 26 Lee 
Dt-mitz Henry F. tobacconist, 124Light-st whf 
Demling John, laborer, 73 Grindall 
Demling Nicholas, laborer, 23 Perry 
Demme Geo. barkeeper, 57 w Fayette 
Demme Geo. C pianomaker, 115 Lfadenhall 
Demmon Mrs. Eliztbelh, Carey nr McHenrj 
DeOapsey Mrs. B. 115 n Calvert 
DcTpsey John B. bookkpr, 327 n Broadway 
DEMPSEY JOHN F. foreign fruits and con- 
fectionery, 112 n Calvert 
Dempsey John M. moulder, 143 s Chester 
Dempsey John, drayman, 54 Jeff'-rson 
Dempsey Julien D. clerk, 115 n Calvert 
Dempsey Patrick, maltster. North nr Bath 
Dempsey Wm. clerk, 115 n Calvert 
Dempsey Wm. blacksmith, 19 McLeary ct 
Dempster Mrs. Ann, 80 Cross 
Dempster Geo. E. bricklayer, 79 Cross 
Dempster John T. bricklayer, 7^ Cross 
Dempster John, paperhanger, 79 Cross 
Dempster ilary, 55 William 
Dempsy Patrick, tailor, 93 Orleans 
Demuih Casper, blacksmith, 144 s Washington 
Demuth G. Otto, professor music, 49 n Gilmor 
Demuth Harmon F. 220 s Paca 
Demuth John H. britklayer, 417 Franklin 
Denboer Julia A. ealesworoan, 45 Chew 
Denby Aaron, silversmith, 171 Mulberry 
Denby .Mrs. E iza'ieth, 171 Mulberry 
Denby Wm. L. bricklayer, 157 n Eutaw 
Dentke Chas. moulder, 144 Vine 
Deiigler Andrew, laborer, 180 s Eden 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, TlniotJiy Seed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Deng'er Wm. tailor, 2C4 n Central av 
Denhardt Conrad, liquors, 344 8 Charlea 
Denhardt Henry P. C. confect'r, 275 s Shtrp 
Denhardt John, tailor, CI Raborg 
Denhardt John, tailor, 14 Thomsen 
Denhardt Nicholas, varnisher, 16 Penn 
Deningcr Chas. J. B. apolbecary, s e cor Mc- 

E'derry and Eden 
Denio Chas. express driver, Stirr Hotel 
DENISON ANDREW W. ^M. D & Son) post- 
master, 13 s Gay 
Denison .Mrs. Georgie, 90 e Fayette 
Deniion Henry C. (M D. & Sm) 13 s Gay 
Denison Mrs. Jane. 1G4 Dolphin 
Denison John M., Treasurer P. t) 54 n Calhoun 
Denison Marcus, (M. D. & Son) 13 s Gay 
Denison .M. k Son, (M., A. W., and H. C. Den- 
ison) grocers, 51 w Baltimore 
Denison Thos. H. (Hsher & D.) 102 n Eden 
DENMEAD & SON, C'l albott Denmead, G. B. 
Davids) Monument foundry, n e cor Monu- 
ment Hnd North 
Denmead Edward, jr. coal. 3 North, dw 191 

DENMEAD FRANCIS, proprietor city malt 
hou5e, foot West Falls av, dw 96 w Monu- 
Denmead Talbott, (Denmead & Son ) n Charles, 

near city limits 
Dennell \\vs. Bertha, 100 Jackson sq av 
Dennell Henry A. mariner, 100 Jackson sq av 
Dt-nner John, brushmaker, 212 s Ann 
Denner Valentine, laborer, 33 ;i Spring 
Deoner William, brushmaker, 22G s Ann 
Denning John, porter. 4 Plowman 
Denning Lawrence, laborer, 40 Goodman al 
Denning .Mrs. .Mary, dressmaker, 130 s Wulfe 
Denning Thomas, laborer, 40 Goodman al 
Denninger John, drayman, 391 8 Sharp 
Dennis Andrew T. salesman, 407 Saratoga 
Dennis Antonio, laborer, 187 Cbesnut al 
Dennis Benj. M. sr. of John, paper hanger, 14 

Dennis Benj. M. of Wm. salesman, 456 Lex- 
DE.NNIS & BRO. (Emory and Geo. W. Den- 
nis) paper hangings and window shadcs.Sl 
n Eutaw 
Dennis Chas. A. (Loane & C«.) 197 Hanover 
Dennis Emory, (D. k Bro ) 33 n Poppleton 
Dennis Francis A. shoemaker, 187 Cbesnut al 
Dennis Geo. W. (D. k Bro.) 40 n Poppleton 
Dennis Grafton, 'paper hanger, 14 Rock 
Dennis James M. paper hanger, 16 Rock 
Dennis J. Upshur, attorccj, 49 w Fayette 
Dennis John, er. wood sawyer, 152 Low 
Dennis Oliver, dyer, 311 Lexington 
Dennis Oliver, jr. dyer, 311 Lexington 
Dennis Thomas S. paperhanger, 10 Rock 







Furnishing Goods, &o. 


308 W. Baltimore St. 


Dennis Wm. P. barber, 194 n Eutaw 
Dennis Wm. II. jr. biicklayer, 57 n Fremont 
Dennii Wm. cooper, 8 Ilock 
Dennis Wm. A. carpenter, 239 Conway 
Dennison Catherine, 127 North 
Denniion llobert M. 167 Linden nr 
Dennison Tho3. J. confed'y, foot Centre Mar- 
ket, dw 35 e Lombard 
Denny .Mrs. Ann, 70 St. Paul 
Denny Danid, mariner 14 L Gough 
Denny Mrs. E. T. 210 George 
Denny Francis M. cahinetmkr, C5 s Broadway 
Denny G. D. M. clerk N. C. R Gilmore house 
Denny Georpe, carpenter, 12 L Gough 
Denny Geo. W. oysters, 91 H Uins 
Dennv James, ba keeper, 63 Penna av 
DENNY JAMES W. attorney, 21 Lexington, 

dw 51 Lexington 
Denny James, tailor, 211 Aisquith 
Denny John, jainter, 294 s Ann 
Denny John (Armstrong & D.) 212 Mont- 
Denny Sirs. Margaret, grocery, 117 Peach al 
Denny Mrs. M. E. bookbinder, 191 Conway 
Denny Owen, tavern and grocery, IGl Lee 
Denny Patrick, 149 Green mount a^ 
Deno Francis, huckster, 277 Fornst 
Decoe Thos. grocer, s e cor Carey, and Balti- 

Denoe Thomas E. clerk, a e cor Carey and 

Den-on Alfxander, bricklayer, 85 Camden 
Denson Alice, tailore=3, 346 Mulberry 
Dcnson Isaac M. & Quincy (I. M. Denson, J. 
D. Qu'.ncv) com. mercbs. and general deal- 
ers, 61 s Gay 
Denson Lsaac M. (Isaac M. Denson & Quincy) 

279 w Lombard 
Denson John, hackdriver, 127 North 
DsDStadt August, cook at Schuetzen park 
Dent J. Harvfy, clerk, Maltby house 
Denton Wilson, mariner, 125 n Caroline 
Dentry Mrs. Catherine, 92 n Greene 
Dentry Geo. R. coUarmaker, 21 s Sharp 
DentzLewis, barkeeper, 54 Ilillen 
Denver Thos. soapmaker, 1 Robinson, Canton 
Denz August, printer, 262 e Lombard 
Denz George, shoemaker, 8 Jew al 
DePaepe John, 100 9 Ann 
McPherson, supt. s w cor Baltimore and 
Post OHice av 
DePiiPs John, watchman city yd. 124 Jf-fferson 
DEPEW & CO. (Geo. W. Depew, II. T. Wor- 

eter) agricult castings, 204 8 Howard 
Depevv Geo. W. (D. & Co.) 236 w Lombard 
Depkin Ernest A merch. tailor, 129 w Lom- 
bard, dw 126 e Fajette 

Depkin Henry, merch. tailor, 89 vr Lombard, 

dw 57 n Liberty 
Depkin Henry, driver, 360 Canton av 
Depp'sh Edward, tinner, 204 Forrest 
Deppish Francis, cooper. Brown al nr Low 
I)e{ipi.-ii Francis, carpenter, 74 e Lombard 
Ueppish George, varnisher, 83 n High 
Depro Augustus, shipjoiner, 185 Gough 
I)i [iro Mrs. Leonora, 185 Gough 
Dep^ar John, tailor, rear 416 Saratoga 
Deptfcrd Peter, carpenter, 212 Chase 
Deputy John, 87 Penna av 
Derenber^er Jacob, confect. 52 Druid Hill av 
Dereuberger Geo confect'y, 122 n Schroeder 
Derenberger Henry, carp'lr, 52 Druid Hill av 
Derbreck Charles, tinner, 192 Raborg 
Derlin August, parasols, umbrellas and canes, 

146 n Eutaw 
Derlin Chas. umbrellas and parasols, 14 s Sharp 
De Ronceray Mrs. Margaret, 131 a Paca 
De Roncerar Kosiua, 131 n Paca 
DE ROSSETT DR. M. J. 108 w Biddle 
De Rossett Thomas C. clerk, 108 w Biddle 
Derholdt Chas. II. tailor, 106 Greenmount av 
Derr Charles, cooper, 311 Cross 
Dcrr Charles H, tinner, 5 Scott 
Derr John, porter. 111 Vine 
Derr Samuel B. carpenter, 114 n Pine 
Derrcnberger David, clerk, Lexington near 

Calverton rd 
Derrlam Christian, tailor, 143 n Caroline 
Derry Wm. shoemaker, 396 Harford av 
Derwart John, saloon, 258 Lee 
Dery Ann, dressmaker, 59 Harford av 
Dery Margaret, seamstress, 59 Harford av 
Desal Andrew, 136 s Spring 
Desch C. S. (Kent & D.) 124 Mulberry 
Dfsch George, billiard saloon and restaurant, 

166 s Broadway 
Desch Henry, blacksmith, 504 n Gay 
Desch Mrs. Mary, 87 s Dallas 
Desch Peter, blacksmith, 504 n Gay 
Df^schler John, carpenter, 368 Canton av 
DES FORGES JOHN P. dealer in old books, 

pictures and curiosities, 3 St. Paul, dw 27 

n Republican 
Deshazo Mortimer, carpenter, Bouldia al, nr 

Deshields Mrs. ElUn, nurse, 76 McElderry 
DesViit-lds Henry C.(D. & Pc'irce) 52 Courtland 
Deshields John, mariner, 76 McElderry 
Deshie'ds <fe Peirce (H. C. Deshields, W. H. 

Peirce) genl.agts. Piedmont and Arlington 

Life Ins. Co. 32 Post Office av 
Deshields Wm. carter, 139 Cross 
Deshields Win. H. caulker, 74 Johnson 
Deshinger Martin, laborer, 76 Towson 
Deshon Christopher M. agent, cor Charles and 

Lexington, dw 39 Courtland 
Deshon John W. shoemaker, 57 Ensor 
Desmond Timothy, Inborer, 2 Bowly's whf 
DESPARD COAL CO. Joseph W.Jenkins, 

prest, office 29 South 
Despcaux Anthony, shipcarpr. 138 s Bethel 
Desjieaux Charles H. carpenter, 111 Mullikin 
Despeaux Elizabeth, fancy s'ore, 197 e Pratt 
De.-peiiux John carpenter, 234 e Madison 
Dtspeaux Jos. D. clothing cutter, 52 Jefferson 
I)e>prey Louis 'lerk, 196 Cross 
■^•iX'SS Fri'nk, cabinetmaker, 12 Anthony 
Desscl Simon, porter, 325 Eastern av 
Desserot L. Frederick, blacksmith, 130 Barre 



Desvarreux James, shoe findings and garden 

seeds, 164 n Gay 
Detectives' Office, 25 n Calvert 
Detective Police, (Indepeadent) 47 w Fayette 
Deteriag Mrs. Annie, 65 German 
Detering Frederick, wagonmaker, COO w Pratt 
Deters Bernard, laborer, 193 Hamburg 
Detken Frederick W. mariner, 233 s Wolfe 
DETRIUK L. F. fertilizers, 13 Patterson, dw 

Bolton nr Dolphin 
Dets'er John, laborer, 21 s Burke 
Detmer George, machinist, 209 William 
Dettes John, 105 Eosor 
Detzel Frederick, driver, 64 s Smallwooi 
Detzer John, locksmith, 24 n Bond 
Dettmer John H. laborer, 33 Clifford al 
Dettmer John H. G. cooper, 271 William 
Deuber Lawrence, tailor, 242 Aliceinna 
Deubur Conrad, carpenter, 172 Preston 
Deubur George, carpenter, 170 Preston 
Deuning Geo. S. bricklayer, 281 Walsh 
Deurling Jacob, gardener. Point la nr York rd 
Deutsch Frederick, tailor, 383 w Pratt 
Detitsch Rev. Dr. Solomon, 48 e Pratt 
Devalrtnein Mrs. W. 94 s Broadway 
DE VALIN JOHNH. blackgmitb, 87 Harrison, 

dw 207 n Central av 
Devalin Henry P. bricklayer, 201 e Eager 
Devalin Hugh, 46 n Front 
Devalin Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, 201 e Eager 
Devane John, carpenter, 95 n Fremont 
Devane Mrs. Julia, 32 Rock 
Devaughn Geo. wagoner, 229 n Bond 
Devaughn Silas, spike cutter, 250 Eastern av 
Devaughn Wm. D. spike cutter, car L Gough 

and Granhy 
Devaughn J.Irs. Ann M. cor L Gough and 

Devenney Hugh, drayman, 20 Comet 
Devenny Robert J. grocery, 2 Orleans 
Devinney Mary, seamstress, Mullikin nr Cen- 
tral av 
De Vere \Ym. 238 e Fayette 
Devereux James, shoemaker, 61 Harford av 
Devereux Thomas, laborer, 199 Lemon 
Devering John, laborer, 145 Welcome al 
Devers Geo. plasterer, 242 German 
Devilbiss Charles S. prop'r Western hotel, a w 

cor Howard and Saratoga 
Devin Lawrence, clerk, 7 Humes 
Devin Mrs. Mary, 7 Humes 
Devin Thos. barkeeper, 193 Boston 
Devine Mrs. Catherine, 5 Perry 
Devine Chas. 139 n Front 
Devine Mrs. Eliza, tailoress, 40 n Spring 
Devine Francis, engineer, 11 Hawk 
Devine John, police, 7 Plowman 
Devine Patrick, laborer, 253 Cross 
Devine Patrick, laborer, 137 North 
Devine Peter, 11 s Stockton al 
Devine Wm. shoemaker, 40 n Spring 
Devine Wm. agt. Singer Sewing JJachine, 38 

e Fayette 
Devlin John, carter, 59 Miiliman 
Devlin John, expressman, 59 Miiliman 
Devlin Joseph, baggagemasler, 6G Conway 
Devlin P., Brown s hotel 
Devlin Patrick, laborer, 121 Chesapeake 
Devlin Peter, oysters, 109 Aisquitb, dw 59 

Devlin Sarah A. grocery, 100 Low 
Devon Lawrence, drayman, 7 Humes • 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, <Scc. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 
Rosendale Cement k Plaster, 

Devon Mrs. Elizabeth, conrectioa'y, 5 Recha- 

bite hall 
Devon Mrs. Mary, 7 Humes 
Devon Wm H. '(Bryant, Stratton & Sadler) 

193 n Exeter 
Devos John, mariner, 13 Barnes 
Devrie3 C.of S. (Wm. D.&Co.) Eulaw bouse 
Dfvries Stephen, bacrg. mister, W'estTn hotel 
DEVRIES WM. & CO. (Wm., C. of S. and 
Wm. R. Devries, S. Kinimel, G. E. Ducker) 
wholesale dry goods, 312 w Baltimore 
Devries Wm. ( Wm. D. k Co.) 74 w Monument 
Devries Wm. R. (Wm. D. & Co.) 74 w Mon- 
Dew Alb'tB. W. bookkeeper, 329 w Lombard 
Dew George R. clerk, 34 w Biddla 
Dew James W. clerk, 34 w Bidd'e 
Dew Dr. James, agent, 34 w Biddle 
Dew Joshua S. salesman, 1G2 Lee 
Dew Robert H. teacher, 329 w Lombard 
Dew Theodore W. printer, 164 e Eager 
Dew Wm. patternmaker, 329 w Lombard 
Dew "Wm. patternmaker, 99 s Stiicker 
Dewald John, furn. wagon, 25 L Gough 
Dewalt Wm. H. machinist, 114 William 
De Vv'itt Abraham H. Siilesman, 232 George 
De Witt Catherine, buckstress, 153 Hollius 
De Witt Gabriel, clerk, 37 Stirline 
Dewling George W. blacksmith, 137 Cross 
Dewling Dr. Isaiah, 97 s Chester 
Dewling Thomas, blacksmith, 126 West, dw 

137 Cross 
De Wolff Levi, clerk, 22 n Gay 
Dexel Michael, plasterer, 3 Hammond al 
De Young Elias, provisions, 274 e Piatt 
De Young Thos. J. machinist, 201 Orleans 
Dhiel Francis, huckster, 50 Josephine 
Diamond George H. shipjoiner, 5 Ctioplank 
Diamond Hugh, laborer, 99 Cambridge 
Diamond James, sr. cooper, 20 Philpot, dw 143 

s Ann 
Diamond James, jr. cooper, 8 e cor Wolfe and 

Diamond John, clerk, 203 e Baltimore 
Diamond John, laborer, 7 O'DonncIl 
Diamond Mrs. Mary A. nurse, 31 Stirling 
Diamond Wm. cooper, 70 s Ann 
Diarich John, laborer, 49G a Fremont 
Diaz Joseph, 2 n Carey 
Dibb James, engineer, 95 s Poppleton 
Dibbell David S. (Crane & D.) 203Town3end 
Dibilus Martin, laborrr, 110 s Spring 
Dice Adam, laborer, 338 a Caroline 
Dice Andrew, carpenter, Bond nr Gay 
Dick Christian, shoemaker, 27 w Favetle 
Dick Martin, cooper, 82 Leadenhall 
Dick Wm. bookkeeper, 303 w Pratt 
Dickas John, carpetweaver, 371 e Fayette 
Dickel Mrs. Ann B. groctry, 202 s Fremont 




ESar-A-BLISHEID 1850. 


Furnishing Goods, &c. 


308 W. Baltimore St. 


Dickel Chas. Z. clerk, 202 s Fremont 
Dickel Geo. H. tailor, 202 s Fremont 
Dickel Harry L. salesman, 84 11:11 
Dickel Henry, Jlaryland house 
Dickel Henry, gardener, 3 Cooke 
Dickel John, shoemaker, 126 William 
Dickel Rudolph, shoemaker, 92 Harrison 
Dickelinan Mrs. Vincent, milk, Harford av ext 
Dickens Henry, ropeniaker, 30 Gittings 
Dicker Robert N. bookkeeper, 404 e Lombard 
Dickerson Capt. Geo. W. stevedore, 1 94 e Pratt 
Dickerson Isaac W. stevedore, Hampatead nr 

Dickerson .Mary M. boarding, 72 n Paca 
Dickerson Mrs. Matilda, 162 w Fayette 
Dickerson Peter, carpenter, 631 w Fayette 
Dickerson Wni. I. carpenter, 34 n Oregon 
Dickert Michael, laborer, 14 Ivy al 
Dickett Mrs. S. E. (SherifiF& D.) 89 Camden 
Dickey Mrs. A. E. 249 w Riddle 
Dickey, Baker & Co (C. E, Dickey, E. J. 
Raker, T. Tansley) proprietors Md. meter 
works, 53 North and 22 Saratoga 
Dickey Cha3.E.(D., Baker & Co.) Charles-stav 
Dickey G. Allen, ( Wm. J. D. & Son) Philada 
Dickey Harold, clerk, 249 w Riddle 
Dickey Harold R. clerk, 336 Saratoga 
Dickej- John, clerk, 536 n Gay 
Dicke}' Leo, blacksmith, 68 Greenraount av 
Dickey Mrs. Sarah, confectionery, 113 s Wash- 
Dickey Wm. J. <fe Son, (Wm. J. and G. A. 
Dickey) manufac. plaids, checks, linseys, 
&c., 16 Hanover 
Dickey Wm. J. (Wm. J. D. & Son) 309 w 

Dickey Wynkoop W. carpenter, 113 s Wash- 
Dickhaupt Jacob, 39 Orleans 
Dickinson Arthur, bookseller and stationer, 

514 w Baltimore, dvv 411 w Lombard 
Dickinson David A. 96 Division 
Dickinson Mrs. Elizabeth, 161 Conway 
Dickinson Gideon J. clerk, 161 Conway 
Dickinson Gideon, carpenter, 411 w Lombard 
Dickinson Harvey E. teacher, 161 Conway 
Dickinson Henry W. carpenter, Strieker near 

Dickinson I. L. tinner, 47 Harrison 
Dickinson James A. bookkeeper, 179 Lee 
Dickinson Jarvis, carpenter, 161 Conway 
Dickinson Jno. S.(Whedbee k D. ) 275 St. Paul 
Dickinson Wm. T. clerk, 42 Mulberry 
Dickinson Wm. A. clerk, 11 Commerce 
Dickson Rev. Cyrus, 308 w Fayette 
Dickson Eliza, midwife, 841 w Pratt 
Dickson John T. bookkeeper, 122 Bolton 
Dickson John, tinner, 397 Franklin 
Dickson Joseph, tavern, 60 Lancaster 

Dickson Mrs. Mary E. 122 Bolton 
Dickson Margaret, tailoress, 219 Dolphin 
Dickson Mary, tavern, 161 Eastern av 
Dickson Wm. clerk, 129 Montgomery 
Dickson Wm. tavern, IGl Eastern av 
Dicus Elizabeth, 128 Dolnhin 
Dicus Margaret A. 128 Dolphin 
Diddlemeyer Joseph, rags, 179 s Durham 
Didemann John, agt for John White & Sons, 

23 and 25 s Frederick 
Didier Alex. II. produce, cor Pratt and Cheap- 
side, d\v 236 n Eden 
Didier Rev. Edmund, 40 Hollins 
Didier Mrs. Edmund, 74 Cathedral 
Didier Eucene L. (D. & Robinson) 56 George 
Didier & Robinson, (E. L. Didier, W.S. Rob- 
inson) stenographers, 28 St. Paul 
Didier Henry A. ins. Pgent and broker, 30 

Post Office av, dw 19 Head 
Didier Mrs. Julia, 56 George 
Diebitsch Johanna, teacher, 4 Pearl 
Diebitsch Richard, baker, 120 Low 
Diebzen Wm. labor* r, 45 s Frederick 
Dicckmann Henry C. clerk, 30 n Greene 
Dieckmann L. trader, 30 n Greene 
Dieckmann John II. porter, 37 Albemarle 
Dieder Geo. laborer, 154 Rtiborg 
Dicder Philip, paperhanger, 154 Raborg 
Dieder Philij), laborer, 148 Raborg 
Diederich Diedrich, carpenter, 62 Vine 
Diederich John C. M. cutter, 21 n Scbroeder 
Diederly Henry, laborer, cor Charles and York 
Diedrichs John, (D. Bros.) 21 n Frederick 
Diedrichs Jno. H. civil engineer. 21 n Frederick 
Diedrichs John, carpenter, 251 Montgomery 
Diedrichs Bros. (Martin & John Diedrichs) 

gasfitters and plumbers, 34 n Ilolliday 
Diedrichs Martin, (D. Bros.) 34 n IlolJiilay 
Diefenbach Henry, clerk, 65 Hanover 
Dieffenbach Chas. H. (Moore & D , and D. & 

Moore) 203 Hanover 
Dieffenbach &. Moore, (C. H. Dieffenbach. G. 
A. Moore) druggists, n e cor Barre and Fre- 
Diegel Adam, furn. wagon, 128 s Bond 
Diehl Adam, laborer. Gist nr Canton av 
Diehl Charles, tailor, 245 e Eager 
Diehl Conrad, cabinetmaker, 29 n Eden 
Diehl Henry, stevedore, 34 Shakspear 
Diehl Henry, shoemaker, 29 n Eden 
Diehl John, laborer, 312 s Charles 
Diehl John, hair dressing saloon, 55 w Fayette 
Diehl Louisa, ladies'hair dressing,55 w Fayette 
Diehl Ludvrig, teacher, 166 s Wolfe 
Diehl Wm. A. (Benj. F. Gearish & Co.) 34 

Diehlman Christian, paperhanger, 186 Cross 
Diehlman Wm. porter, 121 Sarah Ana 
Diemer Henry, cooper, 194 s Bond 
Diemer Joseph, 253 n Central av 
Diem&r Joseph, laborer, 381 s Charles 
Diemer Joseph, blacksmith, 119 n Front 
Diener Israel, sec. hand goods, 300 s Bond 
Dienfort M. laborer, 14 Lee 
Dienstbach Philip, harnessmakcr, 12 Green- 
mount av 
Dienstbier Geo. porter, 10 Harmony la 
Dier George, laborer, 243 Bank 
Dier John, carpenter, 184 s Ann 
Dierback Elizabeth, taiioress. 260 e Riddle 
Dicrcont Adam, wagoner, 123 Eastern av 
Dierfeltei Geo. cooper, 170 Eastern av 




Diering Christopher, liquors, 209 e Lombard 
Diering Herttan F. tavern, 4 Patterson 
Diering H. Lewis, jr. teacher, 171 s Wolfe 
Diering H. F. (H. L. D. & Son) 40 e Pratt 
Diering H. L. sr. (H. L. D. & Son) 325 

Canton av 
Diering H. L. & Son, (Henry L. and Flenry 

F. Diering) whola. liquors, 40 e Pratt 
Diering Martin, shoemaker, Gist nr Canton av 
Diering Philip, tailor, 213 w Faj-ette 
Diers Frederick, butcher, 15 Cross St. market, 

dw Washington road 
Dierken Frederick, shoemaker, 113 n Spring 
Dieser John, laborer, 54 Philpot 
Diessel Henry, laborer, 134 Eastern av 
Diesche*'er John H. tailor, 17 Butler 
Dietch John, laborer. 129 s Chapel 
Dieter Mrs. Catherine, laundress, 156 Raborg 
Dieter Geo. laborer, 156 Raborg 
Dieter Jacob, carpenter, 156 Raborg 
Dieter Mrs. Margaret, 96 Saratoga 
Dieter Louis A. paperhangings, 28 n Howard 

dw 96 Saratoga 
Dieter Philip, 156 Raborg 
Dieterich Ferdinand, glass stainer, Exeter nr 

Dieterich Leonhardt, sec hand good?, 313 n 

Dieterich Louis, artist, over s w cor Charles 

and Fayette, dw 9 Watson 
Dieterly Christopher F. clerk, 121 JefiFerson 
Dietermann Geo. laborer, Boston nr Clincoa 
Dietrich Adam, barkeeper, 249 George 
Dietrich Adnm, shoemaker, 354 a Charles 
Dietrich Andr-w, tailor, 20 s Regester 
Dietrich Charlotte, seamstress, 195 Conway 
DIETRICH & DISTLER, (M. Dietrich, J. K. 

Distler) coal and wood, cor Canton av and 

Dietrich Frederick, huckster, 273 w Pratt 
Die'rich Henry, varn'sher, 62 s Central av 
D'etrich Henry, 41 Walsh 
Dietrich Mrs. Henry, grocery, 62 s Central av 
Dietrich John, shoemaker, 205 w Fayette 
Dietrich John, tailor, 60 Penna av 
Dietrich John, tailor, 21 n Schroeder 
Dietrich John B. paver, lOl s WoUe 
Dietrich John C. cooper, 95 Battery av 
Dietrich John H. shoemaker, 16 Jackson ct 
Dietrich Julius, machinist, 157 Dover 
Dietrich Julius, laborer, 247 s Bethel 
Dietrich Louis, paper carrier, 84 Barre 
Dietrich Martin, (D. & Distler) 202 s Ann 
Dietrich Philip, shoemaker, 347 w Fayette 
Dictr'ch Philip, jr. clerk, 347 w Fayette 
Dietrich Wm. baker, 336 s Bond 
Dietsch John, tailor, 216 Holiins 
Dietsell Adam, tailor, 312 s Bond 
Dietusch Bernard, tailor, 76 Muloerry 
Dietusch Geoffrey, tailor, 76 Mulberry 
Dietusch Nicholas, tailor, 76 Mulberry 
Dietz Adam, barber, 203 s Charles 
Dietz Mrs. G. grocery, 354 e Eager 
Dietz Mrs. Cornelia J. dressmaker, 78 Barre 
DIETZ BROS. (John, Louis and Frank Dietz) 

furniture, 62 n Howard 
Dietz Casper, butcher, 557 e Fayette 
Dietz Charles, driver, 236 e Eager 
Dietz Elizabeth, fancy poods, 212 s Sharp 
Dietz Frank, (D. Bros.) 67 s Eutaw 
Dietz Fred'k, butcher, 352 Washington av 
Dietz Geo. A. laborer, 21 Armistead la 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, etc. 
Rosendale Cement k Plaster, 

Dietz George, baker, 157 s Bond 
Dietz Gerhardt, watchmaker, 79 Hanover 
Dietz Gustav, baker, 157 s Bond 
Dieiz Henry, shipcarpeoter, 87 s Chester 
Dietz Jacob, varnisher, 212 s Sharp • 
Dietz John, porter, 15 8 Spring 
Dietz John C. clerk, 79 Hanover 
Dietz John, machinist, 54 King 
Dietz John H. tobacconist, 79 Jlanover 
Dietz John, scissor grinder, 354 e Eager 
Dietz John (D. Bros.) 273 w Pratt 
Dietz John, clerk, 115 n Eutaw 
Dietz John B. clothier, 204 w Pratt 
Dietz Joseph, laborer, 309 Aliceanna 
Dietz Joseph A. cigarmaker, 224 n Dallas 
Dietz Joseph L F. clerk, 134 w Fayette 
Dietz Killian, shoemaker, 300 Aliceanna 
Dietz Lawrence D. (Lawrence D. D. & Co.) 
134 w Fayette 

(Lawrence D. Dietz) Importers 
and Wholesale Dealers in No- 
tions, Hosiery, Fancy Goods and 
Varieties, 308 W. Baltimore st. 

Dietz Louis (D. Bros.) 203 Lee 

Dietz Mrs. Mary, grocery, 23G e Eager 

Dietz Reinhardt, grocer, 115 n Euiaw 

Dietz S. B. (S. B. Dietz & Co.) cor Lombard 

and Sharp 
Dietz S. B. & Co. (S. B. Dietz) eom. morels. 

over 147 w Pratt 
Dietz Valentine, lager beer, 223 Aliceanna 
Dietz Valentine, tailor, 130 s Regester 
Dietz Wm. II. clerk water dept. 162 Aisquith 
Dietzel Adam, tailor, 312 s Bond 
Dietzel Conrad, laborer, 149 e Pratt 
Dieizer George, laborer, 6 s Gist 
Dielzwek Fracz, shoemkr, Orleans nr Lewis 
Dietzwfck Franz, shoemaker, 1219 Chapel 
Diez John, merch. tailor, 224 s Broadway 
Diez Wm. mariner, 13 Jew al 
DifTenbaugh Christ, aboemkr, 197 e Madison 
Ditr-ndall Charks, bri«kmaker, 106 St. Peter 
DifiFendall Mrs. Emily, dressmkr. 90 St. Peltr 
Diffcnderfer John P. druggist, 197 Barre 
Diffenderffer Mrs. Elizabeth A. 183 n High 
Diffenderffer Geo. S. 336 n Broadway 
Diffenderffer H. H. 1 s High 
Diffenderffer Jas.T. salesman, 235 w Lombard 
Diffenderffer Jas. F. carpentsr, 193 Druid 

Hill av 
Diffenderffer John F. salesman, 255 Linden av 
Diffenderffer Michael, jr. bookkeeper, 279 

.Madison av 
Diffenderffer Dr. Michael, 1 s High 






Furnishing Goods, &c. 


308 W. Baltimore St. 


DiffVnderfFer Octavius (Chas H. Ross & Co .) 

257 n Charles 
Ditfenderffer Robt. E. carpenter, 12 George 
Ditre-nderlfer Dr. Wui. H. 1 s Hi^li 
DiftenderfFer Wra. bookkeeper, 183 n High 
DitlVndor Margaret, 15 Biker's ct 
DifTev Mrs. .Miiry, nwrse, 214 Barre 
D ff y Mrj. Mary S 58 s Popi)|pton 
I'iffley John, stonemason, 35 Willow 
Digelnian Joseph, car|)pnter, 78 Souiers&t 
Diggan John, hiborer, 3 Elliott 
Diirgan Tlioinnp, jahnrer, 32 Benn( tt 
DiggesBe;iie E. cor llollins and .Mount 
Diggf-s Dudley (D, D. & Co.) a e cor llollins 

and Mount 
DIGGKS D. & CO. (D. Digges) com. raerchs. 

55 Light 
Digges i\lr.«. Rachel, cor llollins and Mount 
Diggs Beverly, de;ji. sherifl", 43 Gough 
Diggs Chas. F. sales agent Del. <fc Hudson Ca- 
nal Co. 2 South, dvv Park av n of TownseaJ 
Diggs Chas. W. clerk, 315 e B.ilrimore 
Di^gs Daniel E. s^rgt. police, 209 Gough 
Diggs Mrs. Edward G. dressmaker, 1 1 n Exeter 
Diggs Henry, lumber inspector, G4 Albemarle 
Diggs Henry S. c'erk, 130 e Pr.itt 
Diggs Jas. agent Delaware and Hudson Canal 

Co. 2 South, dw Park av nr .Mosher 
Diggs J. Wesley, U. S. gauger, 71 E.tchaage 

place, dw 24 Constitutiou 
Diggs Johu R. jr. clerk, 177 w Hoffman 
Diggs John R. fancy goods, toys, &c., 18 n 

Charles, d\v 177 w Hoffman 
Diggs Joseph R. clerk, 177 w Hoffman 
Diggs Richard H. & Son, (R. H. aod Samuel 

J. Diggs) feed, 258 s Caroline 
Diggs Rich. H. (R. H. D. & Son) 315 e Bal- 
Diggs Samuel J. (R. II. D. & Son) 95 s Bond 
Diggs Wm. B. (J. J. Gray & Co.) 109 Bank 
Diggs Capt. Wm. J. mariner, 35 Warren 
Dignan Bridget, seamstress, 182 L Constitutioa 
Dignaa Dennis, laborer, 217 n E.xeter 
Dignan Jerome, laborer, 6 Comet 
Dignan John, boilermaker, 2 Webster al 
Dignan Lawrence, laborer, 4 L Constitutioa 
Dignan Mrs. Mary, 182.L Constitution 
Dignan Michael, flour and feed, 146 Cathedral 
Dignan Patrick, grocery, Cathedral nr North- 
ern av 
Dignan Peter, drayman, 70 York 
Dilfulder, .Mrs. .Margaret, 157 s Washiagtoa 
Dill Andrew G. clerk, 113 e Lombard 
Dill August, shoe findings, CO s Sharp 
Dill Conrad, grocery, lG(j Columbia 
Dill Fred'k, cooper, 295 s Sharp 
Dill Geo. E. bootfitter, 113 e Lombard 
Dill Henry II. clerk, 151 Iliuover 
Dill Jumes, 19 Jackson 

Dill John, mariner, 150 s Ann 

Dill Mrs. Margaret E 19 Jackson 

Dill Robert P. carpenter, 38 n Amity 

Dill Sarah J. vestmaker, 1 18 e Lombard 

Dill Wm. 'aborer, 85 Stirling 

Dill Wm. n. grocery, 289 s Sharp, dw 295 

Dillaway Thomas, 32 Brune 

Dillaway Jennie, dressmaker, 32 B une 

Dillehunt Frederick A. (L. P. D. & Bro.) 380 

e Baltimore 
Dillehunt John G guano insp'r, over 48 Sec- 
ond, dw 380 e Baltimore 
Dillehunt John T. huckster, 229 Harford av 
Dillehunt Louis P. & Bro. (L. P. and F. A. 

Dillehunt) tobacconists, 171 e Baltimore 
Dillehunt Louis P. (L. P. D. & Bro.) 380 e 

Dillehunt Wm. tobacconist, 380 e Baltimore 
Dillehunt Wm. cabinetmaker, 229 Harford av 
Dillenbach Chris, siwyer, 213 Aliceauna 
Diller Philip, laborer,'llO s Bethel 
Dillfelder George, cooper, 170 Ejstern av 
Dillfelder John G. sr. clock repairer, 179 a 

Pilling Ahardt, tailor, 91 Ensor 
Dilling John, basketmaker, 3G Union 
Dill man Wm. porter, 121 Sirah Ann 
Dillon A. H jr. gen. ag't Connecticut Mutnal 

Life Ins. Co. 8 South, dw 293 Madison av 
Dillon Mrs. Ann, 10 L Broadway 
Dillon Edward, Uborer, 44 Lemmon 
Dillon James, hostler, 109 Daver 
Dillon Jerome J. clerk, 250 Frankl'a 
Dillon John D. tinser, 253 Dolphiu 
Dillon John, drayman, 4 Addison 
Dillon Patrick, slippermaker, G8 e Fayette 
Dillow Mrs. Elizabeth J. grocery, 8 McElderry 
DiUow Wm. tinner, 8 McEHerry 
Dillow Wm jr. carpenter, 8 McElderry 
Dilmor Mrs. Mary, grocery, 129 Elliott 
Dilmor Thomas, laborer, 41 n Amity 
Dilts Dr. G. S. 9 s Greene 
Dilworth Oliver, huckster, 27 St. Mary 
Dim John, shoemaker, 335 n Central av 
Dimbler .Mrs. Margaret, rags, 5G Carlioa 
Diniig Nicholas, laborer, 213 Battery av 
Diniik John, chairraaker 29 Goodman al 
Dimling Saml. boots and shoes, 283 n Howard 
Dimmel Casper, blacksmith, 144 a Washington 
Dimmier Abraham, rags, rear 15G Chesnut 
Dimmling Chas. F. butcher, 5 and 32 Fell's 

Point mirket, dw Cheater n of .Monument 
Dimmling Conrad, butcher, 25 llollins mar- 
ket, dw Frederick rd nr toUgate 
Dimmling Frederick, butcher, 61G Light 
Dimmling John, tailor, G2 s Sharp, dw 82 e 

Dimmitt Charles E. clerk, 63 n Liberty 
Dinagan Thos. laborer, 114 Harford av 
Diner Michael, wheelwright, 35 Waesehe 
Dinges Mrs. Annie, provisions, 434 Penna av 
Dinges John, porter, 434 Penna av 
Dingft-lder Anthony, shoemaker, 143 L Greene 
Dingle Elizabeth, 8 Armiitead la 
Dingle Francis, laborer, 8 Armistead la 
Dingle Henry, mariner, 8 Armistead la 
Dingle Otto, cooper, IIG Frederick av 
Dinkelman Ilenry II. 78 Penna av 
Dinnisch John, lager beer and grocery, 184 

Dinmore Walter, photographer, over 213 w 
Baltimore, dw 314 e Baltimore 





Dinamore Mrs. Elizabeth, boarding,236 Gough 

DJNSMURK & KVLE, (Geo. H. and S. A. S. 

Kjlt-j wholesale grocers and com, merch'ts, 

156 w Pratt 

Dinsmore Mrs. Margaret, s w cor Albemarle 

and Stiles 
Dinsmore Mrs. Rosanna, 21 s Republicaa 
Dinsmore Robert, mariner, 4 Harrison, Canton 
Dinsmore John T. moulder, 3 w cor Albemarle 

and Stiles 
Dippel Daniel, cigarmaker, 144 Pcirc3 
Dippel Elizabeth, 144 Peirce 
Dippel John, cigarmaker, 144 Pe'rce 
Dippel Sophia, confectioaery, 129 Bank 
Dippel, cabinetmaker, 189 s Bond 
Dippels John, cigarmaker, 344 Mulberry 
Direchner John C. shoemakt-r, 89 i w Pratt 
Dirutf Louis, laborer, 350 VVilliam 
Disch Henry, shoemaker, 59 Watson 
Disney Aaron, laborer, Clinton nr Boston 
Disney Beal, laborer, 42 Essex 
Disney Chas. H. blacksmith, 500 w Lombard 
Disney Mrs. Elizabeth, 167 Bank 
Disney Henry E. clerk, 167 Bink » 

DLiney James, laborej, 18 Essex 
Disney John W. 114 a Ejen 
Disney John W. painter, 223 Conway 
Disney John W. painter, 256 Hanover 
Disney Joseph O. clerk, 197 Cathedral 
Disney Josrph A. huckster, 290 Saratoga 
Disney Oliver M. painter, 77 Dover, dw Bal- 
timore CO 
Disney Richard P. produce, 206 Conway 
Disney Stirling T. oysters and ice cream, 41 

Ensor, dw 302 e Madison 
Disney Wni. A. jr. 97 Cathednl 
Disoey Wni. painter, 11 Walker 
Disney Wm. bookkeeper, 167 Bank 
Disney W. A. clerk, Balto. City Jail, 97 Ca- 
Disney Wm. H. boilt-rmaker, 159 William 
Disney Wm. H. nightman, 172 s W^ashington 
Disney Wm. J. carter, 172 s Washington 
Dissez Rev. P. F., St, Mary's seminary 
Distelbart Geo. lock and gunsmith, 159 East 
Distler Conrad, tailor, 78 Albemarle 
Distler JohnK. (Dietrich & D.) 225 Canton av 
Diston Joshua, laborer, 399 w Pratt 
Ditch John S. milk, McMechen nr Druid Hill av 
Ditcbworih Wm. laborer, Martin al nr Hoff- 
Diter Philip, 148 Raborg 
Ditman .Mrs. Susan, 102 Hcllins 
Ditman Thos. M.(Wm. H. Cunningham &Co.) 

n w cor Ensor and East 
Ditemoon John, butcher, 49 Belair and 37 
Centre rakts, dw n e cor Castle and Madison 
Ditman Wm. U. clerk, cor Biddle and Har- 
ford av 
Ditmar Amelia, saleswoman, 328 Light 
Ditmar Herman tobacconist, 328 Light 
Diltman Mrs. Henrietta, 28 Gough 
Dittman John, laborer, 181 s Durham 
Dittman John H. jr. clerk. 28 Gough 
Dittman John W. lager beer, Nicholson nr 

Dittmir Philip, laborer, 678 Saratoga 
Dittmar Philipina, grocery and lager beer, 

678 Saratoga 
Dittrich Chas. H. shoemaker, 36 n Dallas 
DIttrlcb Francis, hat and cap manufac. 178 n 
Gay, dw 167 n Exeter 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 

Rossndale Cement k Plaster, 

Dittrich Herman, shoemaker, 36 n Dallas 
Dinner Gotfried, laborer, 241 Light 
DiUus Chas. L. butcher, Penna av ext 
Diitus John F. driver, 609 Penna av 
Ditius Mrs. J. Fred'k, butcheress, 87 Centra 

and 24 Lexington markets, dw Butchers' 

row, Penna av ext 
Dittus Wm. porter, 57 s Bond 
Diuus Wm. P. butcher, 24 Lexington and 87 

Centre markets, dw Penna av nr Norh av 
DITTY & BEALL, (C. L Ditty, George T. 

BeuU, jr.) attorneys, 31 St. Paul 
Diity C. Irving. (D. k Beall, ) 234 Lanvale 
Dilzen Nicholas, laborer, 63 Albemarle 
Diven Mrs. Ann R. provisions, 45 s Oregon 
Diven Edward, carpenter, 73 Penna av 
Diven Edward C. tmner, 45 s Oregon 
Diven Edw'd T. conductr. Strieker nr Rimsay 
Diven James W. painter, 45 s Oregon 
Diven John, marble cutter, 159 Bank 
Diven John, laborer, 147 llollins 
Diven John L. well digger, 11 Oxford 
Diven Lizzie, tailoress, 147 Ilo'.lius 
Diven Mrs. Marv, 95 Ensor 
Diver Bridget, 11 Hull 
Diver Henry, laborer, 109 Cross 
Diver John, tailor, 50 a Central av 
Diver John A. sr. cloth cutler, 109 Cross 
Diver John A. jr. machinist, 109 Cross 
Diver Wm. machinist, Lancaster nr Potomac 
Diviny John, stonemason, 31 York 
D'X B^nj. F. fireman, 91 Mound 
Dix Mrs. Edw'd H. 147 e Fayette 
Dix J. Franklin, (D. k. Steiner,) 231 a Eutaw 
Dix Mrs. Mary J. 44 Jackson 
Dix Prasfon, trader, 35 n Eutaw 
DIX & STEINER, (J. F. Dix, F. B. Steiner,) 

imp. and dealers foreign fruits, cigars, &c., 

112 w Lombard 
Dix Wm. T. clerk, 44 Jackson 
Dixon Augustus, bricklayer, 832 w BaltO 
Dixon Ann R. 123 Preston 
Dixon Bradley S. dry goods, 716 w Baltimore 
Dixon Chas. 123 Prtston 
D xon Chas. A. bricklayer, 832 w Baltimore 
Dixon David, boilermaker, 502 w Lombard 
Dixon Francis, seiton, 93 Barre 
Dixon Frank, huckster, 55 York 
Di.xoa Isaac, laborer, 87 Battery ar 
Dixon Isaac F. 222 w Fayette 
Dixon Isaac F.jr.(Dare, Hull & D.)8l Park av 
Dixon Isaac H. (Smith, D.A: Co.)liutaw bouse 
Dixon Mrs. Jam<s, 23 s Ann 
Dixon James, laborer, 196 s Bond 
Dixon James F. laborer, 92 e Madison 
Dison James W. salesman, 261 w Baltimore 
Dixon John A. machinist, 12 George 
DIXoN JOHN A. J. brickmaker. Fort road, 

dw 415 Light 





Furnishing Goods, &c. 


308 W. Baltimore St. 


Dixon Jno. B. (William T. D. & Bro.) Eutaw 

Dixon John C. bntcher, 1 Hanover market, 

dw 121 Uolumbia 
Dixon John I'\ brickmaker, 236 William 
Dixon Joseph, laborer, 5 Perry 
Dixon Patrick, laborer, 181 Barre 
Dixon Capt. Kobt. R. mariner, 142 Cro33 
Dixon Mrs. Rosanna, 181 Barre 
DIXON R. W. K. & CO. (R. W. K. Dixon,) 

com. raerchts. 119 Smith's wharf 
Dixon R. W. K. (R. W. K. Dixon & Co.) 

1G7 Cathedral 
DIXON TIIOS. architect and measurer, over 

117 w Baltimore, dw Mt Washington 
Dixon Thos. carpenter, 109 n Pine 
Dixon Wm. seaman's boardingr, 334 s Bond 
Dixon Wm. laborer, 36 McIIenrj 
Dixon Wm. laborer, 51 s Dewberry al 
Dixon Wm. A. police, 882 w Baltimore 
Dixon Wm. T. clerk, Hand house 
DiXON WM. T. & BRO. (W. T. and J. B. 

Dixon) whols. boots and shoe^, 306 w Balto 
Dixon Wm. T. clerk, 184 Lexington 
Dixon Wm. T. clerk, Hand house 
Dixon Wm. T.(W.T.D.&Bro.)435 Madison av 
Dobbin Francis M. produce, 78 George 
Dobbin Geo. W. Judge Superior Court, office 

44 St. Paul 
Dobbin Jrtmes, laborer, 24 Philpot 
Dobbin James W. clerk, 92 n Greene 
DOBBIN JOHN k CO. (John Dobbin) coach 

and livery stable, 36 and 38 North 
Dobbin John, (J. D. & Co.) 92 n Greene 
Dobbin John C. hackman, 13 Comet 
Dobbin John W. clerk, 92 n Greene 
DOBBIN R. A. attorney, 44 St. Paul 
DOBBIN THOMAS M. attorney, 44 St. Paul 
Dobbin Mrs. Wm. B. 72 Courtlnnd 
Dobbs Geo. H, carpenter, 155 Harford av 
Dobbs Wm. D. carpenter, 155 Harford av 
Dobe Christian, port' r, 2 West al 
Doberer Charles, barkeeper, 199 Lexinptoa 
Doberer Geo. H. restaurant, 147 w Lombard 
Dobcrer Joiin C. salesman, 199 Lexington 
Dobeier J. G. butcher, 76 Lexington market, 

dw Garrison la nr Western cemetery 
Doberer .Mrs. Mary E. restaur'!, 199 Lexington 
D >ternick John, stevedore, 213 Eastern av 
Dobbing'T Fred'k, wheelwright, 498 Penna av 
Dobler David, clerk, 156 Front, n of Foundry 
Dobler David, jr. machinist, 158 Front, n of 

DobUr Fred, clerk, 156n Front, n of Foundry 
Dobler Geo. clerk, 17 Jackson 
DOBLER GUSTAVUS A. (Wheelwright, 

Aliidge & Co.) 83 n Central av 
Dobler Jacob, 17 Jackson 
Dobler John, 158 Front, n of Foundry 

Dobler John, jr. bookkeeper, 158 Front, n of 

Dobler K-ite, teacher, 17 Jackson 
Dobler Mad^line, seailistress, 8 Anthony 
Dobler Pauline T. 88 n Central av 
Dobler Theodore, clerk, 156 Front, n of 

Dobler Walter, clerk, 156 Front n of Foundry 
Dobson Geo. fireman, 72 8 Reges^er 
Dobson Geo. H. (Johnson & D.) 67 e Balto 
Dobson James T. letter carrier, 5 n Bond 
Dobson John, 67 e Baltimore 
Dobson John, huckster, 29 Williamfon al 
Dobjon John A. (R. Edwards, jr. & Co.) 

Charles nr Townsend 
Dobson John T police, 290 Aisquith 
Dobson .Mrs. MatildaC. grocery, 29 William- 
son al 
Dobson & Nily, (Thomas II. Dobson, Adam 

Nily. jr.) painters, rear 1 J s Broadway 
Dobson Mrs. S. 236 e Chase 
Dobson Thos. laborer, 147 s Chester 
Dobson Thos. H. (D. & Nily) 269 e Lombard 
Dobson AV^m. bricklayer, 100 Jefferson 
Doclitermann Conrad,, confect'r, 155 Hughes 
Dockerty Michael, laborer, 235 Gough 
Dockett John, laborer, West nr Light 
Dodd Andrew J. 91 Lexington 
Dodd Danl. sr. engineer, 390 Eastern av 
Dodd Daol. jr. laborer, 390 Eastern av 
Dodd John, labore'", Western cemetery 
Dodd Jose[)h, laborer, 390 Eastern av 
Dodd Joseph L. huckster, 99 n Po|>pletoii 
Dodge A. H. coal agent, 8 Irvin place 
Dodge Dr. Augustus W. 201 Hanover 
Dodge Charles S. shoemaker, 83 Hill 
Dodge Geo. R. & Co. (Mary A. Dodge, W. H. 
Jillard) artists and painters store, 42 w 
Dodge Mrs. Mary A. (Geo. R. D. & Co.) 261 

n Eutaw 
Dodge John W. supt. Abbott Iron Works, 

262 e Baltimore 
Dodge Wm. E. 298 Penna av 
Dodson Ann R. dressmaker, 65 s Eutav? 
Dodson Geo. S. clerk, 214 w Lombard 
Dodson John W. (Turner & D.) 638 w Lom-. 

Dodson Melancthon I. clerk, n e cor Eutaw 

and Baltimore 
Dodson Ri^.hard S., Charles st av beyond toll- 
Dodson Mrs. Susan C. 240 e Lombard 
Dodson Thaddeus C. carpenter, 23 Stiles 
Doebel Alois, shoemaker, 258 e Lombard 
Doebel Casper, shoemaker, 160 s Washington 
Doeh'er G. Conrad, butcher, 11 Fell's Point 

market, dw Canton 
Doeliiiger Lawrence, shoemaker, 101 n Paca 
Doell Wm. stonecutter, 361 s Sharp 
Doell Wm. baker, 167 n Central av 
Doeller Christopher, organ manuf, 53 Fawn 
Doenges And'w, f'urn. wagon, 333 s Charles 
Doenges Ernst, shoemaker, 602 w Baltimore 
Doenges Henry, baker, 171 Chesnut 
Doenges John, shoemaker, 25 Stirling 
Doenges Mrs. Lena, grocery, 833 8 Charles 
Doenges Louisa, fruitpacker, 141 King 
DoengHS Phili'p, vinegar depot, 141 King 
Doeplitz Sol. millinery goods, 78 Lexington 
Doerflein Jacob, tailor, 51 McElderry 
Doering Christian, shoemaker, 1 Penn al 




Doering Conrad, marble polisher, 11 Barnes 
Doering Valentine, laborer, 89 n Poppletoa 
Doering Valentine, tailor, 140 s Caroline 
Doetsch Geo. shoemaker, 102 n Spring 
Doetsch Josephine, 19 Waesche 
Doetsch Louis, lithographist, 19 Waesche 
Dolt George, tin and sheet iron worker, Ilillea 

nr Fnmt, dw 174 Chesnut 
Doged James S. clerk, 245 George 
Doged James M. coop^r, 69 Harford av 
Doged Thomas S. gasfitter, C9 Harford a.r 
Doged AVm. C. farmer, 299 e Madisoa 
Dogge Albert, tinner, 308 Mulberry 
Dogge Gusdorf, shoemaker, 133 Saratoga 
Doggett James F., George nr Schroeder 
Dohertj Eliza, (M.& E. Doherty)223 Lexington 
Doherty Mrs. Mary, 63 McMechin 
Doherty M. & E. dry goods, 223 Lexington 
Doherty Kaie, 223 Lexington 
Doherty Mary,(M.&E. Doherty )223 Lexington 
Doherty Wm. J. salesman, 63 McMechin 
Dohler Matthias, laborer, 10 Clinton 
Dohm Francis, carpenter, 158 Franklin 
Dohme Chas. E. (Sharp & D.) 263 w Pratt 
Dohme Lewis, (Sharp & D.) 203 w Lombard 
Dohme Dr. G. C. 69 e Pratt 
Dohoney Thomas, tavern, 31 w Chase 
Doliin Mrs. Ann, 662 w Pratt 
Dolan Bridget, York rd nr Kennedy's la 
Dolan D-iniel, laborer, 19 Centre Market sp 
Doliin Edward, laborer, 44 s Dewberry al 
Dolan Edward, shoemaker, 32 e Monument 
Dolan Mrs. F. P. dressmaker, 79 Mulberry 
Dolan Rev. James, 112 s Broad vcay 
Do'an James, stonecutter, Swan Tavern 
Dolan James, laborer, 99 Battery av 
Dolan James, laborer, 239 Cross 
Dolan John, laborer, 10 Prospect la 
Dolan John, stonecutter, 30 Thomsea 
Dolan Mary Ann, seamstress, 72 s Payson 
Dolan Mrs. Maria, Frederick av nr Monroe 
Dolan Mrs. Mary Ann, 525 w Lombard 
Dolan Morris, currier, 27 Haw 
Dolan Nathaniel, laborer, 269 Orleans 
Dolan Patrick, stonemason, 72 s Payson 
Dolan Patrick, stonemason, 79 Mulberry 
Dolan Patrick, laborer, 252 Hamburg 
Dolan Thomas, blacksmith, 171 n Dallas 
Dolby Augustus, mariner, 2 Rue 
Dolch John C. blacksmith, 262 w Biddlo 
Dolch John V. jr. blacksmith, 262 w Biddle 
Doleman Mrs. Matilda, 102 s Eden 
Dolen Wm. P. shipcarpenter, 149 Aliceanna 
Dolfield Alex. Y. teller Franklin Bank, 80 s 

Dolfield Frederick, grocery, 188 s Bond 
Doll Chas. W. 103 Hanover 
Doll Dan'l, receiver of trains, 367 w Lombard 
Doll Geo. cupper and leecher, 86 n Holliday 
Doll George, police, 109 West 
Doll Henry Jl. salesman, 207 w Lombard 
Doll Isaac, shoemaker, 224 Frederick av 
Doll John H. bookkeeper, Howard house 
Doll Leander Z. (Fangmeyer & Doll) 14 n 

Doll Lewis, bristle comber, 233 Frederick av 
Doll Michael, police, 123 West 
Doll Rev. Penfield, 103 Hanover 
Dollard John, engineer, 12 Liberfy al 
Dollard Nicholas, cooper, 450 w Pratt 
Dolle Lawrence, cabinetmaker, 23 n Pine 
Dolle Thomas, cabinetmaker, 23 n Pine 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Dollefeltzer Louis, laborer, 109 Eastern av 
Doller John, tailor, 67 8 Durham 
Dolliver Wm. F. mariner, 43 s Ann 
Dollinger Chas. buicher, 30 Belair and 90 Cen- 
tre markets, dw Belair road 
Dolph Adolph, laborer, Canton n of O'Donnell 
Dolphin Francis, butcher, 383 s Eu'aw 
Dolphin Mrs. Frances, 201 Mulberry 
Dolphin John B. city yard, 403 s Eutaw 
Domash Joseph, laborer, 17 Spruce al 
Domer D. D. chief clerk B. & P. R., Mansion 

Dominie John, plasterer, 86 e Fayette 
Domling Geo. beer, 4 n Wolfe 
Donueier Henry, paver, 86 s Regester 
Donagher Cornelius, laborer, 7 White al 
Donald James, (Levy k D.) 139 n Eu'aw 
Donald John, tobacconist, 252 s Broadway 
Donald Mrs. Margaret L. 87 Preston 
Uonnldson Alex, clerk, GO Sirah Ann 
Donaldson Elizabeth, 122 McCulloh 
Donaldson Mrs. Elizibeth, 39 St. Paul 
Donaldson Dr. Frank, prof. University of Md- 

office and dw 112 Park 
Donaldson George, 312 n Caroline 
Donaldson James B. carter, 121 Peirce 
Donaldson John, 62 Fawn 
Donaldson John, 122 McCulloh 
Donaldson Mrs. Margaret, 122 McCulloh 
Donaldson Mrs. Mary, 224 Preston 
Donaldson Noah \. tinner, 36 Ryan 
Donaldson Stephen, fisherman, 133 s Exeter 
Donaldson Thos, W. baggagemaster, 52 Fawn 
DONALDSON THOMAS,attorney,33St, Paul, 

dw Howard co 
Donaldson Ward H. book agt. over 7 Soath, 

dw 375 Franklin 
Donallen Andrew, wheelwright, 382 Light 
Donahue Bernard, bleacher, 267 n Gay 
Donahue Catherine, 3 Jenkins al 
Donahue Catherine, chamber maid, 3 Jen- 
kins al 
Donahue Daniel, 72 McKim 
Donahue Daniel, laborer, 176 8 Central av 
Donahue Mrs. Eliza, 135 s Ann 
Donahue James,brassfinisher, 176 Constitution 
Donahue John, plasterer, 3 Jenkins al 
Donahue John, (J. & P. Donahue) 253 n Gay 
Donahue J. & P. bleachers, pressera and bon- 
net frames, 2.^3 n Gay 
Donahue Mrs. Mary, 31 8 Stockton al 
Donahue Matthew, laborer, 183 Vine 
Donahue Patrick, watchman, 99 Granby 
Donahue Patrick,{ J. & P, Donahue)253 n Gay 
Donahue Thos. helper, 31 s Stockton al 
Donahue Thos. silver plater, 85 w Fayetta 
Donat Julian, hairdress-r, 172 n Gav 
Donat Mri. Mary, ladies' hairdresser, 172 n Gay 
Donat Mrs. Peter, 152 Hughes 




ESTu^BLTSHEX) 1850. 



Furnishing Goods, &c. 


308 W. Baltimore St. 


Donavan James, confectioner, 9 Llo)'d 
Donavan Jobn, laborer, rear 25 Dank 
Donavan Michael, grocery, Liberty road near 

DONAVIN DR. MATTHEW W. apothecary, 

s e cor Lee and Sharp, dw 102 Lte 
Doodero linianuel, calie stand, cor Charles and 

Baltimore, dw 23 New Church 
Dondorf Jacob, laborer, rear 214 Canton av 
Done Juliet 11. 229 Madison av 
Done Stephen, laborer, 273 s Dallas 
Done Wui. L. clerk, Gl McCulloh 
Donefelt George, pianomaker, 176 e Pratt 
Donefeltzer Lewis, cooper, 109 Eastern ar 
Donegan Owen, tailor. 11 McLeary ct 
Donejson James L. tobacconist, 139j n Gay, 

dsv 11 McElderry 
Donelson Richard, tobacconist, 11 McElderry 
Donelfon Robert, fireman, Winan's row 
Donhauser Geo. paint and glass, 298 Aliceanna 
DoDlau Anthony, tailor, 19Slemmer's al 
Donhauter Henry A. laborer, 60 s Regester 
Donhauser Sebasiian, painter, 298 Aliceanna 
Donlau Edward, laborer, 114 Hughes 
Doclan John, laborer, 114 Hughes 
Donlan John, laborer, 304 s Charles 
Dcnian Lawrence, mariner, 19 Slemmer's al 
Donlan Thomas, stonecutter, 19 Slemmer's al 
Donlan Thomas, baker, 297 w Fayette 
Donley Bernard, laborer, 18 Walsh 
Donl^-y John, blacksmith, 13 Hudson al 
Donleyy John, snufFmaker, 1 Perry 
Donnefeltzer Martin, shoemaker, Boston nr 

Donnell Mrs. Emily, 308 Canton av 
Donnell George, maiiuer, 308 Canton av 
Donnell James M. machinist, 308 Canton av 
Donnell John E. mariner, 308 Canton av 
Donnell John S. 59.J Franklin 
Donnell William, 59i Franklin 
Donnell Willoughby, wheelwright, 134 Cross 
Donnelly Ambrose, liquors, 21 e Monument 
Donnelly Bernard, laborer, 18 Walsh 
Donnelly Bernard, coachmaker, n w cor Pratt 

and Scott 
Donnelly & Bro. (C. J. and J. M. Donnelly) 

match manufrs, 8 Saratoga 
Donnelly Chas. J. (D. & Bro.) 22 J Columbia 
Donnelly Cornelius A. bailiflF, 107 Green- 
mount av 
DonntUy Daniel, laborer, 11 Rose 
Donnelly Daniel, type founder, 303 Green- 
mount av 
Donnelly Danl. brickmker, Greenwood Park 

nr Mine Bank la, dw 73 Harford av 
Donne ly Daniel, bricklayer, 237 Peirce 
Donnelly Edward, laborer, 63 Block 
Donnelly Francis, stonecutter, 213 Dolphin 
JJonntUy Hugh, 6 Front n of Foundry 

Donnelly James,cardriver, Potomac nr Hudson 
Donnelly James, of water dept. 551 Saratoga 
Donnelly James, finisher, 383 Hamburg 
Donnelly James, machinist, 34 s Dewberry al 
Doncelly James, painter, 385 Canton av 
Donnelly John, marble polisher, 161 Ensor 
Donnelly John, plumber, 336 n Howard 
Donnelly John, grocery, proviaious and liquors 

397 Lexington 
Donnelly John, cardriver, Hudson nr Canton 
Donnelly John, weaver, 579 Penna. av 
Donnelly John, porter, 5 Valley 
Donnelly John, laborer, Cathedral ext 
Donnelly John M. (D. & Bro.) 22J Columbia 
Donnelly Joseph F. carpenter. Swan tavern 
Donnelly Joseph F. shoemaker, 237 Prirce 
Donnelly Mrs JIaria, china, &c 385 Canton av 
Donnelly Mrs Mary, 21 Foundry 
Donnelly Michael, drayman, 35 Block 
Donnelly Michael, laborer, 108 s Howard 
Donnelly Patrick, laborer, 511 n Gay 
Dot nelly Peter, laborer, 117 West 
Donnelly Peter, laborer, 30 e Monument 
Donnelly Richard D. machinist, 8 Neighbor 
Donnelly Thomas, laborer, 420 s Charles 
Donnelly Thomas, huckster, 511 n Gay 
Donnelly W. J. carpenter, 579 Penna av 
Donnlein George, laborer, 36 s Wolfe 
Donnold Wm. laborer, Chappell nr Liberty rd 
Donohue Andrew, tavern, s w cor Forrest and 

Donohue Anne, huckstress, 44 Front, n of 

Donohue IJuck. laborer, 121 Chesapeake 
Donohue Charles, laborer, 281 Eastern av 
Donohue Cornelius, laborer, 49 Buren 
Donohue Daniel, tailor, 178 L Constitution 
Donohue Daniel, laborer, 31 Chew 
Donohue Daniel, carter, 10 Hubbard al 
Donohue Daniel T. laborer, 226 e Fayette 
Donohue Mrs. Elizabeth, 226 e Fayette 
Donohue Elizabeth, shoebinder, 105 w Fayette 
Donohue Geo. W. shipjoiner, 461 Canton av 
Donohue Henry K. tinner, 226 e Fayette 
Donohue James, bricklayer, 161 Gough 
Donohue James, 309 e Pratt 
Donohue James D. shipjoiner, 12 s Ann 
Donohue James, laborer, 65 Albemarle 
Donohue James H. salesman, GO e Pratt 
Donohue James, moulder, 176 L Constitution 
Donohue Jobn, bricklayer, 246 Cross 
Donohue John T. jr. foreman, 44 Albemarle 
Donohue John, 69 Front n of Foundry 
Donohue Jno. (Holloway, D. &Co.) 60 ePratt 
Donohue Jno. grocery, cor Amity and Raborg 
Donohue John F. salesman, 8 Watson 
Donohue Matthew, laborer, 183 Vine 
Donohue Michael, laborer, 1 Dewberry al 
Donohue Michael, laborer, 148 s Central av 
Donohue Morgan, laborer, 20 Buren 
Donohue Patrick, laborer, Eastern av n'^ar 

Donohue Patrick, porter, 64 n Dallas 
Donohue Richard, shirt manuf. over 205 w 

Baltimore, dw 9 Pearl 
Donohue Stephen, huckster, 44 Front n of 

Donohue Thos. laborer, cor Ensor and Webb 
Donohue Thos. labor, Palapsco Chemical wks 
Donohue Thos. engineer, s w cor Howard and 

Donohue Thos. helper, 31 s Stockton al 





Doaohue Wm. J. tailor, 203 Montgomery 
Donovan Mrs. C. 122 w Hoffman 
Donovan Bridget, laundress, 132 Green- 
mount PLV 
Donovan Dennis, huckster, 111 Stirling 
Donovan Dennis, cocoa matting, 847 w Pratt 
Donovan Jas. pressman, over G3 n Frederick 
Donovan Jeremiah, laborer, 13D s Chester 
Donovan John, laborer, 39 Liberty al 
Donovan Mrs. Margaret, 131 North 
Donovan Michael, laborer, 50 s Dewberry al 
Donovan Michael, printer, 70 n Exeter 
Donovan Simon, peddler, 26 s Ann 
Donovan Timothy, blacksmith, Chappell nr 

Penna uv 
Donovan Wm. police, 176 Central av 
Donworth Peter, blacksmith, 46 Cider al 
Dool Fritz, paver, 94 n Amity 
Dooley Jas. horse shoe nail manuf. 1 Marion, 

dw 139 Mulberry 
Dooley Lawrence, nailmaker, 113 Hill 
Dooley Martin, laborer, 25 Haw 
Dooley Vinton, laborer, 25 Haw 
Dooliltle Margaret, upholsteress, 5 w Chase 
Doolin Hugh, laborer, Clinton s of Boston 
Doolin Jame;, laborer, 10 Cotton row 
Doolin Patrick, Clinton s of Boston 
Dooner James, laborer, 12 w Madison 
Doory Thomas, laborer, 206 n Exeter 
Dopman Henry, ironworker, 21 Fountaia 
Dopman John, laborer, 21 Fountain 
Dopman Mrs. Julia, 21 Fountain 
Doral Cliffjrd N. printer, 113 Hill 
Doran Mary J. saleswoman, 70 n Preraont 
Doran Patrick, laborer, 218 Chesnut al 
Doriin Peter, teacher, 32 e Lombard 
Dorbaker Adam, 91 s Fremont 
Dorbant Patrick, laborer, Hull nr R R 
Dorbert Frank, laborer, Belair av nr Schuet- 

zen park 
Dorberd George, shoemaker, 105 s Dallas 
Doremus Peter B. plasterer, Druid Hill av, 

betw Townsend and Mosher 
Dorenburg John D. shoemaker, 151 Conway 
Doreng George, driver, Durham nr Fayette 
Dorff Albert, tinner, 886 w Baltimore 
DORGAX & CO. (T. A. Dorgan) stoves, 

ranges, &c., s e cor Lombard and Lisht 
Dorgan Gustav's A.sbipcarp'r,45sWashington 
Dorgan Theodore A. (D. & Co.) 91 Saratoga 
Dorm Chas. brickmaker, Clement nr William 
Dorman Ann, 75 s High 
Dorman Catherine, teacher, 75 s High 
Dorman F. W. (F. W. D. & Co.) 105 e Eager 
DORMAN F. W. & CO. (F.W. Dorman, Wm. 
F. Sutz) stencilcutters, diesinkers and en- 
gravers, 97 w Lombard 
Dorman Fulton P. actor, 113 n High 
Dorman Capt.Geo.T. oystertrade, 255 Hoffman 
Dorman Mrs. Helen C. seamstress, Choptank 

nr Lombard 
Dorman Jane G. 90 e Pratt 
Dorman John, stevedore, 331 Hamburg 
Dorman John S. huckster, 2 Williamson al 
Dorman Kate, teacher, 24 s High 
Dorman Mrs. Mary, 47 Fountain 
Dorn Fred'k, shoemaker, 269 n Eden 
Dorn Jno. groc'y, s e cor Park and Richmond 
Dorn John, laborer, 11 Winderling row 
Dorn John, laborer, 23 Low 
Dorn John, bear, 87 e Lombard 
Dorn Joseph, shoemaker, 83 Elliott 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, TimotJiij Seed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement & Plaster, 

Dorn Philip, clerk, 97 w Biddlo 

Dorn Wolte, laborer, 139 s High 

Dcrner John T. packer, 177 n Fremont 

Dorney Eliza J. 174 n Eutaw 

Dorney Jackson, 128 e Pratt 

Dorney Thomas J. salesman, 128 e Pratt 

Dorney Wm. J. mariner, 128 e Pratt 

Dornin Edw'd M. clerk, 64 w Centre 

Dorr Casper, printer, 42 Conway 

Dorr John H. tinner, 127 n Fremont 

DOUR LAURENCE A. tobacconist, 78 s 

Howard, dw 42 Conway 
Dorr Louis, baker, 81 6j w Baltimore 
Dorr Capt. Wm. mariner, 179 McCulloh 
Dorrance Geo. E. (Clapp k D.) 223 Linden av 
Dorrer John, farrier, 243 s Ann 
Dorrett Wm. W. tobacconist, 163 e Fayette 
Dorries Charles, tobacconist, 2 Constitutioa, 
Dorritee C. W. bookkeeper, 277 e Madisoa. 
Dorritee Lorenzo, punter, 173 e Fayette 
Dorritee Michael, laborer, 34 n High 
Dorritee W'm. S. (Green & Co.) llarforii ar- 

opp Darley Park 
Dorry Mrs. E. G. boarding, 52 s Ocoadway 
Dorry Mrs. Henrietta, 502 w Baltimore 
Dorsch Geo. cooper, 1 Spring ct 
Dorsch John, wheelwright, 54 s Howard 
Dorsch Wolf, cooper, 202 s Bond 
Dorschel Wm. butcher, 5 Fell's Pt market,dw" 

cor L Greene and Welcome al 
Dorsett John F. salesman, 80 s Sharp 
Dorsett Josiah H. clerk, 50 n Liberty 
Dorsett John H. clerk, 80 s Sharp 
Dorsey Allen, ( Walker, D. A; Co. ) 193 n Charles. 
Dorsey Allen S. clerk, 39 s P.aca 
Dorsey Albert, conductor, 362 w Lombard 
Dorsey Arthur, clerk, 165 St. Paul 
Dorsey B^rtus C. (Wheelwright, Mudge &■ 

Co.) 569 Lexington 
Dorsey Benj. H. clerk, 108 Walsh 
Dorsey Mrs. Caleb, 561) Lexington 
Dorsev Chas. E. coQchpainter, 121 Hlllen 
Dorsey Chas. W. agt. C. P. R. 867 w Balti- 
Dorsey Charles, machinist, 26 n Pacd 
Dorsev Comfort W. 36 Pleasant 
DORSEY D., Barnum's hotel 
Dorsey Dan'l W. gild«r, 63 Stirling 
Dorsey David, marble worker, n e cor Con- 
stitution and Monument 
Dorsey D. P. cigar stand, Barnum's hotel 
Dorsey Eiw'd, (D. k Spillman) 479Saratoga 
Dorsey Edward, shoemaker, .Miller's hotel 
Dorsey Edw'd, (Kinnear &D.) HillennrFtont 
Dorsey Emcline, 156 e Lombard 
Dorsey Elisha N. builder, 64 e Enger 
Dorsey Evaa L. paperhanger, 171 Mulberry 
Dorsey Ezekiel S. bookkeeper, 83 8 Edea 
Dorsey G. R. tailor, Mansion house 




Commission Merchants and otlicr Tartics 

Who have orders for a general assortment of 


Are invited to call at 

308 W. Baltimore St. 


Dorsey Georgie, saleswoman, 42 s Poppletoa 
Dorsey Geo. J. plasterer, 220 Saratoga 
Dorsey Geo. W. wood corder, Clinton s of 

Dorsey Geo. W. shoemaker, 193 Preston 
Dorsey James, wheelwright, 83 n High 
Dorsey James, marble polisher, 44 Liberty al 
DoFiey James B. clerk, cor Charles and Centre 
Dorsey James E. 1C5 St. Paul 
Dorsey James L. clerk, 142 n Charles 
Dorsey James, laborer, 9 Grove's al 
Dorsey James L. flour broker, 35 Conway 
Dorsey John, tavern, 9 s Front 
Dorsey John, cellar digger, 29 s Wolfe 
Dor~ey John A. (Etchiion & D.) Howard co 
Dorsey John, laborer, 384 Hanover 
Dorsey John, Etonecutter, 44 Liberty al 
Dorsey John, carpenter, 83 n High 
Dorsey John J. clerk, 180 Barre 
Dorsey John R. bookkeeper, 35 Conway 
Dorsey Dr.,291^ w Fayette, dw 214 
Dorsey John T. B, attorney, Law Building?, 

St. Paul 
Dorsey John, tailor, 305 Paca s of Hamburg 
Dorsey Joseph, dredger, 9 s Front 
Do'sey Jos. L granite stonecutter, 90 Hollins 
Dorsey Joseph, magistrate, office cor Clinton 

and Boston, dw Clinton s of Boston 
Dorsey Joseph S. 309 e Eiger 
Dorsey Joseph, moulder, 240 s Sharp 
Dorsey Mrs. Lydia, seamstress, Mcilenry nr 

Dorsey Mrs. Lucy, 193 n Howard 
Dorsey Mrs. Mary, 227 Walsh 
.Dorfey Mrs. Mary A. 664 Lexington 
Dorsey Mrs. M.J. 114 e Lombard 
Dorsey Mrs. Michael, 31 Conway 
Dorsey Michael, laborer, 140 s C^istle 
Dorsey Patrick, carter, 30 New Church 
Dorsey Peter, dredger, 9 s Front 
Dorsey Robert, boilermaker, 107 e Eager 
Dorsey Robert H. boilermaker, Martin al nr 

Dorsey Rich'd H. shoemaker, Beluir av nr Ann 
Dorsey Dr. Rob't W. 165 St. Paul 
Dorsey Dr. Rob't, (of Edw'd) 79 w Monument 
Dorsey Samuel, laborer, Calhoun nr Ramsay 
Dorsey Samuel W. public weigher, over 67 s 

Gay, dw 64 n Charles 
Dorsey Simuel A. stonecuttor, 102 Pearl 
Dorsey & Spilman, (Edward Dorsey, D. Spil- 

man) carpenters, r^ar 118 n Calvert 
Doriey Mrs. Susan, 137 n Central av 
Dorsey Theodore C. bookkeepr, 114 e Lombard 
Dorsey Thos. A. clerk, 82 Columbia 
Dorsey Thomas N. engineer, 9 Henrietta 
Dorsey Thos. R. (Morgan &D.) 176 Franklin 
Dorsey Upton W. clerk, Miller's hotel 
Dorsey Wash. L. canmaker, 401 Lexington 

Dorsey Wm. H. paying teller Western Nat. 

Bank, 413 w Fayette 
Dorsey Wm. Henry, Belair av nr Balto cem'ry 
Dorsey Wm. R. coacbmaker, 121 Hillen 
Dorsey Wm. laborer, 142 s Castle 
Dorsey Wm. T. student, 193 n Howard 
Dorsey Wm. H. engineer, 9 Hnrietta 
Dorsh John, wheelwright, 173 Peirce 
Dorsh Louisa, 173 Peirce 
Dorton Henry F. mariner, 119 Lexington 
Dorward John, laborer, 317 s Bond 
Dorwfcis Eckert, painter, 184 Forrest 
Dor*eis Mrs. Eliza, confectionery, 184 Forrest 
Dosch Andrew, laborer and lager Leer, Clin- 
ton, nr Chesapeake furnace 
Dosch Henry, engineer, 10 Abbot 
Dose Chas. restaurant, 55 President 
Dosh Rev. John H. C. 308 e Baltimore 
Dcst Theodore, bristk comber, 240 Fred'k av 
Dosfcr John, tailor, 72 Milliraan 
Dotter Chas. cflrpenter, 59 Aliceanna, Canton 
Dotterweich France, tailor, 243 e Biddle 
Dotterweich Fred, cigarraak.189 Druid Hill av 
Dotterweich Sebastian, cooper and grocery, 40 

Frederick av 
Doub Ezra, 461 n Fremont 
Doubd Thos. blacksmith. 113 s Chester 
Doubleday Samuel, (Haycock & Co.) corner 

Franklin and Stockton al 
Douch Jacob, huckster, 233 Gough 
Doud Mrs. Barthol. huckstress, 7 Camden la 
Doud James W gasfilter, 126 n Howard 
Doud John A. M. police, 236 e Madison 
Doud John, laborer, 15 McLeary ct 
Doud John, laborer, 37 s Stockton nl 
Doud Martin, liborer, 159 s Wa-hington 
Doud Michael, laborer, 18 Pleasant al 
Doud Patrick, laborer, 78 Harford av 
Doud Wm. laborer, 18 Armistead U 
Doudikea John, laborer, 6 Chappell 
Dougare Alex. F. barber, 88 Haiford av 
Dough' rty ('bus. mariner, 185 e Lomliard 
Dougherty Chas. paper carrier, 55 n Ex'ter 
Dougherty Charles M. prest. Bait. Oil Works, 

31 Franklin 
Dougherty Chas. collector, 32 Laurel 
Dougherty Daniel, laborer, 81 Forrest 
Dougherty Daniel, carter, 184 s Washington 
Dougherty Darby, driver, 42 w Eager 
Dougherty Denni', laborer, 82 s Republican 
Dougherty Edw'd, laborer, Washing'n av est 
Dougherty Mrs. Eliza, tavern, 81 Forrest 
Dougherty Mrs. Elizabeth, 40 Albemarle 
Dougherty Geo. stonecutter, 186 e Monument 
Dougherty Geo. W. finisher, 20 n Bond 
Dougherty Geo. W. (G. W. D. & Bro.) Phila 
Dougherty Geo. W. jiainter, 81 Snnh Ann 
Dougherty Geo. W. & Bro. (Geo. W. & S.iml. 

K. Dougherty) pat. medicine depot, 114j w 

Dou|iberty Mrs. Hannah, 197 Siiratoga 
Dougherty Mrs. Hester A. 141 Hanover 
Dougherty James, builder, 11 w Biddle 
Doughtrty Capt. Jame.'', 110 s High 
Dougherty Rev. John J. 93 Barre • 
Dougherty John, broom maker, 133 Mulberry 
Dougherty John, laborer, 16 Concord 
Dougherty John F. grocery, 170 Tyeon 
Dougherty Joseph, plumber, 20 n Bond 
Dougherty Jonas machinist, Brown's hotel 
Dougherty .Mrs. Julifl, 16 s Chester 
Dougherty Julius, clerk, 197 Druid Hill av 




DODGHERTY J. J. C. clerk Md.Penitent^arj, 

9 n Exeter 
Dougherty Kate, laundress, Mallby house 
Dougherty Martin, huckster, 7G York 
• Dougherty Mrs. Mary A. 316 e Pratt 
Dougherty Matthew S. carpenter, 11 w Biddle 
Dougherty Mary J. 50 Jefifersoa 
Dougherty Mrs. Mary V.boardiog, 36 Saratoga 
Dougherty Michael, salesman, 1 n Wolfe 
Dougherty Michael, laborer, 230 8 Eutaw 
Dougherty Michael J. (D, & Share) 326 e 

Dougherty Michael, laborer, 16 Garden 
Dougherty Philip, sr. paper carrier, 20 n Bond 
Dougherty Philip II. paper carrier, 20 n Bond 
Dougherty & Share, (M. J. Doughertj, A. 

Share) plumbers and gasfil's, 86 s Broadwy 
Dougherty Sarah H. saleswoman, 368 e Balto 
Dougherty Samuel, deik, 11 n Exeter 
Dougherty Saml. K.(G.VV. Dougherty & Bro.) 

114J w Btliimore 
Dougherty Thos. B. printer, 119 e Eager 
Dougherty Thos. 13 n Caroline 
Dougherty Wm. P salesman 78 8 High 
Dougherty AVm.H. (Sands & Co.) 16 s Chester 
Doughty Henry C. clerk, 164 s Charles 
Doughty John C. 75 Hollins 
Doughty Thos. salesman, 140 w Lombard 
Doughty Thos. P. salesman, 50 8 Sharp 
DOUGLAS & CO. (A.Douglas) wine, liquors 

and cigars, 57 Exchange pi 
Douglas August, (D. & Co.) Baltimore co 
Douglas Jules, prop' r New Correspondent, dw 

Baltimore co 
Douglass Ambrose M. bricklayer, 33 Chew 
Douglass Mrs Ann E. upholstress, 9 High al 
Douglass Beoj. F. carpenter, 31 Marion 
DougUss David cooper, 496 w Pratt 
Douglass Geo. W. cooper, 281 Columbia 
Douglass Mrs. Fannie, shoe binder, 219 e 

Douglass Mrs. Harriet, cakes, &c., 33 Chew 
Douglass Institute, 11 Lexington 
Douglass James H. painter, 2 Webster al 
Douglass John T. laborer, 156 n Bethel 
Douglass John, hackmao, 33 Chew 
Douglass Joseph, hacks, 33 Chew 
Douglass Mrs. Marg't, seamstress, 2Webster al 
Douglass Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 23 L Gough 
Douglass Mis. Mary J. 87 Hamburg 
Douglass Ro'-^t. cooper, 183 East 
Douglass Robt. cooper, 138 L Greene 
Douglass Susan, shoebinder, 17 Baker's ct 
Douglass Thomas, shoemaker, 31 Marion 
Douglass Thos. J. cooper, 138 L Greene 
Douglass Wm. cooper, 8 Walker 
Douiilass Wm. R. painter, 245 e Fayette 
Doulongn Conrad, tailur, 272 Canton av 
Douthat Wm. H. clerk, 65 n Charles 
Douville Edwd. draftsman, Franklin nr Gilmor 
Dove Mrs. Ann J. 14 s Oregon 
Dove Benjamin F. watchman, 548 w Pratt 
Dove Jicob, driver, McElderry ext 
Dove John R. laborer, 26 Ramsay 
Dover Jacob Z. painter, 56 s Republican 
Dover John, shoemaker, 499 w Pratt 
Dover MaryAnn, paper bagmaker, 499 w Pratt 
Dow Geo. F. shoemaker, 173 Lee 
Dow Joseph A. shoemaker, 141 w Fayette 
Dowdell Mrs. Laura, seamstress, 92 s Chester 
Dowell George E. clerk, 203 Aisquith 
Dowell Janes, clerk, Park av nr Townsend 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Dowe'l Jas. H. clerk, Park av nr Townsend 
Dowell John, com. merch. 96 Light st. wharf 

dw Park av nr Townsend 
Dowell J. Everett, carpenter, 63 n High 
Dowell Miss Kate, Park av nr Townsend 
Duwer John, shoemaker, 39 Brown 
Dower Mrs. John, grocery, 39 Brown 
Dowie George, laborer, 25 Port 
Dowling Ann, 10 Moshcr 
Dowiing John, teacher, 112 s Broadway 
Dowling Michael J carriagemaker, l'53 and 

155 n High, dw Brown's hotel 
Dowling Patrick, laborer, 85 Booth 
Dowling Thomas, laborer, 85 Booth 
Downey Charles, carpenter, 13 L Gough 
Downey P>dmund, carpenter, 13 L Gough 
Downey John, mariner, 237 Henrietta 
Downey John, (J. D. & Son) 154 n Eutaw 
DOWNEY J(JHN & SON, (J. and T. G. Dow- 
ney) grocers and com. merchs. 133 Franklin 
Downey Jos. boilermaker, 59 s Dewberry al 
Downey Lawrence, laborer, over 10 Bank 
Downey Mich;iel, iron roller, 233 Gough 
Downey Patrick, laborer, 205 e Lombard 
Downey Patrick, laborer, 99 Elliott 
D jwney Thos. G. (J. D. & Son) 154 n Eutaw 
Downey Wm. laborer, 75 Cambridge 
Downey Wm. laborer, 237 Henrietta 
Downey Wm. plumber, 13 L Gough 
Downey Wm. T watchman, 141 Dover 
Downing Chas. bricklayer, 251 Mulberry 
Downing Howell, broker, s w cor Frederick 

and Fayette, dw 158 w Biddle 
Downing Nathaniel F. clerk, 61 n Strieker 
DOWNING MRS. S. J. grocery, s e cor Sara- 
toga and Strieker 
Downing Walter, bricklayer, s e cor Strieker 

and Saratoga 
Downs Charles G. salesman, 73 Hill 
Downs Clara M. grocery, 73 Hill 
Downs Harris T. police, 472 e Baltimore 
Downs Henrv C. butcher, 119 n Regester 
Downs Jas. II. upholsterer 301 Franklin 
Downs John I. carpenter, 722 Penna. av 
Downs Jos. B. butcher, 07 Hanover, 31 Centra 

and 40 Le."!ington markets, dw 470 Light 
Downs Mrs. Mary, 87 s Broadway 
Downs Mary A. 125 Montgomery 
Downs Michael, maltster, North nr Bath 
Downs Patrick, 21 Perry 
Downs Rebecca, dressmaker, 207 Ensor 
Downs Robt. F. millwright, 213 n Central av 
Downs Samuel A. carpenter, 125 .Montgomery 
Downs Samuel F. moulder, 170 n Fremont 
Downs Mrs. Sarah, 361 Franklin 
Downs Mrs. Susan shirtrakr, over 72 Harrison 
Downs Tbaddeus L. 12 South 
Doifns Wm. tinner, s w cor Barre and Light 
Downs Wra. H. carpenter, 154 West 




Commission 31crcliaiils and other Tartics 

AVho have orders for a general assortment of 


Are invited to call at 

308 W. Baltimore St. 


Downs Wm.II ,C.II. inspector, 62nPoppletoa 
Downs Rev. Wilford, 202 Eastern av 
Downs Winifred, 37 Cambridge 
Doxeu Kinsey J. carpenter, G9 McIIenry 

fie Andrew J. grocery, 59 Pearl, dw 189 

(ie Ann, grocery, Gl Clay 
lie Arthur, sbipcarpenter, 139 s Castle 
ie Bartholomew, Loyola college 
rie Benj. H. marble polisher, Eagle hotel 
,ie Clarence, clerk, 44 McCulloh 
ie Elizabeth, luickstress, 7 s Frederick 
rie Ellen, dressmaker, 172 Stirling 
tie Ellen, dressmaker, 54 Jtflerson 
jie Ellen, confectionery, 50 n Fremont 
lie Hugh laborer, 218 s Castle 
ie James, blacksmith, ICG s Central av 
lie James, blacksmith, 3 w Lombard 
,ie James, finisher, 134 Hilleu 
Ie Jaincs. laborer, 8 Fall 
ie James C. clerk, 44 McCulloh 
ie James K. blacksmith, 20 Lloyd 
ie James H. printer, 189 Saratoga 
,le Jarnes M. liquors, 45 s Charles, dw 129 

de Mrs. Jane G. 32 Camden 
lie John, fancy soap, 04 s Sharp 
lie John, baker, Gl Clay 
lie John, laborer, 8 Hawk 
f\e John, la"^ orer, 23 Ringaold al 
ie John, nailmaker, 209 Vine 
rie John, laborer, G2 Oregon 
ie John B. clerk, 401 Franklin 
\-]e John ]. clerk, 129 w Lombard 
lie John, milk, O'Donnell nr Clinton 
lie John, engineer, 21 Darre 
lie John A. G. painter, 42 Park 
►ie Dr. John A. 70j Saratoga 
ie J. Peter, lithographer, 255 Harover 
lie }*Iargaret, tavern, 191 s Charles 
lie Margaret, 145 s Washington 
ie Martin, laborer, 89 s Chtsitr 
ie Michael, police, 1G4 Dover 
ie Michael, sawyer, 46 Johnson 
lie Michael, ironmoulder, Gl Clay 
lie Michael II. i)rinter, 15 n High 
lie Morris, engineer, 21 Barre 
lie Nicholas, hostler, 77 c Baliimore 
ie Owen, linesman, 191 s Charles 
lie Patrick, drayman. 172 Stirling 
lie Patrick, laborer. Northern av nr John 
lie Paii<, laborer,Cathfdral nr Northern av 
lie Peter, cigarmaker, 255 Hanover 
lie Peter, G Swan 
lie Peter, bricklayer, C3 Decker 
lie Samuel B. clerk Adams express, 401 

rlc Mrs. Sirah A. 295 n Gav 
lie Thomas, tavern, 73 York 

Doyle Thos. sawyer, 90 Battery av 
Doyle Thos. G. bookseller, 295 n Gay ' 
Doyle Thos. cooper, G2 Pbilpot 
Doyle T. H. & Co. (T. H. Doyle) stationerv, 

&c., 99 u Howard 
Doyle T. Ilarrie, (T. H. D. & Co.) 41 Courtland 
Doyle Wm. carter, 42 Park 
Doyle Wm. F. police, 380 s Charles 
Doyle 'Wm. H. carpenter, 3G Curtis al 
Doyle Wm. J. jr. bookkeejier, 189 Saratoga 
Dozier Wm. II. 504 w Fayette 
Drach Henry, boarding, 146 n Howard 
Drager Henry, cigarpacker, 14 n Eden 
Drager Theod. sr. blacksmith, 56 Henrietta 
Drager Wm. shoemaker, 326 s Bond 
Draish Joseph, porter, 37 Marion 
Drake Edward F. blacksmith, 203 Columbia 
Drake Hiel, blacksmith, 203 Columbia 
Drake James T. cigarmaker, 203 Columbia 
Drake Wra. blacksmith, n e cor Penn and 

King, dw 184 Columbia 
Drakflev Geo. (Tilghman & D.) 317 w Fayette 
DRAKELEY & FENTON,(H.W\ Drakeley, A. 

Fentou, Louis Dunan, Joel Hinman) wholes. 

produce com. merch'ls, 387 w Baltimore 
Drakeley Hy. W. (D. & Fenton) 291 w Fayette 
Drakeley Thos. (Coleman & D.) 291 w Fajette 
Drane James, laborer, 226 George 
Drane James E. jr. machinist, 226 George 
Drane John F. moulder, 226 George 
Drane John M. plasterer, 236 n Bond 
Drane .Mrs. JIargaret 226 George 
Drane Ilichard, boilermaker, 79 Stirling 
Draper Chester, huckster, 178 Dover 
Draper Kate, 6 Josephire 
Draube Justine, pickier, 12 n Amity 
Draude Andrew, tailor, 60 Stilfs 
Drebing (Jeo shipjoiner, 11 n Choptank 
Drebing Harriet, 13 n Choptank 
Drebing Wm. laborer, 187 s Caroline 
Dretiing Wm. A. tinner, 13 n Chop'ank 
Diechler Barbara, milk, Thompson nr Carey 
Drechler John, plasterer, 40 n Amity 
Drechsel Louis, clerk, 376 Penna av 
Drechsler Fred'k, tailor, 132 s Washington 
Drechsler Jno.engin'r,Belair ave of Broadway 
Drechs'er Thos. lager beer, n w cor Forrest 

and Low 
Dreeman Wm. laborer, 8 s Gist 
Dreke August, tailor, 224 s Bond 
Drenner Francis, carpenter, 17 Carlton 
Dreuner Jeremiah, carpenter, 17 Carlton 
Dreuner Melinda, seamstress, 17 Carltoa 
Drenner Ot^o W. carpenter, 152 Scott 
Drcibach Wm. blacksmith, 1 Baker's ct 
Drc'sel Ferdinand, clerk, 110 Park 
Dresel Werner, (F. L. Brauns & Co.) consul 

(or Wurtemberg, Baden, Bavaria, Hesse 

Darmstadt and North German Union, s e cor 

Lombard and Cbeapside, dw 110 Park 
Dresher j'eter, shoemaker, 16 Willow 
Dressel Adam, blind maker, 358 e Fager 
Dressel Mrs. Catherine, 289 e Monument 
Dreisel Chas. tanner, 233 Aliceanna 
Dressel Conrad, weaver, 50 n Spring 
Dressel George, laborer, 13 Henry 
Dressel John A. varnisher, 76 Mulberry 
Dressel John G. laborer, 102 Somerset 
Dressel John J. bakery, 141 e Pratt 
Dressel Joseph, tailor, 2G7 n Eden 
Dressel Leonard, blindmaker, 358 e Eap'er 
Dressel Mrs. Margaret, tailoress, 50 n Spring 





Dreves Francis, cigar store, 145 w Fayette 

Drew Amanda L. 160 w MadisoQ 

Drew Arthur, laborer, 89 Bootli 

Drews Mary, dressmalcer, 60 Park 

Drexel August, tobacconist, 59 u Gay 

Drexel Frank, clerk, 192 w Fayette 

Drexel H. C. steam scourer aad dyer, 52 w 

Fayette, dw 112 n Exettr 
Drexel Henry, cigarmaker, 52 w Fayette 
Drexel Morilz, confectioner, 57 u Gay 
Drexler Chas. brewer, Delair av nr Schuetzea 

Drexler Emily, 341 n Gay 
Drexler Ferdinand, laborer, 231 n Bond 
Drexsel John, tanner, 23 Smith 
Drexsel John, jr. potter, 23 Smith 
Drexel Richard, potter, 23 Smith 
Drey Abraham, (L. Liuer & Co.) 64 Conway 
Drey Elkan, (Lewis Lauer & Co.) 64 Conway 
Dreyer Ernst, fresco painter, 175 w Fayette 
Dreyer Frederick, boxmaker, 49 McHeury 
Dreyer Henry, carpenter, 49 McHenry 
Dreyer John, butcher, Monument ur Wash- 
Dreyer John F. boxmaker, 49 JIcHeary 
Dreyer Wm. A. shoes, 163 s Broadway 
Driender Valentine, wagoner, 259 s Paca 
Driesh Joseph, clerk, 37 Marion 
Driesh Joseph, sr. 37 Marion 
DRILL JAMES M. gen'l freight ag't N. C. R., 

Park av n of Towusend 
Drischoer John C. shoemaker, 67 s ilonroe 
DriscoU Mrs. Ann, 3 HoUins 
Driscoll Annie E. teacher, 3 Hollins 
Driscoll Mrs.C iroline R.teacher,42 n Poppletoa 
DriscoU Dennis, laborer, 109 HoUins 
Driscoll Dennis, stonemason, 31 York 
DriscoU Ellen, grocery, 217 Cbesnut 
Driscoll James, laborer, 261 Bank 
Driscoll John, 2 Front n of Foundry 
DriicoU Richard J. tailor, 58 s Howard 
Driscoll Robert, laborer, 13 Cuba 
Driscoll Tim'y, groc'y, 2 Front n of Foundry 
Driscoll Thomas, laborer, 39 Block 
Driver Alex, cardriver, 154 s Chapel 
Driver Chas. laborer, 220 Preston 
Driver Chas. F. painter, 184 s Chapel 
Driver Cyrus, moulder, 108 St Peter 
Driver Jacob, laborer, 169 s Chapel 
Drockenbrod Peter, butter, 50 President 
Droge Theodore, blacksmith, 56 Henrietta 
Drohan David, police, 84 s High 
Drohan Thomas, watchman, 91 n Exeter 
Droming Conrad, laborer, 4 Baker 
Droney Martin, tailor, 21 New Church 
Droscher Adolpb,(J.P.Lubs&Co.)51 nGreene 
DrostGustav. A. (D. & Sutro) 233 Madison av 

DHOST & SUTRO (G. A. Drost, 
E. Sutro, L. Sutro,) Importers of 
Hosiery, Zephyr Worsted, Dress 
Trimmings, &c. , 25 Hanover. 

Drost Michael, shoemaker, 112 s Bethel 
Droste John E. police, 70 Barre 
Droste John H. 70 Barre 
Droste Wm. H. police, 78 Hill 
Drought Carrie A. teacher, 138 Montgomery 
Drought Francis, carpeater, 138 Montgomery 
Drought George, wheelwright, 120 Elliott 
Dru^'an Hut^h (Wm. Bond & Co.) 122 German 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, «&;c. 



Clover, Timotliy Seed, cCc. 

Rosendale Cement & Plaster. 

Druid Hall, n e cor Gay and Baltimore 
Druid Hill Assembly Rooms, 120 Druid Hill ar 
Druid Hill Park, Madison av ext 
Drum Mrs. S>irab, 91 e Pratt 
Drumgoole Pat'k T, carpenter, 133 n Spring 
' Drummiirder Christian, laborer, 25 Rock 
Drummond Mis. Joanna E. 15 s Exeter 
Drummond Margaret, teacher, 15 s Exeter 
Drummond Wm, J. clerk, 539 w Lombard 
Drurcy Chas, B. clerk, 43 Conway 
Drury John A. stonecutter, 254 Bmk 
Drury Mrs. Marian, fancj' good?, 246 n Gay 
Drury Samuel C. police, 15 s Fremont 
Drury Vv'm. rigger, 254 Bank 
Drury Wm. A. mariner, 127 William 
Drury Wm. H. carpent-.r, 254 Bank 
Dry Frederick brakesman, 609 w Pratt 
Drydeu Alex. jr. huckster, 64 Clay 
Dryden Alexander, huckster, 64 Clay 
Drydeu C. 0. cbrk, 254 w Hoffman 
Dryden Mrs. Charles II. 700 w Baltimore 
Drrden James, blHcksmiih, 195 e Madison 
Dryden J. Meredith (J. M. D. & Co.) Eutaw 

Dryden J. Meredith k Co. (J. M. Dryden) dry 

goods com. merchs. 14 & 16 German 
Dryden Joshua, 67 n Liberty 
Dryden Joshua R. clerk, 254 w IToPTman 
Dryden Robt. H. shoemaker, 257 a Central av 
Dryden Robt. W., Eutaw house 
Dryden R. II. clerk, 164 s Charles 
Dryden Samuel, bricklayer, 49 Warren 
Dryden Samuel, shoemaker, 397 w Baltimore, 

dw 11 8 Eutaw 
Dryden Thomas, huckster. 04 Clay 
Drvden W. Sydney, salesman, 72 Lee 
Dryden Wm.H. (Mooie, Larrabee & Co.) 342 

w Fayette 
Dryer Wm. shoemaker, 180 s Durham 
Drysdale Jas. M. (Sadler k D.) 600 Lexington 
Drysdale J. M. (of Bryant Stratton & Sadler) 

Business College, 660 Lexington 
Dubel Capt. Jas. A. com. merch, 88 Light St 

whf, dw 155 Barre 
Dubert Cbriitian, slater, 206 Henrietta 
Dubert John, laborer, 31 s Regester 
Du Bois Mrs. E. C. 307 Madison av 
Dubois Leo, watchmaker, 165 s Ann 
Dubois .Mary, confectioncrv, 165 3 Ann 
Dubree Geo. W. silversmith. 220 e Madisoa 
Dubree John B. cUrk, 38 w Biddle 
Dubree John II. carpenter, 38 w Biddle 
Dubreuil Armand, clerk, 29 Camden 
Dubreuil Madame Armwnda, 29 Cattden 
Dubreul Rev. J. Paul, St Mary seminary 
j Ducast Mrs. Sophia, 121 e Pratt 

Ducatel .Mrs. Joanna, hoarding. 33 Mulberry 
Duchaulte Charles G. clerk, 209 Aisquiih • 
Duck Dr. Chas. fi. demist, 147 Saratoga 




Commission Merchants and other Parlies 

k_ 'Who have orders for a general assortment of 


Are invited to call at 

308 W. Baltimore St. 


Duck Frederick, laborer, 314 Eastera av 
Du(ker GeorjjeE. (Wm. Devries & Co.) Balti- 
more CO 
Duckett Jeremiah, laborer, 257 Preston 
Du'.kett John, oysters, 60 Perry 
Duckett Mrs. Mary, provisions, 49 Columbia 
Duckett Richord tnx oflRce,308 Saratoga 
Duckett Robert L. carter, 49 Columbia 
Duckett Wm. H. carter, 49 Columbia 
Dudley Mis. A. E. n e cor Fayet'eand Gilmer 
Dudley Asa P. carfienter, 135 n Eutaw 
Dudley Mrs. Asa P. fancy pjoods, 135 n Eutaw 
Dudley Chas. engineer, 29G s Sharp 
Dudley Christopher, blacksmith, 112 Stirling 
Dudley Jlleanor M. teacher, 104 w Fa\ette 
Dudley Frederick M grocery, 255 Lifrht 
Dudley Mrs. Hannah, boarding, 60 Barre 
Dudley Hiram G. clerk, GT4 Lexinsiton 
Dudley Mrs. Hester A. boarding, 74 Henrietta 
Dudley Joseph, iron moulder, 101 n Spring 
Dudley Marcus L. (Porter & D.) 13 Warrea 
Dudley Peyton G. clerk, 11 Hill 
Dudley Richard, laborer, 101 n Spring 
Dudley Thomas, blacksmith, 41 Fiont n of 

Dudley Rev. Thomas W. 146 w Biddle 
Dudley Wm. G. CO Bnrre 
Dudrow Mrs. Bell, 76 Waifon 
Dud row Charhs, brakesman, 157 Vine 
Dudrow Chas. E dancing master,42 s Caroline 
Dudrow Clifton, clerk, 42 s Cari line 
Dudrow Geo. W. freight agent, 224 e Madison 
Dudrow Geo W. laborer, 42 s Caroline 
Dudrow Robert, enginei r, 157 Vine 
Duearkin James H. brickmnker, 634 Light 
Duer A. Adgate,(J. Duer & Son) 147 n Charles 
Duer Charles, 120 Aisquilh 
Duer Douglass H. clerk, 147 n Chnrles 

DUER JOHN & SON, (John Duer 
and A. A. Duer) Hardware and 
Slate Mantles, 24 S Charles street. 

Dufr John, (J. D. & Son) 147 n Charles 

Duer Ralph, ganger, 120 Aisquitb 

DUER SAMUEL, merchant miller, 38 and 53 

Commerce, dw 301 Ilollins 
Duerbeck Mrs. Mary, 102 Somerset 
Duerinp Chailes, (D., Kirk & Hemmell) 229 n 

Duering David T. huckster, 22 Ramsay 
Duering Mrs. David T.lnickstre5s, 122 Orchard jHnie.?, blacUsmiih, 122 Orchard 
DuMMiig Julius, co'-per, 213 8 Castle 
Duering, Kirk & llemnnell, (Chas. Duering, 

Henr>' Kiik, John C. Hemmell) carriage 

builders, 1 Orchard 
Duff Andrew, huckster, 233 e Madison 

Duff,t Burch, (Jas. Duff, Jas. A. Burch) sta- 
tionery and feriodicals, 7 n Holliday 
Duff Mrs. Cclesiine. dressmaker, 144 Aisquith 
Duff Charles W. clerk, 133 Harford av 
Duff Henry C. clerk. 351 e Baltimore 
Duff Jarae;, (D. k Burch) 115 s Broadway 
Duff James, stevedore, 131 Harford av 
Duff John, 121 Albemarle 
Duff J. Luiher, clerk. 323 e Pratt 
Duff J. Wm.(W.W.Webster&Co.)223ePratt 
Duff Kennedy, manager Franklin Telegraph 

Co. 21 South, dw 28 Camden 
Duff Patrick, drayman, 132 Scott 
Duff Thomas, laborer, 158 Chesnut 
Duffey Daniel, clerk, 98 s Eutaw 
Duffield Geo. E. glassblower, 196 Henrietta 
Duffiild Hiram, glassblower, 397 s Eutaw 
Duffy Bridget, grocery, 69 s Bethel 
Duffy Mrs. Catherine, 46 McMechin 
Duffy Mrs. Catherine, tailoress, 231 Forrest 
Duffy Mrs. Ellen, 77 Hillen 
Duffy Edward, attorney, 15 St. Paul, dw 

TowDsend betw John and Park av 
Duffy Frank, coachman, 79 Franklin 
Duffy James, laborer, 127 Albemarle 
Duffy James, laborer, 3 Littel al 
Duffy James, liquors, 55 Holland 
Duffy James (M. & J. Duffy) 4 Park av 
Duffy John, hackman, 14 Neighbor 
Duffy John, blacksmith, 364 William 
Duffy John P. moulder, 46 McMechin 
Diiffyr jirs. Mary, 116 n Schroeder 
DUFFY M. & J. grocery and feed, 164 Cathe- 
Duffy Michael, blacksmith, 222 Preston 
Duffy Michael, blacksmith, 239 Preston 
Duffy Michael (M. & J. Duffy) 67 Ciithedral 
Duffy O. T. printer, 69 s Bethel 
Duffy Patrick, tinner, 3 I-ittel al 
Duffy Patrick, laborer, 35 Haw 
Duffy Peter, pickler, 3 Littel al 
Duffy Peter, laborer, 141 s Chester 
Duffy Peter, laborer, 62 n Dallas 
Duffy Mrs. Sarah, 184 e Monument 
Dufly Th.omas, brakesman, 39 Scott 
Duffy Wm. laborer, 127 Albemarle 
Dufram John, laborer, 35 Raborg 
Dufer Wm. H. cigarmaker, G9 Columbia 
Dufur & Co. (G. J. Dufur and Francis Fow- 
ler) wire workers, 36 n Howard 
Dufur Geo. J. (J. Dufur & Co.) 69 Columbia 
Dufur Geo J. iron railings, 28 Marion, dw 

69 Columbia 
Dulur Orlando, jr. railingmkr, 69 Columbia 
Dufur Orlando, sr., railingmkr, 69 Columbia 
Dufur Wm. H. cigarmaker, 95 Harford av 
Dugan Alexander, clockmkr, 47 Constitution 
Dugan, Bowen & MiCabe (J. 0. Dugan, Jos. 
M. Bowen, G. W. E. McCabe) dry goods, 
cor Gay and High 
Dugan Catherine, 118 Ramsay 
DUGAN & COOPER (P.C. Dugan, J. Cooper) 
real estate and money brokers, 29 St. Paul 
railrd. and machinists supplies, 26 s Charles 
Dugan Cumberland (C. D. & Co.) Balto. co 
DugrtU Daniel, stonemason, 47 Constitution 
DCG.VN HAMMOND, attorney, 45 St. Paul, 

dw Balto. CO 
Dugan Henry, refectorian, Loyola College 
Dugan James, mariner, 74 Watson 
Dugan James, laborer, 93 Uarlord av 





Dugan John, jr. laborer, 93 Harford av 
Dugan John, 93 Harford av 
D:igaa John, laborer, 167 Dover 
Dugan Jolin, hostler, Pratt nr Para 
Dugan J. Osbi^rne auctioneer, 184 w Balti- 
more, dw 36 n Front 
Dugan J. Oiborue (Dugan, Bowen & McCabe) 

36 n Front 
Dugan Michael, laborer, 56 n Dallas 
Dugan Michael, laborer, rear 16 Concord 
Dugan Prttrick, laborer, rear IG Concord 
Du.aa Pierre C. (D. & Cooper) 85 Cathedral 
Dugas Lewis C. clerk to Kegister of Wills, 

152 Prarl 
Dugdale Geo. phosphate agt. over 55 Soath, 

dw Baltimore co 
Dugdale \Vm. clerk, 278 Lexington 
Dugeat Eli, carpenter, 394 e Monument 
Dugent Francis, jr. carpenter, Ensor nr Mon- 
Dugent Francis, grocery, 394 e Monument 
Dugent Frank, carpenter, 125 e Monument 
Duggm Anthony, carpenter, 62 e .Madison 
Duggan James, carpenter, 2 v> Centre 
Duggan James, barber, 27 w Lombard 
Duggan John, laboier, 12 Essex 
Dui<gan M'cbael, laborer, 43 Hillen 
Duggan Dr. Wm. A. chemist, over 61 Ex- 
change pi, dw 440 w Fayette 
Duglas Ella, 98 North 
Dahamel Dr. Wm. J. C. 214 n Howard 
Duhur=t Chas. H. druggist, 27 w Pratt, dw 1 

n Front 
Duhurst Mrs. Elizabeth, 217 Lexington 
Duhurst Frank, conductor, lOl s Poppleton 
Duhurst Henry P. pres't Firemen's lus. Co. 

1 n Front 
Duhurst Mrs. Mary, 1 Front 
Duhurst Wm. cooper, 204 Forrest 
Duinig S^ba'tian, butcher. 29 Good nan al 
Dujarie Eev. J. H., St. Mary's Seminary 
Duke A. W. apothecary, 178 e Eager 
Duke Jas. B. restaurant, 175 Norih 
Duke Jame? N. (Mills & D.) 38 n Calvert 
Duke Jas. S. clerk, 175 North 
Duke Susanna, 268 n Howard 
DUKEHART E. W. & SON, (E. W. and G. 

Dukehart) snufFmanufs. 29 s Calvert 
Dukehart Edward W. (E. W. D. & Son) 164 

Dukehart Fedor, photographer, 357 w Balti- 
Dukehart Graham, (E. W. D. & Son) 164 

Dukehart John, clerk, 164 Hanover 
Dukehart John, secrel'y Associated Firemen's 

Ins. Co., 25 n Giirnor 
Dukehart Capt.Jno. M. mariner, 378 w Fayette 
Dukehart Capt. Jwhn P. conductor, 513 w 

Dukehart J. <fe Co. (J. Dukehart) fishing 

tackle, twine, 130 w Baltimore 
Dukehart Jos. (J. D. & Co.) 201 Aisquith 
Dukehart ^Ury, 73 e Fayette 
Dukehart .Mrs.'Ottiliie. 357 w Baltimore 
Dukehart Robert W. hosemaker, basement 18 

Water, dw 439 w Fayette 
Dukehart Samuel L. citrk, 230 n Howard 
Dukehinrt Saml. M. storekeepi-r lut.Rev.Dep't 

at Distillery No. 1, dw Balto co 
Dukehwrl Simuel T. clerk, 67 n High 
Dukehart Mrs. Wm. 67 n High 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c. 

Rosendale Cement 6l Plaster. 

DUKEHART THOMAS M. prop'r Balto. Con- 
crete Works, 135 North, dw 205 Townsend 
Dukehart Wm. B. hosemakfr, 439 w Fayette 
Duker Heury, ^D. & Co.) 55 Albemarle 

DUKER & CO., (H. Duker and 
Otto Duker) B ox mak e rs and 
Steam Sawyers, S. W. cor. Lom- 
bard and "West Falls av. 

Duker John II. 55 Albemarle 

Duker Otto (D., Wilson k Co., and Duker & 

Co ) 79 s High 
Dukes I. Reyner, (Gould, D. & Co.) 3 Court- 
Dukes Jas. carpenter, 21« e Baltimore 
Dulaney Daniel, fireman, 186 McHenry 
Dulaney Henry S. bookkeeper, 86 Camden 
Dulaney Rev. Jas. H. 936 Lexington 
Dulany Daniel F. 43 n Gilmor 
Dulany & Eichler, (Mrs. S^rah Dulany, C. C. 

F. Eichler) merch't tailors, 52 n Howard 
DULANY & HOPKINS, (John M. Dulany, 
Joseph E. Hopkins) lamps and oih, over 
3 n Liberty 
Dulany H. R. (Ball & D.) 187 n Charles 
Dulany John, carter, 26 Willow 
Dulany John M. (D. & Hopkins) 316 Saratoga 
Dulany John N. (Norris& D.) 55 n Poppleton 
Dulany Mrs. Olivia, 187 n Charles 
Dulany Mrs. Sarah, (D. & Eichler) 316 Sara- 
Dulany T B. 43 n Gilmor 
Dulany Walter, (H. W. Rogers & Co.) 187 a 

Dulanv Mrs. Wm. 43 n Gilmor 
Dulany Wm. J. C. (Selby k D.) 336 Saratoga 
Duley'john C. moulder, 563 w Lombard 
Duley John C. jr. mo\ilder, 537 w Lombard 
Duley John, laborer. Eastern av nr Choptank 
Duley Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, 132j n Quj 
Dulin Dr. A. F. 83 w Monument 
Dulin Alex. F. 83 w Monument 
Dulin Wm. 83 w Monaraent 
Duliug John, fireman, 182 s Ana 
Dull Casper, fisherman, 40 Foriav 
Dull George, police, 109 West 
Dull Mrs. J. 222 Walsh, nr Townsend 
Dull John C. 62 w Fayette 
Dull Michael, police, 123 West 
Dumas Elizi, se.imstress, 49 Granby 
Dumax Penj. L. carpenter, 150 Mulberry 
Dumax Elizabeth 0. seamstress, 158 Pearl 
Dumax J"sepb, gasfilter, 15ft .Mulberry 
Duiiiax Mary E. dressmaker, 158 Pearl 
Dum^x Sarah, tiiloress, 158 Pearl 
DumboUon Frank A. clerk, 189 w Fayette 
Dumbolton H. R. clerk, 189 w Fayette 




Commission Mcrcliants and ctlicr rallies 

Who liave orders for a general assortment of 


Are invited to call at 

308 W. Baltimore St. 


Duraler Conrad, rags, 31 s Washington 
Dumler Geo. shoemaker and tobacconist, 253 

e Eager 
Dumler John F. collarmalier, 4G1 w Baltimore, 

dw 215 w Fajette 
Dumler Joseph, currier, 32G Aisquith 
Dumler Matthias, cooper, 60 n Schroeder 
Duuipbrey Mrs. Margaret, huckstress, rear 27 

n Greene 
Dumphy Patrick, 10 Diamond 
Dun John, laborer, 10 Russell 
Dun R. G. & Co. (R. G. Dun, Wm. G, Scar- 
lett) mercantile agency, over s e cor Balti- 
more and Charles 
Dun R. G. (R. G. D. & Co.) New York 
Dunan Louis, (Drakeley & Fenton, ) Balto. co 
Duoau Winfield S. sec'y Navassa Guano Co. 

2G4 Druid Hill av 
Dunahen Mrs. Elizabeth, teacher, 96 Druid 

Hill av 
Dunaway Thomas, distiller, 361 Hollins 
Dunbar John M. 151 w Lombard 
Dunbar Dr. John R. W. 151 w Lombard 
Dunbar R. Hay,*151 w Lombard 
Dunbar AVm. W. storekeeper esp. bonded 

warehouse, 66 w Centie 
Duabracco Mrs. M. M. dressmaker, 105 n 

Dunbracco Wm. T. clerk, 105 n Exeter 
Duncan Mrs. A. M. dressmaker, 90 s Sharp 
Duncan Ann, 77 Dawson al 
Duncan Mrs. Amelia A. notions, 263 Light 
Duncan David, 85 n Calvert 
Duncan Emily, 87 Cathedral 
Duncan George, 340 n Eutaw 
Duncan Howard, stonecutter, 111 Park av 
Duncan Helen, 87 Cathedral 
Duncan Isaac A. engineer, 27 Buren 
Duncan James, grocery, 23.9 Saratoga 
Duncan James, tailor, 25 e Pratt 
Duncan James H. conductor, 363 Cathedral 
Duncan James S. machinist 156 e Lombard 
Duncan James \V. wood inspector, 289 a Bond 
Duncan Jane, 87 Cathedral 
Duncan Jesse, bricklayer, 75 s Poppletoa 
Duncan John F. junk, 146 s Bond 
Duncan John G. clerk, 953 w Pratt 
Duncan John J. brickl.ayer, 521 Lexington 
Duncan Joseph, machinist, 98 s Fulton 
Duncan Jos. \V. (D., Rheia & Conaway) 144 

Duncan N. J. H. engineer, 177 n High 
Duncan, Rhein & Conaway, (J. W. Duncan, 
John Rhein, C. Conaway) carriage factory, 
u e cor Frederick and Second 
Duncan Richard M. fire dept. 87 EaD;cr 
Duncan Robl. stonecutter, 111 Park av 
Duncan Thomas M. engineer, 142 Hohins 
Dancaa Wm. C. police, 340 n Eutaw 

Duncan Wm. T. brassfinisher, 263 Light 
Dundon Mich'l, tobacconist, 267 Light 
Dundor James, carter, 55 Portland 
Dundor James, jr. tubmaker, 55 Portland 
Dundor Mrs. Lavinia C. 237 Cantou av 
Dundor Thomas, tubmaker, 55 Portland 
Dundor Wm. tubfiuisher, 55 Portland 
Dunfle Richard, machinist, Ramsay rr Strieker 
Dungan & Co. (L. Dungan) fish and commis. 

merch's. 79 South 
Dungan C. P. clerk, 357 w Fayette 
Dungan David, carpenter, 1 Scott 
Dungan H. clerk, 160 Chatsworth 
DuDgan Jesse, machinist, 1 Scott 
Dungan Joshua, tailor, 157 e Eager 
Dungan Louis, (D. k Co.) 274 e Biltimore 
Dungan Mrs L. L. variety store, 59 e Baltimore 
Dungan Mrs. Ruth, 267 Saratoga 
Dungan Theodore; clerk, 267 Saratoga 
Dungan Wm. W. engineer U. S. N. 337 e Balti- 
Dungan Wilkinson, 357 w Fayette 
Dunham Azoriah,(A. D. k Co.) Somerset Pa 
Dunham A. & Co. (A. Dunham, A. Martinez) 

com. raerchs. over 40 w Pratt 
Dunham Rev. Francis B. 23 s Cilhoun 
Dunham Samuel E. clerk, 23 s Calhoun 
Dunigan Daniel, paper cvrrier, 65 President 
Dunigan Jas. C. A. shipjoiner, 135 Bank 
Dunigan Jas. C. shipjoiuer, 100 s Washingtoa 
Dunigan Patrick, 23U Gough 
Dunigan Mrs. Rosa, 80 O'Donnell 
Dunigan Thos. shipjoiner, 100 s Washingtoa 
Dunigan William, 191 Bank 
Dunkel Joseph, laborer, 143 Low 
Dunkell Mrs. Sarah N. 600 Lexington 
Dunkerly Geo. L. watch case maker, 29 w 

Dunkerly George W. machinist, Washington 

av exi'd 
Dunkers Frank, laborer, 305 Aliceanna 
Dunkes Henry, dyer, 139 Forrest 

DUNLAP A. H. Wholesale and Re- 
tail Grocer, cor Howard and Lex- 
ington Sts. dw 244 Saratoga 

DUNLAP C. LEWIS, Wholesale 
and Retail Dealer in Flour, Teas, 
Wines, Groceries, &c., 13 w Bal- 
timore St. dw 3 n Front 

Dunlap Charles, 249 Mulberry 
Dunlap Charles, 244 Saratoga 
DanUj) Cbas. brakesman, 125 Conway 
Dunlap hliza J. teacher, 96 n Central av 
Dunlap Hugh, Sind excavator, 465 Saratoga 
Dunlap Jotin, engineer U.S.N. 49 s Stockton qI 
Dun!!ip John, shoemaker, 344 Light 
Dunlap Samuel, cU-rk, Miller's hotel 
Dunlap Mrs. Margaret, 73 3 Sharp 
Dunlap .Maggie, music teacher, 96 n Central av 
Dunlap .Mary, teacher, 96 n Centnil av 
Dunlap Thos. II. couductor, 205 Montgomery 
Dunlap ^\'ra. book agent, 96 n av 
Dunlap Wm. jr. bookkeeper, 96 n Central av 
Dunlay Michael, shoemaker, 163 I'eirce 
Dunlevy Tnomas C. 91 Mulb.u-ry 
Dualop Joseph 0, 45 s Oregon 




Dunn An'lrew, tailor, 126 n Schroeder 

Dunn Andrew J. grocery, foot of Washington 

Dunn Andrew, huckster, 29 s Carey 

Dunn Mrs. Ann, 159 Conway 

Dunn Barbara, grocery, 37 Raborg 

Dunn Beoj. F. clerk, 402 Lexinjiton 

Dunn Bernard, laborer, 101 n Front 

Dunn Mrs. Bridget, 59 n High 

Dunn Christopher, canmaker, 417 w Pratt 

Dunn Chas. S. H clerk, 181 n Eden 

Dunn Chs. carp'r.TS Hargrove al,dw6 Grundy 

Dunn C. Irwin, (Haberiham & Co.) 234 n 

Dunn Christopher J. trunkmaker, 20 Stiles 
Dunn Daniel H. bookkeeper, 20 3 Greene 
Dunn Edward, type founder, 521 w Fayette 
Dunn Edward, tavern, 116 North 
Dunn Edward, curiier, 8 Foundry 
Dunn Edward T. paymaster U. S. N., 234 n 

Dunn Edw'd H. (Thorpe & Co.) Baltimore co 
Dunn Mrs. Ellen, 145 s Chester 
Dunn Mrs. Frances, 534 w Pratt 
Dunn Mrs. Frances, 192 Vine 
Dunn Fred'k, hostler, 29j n Greene 
Dunn Gao. laborer, 37 Uahorg 
Dunn Geo W. huckster, 33 Warren 
Dunn Geo. W. conductor, 159 Conway 
Dunn Henry, carter, 534 w Pratt 
Dunn James F. druggist, n w cor Hoffman 

and Eu aw 
Duni Jrtm s, watchman, 54 Centre Market sp 
Dunn John, shoemaker, 22 n Poppletoa 
Dunn John, c.itle, 29 s Carey 
Dunn John, painter, 10 Russell 
Dunn Jjlin, shoemaker. 134 Camden 
Dunn John, h.ickrnan, 24 Constitution 
Dunn Johu J. clerk, 20 Stiles 
Dunn John C. stove moulier, 3 Scott 
Dunn John S. stonecutier, G19 w Pratt 
Dunn Joseph, grocery, 87 Chesnut 
Dunn Joseph, huckster, 81 York 
Dunn Joseph, shoemaker, 17 Jew al 
Dunn Joseph L. clerk, 66 n Carey 
Dunn Joseph L. 170 n Eden 
Dunn Julia, teacher, 159 Conway 
Dunn Marshall, engineer, 181 n Eden 
Dunn .Martin, shoemaker, 22 n Poppletoa 
Dunn .Mrs. Mary, 142 s Central av 
Dunn Mary J. 170 n Eden 
Dunn Mrs. M. E. boarding, 88 Hanover 
Dunn Michael, laborer, 12 Grove al 
Dunn Michael, hack stables, 156 n Calvert 
Dunn Michael, furn. wagon, 14 n Oregon 
Dunn Patrick, laborer, Hudson al nr Federal 
Dunn Patrick, laborer, 71 s Chapel 
Dunn Patrick, laborer. East av n of Caatoa 
Dunn Paul, laborer, 38 Harford av 
Dann Peter, tailor 101 n Front 
Dunn Peter, carter, 29 Union 
Dunn Peter, hostler, 83 Luzerne 
Dunn Peyton A. (D., Todd & Co.) C6 n Carey 
Dunn R. A. salesman, 159 Conway 
Dunn R. H. clerk, 159 Conway 
Dunn Rebecca, 391 Lexington 
Dunn R. H. clerk, 29 s Broadway 
Dunn Richard, rigger, 20 Siiles 
Dunn Robert, laborer, 75 Barra 
Dunn Rody, laborer, 142 s Central av 
Dunn Samuel, butcher, 245 Light 
Dunn Thomas, laborer, 190 Lemmoa al 
Dunn Thomas, laborer, 66 n Dallas 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 


conbta.\ti.y fob sale 

Clover, TiniotJiy Seed, cOc. 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Dunn Mrs. Thomas, 54 s Orejoa 
Dunn Thomas, catile, 29 8 Carey 
Dunn Thomas, 33 s Regester 
Dunn Timothy, carter, 22 Dawson al 
DUXX, TODD & CO., (P. A. Dunn, B. Todd, 
John S. Reese) com. merchants, over 44 
Dunn Walter F. ■wagoner, 105 Ensor 
Dunn s\"m. A. iron moulder, 170 n Eden 
Dunn Wm. E. raaiiner, 10 L Gough 
Dunn Wm. laborer, 23 s Regester 
Dunn Wm. conductor, 159 Conwav 
Dunn Wra. W. bookkeeper, 17 s Howard 
Dunuavant Thos. J. canmaker, 18 Warner 
Dunner James, laborer, 12 w Madison 
DUXN'ETT WM. plumber, 171 n Eutaw 
Dunnigan Jane, 65 President 
Dunning Joseph H. oyster packer, 172 Light 

St. whf, dw 153 Barre 
Dunning Wm. huckster, 123 Low 
Dunning Wm. E. oyster packer, 215 Bank 
Dunnington Wra. A. plaster mill, lower end 

Hughes, nr the Basin, dw 45 McCulloh 
Dunnock Mrs. E. P. 56 Barre 
Duaphy Mrs. Fanny, 1 Wills 
Duns John S. marble cutter, 32 Concord, dw 

619 w Pratt 
Dunsmore Jno. M. telegraphist, 292 n Howard 
Dunstbier Conrad, laborer, 192 s Bond 
Dunster Harry, shoemaker, 61 s Caroline 
Dupont Adam, gold beater, 35 n Frederick 
Duram Philip, teacher, 28 s High 
DURAND JOHN H. k SON, (J. H. and T.W. 
Durand) rope manut's, n e cor Eden and 
John, and 132 w Pratt 
Durand John H.( J. H. D. & Son) 265 e Diddle 
Durand Thos. W. (John H.D. & Son)250 o Bid- 
Durbeck George, tailor, 27 s Washiogton 
Durborow Hammond, 359 Lexington 
Durding Anna D. confectionery, 160 e Balti- 
Durding John E. clerk, 463 Light 
Durding John T. grocer, and comm'r for 

opening streets, 464 Light, dw 463 
Durding Leander A. printer, GilmornrMosher 
Durell Mrs. Sarah, 202 Gough 
Durgert August, cooper, 57 Eastern av 
Durham Albert, furn. wagoner, 83 s Chester 
Durham Alexander, laborer, 83 s Chester 
Durham Ann, upholstress, 3 Garden 
Durham Mrs. Catherine, 490 w Baltimore 
Durham Columbus R. bricklayer, 05 Conway 
Durham James, laborer, 123 s Chester 
Durham James M. helper, 93 Chesapeake 
Durham Jerome, restaurant, 133 s Broadway 
Durham John \V. engineer, 94 Hamburg 
Durham John, canmaker, 39 Giltings 
Durham John, (D. k Sohl) 490 w lialtimore 




Commission Illercliaiits and other Tartics 

Who have orders for a general assortment of 


Are invited to call at 

308 W. Baltimore ^t. 


Durham Mrs. Mary, 504 w Baltimore 
Diii-lmm 5[rs. Rhoda, grocery, 15 New 
Durham Samuel, painter, 9-t Hamburg 
Durham & Sohl, (Joha Durham, Henry S. 
Siihl) hosiery, gloves, &o. 490 vv Baltimore 
Durham Wm. constable, 94 Hamburg 
Durham Wra. shoemaker 271 Eastern av 
Durham Mrs. Z. 327 n Eutavv 
Durigtm Ernst, turner, 280 a Charles 
Durkee Ileor^ H. police, 315 e Monument 
Durkre Mrs. Julia, tailoress, 315 e .Monument 
Durkiu John, laborer, 138 s Castle 
Duikin John, laborer, 72 Durst al 
Durkin Wm. brick'naker, 544 Light 
Durkiii Patrick, l.iboter, 138 s Castle 
Durm Jacob, confectionery, 411 Light 
Durm John, tinner, 30 Gitlings 
Durra \ym. laborer, 39 Gitiing^ 
Durnell Mrs. Ann, millinery, 137 Saratoga 
Durning Mary, grocery, 147 n Central av 
Durocher Augustus 11. 10 Waverly Terrace 
Durow Frederick, laborer, 248 3 Eutaw 
Durr Francis, 177 n Eutaw 
Durr Ohavlcs L. painter, 607 Penna av 
Durr Wm. carpenter, 753 w Baltimore 
Durrine John, driver, 12G Saratoga 
Durst k Fos3,(J. U. Dur:t,G.L.Foss)raanurac. 

cotton waddiug and batting, 37 Abey al 
Durst John U. (D. & Fos3) 307 Light 
Dusch Henry, sr. laborer, 200 e Eager 
Dusch Henry, jr. laborer, 200 e Eager 
Dusche Francis, laborer, 30 Abbot 
Dushane Albert, clerk, 345 w Fayette 
Dushane Mrs. Elizabeth, 345 w Fayette 
Dushane Mrs. H. A. 8 Cathedral 
Dushane James A. clerk, 345 w Fayette 
DUSHANE JOHN T.apothecary,559 w Fayette 
Dushane Jno. A. paper, 40 s Charles, d\v Bal- 
timore CO 
Dushane Mrs. Col. N. T 59 n Paca 
Dushane Valentine, bookk'pr, 285 w Lombard 
Dustin Wm. N. restaurant, 152 Franklin 
Dussinger Barbara, tailoress, 898 w Pratt 
Dusing Frank, cabinetmaker, 89 e Lombard 
Dutee Wm. 40 President 
Dutrow Chas. E. harnessmaker, 157 Vine 
Dutrow Robt. H. engineer, 157 Vine 
Dutrow Wm. papfrhanger, 95 n Fremont 
Dutton Geo. H. (John T. Mitchell & Co.) 596 

Dutton John, lime Inspector, 1 s Exeter 
Dutton John R. furniture, 381 n Gay 
Dutton Mrs. M;iry A. 325 o Pratt 
Dutton Capt. Nathan, mariner, 17 n Broadway 
Du Val E. B. agt Penn Mutual Ins. Co. 10 8 

Holliday, dw 1G3 w Lombard 
Duval Peter, stonecutter, 212 Penna av, dw 

297 Iloflman 
Duvaliu John H. blacksmith, 207 n Central av 

Duvall Algernon, talesman, 396 w Fayette 
Duvt»ll Mrs. Arolina, 557 e Fayette 
Duvall Anna E. teacher, 115 n Schroeder 
Duvall Augusta E. music teacher, 127 Hanover 
Duvall A. S. clerk, 45 s Howard 
Duvall Algie, clerk, 396 w Fayette 
Duvall Mrs. Ann E. boarding, 86 n Charles 
DuvaU Benj. blacksmith, 33 s Calhoun 
Duvall Chns. clerk, 86 Camden 
Duvall C. B. gen'l agt. 163 w Lombard 
Duval! Chas. (Moorhcad & I) ) l8l Franklin 
Duvall Mrs. E. R. 197 n Howard 
Duvall E. Harry, clerk, 46 n Liberty 
Duvall Elizabeth, 289 Light 
Duvall Frederick, engineer, 186 Lee 
Duvall Geo. W. clerk, 183 German 
Duvall Geo. W. shoemaker, 108 Hilled 
Duvall Geo. W. clerk, 177 Chesnut 
Dnvall Georgie A tencher. 86 n Charles 
Duvall Harry L. clerk, 233 St. Paul 
Duvall Henry C clerk, 73 s Sharp 
Duvall Henry, (D. & Iglehart) 26 Hollins 
Duvall Henry, moulder, 247 Hollins 
Duvall Henry C. conductor 215 Barre 
Duvall H. R. clerk, 197 n Howard 
Duvall & Iglehart, (H. Duvall, G. L. Igle- 
hart) com. merchs. 128 Light st. whf 
Duvall Jacob R. grocery, 398 Franklin 
Duvall John H. carpenter, 79 Boyd 
Davall John, blacksmith, 125 Franklin 
Duvall James K. patternmaker, cor Boston 

and Clinton 
Duvall James T. bookbinder, cor Fayette and 

Duvall Jesse, keeper Mount Royal Reservoir 
Duvall John R. ch'rk, 197 n Howard 
Duvall John M. clerk, 86 n Charles 
Duvall Mrs. Mary E. 250 Hollins 
Duvall Mary A. boarding, 86 Camden 
Duvall Nellie, 286 w Fayette 
Duvall Nicholas C. wheelwright 190 East 
Dnvall Luther, plowmaker, 132 Lee 
DuvaU Rich.T. paperhanger, 115 n Schroeder 
Duvall Ridgely, bookkeeper, 20 Read 
Duvall Robt. E. asst. Hour insp. 274 w Pratt, 

dw Harford co 
Duvall Mrs. Ruth A. dressmaker, 108 Ilillea 
Dnvall Samuel W. clerk, 118 Hillen 
Duvall Sarah F. tailoress, 89 Mullikin 
Duvall S. Turner, clerk, 26 HoUius 
Duvall Thomas, painter, 286 Orleans 
Duvall Thos. J. shoemaker, 75 n Caroline 
Duvall Trueman (N. R. Darby & Co.) lol s 

DUVALL WM. A. grocer, s e cor Druid Hill 

av and Preston 
Duvall Mrs. Wm. B. 233 St. Paul 
Duvall Wm. B. jr. clerk, 233 St. Paul 
Duvall Wm. carpenter, 588 w Lombard 
Duvall Wm. H. clerk, 270 w Biddle 
Duvall Wm. C. bookkeeper, 46 n Liberty 
DUVE JULIUS J. gen'l ins. agt. and broker, 

230 e Fayette 
Duwan Mrs. Eliza, seamstress, 59 Lcadenball 
Dweller Lewis, laborer, 210 e Ciinse 
Dwindle Dr. Jas. E. s e cor Broadway and 

Dwyer Capt. Albert, 286 Mulberry 
Dwyer Daniel, bricklayer, 286 Franklin 
Dwyer Capt. Franklin, mariner, 98 Preston 
Dwyer Geo. W. cigarraaker, 353 e Monument 
Dwyer Henry, blacksmith, 30 a Oregon 





Dwyer James, horseshoer, 55 n High, dvv 

Lombard nr Jones Falls 
Dwjer Jeremiah, laborer, 10 South 
Dwjer John, basketmake-, 97 n Eutaw 
Dwyer Michael, blacksmith, 99 n Ceatral av 
Dwjer Patrick, laborer, 22 Ramsaj 
Dw^er Peter, potter, 30 n Oregon 
Dwjer Timothy, laborer, 127 Boyd 
Dwjer Wra. blacksmith, 30 n Oregoa 
Dyer Benj. flour and feed, 49 n Paca 
DYER, HILL & CO. (J. and T. Dyer and 

Clement D. Hill) gen. com. merchants, 8 

Dyer Jacob S. machinist, 2 Ramsay 
Dyer James, laborer, 231 Forrest 
Dyer Jere. (Dyer, Hill & Co.) llSTownsead 
Dyer John J. clerk, 171 n Howard 
Dyer John, mariner, 159 s Dallas 
Dyer Levi R. machinist, 2 Ramsay 
Dyer Thos. shoemaker, Starr hotel 
Dyer T. Baker, (Dyer, Hill & Co.) 106 Town- 
DYER WALTER & SOX (Walter and W. J. 

L. Dyer) grocers, s w cor Lexington and 

Dyer Walter J. L. (Walter D. & Son) 336 

Dyer Walter (Walter D. & Son) Balto. co 
Dyott John C. carbuilder, 17 Mott 
Dyrenf'uth Solomon, furs, wool and rags, 27 

Dysart Moses A. collector, 150 Aisquith 
Dyson Elias T. carpenter, 234 Hollius 


Eachus Edwin, dry goods, s w cor Pratt and 

Hanover, dw Penna av nr Northern av 
Eachus Mrs. Jane, Penna avnr Northern av 
Eaden Adolph, laborer, 173 s Wolfe 
Eader John W. carpenter, Mount nr Lexington 
Eagan John, laborer, lO Armistea^ la 
Eagan John, grocery, 38 Towsoa 
Eagan Robert, 92 n Ann 
Eagle Hotel, 132 Hillen, W. H. Kelley, propr 
Eagle, Judik & Co. (Wm. H. E. and Joseph 

H. Judik) lumber, cor Canton and Falls avs 
Eagle Wra. H. (E., Judik & Co) Pa 
Eagleston Charles, bacon, n e cor Orleans and 

Ealey Wm. H shipcarpenter, 118 Bank 
Eames Henry E. belt and hose manufac'r, 25 

Light, dw 128 s Paca 
EAMES WM. A. manufacturers' supplies and 

manufr. leather belting, 25 Light, dw 128 

s Paca • 
Eamma John, basketmaker, 238 s Ann 
Eardley Solomon, potter, G2 Albemarle 


EARECKSON C. P. (Successor to 
P. F. Pope) General Commission 
Merchant and wholesale dealer 
in Mackerel, Herring, Cod Fish, 
Hake, and Salt Fish of all kinds. 
No. 85 South St., dw 286 n Eden. 
Orders thankfully received. 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster, 

EARECKSON DR. EDWIN, apothecary, n e 

cor Baltimore and High 
Eareckson Geo. machinist, 158 e Monument 
Eareckson Mrs. Henrietta. 158 e Monument 
Eareckson Dr. Roderick W. 9G Hanover 
EARECKSON V. 0. lumber merchant, West 

Falls av, dw 80 e Pratt 
Eirbart Geo. W. jr. police, 202 Linden av 
Earhart Geo. W prop'ty agt. 282 Penna. av 
Earhart John, paper carrier, Bclair av nr Bal- 
timore cemetery 
Earl John, restaurant, 86 German, dw 105 

Earland Mrs. Frances, 39 Henrietta 
Earlougher James P. 113 Aisquith 
Earlougher John M. clerk, 113 Aisquith 
Early Bernard, taiior, 113 n Eden 
Early Clinton, laborer, 84 Harrison, Canton 
Early Eugene A. altoraey, 32 St. Paul, dw 93 

n Front 
Early Mrs. Flora, nurse, 84 Harrison, Canton 
Early John D. paying teller Commercial and 

Farmers' Nat'l Bank, 396 Eutaw pi 
Early Rev. John, Pres't Loyola Colle;;e, 3 w 

cor Calvert and Madison 
Early Thos. wheelwright, 53 e Mad'son 
Early Thos. jr. patternmaker, 53 e Madison 
Early Wm. watchman, over 84 Centre Mktsp 
Earnest Ann, 186 n Calvert 
Earp Mrs. Elizibetfa, nurse, 3T9 Franklin 
Earp John, shoemaker, 136 Druid Hill av 
Easley Mrs. Emily, trimmings, 300 Eustern av 
Easley John T. shipcarpenter, 300 Eastern av 
Easley Thomas, bontbuilder, 183 s Ann 
Easley Wm. H. shipcarpenter, 124 s Regester 

East Caleb J. farmer, 3 s Oregoa 
East Mrs. Elizabeth, 35 Perry 
East Henry, porter, 23 Perry 
East Mrs. Jarob, 108 Low 
East John, laborer, 39 Brown 
Easter Mrs. Barbara, HI West 
Easter Chas. E. (H. E. & Sons) Balto co 
E. Easter, Chas. E. Waters) imports, job- 
bers and retailers of dry goods, 199, 201 
and 203 w Baltimore 
Easter Hamilion, (II. E. & Sons) Liberty rd 
Easter Henry, briikmaker. 111 West 
Eiister Henry H. clerk, 266 n Howard 
Etstfr John, jr. 2GG n Howard 
Easter John G. cigarmaker, Frederick rd nr 

Easter Mrs. Mary, 2G6 n Howard 
Easter Peter, brickmaker, 408 s Charles 
Easter Stanley, printer, 119 n Exeter 
Eastern A v. M. E. Church, Eastern av. near 




Commission Merchants and otlicr Parties 

Who have orders for a general assortment of 



Are invited to call at 

308 W. Baltimore St. 


Eastern City Spring, bounded bj Eden, Lom- 
bard, Pratt and Spring 
Eastern Dispensarj, n e cor Baltimore and 

Central av 
Eastern Iltiy Scales, s e cor Buren and Mon- 
Eastern Police Station, cor Bank and Bethel 
Eastman Henry W. (E.& Rogers) 15 Columbia 
EASTMAN & ROGKRS, (H. W. E., Wm. F. 

Rogers) furniture, 49 Hanover 
Eastman I3r. Lewis M. 340 Lexington 
Easton Mrs. Hester J. boarding, 94 e Baltimore 
EASTON & McMAHON, (J. T. Easton, J. 
McMahon) sbipningand com. merch's, over 
45 w Pratt 
Easton Lewis, mariner, 263 s Dallas 
Easton Mrs. Margaret, dressmaker, 453 w 

Eastwood George H. sailmaker, 234 e Madison 
Eastwood iV. laborer, Lanvale la nr Green- 
mount av 
EATUN BROTHERS & CO. (G. N. and H. C. 
Eaton) dry goods com. merch'ts, German 
bet. Light and Charles 
Eaton Charles J. M. 52 Mt. Vernon place 
Eaton George N. (E. Bros. & Co.) 80 Fianklin 
Eaton Hooper C. (E Bros. & Co.) 92 Park 
Eaton Isham, laborer, 199 William 
Eaton John G. shoemaker, 9G s Sharp 
Ea'on Joseph T. carpenter, 94 e Baltimore 
Eaton John T. boilermaker, 97 Hamburg 
Eaton Mary Ann, 32(J w Lombard 
Eaton Robinson, driver, 102 s Chester 
Eaton Thos. carmaker, 102 s Chester 
Eaton William H. ofiScer at penitentiary, dw 

Harford av ext 
Eaton Wm. H. shoemaker, 327 Aisquith 
Ebardt Raymond, butcher, 34 Hanover and 8 
Hollins market, dw Garrison la nr Fred- 
erick rd 
Ebaugh Andrew C. driver, 160 George 
Ebaugh David F. ladies' shoes, 19G n Eutaw 
Ebaugh Edwin R. laborer, 293 n Howard 
Ebaugh Francis A. clerk, 173 n Eutaw 
Ebaugh Francis T. plasterer, GGl Penna av 
Ebaugh Guly E. dressmaker, 173 n Eutaw 
Ebaugh H. watchmaker, 111 n Gay 
Ebaugh Henry, jr. watchmaker, 111 n Gay 
Ebaugh Hy. H. cigarmaker, 554 w Baltimore 
Ebaugh Jacob, huckster, cor Clifton and 

Penna av 
Ebaugh Joseph, 129 Division 
Ebaugh Wm. laborer, 661 Penna av 
E'laugh Wm. II. carpenter, 412 Division 
Ebbcghausen Henry, tobacco, 256 Canton av 
Ebberly Augustus, ironfinisher, 140 e Fayette 
Ebberman Barney, foreman, 10 w Lombard 
Ebberts Geo. cigarmaker, 20 s Kepublican 
Ebberts Geo. U. laborer, Fulton nr Pratt 

Ebberts Lemuel, cigarmaker, 20 s Republican 
Ebberts Sylvester, laborer, 54 s Republican 
Ebberts Wm. II. machinist, 43 s Calhoun 
Ebberwein Wm. F. collector, 224 n Dallas 
Ebel Conrad, carter, 1G5 s Regester 
Ebel Jacob, tailor, G77 w Baltimore 
Ebeler Ernest H. cutter, C8 Mulberry 
Ebeler John H. marker, 260 s Sharp 
Ebeling August, laborer, 10 w Lombard 
Ebelwein Mrs. Mary, 161 J s Regester 
Eben Henry D. cigarmaker, 74 s Caroline 
Ebenezer (African) M. E. Church, Montgomery 

bet Hanover and Charles 
Eberhart Chas. engineer, 300 s Sharp 
Eberbart Edward M. clerk, 92 s Howard 
Eberhart Mrs. Eliza, 101 Cross 
Eberhart Geo. carpenter, 138 e Lombard 
Eberhart Geo. F. tinner, 101 Cross 
Eberhart Geo. jr. wheelwright, 138 e Lombard 
Eberhart Geo. B. tinner, 2 Henrietta 
Eberhart Henry, 134 McHenry 
Eberhart John G. brickmaker, 134 McHenry 
Eberhart Lewis, laborer, 179 West 
Eberhart Mrs. Martin, 92 s Howard 
Eberhart Samuel, tinner, 278 s Shiirp 
Eberhart Wm. baggage agt, 92 s Howard 
Ebering Van Horn, 91 s Wolfe 
Eberle Jos. stoves and tinware, 123 J n Front 
Eberle Philip, tioner, 123j n Front 
Eberlein Anton, cigarmaker, 84 Gougli 
Eberlein Chas. porter, 127 Saratoga 
Eberlein Geo. cooper, 189 s Ann 
Eberlein John, blacksmith, 13 George al 
Eberlein Mrs. Kate, confect'y, 127 Saratoga 
Eberlein Michael, sawyer, 127 Saratoga 
Eberline John, laborer, 183 s Chapel 
Ebers Mrs. Ann, 223 Aliceanna 
Ebert Chas. laborer, Stockholm nr Eutaw 
Ebert Conrad, liborer, 354 s Eutaw 
Ebert Frederick, tailor, 272 s Sharp 
Ebert John C. pianomaker, 54 Leadenhall 
Ebert Jcseiih, musician, 39 n Central av 
Ebert Mrs. Mary, rear 35 Lancastt-r 
Ebert Octavius A. (0. A. Ebert & Co.) 62 w 

Ebert 0. A. & Co. (0. A. Ebert) com. mer- 
chants, 11 Patterson 
Ebert Peter, tailor, 191 n Bethel 
Ebert Wm. F. glassblower, 358 s Sharp 
Eberwein Wra. F. locksmith, 224 n Dallas 
Ebinger Frederick, laborer, 93 Plum al 
Eble Conrad, shoemaker, 70 n Caroline 
Eblien Michael, porter, 63 s Eutaw 
Ebling Conrad, laborer, 297 Franklin 
Ebner Martin, shoemaker, 196 Hollins 
Ebsworth Mrs. Ann, 3G3 e Lombaid 
Ebs worth Daciel, carpenter, 359 e Lombard 
Ebsworth David, carpenter, 361 e Lombard 
Ebsworth Zachariah, 363 e Lombard 
Eccles Samuel, jr. ( Eccles, Thorns & Co.) 148 

w Biddle 
Eccles Wm. 148 w Biddle 
ECCLES, TIIOMS k CO. (S. Eccles, jr., J. B. 
Thoms, E. T. Robb, P. Thoms) Canton 
Steam Sugar Refinery, office cor Commerce 
and Exchange pi 
Ecclesfon Frank, lithographer. 193 n Eden 
Eccleston Geo. carpenter, 52 Jefferson 
Eccleston James, shoemaker, 193 n Eden 
Eccleston John A. bricklayer, 193 n Eden 
Eccleston Robert E. blacksmith, 256 Green- 
mount av 




Eccleston Mary, 52 Jcfftrson 

Eccleston Wm. W. coach painter, 193 n Eden 

Ech Ilearj, clothing cutter, 44 Clay 

Echer II. laborer, 256 s Broadway 

Echler John, blacks'th, St. Peter nr Columbia 

Eck August, tailor, 107 Jefferson 

Eck Chas. laborer, 123 Granfay 

Eck Frederick, lager beer, 10 n Frederick 

Eck Henry, tobacconist, 195 Eastern av 

Eck John, laborer, 250 s Durham 

Eck Lewis, 209 Cross 

Eck Philip, shoemaker, 30 e Pratt 

Eck Philip, shoemaker, 159 3 Paca 

Ecke Charles, laborer, 70 Granby 

Eckart John C. beer, 1T6 Cross 

Eckart John, wagoner, 357 s Charles 

Ecktl Conrad, baker, 55 s Caroline 

Eckel Mrs. Eliza, teacher, 600 w Fayette 

Eckell Adam, tailor, 47 Abbot 

Eckelmann Herman H. cigarmaker, 10 w 

Eckelmann Herman S. grocer, 45 Centre Mar- 
ket space 
Eckelmann Mrs. Sophia, beer, 10 w Lombard 
Eckels Louis, carter, 90 Eastern av 
Eckels Thoma?, brakesman, 449 w Lombard 
Eckels Wm. A. helper, 20 Ogston 
Eckerdt Wm. uphohterer, 260 s Sharp 
Eckert Adam, oyster?, 249 e Monument 
Eckert Andrew, wagoner, 6 Gist nr Canton av 
Eckert Christian, restaurant, 17 Dover 
Eckert Edward, marble polishtr, 14 Addison 
Eckert Mrs. Hannah, 1C9 King 
Eckert Henry, 35 China 
Eckert John C. engineer, 154 Peirce 
Eckert Joseph, tailor, 11 n Wolfe 
Eckert Lewis, carpenter, 11 Stockton al 
Eckert Louis, barkeeper, 3 Wa'er 
Eckert Martin, laborer, 141 Vine 
Eckert Mrs. Teresa Ann, 119 n Paca 
Eckert Vincent C. S. ganger, cusioms, 315 e 

Eckert Wm. cooper, 169 King 
Eckert Wm. laborer, 25 Neighbor 
Eckes Henry, lager beer, 58 Eastern av 
Eckes John, wagoner, 44 Hammond al 
Eckhardt Caroline, millinery, 387 Light 
Eckhardt Charles, baker, 118 Burgundy al 
Eckhardt Charles, shipcarpenter, 16 Abey al 
Eckhardt Charles, stonemason, 274 Hamburg 
Eckhardt Conrad L. paperhanger, 5 n High 
Eckhardt Conrad, machinist, 387 Light 
Eckhardt Henry, boilermaker, 135 Hamburg 
Eckhardt Henry, cooper, 470 Saratoga 
Eckhardt Henry, machinist, 23 Brown 
Eckhardt Henry, (E. & Ochs) 140 e Pratt 
Eckhardt J. & Co. (J. Eckhardt, H. Liesegang) 

liquors, 130 Barre 
Eckhardt Jacob, (J. E. & Co.) 130 Barre 
Eckhardt John, wbipmaker, Butler nr Hen- 
Eckhardt John, cooper, wagon al nr Amity 
Eckhardt John, laborer, 49 n Spring 
Eckhardt Louis, jr. beer, 11 Brown 
Eckhardt Louis, wheelwriaht, 264 s Howard 
Eckhardt Louis, (Wm. Kastens k Co ) and 
gilder, over 246 w Baltimore, dw 26 Albe- 
Eckhardt Louis, sr. shoemaker, 387 Light 
Eckliardt & Ochs, (H. Eckhardt, Geo. Ochs) 

coal, In Central av 
Eckhart Edward, stonecutter, 14 Addison 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 
Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Eckman Geo. T. drayman, 77 Frederick av 
Eckstein John, burrstone bldr. 14 President 
Eckstine George, paver, 514 Penna av 
Eckstine Geo. J. laborer, 514 Penna av 
Eckstine Geo. carpenter, CI Harrison 
Eckstine John, carpenter, 494 n Fremont 
Eckstine Lewis, paver, 514 Penna av 
Ecksturm Christian, boxraaker, 217 L Hughes 
Ecksturm Henry, stovemoulder, 168 s Wash- 

Frank A. Tormey, Manager for 
Maryland, Delaware and the Dis- 
trict of Columbia, Office 16 Post- 
office av 

Eddins Pvichfird 0. harnessmkr, 182 Hanover 

Eddy Rev. Thos. M. 195 w Fayette 

Edell Henry, tailor, 21 St James 

Edel August, blacksmth, Waesche nr Fremont 

Edel Henry J. tailor, 368 e Eao;ir 

Edel Joseph, painter, 368 e Eager 

Edel Josiah, (J. E & Sons) 257 Harford av 

Edel Josiah & Sons, (J. S. T. and John W. 

Edel, John Sheppard), butter, &c. corner 

Charles and Centre and 257 Harford av 
Edel John W. (Josiah E. k, Sons) Balta. co 
Edel Philip, tailor, 3C3 e Eiger 
Edel Philip, jr. cigarmaker, 363 e Eager 
Edel Saml. T. (J. E. k Sons) 257 Harford av 
IMelen Alex, chrk, 6 Franklin 
Edeler Chas. H. clerk, 520 Lexineton 
Edeler Mrs. E. confectionery, 80 Penna av 
Edeler Edward, harnessmaker, 142 Forrest 
Edeler Ernest W. harnessmaker, 346 w Pratt 
Edelman August, shoemaker, 56 Portland 
Edelman Francis, baker, 232 n Gay 
Edelman John H. butcher, 14 Cross at market, 

dw 108 Jackson Square av 
Edelman Jacob, carter, 167 s Eden 
Edelman Philip .M. 868 w Baltmore 
Edelman Thos. S bricklayer, 214 e Chase 
Edelman Valentine, laborer, over 80 Centre 

market sp. 
EDELMANN RAMBART J. wheelwright, s e 

cor Pulaski and Frederick av 
Edelmann Valentine, boxmaker, s c cor Water 

and Grant, dw Johnson nr West 
Eden James, (Fitzimins & E.) 22 s Front 
Eden Mark, cheese, 149 Aisquith 
Eden Richard, p.ipercarrier, 79 n Bond 
Eden Wm. 45 n Strieker 
Eder Chas. bu'chcr, 1 Elizabeth la 
Eder Francis J. peddler, 170 s Durham 
Eder John M. cabinetmaker, 198 s Durham 




Commission Mercliants and other Parties 

Who have orders for a general assortment of 



Are invited to call at 

308 W. Baltimore St. 


Eder Macarius, laborer, 116 s Chapel 
Eder'Mrs. Mary C. grocery, 170 8 Durham 
Eder Michael, boxmaker, 189 s Durham 
Edes Mrs. Marj A. 173 Linden av 
Edgar Geo. H. shipchandler, 73 Smith's whf 

dw 76 e Pratt 
Edgiir John M. attorney, s e cor Charles and 

Edgar Capt. Thomas, 54 s Exeter 
Edger Thomas, shoemaker, 93 Mulllkin 
E'igerton Mrs. Annie, 122 s Wolfe 
Edgerton Mrs. Eleanora, 35 n Eden 
Edaerton Thoma?, chipcarpenter, 122 s Wolfe 
Edkins Mrs. Frances, 52 Philpot 
Edkins Joseph, (Leach & E.) 265 Saratoga 
Edler Peter, laborer, 121 s Dallas 
Edling John, pianomaker, 441 w Fayette 
Edlinger Fred'k. clerk, 49 Albemarle 
Edmeades Wm. T. (E. & Pilsch) Balto. co 
EDMEADES & PILSCH (Wm. T. Edmeades, 

J. Pilsch) wholesale liquors, 29 s Gay 
Edmiston Jlrs. Jennie, 174 8 Paca 
Edmiston Sam'l B. 174 s Paca 
Edmond Mrs. S^rah, dressmkr, 79 n Howard 
EDMUNDS & BRO. (Saml. and Wm. E. Ed- 
monds) groc3. n w cor Pearl and Lexington 
Edmonds John J. laborer, 214 Columbia 
Edmonds Mrs. Jane K. 74 Battery av 
Edmonds Samuel, (E. & Bro.) 70 n Carey 
Edmonds Wm. E. (E. & Bro.) 394 Lexington 
Edraondson Albert N. P.sailrakr, 83 William 
Edmondson Mrs. Ellen, 83 William 
Edmondson Capt. Jas. 197 Hanover 
Edmondion Capt. Jas. N. 83 William 
Edmondson Charles, laborer, 18 Constitution 
Edmondson J. A. & Son, (J. A. and W. W. 

P'dmoDdscn) grocers and com. meich'ts, 29 

Edmondson Jos. A. (J. A. E. & Son) Charles 

St av ext 
Edmondson Capt. Samuel P. 191 Hanover 
Edmondson Wm. E. cUrk, 14 n Strieker 
Edmondson W. Winder, (J. A. E. & Son) 56 

Edmoniiston Mrs.' Elizabeth, 220 e Madison 
Edmondston Mrs. Elizabeth, 169 Conway 
Edmondston Thos. L. painter, 220 e Madison 
Edmonson Hannah, 194 Lanvale 
Edmonston Francis 0. clerk, 14 n Strieker 
Edmoiston Jno. B. carpenter, 14 n S'ricker 
Edmonston Owen J. carpenter, 14 n Strieker 
Edmonston Wm. E. clerk, 14 n Strieker 
Edmunds James R. bookkeeper. Farmer's and 

Merchants Nat. Bank, 230 Lanvale 
Edwards B. F. engineer, 311 e Pratt 
Edwards Betij. F. mariner, 170 Gough 
Edwards Catherine, 188 L Hughes 
Edwards Chaa. F. butter, &c. 102 Pearl 
Edwards Cbas. G. teacher, 432 e Monument 

Edwards Chas. R. caulker, 14 Cross 
Edwards David, laborer and tavern, cor Tow- 
son and Marriott 
Edwards David, laborer, 85 North 
Edwards E. G. agent Wliann & Co. raw bone 

SMper phosphate, 57 s Calvert 
Edwards Edward J. 284 Greeumount av 
Edwards Eli P. barber, Clinton nr Boston 
Edwards Mis. Elizabeth, 170 Gough 
Edwards Emory G. agricultnral implemente, 

57 s Calvert, dw 139 Conway 
Edwards Fleming, mariner, 80 Johnson 
Edwards Frank A. clerk, 110 German 
Edwards George, 203 e Monument 
Edwards Geo. W. clerk, 139 Conway 
Edwards k Harrington, (John S. Edwards, B. 

H. Harrington) attorneys, 29 St. Paul 
Edwards Henry H. bookbinder, 178 Mulberry 
Edwards Capt. Hiram, mariner, 32 Henrietta 
Edwards James B. sec'y Baltimore Warehouee 

Co. 163 Linden av 
Edwards James S. actor, 5 Low 
Edwards Jane F. 50 Stiles 
Edwards John F. machinist, 197 Montgomery 
Edwards John H. mariner, 170 Gough 
Edwards John R. bookbinder, over 5^ North, 
■ dw 201 Mulberry 

Edwards John S.(E.& Harrineton)04 St Paul 
Edwards John E. clerk, 114 McElderry 
Edwards John T. caulker, 217 Cross 
Edwards Rev. Jonathan, 5 Lloyd 
Edwards Joseph, moulder, 14 Cross 
Edwards Joseph H. caulker, 14 Cross 
Edwards Leroy, 280 Saratoga 
Edwards .Marcellus, mariner, 32 Henrietta 
Edwards Mrs. Margaret, saleswoman, 122 Lex- 
Edwards Mrs Martha,tailores3,547 w Lombard 
Edwards Mrs. Capt. Ilichard, 433 e Monument 
Edwards Richard, mariner, 32 Henrietta 
Edwards R. jr. k Co. (J. A. Dob^on) agents 
Eastern and Western glass mauufs. over 31 
s Charles 
Edwards Richard H. asst. assessor, 65 Valley 
Edwards Richard, huckster, 14 Williamson al 
Edwards S. R. clerk, 110 n Broadway 
Edwards Samuel H. huckster, 29 s Front 
Edwards Sophia, teacher, 241 Dolphin 
Edwards States, clerk, 19 n Howard 
Edwards Thomas, carpenter, 517 e Fayette 
Edwards Thos. laborer, 103 Peach al 
Edwards Thomas B. clerk, 51 Oxford 
Edwards Thomas H. carpeater, 9 Scott 
Edwards Thomas J. teacher, 69 n Ann 
Edwards Wm. A. carpenter, 91 Penna av 
Edwards Wm. inspector C. H. 152 Preston 
Edwards Wm. H. carpenter, 10 Grove al 
Edwards Wm. M. bookkeeper National Me- 
chanics' Bank, dw 63 Barro 
Edwards Mrs. Xanie, boardinp, 71 Hanover 
Lflf Hubbard, lager beer, 114 e Jlonument 
Efferman Herman, laborer, 138 HoUins 
EfTman Henry, cabinetmaker, 10 w Lombard 
Efling Henry, tailor, 3 Elizabeth la 
Effinger John, grocery, 107 Low 
Egaa Chas. hostler, over 6 Bank 
Egan Edward B. police, 91 n Central av 
Egan Eugene, sawyer, 44 Johnson 
Egan Francis, 6 Albemarle 
Egan Francis, jr. mariner, 6 Albemarle 
Egan Johanna, servant. 420 e Monument 
Egan John, laborer, 4 Webster al 




Egan Kate, grocery, 20 Liberty al 
Egan Mrs. Lavinia, china, &c. 41 n Eutaw 
Egaa JIartin, laborer, 20 Liberty al 
Egan Mi'jbael, laborer, 15 Elizabeth la 
Egan Michael, blaclismith, 364 William 
Egan Wm J. salesman, 134 Penna av 
Egan Wm. J. salesman, 166 Saratoga 
Egelklopston John, shoemaker, 49 Gough 
Egerton A. Dubois, (A. D. E. & Co.) 230 n 

H.J ward 
Egerton A. D. & Co. (A. Dubois and C. C. 
Egerton) produce com. mers. 174 w Pratt 
Egerton Chas. C. (A. D. E. & Co.) 192 n Cal- 
Egerton James C. bookkeeper, 100 Saratoga 
Egerton John B. 143 St. Paul 
Egerton Mrs. M. 104 Chatsworlh 
Et;erton Saml. E.(S. E. E. & Co.)42 Courtland 
Egerton S. E. k Co. (S. E. Eger'on, W. M. 
Powell ) groceries, liquors, &c. 37 Cheapside 
Egerton Thos. police, 186 s Washington 
Egerton Wm. A. 35 n Ed> n 
Eges John, fanner, 351 s Bond 
Eges Pettr, farmer, 351 s Bond 
Eggar Balthazar, carpenter. 29 Waesche 
Eggar Henry, cigarn)aker, 29 Vv'aesche 
Eggers Claus, varnisher, 198 Saiatoga 
Eggers Henry A. shoemaker, 8 R dge;y 
Egginsperger Philip, carpenter, n w cor Mo- 

sher and Bolton al 
Eggleston Benj. bricklayer, 81 n Howard 
Eggleston Chas. E.. carpenter, 133 e.M' nument 
Eggleston Chas. E. carpenter, 212 Mulberry 
Eggleston Edwin C. jt-lumber and gasfitter, 

154 n Gay 
Eggleston Ed^. J. carpenter, 212 Mulberry 
Eggleston Jacob, laborer, 49 Bnnk 
Eggleston J. carpenter, 212 Mulberry 
Eggleston Jos. W. carpenter, 44 Peirce, dw 

212 Mulberry 
Eggleston .Mrs. Marr C. 771 w Baltimore 
Eggleston Wm. H. enaioeer, 89 Mulhkia 
Eggling Geo. W. moulder, 25 Scott 
Eguer Chas. drayman, 163 Dover 
Egner Jacob, shoemaker, over 49 Harrison 
Egner Lewis, butcher, 91 Lexington market, 

dw 10 Calverton road 
Ehlen Geo. W. clerk, 185 Saratoga 
Ehlen John H. clerk, 320 Lexington 
Eblen John F. coal, over 12 South, dw 320 

Ehlen Mrs. Mary A. 137 n Paca 
Ehlen Thos. A. expressman, 137 n Paca 
Ehlen Wm. M. K. clerk N.C. R. 320 Lexington 
Ehlers Aaron, confeciioner, 177 e Monument 
Ehlers Berna-d H. 245 Bank 
Ehlers Chriitian, cigarmaker, 86 s Central av 
E-.lers Henry, grocery, 60 McElderry 
Ehlers John D. & Co. (J. D. Ehlers) wood 

engravers, 87 Second 
Ehlers John D. (J. D. E. & Co.) 56 Chew 
Ehlers Lewis, groceries and feed, 378 Light 
Khlert G^o. p-iinter, 181 Peirce 
Ehlies Wm. Henry, jr. police, 103 s Paca 
Ehlies Wm. Henry, 193 s Paca 
Ehm Peter, ehoemaker, 412 n Gay 
Ehmann Gotfried, butcher, 21 Belair market, 

dw Cajlle nr Monument 
Ehren Andrew, 831 w Balti.TQore 
Ehren Louisa, fancy goods, 831 w Baltimore 
Ehreozeller Adolph, clerk, 89 s Sharp 
Ehrhard Albert, music teacher, 227 Saratoga 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &.C. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Ehrhardt John, 280 8 Bond 
Ehrbardt John laborer, 3 Port 
Ehrhardt Mrs. Maggie, 280 s Bond 
Ehrhardt Mrs. Margiret, 252 s Eutaw 
Ehrhart Thos. M. huckster, Cbappell nr Penn- 

s_\lvania av 
Ehring Philip, gilder, 133 n Bethel 
Ehrlein Nicholas, boilermaker, 22 n Dallas 
Ehrlenbrook Lewis, 6ho?maker, 231 s Ann 
Enrlich Alexander, peddler, 51 Holland 
Ehrlich Jacob, furniture, 78 Ilillen 
Ehrlinger George, nightman, 207 n Bond 
EHRMAN k, BERSCH, (John Ehrman, Chris- 
tian Bersch) steam planing, flooring, door, 
sash and scroll sawine, 210 s Howard and 
s w cor Howard and Henrietta 
Ehrman Mrs. Bertha, 163 n Central av 
Ehrmm k Bro. (L. and F. Ehrman) grocers, 

coal and wood, 282 s Broadway 
Ehrman Chas. H. expe;s agt, 6 Aisquith 
Ehrman Edward P. clerk, 6 Aisquith 
Ehrman Fred'k, (E. & Bro.) 91 Gough 
Ehrman Geo. M. flour and feed, 47 8 Howard, 

dw 22 s Greene 
Elirman George, grocery, 338 s Caroline 
Ehrman Jacob, 22 s Greene 
Ehrman John, clerk, 106 s Wolfe 
Ehrman John, (E. k Bersch) 70 Columlia 
Ehrman Lewis, (E.& Bro.) grocery, cor Nich- 
olson and Towson 
Ehrman Mrs. Margaret, 31 G s Dallas 
Ehrman Philip, laborer, 276 Aliceanna 
Ehrman Mrs. Rosina, 338 s Caroline 
Ehrman Wm. dry goods, 166 Franklin 
Ehrums Conrad, laborer, 472 Canton aT 
Eichelberger Chas. A. clerk, 99 8 Paca 
Eicbelberger Chas. E. painter, 102 n Fremont 
Eichelberger Chas. W. painter, 93 n Fremont 
Eichelberger Edw. C. apothec'y, 188 Frauklia 
Eichelberger Emanl. W. lumber, 99 s Paca 
Eichelberger Emanl. W. jr. clerk, 99 s Paca 
Eichelberger Heary, 707 Lexington 
Eichelberger Jas. student, 275 w Fayette 
E chelberger John M. painter, 451 Franklin 
Eichelberger John S. cigarmkr, n e cor North 

and Ejger 
Eichelberger Mrs. Lewis S. 506 w Favette 
EICHELBERGER OTIIU W. liquors, 1 s How- 
ard, dw 41 n Calvert 
Eichelberger Mrs. P. L. fchool, 188 Franklin 
Eichelberger Saml. E. public weigher, 5 Spear's 

whf, dw 52 Spring row 
Eicbelberger Wm , American cofTee.l 1 n Mount 
Eichelberger Wm. salesman, 50G w Favette 
Eichelberger Wm. Vj. clerk, 506 w Fayette 
Eichelberger Wm. 11. attorney, 188 Franklin 
Eichelmann August, nightman, 71 Somerset 
Eichelmann Joseph, carpenter, 71 Somerset 
Eichenautr Christian, sboamkr, 6 Butler 




Commission Mcrcliants and other Parties 

Who have orders for a general assortment of 


Are invited to call at 

308 W. Baltimore St. 


Eicheaberg Henry, tailor, 1G5 n Gay 
Eichenberg Jacob, clothing, 201 L Hughes 
Eiclienberg Julius, nailraaker, 141 s Ann 
Eichhorn Diedrich, lager beer, 128 Goush 
Eicbliorn George, laborer, 132 Granby 
Eichhorn George, laborer, 60 James' la 
Eichhorn 1I( nry, 90 s Bethel 
Eichhorn llarlin, butcher, 559 e Fayette 
Eichhorn Theo. grocery, cor. Watson and 

Eichhost Henry, limeburner, 20t s Washington 
Eichinger George, liquors, 29 Brown 
EichlerChas.C. F. (Dulany & E.) 157 German 
Eichler Frederick, driver, 81 Orleans 
Kichler George, sawyer, 81 Orleans 
Eichler Henry, driver, 81 Orleans 
Eichler Jobn,b!acksmilh,St. Peter nr Sterrelt 
Eichler Wm. blacksmith, 81 Orleans 
Eiclinian J. Chas. (Hopkins & E.) 128 e Cal- 

Eichman John J. cabinetmaker, 238 Hanover 
Eicbner Andrew, cooper, Lemmon w of Scott, 

d\v 188 Lemmon al 
Eichner Geo. lithographer, 49 Harrison 
E chner Henry, caidriver, GOG w Pratt 
Eichner John, butcher, 58 Lexington and 11 

Hollins-st markets, dw Frederick road nr 

toll gate 
Eiclioru John, laborer, foot Cress 
Eichorst Wm. laborer, 263 s Ann 
Eickhoff George, shoemakc, 220 Harford av 
Eickel Henry, dyer and scourer, 153 n Eutaw 
Eickel Henry, tailor, 20 w Lombard 
Eidig Frederick, tai!or, 1 New Church 
Eidmann Dan'l, huckster. CfO Penna av 
Eidmaiin George, tailor, 140 Hamburg 
Eierman Wm. 36 n Frederick 
Eiern ann Paul K. baker, 220 e Lombard 
Eigelberner Thos. F. (Shorey & E. ) 123 s Paca 
Eigcnbrodt Henry, tailor, 36 Low 
Eigenbrot Amelia, saleslady, 314 s Sharp 
Eigenbrot C. C. bartender, 314 s Sharp 
Eigenbrot Henry, machinist, 314 s Sharp 
Eigengrein Jlosts, dry goods, 128 Aisquith 
Eigengrein Wm. clerk, 128 Aisquith 
Eigenraug Frederick, harness, 142 Forrest 
Eiger Wm. baker, 185 e Pratt 
Eigner Adam, baker, 4 n High 
Eigner Henry, canmaker, 142 e Pratt 
Eigner John, tailor, 41 n Dallas 
Eigner John, laborer, 100 s Dallas 
Eilau Abraham, laces, millinery and fancy 

goods, 60 J n Howa-d, dw 24 Aisquith 
Eilau David, 24 Aitquith 
Eilau Wm. 62 s Ann 
Eilcr (;i)ristian, tailor, 1 Spruce al 
Eiler Henry, cooper, 100 e Lombard 
Eilermann Mrs. A. 1 C.imden 
Eilkrman John, grocery, 122 s Howard 

Eiliagsfeld John, hariiessmkr, 82 Frederick av 

Eimer Augustus, grocery, 26 Towson 

Eiiiikcn Charles, mariner, 244 s Dallas 

Eimken Pauline, 244 Dallas 

Einiold Geo. cooper, 37 Brown 

Eiribrod Charles, confectioner, 105 s Paca 

Einbrod Charles H. deik, 105 s Paca 

Eiubrod David, 105 s Paca 

Einbuch Thos. lager beer, 323 s Bond 

Einolf Conrad, shoemaker, 72 Portland 

Einsied:er Michael, paver, 2 Smith al 

ery, 171 w Pratt, dw 23 Conway 

Einwaechter Adam, 255 s Charles 
Einwaechter Alex, blacksmith, IIG Columbia 
Einwaechter Elizabeth, grocery, 255 s Charles 
Einwaechter John A. blacksmith, 118 Eislein 
Einwick John, laborer, 126 s Chapel 
Eipes Peter, laborer, 47 Boston 
Firing Adolph. laborer, 83 s Bethel 
Firing August J. cooper, 64 James la 
Eisel Geo. drayman, cor West and Battery av 
Eisel George, brewer, 49 Fountain 
Eisenian Albert, wheelwright, 28 Josephine 
Eiseuian Bernard, baker, 147 s Paca 
Eiseman Bernard, butcher, 85 n Eden 
E semau Moses, boots and shoes, 104 n Gay 
Eiseman Rachel, 28 Josephine 
Eisenbach John, porier, 26 Gist nr Canton av 
Eisenberg Andrew, provisions, 152 s Wash- 
Eisenberg Geo. laborer, 152 s Washington 
Eisenbergfr Geo. cooper, 406 Canton av 
E senbraudt Henry R. musical instruments, 78 

w Baltimore, dw 39 s Broadway 
Eiseul rodt John, carpenter, 83 Boston 
EiSinbrodt Mary, dry gcods, 83 Boston 
Eisener Simon, rags, cor Jeiferson and Edea 
Eisenhardt Anton, coal oil, lamps, &c. 254 n Gay 
Eisenhardt J. August, cigarmkr,271 Franklin 
Eisenhardt John, tobacconist, 114 n Eutaw, 

dw 25 St. Mary 
Eisenhauer Francis, tailor, 73 Somerset 
Eisenhauer Lewis, carpenter, 82 Somerset 
Eiseoliauer Mrs. Marfjaret C. 73 Somerset 
Eisenhawer Jacob, laborer, 228 s Paca 
Eisenrode George, laborer, G8 Granby 
Eiserman Mrs. Elizabeth, huckslress, opp. G63 

Penna av 
Eistrman John, huckster, 544 Penna av 
Eisfeld Mrs. Caroline, 218 s Bond 
Eisfield L huckster, 58 Mullikin 
Eisinger Paul, cabinetmaker, 133j s Caroline 
Eisler Mrs. Ellen, 60 e Fayette 
Eiihr George, butcher, 223^ Light 
pjjsley John, tailor, 197 Orleans 
Eisley .Margaret, 6 Elting 
Eitel Edward, porter, 26 Sarah Ann 
Eitel Frederick, furn. wagon, 165 e Lombard 
Eitel Jacob, cooper, 26 Leadonhall 
Eitel Mrs. Mary, grocery, 26 Leadenhall 
Eiteinuller Ferd. drayman, 168 West 
Eiteniulier Christian, laborer, 168 West 
Eitler Mary, cook, 1 Camden la 
Eizer Michael, police, 36 Abey al 
Ekeler Henry, shoemaker, 10 s Dallas* 
Elbert Daniel, printer, 102 n High 
I-llberts Albert, mariner, 183 Aliceanna 
Elder Mrs. Ann, 6 n Republican 




Elder Rev. A. J., St. Marj'a Seminary 
Elder B. S. 57 w Biddle 

Elder Mrs. Catherine, housekeeper, 38 HolHn3 
Elder Chas. M. clerk, 56 e Baltimore 
Eider Mrs. Eliza, 17 H<dlaad 
Elder Francis W.(F. W. E. & Co.) 80 w Mon- 
ELDER F. W. & CO. (Francis W. Elder, J. 
T. RandiiU, H. B. Be.vmer) mdfe. brokers, s 
e cor Exchange place and Commerce 
Elder Francis, painter, 19 Hillen 
Elder Geo. W. brickUjtr, 79 Llillen 
Elder Henry C. engineer, G n Republican 
E'der J-imes A. carpenter, 499 w Lombard 
Elder J-reniiah B. shoemaker, 236 n Bond 
Elder John T. wheelwripht, 197 lloUins 
YAiier Lawrence, 91 P-irk 
Elder Mrs. Mary Ann, 79 Hillen 
Elder Mrs. Mary E. 59 s Republican 
Elder Michael, blacksmith, 10 s Carey 
Elder Michael, Harford av nr Darley Park 
Elder Philip L. clerk, 245 n Charles 
Elder Samuel & Co. (0. F. Lantz, Jacob F. 

Lantz) flour merchants, 32 n Howard 
Elder Mr3. Sophia, dressmaker, 68 Richmond 
Elder Wm. B. machinist, 453 Franklin 
Elder Zechariah, mi 1 r, 140 e Madison 
Elderkin Sarah E. 44 n Gilmor 
Eldridge Geo. clerk, 108 e Pratt 
Eldriilge Frank R. clerk, 108 e Pratt 
Eldridge Robert, baker v, 103 e Pratt 
Eldridge Robert D. clerk, 108 e Pratt 
Eldridge Wm. D. baker, 533 n Gay 
Eldrid;je Wilson, baker, 32 Druid Hill av 
Elems Wm shoemaker, 70 Hampstead 
Eifrey Ph.lip, machinist, 120 Boyd. 
Ell? John, carpenter, 42 Haubert 
Elg Matthias, carpenter, 42 Haubert 
EUert Geo. H. grocer, Belairav nr Baltimoro 

Elgert John A. lager beer, Eastern av extd 
Elgert John, shoemaker, 37 Bank 
Elgert John, porter, 63 Holland 
Elgirt John W. drayman, 121 s Dallas 
Elhart Adolph, (E.," Lowenbach & Co.) 130 w 

Elhhr", J. A. Lowenbach, Adolph Heller, 
M. H. Heller, Isaas Witz) wholes, notions, 
331 w Baltimore 
Eli Jospph, carter, 87 n Amity 
Elias Eli. stoves, &c., 26 Penna av, dw 55 
Eliaa John, laborer, Hull nr Fort &v 
Elias Jos. furniture, stoves, &c., 55 Penna av 
Eliason Andrew, brickmaker, over 66 Centre 

Market sp 
Eliason E. carpenter. Division r^r Dolphin 
Eliason John A. bricklayer, 159 Holiins 
Eliason Mrs. Julia, Division nr Dolphin 
Eliel Solomon, (E. & Mayer) 208 w Pratt 
Eliel & Mayer, (Solomon Eliel, Flias Mayer) 
wholes, boot and shoemakers, 208 w Pratt 
E ine Francis huckster, C-lhoun nr Cooke 
Elingsworth Mrs. Eliza, 222 e Lombard 
Elingsworlh Wm. laborer, 222 e Lombard 
Elkin Samuel D. notions, 1 s Caroline 
Elkins Cbas. H. carpenter, 162 German 
ElUnder Chas. F. tinner, 204 e Madison 
Ellender Frederick, bricklayer, 15 Orleans 
EUender Frederick, tinner, 204 e Madison 
Ellender Geo. asa'teng. fire dep't, 73 Forrest 
EUecder Mary, II Orleans 




Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Ellender Sarah, 11 Orleans 

EUenburg Henry, tailor, 502 w Baltimore 

Ellerbrok August, baker, n w cor Bank and 

EUerbrock Frank M. fancy goods, 226 s 

EUerbrock Herman, (E.& Schneider) 275 s Ann 
EUerbrock & Schneider, (Herman E. & F. S.) 

coppcr.-miths, 05 Centre iMarket sp 
Ellerich Catherine, cook, 103 n Eden 
ELLERMEYER CHAS. A. tailor, 14 Ensor 
Ellermeyer Emma, dressmaker, 14 Ensor 
Ellers John T. fireman, 109 Vine 
Kllett Frank M. (Smith, E. & Co.) Balto co 
EUicott C. J. F. letter carrier, 141 w Fayette 
Ellicott David B. clerk, 3 Spear's wharf 
EUicott Mrs. Evan T. 174 w Lombard 
Ellicott Francis F. clerk, 141 Townsend 
Ellicott II. Wm., Maryland Blast Furnace, 3 

side Bafin, dw 109 n Chai'les 
Ellicott John, architect and civil engineer, 42 

Mount Vernon pi 
EUicott Mrs. Louisa, 50 w Madison 
Ellicott Samuel, 354 n Eutaw 
Ellicott Mrs. Sarah, 032 w Fayette 
Ellicott Thos. P. ( Wm. M. E. & Sons) Balto eo 
ELLICOTT WM. M. & SJNS, (Wm. M. and 

Thos. P. Ellicott) com. merchts, 3 Spear's 

E'licott Wm. M. (Wm. M. E. & Sons) Balti- 

more co 
EUigson Julius, tailor, 158 n Carolina 
Ellinger E. drover, 541 n Gav 
EUinger Geo. drover, 541 u Gay 
Ellinger Jacob, cattle, 541 n Gay 
Ellinger John F. restaurant, Light nr Lee, 

dw 30 Albemarle 
Ellinger Julius, clerk, 153 Lexington 
Ellinger Sam'l, cor Broadway and JcQersoa 
E I'nger Wm. showman, 49 Ensor 
EUinghaus Chas. mariner, 83 3 Chester 
Elliot Abraham, peddler, 351 w Lombard 
Elliot Robt. 0. canmaker, 38 Milliman 
Elliott Annie, 33 n Calvert 
Elliott Augustus, printer, 38 Milliman 
ELLIOTT & BLACKLAR, (N. J. Elliott, A. 

C. Blacklar) flour and feed, 15 and 17 w 

ELLIOTT BROS. ('W. L. & J. P.Elliott) 

cotton, grain, and produce com. merchts, 

59 3 Gay 
Elliott .Mrs. Catherine, tailoross. Cathedral ext 
Elliott Chas. 78 St. Paul 
Elliott Chas. W. brickmaker, 57 Fort av 
El'iott Mrs. Cordelia, tailoress, 199 n Bond 
Elliott Curtis, engiueer, 176 s Eutaw 
p]lliott Daul. brickmaker, Clement nrWilliam 
Elliott Edward, notion store, 126 Lexington 

and 131 n Eutaw, dw 296 n Howard 




Commission lllcrcliants and other Parties 

TVho have orders for a general assortment of 



Are invited to call at 

308 W. Baltimore St. 


Elliott Edward T. millwright, ^orth nr John 
Elliott Mrs. Elizabeth, 165 e Madison 
Elliott Mrs. Eliza' h, tailoress, 259 e Monument 
Elliott Geo. G. coachinaiier, 17 Booth, dw 40 

s Poppleton 
E'liott Geo. T. carpenter. North nr John 
Elliott Gro. shoemaker, 121 n Fremont, dw 

366 w Lombard 
Elliott Geo. carpenter, IVl Aisquith 
Elliott Grafton W. plasterer, 85 North 
and W.Elliott) apothecaries, 286 Lexinfrton 
Elliott Henry A. (H. A. E. & Bro.) 281 Lex- 
Elliott Herbert, Clement nr William 
Elliott James B. paperhanger, 332 Franklin 
Elliott James B. bricklayer, 97 Chew 
Elliott James H. moulder, 16 Henry 
Elliott Jas. L (Walker & E.) 320 n Caroline 
Elliott John, ship carp' r, Burrough nr Fortav 
Elliott John A. letter carrier, North nr John 
Elliott John B. laborer, 125 n Bethel 
Elliott John, carpenter, 234 n Bond 
Elliott John, laborer, 205 Lemmon al 
.Ellott John W. painter, 3 Anthony 
Elliott John W. bricklayer, 185 e Madison 
Elliott John T. laborer, Burrough nr Fortav 
tElliott Joseph W. farmer, 212 s Caroline 
Elliott Jose[ih, car[>enter, 38 Aliceanna 
Elliott Joseph, carpenter, Bond n tf Chew 
Elliott Joseph, driver, 61 Granby 
Elliott Joseph, 332 Franklin 
Elliott Jos. P. (E. Bros.) 30 Mulberry 
Elliott Lewis A. bookbinder, 3 Anthony 
Elliott Lewis E. coppersmith, Hudson al nr 

Elliott Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 38 Milliraaa 
Elliott Marj', seamstress, 38 Milliman 
Elliott Mrs. Mary J. tailoriss, 3 Anthony 
Elliott Mrs. Matilda, 54 n Exeter 
ELLIOTTS PIANO R00.\1S, 24 n Liberty, 

G. Otto Demuth, agent 
Elliott N. J. (E. & Blacklar,)C58 Penna av 
Elliott Mrs. R. C. boarding, 33 n Calvert 
Elliott Richard L. carpent'r, 153 u Spring 
Elliott Robt. bricklayer, 228 n Central av 
Elliott Robt. brushmaktr, 34 Milliman 
Elliott Robt. 0. carpenter, 14 Mott 
EUiolt Mrs. Sarah Ann, tailoress, 124 n Cen- 
tral av 
Elliott Mrs. Sarah E. tailoress, 158 n Spring 
-Elliott Mrs. S., Hudson al nr Federal 
Elliott Sarah, seamstress, 34 Milliman 
Elliott Samuel V. carpenter, Br)nd a of Chew 
Elliott Thomas, huckster, 332 Franklin 
Elliott Tboinas, bruslnnaker, 34 M lliman 
Elliott Thomas, mariner, 147 Johnson 
Elliott Thomas, clerk, 284 Le.xingt'in 
Elliott Thos. F. painter, 332 Franklin 

Elliott Thos. J. butcher, 5 Centre and 55 Fell's 

Point markets, dw 10 n Choptank 
Elliott Thos. C. watchman, 353 Kaste-n av 
Elliott Prof. Wm. jr. Baltimore City College, 

307 n Caroline 
El iott Wm. B. clerk, 50 n Calvert 
Elliott Wm. E. clerk, <47 e Lombard 
Elliott Wm H. clerk, 80 A'squith 
Elliott Wm. H. carpenter, 128 Stirling 
Elliott Wm. II. painter, 10 Laurel 
Elliott Wm. H. painter, 199 n Bond 
Elliott Capt. Wm. mariner, 67 Henrietta 
Elliott Rev. Wm. 307 n Caroline 
Elliott Wm. piano room, 24 n Liberty, dw 

284 Lexington 
Elliott Win. (II. A. E. &Bro.) 284 Le.xington 
Elliott Wm. II. chrk, 80 Aiscjuilh 
Elliott Wm. L. (E. Bros ) 36 Mulberry 
Elliott Wm. T. carpenter, 171 Aisquith 
Elliott Wm. W. clerk, 658 Penua. av 
Ellis Alex. B. (Louis McMurray & Co.) 280 

Uruid Hill av 
Ellis Benj. jr. shipcarpenter, 27 Philpot 
Ellis Benj. sr. 27 Philpot 
Ellis Christopher, laborer, 17 Chesnut al 
Ellis Conrad, ojsterraan, 333 s Bond 
Ellis Edward, laborer, 54 Rock 
Ellis Mrs. Elizabeth, seamst's, 19 L McElderry 
Ellis Elizabeth, 76 n Paca 
Ellis Elizabeth R. 24 Front n of Foundry 
Ellis Ellen, 17 Cbemnt al 
Ellis George, carpenter, 387 n Gay 
Ellis Henry, 27 Philpot 
Ellis Isabella, grocery, 615 Light 
I<]1 is James, plasterer, 615 Light 
Ellis James, morocco dresser, 15 Hillea 
Ellis James, shipciir{)enter, 27 Pliilpot 
Ellis John, carpenter, Washington nr Monu- 
Ellis John, cooper, 201 s Durham 
Ellis John, laborer, 10 Windsor 
Ellis John D. clerk, 182 s Eulaw 
Ellis John E. clerk, 31 Conway 
Ellis John T. laborer, 169 Vine 
Ellis Luke, tinner, 615 Light 
Ellis Mary, 64 s High 

Ellis Mrs. Mary C. seamstress, 106 Chesnutal 
P^llis Richard, laborer. 48 Fort av 
E.lis Saml. H. clerk, N. C. R. Balto. co. 

ELLIS & CAIRN'S, (Thomas Ellis, 
James Cairns) Wholesale and Re- 
tail Dealers in Foreign and Do- 
mestic Liquors, and Agents for 
Robison's Impi'oved Phosphate 
of Lime, 14 s Gay- 
Ellis Thomas, mHchiuist, 27 Philpot 
Ellis Thomas, machinist, 'J Purkiti 
Ellis Thomas, (K. & Cairns) Harford rd 
ELLIS WM. L. (Wm. L. E. & Co.) 301 e 

ELLIS WILLIAM L. k CO. {Wm. L. E , F. 
M. Ketchum) oyster patktis, Aiiceanua nr 
Ellis Wm. cigannaker, 217 n Bord 
E'lis Wm. bounty agent, 7 n Wolfe 
Ellison Chas. W. carpenter, 98 s Howard 
Ellison John, coachlrimmer, 35 Milliman 
Ellmer Herman, upholsterer, 36 Marion 




Ellrich Chas. E. cooper, 78 Goodman al 
EUrich Henry, cooper, 78 Goodmaa al 
Kllrich Wm. laborer, 724 w Pratt 
E Isler Henry, bakery, 232 n Gay 
— EUsoa Thomas, collariuaker, 25 n Paca 
Ellsworth Mrs. Catherine, 45 Dewberry al 
Kim K. painter, 472 Canton av 
Elmer Elizabeth, teacher, 174 Hanover 
Elmer George H. clerk, 174 Hanover 
ELMER LKVVIS & SON, (Lewis and Wm. S. 

Elmer) vinegar depot, 2 O'Donnell's whf 
Elmer Lewis, (Lewis E. & Son) 174 Hanover 
Elmer Wm. S. (Lewis E. & Son) 5 Warren 
Eluore Carrie, 8 Park 
Elmore Chis. A., R. R.agt, 403 Franklin 
Elmore James, butcher, 233 n Charles 
Eloffe Charlotte, milliner, 71 n Charles 
Elphring Wm. H. clerk, 490 Lexington 
ElsAsser Jfrs. Catherine, 207 Aliceanna 
Elsas^er Henry, lager beer, 128 s Wolfe 
Elseroad Lewis N. huckster, 247 Conway 
Elsessor Peter, laborer, 68 Lancaster 
Eisner Carl, comp. of liquors, 369 e Eiger 
Elsro4d Jtsse, blacksmith, 8 President, dw 93 

Elsroad John T. plumber a^id gasfitter, G2S w 

Bal'imore, dw lis Republican 
E sroad John, engineer, 151 s Fremont 
Elsroad Michael, clerk, Us Republican 
Elstoa Ann D. matron, 162 n Howard 
Elterman Frederick, 1G3 e Baltimore 
Eltman Herman, laborer, 37 Cambridge 
Eltonhead Arnold D. watchrakr, 87 8 E-^ceter 
Eltonhead James H. clerk, 499 w Fayette 
Eltonhead Mary, milliner, 499 w Fayette 
Eltonhead Mrs. Sarah, 499 w Fayette 
Eltonhead Thos D. laborer, 87 s Exeter 
Elwood John, 72 York 
Elwood Thos. laborer, 44 Bennett 
Elwood Wm. carpenter, 174 Raborg 
Ely Chas. B. fuin. wagon, 354 Eastern av 
Ely Chas. W. (Maynard, E. & Rose) G51 L?x- 
-^Ely Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 52 MilUman 
Ely Enoch, epgineer, 185 s Ann 
Ely Geo. D. coppersmith, 71 Granby 
Ely Geo. laborer, 49 Abbot 
Ely James, laborer, 127 s Chester 
Ely Jesse F. (Deford & Cj.) 258 w Fayette 
Ely John J. letter carrier, 71 Granby 
Ely John W. wheelwright, Starr hotel 
Ely J. Benj. boots and shoes, 170 n Gay 
Ely Jno. B. bridge and whf builder,203 e Pratt 
Ely Jno. N. bridge and wharf builder, 143 s 

Ely Joseph, wagon, 350 Eastern av 
Ely Josephine, seamstress, 52 Mill man 
Ely Mahlon S. 170 n Gay 
Ely Samuel, mariner, 76 s Washington 
Ely Samuel S. shoe dealer, 182 n Gay, dw 

205 e Monument 
E'y Wm. N. 185 s Ann 
Ely Wm. F. clerk, 35 e Lombard 
Ely Wm. T. apothecary, s e cor Calvert and 

Saratoga, dw 86 n Calvert 
Elzev Arnold J. clerk, 87 n Charles 
Elzey James C. collector, 40 n Calvert 
Elzey Letitia, boarding, 40 n Calvert 
Emack C. S. civil engineer, Barnura's hotel 
Emanuel Church of the Evangelical Associa'n, 

cor Greene and Cider al 
Emanuel P. E. Churcb,cor Cathedral and Read 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 
Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Emerich Barnet, (E. & Bro.) 31 n Eutaw 
Emerich & Bro. (Burnet & M. Emerich) fancy 

goods, 59 Lfxiugton 
Emerich Conrad, wheelwright. 205 Ensor 
Emerich Conrad, porter, 19 n Howard 
Emerich David, clerk, 31 n Eutaw 
Emerich Geo. barber, 37 German, dw 212 

Emer-ch John, laborer, 14 Poultney 
Emerich John, laborer, 327 Hanover 
Emerich John, shoemaker. 145 Raborg 
Emerich Louis, wat:bmRker and jeweler, 319 

n Gay 
Emerich Martin, (E. k Bro.) 31 n Eutaw 
Emerich Philip, boots and shoes, 4 Harrison, 

dw 31 n Eutaw 
Emerck Carrie, dressmaker, 13 Gf-oree 
Emcrick Wm. H. (Ross & R.) 5 n Strieker 
Emerine Geo. coachsmith, 139 Forrest 
Emerine John W. huckster. 110 Low 
Emerlein Joseph, cooper, Wolfe cr Alicpanna 
EMERSOX & CO. (Chas. H. k Geo.A Emerson) 

com. merchs. 128 North 
Emerson Chas. H. (Emerson k Co.) 165 w 

Emerson Edwin, tinner, 495 w Pratt 
Emerson Geo. A. (Emerson k Cj.) 40 Pearl 
Emerson Geo. F. cleik, 1G5 w Biddle 
Emerson James H. tinner, 59 s Charles 
Emerson John P. clerk, 8 Jefferson 
Emerson Mrs. Rebecca, 2G9 Light 
Emerson Wm. L. jr. police, 90 Holland 
Emery Alex, watchmaker, 1G7 Cathedral 
Emery Caleb J. clerk, 161 Harford av 
EMERY JOHN B. granite yard, 329 s Eutaw, 

dw 70 s Paca 
Emery John B. marble'yard, s e cor Madison 

and Constitution, dw 70 s Paca 
Emery Samuel, 19 Holllns 
Emery Wm. W. W. painter, 142 n Bethel 
Emge Andrew, laborer, 48 s Regester 
Hrage Elizabeth, tailoress, 214 e Eager 
Emge John, blacksmith, 240 e Madison 
P>mge Martin, typefounder, 214 e Eager 
Emge Philip, labonr 131 n Spring 
Emhoff Elizabeth, millinery, 234 a Charles 
Emhoff Geo. laborer, 133 Peirco 
Emhfff Harman, drayman, 230 s Charles 
Emich Andrew, cabinetmaker, 43 n Schroeder 
Emich Columbus V. (J. U. Perkins) 136 n 

Emich Daniel J. clerk, 1« n Gay 
Emich Daniel J. clerk, 589 w Lombard 
Emich Mrs. Harriet, seamstress, 3 s Schroeder 
?jmich John V. salesman, Gilmor nr Frauklin 
Emich Wesley D. bricklayer, 7 Lemmon 
Emick John W. ropemaker, 325 Harford a? 
Emig Geo. .M. wagoner, Belair av nr Scbuet- 
zen Park 




Commission MiTcliaiits and other Parties 

Who liiive orclei-3 for a general assortment of 



Are invited to call at 

308 W. Baltimore St. 


Emlein Casper, cooper, 52 a Central a.v 
Kmler Chas. Laborer, 42 s Regester 
Emler Chas. blacksmith, 152 Columbia 
Emlich Henry, ironworkor, 134 Lancaster 
Emraart Adolphiis D. (E. & Quartley) cor 

McMechin and Druid Hill av 
Emmart Cbas. painter, 206 Stirling 
Einmart David, blacksmith, 97 n Paca, dw 104 
E:umart Henry, conductor, 502 w Lombard 
Eramurt Jarrett T. blacksmith, 123 Vine 
Enamart John, laborer, McHenry ur Fulton 
Emmart John, carpenttr, 331 n Eutiiw 
Emmart John M. c.irpentpr, 331 n Eutaw 
Emmart Mrs. Marj' A. 170 e Lombard 
Emmart P. T. (Marr & E.) 30 n Liberty 
Emmart k Quartley, (A. D. E , A. Quartley) 

sign painters, over 27G w Baltimore 
Emmart riarah M. boarding, 502 w Lombard 
hmmart Mrs. Sydney, 185 Mulberry 
p^riimart Tnos. cnnmakcr, 123 Vine 
Einmart Vtrno i S. bookkeeper, 104 n Paca 
Emmart Wm. bras^tbuuder, 36 s Rep.iblicaa 
>mmel Conr d, bakery, 11 s Bond 
Emo-el Henry, c'erk, 152 s Broadway 
Emmel John, coritectioner, 152 s Broadway 
Emmerich Adam, huckster, 126 St. Peter 
Emmerich Barnet, (E. & Bro.) 31 n Eulaw 
Emmerich & Bro. (Martin & Barnet E.) fancy 

goods and notion?, 31 n Eutaw 
Emmerich Christian, shoemaker, 63 w Fayette 

dw 657 w Lombard 
Emme:ich Conrad, saUsman, 90 Henrietta 
Emmerich David, clerk, 31 n Eutaw 
Emmirich Edward, clerk, 655 w Lombard 
Emmerich Geo. W. cleik, 657 w Lomb.ird 
Emmerich lleiir/, ironworker, 134 Lancaster 
Emmerich John, shoemaker, 145 Raboig 
Emmeri h Joseph, 31 n Eniaw 
Enimerich L^dwig, peddler, 135 Rabrrg 
Emmerich Martin, (E & Bro.) 31 n Eulaw 
Emmerich Mrs. Mary, 84 Grindall 
Emmerich Wm. ironworker, 134 L'^ncaster 
Emmerson Chas. H. com. merch. 128 North, 

dw 165 w Biddle 
Emmert Elias E. (R. & Stonelraker) Miller's 

mert, J. R Stonebraker) wholsale liquors, 
268 w Pratt 
Emmett David, glassblower, 311 s Sharp 
Emmeit Francis, tailor, 189 n B thel 
Em"mett John, laborer, .McH.nry nr Fulton 
Emmett Robert, laborer, 311 s Sharp 
Emmich John, (lour, St. Peter nr Paca 
Emmons F. H. agent Home Fire Ins. Co. of 

(;onn. 5 Post office av. dw 03 Saratoga 
E.MMONS LERMUN L. Jk. attorney and com- 
missioner of deeds for ail the Stales, 4 Law 
buildings, dw 51s Carey 

Emmons Henry, potter, Chester nr Goiigh 
Emnior Wm. cabinetmaker, 33 e Lombord 
Emory Ambrose M. (Seim, E. & Swindell) 

88i Franklin 
EMORY ARTHUR wholesale hardware, 347 

w Baltimore, dw 208 Linden av 
Emory Daniel G. (D. G. E. k Co. and E. k 

Tavlor) 005 w Fayette 
EMORY DANIEL G. k CO., (D. G. E., W. 

Glenn Taylor) Md. and Va. land agency, 

36 Postoffice av 
Emory D. C. 11. attorney, 47 St Paul, dw 

Emory Edwin, mariner, 97 Albemarle 
Emory Geo. stevedore, 97 Albemarle 
Emory John W. conductor, 492 w Lombard 
Emory Dr. J. K. B pres. Laurel Cemetery Co. 

18 Courtlacd, dw 264 Chatsworth 
Emory John K. B. jr. com. merch't 6 Wood, 

dw 21 n Republican 
Emory Joshua, carpenter, 224 Chestnut 
Emory Mrs. Juliet, 65 e Baltimore 
Emory (.M. E.) Church, Penna av nr IIofiFman 
Emory Philemon B. clerk, 89 s Sharp 
Emorv Tho^ H. bookkeeper, 44 n Broadway 
EMORY k TAYLOR, (D. G. E., W'. Glena 

Tavlor) general agents Mutual Protection 

Assurance Society of N. Y. 36 Postoffice av. 

[&« advertisement on front cover. ] 
Emory Wm. H. clerk, 21 n Republican 
Kmory Wm. merch't 6 Wood, dw 260 

Park av 
Emory Wm. H. jr. clerk, 260 Park av 
Emory Wm. T. shipcarpenter, 318 Eastern av 
pjmory Wm. II. tinner, 43 s High 
Empiie Mutual Life Insurance Co. of N Y., 

A. Proseus, general agent, 38 Postoffice av 
Emrich Abraham, clothing, 16 Harrison 
L'mrith Conrad, wheelwright, 205 Eusor 
Emrich George, barber, 37 German, dw 212 

Bar re 
Emrich Henry P. bookkeeper, 16i n Charles 
Emrich Henry, collector, 49 St. Mary 
Emrich Jas. P. machinist, s e cor Bond and 

Chase , 

Emrich Jdo. P. jr. machinist, s e cor Bond 

and Chase 
Emrich Jno. P. (Flynn & E.)8ecor Bond 

and Chase 
Emrich Louis, barkeeper, 181 Lexington 
Emrich .Mrs. Margaret, laiindre?s, 6 Etna la 
Emrich Simon, jewelry, 130 n Gay 
Emrich Wm. II. clerk, s e cor Bond and Chase 
Emwalt Garrett H. slioerakr, 200 e Lombard 
Enders Conrad, porter, 93 Lexington 
Endley Francis, brushmaker, 100 Peach al 
Endres Geo. hodcarrier, rear 214 Canton av 
Endres .M»rtin, phocmaker, 106 Lancaster 
Eney Benjtmin F. shoemaker, 18 s Oregon 
Eney Jos. R.(Jo8. R.E. & Co.) 548 w Lombard 
Eney Joseph R. k Co. (Jo3. R. Eney) boots, 

shoes, hats, &c., 60 Hanover 
Eney Jeremiah, grocery, Calverton Mills 
Eney Jeremiah, blacksmith, 131 Ilollins 
Eney John E. plasterer, 18 s Oregon 
Eney .Mrs. Julia Ann, 18 s Oregon 
Ene^ O.iver N. paperhanger, 131 Ilollins 
Eney Summerfieid, clerk, Calverton Mills 
Eney Thos. R. machinist, 14 s Oregon 
Encehausen Amelia, saleslady, 54 Mulberry 
EngehauEcu Anna E. 54 Mulberry 
Engel Mrs. Annie, 19 n Wolfe 




Engel Casper, laborer, 1C3 s 'Washingtoa 

Engel CoDTdd, baker, 524 w Lombard 

Eagel Frederick, 151 Mulberry 

Engel Geo. shoeaiaker, 580 w Baltimore 

Engtl Geo. tailor, 304 s Sharp 

Eagel Gotfried, coppersmith, 209 Orleans 

Eagel Henry, restaurant, 33 n Gay 

Enjel Henry, lager beer, 17 Harrison 

Engel J. Geo. gunsmith, 141 n Exeter 

Engel Jacob, restaurant, cor Madison and Edea 

Engel John, cooper, 1 Winder 

Engel Jno.O. lager beer, Belairav nr Cemetery 

Knj;el Lazarus, 124 Granby 

Engel \Vm. stonecutter, 280 s Charles 

Engcibach Frederick, bookkeeper, Hanover nr 

Engelbredit George, laborer, 277 s Dallas 
Engelhard Chds. butcher, 1 Cross st market, 

d\v Balto CO 
En^ielharJt .Mrs. Ann, 221 Chesnut 
Engelhardt Chas. butcher, 108 Jackson sq av 
Engelhardt Chas. fresco painter 311 w Pratt 
Eogelhardt Edwd. broommaker, 221 Cbesnut 

Engelhardt Frederick, laborer, 136 n Spring 
Engelhardt George, laborer, 288 s Durlum 
Engelhardt Gustrtve, bootmaker, 132 L Greene 
Engelhardt Henry, shoemaker, 311 w Pratt 
Engelhardt Henry C. shoemaker, 311 w Pratt 
Engelhardt John, tailor, 327 Q Central av 
-Engelbaupt Adam, clothier, 46 and 48 w 

Pratt, dn- 52 s High 
Engclhaupt Charles, carpenter, 52 s High 
Engelhrtupt Frederick, clerk, 52 s High 
Engelbaupt John, salesman, 52 s High 
Engelbaupt Philip crocery, 183 Raborg 
Engelhopt Fredk. \Y. tailor, 26 Cove al 
Engtlking Fredk. tailor, 163 n Gay 
Engelking Wm. coachmaker, 163 n Gay 
Engelman Chas. T. tailor, 371 e Eager 
Engelman Gustav, booifittf-r, 26 n Frederick 
Engelman John, tailor, 49 Abbot 
Engelman Julius, clerk, 22 n Paca 
Engelmyer Henry J. barber, 373 Penna av 
Engelmyer Joseph, tailor, 252 e Chase 
Engelmyer Solomon, shoes, 233 n Gay 
Engelmyer \V. woodsawyer, 78 Somerset 
Engels Henry, cigarmaker, 302 Aliceanna 
Engels Thos. tinner, 14 Fountain 
Enger Adolph, joiner, 305 Aliceanna 
Engers Philip, tailor, 12 s Durham 
Engert Casper, tailor, 216 s Bond 
England Charles, clerk, 354^ w Lombard 
England Christian, shoemkr, 303 a Howard 
England Eliza A. 7 Bolton 
England .Mrs. Elizi J. 7 Bolton 
England Francis W. insp. custom house, 171 

England Geo. W. carpenter, 483 n Gay 
England J. U. clerk, 354j w Lombard 
England John, janitor, 12 South 
England Joseph T. gen. freight agt. B. & 0. 

R. R., 354^ w Lombard 
England Julia, boarding house, 76 n High 
England Peter, gardener. Light nr Ferry bar 
England Robert A. fireman, 7 Bolton 
England W'm. G. fireman, 12 Gould's ct 
Eugle Samuel, laborer, 36 Towsoa 
Eagle Wm. J. tavern, 40 Boston 
Engleas Wm. laborer, 213 Preston 
Euglebricht Mrs. J. C. teacher, 336 n Fremont 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster, 

Engler, Augustus, pres. People's Fire Ins. Co. 

13 Second, dw -137 w Fayette 
Engler James, medical student, 85 n Greene 
Engler Joha, bricklayer, 9 China 
Engles Henry, police, 159 Townsend 
Engles Saml, brlckl'r, Bouldin al nr Mosber 
English Consul's office, 55 Second 
English John, laborer, 84 s Payson 
English John, tavern, n e cor Harrison and 

English Jo?eph. maltster, 127 n Holliday 
Euglish Mrs. Mary J. 431 w Lombard 
Euglerith Casper J. blacksmith, 157 Stirling 
Ejke Charles, shoemaker, 98 Granby 
Enke Ludwig, artist, 98 Granby 
Eukhausen Henry, stationery, 221 Lexington, 

dw 502 w Baltimore 
Ennis Geo. cigarmaker, 208 Mulberry 
Ennis Geo. W. clerk, 208 Mulberry 
Ennis John A. blicksmith, 86 s Carey 
Ennis Joseph T. blaiksmiila, 14 s Republican 
Ennis Lydia A. teacher, 208 Mulberry 
Ennis Rufus E. clerk, 110 \v Fayette 
f*'nnis Thomas H. cari)euter, 208 Mulberry 
Eunis Wm. upholsterer, 277 Preston 
Ennis Wm. B. machinist, 14 s Republican 
Eno Charles E. clerk, Western hotel 
Kno Richard, baker, 36 .Milliman 
Enright Mrs. Catherine, 27 Watson 
Enright Francis, s'ater, 50 e Lombard 
Enright John, laborer, 27 Watson 
Enright Thomas, laborer, 146 s Caroline 
Ensey Richard F. (Towner k E ) 189 Linden av 
Ensign Howard B. treas. Md. Steamboat Co., 

Gilmor house 
Eosley Ellen, dressmaker, 106 s Eden 
Ensor Abram, bricklayer, 419 w Lombard 
Ensor Benj. F. currier, 213 n Bond 
Ensor Charles, ropemaker, 23S n Bond 
Ensor Charles, laborer, Boston nr Clinton 
Ensor Charles, jr. laborer, Boston nr Clinton 
Ensor Daniel, carpenter, 406 Mulberry 
Ensor Edward, shijjoiner, 343 e Monument 
E^so^ Edward, jr. laborer, 345 e Monument 
Ensor Hiram, inspector, 61 Lee 
Ensor James, 1 n Front 
Ensor James, shipcarpenter, 149 Hudson 
Ensor Jesse A. painter, 19 Ringgold al 
P^nsor John, wheelwright, 447 w Fayette 
Ensor Thaddeus T. carpenter, 483 Lexington 
Ensor Wm. H. tinner, 233 n Bond 
Enssle Mrs. John C. 20 Lee 
Eoterline Dr. Samuel, 532 w Lombard 
Entler Catherine, 24 n Pine 
Eutletz Anton, laborer, 78 s Wolfe 
Entz Andrew, salesman, 120 n Paca 
Enzerger Geo. carpenter, 329 n Centra! av 
Episcopal Reading Rooms, over 53 Lexington, 

H. W. Moore, agent 




Commission Merchants and other Parties 

Who have orders for a general assortment of 



Are invited to call at 

308 W. Baltimore St. 

Epp Mrs. Maria, huekstress, 64 James la 
Eppers Henry, laborer, 1C7 Warner 
Epple John, cooper, 262 e Loinbaid 
Ejiple Martin, carpenter, 253 e Chase 
Epple Wm. apothecary, n w cor Light and 

Eppler Charles, wheelwright 235 Forrest 
Epplcr Jacob, (Jacob & J ,hn E.) 67 Conway 
Eppler Jacob & John, coopers, Cypress al nr 

Eppley Jas. M. (E. Hainrs & Co.) dw Charles 

St a7, beyond city limits 
Eprou Mrs. Nancy, 453 n Gay 
Epslin Max E. barkeeper, Miller's hotel 
Equitable Life Assurance yociety, 4 s Holliday 
Eibach Dr. Sebastian, dentist 30 s Exeter 
Erbe Henry, lavern and drayman, 252 Mont- 
Erbe John, porter, 223 Lee 
Erben Mrs. M. S. dressmaker, 19 Carlton 
Erbeit Charles, laborer, 385 s Eutaw 
Erck Charles, tailor, 81 n Bond 
Erdbrink Harraan, salesman 25 Conway 
Erdbrink John IL cigarmaker, 25 Conway 
Erdraan Mrs. Annie, grocery, 5 Anthony 
Erdraan Fred'k, coachtrimmer, 8 Mott 
Erdman John, gardener, 10 Somerset 
Erdraan John C. clerk, 233 Harford av 
Erdman Mis. Susan, 233 Harford av 
Erlman Wm. U. tinner, 374 Aisquith 
Erehardt Adam, laborer, 30 Bevan 
Erek Casper, 190 n Fremont 
Erek Daniel F. laborer, 357 Franklin 
Erek Henry, cigarmaker, 190 n Fremont 
Erek Mrs. Rosina, 366 w Fayette 
Erek Wm. C. c'erk, 366 w F"ayette 
Ergood Oabriel S. clerk, 61 n II gh 
Erhard Wm shoemaker, 26 Josephine 
Erich Dr. Augustus F. 94 s Broadway 
ERICH HENRY C. pat. self acting pumps and 

plumber, gas and steam fitter, 77 and 79 

Erichsen P. draftsman, s w cor Charles and 

Fayeite, dw Hanover nr Barre 
Erick Fred'k, wireworker, 65 Holland 
ErUieck John, clothing cutter, 56 s Caroline 
Erlich Moses, clerk, 256 w Baltimore 
Erling Wm. of German Correspondent, 152 9 

Ermer Christian, Vaker, 513 Canton av 
Ermer Henry, tobacconist, s w cor Gay and 

Aijquith, "dw 245 e Madison 
Ermer John G. laborer, 48 President 
Ermold Fred'k, cabinetmaker, 155 Mulberry 
Ermold John, drayman, 54 n Pine 
Ermold John C. cabinetmaker, 155 Mulberry 
Ernst Anton, laborer, 277 s Dallas 
Erust Anton, laborer, 294 n Central av 
Ernst Conrad, laborer, rear 72 s Bond 

Ernst Daniel, hostler, 89 s Mound 
Ernst Fred'k, shoemaker, 422 Saratoga 
Ernst Henry, laborer, 3 May 
Ernst Mrs. Theresa, seamstress, 17 Wyeth 
Ernstlierper Francis, barber, 373 Penna av 
Ernstberger Geo. beer, 755 Light 
Eroupe Chas. marblecutter, 109 Hillen 
Erpenbeck Henry, (E. k Son) 219 s Broadway 
Erpcnbeck John F. (E. & Son) 210 Alicesnna 
Erpenbeck & Son, (Henry and John F. E.) 

restaurant, 210 Aliceanna 
Erpenstcin Adolph, tailor, 37 n Dallas 
Erpenstein Adolph, tailor, 71 s Wolfe 
Erringer Mrs. Caroline, 9 Plowman 
Ertle John, laborer, 13 Cuba 
Ervia Abraham, laborer, 5 n Vincent 
Ervin Alexander, 144 St. Paul 
Ervin Michael, engineer, 38 w Pratt 
Ervin Wiu. E. laborer, 5 n Vincent 
Escavaille Joseph B., Grand Sec'y I.O. 0. P., 

office Odd Fellows' Hall dw 4 n Eden 
Eschbach Rev. E. R. 208 n C>ilrett 
Eschbach FrancisF street paver. 90 n Schroeder 
Eschbach Henry, hostler, 869 w Pratt 
Eschbach John, contractor and paver, 46 


ESCHBACH JOHN E. Contractor 
for all kinds of Grading, Paving, 
laying of Sewers with Stone, 
Brick, Iron or Tile Pipe, and Con- 
struction of Turnpike and Rail- 
roads. OlSce, 16^ North street, 
opposite Chesapeake Bank, dw 
226 n Howard 

Eschbach Jno. R. contractor, 226 n Howard 
Eschbach Joseph, apothecary, 336 Aisquith 
p]schbach Louis, paver, 92 n Schroeder 
Eschbach Matthias B. 46 Richmond 
Escherick Chas. cooper, 86 Cross 
Esiheritk Ferdin'd, gunsmith, 31 n Frederick 
Bscherick Francis, (E. & Son) 31 n Frederick 

erick) Guns and Hardware, 56 w 

Eschrich Chas. gunsmith, 251 Hamburg 

Esense Henry, scourer, 20 State 

Esender James, jr. clerk F. P. mkt, IBs Bond 

Esender Dr. James, 1 Pearl 

Esender Theodore, carpenter, 4 Swan, dw 146 

n High 
Esender Wm. F. carpenter, 1 Pearl 
Eser Henry, laborer, 272 s Dallas 
Eshenfelder Jacob, cooper, n e cor Bond and 

Canton av 
Esherick Geo. W. fireman, 6 s Ann 
Esherick Thos. letter carrier, 6 s Ann 
Eshland Mollie, 141 Raborg 
E>kridge Beverly B. clerk, 76 n Carey 
Eskridce Wolfred, Gist nr Eastern av 
Eslin Wm. B. livery stable, 955 w Baltimore 
Esline Geo. W. brick moulder, IIG We-t 
Esline John A. J. brick moulder, 116 West 
Eilinger Gotleib F. carver. 129 s Chapel 
Eimanu Henry, cabinet maker, 10 w Lombard 

lard ^M 




Eslin»er Robt. driver, 181 Eastera av 
Esmer August, driver, 78 Hearietta 
Esmer Mrs. Ernestine, stamping, 78 Henrietta 
Esmer Gustav A. P. confectionery, 235| w 

Pratt, dw 78 Hearietta 
Eiiuer Ileinhart, expressman, 78 Henrietta 
Esonie John H. mariner, 61 Johnson 
ESPEN & BRO. (J., S., and M. EspenJ laces, 

embroidery, &c. 3} n Chirks 
Espen Jacob (E. & Bro.) Philadelphia 
Espen Moses (B. & Bro.) 166 w Lombard 
Espen Samuel (E. & Bro ) Philadelphia 
Espey Wm. B. cooper, 394 e Lombard 
Essender Thos. laborer, 38 McHenry 
Essenger Charles, huckster, lUO Hollins 
Pls-cnger Thomas, carpenter, 42 Booth 
Esseit George, porter, 6 Litiel al 
Essex John, stonecutter, 2 Buren 
E-sex Josiah, jr. carpenter, 21 Ogston 
Essig Fred. sr. butcher, Penna av nr toll gate 
Essig Fred. jr. butcher, Penna av nr toll gate 
Essig Louis, butcher, Penna av nr toll gate 
Essig Richard, laborer, 142 Hudson 
Essig Wm. butcher, Penni av nr toll gate 
Esselmann Peter, cigarmaker, 46 s Exeter 
ESSLINGER EDWARD, apothecary, 20j 

Est Louis, provisions, 223J Light 
Estabrook & Coaberse (f . S. Estabrook, H. 

Conberse) bakers, 4 li High 
Estabrook TaylorS. (E. & Conberse) 4 nHigh 
Estf-e Frank, engineer, cor Sterrctt and 

Esterkamp Henr^, 8 e Lombard 
Esterley Fredk. laborer, 79 n Amity 
Ksterlink Fred, tailor, 269 s Ana 
""^^stlack Hiram, engineer, 95 Jefferson 

Estlack Samuel Mc. L. printer, 95 Jeffersoa 
Estep Mrs. E E. 48 Saratoga 
Estep John E. 48 Saratoga 
Estreich John, laborer, 430 Canton av 
Eichberger Bros. (C. E. and W. C. Etchber- 
ger) book and job printers, 22 and 24 Md. 
Building, Second opp P. O. 
Etchberger Chas. E.(E. Bros.) 342 e BaUimore 
Etchberger Capt.Jas. mariner, 342 e Baltimore 
Etchbfrger James S. (Mitchell & E.) 284 e 

Etchberger Rebecca, 17 Gough 
Etchberger Mrs. Sarah, 17 Gough 
Etchberger Wm. C.(E. Bros.) 342 e Baltimore 
Etchison & Dorsey (Perry G. E., John A. 
Dorsey) leaf tobacco and gen. producecom. 
merchs. 104 s Charles 
Etchison Fred'k, saddler, 8 Columbia, dw401 

Etchison Rev. Jason P. 189 e Baltimore 
Etchison John H. tinner, North nr John 
Etchison Perry G. (B. & Dorsey) Mont- 

eomery co 
ETHERIDGE DR. W. H. surgical and me- 
chanical dentist, 21 s Broadway 
Etterer Gotfried, baker, 104 s Caroline 
Ettinger Geo. M. teacher, 220 e Monument 
Etting Misses, 270 Lexington 
Ettle Caspar, laborer, 4 Jackson ct 
Eltle Mrs. Susan L. 234 Hollins 
Ettleman John F. bricklayer, 335 Harford av 
Etileman Philip J. bricklayfr, 385 Harford av 
Ettleman Thos.bricklayer,Cha3e nr Harford av 
Ettner Andrew, laborer, 3 W'yelh 
Ellner John G. police, 87 Dover 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, tCc. 
Rosendale Cement k Plaster, 

Etzel Adam P. sailor, 149 s Bethel 

Etzel Eged, tobacconist, cor Aisquith and Low 

Etzel John, plumber, 19 n Wolfe 

Etzel John L. lager beer, 67 s Eiitaw 

Eubank Giles F. (Fallin & E ) 164 s Charles 

Eugenio Fogaus, fruit stand, cor Balto and 

Gay, dw G3 President 
Euler August, wheelwright, 566 Penna av 
Eu'ei- Chas. Aug. shoemaker, 99 Con^vay 
Euler Ernst, shoemaker, 184 e IJal'imore 
Euler Ernst, jr. barber,174 e Biltimore, dw 184 
Euler Jacob, tailor, 419 Saratoga 
Eulert George, tailor, 62 Jefferson 
Euuick Edmund, carpenter, 68 Perry 
Eurich Henry, tinner, 407 Canton av 
Enrich Mary, corset maker, 407 Canton av 
Eurich Peter, moulder, 407 Canton av 
Eusticfl Levi, mariner, 31 Fawn 
EUTAW HOUSE, n w cor Eutaw and Balti- 
more. Gilmour & Soi.s, proprietors 
EUTAW SAVINGS BANK, s e cor Eutaw 

and Fayette 
Eutaw Sq. Baptist Church, cor Dolphin and 

Eutaw St. M. E. Church, Eutaw bet Franklin 

and Mulberry 
Eva Adolph, joiner, 336 s Bond 
Evans Abel, miller, 893 w Pratt 
Evans Adeline, 334 e Lombard 
Evans Alfred D. gen'l agent, 31 St. Paul, dw 

n e cor Aisquith and Chew 
Evans Andrew J. pilot, 285 e Pratt 
Evans Andrew J. carpenter, 156 Hollins 
Evans Mrs. Ann E. seamstress, 143 Preston 
Evans B. F. 82.V s Eden 
EVANS & BRO. (D. G. and Thos. B. Evans) 
pharmaceutists, s e cor Ann and Aliceanna 
EVANS CHARLES D. shoe and gaiter upper 

manuf. 51 Harrison 
Evans Chas L. F. 18 Jackson sq 
Evans Mrs. Charlotte, 260 Bank 
Evans Daniel T. pilot, 367 e Lombard 
Evans Daniel E. boilermaker, 82 s Carey 
Evans Dashields, 12 s Chester 
Evans Rev. David, 18 Jackson sq 
p]vans David, coppersmeltcr, 14 Clinton 
Evans David G. (E. & tJro.) 13 Jacksou sq 
Evans Evan, coppersmith, 6 Clinton 
Evans Elizabeth, Chopt^nk nr Pratt 
Evans Klizabeth, dressmaker, 231 Hanover 
Evans Emily A. dressmaker, 132 s Centril av 
Evans Emma E. teacher, 217 Aisquith 
Evans Fraiiklin, 18 n Eden 
Evans Rev. French S. 407 n Central av 
Evans George, (G. E. & Co.) 203 w Hoffman 
Evans George & Co. (Geo. Evans, J. C. Sul- 
livan) coiipers, 22 Patterson 
Evans Geo. T. coachtrimmtr, 123 e Madisoa 
Evans Geo. D. salesman. Miller's hotel 




Commission Mercliants and other Parties 

■Who liave orders for a tjeneral assortment of 


Are invited to call at 

308 W. Baltimore. St. 


Evans Geo. bookkeeper, 191 Hjinover 
Evans Geo. W. sr. flour and feed, cor Bal- 
timore and Republican 
Evans Geo. W. jr. flour and feed, n w cor Bal- 
timore and Republican 
Evans Geo. 0. comms'r emigration, s e cor 
Baltimore and Calvert, d«v Barnum's hotel 
Evans Geo. brakesman, 125 Con way 
Evans Geo. P. printer, 12 Barnet 
Evans Harry J. clerk, 211 n Howard 
Evans Hampton, engineer, 508 w Pratt 
Evans Ilenrj S. tinner, 100 s High 
Evans Henrj C. printer, 15 e monument 
Evans Henrj, jr. (E. & Reeves) 100 8 High 
Evans Isaac, clerk, 5 Aisquith 
Evans Ja ob H. machinist, 7 Orleans 
Evans John, cardriver, G81 w Baltimore 
Evans John, dyemaker, 130 n Exeter 
Evans John, coppersraelter, 20 Cl'nton 
Evans John II. laborer, Mount nr Pratt 
Evans John, clerk, 808 w Biltiraore 
Evans John P. clerk, 15 e Monument 
Evans John, carter, 12 s Chester 
Evi'.ns John, machinist, 125 Chew 
Evans John, housekeeping goods, 18 w Balti- 
more, d\v 303 e Baltimore 
Evans John B. painter, 45 Claj, dw 437 Lex- 
Evans John B. clerk, 28 w Baltimore 
Evans John C. carpenter, 251 n Eden 
Evans John R. gaitertitter, 51 Harrison 
Evans John T. plasterer, 112 n High 
Evans Joseph, bootmaker, 464 Light 
Evans Joseph, fisherman, 131 Hughes 
Evans Josh. J. carpenter, 146 German 
Evans Joseph, (E. k Price) 256 n Eden 
Evans Joseph, laborer, 120 Harford ar 
Evans Joseph B. clerk, 256 n Edeu 
Evans Jo?hua, 157 Montgomery 
Evans Laura J. tailoress, 207 Ensor 
Evans Levi C. printer, 15 e Monument 
Evans Matilda A. 51 Fawn 
Evans Mary, dairy. 125 HoUina 
Evans .Mary E. 51 Fawn 
Evans Mrs. Mary J. 7 Green's ct 
Evans JIary E. seamstress, 70 L McElderry 
Evans Mabury, express messenger, 275 Han- 
Evans Mitchell, mariner, 54 Thames 
EVANS & PRICE, (J. Evans, A. \V. Price) 

leather, 8 s Calvert 
Evans & Reeves, (H. Evans, jr., John F. 
Reeves, jr. )oj'ster and fruit pat kers, 38 York 
Evans Randolph, labonr, 207 Ensor 
Evans R-chard B. clerk, 144 e Monument 
Evans Robertson, printer, 61 Harrison 
Evans Samuel, driver, 9 Stcrrett 
Evans Samuel M. collector int. revenue, 83 e 
Baltimore, dw 62 Fawn 

Evans Taylor, painter, 31 Block 
Evans Thomas, 140 s Chester 
EVANS THOS. H. & CO. (Thos. H. Evans) 
com. merch'ts and produce, 82 Light-stwhf 
Evans Thos. H. (T. H. E. & Co.) 64 William 
Evans Thos. copper smelter, Clinton s of Bos- 
Evans Thomas, carpenter, 15 e Monument 
Evans Thomas, teacher, 150 McCulloh 
Evans Thomas J. (Ranch & E.) 66 s Wash- 
Evans Dr. Thomas B. s e cor Ann and Alice- 
anna, dw 18 Jackson square 
EVANS THOMAS G. builder, 17 and 19 

Garden, dw 211 n Howard 
Evans Walter T. painter, 76 n Ann 
Evans Wm. cardriver, 63 Clifford al 
Evans Wm. And. J. cooper, 278 Grcenm't a? 
Evans .Mrs. Wm. 157 Montgomery 
Evans Wm. R. hatter, 12 a Chester 
Evans Wm. 1 n Calhoun 
Evans Wm. tinner, 5 Somerset 
Evans Wm. H. H. carpenter, 19 Chew 
Evans Wm. S. backman, 15 e Monument 
Evatt Henry C. clerk, 148 Lee 
EVENING COMMERCIAL, 132 w Baltimore 
Everd Robt. laborer. East av nr EilJoti 
Everett Charles A. barkeeper, 72 n Pine 
Everett Francis R, 72 n Pine 
Everett Frederick, laborer, 72 n Eden 
Everett James, lumber wagons, 157 s Chapel 
Everett John T. mariner, 195 s Chapel 
Everett L. Frank, salesman, 70 Lexington 
Everett Mary, 167 Bank 
Everett Peter, huckster, 29 L Church 
Everett Thos. H. lieut. watch C. II. 119 s Bond 
Everett Wm. coal, 55 n Central av, dw 72 n 

Everhart Mrs. Annie M, 170 Mulberry 
Everhart Mrs. Catherine, 229 Aisquith 
Everhart Chas. confectioner, 53 Harmony la 
P>erhart Geo. G. salesman, 170 Mulberry 
Everhart J. J. 412 Lexington 
Everhart Jacob, tobacconist, 35 Druid Hillav 
Everhart Morris, laborer, 53 Harmony la 
Everhart Wm. confectioner, 53 Harmony la 
Everist Mrs. Frances A. seamstress, 49 Granby 
Everist John W. carpenter, 9 n Sharp, dw 36 

Everist John M. cooper, 108 n Holliday, dw 

74 s High 
Everist Joiin, shoemaker, 131 s Bethel 
Everist Joseph, cooper, 377 e Fayette 
Evtritt .Mrs Elizabeth, tailoress, se cor Cough 

and Durham 
Everitt Francis A. clerk, 177 Barre 
Evcrilt Francis, photographer, 177 Baire 
Everitt .Mrs. Jane, notions, 338 Hanover 
iiveritt Robt. B. hnrnesfmaker, 177 Barre 
Everitt Thos. S. harnessmaker, 177 Harre 
Everline August, cigarmaker, 69 Forrest 
Evers Henry W. shoemaker, 228 Baitery av 
Evfrsraan Frederick, clerk, 81 a Bund 
Evcrsman Frederick, jr. 81 s Bond 
Evcrsraan John F. clerk, 309 s Charles 
P^'eisman John G. provisions, 309 s Charles 
Eversraan Louis, confectioner, 309 s Charles 
Eversman AVm. clerk, 309 s Charles 
Evcrson Rachel, 120 Linden av 
Everson Sarah, 120 Linden av 
Evervino Mrs. Christiana, nurse, 23 Oxford 
Evitt Frank, brushmaker, 143 Forest 




Evitt & Bro. (R. and J. Eviit) wholesale shoe 

maaufs. ov^ir 346 w Baltimore 
Eviit George, gasfitter, 153 Vine 
Evitt John, (E. & Bro.) 48 n Pine 
Evitt Robert, (E. & Bro.) 442 Lexin^jtoa 
Evwein Samuel, laborer, 151 Druid Hill av 
Ewald Mrs. Barbara, 188 n Bethel 
Ewald John P. edge toolmaker, 29 w Pratt 
Ewald John C. laborer, 188 n Bethel 
Ewald Louis, canmaker, 1 Joppa la 
Ewald Mariin, grinder, 257 s Bond 
Ewald Philip, edge toolniaker, 29 w Pratt 
Ewftldl August.(Ja3.Mver .S; Co.)105 Pennaar 
Ewalt Mrs. Catherine, 212 8 Caroline 
Ewalt George, clerk, 22 L Ilampstead 
Ewalt George, clerk, 89 e Pratt 
Ewalt Henry, clerk, 22 L Harapstead 
Ewalt John H. (Towles Bro. k Co.) 13 s Ann 
Ewalt .Martin, restaurant, 257 s Bond 
Ewalt Samuel A. tinner, 443 w Pratt, dw 74 

n Poppleion 
Ewell Edward, machinist, 205 Hanover 
Ewell John, shipsmith, 223 Montgomery 
Ewell Jobu, (E. k Kelly) 12 St. Paul 
EWELL & KELLY,(John Ewell, John Kelly) 

prop'rs Barry hall, 12 St. Paul 
Ewen Mrtry, seamsire.-s, 106 McElderry 
Evvens John F. tea, 142 s Broadway 
Ewers August, picture frames, 106 McElderry 
Ewig John, laborer, 141 s Spring 
Ewig John, restaurant, 8G9 w Baltimore 
EwingE. S. teacher, 176 Hamburg 
Ewia^ Samuel, shoemaker, 227 n Edea 
Ewiug Thomas W. agent Vleihodist Protestant 

publica ions, over 12 u Gav,dw 318 AisquitU 
Ewinjs ThiJHias. butcher, 158 Canton av 

build'gs, entrai^ce Sicond and Lombard, 

Porter & Dndl. v, prop'rs 
EXCHAiNGE SALE.-Ri^OM, Exchange build- 
ings, 55 Second, Geo. U. Porter, jirop'r 
Exeter St. M. E. Church, Exeter ur Gay 
Exeter Hall, Exeter n of Baltimore 
Extein Wm. huckster, Shad al nr Diamond 
Ejed August, barber, 40 Aliceanna 
Eyer y Mrs. Mary E. 8 Sterrett 
Eyeily Wra. S. c^^nmaker, 97 Warner 
Eyll George P. machinist, 487 w Lombard 
Eyll Mrs. Margaret 4S7 w Lombard 
Kyll John H. moulder, 487 w Lombard 
Eyme3 Charles, Tarnisher, 122 n Spring 
Eytiuge E.i L. (M Hess & Sons) 39 a Howard 
Eylinge Henry, (M. Hess k Sods) 39 a Howard 


Faaley Michael, laborer, 18 Leramon 

Faber Bernhardt, grocery and liquor, 131 s 

Faber Deitrich, lager beer, 241 Aliceanna 
FABER FREDERICK, grocery, 325 Aliceanna 
Faber Geo. bookbinder and stationer, 342 w 

Faber Henry, barber, 62 s Eutaw 
Faber Henry, cook, 207 Lee 
Faber Henry, laborer, 251 s Welfe 
Faber John, carpenter, Lancaster nr Clinton 
Fabers Henry, stioemaker, 168 s Wolie 
Fable Sebastian, tailor, 10 East 
Fabrill Francis J. blacksmith, 153 n Central ar 
Fabrill Henry J. blacksmith, 153 u Central av 
Face Charles H. carpenter, 182 Dover 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Fach August, pianomaker, 202 Stirling 
Fach Jacob, (Hurley & F.) 314 Mulberry 
Fachat Mrs. Genevieve, 209 Hanover 
Facius Gastavus, teacher, 117 n Calvert 
Facius Gustavus, tobacco, 117 n Calvert 
Facius Leopoldine music teacher, 1 17 n Calvert 
Fadea Patrick, laborer, over 19 Bank 
Faeder August, coachtrimmer, 37 Albemarle 
Faeder Chas. shoemaker, 105 w Fayette 
Faer Boston,, caster, 40 Carlton 
Faesing Henry, tailor, 15 e Lombard 
Faethe Gotfried, coachmaker, 136 e Lombard 
Fagan Mrs. Alice, 83 Hargrove al 
Fagan Hugh, wagoner, 259 e Madison 
Fa>:an John, drayman, 237 Columbia 
Fagau Joseph H. carpenter, 174 Conway 
Fagan Julia, dressmaker, 230 Mulberry 
Fagan Michael, shoemaker, 174 s Centrdl av 
Fagan Patrick, diiver, 83 Hargrove al 
Fagan Robert, drayman, 237 Columbia 
Fagan Wm. T. 159 w Lombard 
Eager Joseph, carpenter, 89 Boyd 
Eager Joseph, engineer, Boston nr Clinton 
Fager Margaret, Bostou nr Cinton 
Eager Philip, stable boss, Boston nr Clinton 
Haglein Francis, carpenter, 144 n Central av 
Faglein Mary, 144 n Central av 
Fagret Framis, c.irpenter, 3 New Church 
Fagret Mm. L. Guillioud, hair, 40 n 

Charles ^ 

Facue John, watchman C. H. 152 n Exeter 
Fahay Mrs. Anna, grocerv, 45 s Dewberry al 
Fahay Richard, laborer, 20 Fort av 
Faherty John, sawyer, 9 Wjeth 
Fah-rty Mrs. Mary, 203 Eastern av 
Fahey James, laborer, 484 Saratoga 
Fahey James, laborer, 37 Hill 
Fahey Marcus, laborer, 3G7 a Charles 
Fahey Mrs. Mary, 65 York 
Fahey Mrs. Margaret, 65 York 
Fahey Martin, milkman, 90 Dolphin 
Fahey Matthew, porter, 367 8 Cdarles 
Fahey Michael, laborer, 151 Aliceanna 
Fahey Michael, laborer, 71 York 
Fahey Thos. 46 Burea 
Fahey Thos. C. tailor, 67 York 
Fahla John, tailor, 90 n Ann 

/ rit k q 



Importert and Jobben of 

^ancy^oods, potions, Tiosiery, (Toys, 






Coiniiiission .lie rch ants and other Parties 

■\Vho have orders for a general assortment of 


Are invited to call at 

308 W. Baltimore St. 


Fablcn Misses Adeline & Albertina, millinerj" 

and fancv goods, 85 Lexington 
Fdhlen Charles 11. (F. & Ohleadorf) 115 n 

FAHLEN JULIUS C. apo'hecary, n e corner 

Howard and ^'araiojra 
Falilenciimp Henry C. driver. 4 Foiuitiiii 
Fahner Jacob, cooper, 81 n Bond 
Fahner Josejili, laborer, 44 Bank 
Faluiestock Derick, (F., Thrasher & Co.) 

Madi?on av nr Druid Hill Park 
FabnestoL-k Edward, clerk, 322 n Caroline 
Fahnestoclc Geo. W. wholes, niillinerf goods, 

ovtr 240 w Baliiinore, dw 553 w Fdyette 

nes'ock, Isaac Thrasher, C. Brooks) wholes, 

clothiers and dry g0"ds, 345 w Baltimore 
Fahrenkam Henry, 4 Fouutaia 
Faid Henry, laborer 420 Light 
Faid John, tinner, 424 Light 
Fair Alexander, shoemaker, 202 L Hughei 
Fair Mrs. Susan, 202 L Hughes 
Fairall Mrs. Athie, 180 Bank 
Fairall M-s. Elizabeth A. 148 Dolphin 
Fairall Geo. moulder, 295 n Eutaw 
Fairall W. E. salesman, 40 St. Peter 
Fairall W. H. blacksmith, 139 s Fr mont, dw 

40 St. Peter 
Fairbank Andrew J. agent Mt. Clare, 365 w 

Fairbank Chas. A. teacher, 78 s Ann 
Fairbank Chas. foreman, 181 German 
Fairbank Francis M. bookkeeper, 18 s Ann 
Fairbank Geo. K. bricklayer, 377 Franklin 
Fairbank Henry T. carpenter, 325 Franklin 
Fairbank John F. clerk, 106 w Fayette 
Fairbank John R. clerk, 14 Pearl 
Fairbank John, conductor, 14 Pearl 
Fairbank Thos. J. bookkeeper, 2 n Greene 
Fairbanks & Go's scales warehouse, 246 w 

Baltimore, Geo. II. Gillman, agent. [&e 

p. G Advertisements .^ 
Fairbanks Edward, (F. & Ray) 24 s Cheater 
Fairbanks J. H. 40 Lexington 
Fairbanks & Ray, (Edw. Fairbanks, Alfred 

Ray) shipsmiihs, cor Point and Block, and 

Mill rear 115 McElderry's whf 
Fairbanks Wm. H. police, 8 Russell 
FAIRCHILD MRS. R. C. proprietress North- 
ern Cent'l hotel, s e cor Calvert and Franklin 
Fair hild ^V'm. tailor, 413 n Central av 
Fairfax Carlisle, clerk, 18 Barnet 
Fairfax Mrs. Eliza M. 18 Barnet 
Fairfax Edward, clerk, 18 Barnet 
Fairfax Julian, clerk, 18 Barnet 
Fiiirley Thomas, florist, 220 Druid Ilill av 
Fail-ley Thos. moulder, 2 Duncan al nr Bank 
Fairman Gibson W. machinist, over 77 n Front 

dw Western hotel 

Fait John, confectioner, 78 Park 

Faith Anderson, carpenter, Franklin Inn 

Faithful Edwaid J. bricklayer, 90 Chatsworth 

Faithful Dr. Joseph, 218 Mulberry 

Faithful H. G. bricklayer, 92 Chatsworth 

Faithful Richard, bricklayer, 91 n Poppleton 

Faitz John, teacher, 155 s Ann 

Faiz Thomas, turner, 21s Washington 

Falck Casper W. jr clerk, 32 s Carey 

Falck Casper W. sr. porter 32 s Carey 

Falck Conrad, tailor, 110 s Durham 

Falck Fred'k, machinist, 32 Frtderick av 

Falck John B. 35 n Eutaw 

Falck Lewis, cigar maker, 32 s Carey 

Falconar A. Smith, 6C St. Paul 

Frtlconar Edward W. clerk, 152 n Eutaw 

Falconer Alex. sr. 3 McCuUoh 

Falconer Alexander, jr., clerk, 3 McCulloh 

Falconer Mrs. John, 3 McCulloh 

Fales Benj'n R. mariner, 134 s Ann 

Fales Charles R. carpenter, 134 s Ann 

Fales Ebenezer C. mariner, 118 n Bond 

Fales Mrs. Ellen, 134 s Ann 

Fales Geo. E. moulder, 104 e Monument 

Fales Geo. moulder, 45 n Central av 

Fales James T. mariner, 134 s Ann 

Fales Joseph A. mariner, 134 s Ann 

Fales Wm. G. paperhanger, 100 Orleans 

Falk Mrs. Catherine, confect'y 475 w Pratt 

Falk John T. rectifier, 172 Henrietta 

Falk John M. pianomaker, 475 w Pratt 

Falk Wm. C. bookkeeper, 252 w Lombard 

Falk iJtho, laborer, 331 e Madison 

Falkenham Joseph, driver, 258 e Lombard 

Falkenham Caspar, driver, 329 e Lombaid 

Falkenstein Fred'k, marbleclr. 129 L Greene 

Falkenstein George, beer, 63 n Gay 

Falkenstein Mary, confect'y, 129 L Greene 

Falkenstein Peter, shoemaker, 17 Watson 

Fall Chas. cooper, cor Henrietta and Hanover 

Fall Jacob, carpenter, 88 s Cliapel 

Fall John, cooper, cor IlenrieUaand Hanover 

Fallan Wm. mariner, 349 s Sharp 

Faller Casper, beer, 13o McElderrv 

Fallin & Eubank, (J. H. F., G. F. Eul)ank,) 

gen'l com. rnerch's, 17 Patterson 
Fallin J. II. (Fallin & Eubank,) 33 Conway 
Fallon Annie, teacher, 119 Harford av 
Fallon Mrs. Bridget, beer, 229 Aliceanna 
Fallon Bernard, tavern, s w cor Ensor and 

Fallon Daniel J. grocery, 39 e Eager 
Fallon Dominic, 140 Forrest 
Fallon James, laborer, 24 Valley 
Fallon John, grocery, 48 Forrest 
Fallon John, laborer, 57 Booth 
Fallon Luke, carpenter, 80 n Front 
Fallon Malacha, stonecutter, 202 Madison av 
Fallon Mary, 86 Front 
Fallon Michael, grocery, 57 Chesnut 
Fallon Patrick, cooper, 119 Harford av 
Fallon Rebecca, 39 e Eager 
Falls Moor N. 279 Madison av 
Falter Mrs. Mary, huckstrci^s, 127 Low 
Falvey Michael, stonemason, llStcrrett 
Fainback Andrew, laborer, 132 Mi Henry 
Fambah Mrs. Henry, 03 Bank 
Famme tiilor, 20 Spring row 
FancherS. (S.Fancher& Co.) 283 Madison av 
Fancher S. & Cj. (Smith Fmch-'r, fNaml. C. 

Brown) storage and forwardiuj, over 10 S 





Fane Emily, tailoress, 9Brune 

Fangmejer John (Fangmejer k Doll) s e cor 

Baltimore and Gilmor 
FANGMBYER & DOLL (J. Fangmejer, L. Z. 

Doll) com. merchs. 49 and 51 s Howard 
Fankhanel Henry, tobacconist, 206 Lexington 
Fannin John, hackman, 109 Ensor 
Fannin John, hackman, 25 Jtfferson 
Fanning Clemens, laborer. 25 Cannon 
Fannon Luke, laborer. G Hubbard al 
Fannon Michael, laborer, 182 East 
Fannon Thos. watchman, 3 Grinnan ct 
Fanshaw Caleb W. stonecutter, 172 n Caroline 
Fanshaw Mrs. Mary A. 170 n Caroline 
Fanshaw Tully, bricklayer, 170 n Caroline 
Fanshon Margaret, boarding, 83 n High 
Fantom Elizabeth, 3 Bloodgood ct 
Fantom Margaret, 3 Bloodgood ct 
Fautom Thomas, laborer, 1G9 Ensor 
Faraher Mrs. Julia, 203 Eastern av 
Farber Henry, tailor, 235 w Pratt 
Farber Henry J. (Stellmann, Hinrichs & Co.) 

Farber Herman, stoves and tin ware, 27G 3 

Farber Mrs. John M. trimmings, 77 Low 
Farber John U. (John H. F. & Co.) s e cor 

North and Pleasant 
FARBER JOHN H. & CO. (John H. Farber, 
Charles Bauman) groceries and liquors, s e 
cor North and Pleasant 
Farber Martin H. trav. agt, 52 s Eutaw 
Farber Wra. clerk, cor Low and Forrest 
Fardwell Mrs. Charlotte, tailoress, 58 Henrietta 
Fardwell Mrs. Sarah 62 Henrietta- 
Fardv Mrs. Emily J. (F. & Woodall) 71 

FARDY" & WOODALL (E. J. Fardy, Wra. 
E. Woodall) ship builders and marine rail- 
ways, foot of Montgomery and cor Hughes 
and Covington ; and shipchandlers, 33 
Fardy Matthew J. 108 s Sharp 
Farhop John, shoemaker, 169 s Caroline 
Faringer Chas. inspect. C. H. 497 n Fremont 
Faringer Chas. H. 497 n Fremont 
Faringer Sliver, 497 n Fremont 
Faris Thomas, glassblower, 105 n Spring 
Faris Wm. G. salesman, 321 w Baltimore 
Farland Daniel, carter, 333 s Sharp 
Farland John F. sailmaker. 81 Smith's whf, 

dw 161 Dolphin 
Farland Wm. sailmaker, 201 e Fayette 
Farley Alice, 236 Lemmon al 
Farley Edward, laborer, 31 Haw 
Farley Fredk. tailor, 176 L Greene 
Farley John, laborer, 157 Hudson 
Farley Michael, laborer, 15 Bank 
Farley Patrick, brassfinisher, 207 Ghesnut 
Farley Wm. tailor, 337 n Howard 
Farlow Hugh, 327 e Baltimore 
Farlow John T. marshal of police, 327 e Bal- 
Farmer James F. bookkeeper, 92 Stirling 
Farmer Joseph, painter, 110 n Bethel 
Farmer John, mariner, 9 Lancaster ^ 
Farmer Patrick, brassfinisher, 92 Stirling 
Farmer Philip, 21 n Eutaw 
Farmer .Mrs. Philip, china, 21 u Eutaw 
Farmer Terrence, grocery, 92 Stirling 
Farmer Dr. Wm. dentist, 84 e Baltimore 
Farmer Wra. laborer, 12 lIcElderry 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



CloveVf Timothy Seed, <C'C. 

Rosendale Cement 6l Plaster. 

Farn^er Wra. carpenter, 30 n Holliday 
Farmer's Hotel, n w cor Hillen and Forrest, 

D. & C. Street, proprietors 

BANK, n w cor South and Lombard 
Farnan Bernard, cooper, 184 Gouph 
Farnan James L clerk, 180 Hanover 
Farnau Peter, 180 Hanover 
Farnan Thos. F. police, 285 Hanover 
Farnandis Dr. Geo. G. 59 w Fayette, dw 13 

n Carev 
FARNANDIS WALTER, JR. attorney, 59 w 

Fayette, dw 13 n Carey 
Farnbacher John, cooper. 18 Peach al 
Farnen C. T. & Co. (C. T. & P. Farnan) gro- 
cers, 340 Aliceaona and 24 Boston 
Farnen Chas. T.(C. T. F. & Co.) 126 s Chester 
Farnen Peter, (C. T. Farnen & Co.) 126 3 

Farnen Thomas, laborer, 2 Plown^an 
Farner B. shoemaker, 84 Somerset 
Farnsworlh Joseph, baggagemaster, Calvert 

Station, 285 n Howard 
Faron Michael, laborer. 33 e .Monument * 
Farquhar Geo. A. 28 Chatsworth 
Farquhar John C. clerk, 159 Gough 
Farquhar Wm. P. clerk, 4 n Greene 
Farquharson Mrj. Aon, 42 e Lombard 
Farquharson Mrs. Catherine, 233 n Charles 
Farquharson F. L. dw 1S4 Saratoga 




Saddles, Collars and Trunks, 


Patticuhrattention paid to the mrmnficturc of y^ 
ne Harness with imported Mountinss. y^' 

Farquharson John D. com. merch. 35 Cheap- 
side, dw 108 Aisquith 
Farquharson John F. clerk, 108 Aisquith 

porter of Wines, Gin, Brandies, 
&c. Office, 52 s Charles St., dw 
586 Lexington 

Farquharson Wm. E. 171 w Fayette 
Farr Ale.\. laborer, 114 Ensor 
Farr Andrew J. laborer, 1 Webb 




Commission Merchants and other Parties 

■Who have orders for a general assortment of 



Are invited to call at 

308 W. Baltimore St. 


Farr Francis, laborer, 114 Ensor 

Farr Joseph, huckster, 117 Regester 

Farraa D.tvid, moulr^er, 181 Stirling 

Farran Joseph F. salesman, G4 Bane 

Farrell Mrs. Annie, confeciiontry, 18 s Front 

Farrell Bridget, shucker, 6G President 

Farrell Barney, mariner, 2 West Falls &r 

Farrell James, laborer, 651 Light 

Farrell James, gasfitter, 77 York 

Farrell James, watchman, 45 Abey al 

Farrell John, laborer, 114 Cooksie 

Farrell John, (Bevaus, Hannah & Co.) 186 e 

Farrell John, John nr McMechia 
Farrell John, laborer, 22 Concord 
Farrell John, blacksmith, 146 s Chester 
Farrell John, collector, 77 York 
Farrell John, laborer, Dover ext 
Farrell John, grocery, 51 e Lombard 
Farrell Joseph, laborer, 77 York 
Farrell Julia, 2 West Falls av 
Farrell Mary, confectionery, 212 Peirce 
Farrell Matthew, laborer, a e cor Walsh and 

Farrell Margaret, 104 Preston 
Farrell Mfiry, confectionery, 130 Vine 
Farrell Mrs. Mary, 67 c Monument 
Farrell Michael, grocery, 40 Haw 
Fairell Michael, laborer, 148 Preston 
Farrell Michael, laborer, 114 Cooksie 
Farrell Michael, mariner, 2 West Falls ar 
Farrell Patrick, laborer, 15 Stiles 
Farrell Patrick, marble polisher, 104 Preston 
Farrell Patrick, boilermkr, 332 Eastern av 
Farrell Peter, waiter, 130 Vine 
Farrell Peter, laborer, 8 Hubbard al 
Farrell Robert, mariner, 2 West Falls av 
Farrell & Ryan, (\Vm. Farrell, T. Ryan) tay- 

ern, 8 e cor Holliday and Fayette 
Farrell Samuel, huckster, 213 e Madison 
Farrell Thomas 0. laborer, 7 Creek al 
Farrell Wm. (F. & Ryan) 212 Peirce 
Farren Bridget, nurse, 301 Druid Hill av 
Farren James laborer, 215 Battery av 
Farren John S. (J. S. Farren k Co.) 103 S 

FARREN J. S. & Co. (J. S. & Wm. Farren) 

oyster packers, cor Aliceanna and Boston 
Farren Wm. (J. S. Farren & Co.) Pratt, 2 

doors e of Choptank 
Farring Augustus H. saddler, 33 Millimaa 
Farringer Mrs. Mary E. 58 s Bond 
Farrington James, laborer, 7 McLeary ct 
Farrior Henry, bookkeeper, 4 Light 
Farris B. fruits, 177 w Pratt 
Farris Joseph, musician, 177 w Pratt 
Farron Henry, laborer, rear 16 Concord 
Farrow Mrs. Annie, 2o3 George 
Farrow Mrs. Catherine A. boarding, 50 s Sharp 

Farsch Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 341 s Howard 

Farson Mrs. Elizabeth, 47 s Ann 

Farson .Mrs. India, boarding, 114 s Caroline 

Farson John S. (Cook k Farson) 47 s Ana 

Fasbender Charles, 256 w Pratt 

Pass Albert, blacksmith, 34 s Schroeder 

Fastenhanier Bernard, tobacconist, 131 Forrest 

Fatherly Capt. Jos. mariner, 23 McElderry 

Fatherly Capt. Wm. J. ofiSce over 107 South, 

dw 23 McElderry 
Faucett Harry J. S. clerk, Guy's hotel 
Faucett James, shoemaker, 14 Low 
Faul Charles, tinner, 83 Albpmarle 
Faul Gustav. printer, 77 n Eden 
Faulac Ella J. teacher, 256 Aisquilh 
Faulac Mrs. Maria, 256 Aisquilh 
F.iuldrath Christopher, wagoner, 32 s Dallas 
Fauldrath Conrad, shoemaker, 32 s Dallas 
Faulkner Alfred B. (Baker, Brutf& Co.) 290 

w Fayette 
Faulkner Mrs. H. 14 Hammond al 
Faulkner James, laborer, 86 York 
Faulkner Capt. Josiah, plastertr, 532 w Balto 
Faulkner .Mary Ann, 141 Raborg 
Faulkner Mary E. lailores^, 153 s Regester 
Faulkner Thomas, huckster, 153 s Regester 
Faulkner Thos. M. grocery, 19 McElderry 
Faulner Andrew, tanner, 172 Eastern av 
Faulstith Mrs. Carrie, hairdresser, 236 e Pratt 
Faulstich John, cabinetmaker, 236 e Pratt 
Faulstich Nicholas, wheelwright, 236 e Pratt 
Faulstick Gust, tailor, 291 s Bond 
Faulstick Nich. wheelwrisrht, 63 8 Broadway 
Faunberg Mrs. Theresa, 77 Eastern av 
Fauntleroy Henry H. bookk'pr, 246 George/. 
Faupel Jacob, tailor, 152 n Carol iue 
Faust Frederick, clerk, 188 s Bond 
Faust Hy. (J. Faust k Bro.) 651 w Lombard 
Faust Henry, tinroofer, 438 n Gay 
Faust Jacob, confectionery, 133 n Gay 
FAUST JOHN k BRU. (John Faust, H.Faust) 

boots, shoes, &c. 318 w Baltimore 
Faust John. (J. Faust & Bro.) 509 w Baltimore 
Faustman Henry, tobacconist,40 s Republican 
Faustman Wm. laborer, 304 e Lombard 
Favier John, millwright, 415 Lexington 
Favier Peter A. machinist, cor Aisquith and 

Point la 
Favier Susan, grocery, 415 Lexington 
Favour Joseph G. (J. G. F. k Co.) Exeter nr 

Favour J. G. & Co. (J. G. Favour, J. H. 

Brooks) whols. stationery, cfcc. 30 Second 
Fawcett Dr. Christopher, 17 Mosher 
Fawcett Francis, County Commissioner, Monu- 
ment nr city limits 
Fawcus Catherine, huckslress, 28 Anthony 
Fawsett Ashbury F. 2 Waverly Terrace 
Fay Charles, stoves, tinware, &c. 139 Bank 
Fay Mrs. Elizabeth, tailoress, 211 n Exeter 
Fay Ferdinand, tailor, 8 a Chapel 
Fay Fordice, inspector of leather, 52 Granby 
Fay Dr. Geo. W. 283 e Baltimore 
Fay George, painter, 13 McHenry 
Fay Henry, clothier,48 and 50 Centre Market sp 
FAY JOHN C. attorney, 75 w Fayette, dw 61 

Fay John T. clerk, 87 s Washington 
Fay John, helper, 222 Preston 
Fay Patrick, laborer, 10 e Monument 
Fay Susan, laundress, 122 n Holliday 
Fay Thomas, cigarmaker, 21 s Washington 




Faye Jarats R. clerk, 234 Linden av 
Fayet'e St. M. E. Church, Fayette nr Fremout 
Feast John, (John Feist & Sons)295 Lexington 
Feast John E. (Samufl Feast & Sons) n e cor 

Franklin and Gilmor 
FEAST JOHN& SONS, (John Feast, Linnsens 
Feast, and Loudin Feast) florists, 295 Lex- 
Feast Linn£EU3,(John Feast & Sons)327 n Eu- 


Feast Louden, (J. Feast & Sons) 295 Lexington 

FEAST SAMUEL & SONS, (S*muel Feast jr. 

John E. Feast) floris's and nurserymen, n 

w cor Franklin and Gilmor, and 55 n Charles 

Feast Samuel, jr. (Samuel Feast & Sons) n e 

cor Franklin and Gilmor 
Featherstone Joseph, painter, 251 s Charles 
Fecher John L slioemnker, 351 a Charles 
Fechteg Chas. basketmaker, 57 Albemarlo 
FEOflTIG GEORGE F. druggi3t,n w cor Fay- 
ette and Central ar 
Fedef Geo. stonecutter, 87 Albemarle 
Federick Alex, shoemaker, 123 n Bethel 
Federleicht Abraham, cloths, &c. 161 Lexing- 
' ington, dw 27 s Eutaw 
Federleicht Jacob, clerk, 27 3 Eataw 
Federleicht Louis, clerk, 27 s Eutaw 
Fedou Francis, tailor, 107 n Calvert 
Fee Caleb, machinist, Clifton nr the Park 
Yei Henry, expressman, 85 HoUins 
Fee Jacob, sr. machinist, 8 n Popp'eton 
Fee Jacob, jr. express driver, 488 Saratoga 
Fee Wm. stonecutter, 25 Some'^s^t 
Fef-h'in Mrs. Martha, boardint;, 20h Eastern av 
Fi ehan Patrick laborer, 3 Willow 
Feehley Michael, laborer. 175 West 
•Feeleinyer Andrew, blacksmith, 211 e Fayette 
Fielemyer Griffith, clerk,Second adj. Post OlSce 
Feely James, laborer, 67 s Oregon 
Feely Mrs. Mary, 123 Elliott 
Feely Michael, laborer, 18 Lemon 
Feely Patrick, laborer, 18 Lemon 
F-ely Patrick, laborer, 123 Elliott 
Feely Wra. laborer, Clinton nr Boston 
Feeney Catherine, 203 Vine 
Feeney Geo. carpenter, 16 Hammond al 
Feeney Jas carpenter, 16 Hammond al 
Feeney Jas. hackraan, 122 Elisor 
Feeney .Michael, laborer, 8 Slemmer al 
Fefel Geo. W. huckster. 478 w Lombard 
Fefel John, huckster, 478 w Lombard 
Fefel Mrs Joseph, jr. restaurant, n e cor Bal- 
timore and Strieker 
Fefel Joseph, sr 797 w Baltimore 
Fefill Jno. coppersmith and plumber, 65 Cen- 
tre Market sp, dw Hollins nr Mount 
FeSU Jno. jr. coppersmith, Hollins nr Mount 
Fegelin Joseph, potter, 337 s Charles 
Feble John, tailor, 90 n Ann 
Ffglein Chris, carpenter, 65 L McEld rry 
Fehleisen Chris. L. morocco dresser, 162 n 

Fehrman Wra. H. butcher, 344 Aisquith 
Fehrmann Louis A. tailor, 9 L Gough 
Fehs'nfeld Diedrich, tobacconist, 69 e Balti- 
more, viw 62 
FEHSEXFELD LOUIS, tobacco'st, 77 Thames 
Fehte August, coach trimmer, 37 Albemarle 
Fehte Fred'k, tailor, 37 Albemarle 
Feichtenbeiner Gotfried, carter, 24 Barnes 
Feichtenbeiner Mrs. Rosanna, 24 Barnes 
Feick Adam, shoemaker, 121 Yine 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &.C. 



Clover, Timothy Seed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster, 

Feick Geo. shoemaker, 302 s Sharp 

Feick Henry, varnisher, 165 Peirce 

Feick John, pianomaker, 237 Lee 

Feidler Michael, laborer, 293 Eastern ar 

Feiertag Berj. teacher, C6 n Fremont 

Feig Andrew, tiilor, 23 n Caroline 

Feig Catherine, tailoress, 91 n Edea 

Feig Ferd. tailor, 23 n Caroline 

Feig Geo. A. clerk tobacco warehouse, 389 

Feige August H. tavern, 49 n Frederick 
Feige Chas. L. barkeeper, 49 n Frederick 
Feige Mra. Klizibeth. seamstress 6 Spring-st ct 
FEIGE FREDERICK, restaurant, 3 Water 
Feige Frederick, sr. 49 n Frederick 
Feindt Louis, blacksmith, \}4 Fountain 
Feinour Chas. clerk, 496 w Fayette 
Feinour Robf-rt, 682 vSaratoga 
Feinour Dr. Tbos. 490 w Fayette 
Feistel John G. F., IIar'"ord av nr Point la 
Fflber Edward, fancy goods, 193 s Broadway 
Felber Louis, (L. F. & Co.) fancy gaods, 167 

s Broidway 
Felber Louis k Co. (L. Felber, C. T. Jackson) 

fancy goods and notions, 67 Hanover 
Felber Simon L. salesman, G7 Hanover 
Felbinger John, shoemaker, 77 s Chapel 
Feldenheimer Mrs. Cecelia, 33 e Lombard 
Felder A. laborer, 240 s Dallas 
Felder Henry, driver, 77 Bank 
Felder John, shoemkr, Eislein al nr Fremont 
Felder Mrs. Margaret, 132 s Caroline 
Feldhaus A. J. tobacconist, 204 e Baltimore 
Feldhaus Bernhard, shoemaker, 305 Columbia 
Feldhaus Chas. B. cigarmaker, 71 n Spring 
Feldhaus Eberhard, clerk, 48 Josephine 
Feldhaus Ferd. tflegrapbist, 28 e Fayette 
Feldhaus Ferd. A. tobacconist, 28 e Fayette 
Feldhaus Fred'k, cigarmaker, 23 e Fayette 
Feldhaus Joseph C. restaurant, 13 n High, 

dw 28 e Fayette 
Feldkemp Mrs. Catherine, 124 West 
Feldman Annie, confectionery, 223 Cintoaar 
Feldman Bernard, tailor, 239.} Gousth 
Feldman Christian, laborer, 1 Curley 
Feldman Frederick, laborer, 232 Light 
Fe'dman Henry, sexton, 223 Canton ar 
Feldtnan Henry, tobacconist, 269 Hanover 
Feldman Henry, laborer, 11 Cannon 
Feldman John, laborer, 146 s Kegester 
Feldman Mrs. John, 163 s Regetter 
Feldman Mrs. Mary, tobacconist, 239j Gough 
Feldman Max. laborer, 231 William 
Feldner Loais, laborer, 80 Grindall 
Feldner Michael, 224 Canton av 
Feldpusch George, barber, cor Howard and 

Feldpusch Henry, tailor, 265 n Central av 
Felger John, shoemaker, 139 Eislein 




Commission Mcrciiants and other Parties 

■Who have orders for a general assortment of 



Are invited to call at 

308 W. Baltimore St. 


Felger John M. shoemaker, 139 Eisleia 
Felger Marcellus, milk, 36 Barnes 
Feigner Edwd. L. clerk, Madison av nr North- 
ern av 
Feigner Fred. W. tobacco works, 90 s Charles 

dvv Madison av nr Xorihern av 
Felix Christian, cooper, 235 e Faj-ette 
Felix Peter, laborer, 227 Forrest 
Fell Mrs. Frances A. 204 s Ann 
Fill John, tailor, 283 n Central av 
Foil John, 227 Harford av 
Fell Mrs. Mary, 227 Harford av 
Fell Peter, huckster, 449 Saratoga 
Felleison Christopher, tanner, 1G2 n Exeter 
Feller Mrs. Citherine, 11 Goodman al 
Feller Charles, cooper, s e cor Gough and 

Spring, dw Ills Caroline 
Feller Chas. L. huckster, 138.} s Spring 
Feller George, peperhanger, 116 Saratoga 
Feller George, restaurant, S3 Bank, and coop- 
er 144 s Spring, dw 38 Bank 
Feller Valentine, lager beer, IIG Saratoga 
Feller Wm. C. cooper. Ills Caroline 
Fellheimer Jacob, millinerv poods 31 n Howard 
Felling Ernst, filemaker, 121 n Bond 
Felling Henry, tailor, 121 n Bond 
Felling John, carter, 196 Cross 
Fellman John R. examiner C. II. 99 n Howard 
Fells George, carpenter, 154 Mulberry 
P'els Abraham (Fels & Co.) 24 s Greene 
Fels & Co. (Lazarus and Abraham Fels) soap, 

60 s Sharp 
Fels Lazarus (Fels & Co.) 24s Greene 
Feller John, porter. 91 Harrison. Canton 
Felthousen Henry D. tinner 252 Eastern av 
Felthousen John II. tinner, 252 Eastern av 
FELTHOUSEN WM. H. tin and sheet iron 
worker, and plumber and gas filter, GO 
FtUman Fritz, boxmaker. 21 Edward 
Feltner Dora, grocery, 652 Light 
Feltner Frederick, laborer, 652 Light 
Feltner Louis, laborer, 80 Grindall 
Feltrow Henry P. conductor, 9 Watsoa 
Feltz August, cutter, 93 Jefferson 
Felvvock Fredk. mariner, 288 Aliceanna 
Female Christian Home, Mrs. Mary R. Cas- 

sels, matron, 86 n Paca 
Fenby Theodosia, dry goods, 137 n Gay 
Fendrick Charles, 38 n Liberty 
Feney Francis, laborer, 119 Elliott 
Fcney Margaret, laundress, Calhoun nr Ramsay 
Fcnge John, tailor, 231 s Paca 
Fenhagen Charles D. clerk, 318 e Fayette 
Fenhagen Jas. C. (Whitelaw & F.) 318 e 

Fenhagen John 0. 97 s Washington 
Fenhajren Thomas, mariner, 97 s Washington 
Fenke Frederick, varnisher, 247 s Paca 

Fenker Louis, shoemaker, 16 n Pine 
Fennan Marcella, servant, 45 e Mosher 
Fennell Chas. N. bookkeeper, Fulton nrHollins 
Fennell Maurice, clerk, B.& O.R. 85 Columbia 
Fennell Thomas, painter, 155 Jefierson 
Fennell Wesley, lumber agt, Union dock, dw 

42 Fawn 
Fennell Wm. P. clerk, Fulton nr HoUins 
Fennell Wm. clerk, 42 Fawn 
Fenneman Ferdin'd, grocery, 375 e Baltimore 
Fenneman Henry, 36 s Poppleton 
Fenneman John T. salesman, 4G4 Lexingfos 
Fenneman Susanna, groceries and provisions, 

36 8 Poppleton 
Fenner George, shoemaker, 280 w Pratt 
Fenner Henr}', shoemaker, 235 Hamburg 
Fenner Henry, shoemaker, 23 Peach al 
Fenner John II. shoemaker, 40 Portland 
Fenner John, laborer, McIIenry nr Fulton 
Fenon Patrick, grocery, 31 Harford av 
Fenrich David, porter, 183 Forrest 
Fensley Wm. boots and shoes, 131 Broadway 
Fenton Aaron, (Drakely & F.)307 w Fayette 
Fenton John J. coach painter, 7 Centre Mar- 
ket sp 
Fenton Mrs. Mary, 23 n Amity 
Fenton Michael, peddler, 403 w Pratt 
Fenton Wm. laborer, 8 Cotton row 
Fen wick Henry A. bookkeeper, 44 Franklin 
Fenzel Frank, tailor, 383 Penna. av 
Fenzel Mary Ann, dry goods, 383 Penna. av 
FerbeeCapt. Napoleon, mariner, 181 William 
Ferber Adam, laborer, 11 n Durham 
Ferciot Emelie P. fluting and lace, 71 n Charles 
Fergel Martin, laborer, 1 n Chapel 
Fergus W. C. clerk, 313 n Broidway 
Ferguson Adam, bricklayer, 90 n Poppleton 
Ferguson Mrs. Ann, 45 Marion 
Ferguson Mrs. Ella M. confectionery, 90 n 

Ferguson Mrs. Eliza, 267 St. Paul 
Ferguson Mrs. Elizabeth, 101 n Fremont 
Ferguson Jlrs. Elizabeth, 284 w Fayette 
Ferguson Eliphalet P. carpenter, 161 e Mon- 
Ferguson Ephraim, moulder, 175 Lee 
Ferguson Geo. C. shoemaker, 208 e Lombard 
Ferguson Geo. H. 217 St. Paul 
Ferguson James, brickmaker, 602 Light 
Ferguson James I. carpenter, 117 HoUins 
Ferguson James A. police, 45 Marion 
Ferguson James P. clerk, 159 Hamburg 
Ferguson James R. laborer, 263 e Madison 
Ferguson Jennie, teacher, 159 Hamburg 
Ferguson J. D. attorney, 32 Law Buildings, 

dw 44 Franklin 
FERGU.'^OX J. HENRY, real estate broker, 

80 w Fayette, dw 141 Park 
Ferguson J. Henry, jr. clerk, 141 Park 
Fcrtjuson John, grocer, n e cor Brune and 

Ferguson John, fireman, 8 Leramon 
Ferguson Mrs. Mary, 159 Hamburg 
Ferguson Matthew, 255 n Chirles 
Ferguson Robert, conductor, 15 w Biddle 
FERGUSON ROBERT, boots and shoes, 314 

n Howard 
Ferguson Mrs. Rhoda, 112 s Chester 
Ferguson T. B. (Gantt & F.) Charles nr Read 
Ferguson Theodoric, carpenter, 29 Somerset 
Ferguson Wm. tinner, 17 s Republican 
Ferguson Wm. (Hamilton & F.) 124 s Sharp 




Ferguson Wm. J. carpenter, 111 Orleans 
Ferguson Wm. M. boilerraaker, 2G3 e Madison 
Fergusson Charles, sr. (F., Tysoa k Co.) 274 

Linden av 
Fergusson Charles, jr. clerk, 274 Linden ar 
Fergusson Hugh II. machinist, 55 e Madison 
Fergusson Margaret, boarding, 55 e Madison 
Fergusson Nehemiah, 1C5 Orleans 
FEItGUSSOX, TVsUX &C0. (C. Fergusson, 
11. G. Tvson, A. J. Palmer) wholesale gro- 
Cf-rs and com. merch'ts, 121 w Lombard 
FerbuneJ. M. mariner, Broadway nr Lombard 
Fernan Ernest, rlerk, 140 s Lataw 
Fernandez Benigno, 212 w Fayette j 

Fernandez Jose M. 98 n Bioadway I 

Fernandez Mrs. P\licia, 212 w Fujette 1 

Fernandis Walter, jr. attorney, 59 w Fayette 
Fernhe mer Samuel, butcher, 21 Fell's Point 

market, dw 188 Aliceanua 
Fernou Adelbert, silverplater, 2.'j3 West 
Fenisaer Fred'k, laborer, 53 William 
Ftrnsner Lewis, glasstlaitener, 58 William 
Feiree Alex, shoemaker, 1G5 L. Greene 
Ferral Jobn T. brakesman, 125 Conway 
Ferrandini Cipriano, hairdresser, Calvert, un- 
der Brnum's hotel, dw 250 6 Baltimore 
Ferrandini Francis L. engineer. 250 e Baltimore 
Ferrell Elisha. iron moulder, Cliaton nr Boston 
Terrell Jeremiah, laborer, T Carlton 
Fertell Capt. Thomas, mariner, yiO e Pratt 
Ferrey Conrad S. baker, 255 e Fayelte 
Ferrey Dr. J. M. Tapor baths, GO n lligh 
Fertil .Mrs. Mary, 41 n Wolfe 
Ferris Wm. II. clerk, GO Conway 
Fe'ry Daniel, carpenter, 178 n Exeter 
Feiry Edw.nrd, puddler, 80 Eliioit 
Firry Mrs. E izibeth, 43 s Greene 
Ferry Jno. stonemason, Frederick av nr Monroe 
Ferry John W. carpenter, 84 s Carey 
Ferry John, 43 Lee 
Ferry Wm. S. clerk, s e cor Fayette and Rc- 

Ferry Wm. carpenter, 824 w Baltimore 
Fersh Chas. painter, Bond nr Gay 
Ftrs'e, shoemaker, 44 s Ilegester 
Feschback Ernest, cigarmaker, 198 Cross 
Feiler Louis, tavern, 188 Canton av 
Fessman Philip, coni'ectioner, 9 L Gough 
Festenberg Levi, merchant, 14 Lloyd 
Fester John, laborer, 6 e Monument 
Fester John, laborer, 175 Lemu\oa al 
Fester Wm. la*^orer, 6 e .Monument 
Fete Ileiman, shoemaker, 52 Pcrtlaud 
Fethe Carl, tailor, 8 Biker"s ct 
Ftt.-ch Barbara, 337 s CharL-s 
Fetsch John .M. clerk, 337 s Charles 
Felsih JohnT. 337 s Charles 
Fetsch Nicholas F. messenger, 337 a Charles 
Feiseh Valentine, tanner, til Watson 
Fett3 Henry, boot and shoemaker, 23 n Eutaw 
Fetter Martin, tailor, 5o s Bethel 
Fetter Geo. shoemkr, n e cor Low and Forrest 
Fetters John F. carpenter, 150 Canton av 
Fetzirjg Philip, laborer, 103 n Fremont 
Fcuchter Joseph, shotmaker, 248 s Dallas 
Feueibaum Juhn, tavern, 13 w Second 
Fiierlaum Jobn F. cigarmaker, 13 Second 
Ftuerestine Lewis, cooper, 59 Johnson 
Fcuherd Frtd. laborer, 330 s Bond 
Feurst Geo. S. (C. L. Grund & Co. )90s Sharp 
Fciis Theodore, shoemaker, CG Lancaster 
Feuss Henry 0. bookkeeper, 1C3 s Puca 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover f ThiiotJiy Seed, dc* 

Rosendale Cement & Plaster. 

Feuss Mrs. Helen, 168 8 Paca 
Fey Gustave, pianomaker, 2o Jasper 
Fey John, laborer, 45 Barne3 
I'iage Christojilier, cigarmaker, 12 s Chapel 
Ficlitner Geo. laborer, 5 n Chapel 
Ficht Achatius, coi.fectiouer, 21 n Paca 
Fick Augustus H.(A.II.F. k Cu. )1G9 German 
Pick A. II. & Co. (Augustus H. Fick, P. Al- 
iens; oyster packers, 17G German 
Fick Chas. F. bookkeeper, 179 3 Charles 
Fick Erhardt, thilor, 9 n Chapel 
Fick Geo. A. shoemaker, 104 Cross 
Fick Gtistavus, music teacher, 179 s Charles 
Fick J. Ch;is. porter, 83 s Belht-l 
Fick Wm. G. ri;;ger, 54 Philpot 
Ficke Edward, oyster packer, 123 Barre 
Ficke John H. restaurant, 182 Pearl 
Fickenger John, laborer, 19 Chesnut al 
Ficketscher Henry, shoe fmding?,! 11 Saratog.'V 
Fickenscher John ia. hiborer, 32 Guilford al 
Fickers Chris, cigarmaker, 18 n Chapel 

Fickev A. J. salesman, 83 n Liberty 
FICKJEYFRSD'K. Jk. adjuster of average and 
las. Broker, 8 Md. Bui!ding,SeconJ, dw 83 
n Liberty 
Fickey Frederick, sr. 83 n Liberty 

Fickey W. II. ins. broker, 8 Md. Building, 
Second, dw 83 n Liberty 

Fidds Geo. M. saddler, 330 w Pratt 

Fidgett Andrew, laborer, 14 Armistead la 

Fiedler Geo, tailor, 173 Sarah .\na 

Fietk Adam, foreman, 121 Vine 

Fiege Henry, grocery, cur Boston and Clinton 

Field Abiathar, 309 w Lombar<l 

FieJd M'S. Abiathar W. 4 lloUins 

Field Alex. C. feed, 19 w Lombard, dw 25 s 

FIELD CHARLES W. genl. com. merch.ant, 
13 Patterson 

Field Henry, laborer, 171 s Caroline 

Field Jobn A. jr. dry goods com. 9 German, 
dw Huntingdon av nr Charles 

Field .Mi'chell B storage warehouse,! 13 Spear's 
whf, dw 25 s Bond 

Field M. B. k Co. (.M B Field) f.our, grain 
and feed, 19 w Lmnbard 

Field Mitchell B (M. B. F. .t Co.) 25 s Bond 

Field Samuel M. dentist, 117 n Charles, dw 
Mtrchants hotel 

Field Thomas L. clerk, 147 Linden av 

FieM Wm. mariner, 231 e Pralt 

Fields Capt. A. B. 243 e Fayette 

Fiells Alex. II. brasifinislier, 4G Liberty al 

F elds Genl. Charles W. 70 Siratoga 

Fields Charles, cardriver, 5 s Durham 

Fields Caroline, 5 s Durham 

Fields k Gilmore, (James Fields, Richard Gil- 
more) merch. tailors, 81 Thames 

Fields Henry, laborer, 32 Hughes 




Commission merchants and otiicr Tartics 

Who have orders for a general assortment of 


Are invited to call at 

308 W. Baltimore St. 


Fields James, moulder, 46 Liberty al 

Fields Jas. pi ot. n e cor Lombard and Chester 

Fiel'ts James, cooper, 158 Orleans 

Fields James, (Fields & Gilmore) cor Lombard 

and Chester 
Fields James W. paperbanger, 95 n Caroline 
Fields John, huckster, 2 L May 
Fields John, backdriver, rear 20 Tyson 
Fields Joseph K. mariner, n e cor Lombard 

and Chester 
Fields Mrs. Mary, 46 Liberty al 
Fields Rebecca, 180 Lenimon al 
FieMs llobert, brassfinisher, 46 LibTty al 
Fieli^s Mrs. Susan, 258 s Charles 
Fields Thompson, sergt. police, 150 n ExPter 
Fields Wm. H. wheelwright, 135 s Fremont, 

dw 206 s Paca 
Fields Wm. M. sheet iron worker, 92 McEl- 

Fields Wra. J. of tobacco wareh. 2 L May 
Fields Wm. T. carpenter, Fayette nr Bond 
Fier Joseph, laborer, 212 Canton av 
Fierst Adam L. ironworker, Eastern av nr 

Fierheller Godfrey, baker, 22 Thompson 
Fiesler Conrad furn. wagon, 243 s Ann 
Fieweg Mrs. Margaret, confectionery, 160 s 

Fiter Archibald S. engineer, 282 n Eutaw 
Fifer Mrs. George, 355 Cathedral 
Fifcr Godfrey, (Fifer & Wix) 357 Cathedral 
Fifer Jacub, stone quarries, 337 Cathedral 
Fifer Mrs. Margaret, 15 Ogston 
Fifer N. S. coachtrimmer. Hand house 
Fifer & Wix, (G. Fifer, 11. A. Wix) coach- 
makers, 50 Girman 
Fifer Jlobt. S. engineer N. C. R. 278 n Eutaw 
Fifir Wm. T. stone quarries, 337 Cathedral 
Fig Josepi), tailor, 4 n Greene 
Figgat .\loncure T. salesman, 245 w Baltimore 
Fiber J. Knagg, teacher, 256 s Broadway 
Fiker John, butcher, 333 Penna av 
Figgs Wm. J. mariner, 46 James h\ 
Filbert George, jr. grocery, 210 Hanover 
Filbert George, shoemaker, 383 n Gay 
Filbert Henry, clerk, 383 n Gay 
Filbert Michael, groceries and butter,384nGay 
FiU)in Michael, laborer, Hull nr R. R. 
Filbin Patrick, laborer, 183 Vine 
File August, confectioner, 260 w Pratt 
F les Josej)h, ke-psr drawbridge, 137 s High 
Files Wm. II, painter, 10 Bennett 
Flics Wm. shificarpenter, 33 Cambridge 
Filling P'dward, boxmaker, 5 Dawion al 
Filling Frederick, laborer, 4 Dawson al 
Filling Henry, fmisher, 8 n Poppleton 
Filling John, laborer, 246 s Sharp 
Filliiiger James L. barkeeper, 39 8 Paca 
FiUinger John C. confectioner, 606 w Pratt 

Fillinger John M. collector, 286 n Howard 
FiUinger .Mrs. Mary M. 286 n Howard 
Fillinger Paul, bootmaker, 606 w Pratt 
Fillinger T. Matthew, 606 w Pratt 
Filz John, cutter, 261 Mosher 
Finarran Mrs. Mary, liquors. Cathedral ext 
Finch Geo. J. bookbinder, Mosher nr Park av 
Finch James, cigarmaker, 122 n Bethel 
Finch John, bricklayer, 65 n Poppleton 
Finch Mary Ann, shoebinder, 101 Jefferson 
Finch Wra. W. salesman, 67 n Poppleton 
Finch Wm. W. clerk, 62 Pearl 
Finck Henry, shoemaker, 13 s Central av 
Finck Henry, cabinetmaker, 317 Eastern av 
Finck John H. printer, 265 e Madison 
Finck Joseph L. barber, 265 e .Madison 
Fincknauer Wm. grocer, 85 n Paca 
Fincknauer Wm. R. clerk, 85 n Paca 
Findlay Chas. cotton merch't, 79 w Centre 
Pindlay Henrv, 79 w Centre 
Findley Jno.V. L. (Phelps & F ) 223 Linden av 
Findrich David, cooper, 183 Forrest 
Finegan Henry, driver, 173 Hollins 
Finegan Joseph, telegraph linesman, 159 Hen- 
Fineing Patrick, laborer, 26 Elizabeth la 
Finering John, shoemaker. Union hotel 
Fink Ailiim, cabinetmaker, 461 n Gay 
Fink Alfred J. carpenter, 204 n Fremont 
FINK, BROTHER & CO. (Joseph Fink, H. S. 
Fink II Wood?) grocers and lom. ratrchts. 
8 w cor Franklin and Eutaw 
Fink Bernard, laborer, 4 Fountain 
Fink Carl, tailor, 5 Etna la 
Fink Mrs. Catherine, 191 s Chapel 
Fink Charles, tailor, 55 Chapel 
Fink Mrs Clementine, dressmaker, 56 Division 
Fink Edward, boatman, 324 s Dallas 
Fink Mrs. Elizabeth, seamstress, 915 w Pratt 
Fink George, laborer, 185 s Castle 
Fink George, turner, 154 Raborg 
Fink George, tailor, 18 Walker 
Fink Henry, tailor, 301 Canton av 
Fink Henry, laborer, 96 s Wolfe 
Fink Henry, carpenter, 227 s Ann 
Fink Henry, lubricating oil, 84 Park av 
Fink Henry S. (Fink, Bro. k Co , and Fink, 

McSherry & Co.) 110 n Grefne 
Fink Ignatius, tailor, 154 Stirling 
Fink Jacob, laborer, 25 Shak->pfar 
Fink John, laborer, Choptank nr Favette 
Fink Jos. (F., McSherry & Co.) 22rFrrtnklin 
Fink Jos. (Fink, Bro. & Co.) 221 Franklin 
Fink Julius, cigarmaker, 87 Eastern av 
Fink, M( Sherry & Co (J. Fink, J. A. Mc- 
Sherry, H. S. Fink, J. Harley) proprs. mer- 
chanis' sugar refiner}', Buchanan's whf 
Fink Peter, (Paulus, F. Co ) 36 L McElderrj 
Fink Samuel, shoemaker, G3 Orleans 
Fink Wra. tailor, 209 Preston 
Fink Wm. laborer, 191 s Chapel 
Fink Wm. L. shoemaker, 146 e Lombard 
Fink Wm. laborer, 399 Canton av 
Fink Wilhtlm, (Paulus, F. & Co.) 325 c Mon- 
Fink Wilhelm, porter, 399 Canton av 
Finke John, painter, 159 William 
Finke Terca, 225 Hanover 
Finkeldey Henry J. currier, 145 Hamburg 
Finknauer John, butcher, 905 w Pratt 
Finlay .Mrs. James, 273 Mulberry 
Fiulay John J. leather, 150 e Madison 




Finley Francis H. 420 e Monument 
Fialey John F. broker, 240 Madison av 
FinJey Robt. S. (F. B. Loney & Co.) Eutaw 

Finley Thos. Ehoemaker, 67 Graiiby 
Finley Thomas, jr. salesman. 67 Granby 
Finley Wm. tobacconist, 11 n Front 
Finn Cornelius, foundryman, 191 s Chester 
Finn David, laborer, rear 169 s Central av 
Finn Daniel, laborer, 98 Goodman al 
Finn Edward, shoemaker, 174 s Central av 
Finn Mrs. Ellen, boarding, 166 s Central av 
Finn Jeremiah, drayman, over 6 Bank 
Finn John, laborer, 20 Addison 
Finn John, tailor and scourer, 65 Bank 
Finn Michael, laborer, 139 Peirce 
Finn Michael, laborer, 131 8 Exeter 
Finn Patrick, bottler, 6 Bank 
Finn Patrick, carter, 45 President 
Finn Thomas, drayman, 6 Bank 
Finnan Bernard, grocery, 104 n Calvert 
Finnan Bridget, seamstress, 120 Harford av 
Finnaran Mrs. Mary, liquors, Cathedral est 
Finnegan Bernard, laborer, 24 Neighbor 
Finnegan John, laborer, 196 Vine 
Finnegan John, stonecutter. Swan tavern 
Finnegan <k Lynch, (0. Finnegan, M. Lynch) 
wheelwrights, blacksmiths and coal dealers, 
88 North 
Finnegan Lawrence, laborer, 4 e Centre 
Finnegan Lawrence, dry goods, 329 n Gay, 

dw 42 Valley 
Finnegan Mrs. Mary, 42 Valley 
Finnegan Michael, drayman, 164 n Front 
Finnegan Michael, carpeater, 22 Arbel al 
Finnegan Owen, (F. k Lynch) 4 L Constitution 
Finneren Martin, tavern, 39 Centre Market sp 
Finneren John, huckster, 22 Concord 
Fitinerty Mrs. Johanna, confy, 77 Richmond 
Finnerty Michael, laborer, 356 s Charles 
Finnessee David, laborer, 6 East 
Finnessy Patrick, laborer, 294 Harford av 
Finney Hugh, plumber, 291 e Matiison 
Finigan Catherine, 56 Druid Hill av 
Finigan John, boilermaker, 56 Druid Hill av 
Finsterwald Henry, clothing, 65 L Church 
Finzel Bankratz, tailor, 214 e Eager 
Fiorillo Otto, imp. dye-stuffs, 340 w Balti- 
more, dw 225 s Broadway 
Fire Department : 

Relief No. 1, 16 n Paca 

Reliance No. 2, Barre near Sharp 

John S. Hogg No. 3, e Lombard nr High 

John Cushing No. 4, 26 North 

Victory No. 5, Ann bet Pratt and Gough 

Hope No. 6, intersection Gay and Ensor 

Baltimore No. 7, corner Eutaw and Druid 

Hill av 
Comet No. 8, cor Mulberry and Poppleton 
Hook and Ladder No. 1, Harrison nr Bal- 
Hook and Ladder No. 2, 18 n Paca 
Fire Inspector's office, Chas. T. Holloway, in- 
spector, over 44 Second 
MORE, n e cor South and Second, Henry 
P. Duhurst, president— [fte p. 4 Advirlise- 
Firmin John, printer, 68 n Calvert 
Firor Uriah S. carpenter and builder, 144 
Peirce, dw 409 Lexington 



COMMISSION merciia>;t, 

Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 



Clover f Timothy Seed, &c, 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Firnstein Valentine, shoemaker, 194 n Eutaw 
Firoved B. 326 Franklin 
Firoved Benj. K. supt. 326 Franklin 
Firoved David, grocer, 232 Franklin 
Firoved John, grocer, 53 s Schroeder 
First Congregational Church, Eutaw nr Hoff- 
First English Lutheran Church, Lexington nr 

First English Reformed Church, Aisquith nr 

First Fitzhugh. clerk, 90 s Sharp 
First German Reformed Church, Calvert near 


First United Presbyterian Church, cor Madi- 
son av and Biddle 
Fischack John, salesman, George nr Franklin 
Fischbach Frederick, shoemkr, 186 William 
Fischbach Henry, laborer, 75 Grindall 
Fischer Abraham, salesman, 132 Aisquith 
Fischer Abraham II. salesman, 132 Aisquith 
Fischer Mr'. Adelaide, laundress, 83 Grindall 
Fischer Anthony, (F. & Rossmaessler) Wash- 
ington, D. C. 
Fischer Benjamin, driver, 234 Barre 
Fitcher Mrs. Bertha, 132 Aisquith 
Fischer C. Frederick, grocery and musician, 

19 Rock 
Fischer Charles, baker, 135 Harford av 
Fischer Charles, barher, 90 s Eutaw 
Fischer Charles, pianomaker, 304 s Sharp 
Fischer Charles, laborer, 70 Eastern av 
Fischer Charles, tailor, 151 Saratoga 
Fischer Charles T. driver, 234 Barre 
Fischer Christof, carpenter, 90 Orleans 
Fischer Edward, bricklayer, 234 Barre 
Fischer Mrs. Elizabeth L. seamstress, 44 s Cen- 
tral av 
Fischer Erhardt, laborer, 299 Aliceanna 
Fischer Ferdinand, shoemaker, 241 s Sharp 
Fischer Francis M. stoves and tinware, 14 w 

Fischer Fredk. clerk, 5 New Church 
Fischer Fredk. carpenter, 184 Lee 
Fischer Fredk. (Brockmeyer, Walz & Co.) 86 

Fischer Fredk. tinner, 23 Constitution 
Fischer Fredk. laborer, 45 e Monument 
Fischer Fredk. tin and sheetiron worker, 14 

w Lombard 
Fischer Fredk. cooper, 125 s Spring 
Fischer George, baker, 174 e Madison 
Fischer George, shoemaker, 65 North 
Fischer George, cooper, 138 e Pratt 
Fischer George, cooper, 145 Canton av 
Fischer George, grocery, 87 n Eden 
Fischer George A. driver, 234 Barre 




Commission Ulcrclmiits and other Parties 

Who liavc orders for a general assortment of 


Are invited to call at 

308 W. Baltimore St. 


Fischer Godfrey, tailor, T9 Bank 
Fischer Godfrey, tailor, 68 Granby 
Fischer Gotleib, butcher, 504 Pennsylvania av 
Fischer Gotleib H. butcher, 56 Belair and 46 

Hanover mkts, dw cor Eden and Lanvale 
Fischer Mrs. II. midwife, 108 s Eutaw 
Fischer Henry, laborer, 340 Canton av 
Fischer Henry, cabinetmaker, 17 e Lombard 
Fischer Henry, tailor, 68 Granby 
Fischer Herman, expressman, 152 Barre 
Fischer John, laborer, 167 e Lombard 
Fischer John, pianomaker, 272 Hamburg 
F.s her John, pottery, 196 Eastern av 
Fischer John, wagoner, 269 s Bond 
Fischer John C. over 12 Centre Slarket space 
Fischer John G. lager beer, 335 s Bond 
Fischer Justus, junk, 266 s Bond, dw 139 s 

Fischer Justus, sausage maker, 74 Camden 
FISCnKU LOUIS C. attorney, 31 Lexington, 

dw 187 St. Paul 
Fischer Louis H. musician, 132 Aisquith 
Fis licr Ludvvijr, tailor, 269 s Bond 
Fischer Mrs. .Margaret, 234 Barre 
Fischer Mrs. Mary C. 147 Peirce 
Fischer Nicholas, shoemaker, 445 Lexington 
Fischer Peter, tlinemaker, 47 P'cn 

O. Ilossraaessler) Geinian bcoks and sta- 
tionery. 58 n Gay 
Fisclier Wm. tailor, 90 n Caroline 
Fischer Wm. blacksmith, 25 York, dw 83 

Fischer Wra. sbeetiron worker, 14 w Lombard 
Fi^chtner Geo. laborer, 5 s Chapel 
Fish George W. claim agt. 63 w Fayette, dw 

94 s Edea 
Fish Jno. (Blackis'on & F.)St. Nicholas hotel 
Fishftck David, stonecutter, 221 George 
Fi^-hack John, stonecutter, 221 George 
FISHER A. & SON, (G. W. Fisher) grocers 

and depot for Fisher's Mince Mtat, 39 

Penna av 
Fisher Alirahara, salesman, 289 Lexington 
Fisher Albert, salesm-in, 92 n Gay- 
Fisher Alfred J. (F. & Denison) New York 
Fisher Alphonzo, carter, 34 Liberty ct 
Fi3her Andre*, laborer, 4 Winan's row 
Fisher Mrs. Ann E. 161 e Monument 
Fisher .Mrs. Annabelia, 119 w Monument 

il. D. Fisher, B. Wagner) shipping and 

om. nKrchts. over 25 s Gay 
Fisher Caiherine, 129 Mulberry 
Fisher Mrs. Catherine, 8 Pearl 
Fisl'.er Mrs. Catherine, 147 Peirce 
FISHER CHARLES, stove and tinware, 92 n 

Gay and 7 Greenmount av, dw 92 n Gay 
Fisher Charles, shipcarpenler, 217 Light 

Fisher Charles D. (Barker k F.) Biddle nr 

Fisher Charlotte, grocery, 290 e Fayette 
Fisher Chas. E. bricklayer, 38 n Strieker 
Fisher Charles W. laborer, 6 E. Falls av 
"Wisher Christ, farmer, e JIadison nrfcity limits 
Fisher Christopher, gardener, cor iline bank 

la and Monument 
Fisher Daniel, tailor, 8 Pearl 
Fisher & Denison, (A. J. Fisher, T. II. Deni- 
son) booksellers and publishers, 64 w Bal- 
Fisher Mrs. Eliza, 670 w Pratt 
Fisher Elizabeth, tavern, 200 Canton av 
Fisher Mrs. Elizabeth, 40 W'arreu 
Fisher Emanuel, dry goods, 105 n Eden 

FISHER EMIL, Dyeing and Scour- 
ing 139 w Fayette street. 

Fisher Ferdinand F. carpenter, 379 Franklin 
Fisher Frank, prof, of music, 167 Mulberry 
Fisher Frederick, tinner, 293 e Eager 
Fisher Frederick, baker, 90 Raborg 
Fisher Frederick, tai'or, 8 Chesnut al 
Fisher Frederick, cooper, 25 s Spring 
Fisher Fred'k, porter, 34 Liberty cl 
Fisher George bricklayer, 892 w Pratt 
Fisher George, bricJi layer, 38 n Strieker 
Fisher George, mariner, 290 e Fayette 
Fisher George, cooper, 138 e Pratt 
Fisher Geo. H. currier, 213 Chesuut 
Fisher Geo. furn. wagon, 210 Preston 
Fisher Geo. W. caulker, 40 Warren 
Fisher Geo. W. processor, 56 Aisquith 
Fisher Geo.W (A. Fisher & Son) 39 Penna av 
Fishrr Geo. W. builder, Grant nr Baltimore, 

dw 55 Columbia 
Fisher Gusdorf, cabinetmaker, 60 n Howard 
Fisher Harry, (Wm. Fisber & SonsJ u e cor 

St. Paul and Eager 
Fisher Henry, marble dresser, 69 e Jlonumect 
Fisher Henry, clerk, 58 n Bond 
Fisher Henry, butcher, Clinton nr HudsoQ 
Fisher Isaac, huckster, 30 Orleans 
Fishrr Isaac, clerk, 58 n Bond 
Fisher Isaac, laborer, 76 s Payson 
Fisher James B. mariner, 305 Light 
Fisher James D. caulker, 40 Warren 
Fisher James I. 32 Pleasant 
Fisher James M. clerk, 11 Baroet 
Fisher J. Harmanus, (Wm. Fisher & Sons) Mt. 

Fisher John, brakesman, 162 e Eager 
Fisher John, carter, 242 Cross 
Fisher John, bookbinder, 174 Peirce 
Fisher John, confectioner, 12 Diamond 
Fisher John, confectionery, 140 s Howard 
Fisher John, tailor, 5 New Church 
Fisher John, tailor. Chase nr D-illas 
Fisher John, laborer, 134 Hamburg 
Fisher John A. shoemaker, 4 Comet 
Fisher John B. grocery, 329 Harford av 
Fisher John C. paperhanger, 200 George 
Fisher John H. huckster, 299 n Central av 
Fisher John T. clerk, 33 n Eden 
Fisher Jno. W. (F. & Newton) 306 Lexington 
Fisher Joseph, cooper, 97 Leadcnhall 
Fisher Jos. laborer. Cathedral nr North av 
Fisher Joseph, confectionery, 109 Hughes 
Fisher Joseph P. driver, 129 Mullikin 




Fisher League, laborer, Cathedral nr North a.v 
Fisher Louis, wheelwright, 98 Chatsworlh 
Fisher Louisa, confectionery, 18 e Baltimore 
Fisher iMrs. Lucinda, grocery, 140 s Howard 
Fisher iMartin, moulder, 8-in Durham 
Fisher .Mrs. Mary A. 1 Pine 
Fisher Matthew, laborer, Calhoun nr Ramsay 
Fisher k Newton (John W. F., I. Newton) 

carpenters, 295 Raborg 
Fisher Nirarod, finisher, 34 s Schroeder 
Fisher Otto, hair dresser, 62 s Eutaw 
Fisber Parks, ( W. Fisher & Sons) 257 St. Paul 
Fisher Richard D. (F., Bros. & Co.) n w cor 

St. Paul and Pleasant 
Fisher Rob't A. (F., Bros. & Co.) 32 Pleasant 
Fisher Robert E. caulker, 98 Johnson 
Fisher Dr. Samuel B. ( W. S. Moore & Co.) 52 

Fisher Sarah, 55 Columbia 
Fisher Sarah, hat trimmer, 161 e Monument 
Fisher Solon, contractor, 654 Lexington 
Fisher Walter A. F. clerk, 39 Penna av 
Fisher Wm.& Sons ( J.H.,H. and Parks Fisher) 

stock brokers, 32 South 
Fisher Wm. grocery, n w corner Mosher and 

Penna av 
Fisher AVm. A. n e cor Decker and Northern av 
Fisher Wm. J. sailmaker 42 Henrietta 
Fisher Wm. H. printer, 238 Park av 
Fisher Wm. H. tobacconiit, n w cor Greene 

and L'-xington, dw 31 n Pine 
Fisher Wm. H painter, 38 n Strieker 
Fiber AVra. L. clerk, 176 Druid Hill av 
Fisher Wra. T. carpenter, 103 Penna av 
Fishlifjo Geo. iron ore mines, 130 s Fremont 
Fishpaugh Henry, farmer, 104 St. Mary 
Fishpaugh Margaret, 104 St. Mary 
Fishpaujh Rebecca A.huckstress, 104 St. Mary 
Fislein John, edge tool maker, 304 s Caro- 
line, dw 302 
Fitch Acn, 121 Saratoga 
Fitch L. provisions, 3 n Wolfe 
Fitch Mrs. Mary L. 121 Saratoga 
Fitch Tceodore, tailor, 32 Liberty al 
Fitchett Dixon, shipcarpenter, 185 L Hughes 
Fitchett John, tinner, 410 Central av 
Fite Fred'k, pianomaker, 257 8 Sharp 
File George, tailor, 54 s Wolfe 
Fite Conrad R. real estate broker, s w corner 

Charles and Fayette, dw 86 n Cbarles 
Fiteman (Feichtman) S. housefurnishing g'ds, 

china, stoves and tinware, 80 n Eutaw 
Fitschen John, shoemaker, 10 Ramsay 
Fitser Mrs. Jennie, milliner, 172 McHenry 
Fitser Jonathan, carpenter, 172 McHenry 
Fitton John, supt. cotton mill, Belair av nr 

Baltimore Cemetery 
Fifz Mrs. Julia, 2 Armistead la 
Fitz James, laborer, 2 Armistead la 
FitzbfTi^er Henry, locksmith and btUhanger, 

22 n Liberty, dw 116 Linden av 
Fitzberger Mary, flour, 72 Bank 
Fitzberger Martin, cooper, 72 Bank 
Fi zb3rger Rosa, hairdresser, 116 Linden av 
Fitzeaberry Henry, laborer, 7 Winder 
Fitzenburger John, laborer, 36 Crosa 
Fitzgerald, Booth & Co. (W. Booth) com. 

and sbip'g merchants, 6 s Gay 
Fitzgerald David, clerk, 17 s Regester 
FITZGERALD EDWIN, agent Va. & Tenn. 
Air Line Railway, office n e cor Post Office 
av and Second, dw 63 Courtland 



Flour, Grain, Seeds, &c. 

. No. 21 SPEAR'S WHARF, 


Clover, Timothy Seed, <C'C. 

Rosendale Cement k Plaster. 

Fitzgerald Frank, engineer, 490 Light 
Fitzgerald Geo. W. ropemaker, Harford aves 
Fitzgerald Henry, laborer, 228 Bank 
Fitzgerald James, laborer, 184 Ramsay 
Fitzgerald James H. clerk, 249 n Eden 
Fitzgerald James J. pictures, &c. 51 n Gay 
Fitzgerald Jetfrey, laborer, 8 Cuba 
Fitzgerald John, laborer, 640 w Pratt 
Fitzgerald John, silver polisher, s e corner 

McMechin and Division 
Fitzgerald John, laborer, 76 s Republican 
Fitzgerald John, tavern, 07 Thames 
Fitzgerald Michael, grocer, s e cor McMechia 

and Division 
Fitzgerald & Moale, (T. B. F., F. L. Moale) 

gold, stock